Hot Video: Meet NCIS Newcomer Ellie Bishop

She’s “quirky” and “determined,” and she’s on track to join Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ team.

Emily Wickersham makes her NCIS debut next Tuesday, Nov. 19, and TVLine has the new promo touting the newcomer’s arrival.

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Wickersham, whose previous credits include The Bridge and The Sopranos, plays Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop, an NSA analyst who two years ago predicted a security breach that comes true when SecNav is bugged during a confidential briefing. To suss out the snoop, she’ll at first work alongside Gibbs’ NCIS team, then ultimately score a full-time gig. (Wickersham in turn was recently promoted to series regular on TV’s most watched drama.)

Check out the new CBS promo, then read on for more:

Loading video...

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“[Bishop] possesses an interesting mind, an intellectual, smart way to approach doing what this team does — not with kicks and punches and knocking down doors but by really thinking,” show boss Gary Glasberg told TVLine. “She’s very much a thinker.”

She’s also a person with “interesting quirks and idiosyncracies in the way that she processes and what she does while she thinks,” Glasberg says. “Emily really brought some fun stuff to the table in terms of who this character is and how she works.”

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  1. Joni says:

    Thank you! Loved the TV preview and this one even more since it was a tad bit longer. I can’t wait to meet her since from the preview I like her already “Got any food around here?”.

  2. Mel says:

    I think she will be great :D

  3. ncisfan says:

    Looking forward to meeting her. I like quirky!

  4. Rachel says:

    I’m very excited to see her debut! She seems very interesting and very original. Can’t wait!

  5. Can’t wait! I think she’s going to work out just fine!

  6. JC says:

    Just based on that, I like her so far. Which….color me pleasantly surprised. I didn’t have high expectations.

  7. Lola says:

    I’m interested to see how she turns out, but I did they really need to throw the fact that she’s apparently quirky in our faces? Show, don’t tell…

  8. BJG says:

    I like quirky. Can’t wait to Move On and meet the new probie!!

  9. dan says:

    Well, we had Tiva, so now will we have Bony?

  10. Patricia says:

    She looks interesting and it looks like Gibbs will choose her rather than being ordered to take her. Can’t wait.

  11. Annie says:

    Not bad, l like her too.

  12. Alicia says:

    The thing that cracks me up about the promo is that Tony is like why did you hit him with car and we all know that both Ziva and Kate would have pulled a move like that in the right situation.

    I like her already, but seriously people either pluck her eyebrows or have revert back to her very obvious brown hair because her eyebrows being the wrong color is really obvious.

    • Britty says:

      people like you are why young girls feel they are held up to extremely high standards… WHO CARES!!!

    • CBWBDK1 says:

      Would it have killed her to fix her eyebrows? It looks horrible!!

    • Ann says:

      My daughter has natural blonde hair and brown eyebrows, so it is possible that Emily is actually a blonde.

    • Lil ole lady says:

      Thank God ! Idon’t want to throw cold water on the’new girl’ but those eyebrows reeeealy need to be appropriate for the blonde hair to be believable. They are just too dark. I don’t mind them being thick but they are absolutely too dark. Now,that said she seems to fit in just fine though I still have a pang or two for Ziva but I’m willing to give time to make me love her too.

  13. Britt says:

    I think she’s going to be a refreshing change for the show. I like her already!

  14. John 1138 says:

    First impression’s a good one.

    Nice follow on to this week’s episode.

  15. Joni says:

    In case anyone didn’t hear it, her NSA job is to “dream up threats that haven’t happened yet” not that she dreamed that it happened.

  16. Jon says:

    Food in the morgue? How… original (sarcasm intended).

    • Joni says:

      Well yes. :-) In ‘Power Down’ NCIS employees were storing their food in one of the body drawers. Besides, she was making the statement in general about NCIS not asking if there was food in the morgue.

  17. Kate says:

    I’m really hoping she strikes up a strong friendship with Abby. I miss the girl power like Abby & Kate used to have. I like the look of her. Seems like she’ll be a great fit for the team.

  18. Brittany says:

    If you pause the video on the bullet-proof vest that Gibbs hands to Bishop, you can see that it has a bullet hole where Kate took a bullet for Gibbs right before she died. I may be wrong, but it looks like that was Kate’s vest.

    • Daniel says:

      Yes, I can see there is a hole in the vest.

    • guest says:

      I think that is very fitting! If you recall, when Gibbs gave Ziva her first NCIS hat she asked him why it had a hole in it and he said “venilation”! I think it’s his way of breaking in the newbie and making them aware of what they’re getting into.

    • steve says:

      It’s not Kate’s vest. If there’s a hole in it from a bullet, that means the bullet went through and would have injured or kill the wearer. It might be a reference to it though. You don’t continue to wear a bullet proof vest when it’s been breached because it doesn’t offer as much protection anymore.

      • BJG says:

        The bullet went through the material but it didn’t penetrate the armor. I still think it was Kate’s vest with all the other references to Kate. But then again, that’s just my opinion.

  19. paula says:

    Sorry, I think Abbey is quirky, intelligent and a caring person. I don’t think you need another quirky person. You need someone more stable, like a Ziva and Kate. She looks annoying- of course there is no replacement for Ziva- Does Gibbs really need someone like this on his team; she doesn’t seem very professional either. I think she should just get a trial run at how well she connects with the team. I think you should have Catherine Bell join the team; she is one classy actress.

    • Jeox says:

      Since WHEN was Ziva ever stable?! Her life was a mess, her boyfriends all turned out to be evil, and she had severe anger management issues. I think the new girl looks great and I’m happy to give her a chance.

    • as524 says:

      well since she’s been promoted to series regular she very obviously already connected with the team – off camera – which is the most important part.

      & ziva? stable? in what fan fic….that was the MOST unbalanced character ever created, written & portrayed on screen.

    • If Catherine Bell joined, I would stop watching for sure.

  20. CBWBDK1 says:

    I already hate her! Hope she dies soon!

  21. SHL says:

    The whole quirky thing brings to mind Vincent D’Onofrio’s character from L&O: CI–which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I won’t make any decisions on Ellie until we’ve gotten to ‘know’ her a little better. But I will admit that the NCIS mojo has felt a bit off for me w/o Ziva.

  22. as524 says:

    Loving the glimpse & can’t wait to see the whole thing next week…

    Hoping Ellie joining the team ends the endless mourning, whining & gnashing of teeth over she who chose to leave. It’s past time that the show, cast & characters moved on

    • guest says:

      Who are you referring to? Besides one or two comments about the show feeling off without Ziva, for the most part negative comments have come from people like you who are still putting down a character who is no longer on the show. Die hard Ziva fans have been mostly silent since many aren’t watching anymore. I miss her but I
      am looking forward to meeting Bishop. There will be no crying and gnashing of
      teeth on my part. I’ve moved on. Perhaps
      those who dislike her should move on too
      instead of constantly talking about how
      much they didn’t like Ziva on a weekly
      basis. You won. Shes gone. Stop beating
      the dead horse. And this is the first time I’ve
      made any comments since she left.

      • as524 says:

        Obviously you don’t read many other sources or get around much in the NCIS fanbase if you haven’t heard or seen the goings on of the ‘campaign’ and other activities on line….

        & I highly doubt ‘die hard ziva fans’ are silent because they’ve quit watching….they are anything but quiet

        Here’s hoping once Ellie debuts there is no more mentions anywhere of the ex character or anything else associated with her

        • guest says:

          I am on message boards and have been reading them for a couple of years now. I am referring to this season’s episodes. Ziva fans, for the most part talk about missing her without criticizing other characters. You, however, have shown up on these pages on a weekly basis slamming a character that is no longer on the show. Believe me, I’ve read all your hateful comments. And fyi, on Cote de Pablo fan message boards several people have stated that they are no longer watching.

          • as524 says:

            Surely you know that what people say & what they do are 2 very different things…unless you’re hinting that oh so many fans returned to the show once a certain character was written off….

            Beyond that, if you’ve frequented boards & other social media areas since July then you already know the very awful behavior of many ziva and/or tiva fans within the fandom against the network, TPTB and the cast….it has been, by far, worse than anything you could ever claim that I’ve said about a FICTIONAL character.

  23. TonyisAwesome says:

    I stopped watching NCIS (seen all the previous seasons and 1-6 multiple times) after the Ziva leaving announcement because I am a huge Tiva shipper (and even bigger Tony fan) that felt TPTB blew it by not getting Tiva together when it should have happened in S7 (won’t go down that dark path :)).

    I have only been reading the recaps this season to follow. But after this promo I think i might give it a try.

    But those eyebrows, please dye them!

  24. barbara says:

    i don’t think gibbs tim and tony need anyone the three of them have been doing great on there own. if anyone the coastguard women would have been great her and gibbs have chemistry

  25. guest says:

    To all my fellow Ziva lovers, please do not take out your frustration on new cast member Emily Wickersham. Mean comments are rude and unnecessary. Diane Neal, who plays Agent Borin, is good friends with Cote and asked on Twitter for those of us who miss Ziva to please be nice to the new girl as it is hard to be the new
    kid on the block, especially when there are
    big shoes to fill. And Michael Weatherly
    said that Cote is very happy and she feels
    like she made the right decision by leaving. He also said it wasn’t about money but that she needed a break. I don’t think Cote
    would like us to be mean spirited. It’s time
    for us to pull up our boots and move on. If
    you are a true fan and want to support Cote then this is what we need to do. At least it
    is in my opinion.

    • Angel says:

      nicely put. she had a hard time filling Kates shoes and kate was dead let alone that shes still alive and will have to kinda fight for her right to be there.

      • as524 says:

        Why would Ellie have to fight for her right to be there? Cote/ziva quit & now the show is moving on…with any luck, Gary will quit the idiotic references to the empty desk or trying to hint at Tony being upset due to ziva…way past time for the team to move on…should have happened by ep 5

  26. marysue says:

    I feel the same way. Cote chose to leave. Yes, we miss her but if she felt it was in her best interest to do so then we should be supportive of that. I’m hoping that Cote gets the break she feels she needs and hopefully will be ready and willing to return in the future at least for a few guest spots. If not, I just want to wish her the best at whatever else she chooses to do. It is definitely time to move on. It might have been a bit easier if we knew last season that Cote was leaving as fans would have had more time to adjust. However, I’m looking forward to giving Emily a chance to see what she can do. The show will be different but I’m hoping still fun. Also, I don’t think Cote or anyone else from NCIS would like us to be mean spirited towards Emliy.

  27. Woody says:

    Haven’t missed a showin the past,if this is the best you can do I will be missing all the rest. She is annoying and NOT even close to s Zeva..

    • BJG says:

      Don’t know what show you were watching but I found her refreshing. She’s smart, pretty, down-to-earth & humble. She took responsibility for her actions. And she gets along with “the boys” great. She was having fun with Tony and the movies with no snarky answers!!

  28. Rex H says:

    She is a very poor addition to the series – very annoying. I will stop watching this show.

  29. Taylor S says:

    I like her. Reminds me of myself, actually. She is a very smart character and I think, in the times to come, we will all love her. She is NOT replacing Ziva. At all. Just like Ziva never replaced Kate. Kate and Ziva will live on in out hearts forever but it’s time they have another team member that can participate.Kate and Ziva will always be a part of the team, even if they aren’t there.

  30. Nancy says:

    Emily Wickersham is a pale substitute for Ziva. Something needs to be done with her Long stringy hair and she would look much better with more makeup and a forceful way of delivering her dialogue. It is taking me a lot longer to accept her as a member of the team than it did to accept Ziva, after Kate. At this point, she just doesn’t fit into the team!!

    • as524 says:

      ROFL….such sweet slams against the actress….

      EW is fine – nothing needs to happen to her hair or makeup unless SHE chooses. cdp did what she wanted with her hair and makeup thru the years. (as she looked less and less Israeli). Also there is nothing wrong with the way she does her lines. Doesn’t need to be forceful. Ellie is not the bully that ziva was – fortunately. Nor does she come from a foreign country.

      She fits the team fine – that’s proof by how easily they’ve accepted her both as characters and actors.

  31. jpiom says:

    Those eyebrows have got to go. Really distracting. Her hair looks bleached, dull, and unhealthy. So far not impressed with the development of her character. More annoying than quirky. Needs a lot of work. Don’t see her adding a lot to the show.