Pilot Scoop: The Glades' Matt Passmore Snags Lead in USA Network Drama From Suits EP

Matt Passmore USA PilotMatt Passmore has rebounded from this summer’s Glades cancellation with a starring role in one of USA Network’s most buzzed about pilots.

TVLine has learned that the Aussie actor has been tapped to star in an untitled drama project from Suits scribe Sean Jablonski.

The potential series follows investment banker Neil Truman (Passmore) and his wife, Grace, as they struggle to sift through their stagnant marriage, looking for the spark they once had. When Neil discovers that Grace has been seeing a male escort his entire world is turned upside down. As he gains a new perspective on life and what motivates women, Grace contemplates her own needs and whether her marriage is worth saving.

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  1. Kerri says:

    I still want to know who shot Jim.

  2. Josh says:

    That sounds…weird…Not really one thing really pops out and I LOVE Suits. But an investment banking, relationship drama show? Uh…yeah…

    • bgibson135 says:

      Maybe the same shooter would get Sean Jablonski for pushing an “investment banking, relationship drama show”. Better yet, “Shoot me if I ever catch an episode of the new show.”

  3. The Glades got cancelled? Glad I didn’t worry too much about keeping up with it. Anywho, I always thought The Glades and Passmore both belonged on USA…

  4. Mel says:

    As long as they don’t cast Kiele Sanchez as the wife.

    • KM says:

      I am with you! I never really liked her with Jim on the glades…it seemd to forced!

      • Zach says:

        I thought it was the only part of the show that didn’t seem forced.

        • Mel says:

          I disagree Zach, but I guess now the point is moot. Even though I wasn’t thrilled about Callie and Jim getting married, I would have loved to have seen a rewrite on that last episode, everything in that episode previous to the shooting page down to bare bones, and then adding Jim survives the shooting, they get married in the hospital, Callie nurses him back to health, then fade to six months later and they are on their honeymoon (pregnant/not pregnant – don’t really care) but – SOMETHING! A&E basically said frak you to everyone who stuck around for 4 seasons, but they don’t care because fan outrage only lasts so long, and has already waned. But as someone else pointed out, this is just a reminder of how mad they were.

          • Mel says:

            Sorry everyone. The statement “previous to the shooting page down to bare bones” should have read “previous to the shooting PARE down to bare bones” Darn you auto correct,

    • toomuchtime says:

      She is a terrible actress. She showed no emotion and her monotone voice drove me crazy!!!

  5. Sam says:

    If it’s taken seriously, this sounds like a really cool project. I mean, it seems more HBO, Showtime, or ABC, but it sounds like it could be a prestige drama for the network.

    • Dory says:

      Are you kidding. MP is going to bring prestige to USA. You make it sound like he’s doing them a favor. The guy is cute but come on. B list

  6. Daisy says:

    I’ll watch in memory of The Glades but so far it doesn’t sound interesting at all and I generally love USA shows.

  7. Jared says:

    Seems like an odd concept for USA. Not sure how they could squeeze this premise into more than just 1-2 seasons.

  8. Charstin Z says:

    I tend to love USA shows, and I loved Matt on ‘The Glades,’ so I’m definitely going to be watching this show when it premieres.
    P.S. This brought up unhappy feelings regarding what turned out to be ‘The Glades’ series finale.

  9. rebecca says:

    completely forgot they cancelled The Glades.. this makes me angry all over again. If you’re a bubble show, you should never end a season the way they did at The Glades. Unfair for fans.

    • Patrick says:

      This. We blame the network, and they DO bear some of the blame. But bubble shows try to blackmail their nets by making cliffhanger season enders. If they aren’t sure they are coming back, they should give some closure each year.

      Back when Stargate SG-1 moved from its original home to SyFy, the writers said they were always in the dark as to whether or not they would get another season. As a result, they tried to give the series some closure with each season finale. Towards the end they didn’t, once they knew they would be back. But that is the right thing to do.

    • Not the first show to get a crappy ending; won’t be the last.

  10. Eliza says:

    Well, I loved Matt Passmore on The Glades (still sad it’s not coming back). And USA has given me some of my favorite shows – so, I definitely will check this show out. Matt & USA could be an awesome fit…. And I’m happy that Matt’s getting a chance to be back on my tv! Yay!

    • Bob says:

      I also found Matt Passmore on The Glades to be one of the few shows on A&E worth watching. I do believe both he and the show belonged more on USA or TNT. I will definitely be watching this new one. I also agree what I was never particularly happy with the actress that played Callie–the part was a good one–I just felt the actress could have done more. One thing A&E did do by their final action is ensure that I dropped Longmire from my list of TV shows.i

  11. Jace says:

    I’ve watched pretty much everything on USA, and i get that they’re trying to move away from the forumla of thier early shows, but this new one sounds very… Lifetime Movie like. I really don’t get why this is considered one of the most ‘buzzed about pilots’, unless there’s some twist in it that’s not been made public.

  12. Barb says:

    They should at least do one final episode for The Glades to resolve the cliffhanger. I guess they were too cocky thinking they would be renewed. The concept for the new show is sort of blah but I’d give it a try just for Passmore.

  13. KMG says:

    OK, loved Glades (I was really ticked they didn’t at least get a six-episode mini-season to wrap things up!) and I like Passmore a lot, but holy crap… have you ever read a more depressing series concept? Why would anyone watch that? I have liked almost everything USA has done, but count me out on this one.

    • Give it a chance. It sounds pretty lame, but it also sounds like a fairly early concept. The show might turn out to be good. We’ll see.

      • Eliza says:

        Agree. I have learned to never write anything completely off until I have at least seen the pilot.
        I thought I wouldn’t be interested in Breaking Bad and, well…. I was proven very, very wrong.

  14. Valerie says:

    As an Aussie I am all for my homeboy getting another show after A&E stupidly cancelled The Glades especially on that cliffhanger. Does USA need another show with a lead named Neil just to confuse him with Neal in White Collar when their own PR team regularly misspell their own characters’ names? Lol.

  15. sarah says:

    I loved the Glades and would have liked a short season to wrap things up! However I will watch anything Matt Passmore is in so I am adding this to my list!
    Where do I sign up to play his wife??? :)

  16. CBWBDK1 says:

    I’m glad he’s got a new role, but this show sounds awful!

    • helen says:

      i was mad they cancelled the glades i loved it. i don t think i ll like the new series they are planning for passmore i liked his character on glades. he was so funnyand it was a good cop show. give us closures if anything dumbasses

  17. Jon says:

    As long as Kylie Sanchez does not play his wife, I’m in.

    • Dory says:

      I doubt Kiele would want to.Be careful what you wish for from what I,ve seen it could be someone really freaky. Nuff said.

  18. Does not sound interesting to me at all. I will watch, but don’t know for how long. He fit his part on The Glades so well!

  19. Ethel says:

    will watch just to see Matt and yes, I am one of those still upset with A&E for the lousy treatment of Glades and total disrespect to the fans.

    • Jenny says:

      I agree completely. I have sworn off A&E or at least until they make things right with the Glades. Will check out Matt Passmore’s new show and go from there.

  20. Ram510 says:

    This show actually sounds very interesting! Definitely seems more like a HBO or Showtime kind of show and I’m surprised USA is picking up this type of show, seems a little too dark for the network but maybe they are going in a new direction.
    It’s too bad the cast Passmore as the lead male because he was unbarebly flat in The Glades and the “macho” role never seem to fit him, it always came across as forced. Perhaps he can get better for this role, but I doubt it. Either way I’ll check it out at least once.

    • Dory says:

      I agree. After season one, I saw more of a Hollywood Joe. Season 2 was weird. He was so taken with himself and his “Guest Star” he couldn’t seem to concentrate on his job.

  21. Stormy says:

    Sounds like the prequel to “Gone Girl” [which I hated].. I like Matt though, so I’ll give it a try.

  22. Michael says:

    I am still highly disappointed with A&E with their treatment of the fans of this show. They cancelled the show during the hiatus so that fan response would be slow and by the time it was there, it was too late. It’s a nice way of saying “We don’t give a crap what you want fans, this is what WE want.” So, to A&E, take your Duck Dynasty and swim away. You’ve lost me and quite a few other fans. I will follow Matt to USA however, just to give the show a chance. For the advertisers who spend their money on A&E advertisements, I can only hope its a good gamble, cause there are many of us who won’t waste our eyes or our time on it. #thatisall

  23. Ally Oop says:

    I have been a fan of Matt Passmore since he starred on McLeods Daughters, an Aussie show that tops my all time favourites list (I’m a Canuck FYI). However, I tried the Glades and it was too procedurally for me plus I missed Matt’s sexy Aussie accent. Hopefully his new show will be more serial than procedural.

    • melinda says:

      Same here. I’ve been following Matt since McLeod’s daughters (I’m in the U.S.) and enjoyed seeing him on the Glades. I’ve continued to follow him through his girlfriend Natalia’s Instagram.

      I agree with you, he’s much better when he doesn’t hide his accent. I’m not so sure about this storyline but I’ll watch it because I’m sure Matt will make it golden. He’s so yummy!

  24. Ashley says:

    I suppose when they say Characters Welcome, they mean the boring ones too, because this sounds pretty dull. At best, it sounds like it would make a better TV movie than a TV series. Say on Lifetime or something.

  25. PepperJo says:

    Loved Passmore on the Glades. (Loved the Glades; still mad about the cliffhanger ending). But this new series sounds positively sappy, boring and totally uninteresting. Nothing about it makes me want to watch it.

  26. Dory says:

    Anyone know who the female lead will be?

  27. windy4292 says:

    will try any show with him in the lead..still really really pissed at A&E about the Glades..loved that show

  28. ellen says:

    Why do people care who shot him. Just be glad that the show is no more and hopefully that Kiele will never again work as an actor. The last season was dreadful. Each scene Jim arrested someone else and by the last act, arrested the first suspect. At least the character played by Ed Asner got to escape by dying. Too bad the underpaid intern couldn’t get a real job – they really had him as an intern for four years??

  29. Dory says:

    There is a lot of good news on the internet. Matt Passmore doing a pilot for USA and his personal happiness with the woman who played Sam on season 2 of the Glades. The universe really loves irony.

    • Dory says:

      Since Glades is a done deal wanted to find a way to say goodbye to Kiele. My favorite. Since i don’t think they read fan posts.I found her twitter acct and read some of them. Little said about the show. Surprised to see this little cutie has a mouth on her. Just like me. The only thting I thought I had in common with her was a small frame. Good bye little girl. Good luck

      • Dory says:

        I would like to leave an honest reply as to the Glades. I was a fan since the pilot. I really liked Jim as a girl chaser and flirting with Callie. They might have extended that a bit. Season 2 was a disaster. nuff said. Season3 a little improvement & 4 also. It never really came back. It felt like the actors were just not interested. I stayed with it because of Kiele Sanchez. I felt her character was not treated very well. I*’m still sorry it was cancelled but for me it hasn’t been the same since season 1. Good luck to Matt, Kiele, Carlos, Manus, Daniel & jeff.

  30. Lisa says:

    This does not help the glades>>>>> What And Why was it cut Short!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t See MAtt as a Stift lawyer?

    • Dory says:

      Lisa I understand your disappointment but my comments were to look on the brighter side. I certainly agree it doesn’t seem like a part for MP. Sorry for being a Pollyanna, but i,m as upset as you.

  31. Trashaddict says:

    Nice that Matt is getting a new pilot but I’ve never understood all the hate on Kiele Sanchez. I actually think she is underrated as an actress. I thought they were hot together, so much for my ideas of great chemistry. Her character, while underwritten, was a pretty good counterpoint to Jim Longworth because she played smart, unlike all the underdressed bimbo female extras the show seemed to love having (so many it made me seriously wonder if the directors had a rotating casting couch! ) It was nice the way Callie and Jim’s relationship built up. If the series had gone on, they could have developed Carlos’ and Manus’ characters more too, which could have been really interesting.
    The writing wasn’t the best at times, but they did get some of the human relationship dynamics really right. I really cared about these characters and was sorry to see the series go. A&E sucks the big time, I will not waste my time on any of their series if I can help it, since they have no loyalty to developing their shows.

    • Dory says:

      I agree on so many of your points. I will say I don’t think that the actors etc read these posts, so we b….. to each other. The line onthe casting couch was funny. It seems someone jumped off and into the arms of someone who fell for her. I believe that some of the hatred for Kiele came from that component. Her character was totally disrespected by people who should have cared about her. Nepotism is not illegal, however, showing favoritism to actors who can’t act no matter what ones feeling is totally unprofessional. I could go on relating different incidents but I,ve done that. There were likely many factors contributing to the cancellation but I will always believe everyone on the show contributed. Has anyone ever read that Clifton Campbell ever made comments on the show except for saying “complicated or complex”. I am aware that Casytle has there own site on Tv line but just a couple of points. So far, I have not seen one actor small or big role who can’t act. Stana And Nathan keep their private lives out of the public eye. Enough said Thx. Dory

      • Dory says:

        Replying to my own post. How this new show will work out is still up in the air. We know little about it. If it doesn’t MP will get something else. It’s just that it takes so long. Hope he doesn’t have to resort to cartoon voice overs or an allegory for a dating service.

    • Dory says:

      Trashaddict check out mps twitters. My neighbor directed me . Hmm

  32. Vonnie says:

    I just found out the Glades was cancelled and am absolutely outraged. Maybe there is still hope that USA or Lifetime could pick it up–stranger things have happened. I only watched A & E for “The Glades” anyway. They owe us an ending!
    I really love all the USA shows, especially White Collar. The Glades would be a great addition to their line-up.

  33. Peggy McRedmond says:

    I am extremely upset that they cancelled “TheGlades.” Especially the way they they left us hanging. I think I know who shot Jim. And Carlos knows where he is so they could go there and save him. I LOVE Matt Passmore and want him back. They should have put “The Glades” on a better. decent channel like USA or something to start with. Those of us who loved the show need closure. I was happy to hear that Matt has a new show coming tonTV. I will watch anything he is in. He is my TV Russell Crowe!

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  35. Neil says:

    Callie’s ex mother in law shot him

  36. Billy Dodson says:

    Just checking my summer lineup and the Glades is gone. How terrible can they be. I love that show and will miss it, I still have Longmire and Hell on Wheels. All these networks, someone bring it back. I like the whole cast, they made it a great show.

  37. joanloia says:

    I can’t wait for new series I loved him as Jim in The Glades but cannot for the life of me understand why The Glades was cancelled. The whole show of Characters was excellent and I surely will miss it. I do want to know who shot Jim but I am sure it was Ray

  38. Lee Nastav says:

    Matt, we waited anxiously for your new series, because we were previously glued to The Glades! Sad to say. This is beneath you and it saddens our family and friends. You are capable and deserving of MUCH BETTER! We have already hit the erase button on recording any more of what we consider porn.

  39. jameswible says:

    Why would you cancel a great show? You really blow!

  40. Doreen Levy says:

    I can’t believe I got hooked on THE GLADES, and at the end, he finally gets the girl, plans his wedding and gets shot on his wedding day, and you are telling me, the show is CANCELLED!!!!! Are those TV executives just plain stupid?

  41. Judy Walters says:

    Please either put Glades back on or make some movies with Matt. We miss seeing him. The Glades was great and we miss it. But more movies would also be great.

  42. K Griff says:

    I hate how The Glades ended. It was my fav.