Post Mortem: The Originals Bosses on Elijah and Hayley's Bond, Marcel's Strategy and Witch Woes

The Originals Season 1 SpoilersThe wolf’s out of the bag on The Originals — and Elijah is majorly crushing on her.

On Tuesday’s episode, a tryst with Rebekah – and a piece of once-forbidden fruit – leads Marcel to Klaus’ secret plantation home, where the King of New Orleans comes face-to-face with Hayley.

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But before that, the lasting living elder witch stabs Sophie with a cursed needle to induce a miscarriage in Hayley. Desperate to save her life and the baby, while also breaking their alliance with the duplicitous Sophie, Elijah cleverly uses Davina to unlink the two women.

Below, executive producer Julie Plec and Co-EP Michael Narducci sound off on Elijah and Hayley’s growing relationship, Marcel and Klaus’ war, the witches’ major dilemma and more.

THE VAMPIRE AND THE WEREWOLF | As if Elijah’s worry for Hayley this week, not to mention their palpable sexual tension, weren’t enough evidence, Plec confirms that “there’s definitely something” between the unlikely twosome. The Original, in particular, is “starting to have his own level of concern that it’s more than just the child that he is protecting and caring for.” Despite centuries of life experience, Elijah is just as flummoxed by those feelings as anyone else and doesn’t know “where they’re coming from or how to feel about them or what to do,” describes Narducci. Meanwhile, for Hayley, who’s never had anyone to rely on, the man of his word is “a great fantasy” come to life, says the Co-EP. “So how can she not be drawn to this protector who’s noble and a good man, something she’s never seen before?” Still, Plec warns that their budding feelings are “definitely not a good thing,” especially with a territorial brother in the mix. “It’ll stir up a lot of conflicted emotions for [Klaus], as well,” adds the EP. “When he starts to feel his family slipping away from him, or what he claims as his ‘own’ finding their interest elsewhere, he tends to act out in ways that are not necessarily the most mature or appropriate. He will definitely have an opinion.”

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The Originals Season 1 SpoilersCOMPLICATED FRENEMIES | Marcel will continue to catch on to more of “what Klaus’ game is and where he fits into all of it,” teases Plec. Adds Narducci: “He’s going to piece together more and more. He’s going to start to begin a counter-strategy as he realizes what’s going on.” And that all spells bad news for the Original, whose “house of cards start crumbling,” describes Plec. “All the clever machinations that he’s put into motion are getting ruined all around him.”

SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES | Elijah gave Sophie his word that he wouldn’t let Klaus kill Agnes — and then did the deed himself in classic, spectacular Elijah fashion — all while keeping his promise. Now that the coven’s last living elder is gone, the witches have a major problem on their hands. “They have hit rock bottom,” says Plec. “They’re going to nurse their wounds for a little bit and then gear up. Sophie is going to have a little bit of a spirit crisis that she’s going to have to snap herself out of” before she decides what to do. Her next course of action in trying to find a solution “will definitely put them back against the Originals and the vampires. Elijah’s going to have an opinion about that, as well.”

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TRAPPED IN THE ATTIC | Don’t expect to see Marcel’s little secret weapon outside her attic haven just because Agnes is dead. “Davina may or may not know that that last elder was killed,” teases Narducci, noting that the teen is Marcel’s key to controlling the French Quarter and, thus, he might not want to let her go. “If he were to be not so truthful to her, how might that affect their friendship?” poses Narducci.

MIND OVER MATTER | Cami and Klaus’ heated confrontation about his mind control is just the beginning. The show’s lone human will continue to do “anything and everything she can to break free” of Klaus’ compulsion, previews Plec. “She’s not a weak, little wilting flower, so she’s probably going to have a little bit of success at it.”

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  1. Mare says:

    Elijah was a total badass tonight, love him! I knew when he promised that he wouldn’t allow Klaus to kill Agnes, that he would do it himself! He’s the best of the Originals! And I am loving him and Hayley. Seriously, who wouldn’t fall for him? And Klaus just needs to get over his bratty little brother behavior. Enough!

    • Mare says:

      Oops, one more thing! Rebecca is too good for Marcelle. Wish she could find someone who deserves her. Poor Original :(

      • Alrisha says:

        For one, I would like to see Rebecca found somebody, but no a man but herself. If enough of “I so need for a man to love me”. She is gorgeous, immortal, hot, she needs a little of self respect and self confident , not a man.

    • Me says:

      OMG yes! Their chemistry is off the charts!

  2. Sara says:

    I’m confused, wasn’t Rebekah with Matt all summer? How is she currently in New Orleans? It doesn’t make any sense.

  3. Elijahismyfavoritebadassontheoriginals says:

    Marcel is an idiot if he did something with Hayley he just signed his own death certificate I think.

    • I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

      Yep. Elijah will eat him for breakfast…and Klaus will have the leftovers for lunch.

    • Alrisha says:

      If I was an original, I just kill Marcel and problem result. The reason they are let Marcel be are idiotic. If they going to made a war of this they should had made Marcel more powerful and interesting.

  4. anisa says:

    Elijah and Haley killed me today. Regardless of their relationship statues he’s totally protective of her and she trusts him which i think everyone has to agree with me, i’m not saying they’re in love but facts speak for themselves but i hope do they fall in love in the end. On 1×05 i didn’t think that Klaus was jealous towards the end because he had like smirk that said “this interesting” but now you can diffidently tell there’s certain jealousy he has toward Elijah because unlike him, Elijah is able to draw people toward him not by force. .I wont say that Klaus is in love but he feeling territorial of Haley because in his mind she carries his child so therefore she his.

    • Cass says:

      I’m not sure Klaus is jealous-jealous of Haley, or even territorial. I think he just doesn’t like other people to have things he doesn’t.

      • Daniel T. says:

        Agree. he does not have romantical feelings for hayley, I think he fears to be left alone when hayley and elijah become a thing and that they might take the baby with them.

        • anisa says:

          “definitely not a good thing,” especially with a territorial brother in the mix”.-Julie pec
          i’m saying in the sense that it was like first time Elijah fell for Katherine but Klaus wanted her for his own gain so when couldn’t have her he made sure no one could just like that but reversed because he wants the child but he’s afraid of the fact that the baby just like everyone else in life they would choose Elijah over him when reality its just that Elijah is more dependable . Klaus doesn’t understand that so he will feel territorial of Haley because he wants to ensure what is his, is his alone. Also during the begin of the show when Klaus begins to read that poem and he refers to Elijah as being friend and foe(include Marcel being a foe only),control is wrath that gets the best of him and by turn to a garden which i guess it mean the child and how it is his but his foe is eyeing his prize as well meaning Haley..

    • Ari says:

      If Elijah and Hayley hook up I’m going to have to be done with this show. Hayley is the worst and Elijah is the best. Why would you ruin him with such an awful love interest. She is totally not worthy of him.

      • Adriene says:

        Completely agree with you. Which I why I AM done with this show. Ok actually that’s not the only reason, but Elijah was one of the only things I liked about the show and they are ruining that for me. I for one have never liked Klaus or any of the stories involving him. I actually think he’s boring so I was glad they got him off TVD. I dont like any of the new characters on Originals and now Elijah with Haley? It makes me think so, so less of Elijah.

      • Lupi says:

        I agree, -_- I always wanted Elijah with Elena… and even Daniel Gillies is a fan of the two! I just got really sad with last night’s episode… totally done with this show if he and Hailey get together. Not to mention, it’s creepy that he might hook up with his brother’s baby mama *Shudders*.

        P.S. Thank god someone agrees with me on the aspect of those two getting together! GAH!

      • Nik says:

        Yeah, I just can’t get into the Hayley character at all. Love Elijah and Klaus is great as his badass self while Rebekah is another fave of mine with her bad girl vibe and snarky comments. Hayley, however, not so much. Is she a relative of Julie Plec’s or something? They sure are fighting hard to find her a place on one of their shows and ram her character down the throats of the viewers. Sorry to the supporters of Hayley out there (and no offense to the actress herself) but the chemistry between the werewolf-ette and the classy Elijah just isn’t there for me. It just doesn’t work. Marcel and Rebekah, however, have smokin’ chemistry. Just sayin’ here.

      • Thia says:

        Amen to that! There are no words to describe how disappointed I am with the Elijah/Hayley storyline. As dam annoying as I found Elena in TVD I at least understood Elijah’s attraction to her and her annoying selflessness. Plus, they had enough history and chemistry for me to buy a possible-maybe scenario.

        But Hayley has no chemistry with anyone on the show. As pretty as I think PTonkin is and as much as I like rooting for the badass girls in any series, I think the lack of chemistry is due to her terrible terrible acting. I so wanted to like her but alas.

        Elijah was probably one of my top 5 favorite characters on Tv in the past few years and I was geeking out for months waiting for The Originals to air. And the past few weeks I have been seriously considering not watching anymore. And that makes me want to cry. Because I love me some JoMo and Marcel is delicious! But Elijah is no longer Elijah. He is wooden half the time, his motivations driven by his ‘feelings’ for Hayley make no sense and that makes so much of his actions seem like heavy handed writing. Most plot points involving him make no sense to me.

        I think that Cami is probably the most interesting female character for me ( I know everyone complains that she is boring etc…but – ) Leah Pipes is doing an amazing job portraying one of the strongest and cleverest human characters we’ve seen in TVD and The Originals combined. Her acting is spot on.

        Back to the Elijah issue – which grates my cheese to no end. He has lost his shine, his presence. Writers, why did you make him so pathetic?! In TVD he was the epitome of authority, nobility, honor. He always seemed above the fray and out of reach. He was this generation’s Maximus Decimus Meridius (go watch Gladiators those who haven’t). You would think that it would take one hell of a woman to attract the Great Elijah (no, Elena was not one hell of a woman and neither was selfish Katerina) Puppy eyed Elijah is charmless and has no mystery and that is the fail.

        I am really not liking seeing him as one us mere mortals (no pun intended). He just seems like a pretentious poser since being on the Originals and if I had not followed TVD, I would have laughed at this Elijah. Instead I am just sad that one of favorite character has been turned into a charicature in order to please ‘shippers’

      • Valerie Mendez says:

        Well, I like when she fought her way from that clinic the girl is a fighter, but I truly believe she will take that baby straight to the bayou, that sint happening Klaus ain’t havin it. I say this again No Elijah and Hayle. Please writers let him be the uncle he is meant to be and the brother that wwon’t cross that line. #######

  5. ollie says:

    Love the dynamic between klaus, elijah ( such a badas# this episode) and marcel but poor claire is stuck like elena having her storyline stuck around a guy and I know it was the same for her on tvd.

  6. DavidSask says:

    This is the only new show I watch still of new show,but enough with the damn kidnapping plots over and over again, and let the baby be born already so plot development can move on faster!!!

  7. Tori says:

    I am rooting for the witches, they have the right to protect themselves and to be able to fight the vampires. I hope the writers find a way to give Sophie the power to make Marcel and the orginals think twice about messing with the New Orleans witches.

  8. sophie says:

    I really like the show, it’s more grown up then TVD. The original three are killing it, I like Davina and her story, Cami is fierce but a little too similar to Caroline while Haley is still a blank page to me.
    But I’m really annoyed by Marcel, he’s still not interesting after 6 episodes, I don’t care for him at all.

    • sophie says:

      Plus Rebekah even has more chemistry with Matt then with Marcel and that says allot. I still like her the most with Stefan, but then, I like everybody with Stefan who is not Elena.

      • Cass says:

        Wow, I think Rebekah and Marcel have crazy chemistry. I mean, he is a rat who is nowhere near good enough for her but man are they hot. (Matt on the other hand I never saw chemistry with but he WAS good for her and their relationship was sweet.)

        • sophie says:

          I think it bothers me that Rebekah knows Marcel since he was a little boy and wathed him growing up, with Klaus being a brother figure for him. I find that odd and a little gross. And I really don’t feel the connection there nor does Marcel have that old soul going on like the rest of the old vampires.

        • Sane says:

          I agree with you. Marcel and Rebekah have crazy chemistry. I think the pairing is much better than anyone Rebekah’s character has had so far. All of their scenes are sexy in my opinion.

    • Lena says:

      Most TVD fans (now Original) don’t like characters who are not white. That is the small minded mentality of the fans for this show. No big surprise, especially since people were bashing Marcel before the show started since he wasn’t blond and white enough.

      • sophie says:

        I’m not sure but are you saying I’m a racist because I don’t enjoy a tv character? That’s the most absurd comment I’ve ever read. I don’t even know where you get that from. His ski color has nothing to do with his character, I just find him not as layered and complex as the other vampires on the show, I don’t care about him as much as for the others.
        Not to mention Bonnie is besides Stefan my fave TVD character.

      • Ari says:

        I don’t remember anyone bashing Marcel before the show started. I do remember a lot of bashing of the blonde and white Camille though.

  9. Penn says:

    I love these characters – they’re so layered and the actors are wonderful-I just wish our time with them wasn’t going to be taken up by Tyler. He belongs on Vampire Diaries, and frankly, he’s not particularly interesting.

    • Ally Oop says:

      Agreed. Tyler has always been my least favourite character. I did not miss him one bit when he was gone.

      • Jane Doe says:

        I just love the Haley and Elijah pairing. Iwould like to see we’re it goes between the two. when you think about it there really starcrossed. When she’s having a baby with Klaus how does Elijah fit into the picture with that ?

    • r.m. says:

      Yeah, Tyler is a weak link on tvd & will be on the Originals too. He hasn’t been written well in a long time & the vendetta against Klaus is a snooze. They should cut the actor loose to pursue other opportunities. Or an acting class.

  10. QueenB says:

    this show keeps gettitzng better my fave new show and ive only seen season one of vampire diaries

  11. Evan says:

    The smirk Klaus gave after Elijah killed all the witches in the church was priceless!!! And please someone give Daniel Gillies an award for something he was excellent as usual, why does Elijah always get the most epic kills???

  12. Jeri says:

    We need someone to root for. Right now no-one seems to really care about anyone else except Elijah & he’s been “out of it” until just recently. They all are evil, they don’t treat each other like family, who are we supposed to care about? Even the mother to be is pretty much a b—h.

    The VD has friends, had family, and a lot of relationships we care about. We need something to care about here.

  13. Shaun says:

    How did Marcel get in the house?There is a living person there so he should be blocked.I was like ”He can’t touch her!!”

    • Kim says:

      I think the house has to be owned by a living person inorder for the entry rules to apply, I’m not sure who the house belongs to at this point, but we know it doesn’t belong to Hayley.

      • Erin C. says:

        I think he was allowed to enter because he was the bastard son of the plantation owner. In theory that would give him access to the house as a heir to the original owner.

  14. tatiana says:

    Love the idea of Elijah and Hailey together. …would bring crazy drama because other then outside forces you know Klaus will have a titty fit….Elijah scene @the church when he kills Agnes. …loved it….completely badass! His best work yet !…as far as Marcel. … he is so !@#$ gorgeous I focus on the show when he’s on screen!

  15. tatiana says:

    Correction…..can’t focus *

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  17. Dee says:

    I hope that they won’t really pair Elijah and Hayley together, it would be like watching tvd with the whole stefan-elena-damon all over again

  18. Sane says:

    Marcel and Rebekah are the main reason I watch this show. They are so hot together and their story has been great so far.

  19. ME2 says:

    Loving Rebekah/Marcel MAD chemistry and the only reason why I watch the show. I think they would make a BEAUTIFUL couple.

  20. WOW says:

    Sopie are you referring to Matt the LITTLE boy who “got off” on watching Rebekah kiss another woman. Really…

  21. Me too says:

    I find it disgusting that Elijah is attracted to woman who is carrying his brother’s child.

    • Thia says:

      Very out of character for the noble honorable Elijah. He doesn’t seems like the same guy from TVD anymore.

      Except for when he killed Agnes…which was Awesome! (and this from someone who is actually rooting for the witches most of the time)

  22. Pls! U guys should give phoebe a chance! JEEZ! I was once like u, I despised her cos she was a bitch in secret circle and betrayed caroline in vampire diaries, but now dat she’s trying her best to be a protagonist GIVE HER A BREAK!!!