Elizabeth Mitchell Dishes on Revolution's Nixed Necking, Reuniting With 'Terrifying' Lost Hubby

Revolution Spoilers Rachel MilesElizabeth Mitchell isn’t just a part of the Revolution — she’s a bona fide fan of the NBC drama (airing Wednesdays at 8/7c), even prone to screaming at the TV when scientist Rachel Matheson can’t solicit a needed hug. On the occasion of most of the main characters reuniting in Willoughby, Texas, TVLine invited the actress to divine the new dynamics, preview an ominous arrival and dish on a steamy smooching sesh that got scrapped.

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TVLINE | The band is finally back together — but there are not a lot of hugs going around.
And there really should be, right? I feel like that’s so heartbreaking, the fact that Rachel couldn’t bring herself to hug her daughter. So sad. I was screaming at the TV – “Just hug her! You missed her like crazy!”

TVLINE | Even Aaron got a hug from Charlie.
I know! That was one of the things in watching that, it was so heartbreaking for Rachel. Inside she was like, “Why can’t I just be present, why can’t I put my arms around her?” But so often pride and anger and fear keep us from doing what we should, letting the people we love know that we love them. It was very human, but very, very sad.

TVLINE | Will she and Charlie get some quieter moments to maybe revisit their issues?
We will, yeah. There is some sweet stuff coming up, which is good. It’s always hard to see two people who love each other at odds all the time.

TVLINE | And what are you going to do with Monroe? How much rope is Rachel going to give him?
Ohhh, Monroe…. Rachel is a crafty one, and I think she’s giving him just enough! [Laughs] I really do. We’ll see it play out in this next episode. Rachel is playing it pretty nicely, actually, and a great deal of justice is about to be meted out, in all kinds of ways. Things come to a head.

TVLINE | What is Miles’ own read on Monroe right now? Because they kind of lapsed right back into their bromantic ways.
Their bromance is alive and well. I’m like, “Get a room.” [Laughs] I can’t speak for Miles, but from the watching of it, he seems very torn. He loves this guy and he doesn’t want anything to happen to him, but…. In the thinking of it, he seems like a drug to me. I’ve never been addicted to anything, but it does seem to have those qualities. Like, “I can’t let him go but I can’t have him with me, but I still keep him around.” It feels very fraught to me, and that’s what makes it work.
Revolution - Season 2TVLINE | This week your Lost husband, Zeljko Ivanek, arrives in town as the mysterious Dr. Horn...
Yeah, and he’s kind of creepy! And it’s amazing that he’s so creepy on camera because he’s such a kind, gentle man in life. I find him very fun to play with – he’s always well prepared and ready to go, doesn’t miss a beat.

TVLINE | What is Dr. Horn’s role there within the Patriots’ organization?
They’ve kind of alluded to the fact that he is a terrifying presence. He reminds me of any kind of a war crimes doctor, in that there’s something about him that is truly, truly scary. If you go through all those names that make you shudder, I feel like he might be up there with them. But what I feel like they’ve done, which is interesting, is they’ve made him very human. I can’t say why that is, because it hasn’t happened yet, but he’s not just dark. You can see why he does what he does. I like that in a character.

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TVLINE | Next week, Rachel uncovers some “unsettling truths” – such as…?
One of the things I like about Rachel is she definitely listens and she puts things together quickly. Whether or not everyone will heed what she has to say…. [Laughs] She’s such a Cassandra, isn’t she? But she definitely finds stuff out and tries to take steps accordingly.

TVLINE | It does seem like what the Patriots are up to is quite atrocious. Packing people into a cargo train evokes certain imagery…
Doesn’t it? And it’s horrible imagery. It’s exactly that thing of having your freedom taken away, and taken away so slowly you don’t even notice that it’s gone. And then you’re in Hell, in a horrible fix. That seems to me where the Patriots are going, but I can’t really say more because it hasn’t been fully explored even where we are now [in filming]. But it’s terrible. It definitely gives you something to fight against.

TVLINE | What can you tell me about this photo Revolution - Season 2of a deleted Episode 204 scene, where Rachel and Miles are looking very close, a bit touchy-feely in some alcove…. What was going on there?
The kiss! [Laughs] It happened right after I woke up [from recuperating] and met some of the Patriots. He pulls me into an alcove and we just start kissing. I loved it because I felt like that’s what you do in life — things get all crazy and you’re like, “Oh, hi! I missed you, too.” But they felt like the timing on it was weird. It was very sad for me to miss it, because it went along with my warped sense of the world.

TVLINE | If only because at this point, Rachel could probably use some lovin’….
Don’t you think?! Thank you. You put it into perfect words. I imagine Rachel is like, “Heyyyyy!” [Laughs] All work and no play! Poor Rachel. You want her to grab any happiness she can. And I would love to see that, because that’s part of the humanity of it all. But we’ll see!

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  1. M.d says:

    I miss Nora, they should of have done the same thing Rachael did for Aaron

  2. CLA says:

    I’m probably the only one who thinks Rachel and Monroe would have been a much better romantic pairing than Rachel and Miles. Elizabeth Mitchell and David Lyons have unique chemistry since the very beginning of the show. Unfortunately the show missed this golden opportunity. Hopefully we will get to see some powerful scenes between Rachel and Monroe, at least. It’s always great to watch these two actors together on screen.

    • Alan Bareiro says:

      You’re not the only one! I really love her and her character, but I do believe the spark between them, isn’t there. However, Liz had terrific chemistry with David, it’s a real shame they dropped it altogether. But here I am. Waiting for some Rachel/Bass scenes.

    • Bob says:

      The storyline with Monroe isn’t over yet, so who knows what might happen.

    • Maryann says:

      Monroe is dangerous and not a little bit insane. No woman in her right mind would want to be with him.

      • Alex says:

        And you think Rachel IS in her right mind? Just sayin’.

        • Miss Priss says:

          I love me some Monroe, they’ve been working hard to rehab his character, and tonite they finally showed us what it was that turned Monroe from the sensible one into a dictator; he took the concept of protecting his people in a draconian direction. They did a good job of showing Monroe as half mad and conflicted last season, and now he has to rebuild all the relationships he’s damaged along the way. Monroe is like a Little Vampire on the Prairie, just trying to survive. Neville had terrific scenes with his son and with the lady from Soul Food, I’m surprised at how much they’ve been able to expand the mythology.

  3. April Kagan says:

    charlie/bass shipper here ;P – wayyyyy more going on there

  4. E says:

    I agree. I think Rachel and Bass have better chemistry. I only like Bass and Charlie as frenemies. I guess we’ll have to see how everything turns out in Season 2, hopefully the writers keep on fixing their issues and keeps getting better

  5. Jake says:

    Yes agree missed opportunity with Rachel/Bass. Mitchell has great chemistry with all of her cast members. I am not a Charlie fan, but she even has chemistry with her. Liz Mitchell is just crushable. I like Miles/Rachel but their is just something about Bass/Rachel scenes together underlying and undeniable chemistry. Bass/Charlie is not a good pairing, it is borderline creepy and almost incest. Rachel asked the same question to Miles last season to Charlie did Miles hurt you. I can see Charlie taking a back seat all season, if they want to save the show. Charlie needs to be paired with Jason or Monroe son. Kinda of a Catnis/Peta/Gale thing.

  6. Pamela says:

    Poor editing if they deleted THAT scene. I like the Miles/Rachel & Charlie/Monroe pairings. I miss the intensity in Miles/Rachel’s relationship and Miles/Monroe’s bromance. I loved that they started out this season with acoustic versions of classic rock, but then that went away.

  7. Laura says:

    I’m sorry I’ve said this before, but someone plucked Elizabeth Mitchell from Lost and dropped her in Revolution and gave her a new character name. She is pretty much playing Juliet, even with same mannerisms, on Revolution. I’m waiting for her to wake up and its the 70’s and she is with Sawyer.

    • Jake says:

      I agree pretty much Liz Mitchell/ Rachel/Juliet the same character except Juliet never would have tried to off herself. Bass is Sawyer. I am not down with Bass and Charlie having a relationship, I think it is creepy and almost like incest. People, the same writers and creators of this show created LOST. This show is exactly like Lost minus the island. The Others/Patriots. Mythology, same guest stars from Lost and Supernatural are always on the show. Flashbacks/FlashForwards. How come no one has aged because of the nannies or the mystery of the island. I think the fireflies/Polar bears . All of JJ Abrams show r the same and so r the characters.

  8. Thank you sooo much for this interview. I love Elizabeth Mitchell and Revolution and Rachel is my favorite character.
    I’m still pissed they cut the kiss out in epi 4. Hopefully we get something like this along the way in another epi…

  9. Michelle says:

    I love charlie/ Bass!!!!!

  10. galvin says:

    does miles die from the arm infection

  11. kabir kolo says:

    Rachel/juliet same character,I love d way u act in both Lost and revolution,same staring an confusion kind of alook,you sm1 in suspense, can’t predict u r on d good side or not,

  12. Tiara says:

    Honestly, I don’t think that monroe and rachel are a good couple. They have no spark between eachother. Charlie and Monroe may have an age diffence, but I know i’m not the only one who sees the sparks going on with them. Charlie may think she hates him, but deep inside she has feelings for him. And he saved her life like twice. First time was at the bar, i understand that one though, it was so that she could bring him to Miles. But, the second time in “Everyone says I love you” He walked out on her, and he could’ve kept going. But, when she was in danger he came right back to save her. And when she said “You came back” You could tell by the look on his face he was thinking “For you, always.” I could see the sparks all over in that episode. Rachel and Monroe though? No that just wouldn’t work out. Miles and Rachel are so in love. And I don;t think that anyone could hate Monroe more than Rachel does. Rachel has no interest in Monroe. I see no sparks there. And no, Charlie isn’t Monroe’s daughter. I;m 100% sure of that. Neither was Danny. But, if Monroe and Charlie dont hook up, I think she should date his son. I bet he’s cute and all too, haha. We will just have to wait and see. :)