Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Once, Castle, NCIS, Hostages, The Mentalist, Revolution and More

Once Upon a Time Emma Neal SpoilersWho’s due for a Once Upon a Time face-off? Will Castle and Beckett hit a baby bump? Will a tattoo trip up The Mentalist? Who’s coming back to NCIS?  Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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I missed seeing Tinker Bell last week on Once Upon a Time. Any scoop on what’s in store for her? –Stef
Maybe, just maybe, the plucky pixie will get her wings back before all is said and done…? At the very least, I’m hearing we will see her confront the Blue Fairy about their past “differences.”

Can Once Upon a Time fans hope for something good for Swan&Thief in one of the next episodes? –Viviane
In the very next episode, airing this Sunday, you’ll get a surprising development on the Emma/Neal front. Whether it’s a “good” development… well, you’ll have to wait and see.

Once Upon a Time‘s Emilie de Ravin recently tweeted about filming with James Immekus and Matt Kane (Switched at Birth). They wouldn’t happen to be playing Michael and John Darling, would they? –Tara
Emilie de Ravin did indeed film scenes with James Immekus and Matt Kane, but mum’s the word on their roles. One of them is British, though. Hmm.

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On Castle, will we see how Beckett reacts to the press when they find out about the engagement? –Emma
Yep – and that’s where this casting scoop comes in. In the first episode after the winter break (airing sometime in January), “We’re certainly playing with Beckett being a private person and not really wanting to deal with the engagement announcement [to the media],” show boss Andrew W. Marlowe previews. “But a case comes up with somebody who’s very much in the public eye that gets Beckett to the point where she realizes she’s a private person but she’s in a relationship with somebody who’s a public person – so how does that affect them?”

[Castle creator Andrew] Marlowe mentioned there were some Caskett moments he wanted to get to last season but didn’t. Will we see any of those this year? – Stephanie
The pre-hiatus episode “The Good, the Bad and the Baby” will indeed check one item off Marlowe’s to-do list. “The “really fun” hour, as he describes it, finds Rick and Kate minding an infant mysteriously deposited by a stranger in a church, at Christmastime. “If I’m the fan and I’ve been watching this show, I know a lot about Rick and Kate, but I don’t really know how they feel about more kids,” Marlowe notes. “Does Castle want more? And for Beckett, somebody who has been pursuing her career and her job so doggedly, I’m sure it’s crossed her mind theoretically — ‘Oh, sure. I’ll have kids someday’ — but someday’s coming up.” After all, I myself mused, has Beckett ever had occasion to handle a baby? “We will answer that question,” Marlowe assures, “in a fun, funny, satisfying and charming way.”

Please, please tell me you have inside scoop on anything NCIS-related, especially regarding McGee or Tony? –Marla
One could argue this scooplet pertains to McGee — seeing as he spooned with her the last time around. Melinda McGraw is due back for another encore as Diane Sterling AKA ex-Mrs. Gibbs AKA ex-Mrs. Fornell.

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I was told to email here if I wanted scoop on The Mentalist, so here I am. –Olivia
Indeed, you are. “Armed” (heh) with the new tattoo clue, Jane sets out this Sunday to round up all five remaining suspects, only to find that one of them has gone missing. Long story short, the aforementioned ink leads to a rather surprising reveal, and that shotgun Jane is waving around in the promo does go off.

Do you know who made Van Pelt’s wedding dress on The Mentalist? It is very pretty. –Mitch
Vera Wang. And yes, it was.

Could you please give me inside scoop on the new show Hostages? –Pam
Another doozy of an episode is coming up on Monday. Ellen and Brian, never deterred from fighting the good fight, formulate a plan to eliminate Duncan, for good, building to quite the cliffhanger. Elsewhere, the First Lady makes Mellie Grant seem downright genteel; Warehouse 13’s Joanne Kelly debuts as FLOTUS’ sister; and Ellen has an encounter with someone that in quick succession will make yo go :-O and then {:-O

Now that it’s a little further into the season, any word on when Kono will return to the team on Hawaii Five-0? Thanks in advance! –Sarah
Showrunner Peter M. Lenkov guesstimated “midseason” back during our pre-season preview, and as it turns out, he tells no lies. Maybe it’ll be a nice “gift” as we enter the new year?

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Is Shay still pregnant on Chicago Fire? –Helen
Um, did you miss a buncha episodes…? Unfortunately for Shay, she never actually got pregnant at the end of Season 1. What’s more, Renee then came in and threw her and Severide’s baby plans for a loop with a kiddie of her own.

Will Revolution’s Neville and Jason ever join up with the other group? –Dan
When I ran that Q by Elizabeth Mitchell, she didn’t indicate it would happen anytime soon. “Neville is on his own adventure right now, and its about to get really hot, which I really like,” she shared. Besides, with him fighting the Patriots on a different front, “For all intents and purposes, he’s our best hope right now.”

What has happened to the six un-aired episodes from Unforgettable Season 2? When will they air? –Douglas
Officially, CBS has set no timetable for the rest of Season 2. But I predict, exclusively, that the episodes will be used as scheduling “spackle” for when, say, Person of Interest or a Friday drama need a breather.

Not that I watch the show, but why are they calling Mike & Molly “The New Mike & Molly“? Recasts, maybe? –Brandy
Recasts? You’re funny. (Not that you watch the show, wink-wink, nudge-nudge.) No, it’s the same cast, but one could argue that events of the season premiere steer the sitcom in a new direction – and it’s a sort of hard left turn, in my opinion. (Not that I watch the show.) And for those emailing about the babymaking storyline from Season 2, yes, that thread is touched upon in the premiere.

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  1. Thank you for answering my NCIS question….I do wonder if things will continue to be ‘frosty’ between Gibbs, Fornell, Diane and McGee when we see her again. Do you know when we’ll see Fornell and Diane back on screen? :) You’re so good to the NCIS fans with the scoops, scooplets and spoilers. :)

  2. Sasha says:

    I hope its good news for Emma and Neal

    • Kathy says:

      Same here. I hope it’s a good development for them. After all she never stopped loving him.

      • Fey says:

        ugh for the love of god, please NO. Neal and Emma make me so mad. He doesn’t deserve her

        • ratinhos60 says:

          And Hook had sex with Milah…Bae’s mother…Henry’s grandmother…what is more disgudting?

          Only in USA this cheap thing so promiscuous and perverse has so much popularity and audience. Adding the fact that almost throughout the year we had to take with the media promoting this relationship as if OUAT were just about Captain Swan affair ugh disgusting

        • kath says:

          Neal was about 23, or rather 323, when he got a 16/17 year old Emma pregnant and abandoned her, putting her into jail for holding the watches that he stole. He didn’t look for her in Tallahassee, even though she spent 2 years there waiting for him. Then when they did meet up in Manhattan, he told her to keep away because of her association with his father, and by the way, he’s engaged to someone else even though Emma hasn’t been able to move on.

          Unlike Kitsis and Horowitz delete all of season 2, it’s impossible to think of Neal and Emma as being OTP, not the way he’s behaved towards her.

    • HeatherC says:

      Me too! Totally understand that they still have a ton of stuff to work through but I’m hoping for a reunion or that she at least finds out he’s alive this week! =)

    • SandyLane says:

      Not me. Neal is unattractive and boring. And I just can’t understand half of anything he says. All he ever does is mumble. Emma deserves so much better.

      • Gil says:

        Emma was pissed at Neal, i dont see it as her declaring her undying love for the man who walled her up for 11 yrs and she hadnt moved past that due to those reasons, she was pissed and ANGRY as she said – angry that those things that has made her walled up she couldnt let it out. I think ppl need to go and see Emma’s speech again and what she was saying (did ppl miss it or just took bits out of it to suit themselves) Pls understand Emma Swan!!! . She keeps finding out about Bae and the things she never knew – and it just seems like she NEVER knew Neal, because she didnt.

        I cannot root for Neal and Emma – nothing is GOOD about them, never has been. What exactly does Neal understand about Emma – NOTHING. She doesnt even know him. I dont care if they have a son, that dont make everything family and ok, because Emma deserves someone way better esp someone who fights for her, puts her first etc

        • Amy says:

          That is one thing I think Emma is starting to realize in Neverland. She never really new the man she loved as a teenager. I think it would be natural to show that he was her first love, but now is not her True Love. Of course I’m biased because as I said in my comment I’m not sure how much change he would have to undergo for me to think he deserves her love after the way he’s treated her. It’s not just that he abandoned her, but that he felt he had the right to make this major decision for her instead of trusting her and talking to her. As a woman that’s just something I hate.

        • Ginger Snap says:

          Don’t be so quick to blame Neal for Emma’s emotional problems. She was an orphan before she met Neal. She’s never been able to trust because she’s never felt loved. He shares her dysfunction because they both were abandoned by their parents. That is the reason why they are attracted to each other.
          Remember, we are in Neverland, and it suits Pan’s game to stir the pot with Emma’s emotions. Keep her distracted. Put Hook in a bad place. Because however Emma finds out that Neal is alive, Hook isn’t going to look good.

          • kath says:

            It’s true that Emma’s never felt loved ….. except briefly by Neal. When he abandoned her like that, he made her problems much, much worse.

            If he knew what it felt like to be abandoned and unloved, even more he shouldn’t have done it to her when she had never felt loved in her life whereas he was loved by his mother till she met Hook, and by Rumple who became The Dark One to save Neal from having to go to war..

      • M. says:

        You’re quite shallow if you use his looks as a reason. Emma clearly disagrees with you because she was attracted to him.

      • ratinhos60 says:

        Unattractive…It is very important to you right? realizes why nowadays there are so many divorces. People marry with appearance and forget content…

      • Viviane Jost says:

        Unatractive? You’re joking, he’s one of the most attractive man from this show. why always blamming Neal, they’re lot of others characters to blame. The first’s Regina because of the curse. He didn’t know he’ll be a father when he left.The first scene between Emma and Neal was one of my favorite. Tallahassee’s one of my favorite episod. Because of the sacrifice of Neal Emma found her Mother and Father, break the curse. Now Emma and Neal deseve happiness with their son Henri.

    • Katie says:

      Me too! I love Emma and Neal’s relationship, and am really hoping for a reconciliation there.

    • Nina says:

      I love Neal and Emma! Personally I don’t mind if they don’t end up together, I still love them. But I just can’t with all this Emma-Hook thing. Hook is sort of Neal’s step dad or something. Once he took Neal’s mom from Rumple and now Emma. Neal just can’t catch a break!

      • LC says:

        And I just can’t with all this Hook took/stole Milah from Rumple and Emma from Neal thing. While I definitely don’t approve of Milah abandoning her son, it was HER CHOICE to run away with Killian. Episode 2×11, Hook to Belle: “If a woman comes to you and begs you to take her away, is that theft?”
        As for Emma – she doesn’t belong to Neal. Hello?! They haven’t been together in over ten years. He left her and never looked back. She is free to do whatever she wants with whomever she wants.
        I don’t know what the endgame will be for Emma’s love life, all I know is that I’m tired of people saying Hook took Milah from Rumple and ESPECIALLY that he’s taking Emma from Neal. She pulled him in for that kiss rather forcefully, wouldn’t you say?

  3. They’re calling it “The New Mike & Molly” because they want to trick viewers into thinking that movie star Melissa McCarthy is in a new sitcom. Plus I’m sure the show will be more tailored towards her strengths in physical/slapstick comedy, reflecting what America loved about her in The Heat, Bridesmaids, Identity Thief, etc.

    • Gemini says:

      You’re right…that’s what I read–that the powers that be want to cash in on her success as a movie actress. The physical/slapstick comedy might play well in a movie, but don’t think it’s going to be good for the series. Molly was always the sensible one of just about everyone on the show! Now suddenly she quits her job, loses her pension and benefits and doesn’t care? And to have her jump out the window–didn’t find that funny–just stupid. I hope they don’t ruin this show.

  4. Apples says:

    Those two Castle eps sound awesome. This season of Castle has pretty much been fanfiction-esque territory (bar the controversial Alexis-Pi ,arc, which I love frankly).

    • R says:

      Caskett wise, s6 has been fanfiction. Better even, because it’s canon. ;)
      Thanks for all the Caskett goodies, Matt :)

    • stephanie says:

      I know, isn’t great, love fan fiction and to me “Castle” (which is my fave-of all times) to me is like a soap opera. The more the merrier. You never know what is going to happen…..great job. Thanks for all the updates, and semi-spoilers.

  5. Christina says:

    Castle and Once in one InsideLine definitely brightened up my morning! Thanks Matt!
    Pretty excited to see where Marlowe takes the baby-making thread. It could def go a ton of different ways, but I’m trusting him to handle it well. Still hoping he’s saving a pregnancy for the series finale though…

    • Just one thing says:

      I’m on the fence about the notion of a Castle/Beckett baby. I’m not sure how it would be handled. I’m not even sure if there’s a way to make that work. So, yeah, I guess saving it as a “maybe one day” or for the series finale would probably be safest.
      One thing I hope they don’t do is suggest that Beckett has NEVER come in contact with a baby before. It just feels so cliche when shows act like the career-minded female protagonist has avoided all contact with children, either subconsciously or otherwise. Sure, we’ve never seen her with a kid, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t babysit as a teenager or have any college friends who’ve since had kids.
      Of course, since I’m hoping they don’t do that… :-P

      • Just one thing says:

        And, before anyone says anything, yes I know we saw her with that toddler way back in the earlier seasons. But two seconds with a kid doesn’t count!

      • Christina says:

        Totally hear you with regard to Beckett handling children. It would be WAY too cliche to have her unable to manage a baby. That being said though, I do anticipate Castle showing her that he actually knows a thing or two about babies, which would hopefully show Kate that despite being a manchild he can still take care of a family. For all his teasing about Alexis being the adult, he still makes/made her food, took her to parks and all around cares for her.
        I really don’t want to see them try to handle a pregnant Kate on the show, but I do want them to have kids/I want to see Castle and Kate’s reaction to realizing they’re going to have kids. I think I’d actually be satisfied if the series ended with an “I’m pregnant” type situation. Not a Bones *I’m pregnant…Booth smiles…cut to hiatus* type situation, but something that addresses it without us having to watch her solve crimes pregnant.

  6. Sara says:

    Surprising development =/= good development imo. Since it’s somewhat expected for Emma and Neal to run back into each other’s arms (I personally don’t see that happening but you know). I feel like the development might be Emma finding out about him being alive and going to save him? Who knows.

    • Therese says:

      I hope so. As much as I do hope they end up together in the end, I think it would feel very untrue (at least on her part) to just run into each other’s arms all happy and loving right away. These two have some serious issues to work on before they can get to “happily ever after”. But I don’t think that means they don’t love each other very much.

    • M. says:

      It’s not expected at all. Everyone knows, including the ones who ship, that they have many issues to work out and that it will take time for Emma to forgive. Nobody is expecting them to run into each other’s arm and be together right now.

      • Fey says:

        I want Neal and Emma to work out their issues BUT DO NOT WANT THEM TO GET BACK TOGETHER EVER. Ugh. I don’t want her to end up with Neal. I would lose faith in love. He lost his chance when he gave her up. It was not sacrifice.

        • Jess says:

          He never gave up on her. He let her go so that she could fulfill her destiny. If anything, he let her go out of love for her.

      • Cass says:

        Yeah, I don’t see the STers believing that their couple will be instantly happy together via glossing over every bad thing that’s ever happened between them. That’s another fanbase….

  7. Trish says:

    Hard turn left, you say. I couldn’t agree MORE – pertaining to “Mike and Molly.” It looks like hardcore slapstick now. Trailer trash TV. Doesn’t look like a lot of NUANCE, if you catch my drift. I’ll watch, but I’m already BUMMED. Kinder, gentler Mike and Molly are out the window. And why? The writing was sharp but had layers. Now, it appears as though it’s sharp and cold. Not good from what the previews suggest.

  8. ollie says:

    The baby episode of castle sounds awesome.

    • stephanie says:

      can’t wait, Christmas time all about the kids (kids at heart too!) can’t wait to see what happens when you add a “baby”-(even if for a short time) to a Castle Christmas. Cheers, and be merry!

  9. Christina says:

    Christmas + Castle and Beckett + baby = SIGN ME UP. Super excited for that episode! And thank god we get it before winter hiatus.

  10. Si says:

    Oh please, please let it be a good development for Emma and Neal!

  11. DJ Doena says:

    Is it just me or has Castle’s Alexis turned into an annoying brat?

    • Shunda1177 says:

      No, not just you! Definite BRAT!!!

    • Kvivik says:

      Hey, while I agree, I also realize that Alexis was the “parent” when she was in her teens. She needs this little breakout.
      I’m hoping this isn’t a permanent shift though.

      • Robin says:

        I agree. She was the adult in The relationship. Not surprising she is acting out. But my parents had control over my living situation when I was in school. He’s still paying her tuition but she’s paying for housing. Still, extreme change. Shame on castle for letting her hear about engagement from Martha!

    • Rich Abey says:

      Brat yes. But if she had this relationship outside the Castle Apartment I’d have been more patient. No she goes ahead without informing her dad (who owns the apartment by the way) & brings a parasite-like guy in (who then proceeds to eat all of Rick’s food, borrow his razor and has no sense of propriety while walking into Rick’s bedroom in the morning..at which point Alexis had the guts to ask Rick whether they were having a family meeting without even a hint of apology). At no point does she apologizes for Pi’s awful behavior, nor even for her own. And then she proceeds to slam him on the face with some cheap shots!
      The situation is hopeless..so I try not to talk about it. Advice you to do the same..at least until the craziness subsides.

    • Apples says:

      Eh, what about Castle himself. I have a divorced parent- if they got engaged without telling me I’d be feeling pretty hurt. I think Alexis has a pretty good reason for her feelings and actions.

      • DJ Doena says:

        The problem is that we don’t exactly know what happened. When did Alexis learn about this from Martha instead of Rick? Maybe he called his mom and then Alexis but she didn*t have cell service on her island? And later when Rick wasn’t around Martha wanted to talk to and actually reached her without knowing Rik didn’t?

        So far we don’t know much about what happened in the two-month-time-jump.

        • Apples says:

          Agree the timeline is unknown. Nonetheless it seems pretty clear to me that even after she came back from CR, Castle has not bothered to sit down with Alexis and discuss with the her the impact of the engagement on their relationship and the whole family dynamic. Indeed Beckett needs to be part of that discussion too.
          However you spin it, that is poor parenting (and actually pretty OOC for Castle).

          • DJ Doena says:

            yeah, we’ll see where Marlowe goes with this.

            On the other hand you could actually argue that Alexis is an adult now and is in college, so her dad marrying a woman she herself has known for more than five years and has been in really tough decisions with is not going to upset the family dynamic that dramatically.

            The problem with this whole thing is: Adult Alexis suddenly seems to need more actual parenting than Teen Alexis ever did.

          • DJ Doena says:

            Strike “decisions” and replace it with “situations” in my last post

          • Apples says:

            It isn’t really about the “parenting” aspect so much as it Castle showing a lack of respect and communication.
            But I do think this week’s episode will be pivotal in judging these characters further so it is pointless to speculate much further till we see it.
            Reportedly it has a long-awaited Beckett-Alexis talk.

  12. Cass says:

    Is it wrong that I want Neville to end up president of the so-called Patriots before the rest of the band catch up to him?

    • Maryann says:

      It’s not wrong, but the spectrum of opinion on Neville covers a broad range. I jut want him off the show, preferably dead.

    • Jane says:

      While I don’t like Neville, I do find him to be one of the most interesting characters on the show and I definitely don’t want him gone. Hadn’t thought of him as President but could see that happening.

      • Cass says:

        Neville IMO is a great love-to-hate character bordering on a hate-to-love one. I think GE would do a great job as the ultimate big bad.

  13. Thanks for the scoops for my two fav. shows Mentalist and Revolution!

  14. Jillian says:

    I hope the development isn’t good between Neal and Emma and she moves on. She can do so much better than him.

  15. Mel says:

    Thanks for the NCIS , Castle and Mike and Molly scooplets (yeah, I watch it).

  16. Rich Abey says:

    Thanks Matt for the 2 Castle scoops! Appreciate it. Really really overjoyed to hear about the baby-themed episode. Contrary to what Andrew Marlowe said we have seen Kate interacting with children before. My mind goes back to S1 Ep9 when Kate picks up & comforts a small girl and then lovingly carries her back to her home..a moment so cute that I’m pretty sure Castle fell in love with her all over again!
    Anyway this episode is sure gonna make for some very cute & awesome Caskett baby moments..including some silly but sweet antics from Castle! Yes I’m a time traveler and I’ve seen the future!

    • LL624 says:

      I was going to point this out too. Have they forgotten that episode? I think it might be my favorite one in the entire first season because of that moment. So I hope they don’t have Kate acting like she doesn’t know what to do with a baby because she clearly has a maternal side. We’ve already seen it and it was so cute! Granted Angela Candella was older than this baby will be, I still think she can handle it. Really excited for this episode. This is even better than my hope for Caskett to babysit baby Ryan.

    • Just one thing says:

      I don’t think that moment in S1 really counts as demonstrating experience with children. I remember the scene you mentioned, and it was just so short. It basically showed that she’s not intimidated by kids, which is great.
      What I hope they don’t try to do is suggest she’s completely clueless around babies for the sake of comedy. “Oh, look, the hard-nosed, career-driven cop doesn’t know her way around a diaper. Hee-haw. That’s hilarious.”
      Please, no. Just, no. There are other ways to broach the baby topic without being cliched.

  17. Kandy says:

    I hope they don’t go there with Emma and Neal. Come on, he’s so dreary and dull. I can’t stand him. He’s a whiny and uninteresting character. I love Emma and I would love to see her with someone exciting. I was hesitant about Hook at first, but Emma/Hook have amazing chemistry. There is none with Neal. Please don’t bore us to death.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      One user name per household, please. Thank you!

    • Patience says:

      Amen to that! Captain Hook is why I watch the show at all. In fact, his first episode saved me as a viewer after I’d already quit watching last season.

    • ratinhos60 says:

      I dont care who Emma ends up…but For God’s sake! I hope it’s not with Hook. I do not want to know about Emma/Hook chemistry. Hook had sex with Bae’s mom and was Milah’s lover for a long time. It’s disgusting Emma/Hook. I wish appear other guy for Emma…a new one. And that Neal find a decent girl who is not infected by Hook. Because Emma has ruined everything. She has proven to be very weak in all areas. Even in carnal desires….I wish fervently that Henry show his displeasure between his mom and his grandmother’s lover UGH

  18. tp says:

    Why are Emma and Neil called SwanThief? I’m drawing a complete blank.

    • HeatherC says:

      I think that name started back before we knew that Neal was actually Baelfire (after Tallahassee). The thief part refers to their time as thieves when they were living in Portland. I’ve seen both SwanThief and SwanFire used to represent the Emma-Neal fans. =)

  19. Arthur says:

    Emma can do SO much better than Neal – like Hook. They have amazing chemistry, as evidenced by that emotionally-loaded snog in the jungle. Can’t wait for more!

  20. Rich Abey says:

    Really don’t care much about Emma-Neal or Emma-Hook hookups. Rather check out the big one that Charming planted on his Snow…steamy stuff! I’ve always shipped them..they have a genuine love whereas most of Emma’s love interests have been flash-in-the-pan stuff. Really missed Tinkerbell. Enjoyed her character and I think they got her casting perfect. Plus there were some strong sparks between her & Regina. Hopefully they explore this? At least we are gonna see Ariel next week. Excited!

    • Robin says:

      And now Snow knows that Charming is stuck in Neverland. Will she stay to continue their family? Or is her obligation to the people of storybrooke?

  21. Amy says:

    I hope the Emma/Neal development is that she realizes she used to love him, but her declaration was tied to old feelings and Henry. It would take a lot to make me root for that pairing with the way he abandoned her (and the way he treated her when they met again). Plus I think the lost girl deserves to find someone with whom she’ll always come first (whoever that turns out to be).

    • Si says:

      To me Neal had always put Emma first. That’s the reason he left her, so she could fulfill her destiny. He made that choice over his own happiness with her. Yes, that broke her heart but getting her home to her family was his priority. Emma’s happy ending was and probably always will be Neal’s priority.

      • Amy says:

        He made a decision for her which to me shows a complete lack of respect. Plus I have never understood how Pinochio saying he should leave her is a compelling reason. He could have worked with her, but he chose to leave her and let her spend time in jail for his crime. To me that’s love. I’ve always thought he left because he cared more about avoiding his father than he cared about Emma. Especially since he said he would never have gotten involved with her if he knew who she was, and chose to stay in NY with Tamara when he learned the curse was broken. None of that screams to me of True Love and a man worthy of Emma’s heart. I hope she finds someone better, because Emma really deserves a happy ever after since she had to grow up alone because of so many others actions. JMO.

      • Fey says:

        No, he left her because he was afraid to face Rumplestiltskin again. What does leaving Emma have to do with meeting her family? He could have stayed. But he didn’t

      • clc says:

        Wut? Putting someone first usually involves, you know TALKING to them, not absolutely devastating them emotionally and physically. Her happy ending wasn’t really his priority when he, a much older man with a penchant for underage girls, left her in jail and then didn’t speak to her for more than a decade

    • M. says:

      She said in episode 3×04 that she’s always loved him. I believe she always will, whether they ever get back together or not.

    • Ginger Snap says:

      It’s funny that everyone is assuming that Emma’s wounds have anything to do with Neal. They’re rooted in her relationship with her parents. Long before she met Neal she was hurting and emotionally shut down. She talks about her life in foster care. That is where her pain comes from. If she is pissed a off, it’s because her chance for true love was thwarted. By her destiny. They were never given a chance to get to know each other.
      Given Hook’s history with Neal’s mother, why would anyone assume that it is Emma who is angry at Neal?? Don’t you think that Neal is the one who is pissed off?

  22. LS1 says:

    I am rooting for Emma-Hook!!! i love their interactions, i love not just the chemistry, what matters to me is the man understands Emma and how she is and so much more, puts her first, and is doing all for Emma, and choosing her each time. That matters!!!

    • Fey says:

      I agree. That’s the difference between Hook and Neal. Neal keeps saying he loves Emma but he doesn’t fight for her, he moves on to Tamara, and left her. Hook never says that he loves Emma but he does everything for her. Helping her save Henry, saving David, being with her every step of the way, risking his life even if it meant he aligns himself against Pan. I know I love Hook and Emma but if that doesn’t happen, I would really like for her to be alone instead of going back together with Neal. But I want her to find love so much. She deserves it. And Hook has been proving himself worthy lately.

      • Cass says:

        And by lately you mean the last five episodes, covering three days, since he stopped trying to kill her and her family, yes? The same episodes during which Neal has constantly risked his life to get back to Henry and Emma.

        • Kylie says:

          I’m sorry but I’m laughing. Neal risking his life really when? I’m pretty sure he risked the life of a little four year old boy named Roland but not his own to get to Neverland. He wanted to use this boy and then he baited Robin Hood into allowing it. IDC how desperate you are that’s just wrong.

          So no sorry Neal has not been risking his life at all.

          Also Hook’s never tried to kill Emma and her family, you must be confusing him for Regina. The only person he’s tried to kill is Rumple until he realized he didn’t want that anymore and has changed for himself. He went to Neverland because of Emma’s offer which is what he wants and since he’s been in Neverland he’s been proving himself time and time again to everyone. From Charming all the way to Emma. It’s all on purpose there’s a reason Hook and Charming(Emma’s father) are having a major bromance developed and it’s gonna play a big part soon.

          • Cass says:

            Jumping out the window after a shadow wasn’t risking his life? Okaaaaaaay. Fighting Peter Pan wasn’t risking his life? If you say so. As for Hook, he locked Emma AND HER MOTHER in a cage to starve to death, and he left Emma and all her family to die when he stole the bean (by the time he came back, they would have been dead if not for Emma and Regina’s magic). Look, if you’re going to give Hook credit for changing in S3, you equally have to give Neal credit, is all I’m saying.

      • Dianna says:

        Um, Hook tries to save Henry because he’s Neal’s son, not because of Emma.

        • Kylie says:

          I think you need to go rewatch episodes before saying something like this. Maybe you completely dozed off during the last episode where Charming confirmed that he’s doing all of this for Emma. Sorry but your argument is false goodbye.

  23. lupe says:

    Can’t wait for those episodes for Castle

  24. famulan1st says:

    Thanks for Castle & Caskett scoops..can’t wait!!!

  25. Kim R says:

    On the finale of Mike and Molly that aired in Canada, she told Mike she was pregnant so the promos for the new season have me a little confused. Does she lose the baby in the first episode?

    • JenRar says:

      No! I watched that and then watched the US airing, and that line had been cut out. It’s so bizarre, and I’ve emailed Ausiello and Matt a couple of times about it with no response.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        “And for those emailing about the babymaking storyline from Season 2, yes, that thread is touched upon in the premiere.”

        • Jenny Rarden says:

          Yeah, Matt, it’s touched on, but it doesn’t answer the question about why the Canada finale included Molly telling Mike she was pregnant, but the US airing DIDN’T. :(

        • Kim R says:

          I watched the premier. It really wasn’t touched upon or explained. I watched it twice just to make sure I didn’t miss it or briefly look away. :) In the finale, she definitely told him they were expecting so what is the story? Did she lose the baby? Was it a false positive? I didn’t feel it was addressed at all.

          • flutiefan says:

            in the end she apologized for not being able to give him a baby…they didn’t say if it was a false alarm or if she lost it. but they “touched on” her definitely NOT being pregnant at this time.

      • Kim R says:

        I wonder why it was cut out in the US airing? Are we to pretend it didn’t happen? :)

  26. Maria says:

    Matt, thank you for a Castle scoop where I don’t feel like I’m going to throw up another serving of Pi.

  27. groveg says:

    Gun fired I hope Jane shoots a RJ follower. I know RJ is around for 6.08 post fire I want him to kill the serial killer personally. The writers gotta do it justice and give Patrick justice. Thank you for the Mentalist scoop. Stiles goes missing. He tracks him and gathers the five. Jane will know who is RJ without the tattoo clue?

    Grace’s dress was love but bad luck. Don’t wear a used dress you plan to marry a ex that betrayed you.

  28. Pen says:

    Thanks for the scoop about Neal. I can’t wait for them to reunite, no matter what happens. I don’t expect them to be together romantically right now, because Emma still hasn’t forgiven him. I know it will happen one day. That’s how triangles work. I think she’ll be with Hook first and in season 4 she’ll be with Neal.

    • Fey says:

      I don’t think Emma is the type to bounce from one character to another. If there’s one thing I would hate is if they turned this into a love triangle. I want her to move on from Neal and give in to her feelings for Hook. Then that’s it.

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    came to “return the favor”.I am attempting to find things to
    improve my website!I suppose its ok to use some of your ideas!!\

  30. Shiloh says:

    Thanks for the scoop on “The Mentalist” and “Castle,” Matt. Love those shows. Hope you do a post-mortem on the ‘Red John’ episode this season. I love your recaps. :)

  31. Lauren says:

    I’m not a shipper, but I’m really looking forward to the gang meeting up with Neal again. I’m not here for the contrived Emma romance, but I am looking forward to seeing a scene between Hook and Neal. I’ve wanted one since the Season 2 finale, and with the charisma that Michael and Colin share, I’m hoping the writers come up with something good for their reunion.

  32. Hostages is farfetched and implausible. The hostage and kidnapper are going to lock lips in a passionate kiss.The family can come and go at will, and the kidnapper shoots the husband then allows the hostage wife to save his life without the benefit of a hospital stay. And husband is up and walking and never lost consciousness, before the hour was over.I watch to see how unbelievable they can be. Needs to be cancelled, now.

  33. CLARISSA says:

    looking for the mentalist ? jane & Lisbon ROMANCE or PARTNERS

  34. Alisa Neely says:

    glad to hear, that we will be getting KONO back midseason….and it had BETTER be the TRUTH….we could do with ALOT LESS OF CATHERINE ROLLINS……there’s been far too much of her this season….she has already gotten billy KILLED (imo, of course) and she is going to get someone else KILLED….possibly someone cpnnected with H50…..her undercover skills, is GREATLY lacking…..PLEASE, SHIP HER OFF SOME WHERE WITH THE NAVY.

    • Gemini says:

      Catherine is fine…and she will be around a while unless she gets killed off…McGarrett made her a member of H5-0 this past episode…

  35. Cricket says:

    I actually love Catherine Rollins and love the romance with McGarret. It humanizes him to me since they generally portray him as practically invincible. I actually could care less if Kono ever shows back up. The character was ruined for me with the whole Adam hookup. I liked the forensic ? Guy her seemed smitten with her in Season 1.

  36. Carrie says:

    Looking forward to the upcoming Once episode! Thanks for the spoilers, Mitch. Really hoping Emma is able to put the Neal situation behind her. Regardless of the shipper arguments, at the end of the day she is Neal’s second choice. Evil or no, he truly loved Tamara, the writers said so…and even on the show he said he “needs her” and that he was “so lucky to have met her” — I just feel like Emma deserves to be someone’s first choice. I wish it were Graham (brb crying forever) but, Hook is my next choice. It’s a beautiful thing when you become the best version of yourself as a result of loving someone (kind of like Rumple & Belle!) — and I’m excited to see where that character development takes Hook.

  37. Kylie says:

    Well first things first, bravo for Hook telling. He’s doing the once again selfless thing for Emma. He always puts Emma first unlike a certain someone whom did what a stranger told him to do. He put himself first he was selfish. He would never have gone to her if he knew whom she was and the reason he took August’s deal was because August knew he was Baelfire, that was it. Selfish as can be. He told August that he could move on as long as he knew Emma was alright well if it was true love he shouldn’t have and he did. He met Tamara and got engaged to her and was planning on marrying her minutes before professing he loves Emma as he was about to die. Get out with that stuff Neal.

    Then you add Pan. The ST shippers have argued the fate argument about Neal and Emma meeting up. Well sorry but it wasn’t fate and that was confirmed in episode 4. The reason Emma and Neal met up was Pan. Manipulating the entire situation, allowing Neal off the island to find Emma and have Henry which is whom he wanted. That’s NOT fate, sorry. The only reason they met was because Pan allowed it.

    Meanwhile in the very last episode Pan used manipulation and playing on insecurities to try to tear apart Emma and Hook. This is the standard cliche that’s used with the couples. Pan first offered Hook a deal to take Emma and leave the island, which was very similar to Regina offering Snow a deal to take Charming and leave the kingdom in episode 2. Then he waited till after the kiss in order to bring up Hook’s insecurities about himself and then dropped the Neal bomb. This is also reminiscent of in S1 after Snowing kissed Regina met with Snow and told her that Kathryn was the woman Charming loved, playing on her insecurities. Pan basically set Neal up as an obstacle. ST shippers may not want to hear that but he did.

    Seems clear to me which couple I am meant to root for and it’s not the one orchestrated by the big bad of the season, which is Neal and Emma.

  38. Lauren says:

    The fact that Hook and Emma parallels Westey and Buttercup from The Princess Bride is very telling. The writers confirmed this parallel.

  39. Sasha says:

    I find it funny how CS fans want to diminish what Neal did. He loved Emma so much yet let her go so she could fulfill her destiny. He was so unselfish that he let her find her parents and rescue and entire town.

    Neal spent over 300 years running away from his father BUT to protect Emma he faced his father.

    Emma wanted to keep holding onto Neal when he was being pulled through the portal but HE let go of her so she could be a mother to Henry.

    And I love how the ignore or forgive how Hook shot Belle in the back, which could have killed her, was going to let Emma rot in a cave, slammed her into a wall, was working with Regina and her mom.

    Simply CS fans are threatened plain and simple. Emma loves Neal and that love created a child.

    • Jane says:

      LMAO. Well first of all he didn’t leave her to rot in a cell, that would be Cora and why would he have helped her? He was a free agent at the time because Emma betrayed him on the beanstalk. Not to mention helping her would mean his death because Cora would have killed him as she already told him as such.

      Also you need to listen to canon and not fantasy. Pan’s the reason Neal and Emma found one another. It wasn’t fate it was the making of a villain wanting Henry, the heart of the truest believer. The argument you’ve been trying to use from the beginning is not an option anymore, it was buried. Pan orchestrated Neal and Emma and I’m not gonna root for a pairing created by the big bad. Watch episode 4 again, he pretty much says he allowed Bae to leave the island, he orchestrated Neal and Emma’s meeting because he wanted Henry plain and simple.

      Stop trying to romanticize Neal, he agreed to Augusts deal because August knew whom he truly was, that was it. He risked the life of a four year old child just so he could return to Neverland. He’s a selfish person as much as any of the others.

      I’m not threatened by Neal, please give me a break,lol.

      • Cass says:

        That’s a very long passionate screed for someone who’s not threatened. …I guess you aren’t rooting for Snowing and don’t believe they are true love, right? Because their love was orchestrated by a big bad.

  40. Ginger Snap says:

    You have to watch the OUAT closely. Things are not what they appear to be. There’s a game being played and the Mastermind is Pan. His strategy is divided and conquer. He is the Master Manipulator and he’s pulling all the strings. Watch and see how he plays the game. If you see something, think how Pan can use this to his advantage. ‘Cuz the Emma-Hook-Baelfire triangle is all about distracting the adults from Henry. Pan has been telling you this for a few weeks now.

  41. Jane says:

    Re: Castle,
    Everyone is so into the talk of a baby, doesn’t anyone care if they get married first?!? I wanna c the marraige B-4 any pregnancy chat.

  42. barbara says:

    thankyou matt for your scoops on castle and mentalist. i just hope kates insecurities on privacy don’t ruin it for them but then again they have been thru other things so lets hope not. there must be a reason for pi on this show better be a good one

  43. jackie says:

    Why is television promoting and glorifying morbidd obesityy?


  44. Neal is SO boring! Young Baelfire was more interesting. He is Emma’s “first” love and you don’t forget that so easily. But I don’t think it means her “true” love. She had fallen for Graham but he died…Then she started to grow fond of August and he dies too, then got restarted as a child. She now has a thing for Hook but it was more like teasing for fun. Which to me says her journey toward true love is not over yet and I think it will be someone new. Too bad they don’t wanna sail on Swan+Queen ship because Regina’s character and Emma’s personality complement each other well. Specially now that Regina is trying to redeem herself and Emma is showing interest on learning magic. Emma is the only one who gets Regina to control herself with ‘some’ level of mutual respect. And Regina has shown she only cares about Emma’s opinion.