True Blood Exclusive: Stephen Moyer to Direct Pivotal Episode From 7th (and Final) Season

True Blood Season 7 Stephen MoyerTrue Blood‘s Stephen Moyer will really be sinking his teeth into the show’s Season 7 premiere — and not just because it’s the first of the HBO hit’s final 10 episodes ever.

Moyer will step behind the camera to direct the installment, which goes into production in early January ahead of a June 2014 bow.

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This will mark the actor’s third True Blood directorial effort, following stints in Season 5 and 6.

Moyer will next be seen in NBC’s ambitious three-hour event The Sound of Music Live, playing Capt. Georg Von Trapp to Carrie Underwood’s Maria (WATCH TRAILER).

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  1. Choco says:

    I’m cautiously optimistic about the last TB season, mainly because the last one was a return to form. Hoping for a Sookie-Eric and Jessica-Jason reunion (but I’m not holding my breath).

    • smallville944 says:

      Neither am I TBH. In fact, I’m very optimistic it won’t happen :( it seems to me their heading for jessica/james and bill/sookie as endgames :( But overall I hope the season is good, I hope they give Eric a happy ending at least.

  2. mac says:

    Stephen is a fantastic director, ‘Somebody that I used to know’ and the last season premiere were amazing and had a lot more artistic value (possibly because he was playing with his directional style a bit).

    Looking forward to season 7, kinda pissed that it’s the final one tough…I would’ve come back to this show any time.

    Just hoping that the show won’t be teared down by butthurt Sookie/Eric shippers again, if it happens if happens if it doesen’t it doesen’t. It’s just tv guys

    • trisha says:

      I reckon the True Blood/Good Writing shippers were pretty butthurt as well.

      • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

        There are MANY issues with the writing of TB beyond jerking the Sookie/Eric fans around because they were the biggest cash cow in the fandom.

    • Cherie says:

      Agreed. I can’t believe how hateful they were to Ms. Harris when the last book came out. Death threats, vile comments, etc. It was ridiculous. Those fans pretty mcuh killed what was a fantastic fandom. You didn’t dare try to have a civil discussion them

      I, for one will be delighted when they don’t get their endgame on the show.

      • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

        Harris pretty much destroyed her own fandom by intentionally stringing her fans along in one direction for years because it was lucrative and then slowly retconning everything she set up in order to jam in her predetermined ending at the last minute. I’m glad I didn’t waste too much of my time reading and analyzing her books. I got bored in the middle of book 2 and just skipped to the Eric and Pam parts. The people on Amazon are still having very civil discussions about the poor quality of Harris’ last few books (and this has nothing to do with shipper wars). And obviously threats are terrible and nobody should do that, EVER.
        Don’t worry-there will be no Sookie/Eric endgame on TB. If I were a betting person, I’d bet a ton on that.

        • cherie says:

          While I thought the books were terrible after the 4th one, Harris didn’t recton anything. Sookie and Sam being endgame was obvious from the beginning. And all her statements showed that Sookie wouldn’t end up with a vampire. Why people didn’t listen to her, I’ll never know.

          • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

            To be fair to Harris, I was fifty-fifty that she was headed towards Sam. I just don’t like the WAY she wrote it. And I don’t like some of her public comments about her readers who had issues with the last book, issues that went WAY beyond HEA. And it was my understanding that pre-ending, Harris said that Sookie would never BECOME a vampire, not that Sookie would never END UP WITH a vampire. I do wish I had paid more attention to her pre-ending public statements in general, though. I would have been more prepared for a lot of things. And I do feel that she wrote her characters OOC and disregarded some of her previously established plotlines and came up with some convoluted new ones (cluviel dor and arranged marriage anyone?) in order to get to her predetermined ending, like I feel TB is doing now. Oh, well. C’est la vie.

  3. Just Me says:

    The information about Stephen Moyer directing the season 7 premiere of True Blood was disclosed two months. Your a bit late to the party.

  4. WTactualF says:

    Moyer is a great director but a terrible Bill Compton. I have little hope that the final season will be at all satisfying. In fact, I’m probably not going to watch.

    Buckner ruined the show.

    • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

      100% agree. (But I will torture myself with recaps.)

    • Mollie says:

      Stephen Moyer is fantastic as Bill Compton! Alan Ball searched a long time to find just the right Bill….. and he did. Stephen plays Bill with conviction and a lot of heart. We see Bill’s journey being torn from his family, his struggle as a vampire to hold on to his humanity and Bill’s love for Sookie. And Stephen does it all with wonderful acting, where sometimes he does not speak a word. His facial expressions show Bill’s angst and pain. Bill is a complex character with equal parts scary vampire, deep feeling, sexy and brilliant!

  5. Jared says:

    I’m so confused as to why HBO feels the need to end True Blood. With such a large and talented ensemble cast there is more than enough characters and back-story to dig into besides Bill and Sookie. Perhaps a spinoff?

    • cherie says:

      Rather the show end it’s run while it’s still getting decent ratings and means something to people. See The X Files as an example of a show over staying it’s welcome. I’m okay with it ending now.

  6. I’m excited that

    1. This is the last season.
    2. That the crazy fans will go away (maybe).
    3. You all will get a life.
    4. Eric and Sookie.. Bill and Sookie are not getting back together.. Bucky said he’s sticking with the Sookie Alcide storyline.
    5. No one wants to do the show anymore.
    6. Get over it.

    7. Yay! Stephen!
    8. I hope Northman gets the True Death!

  7. Fernanda says:

    My ideal True Blood Finale
    1. Sookie alone, she deserves a better life far away Bon Temps and the supernatural creatures
    2. Bill and Jessica alive and together as a family in Bon Temps.
    3. Jason will become the new sheriff and the typical womanizer as he always be
    4. Pam breaks up with Tara and both kill each other
    5. Alcide and Eric will become lovers,.. I know this is never happen but I have my right to dream with both of them
    6. Sam will be the new speaker of the shape shifters and he will married with Sara Newlin.
    7. Andy will get married with Arlene. Poor Holly
    8. Russell Edgintong is alive, how? He tastes a lot of fairy blood with Lilith blood combine in his system. He reborns as Bill did.
    9. Forget the 7 point. Eric and Willa are became more than father and child vampire relationship.
    10. True Blood is back in the business and their new flavor is better than the human blood

  8. Mollie says:

    So funny! The people who want TB to end with Eric and Sookie are insulting Mr. Buckner’s intelligence; insulting Anna Paquin’s and Stephen Moyer’s acting abilities; insulting the TB writers. Why oh why, would anybody associated with HBO or True Blood listen to anything these morons have to say? Ever? Maybe that’s why Eric and Sookie said good~bye to each other last season in episode 1. Ironically, maybe the Eric~shippers are responsible for that.

    • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

      Name-calling-very “mature.” Maybe HBO might want to pay attention to their customers/”morons” in order to make as much current and future money as possible from their product? Basic business sense. Just a thought.

      • Mollie says:

        Don’t worry about my maturity. It is firmly in tact. The question is how mature are the people who keep insulting the very folks that they want a particular outcome from? Does it make sense to rant, bully and insult the powers that be at True Blood and HBO? That will gain you nothing at all. Btw…. True Blood has never been out of the top 5 cable shows. So they don’t need to listen to the lunatic fringe regarding anything they are doing. Most episodes garner 4.2 MILLION people around the world. Even people who say they are not happy with TB, keep tuning in and watching year after year. HBO executives have never been worried about this shows popularity.

  9. ericsw47 says:

    Eric and Sookie have the best chemistry on the show …that’s why people don’t understand why they were never given a shot at all by Buckner and his cronies. Alcide abd Sookie has no chemistry and Sookie and Bill has an abusive relationship that should never happen again but I believe that Buckner and co. Think they are soulmates and will put her back with Bill before the end of season 7. Its a waste of a good storyline that couldve been with Eric ans Sookie.

    • Mollie says:

      Eric and Sookie have nothing on True Blood. Season 4 love scenes were embarrassing at best. True Blood is almost done, and you people still don’t get it. lol Bill&Sookie ‘hold the center of the show.’ Bill&Sookie are ‘soulmates.’ Showrunners have been saying this for 6 YEARS. Bill&Sookie are the couple that was torn apart in the beginning. And will most likeable end up together in the end. Eric is a ‘supporting character.’ Always was. Always will be. I hate to inform you, but you have wasted 6 years of your life waiting for Eric and Sookie on True Blood. I am sure Ms. Harris has informed her buddies at HBO how she has been treated after DEA. PLease. Give. It. Up. Already.

      • ericsw47 says:

        I hate to inform you what you cannot see but Eric is one of the main 3 characters on this show …Sookie and Bill being the other 2 and he is by far the most popular by a wide margin. ..not even close…so I don’t know what show you have been watching to want to believe Eric is just a supporting character. Bill and Sookie are not popular by the fans that watch the show….no one wants to see them back together again execept Buckner and his stupid writers and delusional people like yourself. The biggest ratings in the shows 6 seasons were season4 so I they were so awful as you want to make people believe then believe the ratings would not have occurred or would we have people still wanting to see Sookie and Eric together wasting our time as you say but like I said I believe thst Bill and Sookie will get together this season but its a boring and abusive relationship and they are not soulmates ….you don’t treat and talk to your soulmate like Bill has been doing for the last 2 seasons and for Sookie to take him back show’s the issues she has that makes her pathetic.

        • Dana says:

          S4 was really nice, but not because of Eric and Sookie. It was great to see Bill as king, his fight with the witch, trying to return life to normal in the town. His growing relationship with Jessica was too beautiful. Watch his efforts as not to show love for Sookie. It was also great to see Erica growing respect for Bill. Everything Bill does have some significance. It is necessary to follow all the threads of the story, not just Eric muscles.

          • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

            Eric/Sookie was my favorite part of s4. I would have loved to have seen more of them,

          • Mollie says:

            ITA, dana! King Bill was brilliant! Even CH liked the idea so much, she concluded her Sookie series with Bill becoming King:) Eric/Sookie ‘ love scenes’ were so COLD, they were filmed in the snow! lol

        • Alexandra says:

          Sorry to burst your bubble but merely saying “Bill and Sookie are not popular with the fans that watch the show” does not make it true!

          On the contrary, Bill and Sookie are extremely popular.

          • Mollie says:

            Yes, indeed, Alexandra:) just because Bill fans don’t shout, scream and bully themselves all over the internet, doesn’t mean there are not PLENTY of them! There are more Bill & Sookie~ shippers than the Eric fans think. And a lot of them actually work on the True Blood set!

      • Dana says:

        I agree. Eric and Sookie – there is absolutely no chemistry, it was pretty embarrassing. But the mutual attraction between Bill and Sookie be cut. Stephen is an excellent director and an even better actor. This guy has incredibly beautiful eyes.

        • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

          I agree with everything ericsw47 has to say. I felt Alex/Anna had the best on-screen chemistry on this show and they were a big reason I fell in love with TB in the first place. I would have loved to have seen it explored further. I very strongly identify Bill as an abuser of Sookie and others (including his “child” Jessica) and him being put on another fake “redemption” tour is one of the reasons why I can no longer stomach TB (but will torture myself with recaps :)). I thought Alan Ball’s comments about “soulmates” was trolling-why would Ball say one thing about Bill and then show the thinking audience something completely different on script? But with Ball (mostly) gone, and Buckner in cahoots with Harris (I believe), and the parallels between s6 and DEA/AD, I am prepared for the worst. HBO gives Alex the same exact paycheck as Anna and Stephen per episode. I don’t think HBO would do that if they regarded Alex as just a random supporting player in the bloated cast of millions. (Though, to be fair, I think Alex is only coming back for half of s7. Time will tell.) Regardless of personal feelings, Eric is the most popular character on TB. Eric/Sookie was the most popular “ship” in the fandom. The seasons where Alex and Anna had a storyline together (s2, s3, and s4) were the shows most commercially successful. You don’t have to personally like it, but numbers don’t lie. Bill and Sookie are simultaneously abusive AND boring-how is that possible? I consider Bill/Sookie especially and Sam/Sookie to be a waste of my time.

          • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

            And Alcide/Sookie would be a waste of my time too.

          • Mollie says:

            The Eric shippers need to get out more. Lol ~ just because they repeat something over and over again, doesn’t make it true. Stop listening to each other, ELs. And start listening to the show runners who run the show! The interviews with the cast and what they have to say! Everybody knows it’s Bill&Sookie. Even the janitor who sweeps up the HBO set at night knows it’s Bill &Sookie. All this ‘Bill is an abuser’ is ridiculous. Nobody on the show even thinks that way. Sookie said bye~bye to Eric in 6.01. And actually Anna’s husband, Stephen (Bill), directed that episode. Lol ~ how’s that for perfect Karma? Season 4 was only good because of King Bill. Alex and Anna had ZERO chemistry together. Alex has said in interviews that Anna is like his ‘little sister.’ So some people are living in a dream world if they think E/S will ever be a couple on a True Blood. Ten episodes left. And no doubt will be devoted to bringing Bill & Sookie back together.

          • Toobad says:

            I think since Stephen married Ana that pretty much killed Eric sookie relationship. What a shame tb could have been ahella lot better I loved bill at first but now b/s relationship is lame. also think skarsgaurd felt awkward getting it on with Ana on film when Stephen Ana and him are all good friends so they changed the storyline for the actors comfort. Too many story lines also killed the magic. Smoke monsters and crystal were hours of wasted film. So be it let it die already since tb has turned into one of those aZZholes who leads women on for years and then says fooled ya.

        • Mollie says:

          Stephen Moyer is amazing! And he has a place in front of the camera, and behind it as a director. It appears, on True Blood Stephen is very privileged, as he is THE MALE LEAD ACTOR on True Blood, he gets to DIRECT episodes. And he does a fine job of it always:)

    • guest867 says:

      I agree, Sookie and Eric had the best chemistry on the show, especially in the first three seasons, their chemistry was off the charts. The fourth season was terrible, because it was so obvious that the writers wanted to sabotage the chemistry between them and wrote Sookie and Eric scenes in a really cheesy way. I understand that AP and SM are married in real life, but the writers should have left that out of the show and went with whom Sookie had the best chemistry with, which was Eric. The problem was that Alan Ball kept trying to keep Sookie with Bill but it backfired and the show went really bad. Now for the last season it doesn’t really matter; the show is not interesting anymore.

  10. Truefan says:

    I am sorry the show ended up as it did. It was really fun to watch in the beginning . The addition of the endless, meaningless subplots just killed the show. Instead of the writers getting better, their inane,boring ,convoluted, storylines got worse.And writers,non-stop swearing to me means you can’t think of anything witty, clever,or interesting to say.
    No matter how you look at it, Alexander Scarsgard has emerged as the star and driving force of this show. He and Moyers and the gal who plays Jessica are fine actors and I hope they go on to better things.

    • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

      Truefan-everything you said. Especially about Skarsgard. I wish everyone well, including Stephen with directing this ep, but HBO should have let the show die the True Death with dignity with the excellent s5 finale. And as far as the actors, I also have to praise Nelsan Ellis, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, and Kristin Bauer van Straten.

  11. Dana says:

    I have nothing against Eric, but Bill is the one who sacrificed the most, most lost, most offered the most loved. Without Bill TB would not be worth anything. I enjoy watching his face, his eyes. Stephen Moyer is a great actor and just because it is still looking at it. I just hope I will not spoil S7 Bill’s death.

    • Mollie says:

      Not to worry, dana:) as Bill said after he saved the vamps in the white room , ‘ I’m not going anywhere.’ And he is not. With the Alcide/Sookie/Bill plotline for S7, (and Sookie making google eyes at Bill on TV) it appears that it is only a matter of time before Bill&Sookie will be back in each other’s arms:)

  12. WTActualF says:

    Skarsgård is the star of this show as evidenced by Buckner’s quick response to last seasons Eric cliffhanger. He knew he had to appease the EL’s or ratings would plummet. No doubt there are B/S fans, though I don’t understand them at all, but the greater majority of TB viewers like E/S. They win every poll put out on every entertainment site.

    This show was ruined because the writers didn’t follow the organic growth of the characters, rather they tried to fit a square peg into a round hole. Ala Bill/Sookie, Jessica/James, etc etc.

    • Mollie says:

      Polls only prove one thing: some people like to take polls. There are scores of people never take polls. Internet polls. Magazine polls. All this proves is the Eric shippers jump on poll sites. lol
      BLs in General have nothing to prove where Bill is concerned. Mr. Buckner could care less about the ‘small but vocal’ group, who always tried to bully Ms. Harris. And now are trying to bully him. ASkars is popular. But he is not the star of the show. TB’s rating have nothing to do with anything, as there are always between 4.1 and 4.5 million people around the world watching. And the vast majority of them do not watch TB for the Eric fan/Bill wars. They watch for the nudity and the violence. Mr. Buckner is determined to tell the story and finish the series the way he wants to. Just as CH was determined to tell her story and finish her book series the way she wanted. No amount of insults or bullying is going to change season 7.

  13. Brooke(TeamEricNorthman) says:

    To be honest, I was all for Eric & Sookie hooking up, but thats not the way they went. Was I disappointed? YES! I had already said if Eric dies, i will not watch s7 because he draws so much to the show! He is an absolute GREAT actor! ( his looks are a plus as well). I like Bill but have never been a fan of his character, He is a good actor and stuff just not my fav.

  14. Tonya says:

    Clearly Mollie is in love with Bill. I’m a huge fan of True Blood and I loved Bill at first also,but Buckner and the writers always said the story line was written in an organic way, but thats not true because if they actually watched the seasons over,you would see the true love story if we are being organic should be Sookie and Eric. But they have written Sookie as a complete flake in the last couple of seasons.She doesnt even resemble the same person anymore.Its really ashame. I have to agree that Anna and Alex have Great Chemistry!

  15. Once they end the series I’ll be ending my subscription to HBO…that show was the only reason I keep it.

  16. Erin says:

    I’m really not sure who Sookie will end up with in S7! I read the books which did get worse as they went on, and was sort of disappointed in the ending, I had always been a fan of Eric (more in the show than the books) but after thinking about it, I realized that I liked the ending with Sam, it made sense because Sookie never wanted to be a vampire. I think it does kind of suck because I doubt that the show is going to follow that ending. So while Sookie being with Bill isn’t my favorite idea, I’m glad the show is ending here. The first 4-5 seasons were great but just got worse after that. I only continued to watch because I read the books and already spent so much time with the series. I simply hope that the ending is filmed well and is somewhat believable as to who Sookie chooses.

  17. SwissBeatz says:

    — Season 6, last episode on the closing scene, a pack of new
    risen vamps suddenly appeared in the woods while a background
    music plays with the lyrics saying… “Welcome to the new age, to
    the new age…” an Electro-Alternative “kinda” type of song.
    Season 7 would be a mixed up of scenes progressed from
    previous ones but with a new twist.


    Since Eric got him self toasted while reading a book totally
    naked under the Sun somewhere on a mountain top full of snow (tho
    not sure if he really died since he’s one tough motha effin’
    vamp) and Bill and the others (Pam, Tara etc.) got out of the
    cell I think forming a new Vampire league led by Bill along
    with Jessica would spice up the episodes and this time the league is
    more powerful since Bill possesses Lilith’s blood no one will dare
    challenge him tho he’ll have a lot of issues to deal with as he manages
    the League while tensions between the Government and Vamps
    continues to heat up and and causes a lot of chaos in Bon Temps.
    To make the “chaos” more interesting Sarah Newlin will comeback
    (again) to continue her advocacy against the vamps (being on the
    Government side) and still want to get even with Jason. Alcide Hervaux,
    now leader of the Wolf pack will have a lot of interesting issues to deal
    with in his pack too including his relation with the new Vamp
    league and issues with the Shifters and, adding vulnerable
    Sookie to the scene makes it more interesting.

    I think the late episodes would be more interesting if Eric comes
    back and manages to stay alive despite of getting him self
    toasted under the Sun and he’ll help the new Vamp league to
    ease the serious tensions and chaos going on between the
    Government and the Vamp league by kidnapping Sarah Newlin
    and tuning him into a vamp (now that’s something to see eh) :-)
    A lot of things can happen and with that i think its gonna be one
    nice long bloody season 7 for us to watch. :-) lol.

  18. julio says:

    I am glad that it is over! The show started to bore me after season 4. Enough of romantic vampires and monsters. Bring back the good ole Christopher Lee vampire formula.