Scandal Recap: Remington Stall

Scandal Recap Olivia Asks Fitz RemingtonThis week on ABC’s Scandal, Olivia confronted Fitz about Operation Remington while also readying his election rival for a fight, and Jake’s search for the truth led to a dead end.

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The hour opens in flashback, to 12-year-old Olivia reading Bridge to Terabithia and saying what would wind up being a final “bye” to her mother (Hi, Khandi Alexander, in white!), who was leaving for a business trip. As Liv reflects on that memory in her office, the Gladiators are outside wondering which client she will choose — the White House, or congresswoman Josie Marcus. Dashing to the ‘vator, Liv is confronted by Huck and Jake (the “stupid superspies”) about the Remington reveal. Citing the circumstantial evidence, she is off to confront the one man who knows the truth but won’t kill her for asking: Fitz.

In the Oval Office, Fitz, Cyrus and Mellie await Liv’s arrival, anxious to hear if she’ll run their campaign (as much as Cy worries it’d be akin to “winged mistresses flying too close to the sun”). But upon entering, Liv asks for a moment with her president — and then asks bluntly: “Did you fly air support for Operation Remington? Or were you on another mission some place?” Fitz feigns ignorance, then sternly says that in bringing up this topic, she is talking to the Commander-in-Chief about a highly classified mission that doesn’t exist — “so like I said: I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Liv thus declines that job — then must explain to OPA why, touting the chance to “make history” by installing the first female president into the White House. So, “White hats, people!” But Josie needs campaign dollars. And even after epically sucking up to assorted fat cat donors, things look bleak because no one thinks she can win. “You’re too nice,” Liv notes. You need claws. But when Josie snaps at her advisors, Liv and Abby get an idea….

Prior to Josie’s primetime TV sitdown with James, Olivia and Abby show her a sexist attack ad “leaked” to them by the Reston campaign. This lights a fire in Josie, who proceeds to go off on James and his line of questioning and the “Cinderella”-themed intro to their segment, condemning all such sexist coddling/couching by the media and Reston himself. Smelly cat’s got claws!

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Meanwhile, without Liv to steer their ship and noting Josie’s momentum, Cyrus tries to blackmail Harrison into having OPA drop the contender as a client. Seems some shady sort named Adnan Salif has applied for a visa, to re-enter the United States — and as Harrison tells Huck later, if that were to happen, Harrison’s a dead man. Huck deletes Salif’s visa application, but even when Harrison calls the chief of staff’s bluff, Cy isn’t truly deterred, and sets the wheels back in motion for Salif to get a visa.

When Olivia expresses her need for more evidence of Fitz’s role in Remington, Jake agrees to get it for her. (“I’m only digging up dirt on the most powerful man in the world. How dangerous can that possibly be?”) He asks a friendly intelligence lass to pinch the cockpit recording, but when they rendezvous later for the handoff, a guy tailing Jake caps the gal in the melon — then reveals that she was about to shoot Jake. (Shades of The Sting!) The tail delivers Jake to the president, who urges his friend to stand down. Meanwhile, Olivia — after draining a bottle of red — leads her father to answer one and only one question. Her pick: “Did you give the order to have my mother killed?!” He says no.

As the hour closes, Fitz shows up at Liv’s, using his bedroom eyes to invite her back on the campaign trail and “be us again.” But all she wants is the truth. When Fitz insists that she stop digging, Olivia reveals the darkest fact at hand: that among the 300 fatalities, one was her mother. “Do you still not know what I’m talking about??” Fitz seems visibly surprised by this bombshell, but holds firm: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

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* Sally and Leo plot to use her pro-Grant appearances to start laying out her own agenda. And when a celeb reverend rails against Fitz on TV, Sally is summoned to calm him — but instead courts him to support her ticket. (Thing is, the reverend is in Cy’s pocket.) Bonus: After dining with the Langstons, Mellie tells Cyrus that Sally has a liability: her handsy husband.

* Quinn starts practicing at a gun range, where Charlie shows up and offers some tips/encouragement — at Rowan’s bequest. (I assume this is the new scene partner Katie Lowes was excited about?)

What did you think of this week’s Scandal? What could be Rowan’s plan for Quinn?

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  1. TVPeong says:

    Poor Sally Langston. She never seems to get a break.

  2. TVPeong says:

    Is there anything Mellie wouldn’t do to keep Fitz in the White House?

  3. Mia says:

    How long till remington & b613 is over?????????????????

    • Miss Priss says:

      Remington shmemington. I’m more interested in the candidates jockeying for position than I am in the ludicrous coincidence that Prez shot down Liv’s mom. The show is bordering on science fiction. Liv’s dad is Cigarette Smoking man while Huck and Jake run around playing Scully and Mulder.

  4. KCC says:

    I didn’t realise that Henry, from Eureka, could be so evil. Good job Joe Morton!

  5. JP says:

    I freaking love this show.. So many twists and turns… I keep trying to guess what will happen then something else happens…give Kerry her Emmy

  6. Juan says:

    My fav episode of the season for sure and how great was that rant/interview from Josie Marcus/ Lisa kudrow.

  7. shuayb says:

    So we basically know nothing…. Oh well. So much for the fast paced show we were supposed to be getting…

  8. Alichat says:

    “Smelly cat’s got claws!” Bahahahahahahahahaha!!!! This episode was pretty good. I felt really bad for James….talk about getting mowed over. The scene between Liv and Fitz at the end was intense and really well done, especially with the music. I think Daddy Pope setting his sights on Quinn has pushed me past the point of caring about his character. I’m ready for him to die now. Plus, the whole Quinn going dark story is boring. I want more Mellie and Cyrus (my god, I never thought I’d say that!)

    • lolita says:

      I am with you on wanting Liv’s daddy to be gone. I just don’t like him at all. I hope that Fitz didn’t kill Liv’s mom and all of those other people. I don’t get how the show seems to be turning into a murder mystery. I still love it though it is getting darker and darker. Liv’s father must have more power than the president. How can he just keep going around murdering people and nothing is ever done about it. He doesn’t act like he’s human,he reminds me of a robot. He is constantly putting Liv down,and he treats her like she is a kid having a tantrum. I hope she is the one who takes he who has no boundries down. He gave the order to kill those people and Liv’s mom I wonder why?

    • Cheyenne says:

      So Rowan is using Charlie to train Quinn to be a killer. Charlie doesn’t know what he’s dealing with. He’s about to let a monster loose. Quinn loves killing. Wouldn’t it be great if Quinn killed Rowan?

      • Vicky says:

        I kinda think that maybe Quinn knows what Charlie and B613’s plan is with her. Between meeting charlie the first and second time, she went to Huck and asked if you are ever really free of B613 so I bet that she still knows Charlie is working for them and she’s going to use this. Quinn’s gone rogue!

        • Overthinking says:

          I am hoping that since the writers made us believe that Huck is the best of the best of the spies that his antenna went up when Quinn asked about ‘B613 in a professional capacity’ and that he (Huck) will start trailing Quinn to see what she is up to. It wouldn’t surprise me because Quinn is soooooooo intent on going to the dark side she is so happy to work with another spy that she will totally forgot she is a gladiator and will do something stupid that will get OPA in trouble. Time will tell.

          • the girl says:

            At least we know she isn’t completely naive and thinking Charlie has absolutely no motives for working with her. I give Quinn credit for perceiving immediately that she might be getting trained or courted to work for B613, or something. I do wish Huck had shown a greater interest in her so that she wouldn’t want or need Charlie’s attention, but Huck truly can’t allow himself to go back down that road, and on some level I don’t want him to.

          • Alichat says:

            I would be happy with either your version or Vicky’s version. After Huck blew up at her, I would like to hope that Quinn learned from that, and is playing Rowan and Charlie as Vicky suggested. But considering that this is Quinn, I’m thinking if this story is saved, it will be from Huck following her and preventing something. I still hate this story tho. I just think having Quinn turn into a B613 operative would be too much. It’s too much around Olivia. She’d now have two lovers and two employees tied to B613 and her dad is their puppetmaster. I just think it would be too much B613.

    • Jains says:

      What has happened to Cyrus and Robert’s baby?

  9. Sarah says:

    Lisa Kudrow is phenomenal in this role!
    Ugh I am always tempted to change the channel when Quinn is on lately…too scared to miss something important though.
    I hope they acknowledge Liv’s drinking soon, you would think Jake would notice.

    • Catelyn says:

      Right? though come to think of it, its not that shocking. If this was my life, I would probably never be sober.

    • p.i says:

      I’m still struggling to buy Lisa Kudrow in a serious role (don’t blame me its the 10yrs of FRIENDS), so she snapped and went on and on about sexism…had it been someone else ‘more serious’ that scene would have really made more impact.

      Quinn’s life was taken away from her: she’s hurt, damaged n off course still seeks retribution so her turning dark makes total sense and I’m buying it. She’s #QuinnBitch

      Hallejuh,Finally we get a Harrison Backstory!!!!!!!

    • Mary says:

      She has a glass of wine or two. That doesnt mean she has a drinking problem.

  10. Bernadine says:

    Did not see Rowan and Quinn coming ! I was getting bored of her storyline but that has kind of rekindled the fire, still not sure what is happening, but i have a feeling its going to get better !

    • Mary says:

      Actually, it didn´t surprise me! A few weeks ago, when Katie Lowes hinted we would see Quinn with someone she rarely if ever crossed paths. I said the only thing that would surprise me would be if she had a case with the President! Anything else, with so much going on, is just predictable, imo!

  11. Mika02 says:

    Wow going to have to rewatch this show jot down notes for the what has happened and what’s to come. So much happened in this epi. All the Characters have come to a crossroads and all of them have changed.

  12. sam says:

    The scenes where Sally and Cyrus cross paths crack me up every time. The two actors really play well off each other.
    Plus, kudos to Kudrow! Great job.

  13. azu says:

    Disappointing as expected. This season has just been strange!!

  14. Elaine says:

    This show kicks it. Love it. They’re either surprising us, shocking us or preparing us for the next shock. Shonda Rimes, we’re not worthy. We’re not worthy. Seriously, woman, you are amazing. I would like to know, though, what is it in Quinn’s past that would amke sense for her to be taken with the spying/torturing/maybe even eventual killing stuff? We need some back story here because we know so little about her that the violent stuff doesn’t seem to make sense (though I have to admit, whenever she does something like that I get kick out of her matter-of-fact way of doing things… and I like the initiative she’s taken even if it doesn’t always work it ….she’s too inqusitive at inappropriate times sometimes though). This is the one show I must watch the same day it airs (well, okay, as well as Person of Interest, The Black List, The Good Wife, Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy ……….and yes, I miss Walter and Jesse, sigh).

    Hey MATT, I remember reading a story (or did I see it on tv?) that there’s an episode coming up during November sweeps that had some story points that were so shocking that the cast stopped the table read three times because they were so astonished at the revelations they read. When is that episode airing, please?

  15. consciouslybrown says:

    love the show but there are way too many storylines right now:
    2.fitz re-election
    3.marcus election
    4.sally’s secret election
    5.quinn’s b613 transformation
    6.harrison’s past
    7.jake and olivia
    8.fitz and olivia
    9.abby and david
    10.mellie vs. fitz
    11.olivia’s relationship with her dad
    12.huk’s unraveling

    whatever happen to olivia and fitz being the main focus? it’s why the majority of viewers tune in.

    • the girl says:

      I don’t agree with that. Olivia and Fitz’s relationship has always been a side story to me, not the main focus, and most people I know agree with that. I certainly do not watch so I can see the two of them be tortured at each other. Also, I don’t think there are too many story lines, because they are so well tangled with one another. Olivia’s relationship with her dad is definitely part of Huck’s unraveling which is a catalyst for Quinn’s transformation – and Liv’s relationship with her dad is related to her and Jake AND her and Fitz. All of the election campaigns are interrelated and Mellie’s war with Fitz is part of that too. As for Harrison’s story, I don’t even care that they are starting something new there because THANK GOD FINALLY we get to learn something about this man. Who am I to complain about more Columbus Short in our lives. About Abby and David, they are amazingly cute and need to just be together. Hopefully after last week’s correspondence dinner, they can have a nice long relationship run without any drama messing up their love.

    • Sara says:

      I agree with the girl. Since the pilot, their relationship was just another storyline to me. I’m happy that it’s in the backburner for now & most of the ones you mentioned are more interesting.

  16. di says:

    Its too predictable at this point. Its now soap opera

  17. Ali says:

    I think I forgive Shonda Rimes for everything (Even Izzie/Denny ghost sex) after the amazing speech Josie gave about sexism

    • Cheyenne says:

      LOL Josie tore poor James a new azzhole in that interview. She’s got a set of claws on her.

    • RUCookie says:

      This was the HIGHLIGHT of the show for me. It was perfect and absolutely in the political culture that we live in… the same crappy arguements are already out about a possible Hillary bid. Instead of debating substance, it is “okay” to talk abour pantsuits, haircuts, balancing family… etc. It is sad and pathetic. Scandal was a perfect forum to speak to the people.

  18. charl_huntress says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about this episode. There was just so much going on I felt it would have been better to just focus on one or two things. In this episode alone we have Cyrus threatening Harrison, Olitz drama, Jake almost being killed, Quinn meeting with Darth Charlie, Olivia freaking out over her mother being on a plane that Fitz may or may not have shot down, and the Josie Marcus campaign. I am probably leaving something out, but that was still a lot to intake in one hour of TV programming.

    I think another part of my disenchantment with this episode is I’m not enthralled with the whole B613 plot. It’s not entertaining to me. I wish there was more focus on the re-election and the drama surrounding that. I get B613 is a way to introduce some backstory for Olivia and some more drama for the Olivia/Fitz saga, but it’s not interesting. Also, at this point, I fully expect Olivia’s mother to be alive. Even though I would hate for Fitz to have REALLY killed her mother, I would rather she actually be dead because if she’s not then that’s a very predictable plot twist. Yet, I can’t see them getting an actor like Alexander for flashbacks only

    I’m more curious as to how producers and writers will handle Washington’s pregnancy. It seems she was already hiding behind purses, sitting down a lot, wearing big jackets and clothing that hid her mid-section. If they are already hiding it this early in the season then by the time the season returns after the break she will be a lot bigger.

    • sam says:

      It seems they may have shot some of these scenes after an extended break. Just last week she was looking fabulous in her dress at the White House dinner and suddenly this week she is hiding behind lap tops! She still looks fab of course.

    • Curious says:

      I’m a little confused. In this episode Liv discovered Fitz had the plane her mother on shot down.
      She said she was twelve when her mother died. Now how could that be!!! Fitz has not been
      In the White House that long he is preparing for his next term another (4 yrs) in office. Something
      Does not add up!!!

  19. Overthinking says:

    Lisa is a good actress but I can’t seem to get past Phoebe on Friends thing to appreciate her being Josie. Thankfully she is just guest starring and hopefully just for another few episodes.

    • Eric7740 says:

      I have the same issue, all I see is a comedic actress trying to be a dramatic one, and its not completely working for me. Kadee Strickland would have been perfect for this role, and Shonda obviously loves carrying actors from one Shonda show to another.

    • mondaymorning says:

      I can’t stand Lisa Kudrow in this role. I feel like I can hear her reading off cue cards. Her rhythm is just out of joint. When I see her, I don’t see Josie Marcus, I see Lisa Kudrow. I feel the same way about Sally Pressman (Candice). Her Army Wives character had so much life, and she seems to just be there reading lines on Scandal. I agree with Eric. Kadee Strickland would have played the hell out of that role.

      • the girl says:

        I think it would have been too much to have Paul Adelstein and Kadee Strickland on at the same time. My heart couldn’t take it! Just the thought. I miss Coop and Charlotte.

    • Jains says:


    • Cheyenne says:

      I think Kudrow is fine in this role, maybe because I have never in my life watched a single episode of “Friends”, and with any luck I never will.

  20. Ellenz says:

    I hope huck is following Quinn
    Keeping Quinn closer than she thinks
    The team push Quinn away
    Quinn feels she on her own again
    I understand why she is doing this only to protect herself

    I feel Rowan is really afraid of Olivia and her team

  21. LaLa says:

    This show is everything for me. I know there are alot of storylines happening, but thankfully Shonda recognizes that most of her audience are adept at multitasking and can keep up. What I’ve learned to do is not try to stay a step ahead of the writers – just to take each revelation as it comes.
    The soundtrack last night was on point! Especially in the end. Oh, the ending was perfect. I also LOVED the way Josie got all into James, especially after P&A sort of set him up as the hard hitting reporter of choice (placing him on the same level as Dianne Sawyer, lol). I was rolling, because Dianne would have NEVER got caught with those right hooks and uppercuts the way James did. It was great.
    And I asked, how the heck does Rowan/Eli/Daddy Pope recruit for B613 without ever being seen? And is Quinn really that alienated from Huck and the rest of P&A that she can’t calm the f__ down? She’s knows Charlie is bad news. I don’t mind her learning to use that gun, but, girl, take a class and get away from Charlie.
    I love the twists and turns of the election. I always thought it would be fun to watch, and between Mellie, Sally and her husband, Cy and Liv all fighting it out, it is living up to my expectations.
    Finally, we are learning more about Harrison. I just don’t know if I could bear to watch him become the traitor or fall guy of P&A, but I guess the rest have all had their loyalty tested. So too must Harrison. I’m already scared of Adnan . . . Wonder who will play him?
    Same time, same place next week.

  22. Marie says:

    Everytime I think this show cannot get any better, it does! Lisa Kudrow is great in this role! There are a lot of storylines but I think that keeps viewers on their toes. I am so absorbed in Scandal that I find myself wondering…do issues like this really go on in Washington? Yikes!! Brilliant show, brilliant cast, brilliant storylines, brilliant writing! Thank you Shonda Rhimes!

  23. GTS says:

    Some more sad drinking for Olivia in this episode.

  24. The Carpooler says:

    Great show, great stories. Does Kerry have any other facial expressions she can show us? I
    She has the big doe eyed surprised/shocked/disgusted look down pat.

    • Anon says:

      Kerry is giving an excellent performance. Her face reflects the emotional trauma in her personal life and the strong knowledgeable woman she is in her professional life.

      The weakest performer on the show is Scott Foley. He brings nothing to his performance – blank faced and no tonality to his voice.

      Cyrus and Mellie are also in danger of being caricatures with their constant scheming and being a bit over the top in their performances.

      Aside from those quibbles, Scandal has a fine cast including guest actors who all deliver.

  25. Annette says:

    Fitz’s jealousy and johnson were really getting the best of him in this Icarus episode. He was so jealous of Jake calling him her boyfriend, and telling Jake that he just wanted to use Remington to have sex with Olivia. Fitz made a trip to her apartment to try to romance her into running his campaign for him. It all fell flat and he was seriously tone deaf about the fact that this was about life changing issues and not sex. He looked weak and shallow after his discussions with Jake and Olivia. Jake’s character seems to be going in the direction of courtly love. The knight in shining armor that pledges his love and fidelity to his fair maiden.Jake risked his life yet again to trying to get more information about Op Remington and when spy girl offered herself up for sex he turned her down explaining he was in a relationship. Jake loves Olivia, they are not dating or having sex, but he has made a conscious decision to be faithful to her no matter what through the good, the bad and the ugly.

  26. Lolita says:

    I will be glad when and if someone can take Liv’s dad out of his high and mighty I have no boundaries zone, He is a evil man and I don’ believe Liv is really his kid, maybe he killed her real dad along with her mother. I will be glad when Remington is over I am tired of him and his high and nasty attitude. He seems to have some kind of power over everybody. There must be someone that he had to answer to.

  27. M says:

    Did anyone notice when Olivia’s mom said she would call her from Heathrow when she landed? Her plane was US-Heathrow–Icleand.

  28. Rachel says:

    MARCUS 2016!!! Where can I donate?!