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NATHAN FILLION, STANA KATICAre things about to heat up on Castle? Might an NCIS fave move to New Orleans? Who will Mother fans meet? Who on Reign gets a blast from their romantic past? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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Can you ask Andrew Marlowe why we don’t get to see the weekly poker games with Castle’s writer friends anymore? I really loved those scenes. –Janice
I did ask, and the answer is admittedly bittersweet, as it reminds us of the passing of novelist Stephen J. Cannell, who apparently played a big role in rounding up his ever-busy peers to intermittently play cards on the ABC drama. “Stephen was really instrumental on helping us with that,” Marlowe explains. “We live and hope to do it again, and I will try by the end of this season” – maybe for a stag party, I must wonder? – “but I can’t make any promises.”

Been praying that one of my favorite shows, Castle, will be getting better very soon! Any hint on improvements? –Tamar
Things will certainly be heating up in Episode 12, which is casting the guest-starring roles of an arsonist (sounds like a hothead!), a fire fetishist (sounds hot!) and an authoritative and attractive female fire investigator (sounds like a hottie!).

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I heard that NCIS is going to do another spinoff. Any info, please? And are any of the current cast moving to it? –Donald
As previously reported, the prospective offshoot is set in New Orleans and will be introduced via a spring 2014 episode of the mothership. As for its cast, Gary Glasberg – who is exec-producing the planted pilot with NCIS frontman Mark Harmon – says there will “absolutely” be opportunities for familiar faces to swing by NOLA. When I then passed along a reader’s suggestion that CGIS Agent Borin (played by Diane Neal) — whom Gibbs recently sorta-offered a job — be part of the spin-off’s cast, Glasberg hedged, “I haven’t quite put [the list of characters] together yet, but that is an interesting idea!” Speaking of which….

Forget the character Bishop — bring Diane Neal on as an NCIS regular! She has great chemistry with the cast. Please tell me we will see more of her character. –Robin
When I, too, shared with show boss Gary Glasberg my enjoyment of Neal’s most recent visit, he joined in on the fanning. “I really appreciate the fact that everyone responds so well to the guest stars that come in, and Diane Neal is more than that — she’s a part of this family, and we will continue to use her. To have her come back is super-important, and we’ll continue to do that.”

Do you have any spoilers for How I Met Your Mother? –Shari
The goodbye season’s Episode 16, titled “How Your Mother Met Me,” is also How We Met The Mother’s BFF. To that end, the show is casting the role of Stacy, an upbeat gal who, among other things, is seen making a toast at a birthday party for the Mother.

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Is there any new information yet on Parks and Recreation‘s final episode with Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe? –Lauri
There almost is! Episode 12 aka the one before Pawnee says goodbye to Ann and Chris, will mark cast member Adam Scott’s directorial debut with the NBC sitcom.

Help a Homeland fan in Thailand, please. Any scoop on Carrie’s shocking pregnant twist? –Sandy
I’m 99 percent positive (like her 30+ preg tests) that the twist goes unmentioned this Sunday. Which is just as well, seeing as her “baby brain” will be too busy processing a bombshell dropped by Javadi.

Will Sue Heck be getting her braces off soon on The Middle? –Amy
As a matter of fact, I am told that there is an episode coming up that involves a) Sue, b) her orthodontist and c) her braces. Wonder what that’s all about?

I’m addicted to Reign, and need a fix. Do you have a juicy scoop? – Caria
As if Mary’s betrothal to Francis hasn’t been tested enough already (most recently by Tomas), next week’s episode finds a beautiful, blonde blast from the would-be king’s past standing in his doorway unexpectedly, and she is all too ready to assume the position (minds out of the gutter!) of his mistress (OK, maybe a little gutter). It’s all enough to drive poor Mary to drink… lots… and then maybe engage in an illicit encounter of her own….

Any news about the next episodes of The Mentalist? About the end of the Red John arc? –Sal
I am able to rule out one wild theory — that random-ish CBI wonk Ron will be revealed as Jane’s nemesis. (Some have the idea that “Ron” is short for “Red John,” after all, and the guy does seem omnipresent.) “That’s a very clever theory, but there are no games being played,” EP Daniel Cerone assured me. “It is one of the suspects [on Jane’s list].” Watch for the next episode of Spoiler Alert! for my official Red John prediction, with a twist.

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Please tell me Sara/Black Canary isn’t leaving Arrow all together, but just Starling City. Shes been a great addition. –Dave
I know that the latest batch of episodic photos only show Sara in flashbacks/on the freighter, but I have to reckon her days of kicking butt alongside Oliver are not over. As Caity Lotz told me just last week, “I’ve been in every episode since I came on,” and as for her ultimate episode count, she ventured, “Hopefully, a lot!”

Loving the new season of White Collar, even Neal’s new girlfriend. But will Diana be coming back? –Adriana
Now that both Diana and her portrayer Marsha Thomason have delivered their babies, you can expect the character to resurface in this season’s final two episodes — and she won’t be alone. As Tim DeKay teases, “Eventually there’s a new cast member on the show — Diana has a baby, and it is the baby who helps one of our characters in an episode. That’s all I can say.”

I hear that David Boreanaz is directing an upcoming episode of Bones soon! Any deets on the ep title or what it is about? –Emma
The title and storyline thus far are under wraps, but I am able to confirm that he’s stepping back behind the camera for Episode 11.

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  1. david says:

    How can someone be addicted to Reign? ;) i personally didnt like it

  2. Larc says:

    As for Borin joining the NCIS crew, it seems her Coast Guard position may be a bit above the pay grade of those working under Gibbs. Putting her in charge of another branch might be more fitting. My first thought when Gibbs more or less offered her an NCIS position was that groundwork was being laid for NCIS: New Orleans.

    • Pickle8182 says:

      Isn’t that kinda what he said up there?

    • jenferner8 says:

      I do like her, much better then Jamie Lee Curtis and I’d be ok with her on spinoff but she’s to overbearing to just be on the team. I like her in small doses but if she were on every week with Gibbs it would be to much.

    • Delirious says:

      I’d go further, and say that, as awesome as it would be to have agent Borin as a regular on Team Gibbs, I think it would be counterproductive. She’s similar to Gibbs character-wise, and if we were to have her in the team, I think it’d be like having 2 Gibbs(es?) there, or they might even clash.

      That said, I’m all up for NCIS Nola being about a new “Team Borin”, or even better, to have a CGIS show.

    • Ing says:

      Am I the only one who took that conversation between them as a double meaning? Like both about a job, and maybe a relationship? Or is my mind too deep into shipping?

  3. DL says:

    Regarding The Mentalist, I don’t buy for one second that Brett Partridge is dead. We never saw him actually “die,” we only saw a zipped up body bag wheeled out. And I doubt he’d be above cutting himself a little to put his blood on Lisbon’s face.
    I still think he’s the best suspect. He has the voice. His body type fits. He’s “middle-aged.” And he’s been on the show since the very first episode. Plus, he’s the only one among the suspects who’s actively tried to befriend Patrick. Everyone else has been overtly antagonistic, or at least standoffish toward him. But not Partridge.
    I know it could just be wishful thinking. But no other suspect, to me, would be anywhere near as rewarding to be revealed as RJ.

    • Pickle8182 says:

      Did I miss a Mentalist Spoiler up there? Sometimes I do.

    • NLtwin says:

      Totally agree. I think it’s him. Have for a long time.

    • flutiefan says:

      it’s funny, i’ve seen every episode, and i had to look up who Brett Partridge even is…

      • Likewise. Since the very first episode? Too bad for the actor, I could’ve said I’d never seen him before this year. Not only invisible as a Red John suspect, invisible as a character.

        That said, DL, whose body was wheeled out of the house? If it wasn’t Partridge, somebody would have noticed.

    • rockgolf says:

      Did CBS blow it last Sunday? The Mentalist episode was a rerun, but the “preview” at the end was not for the originally scheduled episode but for what appears to be the one following.

      The preview indicated “Now only 3 Red John suspects remain”, and showed who they were. (Don’t worry, I won’t spoil it.) It also showed that several men had that 3-dot tattoo on their shoulder.

  4. Jess says:

    Bones Thanks! I think ep 11 may be the production number and not the actual airing number cos of the two extra eps airing in the mix…but we will see! Looking forward to David directing again as always :)

    • Ali says:

      Yes, looking forward to that, Boreanaz has such a good eye, different way at looking at things, only bad thing is that it’s usually a Booth light ep. :(

  5. maxinever says:

    I’m in love with Reign, the show is so good. But I don’t like Mary & Francis very much. I do like Mary and Bash tho. I hope we get more scenes with them next episodes.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      The next two episodes, a lot happens. On all kinds of fronts.

      • Em says:

        I’m really not a fan of the writers sacrificing Francis’s character to prop the Mary/ Bash pairing. I love the chemistry between the actors that play Francis and Mary though!

  6. Babybop says:

    I hope Sue gets her braces off! She deserves something good for being so amazingly optimistic. Ha ha.

  7. I’d love to see Borin in New Orleans! And Ziva back in DC.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      PLEASE, NO…..i and many other fans are THRILLED to be rid of her….all other friendships, seemed to take a backseat to TIVA and ziva seemed to think, she was SFA and was giving tony ( who IS the SFA) orders….and allowed to get away with MURDER…..and NOT put in her place…..the actoress LEFT because she WANTED to….just too damn bad, she stayed so long…..we can FINALLY once again see tony going to abby’s lab, and such.

      • Nopleaseugh says:

        Yup, you are right. We ended up with NCIS Pod people of NCIS not one person became recognizable when Z was there. Where did the street wise crackin cop go, where did the gunny go, Why was Abby turned into a Baby after she was part of the cast. Nope shes gone let stay gone we are seeing glimpses of the team I fell in love with and started watching. Want Gibbs to dust off his rules and find his gut again and want that Tony who works smarter not harder. Want fun banter not humiliate snark and put downs and want Gibbs and Tony to be equals but still friends. We can have it now that z is gone.

        • Angie says:

          I absolutely agree with everything you posted Nopleaseugh, you are right on with all your descriptions & i could not be happier that you worded it so so well. Thank you for your very clear post, I could NOT have said it better myself. Let’s get Team Gibbs back the way it used to be before it was dominated by Ziva-ugh!! I am soooo done with the character Ninja style of her acting!!! Come back Team Gibbs:)))

          • susan0426 says:

            You want ugh? What about Tony and his playboy outlook? They should of gotten rid of him instead of Ziva.

    • as524 says:

      ugh NO…..Let Borin make her yearly visits to DC and leave ziva in Israel, marry her off to Adam or kill her off somehow without showing it….

      Ziva’s story is done with a capital D…the show has moved on, the cast long ago moved on and it’s time for fans of the character let the actress pursue whatever it is she chooses

      • Nopleaseugh says:

        I agree with as524 , Leave Ziva be gone and for God sake No Borin in NOLA don’t mind her yearly visits but I can only take Borin so much. Sorry guys if Borin is NOLA I will not even watch the first ep.

  8. susan0426 says:

    Why did they cancel the character of Ziva from NCIS? And what is she doing now?

  9. J says:

    No Once upon a Time spoilers?

    • flutiefan says:

      seriously? there are usually a couple every week. you can skip a week every once in awhile.

      how about shows that are NEVER (or rarely) spoken of on here? It’s Always Sunny (which is now over for the season), Blacklist, BK99, Mom, The Fosters (not on now), Blue Bloods…

  10. mspenn1013 says:

    That first Castle item makes me sad :(

    • scooby says:

      Yeah. I figured that’s why and it’s really sad to think about. Stephen was also the best actor of the real life writers. They could make something about inviting someone new to sit in his seat for a one time thing where it doesn’t work out, but if it’s a stag party type thing that’d be harder. The second Castle item make me sad because ol’ Tamar clearly is hating on how the show’s been going. “Praying” that the show will be “getting better”? Oh brother.

      • Lauren says:

        Amen to your second point. I can’t believe they actually posted this one as a legit question from a “fan”! Not loving that one, Matt. Sorry.

      • Rich Abey says:

        Exactly guys. I think we might have been watching the wrong show cause Season 6 of ‘Castle’ was pretty top notch so far.
        At least that depressing question got us some new info from Matt: an arsonist, fire fetishist & an authoritative attractive female fire investigator in 1 episode..boy Andrew Marlowe is sure pulling out all the guns this season!

    • Annie says:

      I agree. I remember after he died, the poker game had an empty chair in his memory. He was a great TV and mystery writer.

      • Rich Abey says:

        Still I hope they get at least one authors-poker game this or the next season. Loved those scenes..especially when I’m here reading a Patterson book & the the author himself pops up on Castle!
        Btw what about those 12th Precinct games? The gang plus Martha. Loved the banter..and those “You afraid of a little action” scenes between Rick & Kate..would have so much double meaning now!

  11. as524 says:

    Looking forward to see the planted spinoff ep and to see what the plans are for the cast of NOLA…so many possibilities within the DC world for one

    also super excited to meet Ellie in 2 weeks…the glimpse of the interview with her makes her seem so real and normal

  12. Pati says:

    I also am in love with Reign there was so much trash talking before it premiered but it’s actually really good.

  13. TJ says:

    Thanks for the WC scoop. I bet the character that Diana’s baby helps is Mozzie! Loving the new season. Was bummed not to see the awesome Rebecca in today’s episode:( She was fantastic in her introduction and left me wanting more…

  14. Fernando says:

    I’m loving Reign, I hope CW gives it a back nine and renews it. I love Francis and Mary but I also love Mary and Bash. I hear these next episodes the drama speeds up and it gets darker. I’m loving what I’m hearing so far.

  15. Elaine says:

    Castle – 100% agreement on the poker game. It was a unique and very cool way of seeing those amazing writers in an unexpected situation. I hope they bring them back with a mention of Stephen J.C as well. (Maybe they could add Ann Rice to the mix.. now that’d be a blast.)

    • Zeph says:

      While I’d love the idea of adding a female to the group, Ann Rice wouldn’t be my first choice simply because she’s not a mystery writer and all the others are… I could think of any number of good female mystery writers, starting with Laurie King. However, part of the point was that this was Rick’s “guys night” escape (he did, after all, live with two women) so a woman writer wouldn’t fit the tone…

  16. arial2 says:

    So glad NCIS showrunners appreciate Diane Neal as much as we fans! And hope The Mentalist twist you mentioned involves Walter Mashburn. Love that character!

  17. Holihs says:

    Looking forward to the Spoiler Alert segment on “The Mentalist.” I’m curious as to who your pic will be and what the twist is. I’m glad Daniel Cerone is making it clear that the list is the real deal. It’s been said many times but I’m sure some people have missed it and some people are inveterate conspiracy theorists. Easy to understand but I really am glad they’re sticking to what they said. Thanks, Matt.

  18. Ana says:

    The annual Bracken/Beckett melodrama episode of the year, good to know.

  19. Haha, at least someone has put that Ron, RJ theory to bed. I’m going for Haffner as Red John, it would make sense, he had the chance to hurt Lisbon but didn’t because he ‘likes’ her. He seems to fit the description that both Sophie Miller and Rosalind Harker, plus in Sophie’s description, she made a point of saying he’s a ‘good whistler’ the show cut to Sheriff McAllister whistling, however if you go back a bit to the beginning of the episode, when Haffner is leaving Lisbon’s room in the hospital he whistles very loudly and confidently. I would go on to explain further, however I know that American’s haven’t watched 6×06 ‘Fire and Brimstone’ yet so I won’t go on. Hmm, I see what people are saying with Partridge, could be feasible and would be an awesome twist. I always thought it was out of Partridge and Haffner. I guess we’ll soon know come 24th November!

  20. Jack says:

    I’m going with not 1 RJ, but multiple ones …

  21. Carol Doyle says:

    The National Inquirer (i know it is a rag paper) disclosed that Nathan and Stana are not getting on. Is there any truth to this. They do seem a little distant lately.

    • Apples says:

      I figure that is a completely spurious story. Everyone who goes on that set always gushes about how the whole cast and crew get along. Plus the rumour was that he threw a fit about how much screen time his character was getting- which seems like a load of bull given you arguably say we’ve had more Beckett-“light” episodes this season than Castle-“light” ones.

    • Ana says:

      That rumors is on since season 2 or 3, don’t remember and probably will never ends, about if it is true or not, depends if you want to believe in the “insider” that spread the “news”. about the things that Nathan want castle to be about castle, contradicts everything that went on in the summer, that he asked for a 4 day schedule because he lost interest in the character, and in the show, etc, so now he wants more screen time? I think in there is someone who don’t like Nathan and the timing of this “news” is really interesting.

    • Carl says:

      The show without Castle, fizzles. The show without Beckett, fizzles. The chemistry between Castle and Beckett, sizzles. The chemistry of the entire cast makes the show sizzle. I wouldn’t put to much stock in the National Inquirer, sensationalism sells so it’s likely what they say or print lacks credibility. Nathan and Stana have been doing this for 5+ seasons and they continue to amaze but if they have differences it’s between them and I think they have a special relationship away from the set so unless you hear it directly from either one of them, they will continue to be great.

  22. cas says:

    I actually am not the biggest fan of the girl who plays the Black Canary on Arrow. I don’t think she is that good and she kind of annoys me, I can’t pinpoint exactly what but I just don’t like her. I know everyone jumped on her bandwagon but I just wouldn’t mind if she stayed this season, and then maybe they finally did something better with Laurel’s character because I love Katie Cassidy, plus I think she is prettier IMO.

    • stephen says:

      I agree with you about the canary chic, but not with the laurel chic, she’s terribly boring and not attractive at all,IMO.

  23. Sherri Dorbritz says:

    I was hoping that Gibb’s was offering Agent Borin more than a job. . . something on a more personal level. A job would be great though! Diane Neal has great chemistry with the other cast members. Love that Abby calls her Agent Abby!

  24. TAMEKA says:


  25. John 1138 says:

    I watch NCIs and it hums along and then some one such as Diane Neal comes on and it’s “Hey, so THAT’S how it’s supposed to run”. Has to be that unwritten element in casting, there’s acting skills and then there’s the, much loathed by me, “chemistry” and Neal has it in spades both with the team (her helping them find Gibbs perfect date who turns out to be someone Gibbs HAD dated and rejected as too perfect for him and what fun was that? Went along great) and then her scenes like the last basement one or at his desk when everyone had left after that girlfriend search and she asked him whether he was lonely? She and they are just naturally comfortable around one another and that intangible has to be the people not the actors it seems to me.

  26. Abby says:

    I LOVE Sara as the Black Canary. I find it more realistic with her being the Canary than Laurel.Yes, I know it is not canon, but I don’t care. If we had canon all the way through the show, I would probably get bored. Plus Laurel is in no way that competent with her fighting skills. I don’t want to go from pro to amateur hour.

  27. mary seeley says:

    OHHHHH MAAANNNNNN. I must not see what every one else see on NCIS. I am not a fan of Borin. It will take a mighty special peep to replace Ziva. Maybe they should just let it rest for a while. As for Castle, it’s getting boring and I am not sure at all what they can do to fix it.

    • John 1138 says:

      Thing is they’re explicitly NOT trying to “replace” Ziva. Just up the team numbers for story diversity.

      • susan0426 says:

        I am hoping that Ziva returns as both my husband and myself felt she added a lot of good to the show. We are just wondering if she got a better offer from another show.

        • John 1138 says:

          Well I guess that will be determined were Cote to show up somewhere else than NCIS I expect. Certainly the way the two opening episodes of this season left a lot of doors open for the character, whether any of them ever lead back to NCIS isn’t at all clear.

          Then again this series JAG, NCIS etc. all have people endlessly show up over the years so it’s not unprecedented. Heck Chegwidden recently showed up for an arc.. http://jag.wikia.com/wiki/A.J._Chegwidden

  28. Maryann says:

    Sara rather than Laurel as the Black Canary makes sense in the context of the show. After all, she has a coherent story line in how she learned to fight. The character of Laurel just wouldn’t be believable in the role.

  29. JC says:

    Having just now watched “Oil & Water” (NCIS), they were throwing out some pretty big hints about Borin for that not to amount to anything. If I didn’t know about Bishop, I would think they were setting Borin up to join the team (which I personally would be absolutely fine with – I wanted an older more experienced agent from the beginning). Since we do know about Bishop, I have to think it’s leading into setting her up as the leader for the NOLA spinoff. I think it would be great if she was. (Better than Kim Raver’s Paris Summerskill.) I wonder though whether it was the best decision to throw it out there like that. Now everyone’s kind of gotten it in their minds, and when Bishop comes along, she’s going to have to not only live up to Ziva, but to the person a lot of people were hoping would be her replacement. As for shipping Gibbs and Borin, I hope there was no hinting in that direction. There’s too big of an age gap there for me to ever be ok with that. I could maybe see him with the new SecNav though.

    • John 1138 says:

      Meh, at a calendar 37 she’s on the low end but not, IMHO, off it, people can play up age as well as down.

    • Patricia says:

      I’m glad that Ziva and the constant focus on her melodramas and her unrealistic super powers and skill sets are over with. As a Tony fan, I was giving up on the series since I didn’t enjoy seeing him play Ziva’s purse and the team’s doormat. The team seems to like each other again and that is bringing me back to the series.

      • susan0426 says:

        So you like the “playboy” Tony, good for you. We liked Ziva and there is nothing fake about her martial arts she did, to us it only added to the show in a real tone that one could honestly expect from a NCIS agent.

      • JC says:

        Did you mean this as a response to me? Because I’m not sure what Ziva vs Tony has to do with what I said. *confused*

  30. Robin says:

    I am really liking Reign as well. Thanks for the scoop. I suspect Mary illicit encounter is with Bash… not sure how I feel about that cause I was actually liking her worth Francis now.

  31. Carl says:

    All you Caskett fans will be seeing more of what makes the show sizzle. Season 6 started on an okay note nothing to write home about except for Beckett’s long awaited answer to Castle’s proposal which I’m sure many of you calmed your anxiety by getting the answer you hoped for. Tonight’s episode was much better and the past few weeks each episode began the start of what fans want to see. Over the next few episodes you will get your Caskett interest back to a new level which is what we watch the show for. Little by little that Castle chemistry will light your fire. It’s just to good to waste it on mediocre story lines. So I think things are looking up.