Exclusive White Collar Video: Can Neal Get Bookish Bridget Regan to 'Open Up'?

A new red-hot romance is about to ignite on White Collar, and TVLine has a first look at Bridget Regan‘s debut as the new lady who catches Neal Caffrey’s eye.

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This Thursday on the USA Network drama, Regan — whose TV credits include of course Legend of the Seeker as well as a noisy arc on Beauty and the Beast — kicks off a 10-episode arc as Rebecca Lowe, “a rare book scholar a bit of an intellectual,” the actress tells TVLine. Minding a museum that hosts a rare tome Neal needs to nick, she is on hand when he “comes in to case the joint, so to speak,” Regan previews. “And sparks fly.” As they always do, with Neal. As they always do.

In our first-look clip, Neal (played by Matt Bomer) uses his considerable charms to coax Ms. Lowe into affording access to the invaluable book, but she resists. Thus far.

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Press PLAY to watch the bad boy get a read on the beautiful bookworm, then cast your vote in Comments — yea or nay — for Neal’s new romantic interest.

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  1. Hannah Jane says:

    Nay. A big nay. I don’t feel any chemistry. She comes off too much like a nerdy little high school girl finding it hard to believe an attractive college guy is talking to her. The heavy breathing and laughing were too much. Bring back Sara, someone with actual emotional depth and connection with Neal. Stop making him seem flighty. Ugh.

    • Mac says:

      Honestly, I disagree with the whole “high school girl who can’t believe a college guy is talking to her” analogy. It didn’t seem like her excitement was about Neal at all. It came across to me like a passion for her job and she was eager to share what she knew about the book. I could see her doing the exact same thing if it had been Peter or Neal’s new handler in this scene instead of Neal. However, I do agree that’s she’d nerdy which is actually refreshing because so many women in TV are either beauty or brains, it’s nice to see them wrapped up in the same package.

      • farila says:

        I sooooo much agree with you ♥
        It’s her passion. To me she ikes the story of this book, which is a big PLUS because Neal likes this domain too!! :D
        They can be a perfect match. Though, I don’t realy like her style.
        We would need a mix between Sara and Bridget. But let’s wait till we see her personality.
        That’s not enough!
        I can’t wait the next episode :D
        Matty ♥

    • CBWBDK1 says:

      Cry me a river one tree hill fangirl!! Bridget is perfect!!! She was perfect in Legend of the Seeker. I still miss that show!!

    • kira says:

      Have even been watching White Collar? Neal is a conman and right now embroiled in the criminal world, so by definition and by circumstances, he is flighty. Go back to watching your One Tree Hill reruns! WC is obviously not for you if you think it’s Sara/Neal soap opera. Ugh.

  2. Roger says:

    Mother Confessor! Miss Sara but love Bridget Regan.

  3. Terez says:

    Wow, sparks and chemistry! Cannot wait!

  4. Yasmin says:

    Hmm not sure.. Do like Bridget Regan, but I would love to have Alex Hunter back.

  5. Shane says:

    Well I guess I’m watching this show now.

  6. samdimist says:

    Love Bridget Regan! She is perfect for this role! Give her a chance and you will love her too! She’s an amazing actress with incredible depth as well as physical presence to boot/kick!
    Just as the scene states… “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” There is Sooo much more on the inside than meets the eye! Not that what you see isn’t reason enough to watch! Bridget is stunningly beautiful!
    Bridget Regan has that “IT” factor! Trust me, she will make you love her too!
    Brilliant casting! Can’t wait to see this season!

  7. wordsmith says:

    I know red is her natural color, but I still can’t get used to seeing Bridget as not-a-brunette.

  8. madeline says:

    Bridget Regan is stunning for sure. But the clip didn’t do much for me and came across a bit forced. Hope they don’t botch her character. Atleast Regan is a good actress. Frankly, at this point anyone would be better than “meh” Sara. Will wait until Thursday’s episode to judge.

  9. Jane.C.L says:

    Nay for sure. I didn’t feel any chemistry between then at all. Almost felt like Neal was forcing himself to be there when usually he seems to enjoy flirting to get his way.
    Personally I want Sara back. They had a lot of chemistry together.

  10. Lisa says:

    Not impressed so far. She seemed a little lacking in…IDK, IQ or SQ or something. Maybe she’ll get better.

  11. jenna says:

    Can’t wait for Thursday. They look smoking together! Good times ahead!

  12. itsbighead says:

    shes such a cutie patootie

  13. lisa says:

    I don’t know why they used the word “atypical” for her. She seems totally someone Neal might be attracted to. Beautiful, artistic, scholarly, and so feminine.

  14. Ella says:

    UGH. What is with the heaving and gasping through basic line delivery?! I miss Sara :(

  15. NekoFirefoxy says:

    Just be fair. And to all the “die hard” Sara fans out there. Sara’s character had been written into the show when she already had got some kind of “history” with Neal regarding the stolen Raphael and his trial. Maybe she had fallen for his charms in the beginning. And what kind of chemistry are you talking bout? Is chemistry now the new description for suspiscion, spying after someone (s03, eps 06 and 07), running in out of someone’s life and back to your ex bf (s03 ep 14) and oh my favorite: leaving after a proposal (even if it was fake) and on a day when your so called “loved one” is about to finally get a clue about his family history. If that is chemistry I prefer a nerdy book scholar. On a very personal note: I’m a nerdy red head myself so there is some kind preconditioned soft spot :)

    • Hannah Jane says:

      So Neal is allowed to rebound with Maya in paradise, but Sara can’t rebound with an ex? Does Peter snooping on Neal bother you as much as Sara doing the same thing does? And what, are you suggesting that Sara drop her career ambitions and change her whole life at the drop of a hat because of some phony proposal and Daddy Issues so Neal could cry some big crocodile tears on her shoulder? How misogynistic of you.

    • christina says:

      I think Sara made a great decision to leave. I’m with her on that for once. I think she saw what was obvious to me and that is, Neal has always been kind of “whatever” with her. He is obviously happy when she is around but doesn’t miss her when she is not.

  16. rayna says:

    Of course YAY! I mean, just look at her!!
    What’s funny though is that I looked at the clip and thought she’d make a perfect Belle from Beauty and the Beast and apparently she was in that series! I know nothing about that so don’t know if she played Belle or someone else.

    Anyway, Neal looks like he’s genuinely attracted, con aside!

  17. Lore says:

    Nope, i didnt feel it, i miss Sarah

  18. james says:

    Definitely yea, maybe even yay!

  19. CJ says:

    I love sexy, romantic Neal, so I’m looking forward to how he moves from treating Rebecca like a mark and into wooing her.

  20. Janet Marie Cooper says:

    I think she’ got a fire under those glasses and unflattering skirts…Remember Marian the Librarian and Professor Harold Hill??
    Didn’t you guys get all her little “double meanings”?? Neal DID!!! You can just feel this girl getting ready to bust loose, like a pot of hot water about to blow it’s lid…
    Then it’s gonna be snap, zip, rip, rip!!!!!

  21. DCB says:

    Bring back Sara!!

  22. Ha! Reading the comments here, it seems like only Sara obsessed people hate Rebecca. If that means she’s nothing like Sara, I will love the character because I hated Sara with passion. Now I cannot wait to see her in action.

  23. Pat says:

    It is so obvious what her character really looks like. That clip shows us a librarian type of girl when you know that once the glasses come off, the hair drops down and she is wearing a sexy dress that will be the true character who Neal will most definately try to pursue. I still loves this show, but I am not sure if they are ready to give Neal a permanent love interest. Maybe when they know that the show is in its final season that is when they will do it.

  24. Simon Jester says:

    I’d like to see the blonde cop who tried to talk him down from the roof become a potential love interest for Mozzie.

  25. Donna says:

    YAY!!! Love the passion for the book that Rebecca is almost giddy for the opportunity to share with Neal. And the “stolen” glances as she tries to “read” Neal
    #Layers Looking forward to turning the pages.
    As for the Sara obsessed prejudiced fans:

  26. Erika says:

    I love Bridget Regan!! She is PERFECT :3

  27. Amanda says:

    Not really feeling it from this scene alone, but judgments cannot and should not be made based on one scene, so I’ll wait and see.

    Watching this did make me miss Sara, though. I really like that relationship. I imagined that Neal would have some flirtations while Sara is off in London, and then that relationship would eventually be revisited, perhaps when Neal is edging toward settling down and becoming more Burke-ish.

    But, 10 episodes is a long flirtation. I guess we’ll see. She’s a redhead like me — I do like that. Of course, Sara was a redhead, too, at first.

  28. dakota says:

    I love the implication that they are both like cryptic books waiting to be opened and deciphered. Hopefully, Neal will finally really open up to someone. She seems to be the kind.

  29. Kiki says:

    It’s difficult for me to judge from this one scene but Neal has always been one to “love the one you’re with” so his flirtatious manner doesn’t surprise me at all. I think Janet’s comment is going to be right on the money “snap, zip, rip, rip!!!” BTW Elle is so right about Neal’s quiet, sexy whisper drawing people in…Wowsers!

  30. farila says:

    How can Matt Bomer flirt SO MUCH WELL??
    That’s incredible, he’s better than some straight dudes…

    • mira says:

      He does doesn’t he? Altho’ I truly believe acting talent has nothing to do with sexuality. He is just a fantastic actor. Another thing with him is, if you’ve seen his interviews he seems to have this amazing abitlity to connect with the other person which shows in his on screen chemistry with both the genders.

      • farila says:

        Are we sure this guy is really gay?
        Maybe he just hasn’t found the lady of his life yet…and he’s by…. XD
        Let’s be serious…(anyway, it could be possible)
        You know, you can be a good actor, but to know how to seduce the women, it’s an art. I don ‘t think Matt could know how to do it unless he practiced that before :D
        I mean, he’s a real Don Juan! He looks so natural when he does it!

        • mira says:

          Like you said seduction is “and art”. And let’s just say he’s a mighty good “artist”;)

          As to his being a Bi. Well that’s what dreams are for right? lol.

          He’s been practicing romancing women onscreen since his soap opera days almost a decade ago. Boy his YT clips are hot!
          Oh let’s just stop overanalyzing and enjoy this fine piece of a man, alright?

  31. Renata says:

    Not feelin’ the chemistry from this scene. I find her from her character that she is not strong enough, too sweet or not naughty enough to be a good match. Maybe her character is just acting sweet and innocent though and she is hiding her characters true colors and will be stealing that book later posing as a nerdy innocent type working there in this scene but eventually steals what she is pretending to protect and preserve… Neal is Not what he seems to be…. he is really a bad boy with a good heart working for the FBI but posses as all kinds of different things he is not while working for the FBI, he takes on all kinds of persona’s and double characters to catch the bad guys working for the FBI… hehe.

    • farila says:

      Wow, I like your description…. :)
      We’ll see Thursday if they are a good match.
      I doubt their romance will start in this episode, but we’ll figure out soon.

  32. citlaly says:

    yesss :)

  33. Curlybean says:

    I’m willing to give it a try. You definitely can’t judge a book by its cover, right? I think this sweet, awkward, bookish persona will fall away to reveal someone much more suitable for Neal than Sarah ever was.

    I’m hoping that maybe she won’t be quite as much of a ball-buster as Sarah was, either. I loved it when Neal’s protective side came out with Sophie Covington and I would love to see him paired with a softer woman.

    I’m not worried about the chemistry issue. If you ask me, Matt Bomer could have chemistry with anyone they put in front of him.

  34. irishfan says:

    Think she will be great! Yea!

  35. barbara says:

    well poor warrencole didnt last long i was hoping he would be a regular. not feeling the chemistry with new girl maybe it will improve with her and neal. probably have to put up with hagen for awile guess these shows need a villian to annoy us

  36. Chris Irwin says:

    give Rebecca a chance to grow, Bridget Regan is more than capable as Rebecca. Neal/White collar needs her to expand, she’s perfect for the role. The more she is written in the script, the more the show will prosper.

  37. David says:

    It’s simple, I will watch the show because she is in it!