Dancing With the Stars Week 9 Results: Were You Shocked by This Week's Elimination?

Elizabeth Berkley DWTSDWTS might qualify under the heading of “four-letter word” after Dancing With the Stars‘ controversial Week 9 proceedings.

Along with an ever-shrinking cavalcade of stars (only six remain!), the episode featured both an individual dance (in a style not previously performed), a “trio dance” and what may be the cherry atop the most shocking string of unexpected eliminations in the show’s history.

Let’s high-kick right to the highlights:

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DANCE OF THE NIGHT: Leah Remini’s terrific tango made her believe she’s a contender for the semi-finals (while scoring a string of 9s), and Corbin Bleu’s “breathtaking” waltz earned an especially ecstatic review (plus a perfect 10) from Bruno Tonioli. But here’s the top dance of the evening:

Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke: Guest judge Cher may have accused him of resembling a pimp last week, but birthday boy Jack (who got a mini Mirror Ball trophy from Cheryl as a gift) created a graceful, mesmerizing Viennese Waltz this week. Not only did this performance put a sparkle in Len Goodman’s eye (“it was a crackerjack, Jack!”), it earned two perfect 10s (so what’s up with the 9, Bruno?) and stole the strobe, er, spotlight. “It’s like you’re getting wings to fly… and now you’ve got flair and flourish… and it’s just amazing!” summed up Carrie Ann Inaba. Um, could the real Mirrorball trophy be in Jack’s future?

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RUNNER-UP: Double perfection, Trio style! First, Corbin Bleu’s Bob Fosse-inspired jazz dance electrified the ballroom (and the judges), earning the first of the night’s two Trio-perfect 30’s. “That may be the best routine I’ve ever seen in all 17 seasons,” gushed Carrie Ann, who went on to note that many have tried and failed to emulate the jazz legend, but Corbin more than succeeded. “I think he would have loved you!” Then, Elizabeth’s sizzling salsa (with the eventually shirtless Gleb Savchenko and Val Chmerkovskiy) proved that blondes really do have more fun. Said Bruno: “It’s obvious darling, it takes two to get you going!”

But now for the moment of truth, tonight’s results:

Bill Engvall & Emma Slater
Elizabeth Berkley Lauren & Valentin Chmerkovskiy

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren & Valentin Chmerkovskiy

“I’m sad … definitely there were some more things we wanted to do,” said a clearly shocked Elizabeth, amidst a chorus of very loud boos from a very unhappy ballroom (along with a trio of very disgruntled expressions coming from the judges). “I am honestly like beyond grateful for this… this was one of the biggest gifts and blessings in my life.”

Now it’s your turn. Did the right couple go home tonight, or are you like me, gobsmacked by this unfortunate elimination? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tim says:

    wtf? WHO is voting for Bill, he should have been gone weeks ago…

    • anne says:

      Its ridiculous. Something hss to be done with the show to fix this issue of best dancers going early this is worst season for that. It really makes the show less interesting. Especially now thatbits down to one nite I miss the live performances and the macys stars segments. Bring back nite 2 even if 1 hr

      • Vickie says:

        Can you think of one good reason the viewers are not allowed to see the voting results?? Something smells on this “reality” show.

      • linda G says:

        The show is fixed – -Bill was fun but Elizabeth is a better danced and deserved to stay over Bill. Derrick is good but they act liek he is a God!! I hate it – – I watch this at work the next day after it airs, only if I havwe time. It’s fixed!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Gary says:

        Basically Americans are stupid. Just to verify this, they voted for Obama twice for no ligitmate reason. The producers of this show fall into that category as well. They need to replace the judges with other judges who have more experience. If this show keeps going like it has in the past, the show will be cancelled. George Washington.

    • Tamara says:

      I wish I knew who was voting for Bill!!! They obviously don’t know anything about dancing. He should have been a man and took the place of Elizabeth tonight. He should have done it when Nichole was voted off. He started too, but his professional dancer partner Emma held him back saying no. How could you keep on dancing knowing you should have already gone home? Where’s the pride in that? It’s not a dance contest anymore it’s a popularity contest and they better do something about it before they loose their viewers.

      • Diana S says:

        Anytime the public votes,on something it’s a popularity contest by definition.

        • Kim R says:

          It is so true. So knowing this, I watch, enjoy the dancing, and then move on. In any show where the public votes, there will always be “the most shocking elimination ever!” moments. For me, it is not shocking, it is expected. I just like to see the choreography and how they all improve (or not) every week. My motto in one word? Ledigo! :D

        • JoMarch says:

          Uh… “by definition”… ? The definition of a public vote is a personality contest? where’d you come up with that?

          • kim echlin says:

            people vote for who they LIKE, the judges score based on the dancing, ABC thinks that viewer voting makes for higher ratings, it’s just more TV nonsense

      • sarah caroline says:

        Look at his FB page – that is who! I didn’t know who he was but he has a lot of fans. He will never quit, he seems to feel he belongs there if you’ve listened to him talk.
        I don’t like the way any votes have turned out lately, hopefully my city will get anew Mayor in March and i can believe in voting again :)

      • Anne says:

        I stopped watching DWTS a few yrs ago because the wrong contestants went home while lesser stayed. The only reason I came back to it was because of Valerie Harper. I just wanted to see her. I totally agree with you – this is my last yr watching for sure! Has to be a better way.

        • linda G says:

          Good answer!! Fans vote on popularity nnot on talent – – these dancer work very hard for many hours a week and then to be sent home because of a fan based vote is not good. The show needs to change this. I have written in many times to feature Zydeco and Cajun dancing but I never hear back. They need some new dances@!

      • Where have you been other seasons? It has ALWAYS been a popularity contest,however to put Bill down is unfair. What endears him to everyone is how very hard he tries and how he genuinely cares, not acting like he’s the best., but trying to improve week after week. What’s unfair is putting older, totally inexperienced dancer with younger ones with dance experience. Kind of like throwing a high school football player in the super

      • keith says:

        (1) I may be naive, but I really don’t think the show is ‘fixed’.
        (2) Assuming the voting is legitimate, it’s not even a case of who has the most fans;….it’s who has the most Caller-Inner fans.

      • tracy says:

        probably my last season watching reality tv has turned into a crock we all liked reality tv when the real was in it if the show is not interesting enough just cancel it and move on if we wanted to watch wresting we would do so give us reality back leave the fake crap out

        • Reality TV has NEVER been “real.”

        • Karen Harton says:

          I agree. I took dance from the age of 3 until I was 27 years old. The girl they voted off first was excellent, so I knew we were doomed. This is the first year this has been so blatently screwed up. I will not watch if there is a “next year”. It should not be a popularity contest.

      • Dot says:

        I agree, the show has become a farce, Bill should have been off weeks ago, I am sure he knows it too, I think there is something in his contract that keeps him from doing that. I watch the show to see dancers not to hear who has what health problems, or hear people being lied to about their talents, call it what it is a dance competition and let us see some good dancing. I am already wondering if it will be worth watching next year, will have to think about that one.


      I Feel sorry for hi, as He thinks that his “Fans” are keeping him there, when actually it’s a joke to ruin the show! This week I quit1

      • sarah caroline says:

        I do very much dislike that that Bill is still on and better dancers than he are voted off, i was SO bummed to hear this morning that Elizabeth was voted off! She has been wonderful to watch since week one, such a beautiful dancer with attitude to match, i hope to see her in film or TV again soon.
        Bill is on because more people are calling for him, no Conspiracy Theories, etc, he just has more people calling. if you look at his FB page, they really love him. I wish the viewer votes didn’t count so much, it clearly backfires. If Corbin goes before Bill I will probably be done watching as well. It has been weird since the week Christina (sp?) was voted off. It really is all about having a fan base and keeping them rallied and Bill is just doing that well.
        I’m so sorry Elizabeth! You were/are wonderful & will be so missed!!

    • Pat chmiel says:

      This is wrong my last night at watching dwts. The really good dancers get eliminated, its back to Monday night football.

    • Sam says:

      I couldn’t agree more with you Tim! What an outrage — I am so disgusted with this show & their “voting” procedures. If 50% of the votes are based on the judges numbers, Bill got the lowest scores two weeks in a row & should have been eliminated — not Elizabeth. Somehow, someway, this is fixed!

    • SHY says:

      Hasn’t anyone REALLY figured out what’s going on here???? It is SOOOOOOOOOOO obvious!
      Yes this show is SOOOOOOOOOOO fixed, it’s pathetic! And guess WHO it’s fixed for????
      LEAH REMINI!! yes, figured this one out a LONG LONG time ago. Yes Bill sucks as a dancer.
      Yes he has tons of fans…but their blowing the real smoke up all our a…. here… Get this!
      Note how Jennifer Lopez was in the audience rooting for her BEST FRIEND and I DO MEAN, BEST FRIEND, Leah Remini!!!! The studio next door is American Idol..and yes folks, guess who is back as a judge??? Being paid the highest in American Idol history! Guess who has REAL PULL with the show AND the producers…JLO!!! YES JLO! What JLO wants JLO gets!!!
      Leah Remini is truly a horrible dancer…and SHE truly should have gone home weeks ago too!!

      Don’t you see WHY truly gifted dancers are being sent home, like Christina Milan, and even Snooki? and now Elizabeth Berkeley??? And the Other guy with Peta???? Next will probably be Corbin and Karina….but THAT would cause too much of an uproar!!!

      JLO has cleared told the producers a LONG time ago…that Leah Remini is to MAKE IT TO THE FINALS!!! And since her dancing is SO HORRIBLE…what better way to take all our attention off the obvious and focus on her horrible dancing by slowly but surely ELIMINATING all GOOD dancers so that the NOT SO GOOD are left? Thereby, making Leah’s lame dancing seem NOT SO BAD!!! Get it? And ELIMINATING the TRUE competition…..
      The FIX was in a long time ago folks…and it is for LEAH REMINI to WIN this FAKE MIRRORBALL….or at least be one of the dancers in the finals!!!

      Gee , with Bill and Jack left….if they eliminate at this point, Corbin and Karina….. what the hell? Leah Remini doesn’t look so bad and it doesn’t look SO OBVIOUS that JLO’s FIX is in….

      I get more and more disgusted every wk!

      • JudiMD says:

        Leah Remini has turned into a good dancer. Just because you obviously hate her, doesn’t mean she hasn’t worked hard and earned her spot. Did the Church of Scientology send you here?

      • Kirk H. says:

        Gee, sounds like you have a lot of inside information that we ordinary, outsiders don’t. Thanks for the inside scoop.

    • sandy says:

      Why? he is way happier than Diva lizzy

    • Lynne says:

      This was totally unfair. Elizabeth was one of the best dancers. The show needs to be changed somehow for the next season to stop these unfair eliminations. It’s a dancing competition not a popularity contest!!

      • Rusty says:

        I totally agree. In fact, I am no longer watching the show. I give up!. What they need to do is, instead of voting for who you like, all you have to do is vote for who you DON’T like and vote to eliminate………so much for the “popularity” contest.

    • Avril Levy says:

      I can’t believe the idiots who voted Elizabeth off and kept that idiot Bill. Sorry Bill but even the judges are shocked every week they keep you on and vote off an actual good dancer. Bill should be embarrassed they keep him on and to make such a stupid comment that he is in it to win it. I was so upset that Elizabeth got voted off that I yelled at the TV.

    • Margie says:

      I know of at least 10 people who flat out stopped watching the show after these last 2 eliminations. I am one of the 10. Both my husband and I have watched for several years but will no longer. I agree that something is wrong but I am not sure if the show is fixed or the voting process is. in need of repair. It should be a dance contest not a popularity contest

    • barbie says:

      so….the big girl and derek who cant seem to do anything else but not dance yuk icky no more for me

  2. Jo says:

    It’s BS! I really was on my last whim w this show but liked this season because of ppl like val and Liz. These type of shows always do this crap to shock viewers but I can only imagine it hurts ratings bc I know I’m not the only one completely turned off from it & the rest of the season. Maybe even series.

    Bill needs to go.

    • Stacie says:

      The fact that Elizabeth had a semi-off week, and that played into her leaving this week sucks. I love the fact that this whole show is in one episode, and we get the results. But it’s unfortunate people can’t vote for the dance when they need the votes the most. She danced beautifully tonight, and Bill did dreadfully. He did well for awhile there, but now that the other stars have stepped it up his average dancing is even more apparent. I think an Elizabeth, Amber, Corbin and Jack semifinal would have been pretty great. But it wasn’t meant to be.

      • Angela says:

        An Elizabeth/Amber/Corbin/Jack semi-final would’ve been AMAZING. Such a shame we won’t get that.
        On the note of the others, by the way, for a moment-Corbin’s dance to the Usher song was freaking superb (as was that version of the song itself-wow, did that song work in that musical style). And Jack and Cheryl’s jungle one was hilarious and cute, as was the one where Leah and her partners pretended to be the judges.

    • barbie says:

      yup so does derek

  3. webly3 says:

    Elizabeth & Val were horrible to let go. Honestly, Bill & Emma should have been gone week four. I must say that Leah Remini really impressed me this week! I feel like she might get out next week though. Of the final five couples, I’m rooting for an Amber Riley win. I find it unfair if Corbin wins because he has a lot of dance in his background.

  4. Brenda says:

    Bill has a significant fan base in the South and in the comedy world. He could easily get to the finals.

  5. Chablis says:

    Yes a little shocked. But I think she’s not connecting with voters. That frozen, bug eyes, Taylor Swift look might be it?

    Don’t think Jack will win. ABC may finally have a Disney winner in Corbin.

  6. mikki says:

    Bill is fun and game but this is a dance competition! He should be done..I feel bad for the clearly better dancer, Elizabeth!

  7. Roz says:

    Folks are speaking with votes that they’re sick of way too critical & too strict judges. This is really NOT a dance competition and neither should it be, it’s an entertainment show. Everyone is so upset cuz a comedian remains when in years past there were plenty o’ football players that took the top and WERE NOT the best dancers.

    • betty boop says:

      Yes it is a dance competition, along with entertainment, and most ot the football players have done extremely well – so what are you saying? It is ok for a guy who still does not dance well after all these weeks to beat out a very talented Elizabeth? why, because he is a comedian? He is the worst dancer and should have been eliminated, and he knows this too, he was as shocked as we all were who watched.

  8. Jon says:

    Did the right couple go home? Of course not. But viewer votes are a popularity contest anyway. Maybe to prevent further shocking eliminations in the future, we need to have the viewer’s votes count less, and leave it up to the professionals.

    • Brendan says:

      I think the viewers should be the fourth judge and count for 1/4 instead of 1/2 like it does now. It gives WAY too much power to the viewers….. especially since they clearly don’t know how to vote correctly.

  9. Rod says:

    Elizabeth should have been in the final 3 with Amber and Corbin. That would have made a spectacular final competition. But every season there is a shocking elimination and this is the one for this cycle. I hope Elizabeth can take this experience and it leads to reviving her career. And yes, Bill needs to go. Should have been gone right after the science guy. I don’t understand how he’s getting votes unless it’s that group who voted online for the worst instead of the best to screw with the results.

  10. Terry says:

    I have always loved this show, lost respect for it two years ago, did not watch it last year, and gave it a fair shot this year. Elizabeth was one of the reasons I gave it a chance. A former dancer myself, VERY FRUSTRATING AND DISAPPOINTING. Its not a true competition…..I don’t care ANYMORE, EVER AGAIN.

    Everyone, INCLUDING BILL, knew he should have been the one to go (weeks ago). Bill, I am a fan of your comedy and that is what you have turned this show into. If you have any dignity……renounce your popularity victory, and give the deserving their due!

  11. Babygate says:

    I shouldn’t have read this article. This is exasperating. There should be a way that the judges can intervene. It is laughable that Bill is still there. Jack too. I don’t like Elizabeth. I think she has the personality of of a spinster, but she is a much better dancer than Bill or Jack.

    • RUCookie says:

      Everyone is sooo shocked that Elizabeth is gone, but doesn’t the fact that “she has the personality of a spinster” play into this? Of course it does. She is coming off a bad week (for her) and she was slightly annoying in her packages… so of course she did not get the viewer votes. People can be mad about Bill staying, but he is highly likeable, truly looks like he loves being there, tries hard and doesn’t get into drama with his partner – people vote for that!

      • Sara says:

        You know why he doesn’t get into ‘drama’ with his partner? Because he’s not that good. Lol. You say this comment as if Elizabeth is the only person who has had moments with her partner and that’s a tad silly. What I personally saw was her coming off her bad week with more determination than before. Bill is, and this is just for me personally and I realize it clearly isn’t the same for the majority of voters because he’s still somehow there, over the top annoying. Some of his antics feel too out there for me and I couldn’t care less. He loves being there, and he tries hard, absolutely. You think he’s the only one though? I think everybody left, and Elizabeth, all loved being there and tried their hardest, and most everybody was better than him. A lot of people perceived the way Elizabeth looked during elimination as “smug” but I know that look, that look was her being terrified and knowing if she’s against Bill, she’s gone because everybody else has lost to him. She was smiling so she didn’t cry, I know that look because I have that look when I’m upset too.

    • sarah caroline says:

      Hi! I am an actual spinster (un-married woman) and I’m pretty decent, so if you were trying to be ugly with that word? Backfired! :)

  12. Vetle says:

    Wow. Wow. I don’t even watch the show, but I checked Wikipedia. The lowest average score on the top 8 (based on average) is 24.9 (Leah – Bill is the lowest out of everyone left). Isn’t that ridiculously high?

  13. Marie says:

    WTF!! This is starting to get on my nerves now!! You stupid-ass Jennifer Lawrence FANS stop voting for Bill. If you do not watch DWTS you should not be voting and just because Jennifer was on Bill’s sitcom does not make it fair for him to win because of her. There are better dances then him that DESERVE to win!!

  14. Ron D says:

    I’m tired of this show now. Derek and Amber are not the best as Carrie Ann suggests. This is a foregone conclusion. Derek and Amber are going to win. Figured that out when they were getting 9’s and 10’s on dances that were 8’s. Bill.. sigh.. really? They need to change the format of voting once and for all and they need to stop kowtowing to Derek who can dance whatever dance he wants, whether or not it is the dance he is supposed to do and get 9’s+. This is fixed.

    • sarah caroline says:

      I agreed with you until you said “this is a foregone conclusion”. I’m not trying to be sarcastic when i say this – my opinion, your opinion, anyone’s *opinion* doesn’t make anything a foregone conclusion. noun: foregone conclusion 1.
      a result that can be predicted with certainty.
      synonyms: certainty, inevitability, matter of course, predictable result

      So they could still win. Unless you have some intel you’re not sharing :)
      And to the person yelling at “Jennifer Lawrence fans” – huh? Who is that and what does it have to do with this show?

      You guys confuse the heck out of me. Lots of yelling too, I get online to get away from the incessant yelling. :(

    • Amie says:

      I agree with you completely. I’ve been saying since Day One that Amber would win. She has dance experience. She has Glee fans behind her. She has the untouchable Derek who can dance the hula when it’s supposed to be the Viennese Waltz and still get 10s from the judges. Anybody rooting for anybody else tuned out weeks ago. They may as well change the name to the Derek Hough Show. And that gets really old.

    • barbie says:

      yup i agree and i want to see him get the hell out

  15. aprillivings says:

    They could do it more like So You Think You Can Dance where America votes and they have a bottom 3 then the judges decide who goes home based on routines and difficulty. That way it’s still kind of a popularity contest but these crappy dancers don’t continue to get through to the semi-finals. I’m honestly sick of seeing the better dancers go home that are going to be able to keep up with the pace of the show. Do you really think Bill is going to be able to do 3 routines in one week?

  16. Sara says:

    At this point, I’m immune to being shocked by DWTS and their f**kery. I mean, really. I’m tired of ABC grooming this show for Derek Hough. Absolutely ridiculous. 900% done with this show and the severe favoritism. Did you see Len’s face when Elizabeth and Val were announced? He had a look of death on his face because he too knows this was not right. We all bloody know it’s not right.

  17. Ginger Snap says:

    I never felt connected to Elizabeth. But I have enjoyed the work of the others. At the end of the day, I still want to feel entertained. She never gave me that.

  18. Angela says:

    Truly stunned. That’s crazy-I’d been rooting for her and Val to make it to the finals!

  19. DavidSask says:

    The last three weeks results are ridic, something needs to be done with results where producers can rig things better and the talented and progressed truly win over the same pros and those who aren’t great but can get more fan wins constantly get ahead. FIX IT SOON OR LOYAL WILL LEAVE AS VIEWERS!

  20. Patricia Boxx says:

    Not surprised, sure she can dance. But her personality is standoffish. I surprised she stuck around this long.

  21. Jane says:

    Anyone who is voting for Bill is an embarrassment. What a joke.

  22. Cat says:

    Ok. What ? Bill is pathetic, he should of been eliminated weeks ago. I think the producers kept him on so that he gets either 3rd or 4th place. If he is not eliminated next week I will quit watching the show. He is not earning his spot on the show. It is getting pathetic & getting on my last nerve & starting to make me think our votes don’t really count. He better not win the trophy cause then the ratings will plummet. I have watched the show from day 1 & am now getting annoyed with it all.

  23. Kiki says:

    A dance competition? Only until they place it in the viewers’ hands. There’s a reason So You Think You Can Dance now says they are looking for the “favorite” dancer. Elizabeth is a perfectly lovely dancer. I’ve enjoyed watching her routines. But I agree with the people who say she wasn’t connecting with the audience. I would rather route for someone who appears to be giving their all and still needs their confidence boosted, like Amber, Jack and Bill.

      • Kim R says:

        When I was scrolling down and saw your one word, I thought you were making a joke about Root, from Person of Interest, hacking into the computer system and messing up the voting. Hahaha Then I realized you were just correcting something in your previous comment. I think I watch too much TV. :)

  24. Linda Forrette says:

    Too many of the BEST dancers leave early. Voters call in for their favorite person as opposed to best dancer. It is a joke now. I am starting to not like the show at all. May quit watching completely. Ridiculous.

  25. Yolanda says:

    It’s a popularity contest, it always was. Did anyone forget Ty Murray? He made the semi-finals. The same will happen with Bill. DwtS audience love their rednecks, always did. They do not care who’s the best dancer, they want to see people they connect to. And they connect to lovable rednecks such as Bill. Yes, Elizabeth was one of the best dancers this show has ever had and she was my favorite but people did not connect with her. That’s all. I hope the show reintroduced her to TV show producers and they cast her in some meaty supporting role because I want to see her on my TV screen every week not only just one season.

  26. Beth Carter. says:

    For excellent judging watch Australian DWTS or for a great format and interesting judging watch the English Strictly Come Dancing . much better than this rigged show. Used to really enjoy DWTS in other seasons but the last 2 have been farces and frustrating to watch.Great glitz and glamour but farcical judging.

  27. MeganL says:

    Not a super avid watcher of the show- I do keep up with it, but I don’t even really watch every single episode. I did have this thought I wanted to get out there, though…Bill is pretty much the equivalent of the mediocre-voiced country singer who wins any given reality singing competition(all of them have had ’em- American Idol, The Voice, X-Factor…). They are definitely not the most talented, but they win…usually easily. Country music has a verrrryyyy loyal fan base that votes like hell for “their people.” I think that’s crossing over to Bill somehow. He’s not a singer, but he’s “country”.

  28. carebare says:

    Ok come on guys, the crap you are all spewing about Bill is just wrong. Sure he’s not the strongest dancer in the world but only mean give it a rest. He has an amazing fan base, he makes you laugh, and most importantly he is working his tail off. I truly think he and Leah are amazing and they are what the true fans want to see. We are not fans of the show we are supposed to be fans of the ones trying to dance. DO ANY OF YOU THINK YOU COULD BETTER. GO BILL AND LEAH… LOVE YOU BOTH

  29. Chris says:

    Viewers need to vote for the same dance that the judges vote for and that means returning the results show immediately.

  30. Debster says:

    I don’t think Elizabeth and Val deserved to go this week. If this had happened on the UK version there would have been a dance off between the bottom two and the judges would have picked who they wanted to save. I don’t understand why DWTS doesn’t do the same…

    • Tamara says:

      That is how they should decide. A dance off between the bottom two and judges pick. I’m getting tired of this popularity contest. It’s not even about dancing anymore. Bill should have went home along time ago. He’s gotten worse not better. The judges should bring Elizabeth back.

      • BONNIE COZZETTO says:

        Excellent! Judges choose from Bottom 2 or even 3! The RedNeck Comedy Show needs it’s Own Competition w/Honey BOOBOO & DUCK DYNASTY BOYS!

    • Lois says:

      So many acts still get screwed over with the dance-off though. Like how last weekend an average dancer and one of the best dancers ended up in the bottom two whilst 3 pretty poor dancers were still around.

  31. amarillofox says:

    I was very surprised that Elizabeth and Val were eliminated. It only supports my belief that the voting is too one sided for the viewer. Minimum percentage should be 60-40; more realistically, 80-20%. Whoever is making the decision about the voting needs to make a change for the next season of dancers. Emma was already shedding tears before the announcement, sure that she and Bill were keaving. Very sad to see Elizabeth progressing each week, Bill is not and yet Elizabeth goes home. Be proud Elizabeth, you did your best!

  32. Darryl says:

    You have to remember, this was initially a show about beginner dancers being paired up with professionals. Whats the point of watching professionals paired up with professionals. If that’s what we wanted to see, International and national ballroom competions would be all over the networks. Think about it. I want to see a celebrity that’s never danced before work had and compete with others in the same boat.

    • Teresa says:

      Out of all of the comments I have read this is the most truthful statement. This show was supposed to introduce ballroom dancing to stars that have NO dancing experience.

      I have no interest in watching contestants WITH dance experience on their resume or training in their background step onto the floor to compete, unfairly, with the novice contestants who are trying to learn and improve each week.

      There should not be scores of nines and tens on the first week. There is no growth
      if you are starting out on top because you have already learned all of the skills of a dancer and are just on the show to learn a new routine and gain new popularity to advance your career.

      The viewing audience should remain at 50% of the score. They are actually dancing for the
      viewers. No show without us.

  33. Hillchics says:

    Typo in the first line, and it still says Slezak wrote the article even though it’s a different name on the first page. Where are the editors?!?

  34. Tamara says:

    Dancing With The Stars is one of my favorite shows, or should I say was one of my favorite shows. I thought it was unfair when Nichole got sent home before Leah or Bill. But after tonight’s show, Elizabeth going home, that was wrong!!! How can Bill hold his head up? That’s what I would like to know. He should have been a man and stepped forward taking himself off show and letting Elizabeth stay. I know they can do that because either last year or the year before a dancer did do that!!! This isn’t a dancing show,it is a popularity contest. I’m sorry if my comets are harsh, but Bill is a joke. I think he has gotten worse not better. Leah has gotten better, but she too should have already gone home. Something has to change with this show. The judges should be able to over rule vote when it’s that obvious. I really don’t know how Bill could dance in front of America again. I know I couldn’t.

  35. Danna says:

    There should be a drinking game everytime Derek gets blamed for all that goes wrong with this show:)) Wasn’t it Tony or Val that said that when you get a good partner you are guaranteed a spot in the finale? I bet Val is rethinking that idea now. I actually like Val’s choreography, I think he is great but he doesn t have the wow factor, he doesn t know how to entertain like Derek does and that is a problem with some of the other pros as well (yeah Tony I’m looking at you). That said, I’m sad Liz is gone bc I enjoy good dancing and I think a finale of Bil and Leah and Jack would be horrible.

  36. Rochelle says:

    This was a show has become a joke I will not be watching anymore. all the front runner are going. Bill he not even try to move a waste it should be Elizabeth, Corbin, Jack, then Amber and leah Bill should have just left.l AM DONE

  37. OtterChaos says:

    Bill is a nice guy having fun, I see no need for him to fall on a sword and let Elizabeth hang around longer. Elizabeth got voted off before Bill, Jack, Leah and Amber all of whom are not as accomplished dancers as her. She didn’t connect with the voters and Bill did, no amount of judge’s 10’s are going to make up for that. I feel bad for Emma most of all in her first season having to deal with a controversy over eliminations.

    • Sara says:

      Good lord, it isn’t even about the connecting with the audience at this point. Right now, the people left have a really huge following. You think Amber is going ANYWHERE anytime soon because of her Glee background and the fact that every member of Glee supports her? She will win based on the fact that her fanbase is huge, so is Derek’s. Bill is a very well established comedian, especially in the south. Once the south becomes involved, you know someone is gonna last a long time. They will vote until their fingers bleed. Jack is an Osbourne and an advocate for MS – huge following. Leah was on a successful sitcom, was on a talk show, and has a recent ‘scandal’ under her belt…huge following. Corbin has High School Musical and all the people who have seen him on Broadway. Elizabeth disappeared from the spotlight for YEARS. If she’d have been around like everyone else has been, she’d have gotten farther. It has nothing to do with ‘connection’. When I read who’s on a season, I look for the names I know, and everybody else does that too. Sabrina Bryan was phenomenal but her fanbase was lacking. “Cheetah Girls” wasn’t *that* big, not like High School Musical, or That’s So Raven(Kyle Massey).

  38. Sallyknox says:

    I am done watching DWTS, they need to really change how people are voted off. Give votes back to Judges only and reward the people who are really doing well and not because of popularity. Good Bye to ABC.

  39. Maryann says:

    I would really like to see the votes counted and the results given the same week as the dance. Having to wait until the following week is just jarring. Someone can give the best dance of their lives and it has no chance of saving them. I wonder if viewers scored the dancers on a 1 to 10 scale the same way the judges do if that would allow the show to tally the results fast enough to make this happen?

    It would also help make me want to go back to watching every week, and not just once in a while, if they had a dance off or had judges choose between the bottom two. They need to do something to stop terrible dancers from making it to the finals and keep great dancers from being eliminated way early.

    The last thing that really bothers me about the show is that they need to instruct viewers to vote for the dancer that they feel is the best dancer, and remind them that choosing the best is a big responsibility. Sure, some people would still vote simply for their favorites, but more people would try to be fair. People can disagree with the judges and still vote for who they feel are the best dancers — judges are going to judge on more technical points, and viewers will vote more on which dances moved them.

  40. becesteve says:

    So happy that this happens. This show is supposed to be about taking stars out of their comfort zone. Always irritated me when they bring in someone with dance background and put them up against people with NO dance talent. So Bill is the one who is growing the most and should beat “stars” who have danced in movies!

  41. Blake Coop says:


  42. GS says:

    I’m sorry but for all the folks saying Amber deserves to be in the finals and win, you lose all credibility. You are the people voting for Derek, who is already a pro dancer. She sucked last night and I don’t want to hear about her bad knees. If she can’t dance, she needs to step out as several have done in the past, and leave the ones who can actually do more than stand there and let her partner dance around her. She hasn’t been that great all along and voting for Derek is just a popular vote since he is not the ‘star’. I hate that Elizabeth is gone but she took it too serious and the overly botoxed eyes really freak me out so yeah, I can see she didn’t get the vote. There are many folks out there tired of the overly obvious push to see certain people win and they are voting to keep Bill in because he works hard and tries his best every week. Same with Leah who did fantastic last night. Corbin should win of those left and just because he knew how to dance hip hop (just like Zendaya last year) does not mean he has any more experience than anyone else so SHUT UP about that! We all have issues with the show. Mine is that Derek is overly pimped every year regardless of his parnter and I’m sorry but Amber is just not that good nor has she been. But I can also see the sparkles on the wall and she will win even though she in no way deserves to.

    • Tricia Smith says:

      GS…have you been watching the same show as others? First, lets start with Corbin…this amazing young man has been dancing since he was a young child (ballet and jazz), he attended the Debbie Allen Dance Academy. He has performed in many broadway and off broadway musicals. He trained in tap. He is an actor, model, dancer, singer and songwriter. Music and dance has played a major role in his life and continues to do so. True he has not had training in ballroom, but with the mass dance and musical talent that he has, he is able to pick up routines easily and is able to teach as he did to Katrina (tap). I’m not taking anything away from Corbin, but he is considered just as much a PRO as his partner. Now Amber’s only dancing has been the routines she learned while working on Glee. But she is a singer and knows musicality and is a quick study. This amazing women has bust her butt just as hard as anyone else on the show, even with injuries she has danced better than a lot of the stars, she is not a PRO. Amber has several strikes against her, most of all her injuries, but she hangs in there to the end, giving great performances. Derek can’t use lifts and throws, etc with her, so he has to totally rethink his performances. Both Corbin and Amber in my opinion are amazing individuals putting their all into their performances. But Corbin does have advantages that the other stars don’t have. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he wins, but saying that, I also wouldn’t be surprised if Bill, Jack or Leah wins either.

  43. Leila J says:

    I remember fondly when DWTS was about stars that were amateurs to dancing and then when paired with a professional partner, said amateurs would do their best to improve week by week and then the hard work would be rewarded with the mirror ball trophy. That was season one and sadly the charm and warmth of that is to be repeated never more.

    • becky j says:

      Right on, Leila! I’ve been disappointed in their choice of celebs for just that reason. It’s fun to watch non-dancers learning. It gives those of us who would love to dance but can’t somewhat of a vicarious thrill – and a free ‘dance lesson’!

  44. sarah says:

    Personally I was more shocked by Brant getting eliminated last week. I did not watch this episode because I think it is silly that Bill is still on. So now with Elizabeth gone it is even more silly. So I will not be watching again next week.
    The way this season is going, Corbin will be gone next week.
    I also bet Jack will be sent home after the semi’s and then the finals will be Bill, Amber and Leah and Amber will win because she has Derek as a partner. I think Amber is a good dancer, but I do not think she should win.

    • RUCookie says:

      Me too… Byant was improving and was fun to watch. I think he lost out cuz people thought he was safe and cuz he was probably one of the lesser known contestants. I really liked him… and I love watching Bill – he tries so hard and you can tell he listens to his pro!

  45. corey says:

    remember it all comes down to a popularity contest first. Don’t believe Elizabeth is a fan favorite by any strech of the imagination. Everyone still things of her as a showgirl.

  46. becky j says:

    Sorry, gang – I’ve been fussing since the show began about people who are dancers – like Elizabeth Berkley, aka Jessie from ‘Saved by the Bell’ – even being on the show. It’s not fair. This show’s original concept was for us to watch celebs who canNOT dance, learn to do so, and to vote on which NON-dancing star has actually learned to dance and improve each week.

    Like KELLY Osborne did, but did she get voted off? Yes, she did. Did she lose to a celeb with dancing experience who shouldn’t have been on the show in the first place? Yes, she did.

    So – don’t go off on Elizabeth not deserving to be voted off because of Bill. Bill is a NON-dancing celeb, who has improved since the show started.

    Elizabeth, with her dancing experience, should not have been a contestant on THIS show in the first place.

    That is – If you all are actually talking about something being FAIR.

    Just sayin’.

    • Judi says:

      You are absolutely 100% correct!! 👍

    • Amie says:

      Which means Jennifer Grey, dancing since birth, the Pussycat Doll, professional dancer, the Olympic ice skater with years and years and years of ballet and dance, and the Olympic gymnast with years and years and years of ballet and dance (and, you know, GYMNASTICS) should never have been allowed to compete. So where was your outrage then? And by the way, where is your outrage for the star of Glee, who dances on practically every show?

  47. Sue Wayt says:

    Sue Wayt – Now I know that Dancing with the Stars is rigged. I’m so disgusted with the show that I won’t be watching it again, EVER !!!!!!!!!!

  48. Patrick says:

    Does anyone remember Sabrina Bryan???? She got “robbed” TWICE (Season 5 & All-Star Season) in week six! It’s clearly more about popularity than the dancing! This season has displayed that! We have had 3 WRONG eliminations (Christina Milian, Snooky & now Elizabeth) DWTS has to figure out a way around this cause they are losing viewers over this! As for Bill “offering” to quit…. None of the stars will do that! They paid weekly. The longer they stay in the competition, the more money they make!

  49. Judi says:

    It never has been a true dancing contest.

    It’s 50% talent (judges votes) and 50% popularity (fan votes). Don’t people get that yet?

    It will never be fair or all about talent if the fans get to vote.

    Basically…it’s entertainment; not a talent contest. The Judges don’t even get that.

  50. Katherine says:

    I’ve always looked forward to watching DWTS, but unless viewer voting is eliminated and only the judges vote, I will no longer watch. We don’t need a popularity show, we need a dance competition. It is so unfair to have the best dancers eliminated while those who are obviously inferior get to stay on. I’m disgusted with it!!!!!