Ratings: Grimm Returns Strong, Carrie Diaries Down, Dracula Debuts Well, Shark Tank Hits High

Grimm - Season 3NBC’s Grimm scared up good numbers with its Season 3 premiere, drawing 6.1 million total viewers and a 1.8 demo rating in the 9 o’clock hour — up from its year-ago Friday time slot premiere (5.3 mil/1.6), its most recent Friday airing (4.9 mil/1.3) and its Season 2 finale (5 mil/1.7), which aired on a Tuesday.

Leading out of that, Dracula‘s debut — which TVLine readers gave an average grade of “C+” — bled a few viewers but demonstrated full demo retention, with 5.3 mil and a 1.8 rating, topping the 10 o’clock hour in the latter measure. NBC notes that Dracula is the second-highest rated Friday drama premiere on any network in three years (since Blue Bloods).

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Over on The CW, The Carrie Diaries returned to 840,000 viewers and a 0.3 rating, down from its series debut (1.6 mil/0.6), its freshman finale (1 mil/0.4), Nikita‘s year-ago premiere in the time slot (1 mil/0.3) and Top Model‘s most recent performance in Friday’s lead-off position (1.5 mil/0.6).

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CBS’ Undercover Boss (8.6 mil/1.6) dipped in audience and two tenths in the demo, while both Hawaii Five-0 (9.3 mil/1.4) and Blue Bloods (11 mil/1.3) added eyeballs while steady in the demo.

ABC’s Shark Tank (7.3 mil/2.0) rose 20 percent in audience (to an all-time high for a regular telecast) and matched last week’s season-high rating. Fox’s MasterChef Junior (3.9 mil/1.4) ticked up a tenth.

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  1. Paul says:

    If the trend continues, does that make Blue Bloods and Hawaii 5-0 bubble shows next year?

    • CA says:

      Hard to say…but I do seem to recall the CBS president saying that Friday nights were about actual eyeball viewers as opposed to the coveted 18-49 demo. If what he says is true…the I would think CBS is quite happy with between 9 and 11 mil turning into watch both shows.

      • anna says:

        That is just Network Press Release talking. Advertisers only pay for demo numbers so total viewers mean nothing.
        I think Moonves knew NBC great genre night was going to beat his boring cop shows in the important demo, so he said that. But its no true.

    • mainecane says:

      i wouldnt think so. I kn ow i live in maine and they had high school football on my local cbs so i have to watch blue bloods and hawii 5-0 on demand

  2. jm says:

    AS much as i love Grimm, this episode was a bit dull… a really waste of time… i want them to get back to ordinary bases…

    • Jules says:

      I have to agree.. I was really looking forward to Grimm, but this ep didn’t really show us anything new and/or exciting.. if they would have at least ended with some sort of run-in between Nick and the others as a cliffhanger till the next ep, maybe,…
      but hopefully, once they get to Nick and him back to “normal” they can continue with everything before the voodoo-priest-turned-blobfish-spitting-green-stuff-into-people’s-faces-turning-them-into-zombies storyline.. :)

    • Tenney says:

      I agree about the Grimm episode; I was really expecting much more. It seemed to be more of a set-up episode for next week that the season premier however, I love Grimm and know it won’t be long before Nick is no longer a Zombie and we’re back to the gang working together to take care of the real monsters.

      • Mari says:

        Hopefully with Juliet having something to do, now that she’s not cursed and knows. Everyone else has been interesting and/or useful. It would be nice if she was, too.

  3. Elyse says:

    that stinks because The Carrie Diaries was awesome last night!

    • AshleyRae says:

      I enjoyed the ep. of grimm last night alot asskicking zombie action!
      Wondering how long nick will be a raging grimm ‘zombie’……….

  4. Sarah says:

    The CW should have never moved The Carrie Diaries to friday, putting it with American Next Top Model was a horrible choice. Bring it back to mondays or tuesdays

    • Gilded Lady says:

      I honestly think that Carrie Diaries got a renewal only because there wasn’t another pilot they had enough faith in to pick up instead. As for now, the only place they could possibly move it is Monday’s. That said, even though Beauty and the Beast is struggling it’s still doing better than Carrie. Both shows are goners at season’s end.

  5. kchamley says:

    I really wanted Carrie Diaries to do well. It deserves too.

    • 3dhouseofmagic says:

      I agree! It is a great show with a good message at the end (reminds me of the original 90210). It would probably thrive on another night or on ABC Family. Putting it on Friday nights SHOULD result in a decrease in ratings, its a terrible spot. I’d guess a lot of the people watching are older fans of SITC not teenagers.

  6. KyleScott says:

    I’m pretty sur that Nikita did not make 0.4 on the 18/49 last year ! Not with 0.95M !

  7. William says:

    I still don’t understand why The CW didn’t pair The Carrie Diaries with Hart of Dixie this year. *sigh* I’ve really gotten attached to the former.

    • Gilded Lady says:

      Because they were trying to salvage Beauty and the Beast and because 0.6 is awful even by CW standards.

    • Len says:

      Because Carrie diaries is all about sex. While HoD flirts with the subject it’s not in your face like Carrie diaries. Bad matchup.

      • William says:

        You clearly haven’t watched the show because it’s more than just sex. TCD is a coming of age tale with a romantic aspect involved, which is something that Hart of Dixie has in common. They’re more compatible than Beauty & The Beast, hence why The CW should’ve paired the two together.

      • Johnny says:

        actually, Carrie Diaries rarely brings up sex. It’s such a good show! I wish people gave it more of a chance!

  8. Virginia B. says:

    Glad to see Shark Tank is doing well. Network television this year is probably more boring than it ever was but I enjoy Shark Tank and Master Chef, Jr. Never thought I would like MC, Jr. but I do.

  9. Lauren says:

    So sad to hear Carrie Diaries is down. It’s such an awesome little show.

  10. kchamley says:

    The CW has so many Sci fi shows happening. Carrie Diaries is a nice change from that. They need to put more faith in that show

  11. anna says:

    H50 in third place in the time slot. LOL

  12. me says:

    I’m glad the Carrie Diaries is down. Hopefully that increases the likelihood that Reign will be saved

    • Rita says:

      I hope so too! I liked The Carrie Diaries last year, but I’m just not motivated to keep watching (not really sure why, but with such amazing new shows… :/) and Reign is soooo much better than any of the shows that premiered on the CW last year (and even this year, at least in my opinion). I really hope people give it a chance because I’m hooked as well as pretty much everybody that watched it & whose opinions I’ve read online. And it’s such an unique series for The CW, and a unique approach to history in shows of the gender [reminds me of Merlin, honestly :’)]. I’m really crossing my fingers for it to get a full season and then more! i hope people can see that too, it gets better by the episode :)

      • me says:

        Haha! Looks like I’ve found a kindred spirit! I completely agree with everything you said! Reign is so different that anything the CW has done before and its actually pretty well done considering its intended audience. There has been a few grievances with the wardrobe and whatnot but in my opinion, its really not that big a deal. I would take Reign over something like Carrie Diaries anyway, I tried watching it last year but it doesn’t fit into the Sex and the City world. And it looks like thats the only reason why people are even watching it yet they’re not even doing that right. The CW already has a “feel good” show in Hart of Dixie and its better than The Carrie Diaries anyway.

        I even like Reign more than Beauty and the Beast – i feel like the stakes are so much higher in Reign since this is based (LOOSELY) on history while Beauty and the Beast has been done before – its like they’re trying too hard to be the Vampire Diaries or something. I’ve been waaaaaiting for a period drama thats not all nudity and gross. I’m trying to encourage everyone I know to watch it!!

        Honestly, Reign is so much better than any of the other shows that debuted this year – I’m not following any of them after the first episode. AND its better than Carrie Diaries and Beauty and the Beast and I’ll even throw in Hart of Dixie. It has the potential, I really hope it doesn’t get canceled early without giving it a chance to find its footing.

        ok end of rant. haha

        • Ava says:

          Reign is a great show! I am happy to have a historical drama on a major network, especially since The White Queen just ended. I hope the CW is able to keep Reign around. Dracula was interesting but I find Reign far more compelling.

  13. nikita fan says:

    Now Carrie diaries fans know how we Nikita fans felt when the cw shipped this show to the death slot.

  14. Fernando says:

    TCD should have been kept on Mondays and paired with HOD and BATB should have been moved to Fridays .

  15. Amy says:

    TCD needs a major shakeup in the writer’s room. Have these people ever watched Sex and the City??? Where’s the sex? Why is Carrie acting like Charlotte??? Samantha is the only decent character on this show.

    • William says:

      I think the show’s doing just fine. It isn’t supposed to be like SATC as it’s a coming of age tale. Not to mention, it’s based on the book series as opposed to the original TV series. What’s refreshing about TCD is that focuses on plot/character development as opposed to ridiculous, over the top plot twists like Gossip Girl or 90210. If more people gave it a chance, I’m sure they would enjoy it because it’s a nice watch. It may very well be one of the best teen dramas in years.