Bones Boss Opens Up About Friday Move, Hodgins' Family Secret and... a New Couple!

Bones Season 9 SpoilersBones is finally making the move to Fridays at 8/7c this week after years of dodging the oft-stigmatized night. But executive producer Stephen Nathan isn’t fretting about the show’s new home.

“Thankfully, this has happened at a time when the days of the week really don’t mean all that much on television anymore,” said Nathan during a recent conference call. “So many people timeshift the show… We still have a large audience that watches us when we are on, but I’m not that concerned with Friday. I think all these loyal fans are going to come over to Friday.”

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To make the shift more appetizing, Fox is offering up not one, but two episodes of Bones this week. The first, airing tonight at 8 pm, features guest star Nora Dunn (Entourage, The Nanny) as “another mystery writer who has a long-standing feud with Brennan,” previews Nathan. “She has a book coming out, and Brennan also has a book coming out. It’s a feud between the two of them that morphs into something much more complex and entertaining.”

Then on Friday, the series combines two murders into one story when Brennan has to serve jury duty and finds herself handicapped by the fact that she can’t investigate the court case.

“Brennan, being supremely rational and logical, follows the judges’ instructions to the letter of the law — and what she feels is utterly unimportant,” describes Nathan. “She is only dealing with the evidence. And that gets us into a lot of trouble.”

Naturally, the set-up also lends itself to laughs. “It’s pretty funny having her on a jury,” continues the EP. “She wants to be the foreperson, she’s not the foreperson. Somebody asks a question in court, she answers.”

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Nathan also spilled some scoop on what’s ahead further down the line in Season 9, including the return of a certain spy:

SKELETON IN THE CLOSET | Hodgins will discover “some secrets about [his] family that are going to be quite surprising to him. It’s not going to be grand political secrets or anything like that. It’s going to be very, very personal.” Meanwhile, another episode will find Angela’s always-eager better half heading out into the field “because there is a murder that revolves around a family that was close to his family when he was growing up. So he’s going into a world of wealth that he no longer enjoys.”

BADDIE ON THE BRAIN | The previously mentioned episode will also serve to introduce the Ghost Killer arc. “Brennan is the type of person who is not going to forget the words of warning that were given to her by Pelant. … We will see that surface in a way that concerns Booth and the other people at the lab and is something they’re all going to have to contend with, seeing how immersed and overwhelmed Brennan is by the idea of this new serial killer.” Former squintern Clark will figure heavily into the initial Ghost Killer story, while the series’ first episode back in January will point the team in a direction when it comes to the anonymous murderer’s identity. And then there’s this: “We also haven’t, let’s say, felt the end of Pelant.”

MEN OF ACTION | Freddie Prinze Jr.’s CIA agent will be back in an episode “that teams Booth and Danny in a common cause, but also causes Booth to question Danny in a way that, hopefully, will be very surprising.”

SQUINTERN SPOTLIGHT | Wendell will be the focus of an “emotional” hour, directed by star David Boreanaz, in which he has to “contend with something none of us would want to contend with.” Fisher will also return, and he “might be hooking up with someone we know.”

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  1. Lysh says:

    I don’t even know when Bones has had time to write another book, but good for her! I’m glad they’re not dropping that side of her. It made me happy when they mentioned her books in last week’s episode.

    I generally don’t do or watch anything on Fridays, so I’m not minding the change. I’m sure the fans will follow.

  2. Coralie grant says:

    Wherever Bones goes I go.

  3. Chris says:

    I will be watching Bones on Friday, along with Raising Hope, H50 and Blue Bloods.

  4. Tiera says:

    I’m happy for the move, after Fringe and Happy Endings, and more recently MasterChef Jr. ended I have nothing to watch on Fridays and now I don’t have to put Bones on the back burner for HIMYM

  5. Ali says:

    Might be a good story for Wendell, he seems to be most like Booth in his background, blue collar, family oriented, sports guy, let’s hope they connect someway in this ep and not some silly lab accident again.

  6. John 1138 says:

    “So many people timeshift the show……” and by doing so and fast forwarding through the commercials have just about ZERO impact on the ad buys.

    A rather tepid moral victory that won’t translate into the dollars the network wants/needs to justify support of the series.

    • Brooke says:

      At this point, the only thing that is going to kill the show is the cost of the cast. It’ll be the type of death Without A Trace died – ratings are fine, but the cost of the leads and supporting cast after 10+ years just gets too expensive.

      • John 1138 says:

        That makes sense.

        And honestly in terms of finding the show he’s right for many viewers what with TiVo season passes etc. I’m one of those time shifters and have been since the eighties and vcr’s: though not being a Nielsen family my conscious is clear! lol

        Shows I want to see I simply program in and DO get to see whenever they’re on and now with multiple simultaneous recording capability even despite who they’re programmed alongside.

  7. Alichat says:

    “So he’s going into a world of wealth that he no longer enjoys.” Did Hodgins not get his family fortune back when Pelant was killed?

    • Mike says:

      He didn’t get the money back, which I think is kind of strange considering how they portray Angela as one of the world’s most proficient hackers. I’d have thought between her skills and the Jeffersonian/FBI connection, he’d have his fortune back. Guess it doesn’t serve the storyline to have hime rich again.

    • Annie says:

      I think it is a blooper that Hodgins doesn’t get his money back. There were witnesses, I’m sure his companies had employees. What happened to them? You can’t be that wealthy and have it disappear. That wouldn’t happen in real life. And if somehow Pelant go his money, he surely would have gotten it back as soon as it was ascertained who it belonged to which shouldn’t be hard. It bugs me that TV shows will completely discard reality and have unlikely or impossible stuff happen like the Hodgins thing or someone dies and it’s a dream (Dallas) or a kid ages 4 years over the summer. That kind of stuff turns me off toward the show. Now I like Castle better than Bones. I’ve always thought Brennan was too cold and unfeeling and Booth was always mean to Sweets. I just watch it for the other cast members and the science.

      • Vickie White says:

        I agree. They have got to make this storyline right for the fans. This has bothered me so much because it just wouldn’t happen in the financial world. MAKE IT RIGHT. Writers get to work and fin the money!

      • Lawrence says:

        Yes, totally agree with you. This seemed patently silly and I really like the show.

      • Ana says:

        I totally agree. At least they should explain why he is not getting it back or post the question. I mean I haven’t seen any conversation where they even asked themselves and tried to find out… Of course maybe Pelant just spent most of it on a loan for the drone he sent over to Afghanistan and all his technical stuff.

    • Morisot says:

      Agree with Mike and Annie’s points about Hodgins losing his fortune. It doesn’t make sense. He would have had cash and real estate too.

      But, didn’t Hodgins and the squint then make a fortune on the hot sauce?

  8. daisy says:

    FINALLY!!!! Pelant is finally mentioned again, I waited so long for Pelant”s name to be mentioned again. I really like Pelant, the best killer on Bones I hope to see or hear from him again soon. Really soon! when I saw the episode when Pelant “die” at first I was like wow, I was really shock, but when I understood what has happen i was like moo! So reading that we haven’t felt the end of Pelant! WOW! i got really excited to read that.
    GO PELANT! Well i mean come back Pelant, that would be cool as long as Booth and Brennan stay together married.

    • Thomas says:

      Pelant Was shot and supposedly killed by Booth The only way that they can bring him back is archived footage or a dream episode.

  9. Anna says:

    I love that they give stories to supporting characters. I thinking we will finally get to see Dr. B stress solving a case.

  10. Rich Abey says:

    I’ve been watching only Grimm on Fridays for some time now…now that Bones is moving to Friday, I have more company!

  11. tiger says:

    Welcome to Fridays Bones, you have just added more pleasure to my friday night watch (Grimm, Haven, The Neighbors, Raising Hope, LMS). Thanks!

  12. jackstash says:

    friday’s are for show’s on the way OUT

    • cas says:

      That’s not always true, they needed to make time for a new show and what better way to do that than move a show that has been on for years and has a loyal fan base over moving a new show there? Besides, Grimm and Blue Bloods both air on Friday’s and neither of those shows are on the way out. I believe they have both been strictly Friday shows, as have many other shows.

  13. glad it is coming to Fridays love this show

  14. “We haven’t, let’s say, felt the end of Pelant.” — That BETTER mean his influence from the things he said/did before Booth killed him. If they bring his character back from the dead, I will lose ALL respect for this show… I love BONES, but I prefer my serial killers to be HUMAN, thanks, not demi-gods.
    I do like them starting to give the Squinterns more back story, though… I love it every time they give us a little more history on these characters, because it makes their interactions with the main cast all that more meaningful. But I really would like it if they started giving us some really indepth back story on some of the main cast… like Cam, or Angela. All we have so far is a lot of fluff, and a little depth, but not really enough. Not like the amazing depth of history we have on Booth and Brennan, or even Sweets (though I think there’s still more back story to tell in all three of those cases, too).

    • Roro says:

      Yeah I agree I want to know more about Cam and Angela, and I can’t wait ’til they reveal Angela’s real name :)

    • Goob says:

      I completely agree with you. I understood this was the end of Pelant, and I think it should be. Back stories and fleshing out of characters makes a big difference in story-telling and how fans attach to a show. Even after 9 years, Bones has more to tell about the characters.

    • Jaimeson says:

      Right on would like to see a little backstory with the other members of the Jeffersonian team. For example with Cam we know that she might have a past relative who was a slave from an espiode in the sixth or seventh season. Also we know that Angie has a rock and roll dad, and a mystery of her given name. Just some more depth on the characters would be greatly appreciatied

  15. Marsha says:

    Why aren’t we seeing Christina or not hearing anything much about her. It’s as if Bones and Booth never had a child. What happened to Cam’s boyfriend,and her adopted daughter?

  16. Dee says:

    I totally agree. I watched the episode with hopes to see them with their daughter. They were just finishing their honeymoon last week and now they have returned and are back to work and no show of the daughter they showed more of when they were gone. Include her in more shows so the family scenario is more believable.

  17. says:

    I just wish you would leave Bones alone on the evening it already airs on. You keep moving it around!
    Why air it on Friday for any way- it is such a great show. I think you are wanting to make it loose its ratings cause You keep moving it around especially to a Friday. Is it on its way out?!

  18. Brennan serving jury duty is a highly non plausible scenario. She’d be disqualified for duty during selection for precisely the reasons listed by the writers, and because both the defense and prosecution would be highly familiar with her from her testimonies in other cases.

    • Goob says:

      Yep, you’re right. Having spent over 30 years in criminal justice, and been involved with over 300 trials, I concur that Bones would have been non-selected as a juror. But, we always have to suspend belief with most TV viewing, I guess I can force myself to do that yet again.

  19. They’ve explained numerous times that when you’re working with children, as they are with the twin girls who play Christine, things do not always work out and the footage of the children is not always usable for air.

    Much like you rarely see Michael Vincent. Young children don’t deal well with the stress of the set.

  20. Goob says:

    I have DVR capability, so my only task is to make sure I set it to record the series. I do tend to forget about Last Man Standing, maybe Bones being on Friday will remind me.

  21. Lisa Boyce says:

    When are we going to see this series in the UK?

  22. I don’ t care about the day, I just want to watch Bones! Any day is fine!

  23. karen cummin says:

    Moving it to Friday is almost a death wish…but sooo many people have DVRs now and watch it when then can with their busy lives taking precedent over tv shows. Mondays were a a good “back to reality” night. Oh well… It is what it is. As far as Pellant and other serial killers go…PLEASE get rid of those story lines with the likes of Pellant, The Grave Digger, and Gormegon et al. They did nothing (for me) and just made no sense to the crime fighting Booth and Brennan and the Jeffersonian. Let’s get back to the ‘who done it”… not these creepy serial killers.

  24. Larien says:

    Dear god! Let the pelant thing die it was unbelievably annoying and repetitive, now that he’s dead bringing his character in any way is a clear sign they’re out of ideas.

  25. Michelle says:

    Haven’t kept up with the show in along time (only got to the start of season 7) because I’ve been busy.

    Wendell was the most boring real personality. They should have killed him off instead of Vincent Nigel-Murray, who was hilarious.

    • Annie says:

      Vincent got killed off because the actor portraying him landed a permanent job on some other show and couldn’t do it anymore. He was my favorite too.

  26. Anna says:

    I’m so happy they are moving Bones to Friday :) Watching Bones will be the perfect end of the busy week

  27. Where Bones goes I follow. Love this show.

  28. Claire says:

    Very disappointed. I have watched Bones since day one and now they move to my bowling night. Sigh.

  29. Maureen says:

    I’m a huge Bones fan and a diehard Booth and Brennan shipper. I would follow the program to the ends of the Earth and to whatever day and time they move to. Bones has previously been on almost every single night of the work week and it’s loyal fans continue to follow them. This goes to show what a special and unique program Bones is. Keep up the good work.

  30. Patricia Clark says:

    Well, we always watch either on DVD or On Demand and don’t even know when our favorite programs air.

  31. maria camacho says:

    sometimes when they move a show is because they plan to end it, i hope this is not the case with moving Bones to Fridays, and yes i will watch it any day because this is my favorite show

  32. daisy says:

    Andrew Leeds (Pelant) coming back to Bones will be very, very exciting to see. I am super excites to see him back on the show. Anyways Booth really didn’t kill Pelant, he should have check Pelant’s pulse to make sure he was dead. Pelant could have had a bullet proof vest on. Like in the movie “I Still Know What You did Last Summer” the fisher man said, “When you think a man is really dead, make sure he’s really dead.” When I saw the sense in the sacrifice I never enjoyed Bones the same only the wedding episode I was waiting for Booth and Brennan to get married for a long time so I enjoys that episode but after that not so much. I’ve watch all the shows that Andrew Leeds was in. So yeah I like Pelant!

    • watch again, blood squirts out of the chest as the bullet hits. Plus with the shirt he was wearing there is no way he had a vest on.

      • daisy says:

        Pelant is a lot smarter than the team. Pelant could have done something to made it look like he was dead. So excited to see Andrew Leeds (Pelant) again. The show isn’t the same without him. And Pelant brought all the drama to the show.

    • Jennifer Laybourn says:

      Boothshot Pelant precicely in the anterior trachea, and there wasn’t a bullet-proof turtleneck. lol

  33. Jamie says:

    the reason we don’t see Christine as much is because the may shoot a scene or two but it doesn’t always make it to the final cut. They have to rely on the how the twins are doing the day they shoot the scenes.

  34. SarahJ says:

    With Pelant dead, isn’t there a way for Hodgins to get his fortune back?

  35. barbara says:

    i will follow bones to friday for sure makes friday night a great tv night bones fiveo bluebloods!!!! i was also wondering about hodgens money and curious about his past. another killer yay although pelant dead he might have left some kind of message or video to introduce the new villian. bones on a jury this will be funny and fantastic. the thing i am worried about it was written on a what shows are renewed and not said bones could go either way i sure hope it is renewed i luv the show

  36. donnap says:

    Love bones monday Friday doesn’t matter as long as it stays on the air. Could watch everyday. Great show can’t wait till Friday now

  37. Katie Leonard says:

    Supper bummed about the new night, I work most Friday nights and since it takes 8 days for anything on Fox to be watchable online I will never be able to be caught up enough to watch it on the rare Friday off. With the all of the hassle I have experienced trying to watch things on their site I will be stuck waiting for the season to end and be up on Netflix before I can finish the season. I think its just cruel to change it in the middle of the season instead of just starting it out that way.

  38. Carol LaSalle says:

    “I will follow you…” to Friday. Day and time doesn’t matter, I’ll be there.

  39. Shawn says:

    Bones at 9 on Friday then Haven at 10 sounds wonderful to me!

  40. barbara says:

    welll guess what ex pelant going to be on ncisla soon as a computer tech. also posted on ncisla tv line he will be back on bones 2014 what the heck are they doing maybe its just a video or some other message. i think its ridiculous!!!!!!!!

  41. I believe that Pelant will show up as something prerecorded, like a hologram in the bone storage room. After all the security down there is nonexistent. Then she will become obsessed with finding evidence connected to this “Ghost Killer” who Pelant teased Brennan with before he died.

  42. Rachel Argyle says:

    I’m also seriously irritated about Hodgin’s fortune being “lost.” Are the writers really that out of touch with reality? That kind of detail is kind of a deal breaker for me, I’ve lost interest in the show since then. That kind of scenario would never fly in the real world.

  43. Lauren says:

    Angela’s name is Angela pearly gates montenegro

  44. Mm says:

    Should be Bones and CSI NY on Fri…better than 5-0 or BB yet CBS stops it. Grr

    Agree on Pelant and Hodgins’ money.

  45. Magik says:

    They’ve lost me by going back to Pelant. His story ran its course, and to be honest I was sick of it long before he died. Now I have to put up with flashbacks and nightmares of him? Was he such a super genius that now we’re going to have to deal with him from the grave? And, as for Hodgins’ money still being lost, please. He wasn’t in fake bonds. He had tangible assets. BONES’ strength was always its basis in reality. Lose that, writers, and you’ve lost the series.

  46. Lawrence says:

    When are we going to see Agent Sparling again? I loved her character

  47. Amie says:

    C’mon…first of all, what happened witth Hodgins’ money would never happen in real life, but especially after Pallant was killed the money should easily have been recovered. Secondly, Angela can track down and find the person that stole Cam’s identity using financial records, but she can’t track down Hodgins’ money??? The greatest resources in the world at their fingertips with databases, etc., means this storyline is so inaccurate or the “team” isn’t as good as we’ve been led to believe. GIVE HODGINS BACK HIS MONEY! Please! We viewers aren’t stupid!

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