Scandal Recap: The Mother Of All Twists -- Plus: The Kennedy Assassination Solved?!

Scandal Fitz Killed Olivia's MotherThis week on ABC’s Scandal, Lisa Kudrow stepped into the spotlight yet it was Olivia who eyed a comeback, while the dark, dark truth about Operation Remington came to light.

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WE GOT POPE’D! | With the reelection machine revving up, Cyrus and Mellie court Leo Bergen, a top-shelf campaign manager, (played by Private Practice‘s Paul Adelstein) to keep Fitz in office. Leo, though, isn’t shy to list POTUS’ liabilities — including but by no means limited to his “My Wife’s a Frigid Shrew Problem.” All told, he notes, Fitz these days “looks like a loser. And if his heart’s not in it, he’s gonna lose. And I don’t ‘do’ losers.”

Olivia meanwhile pitches congresswoman Josie Marcus on working her magic for the White House contender. Josie says a quick yes, then pulls Liv in for her first fixing gig: to seal a lid on the baby she gave up at age 15. The Gladiators set course for Montana, to buy off the five people who could possibly blab about the bambino. When the baby daddy rebuffs their briefcase of money, it’s realized that Cy’s “bitchboy” Ethan is about to put Billy Joe Lee on TV to tell all. But Huck and Harrison quickly silence the guy with the threat of revealing a marital indiscretion. (“We got Pope’d, sir!” Ethan reports to Cy.)

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THE COMEBACK KID | Ultimately, it’s the nurse that helped deliver the baby who points Liv at the truth: Josie’s mother took in the newborn and raised her as her own. Meaning, Josie’s sister Candice (Army Wives‘ Sally Pressman) is actually her daughter. Josie refrains from coming forth, despite Liv’s advice, yet must when Governor Resten brings it up during a debate. Josie slowly seizes the moment, unfurling a gripping, emotional female voter-friendly tale of how she gave her child a better life — while all a watching Cy can do is regret teaching Olivia the dark arts.

Later, at the White House Correspondents Dinner — and after overhearing Fitz and Olivia brainstorm jokes, like old times — Mellie lures her (just stunning) rival into a one-on-one. “Hear me out…,” the First Lady starts, asking Liv to run Fitz’s reelection campaign. “He’s not alive, he can’t breathe when you’re not here…. He needs you, so I need you. Come back to us.” Thing is, Josie Marcus also wants Olivia, to run her White House bid. But I think we know which way Liv will go, as she slips on her wispy GRANT FOR PRESIDENT T-shirt and peruses old campaign trail photos. A sweet, peaceful moment. Until….

THE REMINGTON DEAL | Digging into Operation Remington, Huck uncovers a video of Fitz’s meeting with Rowan, during which the men traded veiled threats. “Lay off Jake Ballard,” Fitz demanded, to which the B613 boss sternly reminded: “I have never answered to any holder of your office…. It is you who should not test me.” After some sweaty b-ball scrimmage with a taunting Jake, Fitz goes so far as to pick Cy’s brain about dissembling B613, but Cy says it’s impossible. And if they makes waves, there’d be grassy knoll-type ramifications — “just ask Kennedy.”

Huck and Jake ultimately ask the question: If Fitz wasn’t flying the years-ago Iran mission he says he did, where was he? When Jake notes that he saw Fitz just 10 hours later, it narrows the list of possible locations. After crunching much data, Huck deduces that Fitz likely was in Iceland. But doing what? With much gravity, Huck reports to Jake that at that time, a 747 carrying more than 300 passengers crashed in Iceland, due to “mechanical failure.” But a local fisherman claimed to have seen “flares,” suggesting that Fitz shot down the plane. When Jake claims coincidence, Huck presents a third clue that points to conspiracy: the flight manifest,PAUL ADELSTEIN, KATE BURTON on which the name Maya Lewis — Olivia’s mother — appears. And the hour closes with the men at Liv’s doorstep, seemingly set to break the news.

ELSEWHERE… | At the WHCD, Sally confronted Leo Bergen in the men’s room (!), to ask if he’d help her challenge Fitz, as a third-party candidate — and he was intrigued. Jack Coleman (Heroes) debuted but had little to do as the Second Husband, though you have to suspect that will change…. David invited Abby to the dinner, but she clumsily flaked out — only to later show up in his apartment looking like a million bucks. Turns out, her ex was at the event…. Quinn, who was frozen out by Huck and others throughout the episode, discreetly purchased a gun while in Montana.

All in all, I thought this was one of the best episodes of the season to date — and coming off last week’s decidedly “meh” outing. Pulling Liv back into the White House is a compelling development, and the Remington reveal (which I quasi-predicted a few Spoiler Alert!s ago) is just audacious enough to blend WTF? and OMG! in a Season 2 kind of way. Now, we must wonder: Was Liv’s mom/Eli’s wife a “grassy knoll” target, or collateral damage?

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  1. David4 says:

    “I like your new boyfriend. Is he married?”

    I used to hate the first lady, she is so awesome now!

    • Mary says:

      For me, she´s the best thing on the show…and the best actingo too!

      • David4 says:

        Yeah, the first 10-15 episodes she seemed to be a bitch, like the bad guy. But really, she loves her husband, and hates him for cheating. Who wouldn’t hate their husband for that? So she sometimes does stupid things because she is mad at her cheating husband. Normal.

        Her acting is amazing. She wants her husband to be president so she won’t leave him, but hates his cheating guts.

        The more the show goes on the more I love the first lady and hate Pope. Pope has really become a weak woman who is just pining over a guy she shouldn’t be with, and isn’t good enough for her.

    • pauladuffy says:

      Love that

    • Jules says:

      Love Mellie!

    • Kristi N says:

      What an awesome line! Mellie for the win.

    • Eran says:

      I love, love, love Mellie!

      Although, in the name of all that is holy, who the hell okayed the Sophia Petrillo hairdo for the gala???

  2. the girl says:

    This was an excellent episode. I did anticipate the reveal that Fitz shot down the plane carrying Liv’s mother, but I am both glad that they addressed it early instead of dragging it out, and that there is still so much to be explored on the subject. I still haven’t gotten a sense that Fitz knows Command is Olivia’s father, so perhaps he doesn’t even know Olivia’s connection to Remington.

  3. Cheyenne says:

    OMG, Daddy Pope is a demon. He had Fitz kill Olivia’s mother and didn’t care if 300 innocent people blew up with her.

    I’m absolutely certain Mom was the target. Rowan doesn’t give a sh*t about collateral damage. Remember what he said to Cyrus last season? “With me there are no boundaries.”

    • RUCookie says:

      Thank You… I have been wondering why more people we not OMG’ing the fact that Olivia’s Dad had her Mom killed. Yeah – she may be mad at Fitz, but there is on way that the Dad survives this revelation with his relationship with his daughter intact.

      • Cathe says:

        Two lines of reasoning could be that:
        A. Liv’s Mother was collateral damage on a flight of terrorists OR
        B. She was a Terrorist herself!
        Just supposing.

  4. This is my theory about Operation Remington. Olivia’s dad knew Maya aka Olivia’s mom was on that flight. My guess she was on the plane to leave her family, maybe to be with another man. He couldn’t deal with that so he somehow got Fitz to fire the plane so he had someone else to blame. That was the reason why I think Olivia’s dad did not want Fitz and Olivia together so she wouldn’t find out that her dad was behind on the murder of her mom. Now in the flash back where Fitz and Olivia first met, he said fire her. I think he must of looked at the photos of the people that were on that flight and he must of noticed that she looked like a daughter of one of the passengers on that plane.

    • chester says:

      He said fire her because he was attracted to her.

    • the girl says:

      Fitz would not have had any reason to think about who the passengers were on the plane. All he would have done is followed orders. Hopefully Jake and Huck present to Olivia the idea that her father had her mother killed and used Fitz to do it. Fitz was in the military; he was supposed to do what he was told, no questions asked, so this shouldn’t be presented as if he killed her mother.

    • that whole picture thing is a reach…IMO. I don’t think he knows that Command is Liv’s dad, and when he learns about the whole entire thing he is going to be more devastated than the election rigging.

  5. Dare says:

    Quite the roller coaster ride tonight…in an awesome way. I really have to wait a week for my next Scandal fix? Bellamy Young has been simply wonderful this season-one week I hate Mellie and the next week I love her. Great job by Bellamy and the writers!

  6. Tony says:

    Shonda Rhimes just gave us the best night of television this year. First Grey’s and then Scandle. Love Lisa Kudrow she knocked this role out of the park. Hope she gets an Emmy nom.

  7. Anna says:

    Why do we hate Mellie again? Bellamy Young deserves an Emmy nod too.

  8. Alichat says:

    Loved everything about this episode except the Quinn stuff. This path to the dark side plot doesn’t hold my attention at all. Mellie’s speech to Liv was fantastic.

    • Elaine says:

      I totally agree about Quinn. I don’t care about her anymore. You just know that there’s going to be a storyline where she is accused of killing someone with that gun now.

    • abz says:

      I agree. They’ve really made her into this awful and annoying character. I say get rid of her Grey’s Anatomy-style and bring in some fresh blood to Pope & Associates!
      Side note: I wish Shonda can get Kate Walsh, Caterina Scorsone or Kadee Strickland to at least guest star on the show down the line.

    • Sunny says:

      I agree…don’t like this storyline at all! Hoping Huck can pull her back in time

  9. Cheyenne says:

    Soooo… after Huck and Jake dropped that bombshell, it looks like Olivia will be managing Josephine Marcus’s campaign and she and Fitz will be working against each other. Something very malodorous is about to hit the fan.

    • adona says:

      1- Of course Olivia will support Josie Marcus and works against Fitz. She likes the man, but loves power; and each time she can break or scold him she is in the arena. Yes! Fitz is in a big trouble with all these ladies circling him: Olivia, Mellie, Sally, Josie. They all like power and they are bulls. None cares about him, they only care about power. Why did Mellie ask Olivia to return?, not for his man sake only because she likes being first lady. She’s all always out of her position.

      2- What is intriguing me is Rowan’s move. If Remington operation surfaced years later, it’s because of him. Why did he leak the info to Cyrus? Why did he push Huck to kill Peter Foster, the navy pilot? He’s aware of Huck’s hacking skills, and pretty sure he knew what will be going on. So what is Rowan endgame? Why did he release Jake? For now, all I see they are working against Fitz, and maybe that was Rowan purpose all along: destabilizing the presidency.

      3- Next episode: Olivia in the White House, yelling AGAIN!. Olivia is too emotional; I noticed each time she accused Fitz of something, she was wrong because she didn’t have the whole truth, the whole picture.

      4- Good episode so far.

      • the girl says:

        Rowan may very well be trying to pull Liv and Fitz apart. With the info that Fitz was flying the plane, he may assume that Liv no longer wants anything do with Fitz, romantically or politically. And with Fitz wanting to destabilize B613, Rowan may be thinking it’s time for a new president. Not having Olivia on his side will definitely damage his ability to get re-elected.

  10. TVPeong says:

    I think Olivia’s mom is a red herring and the target was someone else on the plane.

    • Deborah says:

      I agree. And that, of course, will be the out for Fitz. I am so tired of this Fitz character. He’s feckless, reckless and whiny. Olivia should get with Harrison or Jake or somebody else.

      • then it sounds like you want another show…have you tried The Good Wife on CBS?

      • marissa says:

        agree– Yuck, who wants a guy with serious daddy issues. Also, he is also someone who will do anything to get what he wants –power. Let’s see he killed the justice to cover up defiance; leaked relationship with Olivia so that he can have the white house plus his mistress despite what it would do to her; married Mellie although he didn’t love her to further his political career; and had apparently no qualms about shooting down a passenger plane with 300 aboard. Yep, that someone I would choose to love. I don’t think Shonda can fix the character. I watch Scandal because Olivia is so awesome. Just because someone is president doesn’t mean he is her match.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Did it occur to you that Rowan told to shoot the plane down because there were enemy agents on board? Fits was not in a position to question orders at that time and Rowan would lie about anything

      • adona says:

        That’s why Fitz is adorable, he’s human and not perfect. He doesn’t hide his flaws and his love. He’s real in flesh and blood.

    • KCC says:

      But was her mom on the flight?

      • I vote for this. I think this theory is the REAL red herring, and Olivia’s mom is still alive and off the grid and played by Phylicia Rashad (please oh please oh please oh please).

        • the girl says:

          OHHH That would be FANTASTIC casting!!!!

        • mondaymorning says:

          I think you’re right. I don’t think Liv’s mother is dead, or at least she didn’t die in the plane crash. My theory is far-fetched (for a non-Scandal show), but I think Liv’s mother faked her death because she was pregnant with a baby by another man. She knew her husband would kill her, so she got away from him. Oh, and I think Harrison was the baby.
          Phylicia Rashad would be a great mom, so would Lynn Whitfield.

          • Cheyenne says:

            Oh come on, not everybody on this show has to be related to everybody else. This is Scandal, not All In The Family!

          • Jules says:

            I literally said this exact thing 2 weeks ago about her mom not being dead and Harrison being Liv’s half-brother except I think she found out about her husband’s “real job” just like Olivia did and he made her leave somehow. And @ Cheyenne: Harrison is the only Gladiator that hasn’t had a major back story plot line yet so obviously the writers are saving it for some reason. The reason being his relation to Liv and their Mom being alive.

          • Hbomb says:

            This just made me LOL. HARRISON WAS THE BABY!

          • Cheyenne says:

            Harrison turning out to be Olivia’s long-lost brother will sink the show from political drama to cheap melodrama. I’m not buying it and I hope Shonda doesn’t write it in. That all-the-black-folks-are-related premise is ridiculous.

        • LaLa says:

          No, no, no, she has to be Lynn Whitfield! C’mon!

        • 100% agree! That’s what I’m thinking. Somehow Maya got word of the assasination attempt prior to getting on the plane and disappeared. I doubt it was for anything as mundane as leaving Eli for a new lover. Something she knew or perhaps didn’t realize she knew got her targeted. Phylicia’s a great suggestion. Pam Grier might work too.

          • sunni says:

            at dinner eli and liv spoke about what liv did and didnt get from her mom…..there is a reason …every line is written for a reason. her mom is more woman than eli wants to admit to.

        • Jains says:

          Love this idea!! Yes Phylicia Rashad as mom! What a reunion with Olivia!!

      • Cheyenne says:

        It seems like people are desperate to believe her mother is still alive, the same way last season they were desperate to believe Rowan really had to be a good guy because after all he’s Olivia’s dad.

  11. TVPeong says:

    Bellamy Young is really bringing her A-game. You felt Mellie’s anguish that she has to ask the outside woman to come in to take care of her husband. Joe Morton is also doing an incredible job as the evil daddy Pope.

  12. Cheyenne says:

    We have a new phrase in the vernacular. “We just got screwed over” = “We just got Pope’d”.

  13. Britt says:

    This was a great episode! I wonder if Liv’s mom is alive because they were casting someone as her mother?!

    • Danni Cary says:

      Her Mom is NOT dead!! They’re talking about her too much now for her to be dead. It won’t be this season and maybe not even the next, but Liv’s mom will stroll in shockingly like Alexis Carrington did on Dynasty years ago. Now if they just get Lynn Whitfield to play her mom, that would be AWESOME!! Ms. Whitfield can hold her own against Eli/Rowan (Joe Morton).

  14. para says:

    how do fitz have this many time to talk about and deal with olivia? doesnt he run the country? dhouldnt he have something more important than worrying about a speech? i actually dont understand this part. if i was the president i will not spend this much time talking about sex and olivia pope and jake bowler??? serisously?

  15. Alicia says:

    Britt , they are most likely doing a flashback episode to around the time of Operation Remmington and the status of the Pope’s marriage, delving into why the plane was shot down, and Jake and Fitz’s time in the military (though how they are going to make Tony Goldwyn look in his twenties when he looks his age and then some, is a question for the ages).

    Bellamy was on fire tonight as far as acting, but I kept raising my eyebrow about the hairstyle the hair department chose because it looked like suddenly she had more hair and she cut it all at the same time the entire time during the White House Correspondants dinner.

  16. bj says:

    This episode was fantastic but it broke my heart. No I don’t believe Fitz killed Liv’s mom. I don’t even think her mother is dead. I love Mellie she never disappoints. Finally, how in the world did the people that hate Fitz make it thru season 1 and 2? I don’t understand. I’d rather be head over heels STUPID over a guy who felt the same for me then just OK with a guy where he’s cute but I’m always dreaming about the one that got away. OLITZ forever…have Fitz’s baby already! Lol.

    • p.i says:

      Must agree with BJ – this episode broke my heart, so well done! Liv shouldn’t settle for Jake cause ‘he’s not married’. As for all the Fitz haters, they must sit down! Eventhough Liv keeps destroying Fitz and his administration, he keeps coming back, praising her even more. That is amazing. As for Liv’s mom, she’s def still alive and we will see her this season. I also don’t believe that POTUS knows Command is Liv’s father, not yet anyway.

    • Penny says:

      I found it rather easy to watch even though I dislike Fitz (not my cup of tea, fine for others you enjoy whatever you want cupcake). The show is good enough that it carries itself with its storytelling. I watch to see what happens to the characters… and what Liv be a badass :)

  17. dref22 says:

    Jack Coleman said his character is very naughty. I can’t wait to see his naughty ways because he is always awesome at that!

  18. azu says:

    The story lines in scandal are becoming rather preposterous!* now we should start hating Fitzgerald after 2 seasons of loving him”? Shondra rhimes is hilarious!! No wonder I couldn’t watch greys anatomy and private practice!! Good luck y’all

    • adona says:

      Yeah ! it seems they want viewers to HATE Fitz, but Love Mellie, Love Jake, Love Olivia,…

      • n1kk1d says:

        I’m almost positive that’s the point of this show. Scandal isn’t going to be like Grey’s Anatomy in which the mistress ends up with the man of her life. Scandal is making Jake very lovable and Fitz very dark and scary. I do hope Olivia ends up with Jake, and Mellie turns out as president by the end of the show. I think that would be the best twist- Fitz ends up being Mellie’s bitch lol

        • RUCookie says:

          OMG Meredith was not a mistress. There was not some torrid affair. Addison and McDreamy were over… she wanted to save it and they could not.

          Now – back to Scandal… the darkening of Fitz makes sense. He was shot, almost killed, figured out her really lost his bid to be President, was ready to give it all up for his “love” only to have that fly in his face again. He has not have a good year. And to top it off, he sees his best friend start a relationship with his mistress.

    • chester says:

      Yes, I can usually maintain the illusion while watching these shows, but when it turned out the President had shot down a plane full of civilians and his mistress’s mother, I lost my ability to maintain any illusion. It seems silly, like when all the characters in Oliver Twist end up in the same inn. The part where Cyrus Bean warns the president about the consequences of trying to take down B-613 also seems ridiculous. Shonda does melodrama; she does not do smart. I wish we could have a show like this but with smarter writing, like on The Good Wife.

      Why does everyone like Mellie? She seems aggressive and stupid.

    • abz says:

      Many people have hated him long before this season. I personally can’t stand Fitz, but I understand the character’s importance for the overall show so I can live with it.

    • gail says:

      I hate Mellie. That has not changed. She power not Fitz. I hate Olivia Pope and Shonda too. I do not like season 3. Not sure I can watch much more. I am sick and tired of how Olivia treats Fitz my favorite character on the show.

      • abz says:

        “I am sick and tired of how Olivia treats Fitz…” LOL this is too funny. I’m sorry, but there is so much wrong with that statement. Fitz is a despicable and least likable character IMO all on his own. I suggest you stop watching already because it seems like you hate just about every main character on the show and you even hate the creator. This season is AWESOME!!

  19. says:

    Is that sure that fitz kill olivia mother ?

  20. Overthinking says:

    The box that had they gun looked like it had shipment labels on it. Did Quinn have a gun shipped into the office? SMH. Quinn is ticking…………..
    I miss Hollis!!!!!

  21. Aussie says:

    I will stand on my pedestal and yell at the top of my lungs OLIVIA’S MOTHER IS ALIVE.
    Also remember huck is an amazing hacker who’s not to say he had added that name to a flight manifest to make jake believe fitz shot the plane down, remember Eli/ Rowan owns him.

  22. DeeKayTee says:

    I HIGHLY doubt Eli shot down his wife’s plane using a secret military mission and killing 300 people because his wife had an affair. If I had to guess, she was just as much apart of one of these top secret agencies as he is and she knew too much.

    • the girl says:

      That makes way more sense.

    • TvPeong says:

      I agree… I really hope that Project Remington is about more than a man using government resources to kill his wife.
      – Why would Cyrus have gotten all worked up. Fitz was following orders as a soldier and Cyrus doesn’t know who Olivia’s mother is.

      There has to be something more to this theory.

      • Kjess says:

        Regardless of whether or not Liv’s mom was on the plane, Fitz still took down a plane. That’s reason enough for Cyrus to get upset!

  23. Oyinade says:

    Scandal is becoming scandalous, and am loving it so much, I dont care whether fitz killed liv’s mum, as far as am concerned he is a good man who was acting under command, remember what huck says, he owns them, he has control over them, who can blame fitz for doing what he thought was necessary to protect the govt, I mean, liv’s father is just too BAD a man for my liking. And mellie, she loves power, she wants to still be first lady, she can go any length to retain that power but will she be ready to see another woman take her husband completely away from her, every episode is becoming more intriguing and as much as I love this series, I hope it has a happy ending, Olivia and fitz OR liv and senator, she deserves a reaal relaationship

  24. LaLa says:

    Ah, man, I don’t even know where to start with this episode. When Mellie asked Liv to come back, I was like, ‘She seems sincere, but it’s a trap! Don’t trust her!’ Also, Liv looked like an addict when she was staring at that phone in the trash can – and then it rang, lol. I realized during that scene just how much those two love each other – but I still kinda sorta want her to be with Jake. So I am very torn between #TeamFitz and #TeamJake. And Jake walking away from Liv at the dinner, priceless!
    I loved the setup of the upcoming campaign season: Fitz, Josie, AND Sally! It’s going to be amazing. Especially when they each have their own Olivia Pope-type characters behind them (I expect to see the other fixer guy’s return as well.) And with Cyrus and Mellie caught in the middle. Cyrus is going to have another heart attack.
    So . . . who do we think Abby’s ex-husband was? And SMH when Quinn bought that gun. That girl is going to get into some serious trouble. But Harrison and Abby freezing her out gave some much needed levity to the episode.
    I can’t even begin to fathom the twists set up with Huck, Jake, Fitz and Eli/Rowan in regards to Operation Remington.
    So to recap, we’ve got coming up: Operation Remington reveal, election campaign season, Quinn going full out “Female Huck”, the probable appearance of Mama Pope, Abby’s relationship with David and the reveal of her ex-husband – and we still haven’t started Harrison’s back story . . .
    I’ve given up trying to out think Shonda and her writers. I can’t keep up. I’m just along for the ride.
    Lynn Whitfield for Mama Pope!

    • Sterling says:

      We already know Abby’s husband is the son of a senator and is a D.C. heavyweight. She didn’t want to see him because he beat the crap out of her and his powerful family kept him from getting into trouble.

  25. scandallover says:

    LaLa, Abby’s husband was the son of a Virginia senator or governor. I can’t remember which one. They mentioned that in season one, I believe. I thought last night’s episode was great. I literally screamed when they said Olivia’s mom was on the plane. I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

  26. Maryann says:

    -I don’t trust Mellie’s motives at all; I keep wondering what her agenda is this time.

    -I still think Fitz is a good man, and I still want to see Fitz and Olivia together; I have complete faith in the writers that whatever the truth is about that flight and Olivia’s mother, Fitz’s actions at that time would have been the actions of a man of conscience and/or those of a soldier following orders that he believed made sense.

    • Cheyenne says:

      When you are in the military you follow orders whether you believe they make sense or not. To do otherwise is to find yourself being court-martialed for insubordination.

      • Anon says:

        That is true…However, legally, the Supreme Court has ruled that a soldier is still responsible and accountable if he/she chooses to carry out orders they know to be a crime against humanity.

        But in a situation like Fitz’s, I don’t know how he could have been expected to know there was only 1 target and the 299 others were just bystanders….IF that was what happened. I feel like there is going to be more to the story.

  27. BeBe says:

    Jake was stupid to pursue Olivia. Why pursue a woman who is in love with another man who loves her? Jake is the rebound man.

    • Annette says:

      Love makes you do stupid things. Jake hoped that he had a second chance since Olivia rescued him from the hole. He thought that might signal a new chance at love. Olivia has been giving him mixed signals. She wants him around a lot and wanted to kiss him. He doesn’t know where there relationship stands. She need to set some boundaries.

  28. Liam says:

    I hope they’re not doing the same thing as they did in season 2. Putting Olivia and Fitz more and more together until a plot device breaks them up and they start over again in the second half of the season. I’m over the teenage-inspired speeches he gives and then everything is okay and blabla. Fitz-Olivia is some of the weakest aspects of this show. I love Scandal, but not that that pairing.

  29. I almost died when evil Papa Pope hung up on POTUS! Wow, really? That and the scene between Olivia and Mellie were the best of the night to me. How hard must it be to know that your husband is head over heels in love with another woman, who is standing in front of you looking like a million bucks? That dress was fierce. I am totally addicted to Scandal and can hardly wait for each episode. Lynn Whitfield gets my vote for Mama Pope as well – she would be quite a match for Rowan. Long live Scandal!

  30. nikki says:

    Is anyone else hoping that Olivia’s mom was NOT on the plane??? And thatshe’s alive and the role of Olivia’s mom goes to Angela Bassett!!

  31. Olivia’s mother was a target I bet.

  32. Anon says:

    I am betting Liv’s Mom is was a double agent for some other country/agency, sent to get close to B613…then she was found out. Something like Sydney Bristow’s Mom.

    Messed up they killed 299 other people just to get the one.

  33. Jules says:

    I’m sure I’m in her minority but I like Olivia and Jake together so much more than Olivia and Fitz. I think that The Fitz / Olivia relationship is toxic and did you hear how needy she is with him last light? “it’s you…” “it’s me.” It just doesn’t match up with how she is with every other person in her life, except maybe her father which would open a whole other can of worms. Love Jake and Scott Foley.

    • lilyyy85 says:

      THIS. I really hate Fitz. I really hope they aren’t endgame. Also, if Liv picks working for Fitz over Lisa Kudrow…she’s a moron. It’s kind of sad that Olivia in her work seems like such a strong female character but really… she’s super weak. I really wish Fitz would go away but keep Mellie. Love her. IMO Fitz is the only unlikable character. Ok, maybe Quinn too.

    • leo21 says:

      This! I don’t know if Jake is THE guy but I know that Fitz is definitely not. It made me sick to my stomach to see Liv take that phone out of the trash. I don’t understand why Harrison didn’t grab her and shake some sense into her when he saw her backsliding. That’s the confrontation I am waiting for!

      • Penny says:

        I don’t understand how anyone can see that scene as “proof of love” instead of the very anvilicious metaphor of their relationship. I want Harrison to have more screentime and brotime with Olivia.

        I really hope her mother shows up, smacks some sense into her and they take down Rowan together. <3

    • Kristi N says:

      Love Jake & Liv. You are not alone! I never shipped them more than when he stood up to her at the dinner. This is what Olivia needs — a real man who would do anything to protect her but is still capable of calling her out on her crap. Liv is completely drunk crazy to be choosing married whiny baby Fitz over gorgeous single spy Jake. She needs an intervention for the other Pope — the one in Rome! Fitz is a loser with no respect for marriage or his children or his very important job. He shouldn’t even be the president and is only there because of cheating. If Fitz is such a baby he can’t do his job without Liv then he should man up, divorce Mellie, and go be with Liv. Let Phoebe be the president instead ;)

  34. lolita says:

    that dress Olivia wore on Thursday’s episode was stunning,and she wore the hell out of it. Hair was so perfect,the style was out of sight. Abbey and Mellie looked very good. Kerry has such beautiful skin. The show is getting more interesting each week,i just hate to say this,but I don’t like LIV’S Father. He has no feelings for the people who lives he destroys in the name of B216. I want to see someone take him down,i can’t believe that he can keep running around having people beat up and killed if they make a mistake and don’t do what he says.

    • Jains says:

      Speaking of looking good and doing some darn excellent comedy acting, did you see Kerry Washington on Saturday Night Live last night? What a hoot in the opening number and the various characters she was able to play were awesome. Great actress! Her career is just beginning–about to sky rocket.

  35. Jeeves says:

    What’s with this mass delusion that Fitz is qualified to be a grocery bagger, much less be the President?

  36. Victoria Holloway says:

    ok…update people!!! Khandi Alexander is playing Liv’s mom. OMG. I cannot wait for the next espisode. Best season so far!!

  37. telly10 says:

    I like live i love her team i like the president his team. 1St lady even eli pope this is just a show sooooo tooo all the many ppl saying they hate pope well shes pretty much the show so if u hate her cus she slept with fitz get over it cuz guess what this shw aint real life

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