The X Factor Recap: Motown Operandi

The-X-Factor-Khaya-CohenLike that expensive cheese in your fridge that unexpectedly presents with a patch of furry blue mold, The X Factor is the reality competition that asks the eternal question: To toss the whole package into the trash compactor with a satisfying whirr — or to press the CTRL+SCRAPE+EAT button.

Tonight’s Season 3 Top 13 performance night spent two hours framing said debate: There was the awfulness we’ve come to expect from Fox’s “other” singing competition: Mario Lopez’s automatonic hosting style; the overblown production — including a premature Gospel chorus! — for selected “chosen” contestants; seizure-inducing lighting; Paulina Rubio’s comic ineptitude. And on top of it all, a new and utterly predictable pattern that any negative criticism from mentors Kelly Rowland and Demi Lovato must be followed up by some variation on Simon Cowell declaring, “I have to be honest…I lllloved it!”

But in the midst of the myriad, mind-numbing ridiculata, The X Factor still somehow manages — perhaps with an undercurrent of evil genius, but more likely by total accident — to expose us to a handful of acts who leave you thinking, “Y’know, I might actually enjoy hearing this in the real world!”

I know, I know…”the real world” isn’t necessarily a protective bubble reserved for the steadfast and the talented — oh, hi there, Ke$ha, how’d you get in here again?! — but nevertheless, The X Factor’s flirtation with commercial gold makes it an oddly intriguing exercise. (Be honest: Part of you is kinda hoping Fifth Harmony, the steely-eyed girl quintet from Season 2, conquers the world — as long as it doesn’t end in a Spice World-esque feature film.)

But enough of my internal monologue, let me assign letter grades for tonight’s performances:

Josh Levi: Jackson 5’s “Who’s Lovin’ You” — Grade: B- | Yeah, this was a vast improvement on whatever he sang last week that I’ve already forgotten about. Nevertheless, was there anything truly fresh or passionate about this performance to warrant Simon’s annual “zero to hero” critique? Which is my polite way of asking, why didn’t the show’s producers bring back James Kenney or Lyric 145 (whoops! wrong season!) instead of salvaging an act from what’s widely perceived as the weakest category in Season 3.

Rachel Potter: The Isley Brothers’ “This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak for You)” — Grade: B- | You’ve got to give points to Rachel (and mentor Kelly) for attempting to countrify a boppy soul-pop jam that wears its ’60s origins as proudly as Simon displays his chest hair. Despite Rachel’s solid pitch and easy stage presence, though, there was something not entirely authentic about the number, like it came from Country: The Musical! instead of country: the genre. Next week — provided she’s still around — Rachel won’t be able to afford another at-arm’s-length performance; a deeper emotional connection is her only hope.

Carlos Guevara: Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” — Grade: D | Maybe Carlos got thrown by mentor Paulina announcing he was from “Lexinton, South California,” when, in fact, he’s from South Carolina. Whatever the case, the likable teen was barely audible in certain parts of the opening verse, then proceeded to make me wish he’d keep backing off the mic by going flat for most of the chorus. Worst of all, as Simon pointed out, was a lazy arrangement that sounded like Paulina ordered it up off a discount karaoke machine. And just like that, the most promising member of the Boys Team started looking like a potential early evictee.

Restless Road: The Commodores’ “Easy” — Grade: C | When Paulina Rubio pauses from her standard-operating positivespeak to call out “peachiness,” then you know that some bunk notes have waddled across the stage like a line of penguins on the open tundra. And that’s exactly what happened to lead singer Colton in the latter half of “Easy,” which would’ve been more apt had he beeing singing, “That’s why it’s painful…painful like a Monday mornin’…” Look, if I was a soulless label exec, I’d probably sign these boys on the spot, order them a limitless supply of tight Wranglers, henleys and plaid flannel, and watch the money come rolling in. But while we’re all in this X Factor thing together, I’ve got to believe vocal talent — as opposed to obvious marketability — is the trump card. And I’m not sure mentor Simon has a big enough deck of tricks to deal these fellas a winning hand.

Ellona Santiago: The Supremes’ “Baby Love” — Grade: B- | Oh em gee, guys, Ellona had to take her SATs this week and get ready for her Motown Week. Her life is pure pain in a purple sequined halter top and fringe skirt! All kidding aside, though, the girl has some serious chops — and clearly has a vision of herself as the kind of all-purpose pop star who can bust some sweet moves and still have enough air in her lungs to belt out a massive glory note. There were moments where Ellona looked just a tad desperate to convince us (and probably herself) that she can have her cake and bare her midriff, too, but aside from a couple of gaspy notes and an outfit that looked like it’d been dug up at the Dancing With the Stars Factory Outlet, she almost pulled it off.

Jeff Gutt: Lionel Richie’s “Say You, Say Me” — Grade: B+ | It’s not easy to sing a lyric like “I had a dream/I had an awesome dream” without it staining your rock cred like pizza sauce on a silk tie. Which made me all the more impressed by Jeff’s growly-passionate take on the White Nights soundtrack cut — yes, I’m old enough to remember that flick. There were a few times Jeff looked a bit mystified by the staging — did he actually begin out of the audience’s view? — but after only two weeks of live performances, he’s already looking like an easy Top 5 contender. (Well, as long as he loses the soul patch.)

Alex & Sierra: Marvin Gaye’s “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” — Grade: A- | I’m going to pretend I didn’t see the whole “unscripted” “let’s jump in an off-limits pool!” intro package and focus on one of the night’s two best performances. This boyfriend-girlfriend duo trade verses with the ease of Olympic sprinters passing the baton, and their simple, straightforward arrangements seem to breathe new energy into even the most overdone ditties. Plus, they can sing in tune! If I had to write a blurb for their post-X Factor biography, it’d be something like, “Alex & Sierra — they’re like a long blast of Febreeze in a mudroom filled with hot garbage!”

Khaya Cohen: The Temptations’ “My Girl” — Grade: A- | Can’t deny Simon’s critique that this kid sounds a lot like Amy Winehouse — which in my book is majorly high praise. Yeah, I coulda done without the slits in Khaya’s shorts (!) — and I worry Mr. Cowell’s early efforts to paint her as not likable will probably haunt her all season — but this was a fantastic vocal, and sounded shockingly current given that “My Girl” is one of the most dated tracks in the Motown repertoire. If Khaya can train herself to look more enthused when words start bubbling like rabies foam from Paulina’s mouth, she could win the whole enchilada!

OK, X Factor fans…it’s getting late-late here, and because brevity is the close cousin of exhaustion, I’m gonna finish off these reviews in a Twitter-esque 140 characters or less.

Carlito Olivero: The Supremes’ “Stop! In the Name of Love” — Grade: B | The gaggle of writhing chicas was comically awful, but the acoustic ballad rearrangement showed a tender (and reasonably tuneful) side of the Latin hottie’s voice. He should be safe.

Lillie McCloud: Stevie Wonder’s “All Is Fair in Love” — Grade: B | Girl look at that 54-year-old body…she works out! Still, the whole Diana Ross-in-Mahogany staging, and Lillie’s excessive runs, was a little fusty for a sexy grandma trying to prove that cool doesn’t have an expiration date.

Sweet Suspense & 27 Backup Singers: The Supremes’ “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” — Grade: N/A | I’ve watched this performance three times now, and I’m still not sure if the producers had these girls mics turned all the way on. Or maybe they just mixed the sound through a tin can and then added 49 backup singers to the mix. I guess we should just be glad none of the silver lamé went up in flames during the sparkler explosion.

Rion Paige: Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” — Grade: C+ | I’m with Kelly Rowland in that not every Motown song benefits from an infusion of twang. And while Rion’s got some talent, there’s a tentativeness in her delivery and an inconsistency to her pitch that makes me think she should’ve waited another three or four years before trying to break on through to the A-list side.

Tim Olstad: Jackson 5’s “I’ll Be There” — Grade: D+ | This just in: Tim is not a funeral director. Problem is, I’m not sure he’s a viable recording artist, either, as evidenced by a lackluster Michael Jackson cover that really didn’t need a Gospel chorus and 1,000 points of audience glowsticks, either.

Should Be Bottom 3
Restless Road
(Carlos going home)

Will Be Bottom 3
(Rachel going home)

And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of tonight’s Top 13 performances? What did you think of the judges’ feedback? Who were your faves? Who are you worried about? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Robbie says:

    Why barring back Josh Levi over James Kenney? I’m glad that some of these contestants are actually good this season. Paulina who?

    • Robbie says:


      • Lincoln says:

        Seriously, SLEEZack, leave Ke$ha out of this. Really? Have you seriously dedicated your ridiculata ears to some of her music? She’s talented. To say she isn’t is kind of silly. What in the world have YOU created and contributed to the music world? Kinda cruel to judge art and blatantly call someone talentless out of the blue.

        • Mary says:

          It is in the eye of the beholder I actually agree with Michael. She had a couple auto tune catchy hits but really cannot sing.

        • S. says:

          You don’t have to be a pop singer to critique a pop singer. I think JLo proved that it doesn’t always lead to the right results when that theory is employed. What have YOU contributed to the music world, Lincoln?

    • Ayelet says:

      or Danie for that matter? I get that she was a mess last week, but Josh wasn’t much better…

      • S. says:

        When they said wild card I felt sure it was either Danie or James. They said Josh and my mouth flopped open. Shouldn’t you use a wild card for the category that’s most overflowing with talent? How is that the Boys? If anything, Paulina had a hard time getting to 4 singers for her to cut to 3. It feels like a chess move by Simon, not a situation where it felt like an injustice was done. The Girls category is gonna be the one most likely to need an extra slot most of the time and yet they’ve never used it there. How does this work out for the show? Will there be a double elimination at some point? I don’t know how the schedule is built.

      • Bozena says:

        Jeff Gutt is Amazing and I hope he will go very far on xfactor .

  2. Jim says:

    The things that bothers me, is there doesn’t seem to be a real front runner :-/ this show just highlights all the good points of idol IMHO

  3. kyle1992 says:

    i never actually “got” alex and sierra until now. they actually looked commercial for once. khaya was fantastic as well.

    also, question. i’m probably the only one who actually likes the x factor more than both the voice and idol, but i need to ask: do you use the same grading scale as you do for the voice, or is x factor on a curve?

  4. RodMod says:


  5. Frank Costa says:

    I don’t see Rachel Potter going home next week. I think you’re way off with that lol.

    • HTGR says:

      I hope not. For once, there is actually a country singer who I don’t find deadly boring and who I think has an incredible voice and actually not just tolerate but actively like (and that’s saying a LOT coming from me hahaha).

  6. Adam says:

    This was a bad Idol retread from the bad group sing along opening montage to the preachy theme week of Motown.

    • xx says:

      +1. If I wanted mediocre Motown songs I’ve heard a million times, I’d watch Idol, and they’d probably be less bad at it.

  7. McMuffin says:

    Lexington South California??? Peachy…. Why is Paulina even here?

    • Ayelet says:

      Don’t forget “The Jackson Fives” and “work in process”…

    • S. says:

      I just checked and apparently there was a Lexington, CA. It’s a ghost town, not in the southern end of the state and is now underwater. Maybe Paulina’s being possessed by a ghost. Think of her critiques that way and they’ll be much more int–no, nevermind, they still won’t be interesting. Forget what I said.

  8. Eric says:

    Michael what is up with you, your ugly side is showing, and you’re taking it unfairly out on the X factor, at least thy try to put on a show, unlike idol. Stop hating and give these people the grades the deserve, cause some of them deserve higher.

  9. McMuffin says:

    Should of given Lionel Richie’s ‘Stuck On You’ to Restless Road. It’s a country tune.

  10. Sara says:

    I loved Tim! D+ is too low, it should be A+ (in my opinion)!

  11. HTGR says:

    Man what was with Simon getting all over Rachel Potter? Finally a country singer I actually like, and it figures this is the tone a show tries to eliminate! I guess Simon wants to try to create a non-split country vote for his Restless Road.
    Restless Road actually started out fine today but then the solo by guy in the middle at the end. All kinds of wrong notes and going all over the place mess. And yet Simon loves them and trashes Rachel over nothing he really even could make clear.
    At least Kelly and all tried to put him in their place but they were sort of cut off soon and sadly Simon may have accomplished his goal of singing her country and other fanbase from getting steam right at the critical start. :( Disgusting, well if he wants another Tate 3x to win this year it’s his boring call.
    And gotta love how they showed the wrong number to call to vote for Rachel! They freaking showed the number for Simon’s team instead! (getting away with it when they had Mario curiously add the very, very end, make sure to verify voting numbers on-line). And when you call to vote they curiously didn’t tell you who you were voting for.

  12. HTGR says:

    Oh and they also messed up Khaya’s number too I see. They also gave her the number one of Simon’s groups instead too.
    Either very sloppy work or dirty tricks. Simon sure seems to want Rachel gone fast that is sure. :(

    • Ayelet says:

      My guess is that it was just sloppy. There were more than a fair share of editing gaffes tonight. It’s kind of like even the production team has given up on this show…

    • S. says:

      On TVGuide I heard there was a “technical glitch” and something about extending voting but when I tried to click on the link it went to something about the CMAs. I hope they address this. If Khaya goes home because of Simon trickery or general XF screwiness, I’m out.

  13. HTGR says:

    Actual numbers:
    Rachel Potter: 855-843-9309
    Khaya Cohen: 855-843-9307
    NOT what they showed at the end! Which were both the numbers for Simon’s team!

    • Timmah says:

      I heard that they’re throwing out the results and having people vote again tonight. What a trainwreck.

      • HTGR says:

        Interesting. At least they caught it and owned it, just an innocent if big and embarrassing mistake. Someone got pretty sloppy, feel a little bad for them since I’m sure they are feeling major heat and the same for whoever was overseeing things and didn’t think you needed a double checker for stuff like that.

  14. rod says:

    Im falling in love with Alex and Sierra, they are so charming. Khaya is great but she acts like she is too good to be there.

  15. Ayelet says:

    I’m getting pretty sick of the judges pushing Ellona like she’s the second coming. I liked her audition well enough but she hasn’t impressed me since then. Plus they really blew the SAT thing out of proportion. Actually, a lot of the packages were seriously staged. The whole thing with Alex and Sierra finding a secret pool and jumping in with all their clothes on and there just happens to be a full camera crew there? Okay then.

    Also, it kind of annoys me that none of the groups ever harmonize, or even try to. Hearing three people all sing the exact same notes just seems kind of lazy.

    • HTGR says:

      Yeah it did seem to hint at staging also when Mario again stressed the whole thing about if Khaya thought her father would dare to support her now and approve of her and she was meakly like umm well he’s sort of supported me all along hahaha.

    • HTGR says:

      Two of the three groups have never done group work before it sometimes takes them until later in the show for more of that to go on.

    • Don Viajero says:

      Eliona has been kind of hit or miss with me. Liked her audition and last week, didn’t think much of her 4-chair performance and thought her vocals were really off tonight.

      And I second what HTGR said about the new groups. To expect them to put in a lot of harmonies this quickly is totally unrealistic. What bothers me more about Restless Road is that their solos are really off about half the time. The harmonies can come with time and more work, but there’s no making up for this last.

      • MC says:

        True. Ellona has been all over the map with her performances. Khaya has jumped ahead of her due to consistency and improved pitch. Ellona still has the ability to wow the audience, but she needs to bring her “A” game next time.

  16. HTGR says:

    All in all a much better night for the vocalists than the week before.
    Jeff did great.
    I actually really liked Rachel a lot even though she was country. Quite a talent.
    Ellona wasn’t bad.
    Alex and S were pretty good.
    Khaya did great.
    Lillie did pretty well. Surprised Michael cut her down so low.
    Sweet Suspense did very well.
    And then the rest.

  17. HTGR says:

    But at least the eh wasn’t as bad as an eh as last week, for the most part. The boys group still didn’t blow me away, but they were better than last week as was Rion, still weak on the main high line but not bad otherwise at least, Restless Road at least had harmony to start although the solo lead really went to pieces especially so it all was a wreck in the end.
    At least Paulina had the guts to firmly stand up to Simon’s chosen ones Restless Road and majorly call out the guy in the middle for his solo work (and Kelly at least sort of snuck in a peep that the leads do need to be better).
    If this was AI, Michael definitely would’ve given some of them higher scores. He sometimes downgrades singers for being on The Voice by 1/2 grade and 2/3rds on XFactor I think compared to how he seems to usually go about things on Idol, not always and not universally, but I think to some degree.

    • LB says:

      It seems like for this week at least Michael is being pretty consistent in his grading between The Voice and X Factor, particularly for the better singers (those scoring an A or a B). He may be harsher on X Factor’s below average singers, but they are significantly worse than those on The Voice.

  18. HTGR says:

    Oh BUT HOW ON EARTH did the wild card come from the single weakest of all the groups!! As it was the best of them isn’t really as good as the worst of most of the other groups. WTH?! Why not Ashely for the girls? Or James for the over 25s? Why not at Dani at least? How on earth do they go to the boys group for the wild card?????

    • LB says:

      Since the boys are the weakest group, maybe they are trying to give Paulina a better chance to stay in the game a little longer.

  19. Allyson says:

    Omg, can you go a week without writing a negative article about X-Factor? You are entitled to your opinion, but it would be nice if you could stop bashing X-Factor and praising The Voice all the time. I mean, some people actually do like The X-Factor. Maybe it is time to let someone else write for the show. Well, hopefully not another singing competition will be added, b/c there is enough as it on tv. I like Simon, he made Idol what it was today and when he and Paula left the show become predictable and boring. I do miss the brutal honesty from Simon from his days on Idol. I like Mario much better than Ryan Seacrest. Mario has personality without the annoying factor.

    • Bane says:

      Dude if you watch ALL the singing shows you can’t help but compare and thus it makes it even harder to write without giving an honest critique. Do you expect him to give false praise? EW stopped recapping this show altogether.

  20. Jake says:

    The groups are the only acts I care about on this show because the soloists are far inferior to anything you’d see on other shows. This season, Alex & Sierra are fantastic. I don’t understand how you can dock Sweet Suspense for having so many backup singers when Restless Road is just as guilty, if not more. I remember Celine’s audition (from Sweet Suspsense), and she was actually quite good. The other two girls are talented also. On Restless Road, Colton (ironically, the only one who was called on pitch issues tonight) is generally a good singer, but the other two are kind of awful, and the three don’t harmonize at all or have much significant stage presence (besides being attractive). Yet they receive effusive praise weekly. I’ve seen enough of Sweet Suspense to know that behind all of the crazy lights and dancing and props, they can actually sing and harmonize well. I’m not so sure about Restless Road.

  21. Don Viajero says:

    I thought Jeff Gutt had the performance of the evening. Other good ones (by the standards of X-Factor anyway) included Lillie, Khaya, Alex & Sierra, and Sweet Suspense (in roughly that order).

    I thought the two worst of the night were Carlos and Carlito, Other performances that I just didn’t like much came from Rion, Tim, Eliona and Restless Road.

    Everyone else was kind of in the middle.

  22. trev says:

    Carlito’s hot. That is all.

  23. trev says:

    Why does Jeff keep pimping out his kid? It’s like he keeps using a sap story to get ahead instead of his talent.

  24. Chablis says:

    Cause that’s what all the reality singing shows do. I like Jeff but the constant repeating of his story annoys me. Annoys me so much I don’t vote for him . The world is full of single parents trying to do the same thing.

  25. EVPandHC says:

    Let’s add a bit more to how much of a trainwreck this season is becoming… they’re making everyone revote after another live show tomorrow where everyone performs again. And they’re only eliminating the act with the lowest votes next week. Then the remaining acts will perform right after that act is gone with hits from the 1980s.

    I do enjoy singing competitions. I really do. But this is getting ridiculous.

    • EVPandHC says:

      Also, I didn’t mean to spoil the theme next week. Sorry to everyone who didn’t want to see. But at this point, you can see how badly they’re ruining the show.

      • HTGR says:

        What’s wrong with 80s songs though? Not that far off from a lot of current pop only with the less auto-tune and more live capable voices and so on.

  26. Jason says:

    I really love Alex and Sierra! Dont gey the sonny and cher comparison! They are much cooler! Hope they didnt ruin their career by being on x factor! I wiill go see them live!

  27. Jason says:

    Is Paulina the modern day Charo? Weird that she first eliminatex one guy they caved and brought him back when studio audience yelled ay her! Then brought back another kid aftet eliminating him! Maybe she isn’t understanding producer’s instructions and eliminating wrong. Contestants

  28. Eric7740 says:

    IMHO, the winner of this years X-Factor should come from the the over 25’s or the groups
    Finalists should be:
    Reckless Road
    Jeff Gutt
    Alex and Sierra
    Lillie McCloud (dated and old my foot! Homegirl can SING!!!)

  29. Sideshowgeorge says:

    I have so tuned out this show. Overblown, cheesey and a serious lack of talent. Simon’s little ego vehicle just needs to go away. I will take the Voice, Idol and, Duck Dynasty reruns over this steamer any day

  30. LLL says:

    Why does Demi sabotage her natural beauty week after week? I just don’t get it. I’m not trying to be mean, but the first thing I thought when I saw her last night was “oompa loompa”.

    • marina says:

      Completely agree. And Kelly with her bra showing and black tape over pink dress to hold the mike… c’mon people. These ladies pay a lot of money for their glam squads so there is no excuse for them to look like that.

    • S. says:

      Last night Demi looked like if Cher and the Madonna version of Eva Peron had a love child. Way too old for her even with the blue hair streaks.

    • HTGR says:

      I think being in the spotlight is a lot of pressure and some then overdo things. Heck look at Pamela Anderson, she was hot as could be and then started getting plastic surgery and lip implants and way overdoing make-up and she ended up not looking as amazing as she had naturally to begin with.

  31. Libra12804 says:

    I watched the CMA last night forgot this was on. Saw a few acts online, I guess I didn’t miss anything. Nobody has the X-factor as far as I am concern. One question, when did X-factor have theme nights, I am not an avid watcher but never remember them having before.

  32. I was pleasantly surprised by the show. Sure, some of them were a bit rough (Carlos and Rion), but for being such a stale theme a lot of them did very well. Sure a lot of them didn’t have the vocals that most of the contestants on The Voice have, but in all honesty I think they’re two entirely different shows…The X-Factor is definitely more in the vain of finding a pop star, thus having the vocal chops that other shows do isn’t necessary.

  33. David says:

    The show is such a joke. Got a whole 4.5 million viewers who will be treated to a second night of bad singing. How Rubio got chosen I will never know; she makes Britney look like the Einstein of judging. Did she not even go to rehearsal? Seems like she has no idea who is on her team and doubt she knows American music that well.
    So again we have Simon choosing a wild card when someone he wants gets cut (Did Rubio forget who Simon told her to pass through)…Or did we have a lack of African Americans in the finals? Just thinking out loud. The kid will not win so why bother? If you’re going to have a wild card, let your audience choose.
    So I guess we’ve given up on the idea of making the show fresh or new. Lost count of how many Motown weeks we’ve had and how many times we’ve been ‘treated’ to hearing the same songs over and over and over again.
    And it took all of one performance before multiple judges told us said young boy will be a star with a huge future career. How has that worked for others? Even the winners havent had that. You can’t keep blowing smoke up these people’s a—es or expect the viewers to take you seriously when you tell every other contestant they’re going to be a star.
    A few contestants actually were good but most are really bad. I see Simon is already thinking about his new manufactured group as the country boy band (you have to admit that doesnt exist in country music these days and cute guys can always sell) already has a logo in week 1.
    The show is SOOOO boring. The judges are SOOOO predictable (including Simon). Mario does nothing for me (and why did his voice not match his lips in the opening segment?)
    And we were treated to a lame group number on performance night so we didn’t have to wait until Thursday?
    XF was lucky that the CMA were on Wednesday so that the Voice couldn’t schedule its results without having Blake. Wonder if XF will be even lower tonight with Voice.
    So is the voting snafu a stunt or just incompetence?
    And whats the deal with giving the people the same number all season? Is that to ensure that the cute boys can go through since you don’t really have to watch the show or listen to the songs to vote? Makes no sense. Yes, I know DWTS does it too…but it just means you don’t have to watch the show and can just power vote every Wednesday night regardless. WHY? And did I read they were once again going to reveal the voting results in advance? That was one of t he worst things they did last season? Why would you want to spoil surprises and let people know early which contestants are doing well? It also ruins any suspense. Just another terrible decision.


  34. Alan Dvorkis says:

    I too was pleasantly surprised. I actually enjoyed 2 of the 13. Alex and Sierra and Carlito. I treat Paulina as comic relief and go with it. At least we did not have to endure any more manipulative background stories. The judges actually criticized, at least, a little. Now if we eliminate the few terrible acts, get the judges to be more honest with their critiques, enjoy Paulina for her unintentional comic bits, then there is a chance the show could be watchable.

  35. Chablis says:

    Interesting they have to do their save song tonight due to voting snafu . Assuming they pick itbthemselves and don’t have to pick MoTown should be Good.

    I really don’t like Sierra. Alex has a much better voice IMHO.

  36. Jim Welker says:

    Bringing back contestants who were eliminated is hogwash! That breaks the rules! Why not bring AKNU back, who flourished and the Motown week was right up their alley? It’s been said they are pros and that is why they weren’t chosen! I’ve since read that is not true….not signed to a contract! I think Simon knew they were a sure winner and the show wouldn’t have any suspense as to who would win….THEY WERE THAT GOOD! AGAIN, I WISH THEY WOULD RETURN, OR AT LEAST LET US KNOW WHY THEY WERE ELIMINATED! As for performances, I think Gott was the best! I agree the number mixup was on purpose!

  37. Jim Welker says:


  38. Denise says:

    I agree with your critique, especially about bringing back Josh Levi over James Kenney. And Paulna?! She didn’t remember Tim’s last name and “South California.” I understand the language barrier, but c’mon!

  39. Tom Kratofil says:

    To me this year Demi, Kelly, Simon stinks as judges. Simon always had something to say negative about almost everyone, but this season he speaks highly of all of them. The ones that stinks like Alex & Sierrs, they should get a room together, and Jeff Gutt thinks he is so great but he is not. To me the best is Restless Road, Rion Paige, Tim Olstad, Josh Levi are the BEST. Demi thinks she is so great she should grow up and stop putting two fingers behine the Blond judge and Kelly is getting to be a big mouth. But Simon, Demi and Kelly turns my stomach when they open their mouth. The Blond Judge is the BEST.

  40. Tom Kratofil says:

    One thing I want to say, why didn’t anyone go home last night. They say there was a problem and everyone had to sing again. The problem probably was the person or persons who got voted off, the judges did not want them to go so they said there was a problem with the computer, so lets do it all over again. I feel this will be the last year for X-Factor.

  41. Gata says:

    I’m a little late to the party but my take is that they brought Josh back only so he can sing a Michael Jackson song he probably has the only something or other that would fit in with the opening Motown with a Michael Jackson song. He really wasn’t that good my favorites are Alex and Sierra and Khaya

  42. Becks says:

    I watch the X Factor UK and US both, and the UK version is SO MUCH better! It has better talent, far better host (Mario is a Marionette), better judges (Paulina is there to attract a Latin audience, but the problem is that she has no functioning brain and continually comes out with the most ridiculous comments, like she has a list of one-liners and strings together 2 or 3 from the list for each contestant) and overall just a better vibe to the show. The UK version, while still the X Factor, with all its TV kitchiness, is just more fun to watch. Luke, Hannah, Nick, Abi, Sam all blow away the best contestant on the US version.

  43. Jim Welker says:

    I’ll still stick to my 1st choice from the beginning……Santiago has a great voice and the best showmanship of any of the contestants! Rion surprised me…I never liked her! Restless Road is average! What is Sir Simon listening to? I still say Simon has too much pull on the show and he persuades the other judges to pick who “HE” likes!

  44. Jim Welker says:

    My last comments are from the last show that followed Mowtown!

  45. John Anthony says:

    Why doesn’t Simon make people like Racheal Potter sing Alvin and the Chipmunks to expand her horizens in his stupid UK forum brain. A country singer is a country singer Stupid! Next Simon will have Paulina sing Rock-a-by-baby with a church choir in the back ground. I still say that Racheal Potter and Sweet Success should tell this boring idiot to shove the X-Factor and it’s rules up their A_______! and try out for the Voice!!!! If they can’t due to some written agreement let SImon know that this is America not the UK. People hear have freedom to break agreements forced upon them by an over bearing Brit!!!! Go girls!!! Go to the Voice along with Brandie Love!!!!! Another hatchet job done by the three cronies!!!!!!! Simon, why don’t you try to get that second rate pop singer Demi to win your show? She fits right in with what’s left!!!

  46. Jim Welker says:

    I said in many different posts on this sight (X Factor), before and after this one that Cohen looked and sounded like a creep with that horrible “TWANG” in her voice! This MY GIRL audition stank! A-….come on now! Well, public finally ousted the little creep! Yuk, is all I can say about her! Go Ellona (my choice from the very beginning)!