Post Mortem: Good Wife EPs on 'Unbound' Will, Kalinda's Loyalties and Alicia's Breakdown

Good Wife Season 5 SpoilersThe following contains major spoilers for Sunday’s episode of The Good Wife.

Well, that was one ugly episode of The Good Wife – and we mean that in the best way possible.

In the game-changing hour, Will confronted Alicia about her plans to leave the firm with Cary, then proceeded to try to fire her. Meanwhile, Lockhart Gardner and Florrick, Agos & Associates battled it out in a nasty race for clients. (Read our recap of “Hitting the Fan” here.)

Below, executive producers Robert and Michelle King discuss Alicia and Will’s office “break-up,” his new passion, the newbie firm’s problems, Kalinda’s allegiance and more.

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BROKEN HEARTS | After years of flirtation, Alicia and Will went from reminiscing about the time they had sex in the bathroom to going at each other’s throats – and not in a sexy way. “We ran the course on the love triangle,” confesses Robert. “The flip side of that is just as exciting.” While the decision to leave started brewing right after Alicia and Will kissed again, “in her head, she’s trying to convince herself that it’s nothing personal,” says Michelle. “She wants to believe that it’s actually a professional decision.” But of course, it’s difficult to keep feelings out of the equation when there’s so much history, as evidenced by Alicia’s breakdown in the elevator. “It’s an echo of Kalinda in the second year,” explains Robert. “First of all, elevators seem to figure metaphorically in the show quite a bit. Alicia and Will had a romantic high in an elevator. There was a loneliness to the moment and an exhaustion coming off this race. It felt like we needed to pay allegiance to the emotional side with Alicia of, ‘Yes, it’s a race, but oh my God, what a loss. What a loss of someone I love, but also really like.’”

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A WILL REIGNITED | “Will’s conversation with Kalinda is illustrative of where we’re going,” previews Robert. “Will is really a man reborn. One of the things we wanted to avoid was too much of the tragedy of a break-up like this. Will is finding a new dedication to his passion…. Will’s kind of unbound.” And he’s not the only one who has found a new momentum. The writers “realized nothing can go backwards. It just really is this new day, this new paradigm for the show. So we kept finding new ways to illustrate that in both of the law firms.” Adds Michelle: “Any story that we could have told before this episode, we have to kick out.”

The Good Wife Season 5 SpoilersTHE START-UP | Alicia and Cary’s nascent venture will continue to face “all the problems arising out of starting a new firm,” teases Robert, noting that the next three episodes are titled “The Next Day,” “The Next Week” and “The Next Month.” Office space will be at the top of their list of issues. “They can’t keep working out of Alicia’s home.”

FRIEND OR FOE | Can everyone’s favorite investigator be trusted? “What we love about Kalinda in this whole storyline is she is friends with all these people,” says Michelle. “And so, we love playing the struggle in her of where she should make her alliances, where her allegiance should be.” Robert adds that the P.I. Is “guilty” of keeping Cary’s secret for months and “has to show where her loyalty lies.” Meanwhile, Diane will remain “pretty pivotal” to the action at Lockhart Gardner. “Christine Baranski was saying on the phone last week she’s had more climaxes this year than a French whore,” shares Robert with a laugh. “Battle lines are drawn. It becomes angrier between these people.” But can Will move past everything that’s happened with his partner? “We try not to rush forgiveness,” says Robert.

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  1. Ms Thing says:

    I love this episode! And i love that Alicia is kicking butts!
    Serves Diane that she lost the supreme court judge position.
    Peter-Alicia are amazing together!

    • Saabgirlatx says:

      I think that pause she had at meeting did her in. Question is how did Peter know Diane voted against her-or did it just not matter he just severed all ties with L-G…

      • Liz985 says:

        I think Peter and Eli knew that Diane was supposed to be the witness at the hearing that afternoon regarding the restraining order against Florrick-Agos doing business with ChumHum. That’s when Diane blind-sided Will and David by changing her mind about testifying after meeting with Eli and knowing deep down that she was truly sunk if she testified was a witness against Alicia.

  2. steve says:

    Dont get me wrong i loved the episode & was a very good episode. But it was way way way overhyped IMO

    • Tav says:

      Unfortunately yep (last week’s episode was definitely stronger/superior), and it doesn’t help that they gave away like 1/4th of the ep between sneak peaks.

      And broken record but… how are they going to have Alicia walk out of L/G, perhaps the last time she’s ever on good terms with these people, and not even run into Kalinda? Oh that’s right, Kalinda was “at home” and conveniently missed all the drama.
      The writers are going to the most ridiculous lengths just to avoid Kalinda and Alicia being anywhere near the same vicinity. Talk about UNBELIEVABLE.

      • C says:

        I actually think from a narrative perspective, it was ok that Kalinda wasn’t there to witness everything. I liked that they were trying to play with different character’s POV as they started each act of the episode and her walking in to see the aftermath was well done. It doesn’t erase the last 12 episodes where A/K didn’t interact (which is totes redonculous), but I think there was so much else going on that I liked the way they used Kalinda as someone who understands Will’s feelings of betrayal and has sort of been left behind too, but isn’t directly mixed into the fire of it all. Two intense confrontations with Alicia in one episode might have been overkill and frankly, at this point, if A/K ever gets a confrontation, it should be epic in some way (devastatingly sad, boiling over with anger and betrayal, etc) and not overshadowed by other things going on. I do hope for it in a future episode, though I suspect it’s unlikely any time soon.

      • Cindy says:

        I don’t like Alicia and Kalinda being on the Outs; hopefully K will worl for Crey’s firm and she and Alicia can be friends again; she did find grace and bring her back, and was one of only one of Peter’s affairs; all should be forgiven; Kalinda is a great character

  3. Gabriel Anthony says:

    Best episode of the year!

  4. Eli says:

    Does this mean that Willicia are over for good? I’m sad to hear that, but at least it went down in a blaze of glory. That episode was so good it’ll take days for me to recover from it.

  5. Mercedes says:

    This episode was all kinds of amazing. I love the complexity of alliances. Talk about getting me pumped for work tomorrow morning!

  6. OMG Best episode of the entire series! I’m still shivering

  7. Jill says:

    I loved everything about this episode, except I’m just never going to like Alicia and Peter together. He’s such a corrupt snake.

  8. Tina B. says:

    I HATE ALICIA, she has lost herself. She and that cheating, lying loser deserve each other. She will regret this decision and her actions are appalling.

    • mas says:

      It did feel like she went to the dark side. I felt like I was slimed and I can’t really root for her after she stole files and traded on her husband’s position.

      • DJ says:

        This is the way that the real world works. Of course, she traded on her husband’s position and of course he took the gloves off to fight for her. She is Peters wife. The is one reason why people marry a successful and powerful man or woman – the meaning of the term “power couple”. My husband pointed to the two episodes leading up with this one, where you can really see how self-centered and lousy the existing partners are, so I went back to look at them. I first thought that what Alicia did was so low. Then I saw how Diane sold Will out to get a job, and how easily Will was so ready to push Diane out. I also thought about how Will played Alicia when she was in love with him, and about the really bad things that Peter has done to others over the years, and I can say that I don’t feel sorry for him. He’s just lucky that Diane supported the firm by snitching on Alicia about leaving, otherwise they would have never seen it coming. It is hard to let go of something that you have built. It was all business to Will according to him when he pushed Diane out, so he shouldn’t take it so personal when Alicia made a business decision of her own.

      • Mollyheart says:

        I’m done. I never liked these actors but now I don’t like the show. The lawyers are ceinals or cheats ( will and whatever he did and Alicia using her crinal ex to torpedo Lockhart Gardner is predictable and done. I thought that this show was about aepne rising above the rest. Guess it isn’t. I know that no one cares but I’m not interested anymore. Going to watch Homeland.

  9. Jared says:

    Best. Episode. EVER.

  10. Hattie says:

    TBTP have made a huge mistake. Alicia – the alleged heroine of the show – is now deceitful, disloyal, and arrogant. I despise her. I’ve watched the show since the beginning, but I don’t know whether I’ll tune in again. I can’t root for her. Maybe I’ll wait to tune in when Peter inevitably cheats on her with his aide. That may be funny to watch. I was totally confused by Will’s conversation with Peter. Peter was blatantly threatening him, but Will barely defended himself. Will knows that Peter committed election fraud. Will has information that could ruin Peter. Peter is not lawfully the governor elect. Why didn’t Will throw that in his face? I hope Will spills the beans and disgraces Peter/Alicia.

    • Patty says:

      I absolutely agree! I think they are taking her too out if character. Her character, since the beginning, had been a rule follower that finds a way to deal with things because she is smart.

      AND I don’t like her husband stepping in and saving her. The whole point of her show was her making it on her own after he cheated on her. I really liked her better with Will.

    • neha says:

      Nah – I think that Alicia has shown signs of deceitfulness and arrogance before, as well. She’s defended rapists and murderers. She’s defended her husband, and lied about their relationship status to further his political ambitions. She’s had an affair. And, like Cary said, both Diane and Will did the same thing to their previous employers. The managing partners at their old firm also took a chance on them, and were betrayed. It’s how new companies get formed.

      • Hattie says:

        Wrong. There’s a HUGE difference between leaving for a new job and a lawyer stealing clients/files. I’m a lawyer and there are very strict ethical rules governing that latter conduct. Alicia/Cary’s actions – by soliciting clients for the new firm while at Lockhart and attempting to take client files – were unquestionably unethical.

        • Geo says:

          But remember– none of this would have happened if Will and Diane (and the other partners) hadn’t been unethical, manipulative, and generally just awful to the Fourth Year-ers, particularly Cary. They made them serious promises toward advancement and then callously yanked them away, meanwhile treating them like overworked serfs who ought to be grateful they’re even employed. That’s why the scene between Cary and Diane last night was so important. Diane pretends she was so nice to Cary, but viewers — and Cary– know that much of what she’s saying is BS in comparison to how and why she’s actually done things. I think the show has been making the point that bad behavior has consequences, and Will and Diane have engaged in some seriously bad behavior themselves. So when Alicia and Cary are unethical, it’s like dominoes– they’re not just responding out of nowhere to an atmosphere that was good and kind and sweet and ethical.

        • kslawyergirl says:

          AActually, there wasn’t stealing of clients – clients go where they choose. They own their own files and their cases. The fact that LG wouldn’t give them up is the unethical part! :)

      • PB says:

        That’s actually a bit off base. Jonas Stern, the founder of the firm left on sabbatical. First to enjoy himself and then because of a medical condition. As Al Pacino once said, he “was an absentee landlord”. Will and even Diane until a few weeks ago were actively involved in the firm, showing up every day to steward it. After being marginalized because of his lack of presence and feeling that he was being forced out, he left to start his own firm and actually took most of his personal clients. It’s really nothing like what just happened. Alicia and Cary’s deceit was much more pronounced and much, much nastier. They truly were Benedict Arnold’s…..

    • Dani says:

      Reading your multiple comments under this article makes me think you have not really an idea how life works. I’m sorry but it’s not all black and white. “The Good Wife” isn’t trying to teach you how to be honest and be the greatest person that ever walked the earth. They try to entertain with real characters. Last but not least, Alicia is no heroine. Never was, never will. I would go even so far that she was never supposed to be. She’s the central character. Not some holy person that waits for her happily ever after.

    • Will have nothing on Peter. Watch the end of that ep. again.

  11. sladewilson says:

    I want Alicia to cut off heads. As literal as she can. Will, Diane, Kalinda (no, leave that one to Cary, he deserves that bloodshed moment). I want my girl to come for all of them and come like John Wayne or Dirty Harry. Oh yeah, the fun is just beginning. BTW – Peter STEPPED UP HUGE for his wife. As well he should, after all – all of this is because of his actions…

    • Hattie says:

      If by “stepping up huge” you mean acting unethically, then yes Peter “stepped up.” It only reinforced the fact that Peter is the most amoral and unlikeable character on the show. I would hold back on singing his praises. The foreshadowing strongly points to him sleeping with the pretty aide by season’s end (if it even takes that long).

  12. Michele W says:

    I LOVE this show!!!

  13. Lili Ann Noln says:

    Thank God! Hopefully, the soap opera is gone forever and I’ll have “The Good Wife” that I love back. Who cares about Will and Alicia, Kalinda and her stupid husband… or Diane and her boyfriend? Seriously, I’d prefer a scene about Diane’s TVD fan fiction instead of another scene with her boyfriend. This is a show about politics, not love stories. And it has the best cast in television. Not only the show could benefit from giving more time to its regular secundary characters… but they also have lots and lots of brilliant recurring characters that they can bring back.

    Long life to the Kings and co. They simply nailed every single episode of the season, so far. Now all they have to do is give Archie Panjabi the Emmy-winning role that Kalinda used to be… and everything is great.

  14. Cynthia says:

    Awesome episode. Alicia literally got pumped up. I still can’t believe Diane would tell Will since he is the one that is pushing her out of the firm. Since she refused to testify, I hope she gets to keep the judgeship.

  15. Loved every minute of it and I can’t wait to see where we go from here. I especially love that the triangle is dead.

  16. Jimmy says:

    It’s interesting to read everyone’s reactions to the episode, especially those who “hate” or “despise” how Alicia has changed. Let’s remember what pushed to make this decision, which culminated with Will wanting to push Diane out. I was disappointed they brought Peter in to “save the day.” I was actually hoping Peter had moved on from his old ways, but I guess once you’re slimy you’re always slimy. The only negative I had was Kalinda. I hated to see her turn on Cary, but it will be interesting to see the repercussions play out.

  17. kemper says:

    To be honest, I thought Alicia was leaving so she could rekindle her romance with Will without the ethical and moral complications between employer and employee. I wasn’t expecting this blowup and it was surprising to see Alicia and Peter aligned for once, which is something that has been lacking throughout this series.

    Personally, I had problems with this series making adultery seem like it was an acceptable thing to do. I’m glad that this was written out of the series.

    • Lye says:

      You need a dose of reality. Peter and Alicia haven’t been “aligned” for most of the series because he was too busy screwing her over. And you have a problem with Alicia sleeping with Will, but you don’t have a problem with Peter cheating on Alicia with hookers? Sexist much?

    • abz says:

      When has this show ever made adultery seem okay? Yes, it happens in the show, but there have always been consequences. of course, it’s not right, but it does happen in life and the show uses that and portrays how it’s dealt with in different ways.

  18. Mandy says:

    I love Will Gardner!!! I hate Alicia and her speech saying “i’m sorry”. I hope Will and Diane slay Alicia and Cary. We all know now that douchbag Peter put out Diane of the judge list, she coming back to the firm probs.

    Peter is a douchebag, Alicia too. And I’m going to enjoy so much when she get’s hurt again by his douchbag husband. I hope Will destroy’s Peter politics career tbh.
    Even if I’m a Will/Alicia shipper I hope Will destroy her in court and she realize the big mistake she did.

    • Jimmy says:

      A little bit of an over reaction. How exactly is Will any different than Peter? Sleeps around, check. Stole money, check. Most likely bribed judges, check. Will is only slightly less slimy than Peter. Alicia needs to be away from both these men. I’m hoping her new firm is successful just so she stand on her own and not be propped up by two equally unethical men.

      • PB says:

        Bad post, dude. Will’s not married and was an elected official. He actually didn’t steal the money, he misappropriated it (he borrowed it for a few days). Still totally wrong but very different then taking it and spending it on coke and hookers. There’s never been anything but unsubstantiated rumors about judge’s being paid off and we see that some of that was personal politics by the special prosecutor. Will’s no angel, but when you enter into the public arena to become an elected official, the moral expectations are raised to a higher bar. This is the implicit agreement that an elected official makes with the public. If they don’t want those type of expectations, then don’t run for office.

        • I think the larger point you both may be missing is that NEITHER Will nor Peter are moral, upstanding men. They’re POWERFUL men. They’re men that win. They’re not angels.

          That’s what Alicia likes in her men. Among other things, of course — but that’s one trait. Alicia’s no angel herself. She’s a career woman, and a mother.

          This show isn’t Once Upon a Time — neither man is supposed to be Prince Charming, and Alicia’s not Snow White. Neither is she the Evil Queen. She’s a human being. They all are: flawed.

          The Kings are truly insanely good writers.

    • abz says:

      Will and Diane would have done the same thing if the roles were reversed and you know it. Even Alicia mentioned how they previously did the same thing when she told Will that that was how they started L&G/

  19. Sparky says:

    Brilliant kick ass episode that really rejuvenated the whole show. Would be great if the ratings got a much needed boost as a result!!!!

    • Jimmy says:

      It would be nice if people could discovered TGW with this episode, but with it going up against the World Series I worry the ratings will be low.

    • Ro says:

      Would also be great if CBS would quit fracking with the show. Only because I set my DVR for Good Wife and Mentalist (that lost me ages ago with its neverending Red John BS) can I be sure I’ll get the whole show.

  20. Jason says:

    Amazing episode. If you’ve been paying attention Alicia has been changing over past four season until this moment. Will threw in her face how he took her in when no one wanted her…when she was lacking confidence in who she was. And when she gave it to them in the courtroom after slimy David Lee called her Judas, she gave us a glimpse of where she is now. She’s never been this morally ethical heroine. She’s a human being who’s now pissed, confused, and starting her own firm. Even in the scenes to come, Dianne asks her is she’s changed or always been this way. It’s a great evolution of a character and I like that it’s not so glossy in that she’s always taking the high road.
    As for Peter, of course we know he can be a snake but when it comes to his family, which he’s always made clear even down to his mother, he will do what he needs to do to stand up for them. He just has the added bonus of being Governor. What politician isn’t corrupt in one way or another?

  21. Dani says:

    Excellent episode. It’s interesting how some comments picture Alicia. She had many reasons to leave. And she did it in the best way possible.
    What I like about the show is that it always stays true and shows that people are rather gray than black or white. Alicia isn’t supposed to be a heroine. This isn’t a drama written by Shakespeare or some soap opera. It’s a legal drama with Alicia as it’s central character.
    I find myself rooting for Alicia and Cary. Just because I always felt that Will and Diane are at fault about what happened here. The partnership and Will trying to throw out Diane didn’t set well. And if I were in Alicia’s shoes I would have left too. The working atmosphere at Lockhart Gardner has been poisoned for the longest time.
    As for Peter, I was never a big fan of him. Always rooted for Will and Alicia but I thought it was great that he tried to support his wife this time. Not because he wanted to play dirty but rather because he was brought into the fight with his position as governor.
    Again, AMAZING episode. The Kings should submit this episode to next year’s Golden Globes & Emmys.

    • PB says:

      While I agree that she had her reasons to leave, she certainly didn’t leave in the best way possible. That’s a terribly poor characterization of the situation. I think most would agree that she left in one of the worst possible ways. There are multitude of ways to leave a firm with a minimum of unpleasantness. What she and Cary did is leave in the best possible way for the show. High drama, but they certainly are in the wrong. Just as Gardner/Lockhart were in the wrong after they delayed the promotions of the 4th year’s to full partner status.

  22. Mandy says:

    One thing everyone is discounting about Kalinda is how hurt she was when Cary and Alicia didn’t bring her with them. They chose Robyn and she still kept their secret. So I think overall she is loyal to Will and that hurt will keep her that way.
    I am a little disappointed with how unethical Peter is being and how Alicia is celebrating that. It is kind of gross. I couldn’t celebrate Alicia and Cary’s accomplishments because of how underhandedly it was accomplished. And then to mess with Diane. No good.

    • Stacy says:

      They chose Kalinda first; Cary came just short of begging her to join them. When Kalinda insisted on more salary up front they wound up with Robyn. I’m not sure even Kalinda yet knows where her loyalty lies. The most pain we’ve ever seen her in (imo) was realizing she considered Alicia a good friend — and she had slept with her husband. That internal discord quietly tore her apart. This will likely be a new war in that same vein.

  23. Saabgirlatx says:

    To all of those commenters upset about Alicia’s actions, lets remember that this show is called The Good Wife…what/ how have other Good Wives in history done (eventually): Kick. Ass. It may be uncomfortable to watch her but she’s finally found herself through all of this (oh and yeah it’s a tv show;)). I’m more annoyed at how they are portraying Cary A…he just seems quite wishy washy for a founding partner. Alicia is running the show!

  24. Jake says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t like the new dynamic, there’s no reason for Alicia to do this to will.

    • Hazel says:

      I agree, Jake. I’m hating the show that I’ve loved all these years. When Kalinda said she sees the L-G crumbling and the writing on the wall, I thought, yeah, it’s the deathnell for the show. BAD writing and way over the top! Alicia’s been given every perk and risen more quickly than most associates would. 4 yrs to partner? Really, hey I’ll become a lawyer to advance quickly. And stealing clients? Really LOW writers!! I always hoped Alicia would end up with Will, not the slimy Gov-elect. Talk about ungrateful brats all the 4th years should have been fired. They’re all too green to make a successful firm, I hope they fail miserably. Oh and Kings, there were plenty of stories left and interest in the Will/Alicia pairing!

  25. Britta Unfiltered says:

    That was a good episode, but must they make me watch Peter and Alicia have sex? I mean…gross. So very gross. I used to really like Chris Noth back in his Law and Order days, but Sex and the City killed him for me, and The Good Wife has only succeeded in twisting that knife.
    I’m totally on Will’s side with this whole thing. Leaving the firm is one thing, but trying to steal their top clients is a whole other nasty issue. She’s basically trying to take down his firm do with that, and what did he ever do to deserve it? It was kind of rude of her.

  26. JJ says:

    All of the praise for this show has me intrigued. Is there really a good show on cbs? I have always assumed this was some piece of garbage like CSI, NCIS, H5O, or any other drama on CBS. Is it really worth checking out?

  27. Mel says:

    Thrilling, brilliant episode. Best episode on network TV since…well, I can’t remember when, but it was riveting television. Definitely an Emmy-worthy episode.

  28. lori says:

    I hope Alicia ends up with neither of these two. Peter is still slimy and him coming over to have sex while they were in the middle of this mess was disgusting. Will is no better. Diane stood by him when he could have been pushed out last year, then she has a small slip and he pushes her out of the firm. While I don’t completely agree with Alicia, I think that was the major catalyst for her. So, if they are going to have a love interest for Alicia, I vot for neither of these clowns.

  29. Sparky says:

    Would be interesting to see a pole on who people think got screwed over or who’s side everyone is on now? Personally if Alicia and Cary wanted to set up their own firm there shouldn’t be any issue with that but whatever way you look at it they have stolen L/G clients and the way Peter made a speech in Alicia’s favor about taxation so that they would move to her firm was completely unethical as was the way he screwed Diane over with the judgeship. I’m team L/G all the way. I’m glad Kalinda stayed faithful to Will.

  30. MGL says:

    It was a good episode, but I hated Alicia. I also hated her and Peter together and Peter influencing Chum Hum’s decision with what he may look at when he actually takes office as governor. I felt bad for Will too. As good and dramatic as the episode was, and some of what happened could not actually occur in a law firm, Alicia’s character just jumped the shart to much! I cannot believe that her and those other 4th year’s would be a real match for Will, Diane and David Lee in the experience category. Good Wife is back to the dvr; this was too much in the opposite direction.

  31. Bob says:

    Why is it that every time I hear the words “Chum Hum”, I always think of Plankton from Sponge Bob???

  32. I get why peeps might be upset with Alicia they think she has betrayed Will ,

    But lets be honest , the managing partners have never had any issue with using their position to promise something in one moment, and then turn on either their clients or staff the next because it was in their best interest.

    For Will and Diane, this means that all of the crap they pulled on other is about to come home to them in spades, because Alicia and Carey know where all the bodies are buried.

    As for Alicia and Carey, they have been schooled by Diane and Will on how to be ruthless to do the work of the firm, its just that know they are going to do it on their on behalf.

    As for Kalinda she is in survival mode as she has always been, and I have no issue with her taking care of herself. It like any company where you know that your jobs on the line due to a restructure, you do what you can to protect your own interests.

  33. Queerbec says:

    Hey folks! The show didn’t end last evening, there are at least 15 or 16 episodes left this season and maybe more if the show is renewed. (Why CBS moved the show to the most competitive time slot on television , I don ‘t know) I liked it on Tuesdays.). There is a lot more plot to unveil this season. Who knows–in Will’s desire to create the most kick-ass, bone crushing law firm in Chicago, Lockhart-Gardner may one day want to merge with FA&A, then Will and Alicia will be on equal terms. There’s a lot more story to tell folks!! Give it time to roll out and continue to blow our minds!

  34. Liam says:

    I was afraid the episode was over-hyped. It. Was. Not. That was freakin epic, from start to finish. I’m going to watch it at least 2 more times today!
    Alicia is now allowing herself to use the same tactics that David Lee and Will have been using for years to fight them. God, I love that woman. And I love Julianna. Praises for all the cast.

  35. Alba says:

    I loved the episode. For the people that are complaining about Alicia being out of character I don’t agree. We’ve seen Alicia slowly change and evolve, you cannot stay the same after eveything that she’s lived and seen. Like in real life what happens to you and around changes you and Alicia’s character is human and that change in my opinion was inevitable.
    The only complain that I have is that Peter saved the day at the end. Alicia’s become such a strong woman that I’d have loved if she had figured things out by herself.
    This episode made me dislike Peter. And I think that Eli is not liking him so much either.

    • DA says:

      Right on point,Eli is not liking peter right now.lets not forget that Diane helped peter out and L&G gave eli an office space but in a split second peter wants to mess Diane up. No matter what we all think there is always a better way to do things. Did they really have to steal files….very unethical and would come back to hunt them.dont forget nasa is listening to their phone calls.

  36. Celeste says:

    I don’t like to compare shows but the pace of this episode was very Scandal-like. In a good way obviously! My favourite episode out of the whole series so far!

  37. Alex Leo says:

    This is one the best episodes I have seen from the show and, if I may say, this is the best episode I have seen from any show I watch this season. Excellent.

  38. barbara says:

    bob i like your comment on chum hum so true!!!!!! i like alicia how she in control of herself and how is she srewing over will him and diane do the same thing. peter is a waste of tine on the show why alicia having quickies with him is just plain ickky. she doesn’t need will either but somehow i still see them getting together as i see peter taking up with that blonde sooner or later. glad to see cary getting more screen time i like him. kalinda kind of iffy not my favorite. i think this season the best ever very fast paced and you want it to be sunday again

  39. Loved the episode. These characters are fantastic to watch; love them or hate them, they do deliver on the intrigue.

    On a side note, I was a little surprised at Peter’s apparent decision to drop Diane from the shortlist of judges. Or at least, it seems that way from the final scene. It seems if he really wanted to help his wife out in her fight against Lockhart Gardner, he’d continue to move Diane out of the picture. As a judge, she’d no longer be a member of the firm, her exit being complete and not particularly friendly on the part of the firm. And she’d still feel as if she owed Peter one. If he takes that away from her, it seems like all that would do was make her want to take Alicia and the new firm down all the more. She’s probably try to return to the firm, and now instead of Peter, she’d owe Will one for taking her back. She always was a strong lawyer and appealing to certain types of clients. It looks like a terrible move on Peter’s part if he has Alicia’s best interests in mind at all.

  40. Dagmara says:

    I hate Alicia she turned to the dark side! And what is the worst is that she thinks she is good and right in everything she do… Sad to see… but episode was good

  41. Melissa says:

    I think that Kalinda’s going to sleep with Will & that’s going to burn Alicia.
    I think it’s pretty silly how Peter is “over compensating” for all the low down things he’s put Alicia through.

  42. gretta says:

    Read a book people.

  43. barbara says:

    not a bad episode but a bit all over the place. this new arc with alicias daughter not impressive at all as bad as alexis on castle. the new blonde working for peter not likeable she will be trouble. the tension between alicia and will a good one. will having good time with new ladyfriend but i think he just frusterated.

  44. Jackie Ralla says:

    What did you do to the show. I know you want ratings but I think you went above and beyond. Alicia belongs with Will and Diane her little pack of little kids for lawyers is a joke. Don’t like where you went, this viewer is know longer watching. Just a little too way out of the show and the characters we have loved for years. Thanks for ruining my favorite show!!!!

    • KM says:

      “Little pack of lawyers is a joke”? That’s funny, but not in the way you mean. It has been the little pack of lawyers doing all the work at Lockhart/Gardner. Like Alicia said, the 4th years do all the work, and then Will and Diane swoop in and take all the credit. It seems that Alicia and Cary have been doing most of the heavy lifting at L/G, and will continue to do so at F/A. I think it’s going to be a very interesting season – the battle back and forth. Yes, L/G has a head start (actual offices, starting to branch out to other cities, and obviously an unlimited bank account if they can buy a firm of tax attorneys) but Alicia has name recognition, a group of dedicated people, and Chumhum. Plus I like an underdog story. Go F/A.

  45. wr says:

    I was hoping Cary and Kalinda will finally hook up this season. Doesn’t look like that’s happening …

  46. Lily says:

    I think this is a weird turn of events. Alicia was never this angry with peter after the horrible things he did yet she vows to destroy will??? It doesn’t make sense to me. I think her behavior is strangely disproportionate.will went to bat for her when she came back into the workforce and was supportive of her in everything. Yes the the fourth years got their partnership postponed and that was really crappy of LG todo that. So leave the firm. But destroying them?