Dancing With the Stars Week 7 Results: Did The Right Couple Go Home?

Amber Riley DWTS PasoA dynamic combo of individual and team dances highlighted Week 7 of Dancing With the Stars, which launched with a show-opening (and eyebrow-raising) announcement that next week’s special performer and guest judge (Len Goodman is, ahem, taking another week off…hmmmm) is none other than an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and Golden Globe-winning legend: Cher! Do you believe in DWTS after Len?

I’ll leave the hand wringing over poor Len’s paddle-wielding future for another day, so let’s just high-kick right to the highlights:

DANCE OF THE NIGHT: Corbin Bleu’s sensational cha cha cha earned a rousing ballroom ovation (not to mention a pair of perfect 10’s), while Jack Osbourne’s jive was so fine, an overly enthusiastic Carrie Ann Inaba literally snapped her paddle doling out his first-ever 10! But here’s the top dance of the night:

Amber Riley & Derek Hough: They may have whined like the walking wounded in the pre-dance clip (Amber’s painful knee, Derek’s aching back), but Amber attacked their Paso Doble with a fierceness that “lit this ballroom up,” according to Carrie Ann. “You are back in the game,” added an equally enthusiastic Len, as both judges doled out perfect 10’s. A shower of boo’s rained down on poor Bruno for his measly 9 (he nitpicked about Amber’s failure to keep her shoulders back during the dance), with more indignity coming from Len’s bitchy parting gem: “This girl is full of talent, I won’t tell you what Bruno’s full of!”

RUNNER-UP: Neon-green lighting, truly electric moves from Corbin, and wildly inventive choreography set to what has to be one of the best musical choices EVER for a DWTS team dance — Ylvis’ “What Does the Fox Say” – scored a thoroughly well-deserved 30 for Team Foxing Awesome (Jack, Brandt, Amber, and Corbin). Fire up the DVR, this one’s worth a replay!

But now for the moment of truth, tonight’s results:

Bill Engvall & Emma Slater
Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi & Sasha Farber

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi & Sasha Farber

“I can’t even talk right now … I love everybody here, so it sucks,” said a stunned and sobbing Snooki, who kept poor Brooke Burke Charvet waiting for what seemed like forever before the goodbye interview, choosing first to pass out a series of departing hugs to the other couples. Her zombie-inspired make-up (the theme of team Spooky Bom Bom) now thoroughly mussed with tears, Snooki eventually summed up her shocking departure perfectly: “Why am I leaving a zombie?”

Now it’s your turn. Did the right couple go home tonight? Are Len’s vacations a sign he’s leaving the show next season? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Angela says:

    I’m actually a little surprised that Snooki left over Bill. Mind, I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by Bill throughout this competition, he’s been entertaining and had some strong dances in his own right. But still, Snooki was doing well in her own right, too, and she was excellent tonight as well. I felt rather bad for her, I have to say.
    Agreed on the top dances of the night-Corbin has to be in the finals, he really does. He deserves a spot. And I really enjoyed both the team dances-yes, the fox one was superb and tight and all the individual moments in particular were stunningly good. But I really enjoyed the Spooky team dance as well. It was clever and fun and cute and made me smile-I think they should’ve gotten a perfect 30 as well. Everyone did a wonderful job.

    • TheFactsR says:

      Are you? She’s been bitching saying how she does not want to dance she had rather lay in bed and eat ice cream and hamburgers and how sick with a fever her child is! She should go home and take care of her child and eat ice cream and hamburgers in bed

      • Angela says:

        Lots of people on this show, be they celebrities or pros, complain and moan when they’ve been working on their dances all day. And they can be having fun on the show and still miss their families and whatnot, too. I just chalked some of those comments up to her possibly being in a crabby mood from time to time, which happens often on this show with people when they’re stressed. She still seemed to me to be genuinely upset about leaving tonight, and she has been doing fairly well on the show in terms of dancing ability, so yeah, it is a bit of a surprise.

      • Babygate says:

        And unlike Pray who didn’t want a spotlight on her injury, Jack always finds a way to mention his condition. Those cameras are always rolling and the editors will pick the most provoking clips. And she should have gotten credit for her commitment even when her child was sick.

        • Annemijk says:

          Yeah the can be positive for 6 days and crappy for a day and they will put it as if they were crabby al week. I think Jack mentions his condition because in the first episode he said he wanted to raise awareness to MS and show that patient can have a life after their diagnosis

      • Stephen V says:

        To “TheFactsR”:
        For someone who claims not to be watching regularly, you sure have an awful lot to say about the show, it’s contestants, and the judges! You have posted MANY times, again, for someone who “may stop totally” watching the show. STOP WATCHING, and while you’re at it, STOP POSTING! All you do is complain, so watch something else and let those of us who DO enjoy the show for what it is enjoy it without your negative and hateful posts and opinions putting down others’ views.

      • dude says:

        She’s made it extremely obvious every week that she wanted this more than almost anyone else. She put her heart and soul into this and gave it her all every week.

      • LaFonzo says:

        i think you just don’t like her and your playing into the “popularity contest” and not thinking about how good she actually is

    • Pam Baughman says:

      I can’t think of “one” strong dance that Bill has had….in comparing him to the other competitors.
      He doesn’t even come close….and should have manned up and let Nicole stay….his face said it all…he KNEW she was a better dancer then he ever dared to be.
      He’s pleasant and entertaining…..but by NO means is he worthy of anymore wins. Sorry…

      • Angela says:

        His paso from a few weeks back was quite good, I thought.
        I agree that there are others much stronger than him on the show, and that between him and Nicole, he should’ve been the one to leave the other night. But like you said, he’s “pleasant and entertaining”-certainly better than I thought he’d be when I first heard he’d be on the show. I can see why he has the support he does.

  2. S says:

    This is a really strong season, the weakest left(Bill and Leah) are actually pretty good. I would say that Amber, Corbin and Elizabeth are the front runners so I would have been shocked if they left tonight, but the others are quite good as well, Jack is good, Brant too. I am liking the fact that we get the results the same episode. The episode is jam packed and this season is the most entertaining in years due to that and the contestants.

    • dan says:

      I like Jack and think he has improved over the last several weeks, however his dance did not deserve a 10 from Carrie Ann. And Bruno should’ve given Amber a 10 for her Paso. Not sure the Foxing Awesome dance deserved a 30. I don’t think the group dance score really mattered because somebody from the other team was going home. Surprised it was Snooki. The show is surprisingly more entertaining as one contained episdoe; it moves faster and has an exciting feel to it (I never watched the results shows anyway except for the last 5 minutes).

  3. Carol says:

    Snooki definitely didn’t deserve to go home…she’s one of the better dancers there. Bill and Leah deserved to go long before her.

    • TheFactsR says:

      Are you? She’s been bitching saying how she does not want to dance she had rather lay in bed and eat ice cream and hamburgers and how sick with a fever her child is! She should go home and take care of her child and eat ice cream and hamburgers in bed so she can be happy, IF you can’t be happy and you have problems being on the show then it is time to G O Len Carrie Ann are enough for that show to put up with

      • Stephen V says:

        To “TheFactsR”:
        For someone who claims not to be watching regularly, you sure have an awful lot to say about the show, it’s contestants, and the judges! You have posted MANY times, again, for someone who “may stop totally” watching the show. STOP WATCHING, and while you’re at it, STOP POSTING! All you do is complain, so watch something else and let those of us who DO enjoy the show for what it is enjoy it without your negative and hateful posts and opinions putting down others’ views.

      • JenInChicago says:

        “FactsR” – seriously – we get it, you don’t like Nicole, you don’t need to re-post the same comments that criticize her for making comments not unlike her co-competitors.

    • chistosa says:

      She was not one of the better dancers. There were some weeks when she looked awkward. She moves well to the music but it is not the same as dancing well. Last night she had no energy in her dance. She may have executed the steps but all along she seemed to losing steam. She and Bill are the weakest dancers and Bill is far more charismatic so I am not surprised at all at the results.

    • Susie says:


      I was shocked and very disappointed that Snooki was sent home especially since she danced very good every week (and had high scores). I don’t think it was fair at all. Bill had low scores so how on earth did he get selected to stay on? I think the show was a lot more entertaining with Snooki on it and I’m not as interested in watching it now!

  4. Jen says:

    I would like Bill to go next, followed by Leah and then Jack. I think that Amber, Elizabeth, Brant and Corbin are all really good. They should definitely be the final 4.

    • TheFactsR says:

      Bill is fun and nothing wrong with his entertaining abilities

      It is time the bores go!

      Jack all he talks about is how bad the show is for his MS! Then get the hell out!

      Followed by Elizabeth, she has no standards and it would really be bad if she won due to the fact her crotch is all over the internet and isn’t worthy of family viewing her winning.

      Brant is improving each week.

      Corbin and his partner bother me! I just can’t enjoy him or that pro.
      Who does that leave?

      Leah well well well she has the bore pro.
      Amber I just can’t enjoy her either and well well well I am bored with Derek winning all the time.

      I haven’t watched as regularly as I was and may stop totally again.

      • Stephen V says:

        To “TheFactsR”:
        For someone who claims not to be watching regularly, you sure have an awful lot to say about the show, it’s contestants, and the judges! You have posted MANY times, again, for someone who “may stop totally” watching the show. STOP WATCHING, and while you’re at it, STOP POSTING! All you do is complain, so watch something else and let those of us who DO enjoy the show for what it is enjoy it without your negative and hateful posts and opinions putting down others’ views.

  5. Jacqi says:

    OMG!! When is Leah going to leave? She has zero personality. I was pleasantly surprised by Nicole ‘Snooki’ dancing and her going home this week. She was genuinely upset that she was leaving tonight, she did not deserve to go home over Leah or Bill.

    • andy j says:

      Totally agree. I don’t hate Leah here but since I loved her in “King of Queens” I had high expectations for her on DWTS, but so far my reaction has been one big mehhh.

  6. Demi says:

    Is Len flying back and forth to London to judge on Strictly Come Dancing?

    • Rose says:

      I have a sneaking suspicion it has something to do with his cancer diagnosis. I’ve got nothing but a hunch on that, but both he and Bruno would be gone if it had anything to do with the British version since they’re both judges.

      • Gerrit Verstoep says:

        Good point Rose. I didn’t consider that.

      • Angela says:

        I’ve wondered about that, too. I seriously hope that’s not the case-obviously, if he is struggling health-wise, I’m all for him taking time away when necessary and resting and doing what he needs to do in regards to that. But I’d prefer he not be ill at all, of course-I like the guy. He has good chemistry with the other judges and I may not always agree with his scores, but he stands by what he says and gives good reasons for why he scores the way he does.

      • TheFactsR says:

        I don’ think that is it. He only got married a few months ago and she is most likely tired of him being gone and grumpy because he is so tired from jet lag.

        How old is Len? It is time he just did the SCD show and left the USA show to a different judge.


        She isn’t ballroom trained!!!! WHAT A JOKE!

        • Stephen V says:

          To “TheFactsR”:
          For someone who claims not to be watching regularly, you sure have an awful lot to say about the show, it’s contestants, and the judges! You have posted MANY times, again, for someone who “may stop totally” watching the show. STOP WATCHING, and while you’re at it, STOP POSTING! All you do is complain, so watch something else and let those of us who DO enjoy the show for what it is enjoy it without your negative and hateful posts and opinions putting down others’ views. STOP YOUR INANE B!TCHING!

    • Tess says:

      Len has taken time off during Fall seasons of DWTS before because he’s also doing Strictly at the same time and the back and forth flying does him in a bit – it’s not really anything new so why it’s being made into such a big deal this season I don’t get it. He won’t be flying back and forth come Spring so it’s doubtful he’ll be replaced then (unless he’s decided he’s tired of it or something).

  7. Rose says:

    This was a tough week. As much as I loooooaaaaathed Jersey Shore and Snookie at her worst, Nicole has grown on me. She’s matured and seems to be a sweet, hard-working kid (at least a kid to me). She really has some dancing talent. I love me some Bill, though, and I’m glad he made it through another week. And the team dances were probably some of the strongest we’ve ever seen.

  8. Gerrit Verstoep says:

    Len must feel more loyal to his ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ duties in London and Cher has become so ubiquitous in the past three weeks, I’m about sick of her. She knows plenty about ball room I’ll grant you but knows nothing about dance.

  9. dude says:

    SO bummed. Snooki most definitely did NOT deserve to go. She’s such a highlight every week and is one of the better dancers. She should have gone way further than Bill and Leah. It was Bill’s time to go. It sucks that so many really good dancers are getting the boot while he rigidly stumbles around the dancefloor. DWTS never ends up being about actual dancing talent.

  10. stephen561 says:

    BYE BYE SKANK!! that is all

  11. Marianne says:

    Never in my life would I have thought I would ever be cheering on Snooki for anything. It actually makes me wonder who actually watches this show now, demographic wise. Because I don’t know Bill Engvall except that I know he kind of does Blue collar type comedy. I also think he should have been voted off. My other choice would be Leah Remini, at this point.

    • Tess says:

      I guess the show’s demos more apt to be fans of Bill’s Blue Collar Comedy or his old sitcom and Leah on “King of Queens” rather than fans of “Jersey Shore” and in spite of Nicole showing a new side of her and showing she had actual dancing talent, she must not have been able to pick up a lot of casual votes because some people can’t see past her Jersey Shore” days or her MTV persona. It’s a shame because much like Christina Milian, she was a far better dancer than Bill especially but also better than Leah and even Jack (I’m sorry, in no way did he deserve that 10 from Carrie Ann and his jive was not better than Brant’s like she suggested).Nicole deserved to make the final 5 at least. I do feel bad for her; looked like she was really putting everything she had into this and showing what she could do and she deserved to be on longer.

      Guaranteed next week Bill’s scores drop in an effort to push him off the show… and they will keep dropping until he finally does go home. It’s the typical way of the show when a subpar dancer outlasts stronger more talented ones based solely on fanbase loyalty.

      • dan says:

        I’m pretty sure this show has the oldest audience of any ABC show (and it may skew older than most network shows). The fact that Christina and now Snooki have been voted off when they are high scorers while Bill and Leah remain is probably due to the older audience not knowing who they are.

      • chistosa says:

        I can’t speak for every viewer who prefers Bill to Snooki. But I never once watched Jersey Shore and I had never even heard of Bill Engval before this season. Snooki never looked comfortable or happy with her dances. She has a crude way of speaking which turns me off. Bill is quite charismatic and a far better performer than she is. And he is far more thrilled to be there than she was. At times she showed some entusiasm and then she would revert to a more whatever type of attitude. I far prefer Bill on this show although I am pretty sure his humor would not appeal to me.

        • Jen says:

          This is exactly how I feel! I’m the same as you with not knowing Bill and only knowing Snooki from headlines. But not only do I prefer Bill over Snooki, I prefer Bill over any of the other contestants. His personality, attitude, and enthusiasm has just won me over.

  12. Juan says:

    I stopped watching after Bill Nye left.

    Engvall is still there?!
    Holy shiz, Snooki was robbed!

  13. TVPeong says:

    Amber for the win. Just voted

  14. Amie says:

    Sorry, but Amber was standing around looking like her leg hurt throughout the group dance. No way she deserved a 10, anyway. Corbin and Snooki were the highlights from each group for me and neither group really looked like it was dancing much. A lot of smoke, though. Plus I really hate the fox song, so… Yeah, I probably would’ve given the other group a higher score because Jack was sloppy, Amber was just standing there and didn’t match what Derrick was doing at all, and Karina looked really frantic.

    By the way, I said the day the pairings were announced that Amber and Derrick would win because she was a good dancer already, the judges slobber all over him, and she camein with the largest built-in fanbase. People were all, noooooo, she is an underdog. And I was like, watch and wait. So somebody owes me a nickel.

    • chistosa says:

      It’s not over yet so I wouldn’t be counting on your nickel. I think that Corbin and Elizabeth are in the hunt and each week Brant gets better and better. And let’s face it, Brant and Peta are one fine looking couple.

  15. Jen says:

    The thing that bugs me is that Snooki is the one dancer that has improved on her dancing every single week and is actually one of the few that doesn’t truly have much dance experience under her belt. She was a cheerleader, but I’d hardly call that dancing. She, in my opinion, deserved to be in the Final 3 and heck, even win the entire thing. I bet you more than anything somebody like Corbin or Elizabeth will win, which is aggravating because of their past dance experience. Do they have dance experience when it comes to ballroom dancing? No. However, there are certain aspects (such as timing, learning to count steps, etc.) that come with learning to dance any sort of dance. People like Corbin and Elizabeth have had previous dance training and know these things. People like Snooki? Not at all. She is one of the few that started out a little ‘meh,’ but has improved drastically and actually worthy of the title. It’s whatever, though. Just a silly competitive. I just think it sort of defeats the purpose of the series when the people who have obvious dance abilities make it to the end.

    • Anne says:

      True, but they have been allowing people with previous dance experience for several seasons now so what’s the point of continuing to complain about it? I’d rather see some good dancing then a lot of mediocre performances week in and week out.

  16. Heide says:

    I stopped watching DWTS two years ago because I can’t stand the drama before they dance. Plus the star/s who deserve to win never wins. It’s a fan base not because the star/s improved and deserve to win. This season, I started watching it again (the 2nd show) and saw Snooki/Nicole danced. I was impressed and she’s really improving. Far better than Bill, Lea and Jack. So, I was shocked when Nicole got voted off. Now, I totally won’t watch DWTS again. I won’t even vote DWTS in People’s Choice awards this 2014.

    • jj says:

      “the star/s who deserve to win never wins”. you make this sound like a fact, but it’s subjective. The star who YOU THINK deserves to win never wins. People often make the mistake of thinking that they are unbiased and objective with their opinions and that everyone one else is biased and subjective. But you’re just as subjective and biased as everyone else.

  17. andy j says:

    Wow. I never expected to ever write this but Snooki grew on me, and she was improving steadily. Bill’s quickstep was more “Viva Barstow” than “Viva Las Vegas”. And since I thought Leah was fantastic on “King of Queens” I thought I would love her here but she hasn’t been doing much for me. Still this season is unpredictable and at this point its truly hard to predict who will emerge the winner. And its good Valerie was voted off-it would have been awkward to watch her dance in a graveyard.

  18. Babygate says:

    I actually watched tonight because I wanted to see the team competition and once again, I was absolutely astounded by the absolute beauty of Derek’s and Amber’s routine. They are mesmerizing to watch. And I love that Amber can keep up with the professionals like its second nature to her. I have to admit, I love watching Derek. His form is perfection. And that team dance was ‘Foxing Awesome’! Corbin and Karina blew it out of the water. I was astounded by the cheer synchronicity of their moves. It was truly amazing. But once again, I was frustrated by how unfair this voting system is. This is not a competition, its a popularity contest. How is Bill still on? His moves are so stiff that every time I see him I swear he’s getting voted out. But yet, there he still is. It’s like Bristol Palin all over again. Nicole did not deserve to go home. Neither did Cristina. Bill and Jack are much weaker dancers. Next week I go back to catching the best routines on You Tube.

  19. DavidSask says:

    One would think Snooki would have more fan votes every week, so this is odd suspect to me! Can someone please tell me a site where they tell you all the songs used on each episode? It doesn’t seem legal to me that they are not announced or displayed for EVERY song and it pisses me off!!! Anyone know who Julie Chenbot was there for as it sure hell was not for Lea who she had fired from the Talk?!

    • Julie was probably there for Jack Osborne, her co-worker’s son. Yes, DWTS can be a popularity contest so the viewers need to vote for the Best/Most Improved Dancers–not just the ones they like–IF the BEST dancer is to win. This is really just mirroring life. Does the BEST qualified ALWAYS get the top job? Just a rhetorical question; no need to answer. I’ve enjoyed the show for the past 16 seasons after discovering it after the first season. It is my weekly guilty pleasure and it is probably to my benefit that it’s been reduced to once a week. Derek, Val, Karina, and Peta are just pros to watch with their partners. They are true work horses and extremely creative. I’d like to see those pros paired to create a routine. Awesome!’mm

    • JDR says:

      If you have the shaman app on your phone you can get the name of the song that way. Just shaman it.

  20. moni says:

    Of course the right couple DIDN’T go home AGAIN..if anything Leah and Bill should have been eliminated before Nicole and Cristina Milian. But what’s done is done we can’t change it now. Looking foward to Cher next week..that should be FUN :)

  21. Virginia B. says:

    They should change the name to Dancing With Derek’s Celebrities. Doesn’t seem like anyone has a chance when he is on the show. Personally, I’m tired of him always in the top 3. I wish they’d give him someone who hasn’t had dance experience and then we’d REALLY see what he can do. He always, always, always gets someone who has had experience in the past AND they always put him near the latter part of the show. Quite frankly, I’m bored with it.

    I don’t care who wins as long as it is not Derek. I’m tired of both Houghs.

    The show is more fun when celebs who are non dancers improve and move into the Top 4. That doesn’t happen anymore.

  22. Jack says:

    Anyone else find Corbin arrogant? My final 4 is amber, brant, Elizabeth and Leah –who did one amazing samba. I want the results show back, it kinda takes the drive out of voting if you are not voting for the dance that they leave with. Abc said they would bring it back if there was enough interest, kinda rude to have snook I exit and, here are the numbers to vote….

    • Leigh says:

      Nope – Corbin comes across as the utter opposite of arrogant to me.

      • Lena says:

        THIS! You should see him interact with his fans. He is incredibly warm and down to Earth. People make quick assumptions based on limited info from their television screens, but the cast of celebs and pros have said nothing but great things about him. These are the people behind the scenes that get to know him. Also, Corbin has a really great friendship with Bill. If Corbin was nothing but an arrogant tool, I doubt he would get along so well with Bill, along with Leah and others members of the cast. Bill seems like a no BS man.

        I’ve followed CB for a while. He definitely the opposite of arrogant.

  23. Bobbi says:

    Really sorry Snooki went home. Honestly, don’t believe she deserved to go. Bill Engvall should have been out first and then Leah. More importantly, why in heaven’s name, are they bringing CHER in to judge a ballroom dance show? They’ve got so many pros out there that aren’t doing the show and any one of them would have been a much better choice. They are turning this into an absolute farce.

  24. jen says:

    Ok so Snooki was better than some of the other dancers, but this happens every time. She just didn’t have the fan base. Why is everyone so shocked? Christina was better than Snooki but we all agree she just didn’t have the fan support… sane thing here.

    Quit knocking Bill! He has really endeared himself to me. He might not win, but I’m glad he outlasted Snooki since he’s more fun to watch. I hope he outlasts Leah and Jack too. Heck I hope he outlasts Elizabeth and Corbin since they are bores, but I know they are better dancers.

  25. Kim R says:

    I’m rooting for Leah. Not for the win, of course, but just to do well. And I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it might have been dancing in front of The Talk crew after being so unceremoniously ousted from that show. I love her humor and her determination to do her best. Just my 2 cents. :)
    Last night I loved Amber and Derek’s paso. Favorite of the night! :)

  26. i’m just rooting for anybody who DOESN’T have prior dance experience. i like to watch the “fumblefeet” improve, not the semi-pros show off. that’s why i started watching the show in the first place. so i guess that puts Elizabeth and Corbin on my vote-off list, even tho wishing for it elicits one response from my hindbrain:

    Here’s your sign.

  27. WatchTooMuchTV says:

    I was a DWTS devotee until The Voice won me over. Why? Blake/Adam interplay is always entertaining. Ceelo is adorable, and it’s hard not to be mesmerized by Christina. Contestants are important, but the judges are the glue that holds these competition shows together. When it gets to the point where I can predict the judges’ reactions/scores, it’s time to change channels.

  28. bobsie says:

    When it comes to who shouldn’t have gone home, Christina Millian really should not have gone home in the previous elimination. SHe was one of the best dancers on the show. That clod hopper Bill what’s his name is the weakest link and should have gone home right after that Science guy left. In fact the Science guy should have gone first and then Bill the clod hopping flat footed comedian. I can’t believe he is stll there flatting footing it around all over the stage. it just proves that the results of DWTS are based 15% on dancing skills and 85 % popularity. He seems nice but a good dance he is not. THe title should really be: Dancing with the Stars and Choosing the Most Popular Rather than the Best Dancer. But i guess all that, though more accurate, would not fit on the marquee.

    • Jen says:

      It’s not like this is new though. It’s been the same for 16 previous seasons. Why is anyone surprised that popularity plays a big role?

  29. Unbelievable that Cher is going to be a judge, #1, she cannot dance so why would she judge! Yes I have been watching her since she first began!

  30. A first year fan says:

    Honestly, I didn’t like Snooki, and she doesn’t have a very likable personality, so that probably hindered her ability to get new voters. That being said she did really well this week (and in previous weeks, actually) and should not have gone home. Christina was very good, but someone asked how she was famous, and I honestly couldn’t answer them. My only guess on why she went home is she wasn’t all that well known. Bill and Leah are proving this year that comedians really can dance. I hope that her higher scores this week will help to lift her spirits. She’s been a bit disheartened the past few weeks.

  31. elizabeth boyle says:

    I think Snooki was doing a great job dancing. she isn’t a mega star and her image of the show she did hurt her a little. as far as complaining about being up all night with her baby what mother doesn’t complain every now and then. I think she should still be on dwts

  32. Curtis Dowds says:

    The worst year ever on Dancing With The Stars. By The scoring systems needs re-thinking or punt the program. From the beginning the dancers with more to give have been sacked while lamentables with fan bases from other worlds have been kept alive. Not really acceptable. At least four very good and improving dancers have been sent home while the likes of Leah and the comedian who can’t move have been kept. Isn’t there something wrong with this? Why can fans who might like the person but don’t care how he or she dances have a choice? Close to tuning out Dancing With The Stars which has been a must watch for many years. Just stop watching. They’re on the wrong track.