Grimm Post Mortem: Nick-Monroe Static Ahead? And Exactly How Dead Is Our Favorite Grimm?

Grimm Season 3 Spoilers David GiuntoliIf you’ve noticed a change in Grimm‘s Nick this season — and with his frequent gray periods, one of which took place in this week’s episode, how could you not? — you may be wondering whether the hero of the NBC drama is undergoing a permanent transformation.

Series co-creators/executive producers David Greenwalt and James Kouf say we haven’t seen the supernatural half of it.

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“He’s more powerful” since his stint as a member of the walking dead, Kouf told reporters at a recent press event. Added Greenwalt, “It’s both a good and a bad thing. He can stay underwater longer, which will be coming up very soon.”

TVLine went straight to star David Giuntoli to find out what we can expect from the upgraded Grimm, as well for scoop on Juliette’s souped-up new role in the gang and how the big step Monroe and Rosalee took in this week’s episode may not be so great for the guys’ friendship.

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TVLINE | Let’s talk about how Nick may or may not be a little dead.
[Laughs] What is going on there? You can never fully undo the undead zombie portion of your past. It comes back every now and again. There are some side effects. You can’t just completely wipe it out. I kind of go dead every now and again. Maybe it’s going to be one of my super powers. It’s not unlike the possum: I just go dead in moments of fear. I’m collecting small, maybe they’re super powers? Some would see them as weaknesses. But Grimms use them to their advantage.

Grimm Season 3 SpoilersTVLINE | I’m impressed with how Juliette steps up in these first few episodes.
Juliette’s role becomes so much better in Season 3. We just filmed an episode where she absolutely takes charge and goes crazy violent on these horrible perpetrators. She gets to be so much more active. She knows what’s going on. She’s in on the secret, and she uses her veterinary skills and moxie to really help out Team Grimm.

TVLINE | How does her new role affect Nick and Juliette’s relationship?
It’s like having an affair; I’m out about everything now. It’s a lot better, but there’s some residual feelings about my past life and my lies. Let’s never forget: She was in a coma for a long time, and I just didn’t have the courage to tell her why. I was just playing stupid. That’s really lame. I think we now have a common goal, and that will bring us closer.

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TVLINE | In this coming episode, Nick and Monroe play-fight. Silas looked like he was getting into it a little. If an actual fight ever erupted, do you think you could take him?
Could a Grimm take a Blutbad? I’m afraid so.

TVLINE | I was actually asking if you could take Silas.
He’s got a definite height advantage. I’d like to say I’m a little more limber. I don’t know, my family was more of the hunter-gatherer line. I don’t know what would happen. He could probably outsmart me. If it came down to a grapple, I think I could do it.

TVLINE | They have a bit of a bromantic moment as Nick’s moving out.
Did that play cute? I’d hoped it would.

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TVLINE | It was very sweet. But I’ve heard there might be some friction coming up between them.
The table is set for drama. Nick gets a little petty. He’s like, “Wait a minute. You just kicked me out and now Rosalee’s moving right in? That’s what’s happened here?” There’s a little bromantic jealousy – ick, I hate those terms. “Bromantic.” What’s better? What’s a better name for “bromance?” Can it just be called friendship? [Laughs] Yes, Nick gets a little petty when he feels like Rosalee is moving in and taking his place. I don’t know why. And you know, where’s his old pal Monroe all the time? Hangin’ out with Rosalee. You too good for me now, Monroe? She’s not even your species, man!

TVLINE | As far as what you’ve shot, does Nick have any inkling about Adalind’s baby? 
Nick has no clue about the baby.

TVLINE | Things between him and the captain get a little icy in this episode, too.
Yeah, he really threw me some skank, didn’t he? He got quite sassy with me in the precinct, calling me out for my ease of killing Wesen — but I kill one guy and that counts more? He has a valid point. Are Wesen subhuman? No. Why am I so OK with extinguishing them?

TVLINE | The Renard-Nick alliance has always been a little thin. Are you feeling that there’s something coming up that might finish it off?
Captain Renard has allies of convenience, you know? So he likes to keep me close. He will use me  for certain things and ally with me when he needs to. But when that gets in his way, he can kick me to the curb, so to speak. I don’t really trust this guy ever.

TVLINE | I think that’s probably smart.
Yeah. It’s like when Churchill and Stalin fought Hitler.

BONUS: Watch Monroe and Rosalie’s sweet restaurant scene from the episode by pressing PLAY on the video below.

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  1. Shannon says:

    love grimm…I like the Churchill- Stalin reference as a perfect analogy for the Renard/Nick alliance as it is perfectly fit.

  2. James D says:

    i’m lovin super zombie grimm Nick, he’s kind of a badass. great start to this season, it seems to be taking a little more serious turn which I’m enjoying.

  3. tvdiva says:

    The showrunners must have read our complaints about Julia. Finally they gave her something to do, which should have been done from day one. She could have used her skills in the first two seasons to help out. It also would have made her being in a coma more intense and the relationship between her and Nick worth watching.

    • Jill says:

      Juliette had PLENTY to do the second season. PLENTY. But the actress brought nothing to the role, so it’s easy to think the character had nothing to do. They wrote hera crazy lust affair; a breakup; amnesia (c’mon, that’s acting GOLD); sleuthing out what happened to her; getting her memory back in a very scary, disorienting way; trying to reconcile with her boyfriend who is decidedly a strange, dangerous handful to date . . . . I mean, folks! It’s not the writing! It’s the actress!

  4. Pat says:

    Yes, this season has turned a little darker with Nick’s character. I am not sure how far they are going to take it. I love how Hank and now Juliette know about Monroe and Rosalie and they are all becomming good friends and fighting evil together. When Monroe changes it doesn’t faze them in the least and I love that. This show was one of my favorites last year on Friday night and it still is this season. So to the producers, keep up the good work but please, do not change Nick to much.

    • Gemini says:

      Hank and Julia can’t see the changes. Hank relies on Nick to let him know when someone changes or is a Wesen. I’m glad that they all know what’s going on as it makes it more interesting instead of trying to hide things. Loved that Nick has extra strength. I hope that the show doesn’t change too much. Don’t like that Angelic is getting or has her powers again. All in all, the first episodes are great and hope they continue that way!

      • DL says:

        They CAN see the volga sometimes–when the Wesen in question wants to show it, or when it happens from an intense emotional reaction (I think those are the parameters).
        Like when in the season premiere Monroe and Renard volga-ed out fighting zombie Nick, and Hank said, “Damn, I wish I could do that,” or whatever.

  5. Aimee says:

    Dear writers of Grimm,
    More shirtless Nick on a treadmill.

    • AshleyRae says:

      Hahaha! They should do that more often…….i agree about nick and going ‘dead’ he’s changed a bit since being a raging zombie and knowing that he killed some1 who’s NOT wesen.
      SGT.Wu was funny last night he was wayyyyyy off topic during the case…….When is he going to be let in why STILL be in the dark bout nick being a GRIMM etc.?

  6. janetoscano says:

    I don’t like where Grimm is headed its totally off what made it so interesting esp. the first season like Capt. Renaurd, Wolf boy, but Juliette has got to go. I never knew there was a human mannequin and she really brings the show down doesn’t mix in with the others at all. I’ve said it all along, get rid of Juliette make the show like the first season or you’re going down in Flames just like Dracula.

  7. Aashiqui says:

    Wow, i love the way they started this season. I like the way Nick is becoming more of a bad-ass Grimm but i don’t want it to overpower his cop side. He should remain in his cop-first -Grimm-later attitude because that’s what makes him different from his coldblooded killer ancestors. IF Adelind got her powers back come back to Portland it might become a huge problem to our favorite Grimm. With all the repulsive rituals Stefania made her go through to get her powers back she might be cooking lot of hatred against Nick.But i don’t think she’d come near Captain until the baby is born( and sold). That cunning crone Stefania might play a bigger role in this season as Captain would not sit back and watch her take his child (or would he?). I don’t know i really can’t understand this Renard character. Sometimes i like him and when he’s using Nick and the Co to fulfill his own needs and purposes i feel like crushing his skull. It’ll be nice if Nick’s mothers shows another visit.

    I really like how Juliette and Nick’s relationship is continuing on a honest ground. Hope nothing will spoil it for them this time, but with Nick’s screwed up life who knows?

  8. Jill says:

    They gotta get rid of Juliet. Poor actress, and Nick being happy and snug at home? Drama killer.