Ratings: Mom Dips, Castle and Blacklist Rise

No Questions AskedHow I Met Your Mother this Monday night drew 7.8 million total viewers and a 3.0 rating, per finals, flat week-to-week.  2 Broke Girls led out of that with 7.7 mil and a 2.7, up two tenths, while this week’s old Bang (8 mil/2.5) rose a tenth.

Rounding out the Eye’s night, Mom drew 6.6 mil and a 2.1, down 10 percent and two tenths, while Hostages (5 mil/1.2) was flat.

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Per final numbers, Fox’s World Series coverage did 14.5 mil and a 4.1, on par with last year’s Game 5.

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Over on ABC, Dancing With the Stars (13 mil/2.1) lost a couple viewers but was up a tenth in the demo, while Castle (10.7 mil/2.1) added a handful of eyeballs and rose two tenths.

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NBC’s The Voice (13.2 mil/4.3) was flat, but The Blacklist (10.5 mil/3.1) inched up to a three-week demo high.

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The CW’s Hart of Dixie (1.05 mil/0.4) and Beauty and the Beast (830K/0.3) were flat.

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  1. tp says:

    Agent Keene’s husband is smart. He turned himself and played the victim. Also Keene needs to improve her close combat skills. She got her butt kicked!

  2. steve says:

    Nice to see the blacklist seems to of settled

  3. wrstlgirl says:

    Looks like Hostages is finding it’s groove although I found last night’s episode a bit dull. Excited to see how all this plays out.

  4. lupe says:

    I’m really happy for Castle it was a good episode!

    • Rich Abey says:

      Me too. Excellent episode with equal parts fun, mystery & family crisis. Glad the see the ratings are healthy & holding steady. Castle FTW!

  5. Jessica says:

    Not surprised with HIMYM going down, I’ve always loved the show but this season is hard to watch, and if they are going to spend the whole season on like 3 days of a wedding weekend it will prob just get worse..

    • Jon says:

      Does it matter though with ratings final season. And so far this season has been really good IMO.

    • Boiler says:

      I tend to agree. Have always liked the show but I eel it is not a good way to end this. Oh well will still watch

    • Patrick says:

      I like what they are doing. But the Marshall car trip is killing the shows. His car trip buddy is annoying, and it just seems so implausible.

    • jenna says:

      I agree, it seems like too many filler episodes. I can see that they are actually (somewhat) focusing on barney and robin’s issue (barney standing up for robin, barney and robin working together instead of independently and next weeks looks like barney’s mom vs robin). But the episodes come across as unfocused and i’m really hating sherri’s character daphne

  6. Jenna says:

    I’m suprised Castle is up since apparently everyone hated last episode. Alexis arc is ruining the show, she needs to go back to college.

    • Apples says:

      Ratings never reflect the current episode. How could people know they didn’t like the episode till they saw it?

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:


      • eridapo says:

        True… Ratings are usually a lagging indicator. Where you can tell if the episode was not well received is in the half hours, and according to Marc Berman the episode lost 3 tenths in the demo and nearly 1.4 Million viewers from 10 to 1030… (11.36 to 9.93 million viewers) and (2.2 to 1.9 demo). The show on average loses about 700K at the half, but this time the loss is more than double.

        • Apples says:

          I’m not surprised, for mine it was the worst episode so far this season.

        • Blacklist lost views also in the half hour ( 11.17 to 10.140 and even more on demo 3.3 to 2.9 ) so not just Castle.

          • eridapo says:

            That is why I mentioned that your typical average loss at the half for Castle is 700K viewers. To have the loss at the half nearly be double that tells you that more viewers than normal lost interest. As far as the Blacklist and its loss its average loss has been about 1 million viewers, so the loss at the half is in line with expectations. The people that normally leave did so again whereas with Castle more than did so than normal.

          • Just one thing says:

            Could that larger-than-normal drop-off be attributed to baseball? I don’t follow the sport, but was that toward the end of the game?

    • Mary says:

      I didn´t hate it, actually I tought it was a good episode…not great, but very good! So, apparently it´s “everyone” minus 1:) And no, Alexis arc isn´t ruining the show for me!

      • GeekGirl13 says:

        Me either. The dynamic between father and daughter is half the reason I watch the show.

      • Katherine215 says:

        A very vocal (minority?) group hate the episode, hate Pi, hate Alexis, hate the lack of Caskett moments, hate the Caskett moments we do get, hate the sun, hate breathing, and pretty much everything you can think of, or so it seems from the comments around here. I enjoyed the ep and the storylines to date. There is no pleasing everyone.

        • eridapo says:

          What is true about these type of show (ie. shows with couples people ship) is that 95% of the people who watch aren’t watching because of the ship couple. The majority might be tuning in to watch the Castle family, the case of the week, the funny moments, and all other things not having to do with Caskett. However with these type of shows the vocal minority (the one who take the net and forums) are the people who only care about the ship couple.

      • Apples says:

        I actually love the Alexis arc, to me it feels quite realistic and believable (especially given what we learned about how Castle handled the engagement news this week). I thought the highlight of this episode were the two bookend scenes with Alexis (and Castle fencing, that was awesome!).
        She feels far more like a believable, flawed, impulsive real 19 year old than she did as the “perfect daughter” cardboard cutout of the early seasons.
        Definitely with you on the Alexis arc

        • scooby says:

          Well I loved the episode. Stupid Canada. (Okay, maybe not, but it’s lousy for people to not be able to wait a day to get this stuff and our Canadian neighbors shouldn’t be facilitating it as it hurts the show they claim to love). Who doesn’t love swordfighting? Seriously. The episode was a lot of fun. If anybody’s acting like this one’s a dud versus at least just ok, I really don’t know how they enjoy anything. Re: the Alexis arc, I even don’t think Pi, as annoying as he is, is a horrible human being. He doesn’t seem like he’d hurt Alexis. He works for an NGO and studies bees which frankly are crucial to the world’s food supply. That deserves respect from Castle and it was mean of him not to give it. The only thing I had beef with was Alexis saying she didn’t know if Beckett was “the One” but she accepts it. The tone was meant to sting. Gotta love 19yo defensiveness. It’s both in character and hard to sit through. She has no idea Beckett’s the one trying to get Castle to be more relaxed about Pi so that’s kinda funny.

          • will says:

            Alexis is a spoiled brat and always has been. Castle isn’t the perfect dad, but he’s given her everything she’s ever wanted and has a right to be hesitant when a 19 year old just up and moves in with a strange boyfriend. To compare it to his dating Beckett is silly and stupid considering how long they knew each other beforehand. She’s the eiptamy of spoiled brat and how she acted at the end saying she needed time to get over it is just proof of this. But the second she needs help (i.e. the next episode) she will run to daddy dearest. She needs to leave the show. There’s enough spoiled brat characters on tv.

    • Just one thing says:

      Tons of people live-tweet during Castle, and I saw nothing but praise last night. Maybe people nitpick upon reflection?

    • Rich Abey says:

      Seriously..everyone hated the last episode? I for one did not. Neither did most of my 50-60 strong NYU crowd of Castle fans. Sure the first 5 episodes of this season were top notch, but this was the most fun! More precisely equal parts fun, mystery & of course family crisis (which most attribute as the reason for the hate). Yes the ending especially was depressing..kind of hate Alexis at the moment..but the very fact that Andrew Marlowe has managed to unearth such strong feelings from a majority of fans means that he is doing his job well. Hey..it can’t be just fun, mystery, games & Caskett you know!

  7. Jessica says:

    It’s no wonder why HIMYM’s ratings are dropping…You can easily skip an episode and miss NOTHING – the season is moving sooooo slowly! I was worried about that when they announced the last season’s framing, and it’s all coming true :(

    • Jon says:

      Except good times and laughs, and yes moving slowly but will come together in end.

    • John says:

      Nah. It’s been a great season so far.

      • seriously says:

        wrong. last nights was really bad.

        yeah, lily would not have seen the text as soon as it was sent, let alone after all that time passed. oh and destroy your phone, no questions asked… and she does. that would happen, never.

        so far this season we’ve had a couple of ok eps and a handful of really bad ones.

  8. Dani says:

    THE BLACKLIST is amazing! It’s my favorite new show of the season. Not doubt about Liz’ husband being shady in some way. I smiled when Red said “That’s my girl” after hanging up the phone on Liz. Still expected him to turn out to be her real father.
    The last season of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER has been a bit disappointment. The episodes aren’t funny, the mother has been MIA for weeks and because the writers dragged out this stupid Barney/Robin/Ted story to the very last minute, their characters have been greatly damaged. Also, what’s this story about Marshall being on the road with that unfunny lady? I expected better.
    The CW’s Monday night has been low in ratings for three years now. It’s sad to see HART OF DIXIE suffer so much. It’s a nice little show, but with ratings like this I expect them to cancel it after this season. Same goes for BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Last season BATB was must see TV for me, I looked forward to it every week. This year not so much. I still like the show but now I dvr it and watch it over the weekend. I’m disappointed at how they went with the writing. IMR, this yoyo relationship of are we together or are we not, we went through that last season and they finally got together only for him to resurface with no memory of her at all. It’s tiresome.

    • TV Gord says:

      I doubt that Red is her father. That’s too easy for a show with this kind of complex storytelling. I think that’s what the writers want us to think, but there will be some kind of twist. (I don’t think he’s her father-in-law, either.)

      The Blacklist immediately joined The Good Wife as a show that is capable of competing creatively with the best cable shows. It shows that network shows don’t have to be bland and predictable; they can do just as good a job as the less restricted cable world.

      • eridapo says:

        At first I thought that Red was indeed going to be the dad, but now I’m having reservations about it because it just damn obvious that the show is trying to tells us that he just might be.

    • Brandy says:

      HoD is Likley to get a fourth season for syndication

  9. Elizabeth says:

    HIMYM needs to start showing the mother. Why did they make her a series regular when she hasn’t appeared since the hour-long season premiere? I also think that Robin and Barney are coming across as unlikeable so far this season. I’m not giving up on the show, but I hope it picks up soon.

  10. Mrs. Peele says:

    enjoy castle and i am so happy they are really having a more believable story line with alexis. she is now a young woman and rick has been trying to keep her ‘his little girl’ too long. she is showing that this is her life and her mistakes and acceptance works both ways. so even if she is wrong, she knows at least she gave it her shot and tried. which is all anyone can ask. he raised her and she has always been level headed; i think she will do fine. there is only so much we can do for our children……the other shows i don’t watch…..

    • DL says:

      Eh, I disagree. I find she’s being very condescending and patronizing toward her father. And to compare her one month relationship to Pi with Castle’s five years of knowing Beckett… and to slam Beckett by saying “Well, I don’t know if she’s the one…” /sigh
      I’d be more okay with the storyline if the show wasn’t portraying it as if Alexis is in the right here. Her father is still paying her tuition to an expensive Ivy League school. And Castle needs to man up and be okay with his daughter being mad at him. The show seems to be saying that a nineteen year old knows better than her forty-something father, and that parents should compromise their convictions and parenting skills.
      Again, it would be fine if Castle backed off and let her “learn from her own mistakes.” What’s not fine is emotional blackmail to force him to actually APPROVE of what’s happening.

      • castle fan says:

        Oh you are so right! Last night’s Castle was great (very National Treasure which I liked). Alexis and her hippie ruined it for me. Really if she’s going to live in yogurt valley with the hippie and eat off doors from the street, can they just leave it off screen? She’s coming across as a freaking brat.

        I do think it’s a revenge relationship because now she doesn’t have Daddy all to herself anymore. Yeah people are saying she’s finally “realistic” but if we are going for reality here, her father would have cut her off financially. Ok you want to be an adult, pay for your own tuition.

        I wanted to scream when Martha lectured Castle about how “rude” he was.

        Writers, if you are reading this, I want Pie to be next week’s murder victim. I’ve had enough of this clown. If you insist on foisting him on us, write them both out of the show – sorry Molly Quinn. They can raise coconuts in Guatemala as long as they are written off.

      • Maria says:

        Unfortunately, dumbing-down of fathers on tv has been happening for decades. I think Bill Cosby on The Cosby Show was the last tv-dad that I can remember being written like a real father figure.

      • Kim says:

        @DL – Yes! This. All of this.Thank you!

      • John 1138 says:

        When the alleged “parenting skills” include that passive aggressive display at the dinner where he was a guest?

        Yeah that needs to go.

        • Just one thing says:

          Yeah, he as a jerk at dinner. But he apologized. I don’t hate Alexis, but I’ve grown ambivalent toward her as a viewer, while respecting her place in the “natural order of things” for the show.
          That said, I get why people who normally like Alexis are upset. She’s kind of being a tool, and she was acting like a tool before she moved out. That the writers use Martha and Beckett to play Alexis’ advocate and make Castle the bad guy is silly.
          Sure, Martha’s always been in Alexis’ corner and Beckett’s always defended her, but Alexis is acting foolishly for someone who was kidnapped less than a year ago. (Alas, her recent behavior has nothing to do with that and mostly to do with Caskett.)

          • scooby says:

            I think the show’s regularly had Beckett giving advice about Alexis that Castle listens to and Alexis has never really been aware of that. Perhaps it’s time that she understands how influential Kate’s been in her life without her even realizing. If she knew that Kate better, she’d realize that her remark about “the One” was bratty. She really does feel like she’s been wronged and he was badly behaved at dinner, but she needs to connect more with Castle and Kate as a partnership. Then she might see that Pi’s a harmless but temporary thing.

          • Just one thing says:

            I honestly wouldn’t mind if Pi ended up being “the one” for Alexis. He’s goofy, but we’ve only seen one extreme side of him. And I swear, his total screen time so far must add up to 10 minutes or less. Alexis says he’s smart, and I believe her. Given more screen time and character development, maybe we’ll see aspects of Pi that make him a more likable character for the fans who despise him.
            As for Alexis knowing about Beckett’s defense of her over the years, yes, one would logically expect that to have a positive effect on Alexis’ attitude toward Beckett. But, of course, the two characters would actually have to share a scene and talk to one another with real dialogue exchanges — possibly for longer than 30 seconds. Maybe even longer than a minute. Crazy concept, I know…

    • Rich Abey says:

      Can everybody please stop commenting on Alexis? Cause it’s just stupid and annoying to see people writing paragraphs & paragraphs on the same topic over and over again!

  11. Magali says:

    I actually thought last night HIMYM was the best so far this season. But the bar wasn’t that high…

  12. Fernando says:

    Yes Hart of Dixie went up

  13. B says:

    Hart Of Dixie is charming it deserves at least a fourth season to end properlyit gets decent reviews and buzz

  14. Monica N says:

    HIMYM is super irritating this season. The story is moving along too slowly and I think that is made worse by Marshall being separated from the group (stupid storyline) and stuck in a car with a stranger. And weren’t viewers promised that we’d get to know the mother? We’ve seen her for maybe a few minutes tops. We want to see her relationship w Ted develop. Get Marshall to the Farhampton Inn ASAP, ditch his travel buddy, for whom we feel nothing & habe no investment in & give the MOTHER of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER some freaking scenes!

  15. cjeffery7 says:

    very much enjoying The Blacklist, but does anybody else find it awfully convenient that Lizzie has so quickly become attached to Red? also, there are definitely some points where she doesn’t use her profiling skills quite as deftly as she should. one of my fave episodes last night though.

  16. Matt says:

    Did anyone notice that the actress who played Gina in this week’s episode if The Blacklist is Margarita Levieva who played fauxmanda on Revenge?

  17. Annemijk says:

    I liked this episode of HIMYM better than the rest ive seen this season, loved he randomness of the ‘no questions asked’ flashbacks, reminded me of the old days…I mean what the hell was Robin doing? And Ted sending a letter to the random footpowder lady at the pharmacist.

  18. Apples says:

    I’m surprised how many people were watching network TV on Monday. Who says broadcast is dead? 42m in the 8pm, 37m in the 10pm…

  19. Rich Abey says:

    Castle was at its awesome best: sweet, thrilling, silly, mystery, murder & Caskett love eye balls all at once! Except for maybe Alexis’s behavior..think I’ve had my fill of Alexis for the season. Loved those looks Kate kept giving Castle! Caskett FTW!

  20. ollie says:

    Yay for hod, I actually liked lemon for the first time last night and what are they doing to wade they keep back tracking him instead of him growing. Glad castle was also up.

  21. DavidSask says:

    How sad BBT gets better ratings as repeat than the entire CBS original line-up, time for replacements stat!!!!

  22. BubbaTim says:

    Hey Matt: I was wondering when you’ll start reporting live+7 for totals? I read your site daily, and besides the occasional articles on viewership increases, weekly totals are never in the mix. Given the data…wouldn’t it make sense to make it a weekly thing? Thanks!