Shemar Moore Previews His New Criminal Minds Love Life, Wary of Morgan/Garcia Fans' Reaction

Criminal Minds Preview Derek GirlfriendAs excited as Shemar Moore is for CBS’ Criminal Minds (Wednesdays, 9/8c) to embark on its “quickest, deepest dive” ever into Derek Morgan’s love life, he is well aware that one group of ‘shippers may be watching it unfold through their fingers.

“I’m kind of wary of how the Morgan/Garcia fans are going to take it,” the actor says of tonight’s episode introducing Rochelle Aytes (Mistresses) as Derek’s girlfriend Savannah. “Hopefully they don’t see her a threat, but see this new lady as adding another dimension to Morgan.”

Besides, Moore must note with a laugh, “If Garcia is allowed to have Kevin and other boyfriends, Morgan’s allowed to play kissy-face once or twice.”

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Moore says that while Savannah marks a “new relationship, it didn’t start yesterday,” alluded to as it was in this season’s opener. “This is something that’s been ongoing,” he adds, so when we look in on their private time, “There’s an intimacy, and not just in terms of foreplay and kissing. There’s a comfort. There’s a trust. And there is a silliness and a giddiness and a rapport.” (Of Aytes’ casting, Moore says he had “a little input” in her landing the gig. “She can do drama, but then she’s also really funny…. I knew she would bring that element of dignity, of independence, and sex appeal.”)

There however also is a bit of drama on hand, but certainly not the kind Derek deals with on the job. “Savannah is a doctor, so she’s very independent and she’s very busy,” Moore shares. “And there’s a cute scene where Morgan’s all frustrated because we’ve had this really sexy, romantic night, and then she just up and leaves me” to mind a medical emergency.  “I’m like, ‘What is that?’ And Garcia says, ‘You just got Morgan’d'”CRIMINAL MINDS — as in how BAU business can pull him away at any odd hour.

As a result, “You see this humbled side of Morgan, where he has to realize, ‘I’ve met my match. I’ve got somebody on my level,'” Moore says. “That keeps him on his toes, which is exciting.”

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But again, how the “Morcia” fans receive it all is yet to be seen. Moore, though, acknowledges Baby Girl and Chocolate Thunder for all that they are, and what they are not. “They’re buddies — like a big brother, little sister thing. The fans have fun asking, ‘When are they going to hook up?’ But if they did hook up, I think it would mess up everything that they’ve built.”

Though Moore does not know where or how far things will go with Derek and Savannah, he appreciates this opportunity to explore his character’s “softer side, a vulnerability that’s not over an issue, not over [his] molestation, not over lack of trust, not over ‘I lost my father.'”

As he points out, “This is the closest I’ve been able to bring Shemar Moore to Derek — I have a lot more fun than he does, because Derek doesn’t have time to have that kind of fun. So I tip my cap to the [FBI profilers] who really do what we portray on television, because it’s a very dark, dark heavy world that really exists out there…. I honestly would never want to do that for a living, but I tip my cap to the people that do.”

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  1. GS says:

    I do not ever want to see Morgan and Garcia together! They are perfect with their little friendly flirting and close friendship. It would ruin what makes them great if they hook up. Glad to see Morgan getting a life outside the BAU too. This is one of the best ensembles on tv (except for Blake and I just can’t stand her!) so they don’t need to mess with the mojo of what makes them click.

  2. nikki says:

    Those two are perfect just the way they are.

  3. I often think of the real life profilers who do this work and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I hope they can focus on the people they save by removing these criminals from our streets rather than the people they might lose before they catch them. I know that is a struggle we’ve seen on the show and I’m sure it is reflected in real life.

  4. Hayley says:

    Never have wanted Morgan and Garcia together anyway

    Morgan and Prentiss were way better suited… Equals and definitely a match for each other. Emily’s independent like this doctor. Hopefully those two will end up together if she comes back properly

    • Jules says:

      Yes! Totally agree that Emily and Morgan were way better suited. I think Paget and Shemar had great on screen chemistry. Morgan/Garcia are more brother/sister.

      • …. Yes because I always tell my brother to talk dirty to me, ask him if he’s gonna spank me, and call him sexy. oh and don’t forget, ” You are a statuesque god of sculpted chocolate thunder” and “I charge extra for groups”….

        Meanwhile, brothers always call their sisters sexy, dollface, beautiful, etc…
        and brothers and sisters always have these conversations with each other:
        Derek Morgan: Hey, baby girl, whatever you’re doing, drop it.
        Penelope Garcia: Yes, and with pleasure. Let me tell you something, sweetheart. This is a Lamborghini you are talking to. You have to drive me. You can’t just leave me parked in the garage collecting dust, or I will wilt.
        Derek Morgan: Well, please forgive my neglect. I need you to rev up that fine-tuned, Italian engine of yours, then.
        Penelope Garcia: Revving.

    • Pablo Cervantes says:

      I’ve been waiting to see Morgan and Reed hook up.

  5. AT says:

    If I’m being honest, one of the reasons I stopped watching the show was because I realized they were never going to go anywhere with Morgan and Garcia. I don’t like build up with no follow through.

    • Missy says:

      I’m with you. I’m still watching the show, but I also don’t like build up with no follow through. It makes me feel like my emotions have been toyed with, and I resent it. Writers used to do this on daytime soap operas all the time, which is why I stopped watching them.

      I think for writers to fear a Morgan, Garcia hook up shows cowardice. If tantalizing and enticing viewers is all you have, then you’re not a very good writer. It takes more talent to keep the interest alive after the culmination of a relationship. Booth and Bones got married on BONES, and I still LOVE IT!

    • Tasha says:

      I agree!😄

  6. I’m glad that they’re giving Morgan a love interest! I’ve always preferred Morgan & Garcia as best friends anyway.

  7. Alicia says:

    The only issue I have with this article is that Shemar Moore had to put Morgan and Garcia in the brother and sister category because I really don’t think they are, I think they are best friends and as much as it would be fun to see them together it is never going to happen, but if it does I wouldn’t be unhappy.

    • Autumn says:

      The brother and sister comment made no sense. Glad I stopped watching this show a couple of seasons ago. It just got too frustrating and obvious at that point the build up had come to a standstill. A part of me thinks the only reason this show won’t ever go there is because Garcia isn’t your typical skinny girl. That, to me is part of what makes them so great. AND I can’t stand Kevin so Morgan’s girlfriend sounds equally annoying.

      • Missy says:

        I agree. The fact that Garcia WASN’T your typical bean poll is what made the possibility of love between them so great. Morgan is hot, and I was hoping he would see the beauty in Garcia despite the fact she was overweight. But NOW, she is looking better everyday. I am so proud of her for what she has accomplished with her weight. Give us overweight girls a chance to feel special too. Let Morgan and Garcia fall in love!

  8. Tammi Tarren says:

    This is about Shemar Moore’s ego, more then anything else. Not surprised. And I too, don’t appreciate the brother/sister crap.. don’t patronize faithful fans. After 9 years of watching its time to leave – enough of being lead down the path to grandma’s house in the woods. I’m out of here.

  9. liz says:

    The only reason they aren’t putting Morgan and Garcia together is because he’s a gorgeous model-type and she is not (not a slight to her, the actress is gorgeous, but as a fellow non-model, I call it like I see it). If she was a typical actress (and y’know, didn’t reflect the reality of the world) they’d be together by now. Its just the network/writers/everyone being unable to see why a guy like Morgan would be attracted to someone like Garcia. Which is shameful.

  10. Kim R says:

    I am surprised people wanted to see them together. It never occurred to me. I wouldn’t like it. They are so great how they are. It is such a special relationship. Not every close bond between a man and a woman has to have a romance as its goal. I hope the PTB don’t go there. :)

  11. Anonymous says:

    Love them both as actors on the show. I love that they are so close, but not in a romantic way. He could meet someone on a case he is working on.

  12. cas says:

    I love their playful flirty relationship too but I still think there is more there. I’m sorry but I was never playful flirty with anyone I was attracted too. And for him to say it’s a brother and sister like relationship, who the hell talks to your brother and sister like they do? Gross.

  13. krystal says:

    Its sad I love criminal minds and own all the seasons and now this season is ruined for me.

    • Angela says:

      It’s automatically ruined because someone gets a girlfriend? Whom you’ve only seen for…what, five, ten minutes tops within an episode? Dramatic much?
      There’s lots of couplings within this team people are fans of and have wanted to see happen over the years-I’ve got my favorites, too (I’m one who would support the idea of Morgan and Garcia together, or Morgan and Prentiss). But if they haven’t paired anyone on the team up by now, 9 years in, they’re probably never going to, so anyone who’s still expecting that to happen…I don’t know what to tell you.
      Plus, there’s also the other side of the fanbase who DOESN’T want romantic get-togethers between the team for fear the show would get “soapy”, or whatever (I tend to disagree with that sentiment, personally, but that concern is still valid in its own right).
      Anywho, I liked what I saw of Morgan’s new girlfriend last night-the “you got Morgan’d” bit was an amusing touch. Be interesting to see how things continue on with the two of them from here on out.

      • Missy says:

        What they should do is have this “pretty face and body” turn out to be shallow and without substance thus making Derek realize how much he loves Garcia who is ANYTHING but shallow.

  14. Ella says:

    A brother and sister relationship?! Um, if I spoke to my brother the way Garcia speaks to him, I think I’d be sent to therapy. And then jail. Come on, there is GOLD there and we are NINE seasons in! Time to dig it up.

  15. Kristen says:

    Brother and sister? Garcia made a comment about how he was secretly in love with her in tonight’s episode…..Ummmm….I don’t have a brother, but I wouldn’t imagine I would say that to one! There is GOLD there, and shame on CBS and the CM writers for not going there after NINE seasons….

  16. Kricket says:

    There is no way on God’s green earth that those two are like brother and sister. Heck, no. . It’s a shame that CM thinks someone like Garcia can only have a nerdy geek for many years, and Morgan can only have a Barbie. It doesn’t work that way in real life! They have chemistry that is on fire, and have had it from day one. That’s why all the other relationships Morgan has had fall flat…he’s taken, and so is she.

  17. linda says:

    In my head they’ve already had sex but decided that they are better friends (YEAH NOT BUYING THAT BS ABOUT BROSANDSIS) until the moment that they do realize there is no one else and hook up for good. :D

  18. Tiff says:

    I love morgan and garcia realtionship they great together and for them not want have a leap of faith I give it a go on the show it sad and for the brother and sister comment shemar moore said I think the wirters told him to say that because its no way possblie way shemar thinks that they have a brother and sister realtionship or there just really good firends and

    • Sweettea says:

      I agree Tiff. I hope that it was the writers and not him really thinking this. I mean i have a brother that I love with all my heart but I have never thought of him as ” My God Givin Solice” never mind telling him . And yes I am sure Shamar has had a LOT of fun … But he is playing Morgan not Moore.

  19. Tinemi says:

    I agree with other commenters: If García was played by a thin actress, they would have hooked up ages ago. I’ve never liked Kevin (her “boyfriend”) because it’s a way of saying that a woman like Penelope Garcia can only date nerd geeky guys that are not that good looking. They should pair her, if not with Morgan, with a really hot guy. That would be fair! I mean in White Collar they matched Mozzie with Lena Headey (pre-Game of Thrones)… Why not do the same with Penelope?

    • HOU says:

      I wholeheartedly agree. If Penelope had a dress size down in “imaginary land” (dress sizes 6-000 come to mind), we would have had to deal with all manner of sweat and oil slathering most of the surfaces in the BAU.

    • Dews says:

      I know I’m coming to this convo very late but I completely agree that the real reason they won’t ever end up together is because Garcia doesn’t fit the role of hot guy girlfriend. And I didn’t like Kevin as her boyfriend for the exact reason as Tinemi! Sorry, but my youngest daughter and I have been watching CSI from the beginning and even when the show first started, when she was 10, she thought they belonged together. If a 10 year old can see it, anyone can! Not sure I want their relationship to develop while the show is ongoing, but would really prefer to hold out hope that in the end, they will realize they are perfect. What a great wrap up for a wonderful show–a surprise wedding between Morgan and Garcia! (But not for a few more seasons please. I would miss my CSI terribly!)

  20. Tiff says:

    I been watching 9yrs and I see how much they love each other threw good and bad an its not no brother and sister either maybe season 1 but following the other seasons until know there love for each its a on a whole new and give him girlfriend now it complcant things later and sure girlfried isn’t want him flrting or calling garca nicknames really hope cm knows what they are doing they really some strong morgan and garcia support out that want them to betogther because looks are not what counts but want on the inside counts I never like kevin or tamara I always like morgan and garcia together because there love and chesmrty are deep for each other no matter what

  21. Tiff says:

    I love morgan and garcia realtionship for years there are my favorite on the show I cm knows what they are doing faithful to morga and garcia fans because they think it won’t work I think it wrong morgn get a gilfriend so late in the seasons because you messing with chemsity up for them they are saying they don’t want sterotype morgan but that what they are doing morgan and garcia don’t because they had garcia with geek and morgan with model type girl that is sterotyping somebody morgan and have great chemsity and love each other very deeply and it sad cm knows what and not taken advange of it because how the world seems them as oppsties of each other and very strong base of morgan and garcia fans that just want them be togther no matter how they look towards other people it’n’t what the outside that counts but was on inside that counts

  22. Sweettea says:

    Dear God, I agree that many of us have yearned for a Morgan / Garcia parring for so long. Mostly to prove that not all men are shallow but unfortunately Derek has been knocked down to to the average whiny ” I deserve a pretty package ” shelf for me now. And worse off the poor actress that plays the girlfriend is not going to get a chance to win us over ,she is shut out . If the writers Really wanted to get us even to try and swallow this load ,the girlfriend should have been a little more “real life quirky” . Fans are going to be dropping like flies… Me included. I don’t even think I’m going to stick around for when the writers kill her off… which might be sooner than they think…

  23. Donna says:

    I agree , if Morgan and Garcia did hook up it would ruin the closeness of there friendship.I love the way Garcia dreams of Morgan and the name Morgan call’s her”baby girl”, she can be the only one “Baby Girl”

  24. s. vanhattem says:

    This comment goes to the “Prop” people on Supernatural. Concerning the Winchester car, it’s a beautiful classic owned by Daddy Winchester, which inturn Sam and Dean inherited it by default of Daddy’s death. This past weeks episode, Dean stated (when he was 16) that he wanted to be a mechanic because he loved working on cars. So, I’m wondering why nobody has thought of using WD40 on those god-awful squeaky doors! It runs like a dream and it looks like it came off the showroom floor and then they open the doors!!! SOMEBODY PLEASE GET THEM SOME WD40!!!!

  25. Shelly says:

    I can understand why people wouldn’t want Garcia and Morgan to be a hit (I’m not one of them), because to pair them together could lose the closeness they have or the bond that they have already formed. But, for me it’s different as there are so many ways they could explore and go in depth with those two characters together. That being said, I was so very disappointed to meet Morgan’s new girlfriend. I’m sure the actress is lovely and she did have a funny moment, but I agree with other people that have commented on why Morgan and Garcia will never happen. “Of Aytes’ casting, Moore says he had “a little input” in her landing the gig.” – quote. Oh, I bet you did Moore. I am really disappointed that this show shows how Garcia can only land a geek because she is a geek, and how Morgan can only have a girlfriend who is “on his level” too. That isn’t real life. Pretty, model type girls get the nerdy guys and vice versa. Not at any point has this show delivered this. The only time Garcia went on a date with a good looking, well-off guy, was in the episode were he shot her. I know now, after 9 seasons in that they are not going to deliver a Morgan and Garcia relationship story-line and fine, I can ignore that. What I can’t ignore is when Moore suddenly says “they have a brother / sister relationship”. What a cop out! My brother would never speak to me the way Morgan speaks to Garcia and if he did I would be asking him to go and speak to a professional. Just be honest, don’t lead people on (because it’s plain annoying), just to keep your fanbase. So, so disappointed with this.

  26. Tina says:

    I love criminal minds but I love the relationship of Morgan and Garcia the most and the way the writers are going now is just plain wrong. This couple needs to be together. They have the best chemistry and they are messing the show up. One reason I keep watching is to see those two together. The writers need to read some of the fanfiction that is out on the web and get some better ideas as to how to take this relationship because they are messing up the most enjoyable part of the show these two people.

  27. I am actually against Morgan and Garcia as a couple (their flirting is weirdly unsexual to me), but I am deeply disappointed that his love interest is typical-pretty and, so far, not super interesting. I was already disappointed that Garcia got paired with Kevin — not because I dislike Kevin, because I don’t. I would totally date him. But because he is such a caricature of geekdom, and the only other guy she is seen with on the show turns out to be a murderer, it means that in the writers’ minds, that’s her “league”. Personally, Kevin is more my speed than Morgan in terms of personality, save for Derek’s tendency toward chivalry (which is very attractive). But I’m just really disappointed that Derek didn’t choose someone less plastic; much of his appeal as a character is wrapped up in his down-to-earthiness, and a guy like that irl would not want a template of a woman, he’d want someone with character. In my head, Penelope and Derek are permanently in the flirty-friend-zone; they feel a deep platonic love for one another, but nothing more. But I could totally see them each dating someone *exactly* like their platonic counterparts, falling passionately in love with that other person, and then kinda going, “Huh. I might actually have fallen for my bestie if I had realized sooner that I felt this way, but now we’re just friends and that’s okay because I now have *two* awesome people in my life.” Anyway, fix it, writers. Because you dropped the ball twice now.

  28. Palaq says:

    They should bring Prentiss & Morgan together..they would be best together.garcia and morgan are best as friends itself..and derek morgan u bet prentiss can keep u at your toes (always).

  29. Demily says:

    I don’t care about Savannah, but Morgan would be much better off with Emily, Shemar and Paget had way more chemistry. I hope Morgan’s relationship with the new GF won’t last… It should be Morgan and Prentiss, and Morgan and Garcia are better off as friends, anything romantic between them would ruin it all, ruin the fun. They sure love each other, but they’re not IN LOVE with each other. They’re just really good friends, Shemar’s right.

  30. Veronica says:

    I CALL B***S*** !!

    I’m tired of writers not having the balls to put people together. Especially when said people have amazing chemistry with each other. Be radical for once. His relationship with Savannah doesn’t add any depth to him. It’s just another thing to add to the show – pointless. Garcia has really blossomed throughout this show, she’s grown up, became more beautiful as she’s gotten older, matured, etc. Morgan has come a long way too. Just put them together already! BUT… maybe whenever the series ends for good. That would be a nice surprise.

    • Missy says:

      Good idea, and I agree. I was happy that the writers for BONES did not cower when it came to having Booth and Brennan fall in love and get married. They even had a BABY together. And NO, it has not ruined the show. It has added greatly to the show by making it more real.

    • ?.?.?.!.!.! says:

      I have looked this up and based on what I have found the pairing that has the most fan fictions are Morgan/Reid so why not leave Morgan without a girl friend and if they don’t want morgan and reid to accually be together just hint at that pairing and make everyone happy! Well, not EVERYONE but hint at pairing and don’t act on making new couples!

  31. logan says:

    I think Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia should go out because they are a cute couple

  32. Marcus says:

    I think they will be a good couple and they wouldn’t mess up what they have made… they would be a great couple

  33. Evangeline Bowser says:

    I think it will excitement. They can start out secretly. Let girls like Garcia realizes that even the underdog gets the prize. It could be an intriguing concept.

  34. Kay says:

    Well, the Morgan/Garcia fans aren’t the only ones he should be wary of…. Also, I agree that them hooking up would mess up their chemistry. Even though I don’t ship them….. And I personally don’t like his new girlfriend….. I ship him with someone else! ;)

  35. Robin Janney says:

    Brother and sister? Uhm, I have 5 brothers and that’s not how we act…lol

  36. Tasha says:

    I sooo want to see Morgan and Garcia together they are sooo right for each other

  37. Mercedes Kim says:

    I don’t like this show at all
    It’s too dark
    I don’t know how there are people who can dedicate their lives to catch these monsters

    My only interest in the show was Patinkin acting, Reid, which is the sweetest genius I have known and make it very easy to enrich our intellects

    I love the loyalty and camaraderie sharec by all actors on the screen
    Wouldn’t mess with any of them
    But I definitively , love Garcia and Derek characters
    The rapport between those two is sublime




    The episodes directed by Reid are the best !!!!
    Kid is a genius
    Wouldn’t like to miss him as a n actor though

    Good luck

  38. Mercedes Kim says:

    I just made a comment
    I want to see other viewers opinions on the subject
    Thank you

  39. Karen says:

    I love both characters, but let’s be honest here. A guy that looks like Morgan would never date a girl who looks like Garcia. You can hate me for saying it, but even if you won’t admit it, you know it’s true.

  40. Brittany Jones says:

    I love this show, although I do love the relationship between Derek and Garcia now but I want to see them together. They make a really cute couple and are made for each other. You have to look back on the scene where Morgan got out of her shower in just a towel and she was freaked out because she thought they hooked up. In my mind I want to see them together let them have relationships and their relationship fail and one night Morgan kisses Garcia and realizes she the one for him.

  41. Brenda King says:

    I was looking forward to tonight’s show and especially the bond shared between Shemar Moore and Garcia. Needless to say I’m very disappointed. I don’t see any chemistry between Shemar and the new lady at all!!!!! My opinion. ……bad decision!!!!!!

  42. How old is shemar Morgan and my roommate is crazy about. Him and she adore him 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  43. mark says:

    Is it just fat girls or do all girls act stupid when a guy talks to them like that? baby girl and all that crap? all those characters r clichés. morgan with his overused lines. saw two episodes and what a joke.

  44. I CANNOT STAND the Garcia/Morgan dialogue. It’s SO very unprofessional. “Baby girl?” Ick. That would never fly in real life in a professional setting, especially the FBI, and I am shocked that Hotchner or others have never piped up about it or counseled them about it on the show. (Garcia’s wardrobe, though interesting is also over the top inappropriate and embarrassing.) People have been fired for less re the dialogue issue. If their flirting was said privately and off hours, it would be a different scenario. Also, them always getting the bad guys on the show seems hokey. My fave is Spencer Reid. Gubler is a good director on the episodes he has done, also. “Mr. Scratch” episode was great. And on a different note — for other Supernatural fans like me, THAT show is the best always and forever. Go Sam, Dean and Castiel!

  45. The thing of The Simpsons Tapped Out is to rebuild Springfield after it was destroyed by an explosion caused
    by a negligent Homer Simpson.

  46. raquel Velez says:

    I don’t recall my brother calling me baby girl. Since some viewers are saying it’s a brother and sister thing…….NOT!!! Sooner or later they will HOOK-UP..That’s what baby girls and baby boys do!!!!

  47. Carrie Hatton says:

    Sherman I want to be your new baby girl. Biggest fan ever

  48. Carrie Hatton says:

    Shemar I want to be your new baby girl. Biggest fan ever!!!

  49. Sandy says:

    I do not want to see them together. I have always thought that it would ruin what they have together and dont think two people who are close always have to end up together. They have a specialness that is not brother/sister but not bf/gf either. I dont want anyone on the team together as i think it would take away from what they share as a team. I am disappointed that the flirtiness between them seems to have been taken away the last couple of seasons. Thats one of the things i liked about the show was their light banter that toned down the dark nature of the show. Sure they would not really act like that in the real world but they dont have private planes either as its a tv show.

  50. Alissa says:

    But won’t savannah be jealous of Morgan and garcia’s relationship? And if they are like siblings than why do they joke about sex? I think they should be together that would be amazing, I mean they already love eachother so much they’re practically together now let’s see that play into action! Not hook up or anything how about a tongue kiss and JJ catches them!? That would be hilarious even if they continued being only friends!