Glee Recap: Feud for Thought [Updated]

Glee-Katy-or-GagaThis week’s installment of Glee raised the lightweight pop-culture question, “Are you a Katy or a Gaga?” But as the tornado of charisma known as Adam Lambert swept into Season 5 of Fox’s musical dramedy, a more crucial debate began to percolate beneath the surface: “Are you ‘Lima, OH’ or ‘NYC’?”

VIDEO | Glee Exclusive: Darren Criss and Chris Colfer Get Goofy, Talk NY vs. LA, Puppies vs. Kittens

OK, to be fair, there should be an “all of the above” box on the ballot, but as a long-standing Gleek, the divide between the story arcs from William McKinley High and those of its NYC-based alumnae felt more pronounced than usual. That executive producer Ryan Murphy is currently weighing the idea of moving all the action to The City That Never Sleeps isn’t especially surprising. Once the kids of New Directions succeed or fail at Nationals in the next few weeks (or months) — followed by the graduation of Tina, Artie, Sam and Blaine — the forecast for the Ohio-set action is uncertain.

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Can Jake and Marley’s will-they-or-won’t-they dynamic, or Sue and Schue’s Culture Clash 7.0 keep us as engaged as Kurt, Rachel and Santana exploring a new band, new career paths and new love interests? Only Glee‘s writing staff can answer that question definitively. Until then, let’s recap the action from “A Katy or a Gaga”:

Darren Criss drag Gaga GleeLIVING FOR THE APPLAUSE | With the fearsome Throat Explosion — a show choir that requires 10,000 hours of practice just to audition — qualiying for Nationals, the kids of New Directions expeirence a crisis of confidence. To help them hone their mastery of the edgy and the mainstream, Mr. Schue decides to make the Gaga fans cover Katy tunes — and vice versa. Wackiness ensues on the Little Monsters side when Sam uses the assignment to impress school nurse Penny — let’s just say drag is not a good look for Blaine — while the more outré kids eventually settle on a stripped-down rendition of “Wide Awake” that turns out to be one of the season’s best musical moments. In the end, though, new principal Sue suspends the entire club for violating school dress-code (loin cloths and candy bustiers apparently didn’t make the cut in the student handbook), causing an angry Schue to boast that New Directions will win Nationals — and quash its tracksuit-wearing rival in the process. Oh, it is ON! (Again?) (Again.) (Even if Sue’s rancor in the very recent wake of Finn’s death doesn’t quite compute.)

BREE IS THE NEW QUINN | Under Sue’s direction, vicious Bree decides the best way to distract New Directions is to cause a rift between Marley and Jake. The bitchy Cheerio invites Jake to help choreograph a routine, and Marley decides not to play the jealous type and tells him to go for it. Trouble is, though, Jake’s getting bored of Breadstix-and-a-movie dates, and when Marley shuts him down in his efforts to go past first base, he makes a play for Bree. Last we see, the cheating duo heads for a “private place” to presumably do the waah-chicka-waah. Meantime, Marley’s fear of going full Gaga causes her to wear Katy Perry drag during a performance of “Applause.” Mr. Schue — furious that a high-school underclassman who recently had a bout with bulimia ignored his instructions to wear a seashell bikini in school — promptly suspends her from New Directions for a full week.

BRACE FOR ANOTHER FACULTY-STUDENT ROMANCE | Sam tries to act edgy to appeal to school nurse Penny, but eventually she admits that she’s as mainstream and sweet as he is. They wind up making out in front of her office window, and then hold hands walking into the auditorium — in full view of Schue. To which I ask: If Marley or Kitty was in the same scenario with a twentysomething male on the McKinley payroll, wouldn’t there be a heckuva lot more outrage? (Sorry…Cranky McRighteousness here cahhhhhhhn’t with any romance between impressionable kids and the adult authority figures in their lives.)

MEANWHILE, BACK IN THE CITY… | Kurt holds open auditions for his new band (which includes Santana and Dani). Only one person shows…but he turns out to be a force of nature named “Starchild” (played by Lambert). Kurt gets skittish about sharing the lavender limelight and rejects the bedazzled dude, but Rachel makes him realize that his dream of mainstream success doesn’t mean he needs to water down his vision — or run away from similarly freak-deaky-fabulous playmates. In the end, Kurt invites the newbie into his band — as Starchild or Elliott or whatever middle ground the mindblowing singer wants to be. Rachel, still reeling from the loss of Finn and trying to focus on Funny Girl, initially declines the invite to join in, but later reconsiders — and even comes up with a new band name: Pamela Lansbury.

“Is there a third option?” –Ryder, responding to Mr. Schue’s query to the glee club if they’re Katys or Gagas

“I don’t think he plans that much ahead. I’m pretty sure he makes up these rand-o lessons a split second before he writes ’em on the board.” –Kitty, responding to Artie’s worry that Mr. Schue created Gaga-Perry week to keep them apart

“The glee club you specifically asked me to try to mess with is doing some Katy Perry-Lady Gaga week, in an attempt to get 100 percent of America to not like them.” –Bree, explaining to Sue the latest happenings in the rehearsal room

“Is it a seizure or just hardcore, next-level breakdancing?” –Sam, reacting to Artie’s fear that the strobe lights he’s brought in for their rendition of “Applause” could cause health problems

“Bug off! I don’t do handies.” –Becky, irked by Sam’s request for her help

“I look like Siegfried and Roy, and I still did it.” –Blaine, complaining that Marley didn’t don Gaga drag

“You had me at Ladybird Johnson.” –Rachel, agreeing to join Pamela Lansbury after a pep talk from Kurt

“Oh, please, let it be another Journey song: There’s got to be one left!” Sue, taunting Will and New Directions

“This practice of referring to oneself as a Katy or a Gaga — the glee club will be doing this the entire week?”
“It’s super annoying, right?”
“It is the most annoying thing they’ve ever done.”
Sue pumping Bree for more intel about New Directions’ theme week

Starchild/Elliott, “Marry the Night” — Grade: A+ | Holy hell, Adam Lambert can sing his freakin’ face off — but makes it look so effortless. I loved how Santana whipped out her phone to tape the craziness — which included chandelier-swinging, upward floor thrusts and massive notes that redefined the adjective “glory.” No wonder Santana and Dani were ready to sign the dude on the spot!

Sam, Artie, Blaine, Ryder and Kitty, “Applause” — Grade: B- | I love Gaga’s recent single more than most, but I kinda wish that the show’s musical reenactments weren’t always such literal rehashes of the artists’ videos, and instead somehow were used as mechanisms to advance the plot. Which is another way of saying Artie and Blaine in Artpop drag proved deeply, deeply unsettling.

Tina, Kitty, Unique and Jake, “Wide Awake” — Grade: A | Simple, honest, and a surprising improvement on the original track — from four voices I wouldn’t necessarily have thought to put together.

The NYC and Lima Kids, “Roar” — Grade: C+/A- | The literal reenactment of Perry’s jungle-themed video felt a little forced on the Lima side, but I loved the effortless giddiness Lovato and Lambert had with Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Naya Rivera in the NY-centric half of the number. That youthful chemistry and rope-swinging somehow felt authentic for five crazy kids forming a band in the big city.

And with that, I turn it over to you…

What did you think of “A Katy or a Gaga”? Did you like Adam Lambert’s Starchild? What was your favorite musical number? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. S says:

    -If they are going to bring Demi Lovato onto the show, and she is only there for a select number of episodes, you’d think they would utilize her more than a line her and a line there. To watch a whole episode about Sam, and Marley and Jake and see Santana and Rachel for a mere couple minutes, to only get a couple throwaway lines in the end song is a disaster.
    -The show has lost it’s way. It did awhile ago, but it’s ever more apparent now. They have already done a Lady Gaga episode, they have done this storyline before, but it was Gaga or Madonna, instead of Katy Perry. Did the Glee people think that people that have (unfortunetly) watched all the seasons just forgot about these storylines, and forgot that these 2.0 characters are rip offs. They think the audience is an idiot, and it’s getting tougher and tougher to find any excuse to watch this show anymore.

    • Jillian says:

      I completely agree about the first point. Demi was a highly paid extra in tonight’s show. What a waste of one of her SIX episodes. At least give her more than 2 lines. I’m hoping that if seasons 5b and 6 are fully in new york that they will keep her around through the end of the series(barring X Factor gets canned or she leaves the show)

      • Sherry says:

        Agree about Demi but know for a fact she’s been hired for six episodes and Adam for just as many so hopefully they’ll either add a few for both or spread them out through out the season.

    • NYnow says:

      I agree on both parts. If they would switch NY to being about 75% of the show and Lima gets 25% the great guest stars and the actually great regulars ala Rachel, Kurt and Santana would have enough time to utilize their talents better. They should have cut Penny/Sam or Jarley didn’t need both because both were boring.

    • stefany says:

      SO TRUE!!! you said it all…I really want to see more of Demi or Dantana and definitely I want to see more NY crew…..why RIB is so dumb?? SorrynotSorry

    • Sherry says:

      I think you need an attitude adjustment. If you don’t like the show don’t watch. Done.

    • A. says:

      I get the feeling they never planned on doing much with Demi. :( I hope I’m wrong.

    • Obviously they were riffing on CURRENT happenings in music with Katy and Gaga, nothing wrong with that. And I’m sure Demi will get more exposure in upcoming shows. She is adorable btw. I’ve never watched before, thought it was fun and entertaining and liked hearing the current hits. It’s not that deep really.

    • Lauren says:

      So true.

  2. fea says:

    I absolutely loved Adam Lambert/Starchild/Elliott. I hope the show does move on to NYC,high school is pretty well done.

  3. Alice says:

    Somewhere in New Haven, Quinn Fabray is not pleased -_-

    • urg says:

      no one cares especially Dianna, time to let it go.

      • Alice says:

        Umm did you read the article? The writer mentioned Bree is the new Quinn, I mentioned that Quinn would not be amused by that assessment since Bree is the worst 2.0 character. It had nothing to do with Dianna not being on the show.

        • Lola says:

          That actress is so obviously trying to make the character into Santana 2.0 though. She’s even copied the nuances that Naya put into Santana’s character. Too bad Bree just comes off as Quinn on crack though.

  4. annehedonia says:

    Adam Lambert as Starchild/Elliott is giving me life! Holy moley…

  5. jamie saunders says:

    Adam Lambert, what a performance. He was made for the stage. His voice is not of this world. I enjoyed the episode but he is just too too too ;)

    • Sherry says:

      He’s playing a part acting “too too” to get the part. But he agrees with Kurt to tone it down. Didn’t you see the rest of the show? He was as toned down as he can get. People are loving him on Glee.

  6. Janie says:

    The chemistry between Kurt and Elliott was palpable. Too bad it’s a waste since Kurt’s engaged and they’ll never go there.

    • san says:

      If they actually want to stir things up, why not?

      • Jillian says:

        Because they can’t stir things up without a revolt from crazyshippers that practically forces the writers to put couples back together (see Klaine)

      • barbls says:

        I agree! There was a connection & some sparks between Kurt and Elliott! Their pairing would be intriguing. Adam’s character Elliott is like Adam! An individualist with passion for music & entertaining. As Adam says “a dreamer.” He looked so adorable. Fell completely in love with Elliott during the Diner scene. He gave heart and realness to his character. He made you care about him!

    • Lola says:

      It would be nice to see Chris Colfer act alongside someone who can actually act. They upgraded Heather Morris (who has the acting abilities of a mop) to Demi Lovato after all.

  7. san says:

    Ryan Murphy keeps saying that Rachel Berry is the star of Glee, you sure would not know it by the amount of screentime she gets.. More NY please.

    • please says:

      Amen to that. I keep hoping it is them trying to wrap up Lima but it keep going and going and going. Rachel has been proven as a lead character, Sam and Blaine aren’t cutting it. Give Kurt a chance to be the male lead.

    • Ruby says:

      I’m guessing she needs a minute to recover from the death of her boyfriend…

    • Sherry says:

      You didn’t know but Lea was asked by Ryan what she wanted to do with the series. It’s her decision how many episodes and to what degree she’ll appear in NYC storyline.

  8. teryy says:

    Loved Adam Lambert/Starchild…Glee has a new fan..I really want a duet with Adam and Demi. It would be awesome..

    • JD says:

      Problem is NY doesn’t get much screen time. The bulk goes to Lima so don’t get too excited about Adam. They will give him a couple of lines and then make him share songs with Lima like they did with Roar. And I don’t think Adam appears again until after the next hiatus, which means Spring.

      • Mel says:

        He’s in Episode 7… and he sings again. Something to look forward to.

      • Sherry says:

        You are so wrong. He’s going to be in several episodes at least 6 so what do you have against him? Adam had a lot of time tonight but it’s evident they are phasing out Lima crew and more of the cast may end up in NY with Kurt, Naya, Lea, Demi and Adam.

        • Carmen says:

          How is it evident they are phasing out the LIma cast? They sing 9 out of the next 11 songs on the show, LOL. As bad as LIma is, there is no indication they are leaving anytime soon.

          • Sherry says:

            You need to research what’s going on with Glee. The plan is to phase Lima completely out and only film for NYC. It’s coming from producers

  9. Shannon says:

    Adam Lambert breathed new life into the show with his out of this world voice and charisma. Hope they bring him back for many more episodes. Or give him his own spinoff!

    • kb23 says:

      Totally agree! Adam Lambert was awesome! Needs to become a regular on this show! I actually paid attention to the show tonight – especially when he was on screen! I also SAVED it on my DVR – something I haven’t done for a very long time with a Glee episode! More ADAM!!!

    • “… Or give him his own spinoff!”

      Unless you hate Lambert or his character, you wouldn’t be suggesting this…

      • Former Fox intern commenter says:

        It would seem the Fox interns have been turned loose on this site. LOL you guys are laying on the praise a bit thick aren’t you. The ratings would prove that Adam Lambert made little difference on the show. stunt casting failed to bring in the viewers. Sorry Fox. loading up comments sections with OTT Glee hype won’t help you now.

        • Sherry says:

          Wow you are a troll. I personally know over half of the people commenting here and they are NOT interns. Who are all the thousands of people commenting on YT interns too? What a joke.

  10. Tommy says:

    WOW! Tonight’s episode really showcased how much better NY is! EVERY aspect of NY is better, better SL’s better acting and the strength of the NY singers make the Lima signers sound like American Idol rejects. If they plan to keep the Lima/Newbies they need to stop the split songs because those NY singers make the Lima ones sound really pathetic. There is no comparison!

    • sam says:

      People seem to keep overlooking the difference in the acting abilities between the 2 locations. Lea, Chris and Naya are much better actors than the kids in Lima. The choir room has no energy. Just watch previous seasons, the background characters are just as engaging as the characters being showcased. Now that Glee has been trying to create second versions of the originals( how many times can Ryder play drums or kick a chair like Finn, he will never be Finn) it shows that they are not up to the task.

      • RY says:

        I don’t think anyone is over looking the difference in ability, it’s the biggest reason the Glee ratings have tanked. Too much focus on much lesser talent while sidelining the the best actors and singers on the show just for the sake of keeping the Glee Club. The S4 casting was a total failure and this is the result. 2.0’s no one wants to watch and Ryan forced to try and have Blaine and Sam carry Lima. They should cut their losses and drop the Glee Club along with the entire new cast and focus on the Originals left on the show in NY.

        • darren says:

          But Darren and Chord are not strong enough actors to carry the Lima side. Each has their strengths but Darren cannot do an emotional scene to save his life, he overacts so much it just looks comical.. Just look at him in the Quarterback episode in the choir room during Rachel’s song.

          • Mary says:

            I agree 100% and that is why the show is failing, way too much focus on the ones that can’t carry the show. How the heck does Lea only get 5 minutes of screen time? What about Naya? She is a much better actress and more interesting than Marley Sue. The best of the entire cast is in NY and they get whatever left overs the writers throw their way after the Lima kids waste the screen time they get.

        • Ed H says:

          Whatever Ryan Murphy and the writers decide they want to happen will happen but that doesn’t prevent us from offering our opinions, so here are some random thoughts:

          I agree that generally speaking many of the characters in Lima are ones that people don’t care about nearly as much and I understand that the show is called “Glee” but I do think it’s time to focus solely on NYC. Bring along from Lima anyone they think will shine there, too.

          With the death of Cory Monteith, I think that Kurt and Blaine have become Glee’s only “eternal couple”. Before Kurt’s move to NYC, I thought that the character of Blaine was the dominant of the two, but in NYC they’d be equal in strength and I think that would be good for the series so I’m looking forward to them being together in NYC and facing whatever trials and tribulations the writers can come up with. It’d be nice to see a relationship that lasts.

          Adam Lambert was a hit, no question but I was less impressed with his acting ability in 5.04 than other people here were. ‘Marry the Night’, wow! Also ‘Applause’, wow!

          Like other people, I thought they’d be using Demi Lovato better than they have been to this point.

          • Sherry says:

            What? You weren’t impressed w Adam’s acting ability? He only had a minute in the diner to act. He’s a great actor and has been acting since age 10 longer than the others on the show. Reviewers disagree with you on two points. Adam’s acting and Applause. To me Applause perf was the least liked by everyone. MTN got highest praise, then Roar, Wide Awake and Applause last.

  11. Tony says:

    Adam Lambert commanded that stage. Forgot how good he was…….. Makes me want to go check out all of his Idol performances again.

    • Theo Marcel says:

      You might want to check out Trespassing and Lay Me Down – his newer work than Idol

      • Tony says:

        “Never Close Our Eyes” is his best off the album. I wanted to see the old Idol vids for the stage presence…..

        • debbielovesadam says:

          or maybe Cuckoo, Trespassing, Chokehold, Shady, Map on his album….and on and on….the whole albulm is awesome…………….:)

    • Linda Hays says:

      Check out everything Adam had been doing, like touring and singing lead for Queen. He has a great song Lay Me Down with Avicci and Nile Rodgers. He’s an amazing talent and all around good guy so nice and down to earth.

    • Bjo says:

      Listen to Runnin and Broken English on his Trespassing album and you tubes of Feeling Good, Mad World and Beth from Idol

    • Sherry says:

      Check out Trespassing and then listen to “LayMeDown” Adam sung on Avicii’s TRUE album which has steadily remained at #1 – #3 for months on BB 200. LMD is being released as a single soon.

  12. Loved Adam Lambert singing Marry the Night! Perfection! Need more more more!!!

  13. Cathym says:

    My God Adam Lambert just killed Marry The Night, and his acting was really well done, he is a natural. As a fan I am not suprised but I held my breath and was not disappointed, I just love the guy and think he does bring so much energy to the show. Ryan is right they need to move on , get Blaine to NY and bring on the fireworks !!!

  14. igo says:

    Where’s your promise ryan, I NEED MORE RACHEL BERRY!!

    • sam says:

      Rachel Berry was on screen a whole 5 minutes, including the Roar performance.

    • boo ryan says:

      But she isn’t a boy who can take her shirt off and be mediocre.

      • Too True! says:


      • No Blee for me says:

        Yes. So true. DC cannot hold a candle to LM. And RM says LM is th e star of Glee? Well, Adam just showed his star quality. He was spectacular. Well worth watching Glee.

      • Igo says:

        God that roar performance in the Lima side was just ridiculous. I remember that the original ND kids perform in the auditorium was such a delightful performance to watch, now it’s just… Nothing, no offense Lima SL stans

      • Sherry says:

        I’m laughing as you are right. The younger girls are goin Gaga over the boys in the other songs just because they have their shirts off. Personally it does nothing for me. I like a little hair on my man’s chest.

  15. Dane says:

    Can Adam and Demi stay please? The 3 NY regulars have great chemistry with Demi and Adam. I loved how great the NY group sounded together, I wish Roar would have been a NY only song, Lima ruined the entire song and performance. I’m in the NY camp, Lima and the Newbies just aren’t worth keeping when they take valuable screen time away from much more interesting way more talented characters and actors.

    • Sherry says:

      I agree wish Adam and Demi were in every episode. They make the show so much fun and bring excitement to the show. Adam has other obligations like Demi so right now they can’t be in but a handful of episodes. Adam’s got his new music/album that he’s working on and rumors of a tour with Queen again. He said he has a lot of projects going into 2014.

      • Dan says:

        The addition of Demi and Adam to the NY characters has really made it interesting. I can tolerate the newbies, but … they just really need to shift the whole show to NY.

  16. Team NY Glee says:

    This episode showed both how great and how terrible Glee can be. The NY scenes were fantastic! The Lima stuff was some of the worst Glee has ever done. The talent gap between the two sides of the show is huge and this episode highlighted where the talent is, and it’s all in NY!

  17. Jillian says:

    Was not expecting to enjoy Adam Lambert on Glee as for I am not a fan of his but he surprised me. I am not as bitter about them adding him now. The only song I liked tonight was Wide Awake and that’s mainly because I am a sucker for stripped down glee songs. I wish they would release a NY only version of Roar because they sang it so much better than the Lima side. Other than that, I though Applause was visually disturbing and the Lima stories are seriously lacking. They are replaying the whole Rachel cheating on Finn in S2 with Jake and Marley; it’s old and Jake/Marley don’t hold a hair to Finchel. Hopefully by the end of 2013 we will be rid of the Lima side and can solely focus on NY crew with the evident additions of Blaine and Artie. A main cast of 5 is much more manageable than close to 20. Heck, bring Mercedes and Tina along for the ride (with their typical minimum screentime of seasons 1-3) and make it 7.

    • Sherry says:

      Agree with you except my favorite song was Marry The Night and from what I’m reading it is about 90% of the viewers favorite also. Twitter went insane for two whole days with people including celebrities raving about MTN by Lambert. Roar on the NYC side was excellent.

  18. Hanne says:

    NYC storyline is more interesting and exciting… Adam Lambert as ‘Starchild’ with his power vocals was out of this world… brilliant performance of Lady Gaga’s ‘Marry The Night’ was my absolute favorite!

  19. amadeline says:

    Adam Lambert and all the New York bits were FABULOUS! The Ohio stuff a mess. Please more Adam and more Kurt, Santana and Rachel. Tonight was like watching two programs – a really good one, and one that was just trying too hard.

  20. Tony says:

    Please no more sitting on stools singing songs. They will never equal “First Time I Ever Saw You Face”. Best all female performance on the show. In my top 5 of all time!

  21. Kre says:

    Ok so off topic question, but I’ve wondered about this with Glee for awhile. Is Glee club an after school extra circular activity or an actual class where they are graded. I’ve thought if it as an after school thing, but they are always in the choir room in the middle of the school day. But if its an after school thing, wouldn’t the football players and cheerleaders that were glee club members have practice for their teams?

    • RUCookie says:

      Back in the Day when I went to school, it was kinda both. We had our select choir, where we had lessons and learned music and then after school show choir rehearsed. You needed to be in the choir class to try out for show choir.

  22. Claire says:

    Adam Lambert is brilliant. That voice! Those eyes! And dance moves! Plus he can act. A true quadruple threat!

  23. Shawn says:

    I am a huge glee fan but this episode was awful. Where to begin….. Um Finn just died people and the only mention is Kurt telling Rachel he would want you to perform. I didn’t want glee to be a downer all night but let’s show a bit more of people moving on especially Rachel. And why didn’t we get to see any of her rehearsing funny girl. and then the whole Katy vs gaga thing. It felt too forced and wasn’t even funny. Next week looks promising since the whole ban on twerking is so over the top. They could have gone so much further with this episode and they just didn’t. Also Marley getting suspended from glee club plenty of people have done worse things and did not get in trouble are they just trying to make us hate will as much as possible. Lastly applause was awful. I love the original and it was the first song I was excited for this season and it was a huge let down. Glee should have ended at season 3 as much as I hate to say it.

    • give it time says:

      Actually there were two references to Finn tonight. She also said she had to sing MY Man at Funny girl rehearsal and that was sad. I think they did find in using Finn for now. We didn’t need to see Rachel singing My Man and crying that is too much. The next episode a song spoiler lets us know there will be a Funny Girl rehearsal.

      • Muirnin says:

        The fact that they referenced My Man when it is clearly only from the movie Funny Girl and not the theater production bothered me but I liked the fact that they are still acknowledging that Finn actually existed … rather than having his memory drop forever.

    • jesse says:

      No Rachel in FG because the cast is too big. There isn’t enough time to show the NY characters and the Lima characters SL’s. So what we get is muddled mess and the worst part of it is the most interesting characters and best actors that are in NY get the scraps of screen time that is left over from Lima. I agree, they should have ended the show in S3 because the Glee Club is a pathetic shell of what it once was w/o the Original cast and Ryan refuses to give NY enough screen time to showcase their best talent.

      • NYnow says:

        I don’t think Rachel is in Funny Girl because the cast is too big. As mention Funny Girl will get a number next week. But I agree Ryan is a jack ass who can’t let go of Lima cause it would show he was dumb.

      • darren says:

        Might be why Ryan needs to resell Glee to the Fox executives again. Kevin Reilly said himself that no one on the new casts has popped enough to think of continuing Glee past season 5.

    • Ruby says:

      Glee could have ended at season 3 for you, all you had to do was stop watching and leave it to those of us who still enjoy it. Rocket science, apparently.

    • Sherry says:

      Idea? Why don’t you not watch? Finn’s character was given a tribute and some words were expressed about him last episode. Everyone must move on. Or the show will be cancelled.

  24. god just be n NY already says:


  25. true says:

    Bree is more Santana than Quinn.

  26. gross says:

    I know Darren is used to embarrassing himself daily. See him announcing the People Choice awards nominations for proof but I was embarrassed for him and how horrible he looked in the Applause outfit.

  27. Tina says:

    Yeah, this episode was boring. How many times do they have to show Sam getting a new love interest. It’s time to shut McKinley down and stay all New York or at Least give them more screen time. We’ve seen everything the high school side can give us. New York is something new and I’d love to see more of Santana, Rachel and Kurt thriving there without Ohio interrupting every 5 minutes.

  28. Dave says:

    I’m really saddened by all the Chord hate. The dude has drastically improved since his first days in season 2. Just go back to the episode where Mercedes and he broke up. That was Chord’s best acting. He has a solid voice, he is good looking, and they write him as the charming but aloof all-American guy. GLEE wouldn’t be the same without him and I for one am glad he is still around. And if that puts me in the minority, so be it.


    • Ringgo says:

      I’m okay with Sam in season 2 and 3 but since season 4 with him be as stupid as Brittany and RIB forced the blam thing and him pretending to be twins are just too much and made his character seems to be trying too hard

      • abz says:

        I agree. I really enjoyed the character when he initially came on and the third season but ever since last year it’s been down hill. He’s such an awful, annoying, trying-too-hard character who is in real need for a haircut. They really need to tone him down.

        • JT says:

          I agree. Chord was good as a secondary character but he is not a lead, he is not a good enough actor or singer to be a lead. That is one of the problems in Lima. With out Cory they have no legit leading man.

          • dosqueen says:

            Chord (and Darren) get a lot of hate from those who simply & even understandably want more screen time for their faves (in NYC). Although I wish they hadn’t dumbed Sam down quite as much as they did during S4, I DO think that his inner geek is TRUE to his personality (see S2, Duets). Chord does comedy really, really well and he’s a lot better as an actor now than he was in the beginning. Plenty of TV commenters have said as much in their reviews of S4.

            Chord & Darren are great – and hopefully they will BOTH be joining the NYC portion of the show post graduation.

      • Dave says:

        What? BLAM is awesome. I love how they showed a straight and gay guy can be absolute besties without it being weird or uncomfortable for either.

    • #TeamAnyoneButchord says:

      I have never once laughed at any line Chord has delivered. I haven’t found him attractive since S3. The last song I enjoyed his voice on was back in S2. I can barely understand his monotone, mumbling, hyperactive, rushed line delivery – so, no, he’s not good at comedy, looking pretty, or even acting. He doesn’t deserve hate but he sure as hell doesn’t deserve all the screen time he gets. He is in no way a leading man.

    • Jon says:

      I’m sure Chord is a nice guy, but Sam is incredibly dull and he has been overexposed, both literally and figuratively, for the past two seasons. He’s shouldn’t be getting so much screentime. Chord is nothing special as an actor and singer.

    • Daisy says:

      I love Chord and Sam is my favourite character on the show. More exposure always brings more hate – see Darren/Blaine (whom i really like BTW). The only difference is that there are still many butthurt angry Brittana shippers who have been hating on him since last season only because his character was paired up with another FICTIONAL CHARACTER ON A TV COMEDY SHOW.
      Chord has improved his acting skills since season two and it is clear that the writers/producers want Darren and him to be the leads.

      • screen time says:

        Chord may have improved, but he and Darren don’t have the acting chops to be the leads. The Lima side is sinking Chord and Darren do get alot of screentime, but that does not mean they are good. What choice do the writers have in Lima, they are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

      • #NYCGlee says:

        I’m sorry, but the fact that Sam and Blaine are your favorite characters means that I can’t really take your comment seriously…I don’t know why people keep insisting on bringing up brittana, but if anything as a sam fan you should be the one more insulted by bram. That relationship completely ruined him. No way was the sam of S3 as dumb as he’s become since then. Cory was the Lima lead, without him they’ve been forced to put bland and blander in the spotlight. It most certainly is not because of their “improved acting skills” (which, lol).

      • Laila says:

        I don’t care about Brittana in the slightest, I just call it like I see it, and Chord is not particularly good at anything. He is an inconsistent actor; I don’t believe he has the potential to handle dramatic scenes nor is he good at comedy (no I don’t count acting silly and dorky as having comedic chops). He’s not a good performer; he can’t dance and his voice is very generic. I have trouble telling him apart from most of the male singers on the show. Sam is a cartoon, there’s nothing interesting about him. The “cute, boy next door” trope is boring and I don’t care to see him dating a new girl every other week. Sam/Chord fans need to stop pretending like Brittana fans are the only people aware of his mediocrity.

      • Shar says:

        Your comment about how much you love Sam/Chord tickled my funny bone, Sam has gotten dumber since RIB decided to pair him with Brit, he has lost all what made me like this character in the first place. S4-S5 Sam is a conceted, douchebag jerk who is only used to run around half naked to make up for Chord lack of acting skills. After Glee ends he won’t make it in HW because pretty blonde, boys with no acting skills are a dime a dozen on any HW street corner.

  29. AdamJ says:

    Glee’s Back!!!

    Musically and story wise i thought that was the best episode of the season by far(Quarterback-excluded for obvious reasons)…wide awake was great, marry the night was awesome and roar was pure fun from both Ohio and NYC….the story has to move forward somehow in Lima guys cant see why every one is so harsh…progress is required in both locals so just let it happen and enjoy the music(I think everyone seems to forget how hard it actually is to sing these songs well…give em a break).Adam Lambert A+.

    • settle says:

      but why does Lima need to progress? Another cheating storyline, wow we need another one of those. Sam gets another girlfriend, we haven’t seen that before. someone has body image issues , that has been done a few times. Where is the progress?

    • KM says:

      I would enjoy the music if I though the music was good. Only song I really enjoyed was Merry the Night and the NY parts of Roar. The lima singers are just not any where near the caliber of Lea, Demi, Adam and Naya and they have ZERO stage presence. I was embareesed for them in those loin cloths and Gaga outfits. These new kids just don’t have the presence or talent to sell it.

      • Sherry says:

        You said it all. The real talent is in NYC part. I was bored with the Lima side of it and had to eventually mute it. These characters are so immature and Chord is so hyper it’s embarrassing to watch. But maybe that’s how his character is written.

    • MJ says:

      Lea and Naya don’t seem to have a problem with singing hard songs. Adam killed his song. And if the songs are too hard for the Lima cast maybe the Glee casting people need to find better talent that can sing them.

  30. Dave says:

    What story is moving forward in Lima? We’re stuck in the extended school year from hell with no end in sight.

  31. Michelle says:

    Ahh, the predictability of the Glee fandom. If RM and company do move the show to NY only, it will be less than five episodes before the complaints ensue about how everything is about Rachel, Kurt is annoying, Santana isn’t progressing, and it is the same every week.

    No matter what the show does, peeps gonna moan about it. You can stay in Lima only and outrage. Go to NY and outrage. Split the show and outrage.

    Never change Gleeks.

  32. Dani says:

    Goodness! Wide Awake on stools with just them singing explains why they need all the costumes and distractions. New Directions went from powerhouse amazing singers to really mediocre singers. That was just sad! I got spoiled with Lea, Amber and Naya. I miss real Glee! And the acting from Marley, Jake and Unique was terrible. I like Kitty but she is not a good singer. Glee really should have cast triple threats. It seems if the new kids can sing they can’t act, if they can act they are not good singers.

  33. abz says:

    Seriously? Suspending a girl for not wanting to wear a thong and sea-shelled bikini at school? How did Will keep his job for this long? There’s another notch on the inappropriate things Mr. Schuester the teacher does. Sometimes I like this character, but more often than not he’s just plain annoying.

  34. Kobe Busia says:

    Ok, this episode gets a 7.5/10 for me, it wasn’t a terrible and boring episode, but I found myself apathetic towards what was going on. I feel like the characters were just moving through their actions, without letting us feel any real emotions, especially on the Lima side, and I gotta be honest, the whole Katy or a Gaga thing was neither captivating, nor was it downright awful, it just sort of happened if u know what I mean. Even in terms of quality, this episode was also a huge step backwards from the Quarterback, I mean coming off of Finn’s tragic death, and then shifting the mood entirely to this kind of thing seems a bit odd, don’t u think? Transitioning from that to what we saw tonight is a prime example of how watching a TV show with several writers can feel like a different experience, and what I mean by that is that it didn’t feel like it was taking place in the same universe. Also, this is the first time I truly feel like the New York side of things were rushed, and not a lot of time was spent with it, and this is the first time I actually liked the New York side of things better. As I said before, I don’t care about this Bree character, she adds nothing new, she has no proper place in the show, and she’s just a generic head bitch who we will learn nothing about, and to me, that’s not a character, that’s a walking plot device. Oh I must say, Adam Lambert’s appearance was charming, and his vocal debut, “Marry the Night” was just a delight, and a pure representation of star power, and his character Elliot “Starchild” Gilbert seems like a potentially interesting character, so I can’t wait to see what he does on the show. Oh and Sue is funny as usual, but for one last issue; Jake and Marley, now I get that Jake is bored of doing the same things over and over again with her, and I can see why he’d be frustrated with the fact that Marley wouldn’t even consider having sex, but he’s being somewhat inconsiderate because for one thing, they’ve only been together for like less than half a year, so why would he want sex so bad anyway? Sure he’s a Puckerman, but that’s no excuse. I can see why he would want to seek another girl who seems more exciting, but it seems as if he went off to have sex with Bree, but we’ll find that out next week, so yeah, as I said earlier, this episode gets a 7.5/10; not terrible and boring, but not captivating or engaging either.

    • M says:

      I agree! Not terrible, but not great. I think a better transition from “The Quarterback” was most definitely needed. They came off of such an emotional situation with Finn’s death and it was just weird that it seemed like business as usual. Loved Adam Lambert’s performance! Def the best performance in this episode. I personally love Jarley and am not thrilled to see that Jake cheated. I guess we’ll have to see what happens.

    • Sherry says:

      I haven’t watched Glee except for a few episodes in years it got boring for me until I found out about the NYC part of the show. It’s much more interesting than just the Lima part as it’s mostly about HS love interests which is appealing to viewers of that age but not as much to those of us that are older. I like the combination of both Lima and NYC but would gradually like to see more of NYC storyline. I thought Adam Lambert stole the show with his cover of Marry The Night which in my opinion was better than original. Loved the diner scene and Adam’s other side so toned down and still so handsome. Hope to see Adam in more episodes than the already planned 6-7 episodes. Demi is also a welcome addition to the NYC storyline and i’m sure she and Adam will be doing duets as show goes forward. But most of all looking forward to a duet with Lea and Adam both have stellar voices and should be recording together outside of Glee.

  35. DTP says:

    I want to know what the Lima cast did to make Ryan Murphy hate them so much because he seems to live to strip them half naked and embaress them. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

    • Sherry says:

      I think Ryan is gradually transitioning the viewers to NYC storyline and maybe wants to give the Lima crew some room to show another side of their acting and singing abilities. However didn’t like the Roar performance as much as Wide Awake and especially MTN. I love Ryan and think he’s brilliant and a great producer.

  36. Rook says:

    Shouldn’t the Glee club be focused on getting more members so they have 12 to compete??

    • Carmen says:

      The show just plain gave up. Nationals is now only 3 other choirs competing so why should having 12 members, which was such an important plot point for competition the first
      years matters when it’s the newbies marching to their first National win.

      • Sherry says:

        Oh do you have inside info on what’s going on with Glee? Why not tell us everything? I disagree with your statement. How can a show give up? Remember Ryan is transitioning to the NYC storyline for next season. Lima probably won’t exist by then. Most people’s comments I’ve read are happy about that.

  37. Hallyu says:

    Stop complaining about the Lima storyline, it was design just only for Finn but unfortunately last year they already have problems with Cory’s addiction and have been covering it up until he checked in a rehab only in March…that’s why the Lima storylines in season 4 are all BS and feel forced!

    • James says:

      Lima sucking isn’t Cory’s fault. It’s not Cory’s fault the writers don’t know what to do with Lima and it’s not Cory’s fault the Glee casting hired a bunch of no talents to replace the originals cast. This is all on RIB not giving a rats behind about Glee anymore. If the Newbies has a fraction of the talent of the cast they replaced the writers wouldn’t be lost in moving Lima forward.

    • dcl says:

      Ehh Lima storyline sucked from the 1st episode in season 4. That was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY before Cory went to rehab. Bad characters, crappy story lines and too much focus on weak actors.

      • No Blee for me says:

        Amen to that. Season 4. Episode 1. Showed where Glee was heading, down the toilet. It was supposed to be focused on Blaine as the new Rachel. “Cough” “Cough”. The writers had the season planned out just for their new bunch of faces to be featured. Cory, Lea, Chris, Naya were doing personal ventures and had personal time to do them. Movies, albums, books. The writers and Fox didn’t realize how bad the new faces were, but they need to take ownership of some of the fault. Thursday night is not a good night opposite Grey’s Anatomy. The writing was abysmal. The new faces were not as fresh and enviting as in the beginning. I, for one, am tired of Blaine singing everything. Another, Blaine and Sam are not leading men. Another, Cory/Finn was my favorite actor/ character who was ruined by the writing in season 4. I won’t be forgiving of the writing when my next favorite character is so serious to become too blasé to have a non committal relationship with a male prostitute. I won’t forgive that. NY was too dramatic and stupid. Santana came too late to NY to make their dynamic fun and wonderful. Season 4 sucked. Now, that there is no Finn, the writers have jumped to an engagement of Klaine, Glee is beyond weird. Drop the deadwood, Lima, Blaine. Make Starchild into a wonderful recurring character. NY all the way please.

    • Fan says:

      Cory had nothing to do with how horrible season 4 Lima was. He was the only good thing about that part of the show. The problem was that the actors hired can’t act and are uninteresting. They are poor imitations of the originals and the story lines are copies of past seasons. Also too much emphasis has been put on Blam. What a waste.

      • sam says:

        Also Cory was put in Lima, hoping people wanting to see Finn would grow to like the newbies. So what do they do, they put one of their best actors and sit him on a stool to watch the second rate actors try to sell a story. What a waste of Cory’s talent. Now that Cory is not there, the powers that be are trying to figure out where the story goes from here.

        • camussie says:

          Exactly. The newbies were not created to give Finn/Cory story. Finn was shackled to Lima to try and make McKinley work with all of the newbies. Same reason the school year was stretched. They are trying to get the newbies on good footing before they move the rest of the “originals” on. And the reason they are floundering is that it seems they planned on having Finn as the one original left in Lima once this second batch graduates. Finn is my favorite and he was the only interesting part of Lima last year but even he wouldn’t have been able to hold Lima together on his own. That they seemed to plan on having him try shows how badly RIB have mishandled this show in the last two years. And really think about how awful this was going to be for his character had Cory lived. Once this second batch graduated every single one of his contemporaries it seems were going to move on and Finn was going to be stuck at McKinley. Having his romances in the halls of McKinley, etc.

      • M says:

        Don’t blame season 4 please…because that is where Glee finally got interesting! Love the new kids and Corey was outstanding with them.

        • sienna says:

          The ratings don’t support this at all. In the beginning of S4, people watched to see where things would go. As the season progressed more and more people stopped watching. Sidelining your best actors is never a good move. I guess Finn did learn to drink coffee.

        • J says:

          They have lost more then half their audience from S4 to last nights show. That proves S4 was a massive failure as are the new kids. If S4 was so good Glee wouldn’t be scrapping the bottom of the ratings barrel.

  38. JuliaK says:

    Another #TeamNYC supporter here. And Demi and Adam (oh my god he was amazing – Marry the Night is going to be on repeat for days!!) are fantastic additions and given that Kurt, Rachel and Santana have such a great vibe I would so much rather see the show focus on the NYC kids issues as struggling young talent than the retread plot lines and mediocre performers in Lima. Slezak captured it when he talked about Lima’s Roar being forced (I thought it looked like a bad high school production) while the NYC Performance was fresh and captured the spirit of the song. As a Glee fan from the beginning it seems almost disrespectful to tarnish the initial Lima years (featuring some great acting/performances) by continuing such a lame cast/storyline there.

  39. Sherry says:

    Mchael: My review and grade for the four songs. Marry The Night A+, Roar B, Applause C, and Wide Awake B+.

  40. DavidSask says:

    My question is where does this high school get its set and clothing budget lol? Artie flying Tarzan from wheelchair was major WTF?

  41. Mark says:

    I dvr Glee since I work nights and I’ve increasingly been ffwding – esp through the Lima scenes the last year or two but whoa Starchild’s performance stopped me dead tonight and reminded me of how exciting the show used to be. So, Adam Lambert, really? Well, Hello Gorgeous! The bad part is I’m going to be dying for a Rachel/Adam duet (can you imagine?) every week and I know Ryan Murphy won’t let me have it because he’s always trashes a good thing but I’ll keep watching in hope — so I guess there’s a method to his madness lol.

    • Jay says:

      A Lea Adam duet would be the biggest eargasum Glee has ever had! But you are so right, Ryan will never give us something we really want. Wish for a Lea/Adam duet and he will make her sing with Darren :(

  42. Adam was extraordinary as Starchild and warm and endearing as Elliott. Whatta star!!! Over-the-top thrilled for him. His performance was stellar, he gained a bunch more followers and everyone is getting reacquainted with the beautiful, humble, vocal powerhouse who broke Idol almost 5 years ago. As Naya said at the end of Starchild’s audition, “Bravo!”

  43. Timmah says:

    Adam was even better than I expected, and I had pretty high expectations. Didn’t really care for the episode as a whole though, it seemed like it was a bit off kilter.

  44. Lena says:

    Hey they finally mentioned NYADA (you know, the COLLEGE Rachel and Kurt are supposed to be going to) again! Didn’t the NYC kids make a pact two episodes ago to “give it two years in this city”?? I don’t get it. They are in COLLEGE. They’re there for at least four years. God the stupidity of these writers. In regards to this episode, it was meh. Wished there was more Lambert and Lovato–both are interesting characters, unlike most of the Lima kids nowadays.

  45. Debra says:

    I find it sad that it seems to be the same old crap as last year that didn’t work. The only bright spot in the Lima storyline last year was Cory and he was also pushed to the side the way Lea, Chris and Naya were. It is almost like the writers don’t care anymore.

  46. Joel says:

    Wow, what a hot mess!!! This show was unwatchable tonight. Bad stories with no logic, horrid acting (Marley, I’m calling you out), just stupid.

  47. dcl says:

    I still dont care about the new kids in ND.,.. a season and some into their story lines and I still dont care about them… although I am liking Kitty more and more. Becca Tobin is doing a fine job portraying that character. As for Sam… Yeah Chord has awesome body, I mean I am a lesbian and I wouldnt mind doing body shots off his body or running my hands all over his abs and I get it why they want him half naked all the darn time but c’mon… Sam is so damn dull, boring, over the top character and so damn weak. Wish they would stop shoving him down our throats. They screwed up that character so badly thats not even a joke anymore. BTW since when is it ok for a student fooling around with a member of faculty? And oh boy was I happy not seeing and hearing Blaine all the time in this episode. Sure Darren is a good singer, but his acting is horrendous. Just cut his part to singing only and swinging in the back.
    Ahh the NY part of the show is awesome! I have no complaints about it except that they should just focus the whole show on them. Its refreshing, acting and singing is superb. Adding Demi and Adam was the best decision that glee creators made since season 2. I just hope they will show them more that few seconds here and there.

    Also. Where can I get a ticket for a Pamela Lansbury gig? I’d so wanna see that!

  48. Shawn says:

    I hope that we get to see everyone in New York struggle more on their path to success. Kurt never should have gotten into Nyada yet getting ride of vogue and sjp was a huge mistake. He should have been at vogue longer and then gotten into school end of last year and have to decide about his furture. And I want to see the band try and do something beyond awful over the top and get booed off stage.

    • John says:

      I think the kids in NY having too much “success” is the least of Glee’s worries. They need to give them more than 5 minutes of screentime to even start thinking about addressing that kind of stuff.

  49. Jennifer says:

    I’m just, disappointed.. I’m officially over Glee and it makes me sad. The decision to split the shoe into the new kids and the originals is proving to be a terrible idea. A couple of these comments are dead on that the new kids are really bad carbon copies of past characters. I agree that I just don’t care about these new kids.. well Marley, Sam, the other new white kid (I forgot his name) lol. Not to mention, if the writers are trying to push Lady Gaga off as “edge” *sighhhh this show hit it’s peak in Season 3.

  50. Fairly good episode, improved on 5×01 and 5×02 which didn’t really feel like Glee at all. The best thing about the episode was the performances. The set up and arrangement of ‘Wide Awake’ was similar to that of ‘Shake It Out’ in season three (one of my all-time favourite Glee covers). Adam Lambert was generally sensational, obviously ‘Marry The Night’ was just…wow, however I thought he acting was particularly good too, especially as that isn’t his background, I like Starchild. There was not nearly enough Santana, they could’ve used Demi a bit more and Ryder, even. I really did not like Jake’s behaviour towards Marley one bit, he was a total douche. I think Mr. Schue was completely out of order suspending Marley for going off assignment (yes I understand that she didn’t have to dress as Katy) but Will and the ND boys performing seemed to not like that she didn’t specifically wear the seashell bikini she was meant to; she’s just recently battled bulimia and was uncomfortable wearing it, cut her some slack! Bree is beyond annoying, Glee don’t need a low-rate annoying, in your face Santana getting in the way…and really, Glee are going to go down the Sue vs. Will route, AGAIN?!