Cinemax Renews (and Cancels) Strike Back

Strike Back cancelledCinemax will Strike Back one last time.

On Monday, the cabler renewed the action-drama for a fourth and final season of 10 episodes.

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Strike Back wrapped its third season on Oct. 18. Season 4 will bow in Summer 2014.

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  1. Jay says:

    It’s one more season than I thought we would get after the final episode of season three. It felt very… Final. Can’t wait until summer 2014!

    • I felt exactly the same after the last episode ended. That’s what prompt me to go online and find out. I’m glad there’s one more.

    • Julie Auchtung says:

      I hope it’s not the last season! I LOVE this show! It seems that every time I REALLY get into a show, it ends up being cancelled for some reason or another!

      • neil close says:

        i couldn’t agree more, what is wrong with cinemax, surely thy know a good thing when they see one? I got into touch, then they shelved it, now Strickback, which is compulsive viewing, Don’t want to get into anything new in case its shelved!!

      • betty myers says:

        If the cancel Strike back, I will never watch another cinemax show again. Strike back was thebest show that had and now their going to cancel it!!!!!! Are they out of their c0ollective minds? They put on that stupid show, before Strike back, and I tried watching it, but it was no Strike Back. I’ve been waiting for the show to come back on and now I read that their going to cancel the only good dhow they have!!!! I think they need to put on their thinking caps and reconsider what their planning on doing. I will NEVER watch Cinemax again if they cancel Strike Back.

        • Peter says:

          Don’t blame Cinemax. Both lead actors signed to star in 2 new Network shows: Scott in “The Blindspot” and Michael in “The Player”. Both roles are similar to their roles in Strike Back, but since they’re on a major Network, minus the very hot girls and over the top sex scenes. But on the plus side, “The Player” also stars Wesley Snipes in a perfectly cast role for him. Love BOTH SHOWS. We lost Strike Back, which is a bummer, and all those incredibly hot ladies Scott scored almost at will, but in return, we got 2 new shows that are equally good. Besides, Strike Back’s story arc was not really an arc, not to mention the body count. “Season 4” was actually Season 5. After Season 1, they recast the show called the new season “Season 1” and the original Season 1 became a 5 part mini-series with completely diff’t actors. I don’t think Cinemax envisioned Strike Back to become such a hit. To answer another widely asked question: “Why do shows that I love seem like they keep getting cancelled?” The answer is simple: Their popularity results in their lead’s landing new shows.

    • Amy says:

      I’m an American and I love how the British is doing Strike Back. Would have loved to see more than one more season of it.

    • Glen says:

      Just this second watched the last episode of series 4. ABSOLUTLY BRILLIANT. One of best series out there.. Doesn’t alive the feel of a 5th series tho which is a bummer

      • Jackie says:

        Confused season 4 has not even aired yet.

        • clementsphil says:

          That is the difference between US and UK series I think. We had our Series 1 with Richard Armitage (Porter) then 2, 3 &4 with Scott and Stonebridge. I think the titling was different in the US.

        • Peter says:

          You’re right to be confused. “Season 4” you are referring to is “Season 5”. There are actually five total seasons, not 4. The original Season 1 was recast with new actors and an American was added to the cast: “Scott”, once Cinemax realied they had a hit on their hands. Time Warner boosted the shows budget and extended the seasons to 10 episodes from “Season 0”, which had 5. In the original “Season 1”, the head of Section 20 was played by the actor who plays “Rick Grimes” from The Walking Dead.

    • PeeWee says:

      This one of the best series going right now. I am with this person it will be hard for me to keep looking at Cinemax. I got my whole family looking at Strike Back. Please don’t take off and 10 is not enought for ther series either at least 12 to 14. Why also take off something good. Zane end so dumb and that was a good late night series, I know Jump Off has replace and I look and like it but why couldn’t you have finished it with the crazy way it ended? Come on now stop getting rid of the good series?

    • IDJ says:

      No season 5??? Wow one of the best shows on the tELE. iT is a shame that strike back will be off the air!!!

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    Impatiently waiting for the S3 DVD’s :-)

  3. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, one of the best action series on TV. so precise and detailed. kudos to the producers and writers. hope there is a spin-off or change of hearth. Excellent TV. as always the Britt’s knows good TV :)

  4. Sandylee says:

    Yes! This show is my “guilty” viewing pleasure. Love it.

  5. Piet says:

    Why cancel it right now? I think it’s okay if it is a creative decision from the writers, but if it’s now, why not JUST renew it and see how the new season does? :o

    • Adriene says:

      Strike Back was Cinemax’s first stab at original programming and they did it as a joint project with a british production. They did the same sort of thing with Hunted and it didn’t end well because the British side and the American side had different ideas about how they wanted to progress with the series. Now Cinemax is doing original programming on their own, like Banshee. So they’re moving in the direction of wanting to have full control over their shows. Strike Back is just an outdated model for them now. Personally Im glad that we’ve gotten 3 (now to be 4) seasons of this great show and that the show will go out on top instead of over staying it’s welcome and growing stagnant as happens to so many other shows. I’m looking forward to a wrap up story as I’m starting to think the careers of guys like Scott and Stonebridge can’t last for years without some sort of major change, or death. Hopefully not death. :)

      • zac7179 says:

        I completely agree. I love strike back but shows like strike back can go from great to awful fast. I am glad there is one more season, so many shows end without wrapping everything up and by announcing it now cin gave them the chance to do just that. It wouldn’t surprise me if the cast had a small say in it ending. Every interview I have scene they all talk about how intense filming is and how much of a commitment it is.

  6. John says:

    I’m very happy and very sad at the same time.

  7. Aimee says:

    I’m glad it’s getting another season but I’ll be sorry to see it go. It is one of the best action shows on TV.

  8. ScorpionGlow says:

    I figured as much. At least we get a final season, as opposed to not getting to see it truly wrapped up.

  9. Sophie says:

    This really confuses me as over here in the UK not only is season 4 airing over here tonight but it has also just been renewed for season 5 and doesn’t mention anything about cancellation?

    • odyssey2001 says:

      The first series didn’t air in the US originally. It is only being released now as a prequel Strike Back: Origins. Therefore , our series 4 is their season 3. Hence next season for both of us will be the last, regardless of the numbering.

      • steve says:

        I think what sophie means is the press releases from sky make no mention of it being the final season could sky be going to continue on there own

        • Adriene says:

          Not surprised Sky hasn’t mentioned it’s the final season as it seems british networks seem to hold out on info until the last minute. In any case, I doubt Sky could keep up with the high costs of production on their own. They joined with Cinemax to have a bigger budget. It wouldn’t be the same sort of show on their own. So I predict this will be the final season for Strike Back everywhere.

        • Baz says:

          Why would sky mention anything about this being the final season, it aint, there will be another one season of strike back (doesnt matter wether u put th british number or american number on it) when it is showing th final season, which will be next year it will let you know!

          • Peter says:

            Exactly. It’s final and both leads have new hit shows. Stonebridge nails an American accent in The Player

          • Surely Stonebridge would find it easy to nail an American accent – Philip Winchester is, after all American, even if he did live in London for a while. It could be said therefore that he nailed an English accent pretty well!

            Even so, it is a shame that we have seen the back of Strike Back, even if the last series, looked to me a bit ‘going through the motions’ without the strength of the previous seasons. The concept had certainly moved a long way from the origins of the Chris Ryan book, but had done it very well.

    • Debbie says:

      How can I view the next 5seasons?

  10. Chrissy says:

    No no no I love this show!!!! 😡😟😡😟

  11. Fido says:

    Throughout the past 3 seasons each ep has been jammed full of guns, explosions, shock deaths and action stuff, I can’t imagine what they’re gonna give us now that they know this is their finale season. Tempted to say all bets are off, but with the number of deaths in the team so far methinks the bets have never been on. :)
    If the series was going to be cancelled I’d rather it was done this way, giving the writers a whole season to build up to cracking finale.

    • Tony Bootlegger says:

      At least it’s on blueray and on order. Like you say every episode is filled with the stuff action fans want,just don’t understand why this happens to excellent shows.

  12. Tony Bootlegger says:

    It don’t make it right but it happens all the time with quality shows I.E Profit,space,above and beyond,Dresden files,Eurika. One of my favorites was firefly as well as all the above plus loads of others I could mention.

  13. sladewilson says:

    The best action show on TV today. I’m glad it’s getting one more season but I’m hoping that means the core crew actually lives thru the season because Strike Back will kill you in a heartbeat….

  14. Doug H says:

    Like above commenter, Strike Back has been a guilty pleasure.. A 4 year run ( or 5 if you count the Prequal which will now be shown on Cinemax with a different cast) is decent for a show like this… It is interesting that they are now heading towards Asia for its last season.. I’ve enjoyed the locations for this show. I do wonder how the target audience pays for it. It is rare than a younger skewing show is on Pay Cable, especially one like Cinemax which is usually only in subscriptions that include everything. In a way, it’s sort of like the Spartacus series that Starz had to gather younger subscribers.

  15. Pati says:

    nooooooo I love the show. I’m glad it’s renewd but why would they cancel it. It’s so good, one of the best action show. I’m gonna miss it. This season finale was somewhat satisfactory for a series finale which is what it felt like to me. I’m glad that it will at least be back for one more season =(

  16. M3rc Nate says:

    I LOVE this show. Best action/tactics/shooting in any TV show iv ever seen or any movie. By best i mean most realistic. Im so happy it got picked up for another season! But im sad its cancelled past that. However considering how they are a special unit used to stop something huge (biological attack, nuke etc) i can see how creatively you dont want 10 seasons of it…odds of it getting old and feel like these guys are super heroes are high.

    Then again, if this show is getting better and better, and i assume more and more viewers and more popularity…why cancel it now? Hmm.

  17. DavidSask says:

    My guess the budget is not cheap for show and that is why saying goodbye to it, or they have other pilots wish to bring to series and need money from this show to do so!

  18. Bran says:

    Yay! We get to see Scott bang a lot more hot chicks!

  19. Esromjk says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I just finished watching season 2 on DVD, now I’m waiting for season 3 to come out on DVD
    Love my aussie Sullivan Stapleton

    • Christine Golden says:

      Then you should be looking forward to The 300, II, coming out in a few months. Stapleton has the lead, playing the Greek general who defeated the Persians and saved Athens. It’s supposed to be very, very good.

    • betty myers says:

      He’s one of the main reasons I watch the show. If their going to take any show off the air, why don;t they take Banshee off the air and leave Strike back alone. Everyone I know watches the show, so there are going to be a lot of unhappy Strike Back watchers out there and I hope they all boycott Cinemax!!!!!!

  20. Jasmine says:

    I don’t want it to go, but thank GAWD there’s at least one more season. The DEA better be down for lending out some agents cause Martinez needs to be back!

  21. Shaun says:

    Technically it’s not cancelled if they have time for a series finale :p

  22. Essa says:

    I’m torn about this. Given the high body count on this show, I was over-the-moon that both of my favorite women survived season 3. I’m guessing that won’t be the case for season 4. Yet, at the same time, I really enjoy the show and would like to see it go out in a blaze of glory. I just hope they do the fans a solid and keep everyone who lived through season 3 alive for the end of season 4.

  23. Thought says:

    Never heard of this show, but I wish more shows were cancelled like this…with a full year in advance to wrap up the story lines.

  24. Just watched last episode of season 3 last night and the ending felt like it was the end of Strike back.
    I’m glad it’s back for one more season. So, that will leave Cinemax with one original show
    Banshee that’s it. I don’t think it will be enough for me to keep my subscription.

  25. Shalimar says:

    /facepalm @ Cinemax Got a winner here and they kill it… are they taking lessons from Fox???

  26. David says:

    Just trying to be clear, is there going to be a 2014 season of Strike Back or was 2013 the swansong? I love this show, and even though it felt like it was to be the final season (2013) because of the dialogue between the main characters, the last show made me think there would be a season 5 (2014) because of the closing dialogue…

  27. Vi Delight says:

    I too am very disappointed this show is cancelled. I was hoping for 5 or 6 seasons. Don’t want it to stay so long it becomes old and pathetic, like NCIS,et al. Stil, I think just four seasons are too few, especially given its increasing popularity. And what’s all this abojut the YOUNG demographic? I’m sixty yesrs old and the last spy show I was this crazy for was “Secret Agent Man” starring Patrick McGoohan. Google THAT, youngsters!

  28. Philip Price says:

    its unreal action a plenty I live in Australia its the best show going around and of course one of the actors is Australian.
    Please keep the show going season 5 etc keep this show a live love watching it keeps me going.

  29. Mark Koechig says:

    first burn notice and then one of the best tactically correct shows on tv gets cancelled, whats next and I was a big fan of firefly too!

  30. Barbara Kaczmarski says:

    Love the show so much and now it’s cancelled. Is there an online petition to keep it alive? Sign me up.

    • Philip Price says:

      Keep the series going there is a final season being done,Series 5 the final.All good shows come to a end don’t know why as its a fine show with plenty of action its just great.
      What will replace it another dead end show.

  31. Soph says:

    This is the best action show ever and we should fight to keep it, there is still room for fresh stories about the boys on section 20 – we can’t lose them yet!!

  32. Ssenabulya Muzamil says:

    i really enjoyed watching the first 3 seasons and i can’t wait to watch the fourth guys yo the best..

  33. Ronald Reagan says:

    Strike back is a Awesome Series… BBC writers and Producers did a excellent job on this series. Thats until they let cinemax take over and it never fells every time the Brits write a good movie or Show the americas producers writers and excs. Ruining the show trying to put there spin on it. The only on losing in this deal are the tv audiences in the end. Had Strike back stay all BBC British show it go past the season 4 and 5. Gee thanks Cinemax
    for ruining another show. Why can’t the americas write there own shows and stop stealing BBC shows.

    Yes! I am upset because am ex military and now a working man. After working 12hr shifts its a great feeling to get home and kick back from a hard days work and watch Strike back.
    But cinemax excs wouldn;t know that cause they think they know everything.

    If you excs were smart you take Strike back to a 5 season. I bet money on it none of the excs at cinemax of who ever the hell in charge there. Ever look at Strike back

    • Margerat Thatcher says:

      The only “British” episodes were the first season that didn’t air in the U.S. until after the end of this last season and were no comparison to all the episodes that came after CineMax jumped in. So instead of running down American producers and writers you should be thanking them for bringing you such a good show that Sky obviously could never pull off without them.

      • Philip says:

        Well keep the series going then as its such a good show what will replace it ?.
        The series was unreal like Nikita that series finishes soon.Im sure you can keep Strike Back going.Look at all the shows over the world SVU CSI CSI New york they were ging for well over 10 years not a pinch on strike back.

  34. Jack Daniels says:

    He means a 5th and final season in 2014 …….great news!

  35. Blake Potter says:

    I can’t wait for season 4 I hate that they are canceling the show after this season!!! This is my favorite series on TV! I hope they extend the show. Everyone get everyone you know to watch and maybe they will extend the series lol…

  36. godfrey says:

    this is the best action show. even here in kenya pple looooove it cannot b canceeled

  37. Judy says:

    Where can you get Strikeback: Origins to watch, I can’t find it anywhere, not even to buy?

  38. Phil Clements says:

    Season finale was last night here in the UK and I was delighted to hear them announce during the credits that filming starts February for Season 5

  39. Trish Coaten says:

    Just had to say ..just watched the finale here in the UK ..if you have sky go you can watch all the episodes there from season 1 to now..Also if the Nxt season is the last ever one Bring back porter from the dead Leo who faked his own death ..But I must say this TV series was not advertised enough in the UK if it had of been more UK ..viewers would of watched it ..

    • kamargarita says:

      true, we started from season 4 but love it so much that we purchase the whole series 1-3 on DVD from Amazon, so many friends are now addicted to it!!! they love it.

  40. Micah Gibson says:

    I am sad that this show is coming to and end. One of my favorites to watch.

    • Ron says:

      I can’t believe it. This is a great show. Must be an issue of cast departures or something. The writing for the show is fantastic. The acting is brilliant. Not a better show on cable.

  41. kamargarita says:

    My whole family is so sad that this show is cancelled….Every week the five of us were sitting in front of the tele and watch every episode. We bought all series and let a lot of our friends to watch. Script is great and the whole cast is fantastic!!! They do so many crab shows but if they have something good in hands….they let it go?!!! The best show on TV now!

  42. Dan Cockerhan says:

    It seems like the last year all the big wigs at all television stations and movie studios got hit a couple of thousand times with the stupid stick. We lost Stargate, Sherlock Holmes and now Strike Back is there not anyone with any common sense running these companies. I hope they all go belly-up because they deserve it.

  43. Karlos says:

    I love this show, it’s the most watched tv series, it shouldn’t be stop.

  44. My Show says:

    Strike Back has potential to make a run like James Bond and it seems it is having the same short sighted stupidity applied to it as almost killed James Bond movies more than once.

  45. Ed Stutz says:

    Checking my library, 5 seasons is average life of a good series such as Babylon Five, Fringe, Stargate SG-1 was 8 seasons , Merlin was I think 5, Haven 4 ok’d for 5. It’s true and frustrating. There have been others that only lasted 1 season. Like many of you I get damn pissed when a good series gets canceled. In rare instances a series can be be saved if the fans send a big enough outcry, but not very often. One of the best to last only one season was Terra Nova, great writing, great acting, good family show, good plot. Alas no amount of emails threats or ” I will never watch ” ” network again! ever accomplished
    any success.
    The good one’s, be happy to get five seasons.
    Your comments as always are interesting.

  46. Bruce says:

    Just a great show, start planning season six.

  47. Abdulrahman mohammed says:

    Very intresting series i extend my regard to snake-Doc colonel Ryan Hector Bob and the rest of the actors all of you out there your doing extremely good keep on.

  48. Charles Evi-Parker says:

    Strike back is a great movie of our time.A replica of the James Bond series.I love the tactical operations of both scott and mike.Good directing from the producers.Can’t wait to watch season 4.Kudos!!!

  49. Charles Evi-Parker says:

    I dont wanna believe season 4 is gonna be cancelled.Though,i have not seen it,..but i believe,it’s gonna be the end of Conrad Knox,and his whole terrorist outfit..

  50. Juanita says: