Colin O'Donoghue Previews Once Upon a Time's 'Surprising' Kiss, Ponders Hook/Neal Face-Off

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Once Upon a Time Emma Hook Kiss SpoilersIt wasn’t always a pirate’s life for Killian Jones, Once Upon a Time will reveal this Sunday (ABC, 8/7c).

In fact, Killian was once a stand-up Navy officer before circumstance — perhaps stemming from his first clash with Peter Pan? — turned him to the dark, guylinered side. Meanwhile in Neverland, the swashbuckler’s swag leads Emma to make a “surprising” move. Colin O’Donoghue spoke with TVLine about that twist and how it stands to make Neal’s return awkward.

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TVLINE | What kind of a bloke was young Killian Jones?
He was very different than the Killian Jones you’ve seen before. He was a Navy officer, a lieutenant, and he very much lived by that code. He was straight-laced and believed in right and wrong. It was great to play him in the morning and then go to play Captain Hook in the afternoon! And it was nice to have a costume change. [Laughs]

TVLINE | What sort of relationship does Killian have with his brother Liam?
They’re very close. They’ve spent their whole lives together, and now they’re both on this ship, as officers. Liam is the captain and there’s a huge respect they have for each other. But it sort of ties into why Hook decides that he could turn the other cheek COLIN O'DONOGHUE, BERNARD CURRYand help David…. He sees an element of his brother in David, I think, and that makes him want to try to help.

TVLINE | In flashback, is there one defining moment that steers Killian onto the path of being Hook?
Absolutely there is. You see the reasons why he becomes who he becomes, why he becomes a pirate and all of that. You also begin to see an element of Killian come back into Hook in this episode as well, which is a nice way to do it. It ties in with how as a young guy he was very idealistic, and the old Hook is more jaded. But the optimism begins to come back for Hook.

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TVLINE | Of course we have The Big Kiss coming up. Were there whoops and hollers at the table read when everyone got to that scene?
[Laughs] It’s kind of been in the cards, I guess — Hook and Emma have this strange relationship where they are a bit of kindred spirits. But the kiss comes out of a place of complete surprise, how it happens. It’s not something that brews, it comes from a surprising place. Once Upon a Time Emma Hook Kiss SpoilersBut it’s a kiss nonetheless!

TVLINE | Which of the two is more affected coming away from the moment?
I think it affects them both. I don’t think Hook was expecting it necessarily, and I’m not convinced Emma was expecting it either. But I don’t think either of them hate it!

TVLINE | If Hook were to get wind that Neal is there on the island, might his more dastardly side take steps to prevent a reunion with Emma?
It will be interesting to see. That relationship with Baelfire is very complicated. Hook really would have given up everything to be a father figure to Baelfire, and I think that even now, hundreds of years later, he still sees him as that little boy, and still holds him quite dear. Even though he gave him up to the Lost Boys, if Baelfire had turned around said, “I want to stay,” he would have done everything in his power to keep him. At the end of the day, Hook really truly loved Baelfire’s mother Milah and he still sees the mother in the boy. So it would be complicated, but I would be interested to see how he would react to that.

TVLINE | So if Emma ultimately has cause to run into Neal’s arms, it won’t necessarily “flip a switch” for Hook and revert him to his ruthless pirate ways?
Not necessarily. I think Hook has the confidence to believe that he could easily get any girl if he put his mind to it. That’s the kind of guy he is! If he will or would is a whole other thing.

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TVLINE | You’ve also been enjoying playing the budding bromance with Charming….
Yeah, I think Hook and David even have a ‘ship name now as well. It’s been fun, all right, to get to do that – especially because of Hook’s sort of constant flirting with Emma in front of David.

TVLINE | I think the new promo even has a moment where David says, “Stay away from my daughter!”
[Laughs] Every dad would say that!

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Comments (141)

  • I don’t care about hook. But hopefully this flashback can make me care more about him and see him as more than a guy that just throws out disgusting remarks.

    Now I just want more Neal scenes.

    Comment by tatum – October 25, 2013 12:58 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • LOL. Same! Not really excited for this episode, so hopefully I’ll care about Hook more after watching it.

      Comment by Melanie – October 25, 2013 01:04 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Glad I’m not the only one! I don’t mind Hook that much but I feel like we don’t know enough about him yet either to care one way or the other. There’s so much more to this whole story besides just this triangle thing that the media keeps bringing up and that’s the story I really want to see. Hopefully Eddie & Adam are focusing more on the whole story of the show than the media’s been doing lately, LOL =)

      Comment by HeatherC – October 25, 2013 01:07 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Yeah and we get to have a flashback around him and wait for more about Emma until maybe later in this season.

        Comment by Mary – October 25, 2013 03:37 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • It’s always fun to see peoples differing opinions. I can’t stand Neal and would much prefer Hook.
      Neal just gives me a bad vibe. Can’t tell you what it is, but I get the feeling that he is always up to something and ready to bolt when given a chance.
      Hook is not the best guy either. But he is very up front that he can and will screw you over if needed.
      I guess I just get Hooks character. Also want Neal to just forgive Rumple, I mean it’s been 200years let it go.

      Comment by Me – October 25, 2013 02:01 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • I like Neal, he’s just very impulsive and is very self centered at times. He is also someone that you cant really depend on. Because even before August approached him about leaving Emma so she could fulfill her destiny, he was going to take off to Canada because of the watches and leave Emma behind. And that was after he promised Emma a home. He’s not the most reliable guy it seems!

        Comment by Sarah – October 25, 2013 11:32 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • On the other hand, as far as we know he hasn’t betrayed literally every partner he’s ever had at least once (as Hook has with everyone except Milah).

          Comment by Cass – October 26, 2013 06:40 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • We don’t know what Neal has done in the past. But the things he has said and done to Emma that we do know of rule him out as Emma’s True Love for me. Also True Love doesn’t pick and choose. Everyone on this show deserves to find it regardless of what they have done or who it’s with. I mean how sad would it be if Regina could never find it again? Or she could only find it with another villain? Rumple a villain, found it will Belle. And Belle is someone I consider the most pure of heart on the show. So basically it doesn’t matter what Hook as done in the past, as long as he doesn’t do those things to Emma! And yes he did scre* her over when he locked her in the jail cell, just as she scre*ed him over when she chained him up in the giants lair. Though remember, Snow also did the same thing to Charming(Robbed him and hit him over the head with a rock) and he to her(tackled her from a horse, caught her in a trap, threatened to hand her over to The Evil Queen if she didn’t help him) when they first met!

            Comment by Sarah – October 26, 2013 10:55 AM PDT  
          • You’re seriously such a killjoy on every OUAT-related posts and constantly acting like you know everything about Hook and the whole show. It’s painfully clear that you dislike the character as evidenced by your constant comments about your dislike of the character multiple times on every article about the character or the show. Get over it! The writers are sticking with him. It’s their story to tell and if you don’t like what they’re showing, then you don’t have to watch. They planned on bringing him in. He became a widely popular character and they’re not likely to get rid of him anytime soon. Luckily for you, Neal will be sticking around as a series regular to make you happy.
            Also, you haven’t seen Hook romantically involved with anyone other than Milah, so how the hell do you know that Hook has betrayed everyone he has been with. He betrayed Emma, but then again he was never romantically involved with Emma, just infatuated with her. His actions were pirate-like which was the original purpose of the character before the further character development (and him turning back to help Emma find Henry).

            Comment by abz – October 26, 2013 11:33 AM PDT  
    • I feel the same way. He’s never interested me. I’m disappointed because I really wanted to love him.

      Comment by Jen – October 25, 2013 02:15 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Funny because most people love Hook and don’t care about Neal. Oh well guess that’s why it’s a minority that even like Neal.

      Comment by Lorena – October 25, 2013 02:18 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Completely unnecessary. Why is it SO hard for some of you to accept that not everyone likes your favourite character our story?

        Comment by Louise – October 25, 2013 03:07 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • ITA Lorena, I just can’t get into Neal after his actions regarding Emma. He found out the curse was broken, and instead of manning up and at least going to appologize to Emma no matter what he perceived the outcome to be, he turns around and moves on with Tamara. Never once did they show him being torn over his engagement once Emma found him. I find him poorly written and I don’t like him. I laughed over his berating of Rumpel in the last epi considering he just used Robin’s 4 year old to acheive his own purpose. As for Hook well yes he’s made bad decisions too. But ultimately the chemistry between Hook and Emma is unbeatable, they look like they belong together, there is angst, denial and as of now unrestrained passion. They are exciting! Can’t wait to hear Hook’s back story – I’ve wanted to know more since he first showed up on our screens.

        Comment by Samantha – October 25, 2013 03:37 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • It’s nice that you have surveyed all the seven million viewers of the show so that you can say with confidence that most agree with you. Got any other wisdom to share?

        Comment by Cass – October 25, 2013 06:11 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • This show definitely has more than 7 million viewers who watch this show. Of course, the ratings system only cares about the U.S.

          Comment by abz – October 25, 2013 08:52 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • There were 6.98 million US viewers for the last episode (after four months of constant promotion of Hook as the face of the show, I will not add). However if that person surveyed even more than seven million people (and throughout the world!) in order to accurately say that most of them like CS, then more power to them! I hope she/he asked them some other questions as well. That’s an enormous amount of work to go through only to confirm that you are right. I hope she/he posts the methodology used; it will be fascinating.

            Comment by Cass – October 26, 2013 06:33 AM PDT  
          • This is not science. This is a TV show. I think it’s a pretty safe assumption @Lorena made that the CS/Hook is favored more than the Emma/Neal based on comments on this site and many other sites, youtube videos, shipper polls, and the general vocality of the fanbases. Anyone who keeps up with media about the show, spoilers, etc., would know that it’s painfully obvious that Hook/CS is the more popular character/pairing. Something tells me you would not like the results if an actual survey was to be conducted.
            Also, “promotion of Hook as the face of the show”? You’re bitterness is showing.

            Comment by abz – October 26, 2013 12:07 PM PDT  
        • My goodness, you are a nasty little bunch of critters, aren’t you? I feel like I should make myself some popcorn and enjoy being teleported back to junior high. Keep it up, lest anyone believe a show about fairy tale characters would be enjoyed by people anyone could stand to be around.

          Comment by Meredith – October 26, 2013 04:05 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • What is so interesting about Neal? He adds nothing to the show and isnt even a storybook character. What is his point? Ok he is a sperm donor and he can move on. He is just a pointless character. At least Hook has a personality and is interesting.

      Comment by Karina – October 25, 2013 03:10 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • If anyone’s still wondering why CS & Hook fans have a certain reputation by now, they only need to check out the comments on this article. Just… wow. I swear some of you are just as obsessed with Neal and his fans as you are with Hook.

        Comment by Starbuck21 – October 25, 2013 03:40 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • In response to people making a barrage of I Heart Neal posts in a Hook related article. And I was just asking what was so interesting about Neal. I still havent got an answer.

          Comment by Karina – October 25, 2013 04:02 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • and if anyone goes into a CS article and bashes Hook within the first comment then clearly they don’t mean well nor are there intentions pure. So please stop playing the victim and saying the CS fanbase is to blame, just no.

          Comment by Mai – October 25, 2013 04:22 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • @Starbuck21 Are you really surprised to see people attacking Neal when the first comment on this “Hook”-related post starts with “I don’t care about Hook….”? If people are gonna talk constantly about hating or not liking Hook then you should expect people to say the same about Neal.

          Comment by abz – October 25, 2013 08:57 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • What’s so interesting about Hook? Most of his time has been spent thinking of revenge on Rumple and hurting anyone that he can to get at Rumple.

        Comment by Mary – October 25, 2013 03:41 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • The importance of Neal has nothing to do with ‘how interesting’ he is. He is important to the overall story. He is Henry’s biological father and he’s important for ensuring Henry feels loved and wanted. He is important to Rumpel’s and Hook’s stories and their character development. He was Emma’s first love (perhaps not true love, it’s still up in the air) so he critical to her character development and backstory. I can’t stand people who say he’s unimportant just because they think Hook is more attractive. We wouldn’t have a show at all if it was written around attractiveness of the characters. Sheesh.

        Comment by shandelle – October 25, 2013 03:59 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • I actually like Neal and want him to find happiness. I just don’t like him with Emma. On a show that’s predominately about True Love and Happy endings I just can’t see him being Emma’s romantic True Love. Firstly Neal chose not to tell Emma who he really was. Then August gave him a choice and he chose to leave Emma. Then he chose not to go looking for her because of his fear of his Father and Magic. Then he chose to move on with his life and fall in love and become engaged to someone else. Then he chose not to believe Emma about Tamara. Then he chose to tell Emma he loved her, but only after his other option turned out to be evil. Think of Charming and Snow. Would they have done these things to each other? What about Rumple and Belle? It just doesn’t compute with what we know True Love is all about!

          Comment by Sarah – October 25, 2013 07:38 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • If Emma and Neal are true love then i really have to start bloody asking what the hell Snowing are… because the actions, dialogues and love of these two couples are WAY different lol.

            This show clearly highlights fighting for love, you know like NEVER giving up meaning finding them, choosing them, putting them first. – Which is what Snowing do. Man of action Charming is.

            I honestly would root for first love and Henry’s daddy if he fitted with Emma but he doesnt. He doesnt understand her, he clearly does believe in her which we saw him talking to her insensitively and putting aside her pain. If he put her first and chose her, hell even came back coz he had mutiple chances.

            This is why i root Emma with Hook, because he pretty much sussed out Emma on that beanstalk and no one has done, he read her so well that he understood something had happened for her to be so walled up, coz he’s the same and other things as well, understanding each other, coming back in the finale, now in Neverland, being there, believing in her, faith in her. Never mocking her.

            Comment by KJ – October 25, 2013 07:58 PM PDT  
          • I personally believe all the characters deserve a happy ending. I don’t really feel the chemistry between Neal/Emma that seems so obvious with Hook/Emma, but I’ve seen a lot of people overlooking the extreme complication of something realistically working out longterm between Hook/Emma. There is so much that they would have to overcome and I think in the process, there is a huge amount of risk involved. Even though this is all “make believe” I try to think about these relationships from a real life perspective and the kinds of decisions these characters would make based on the situation they’re put in.

            Emma, who has a mountain of trust and emotional issues, who we know is typically very independent & tough, but rarely lets down her guard and struggles to really deal with her feelings… Hook, though we won’t know his full backstory until Sunday, has a negative reputation for being very shady is in quest for revenge and desire to stay alive, as well as huge list of past indiscretions that Emma is aware of. I don’t, however, believe Emma understands the full story of Milah leaving Rumpel/Bae to run off with Hook (yeah, she’s a grown woman and he didn’t force her, but he went along with it which is still bad). I feel like if she really knew what happened, she would harbor some resentment toward Hook for doing that and hurting young Bae/Neal. And their running off really did impact Rumpel and further drive him to evil. Sure, he killed Milah, not Hook, but Hook also should have declined to have her run off with them, considering the needs of her son over “his ship full of men needing companionship” (I think he actually said that).

            Anyway, because of all this unresolved crap, a longterm Hook/Emma happy ending just seems so far fetched. In the real world, people don’t typically run off with someone elses’ spouse & assist them with committing adultery, then take in the same person’s young child after the spouse is no longer in the picture and act as a father figure more or less… AND THEN years later, pursue the the woman who is the mother of a child with the same person they acted as a father figure for. Seriously. It sounds VERY screwed up if you really think about it. I know this is fairy tale land and not real life, but I truly believe that was why Hook looked so worried. He knows there is much that Emma is unaware of and things are extremely complicated and she will probably change her mind about him if/when she finds all that out. He’s terrified because maybe he did realize 1) he could love again and 2) he’s actually been in love with Emma for a while and 3) she might actually kinda sorta feel the same way…. now. BUT what happens when she finds out how his past decisions directly impacted the father of her son???

            Comment by shandelle – October 25, 2013 09:35 PM PDT  
          • I’ve seen a lot of people argue that Hook is “old and creepy” and it’s inappropriate for him to be involved with Emma for that reason, but I don’t find any fault in the technical age difference. Many of the characters are legit 100s of years old at this point, but physically both Hook and Neal are liked fixed points, and feel age appropriate for her because they still exist in bodies of 30 year old men. I don’t see anything wrong with that. On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve always got a pervy vibe about Rumpel being with Belle even though people LOVE that pairing. Even in their fairy tale past, he seemed too old for her. Even though she truly brings out the good in him and they work well in that respect.

            Comment by shandelle – October 25, 2013 09:50 PM PDT  
      • …..Neal is just the basis of the entire plot of the show? If Baelfire hadn’t been drafted, Rumple would never have become the Dark One; and if Bae hadn’t been lost through the portal, Rumple wouldn’t have spent three centuries or so making the curse.

        Comment by Cass – October 26, 2013 07:28 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • True. But the writers were going to change who Henry’s Father was when people caught onto it being Baelfire long before the show revealed it! Which kind of tells me him being Henry’s Father isn’t really all that relevant to the overall story!

          Comment by Sarah – October 26, 2013 11:07 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • That kiss was the hottest kiss I’ve seen in a while. I’m sure both Hook and Emma liked it. The feelings were there from the beginning.

    Comment by Bree – October 25, 2013 01:01 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • They always been attracted mutually. Connected from the start on the beanstalk. So that kiss was a long time coming esp when the tension rises when they have one on one scenes.

      Comment by Ls1 – October 25, 2013 01:16 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Sorry but I find this interpretation laughable at best.

        Comment by Joey – October 25, 2013 09:09 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • It shook them up that KISS, if you have seen it fully. Man that was a HOT kiss and so much lingering!

      Comment by Len84 – October 25, 2013 02:13 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • OMG this is going to be the best epi ever….

      Comment by Chris – October 25, 2013 03:39 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • That’s my issue with the triangle – Hook & Nealfire’s relationship. It’s an interesting twist on the whole thing, but those two character’s are so interconnected, its kinda creepy that they could be fighting over the same girl.

    Comment by Melanie – October 25, 2013 01:03 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I agree. Which is why if they go the whole love triangle route, I’ll be done with the show.

      Comment by Steph – October 25, 2013 02:01 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Agreed. Hook fell for Nealfire’s mom, and now he’s kissing Nealfire’s baby mama. I feel like the only outcome to this triangle is Hook sacrificing himself and allowing Emma and Neal to be together.

      Comment by NotafanofNeverland – October 25, 2013 05:24 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • To easy a route for Hook to die. There wouldn’t be enough drama in that. IDK, to me it has always seemed like Neal is the obstacle to Hook and Emma being together more so than the other way around. For one Neal and Emma have enough issues that would keep them apart without adding another guy in the mix. And it didn’t escape my attention that the episode where Emma talked about her relationship with Neal was called “Nasty Habits” and the one where she kisses Hook is called “Good Form”.

        Comment by Sarah – October 25, 2013 06:18 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • Neal does seem a obstacle in ways coz its like we talk about Emma and Hook, and then bang we get a quote saying Neal is out there, what will happen pretty much in most article and interviews, so thats how i view it, even in comic con panels and such

          Comment by KJ – October 25, 2013 07:59 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • But what about Henry? His grandma’s lover is now his step-dad? While his dad is all by himself? I really like Emma and Hook more than Emma and Neal, but the most Disney ending is seeing Henry’s parents get back together, co-parenting with Regina.

          Comment by NotafanofNeverland – October 25, 2013 09:33 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • Maybe the more traditional, family friendly ending would be to have Emma with Neal just because they have a child together.. but if you consider their past and actual compatibility, that may not be the case. I prefer Emma with Hook because it feels more like true chemistry and they’re passionate about each other and lasting relationships require two individuals who remain legit passionate about each other even when they’re old. To fully comprehend longterm happiness and success, you have to consider how well two people are compatible. How their personalities actually mesh. Having a child is a poor reason to suggest two people should be together. Ask all the children around the world whose parents are divorced. A lot of times, children are better off if incompatible parents separate and end up with more suitable spouses down the road. Staying in an unhappy relationship/marriage for the sake of children is not always best.

            Comment by shandelle – October 25, 2013 09:58 PM PDT  
    • Ok. I don’t get how some people think the Hook with Emma thing is so wrong because of the whole Bae/Mila connection, but when a similar argument is made regarding the Regina/Emma familial connection being a factor in why they don’t make sense together because she is technically her step-grandmother some people freak out (I’m just reiterating the argument against SQ based on several comments I’ve seen. I personally don’t see SQ working because there is just too much evil and bad blood and hate between them and I see more of a potential with CS; I’m all in favor of a platonic, co-parenting relationship between the two though),
      The argument for SQ is that they aren’t related by blood and Emma never knew who Regina was till the past what year? If that argument can be used in support of SQ, that same argument can be applied here with Hook. All these characters are intertwined in some way or another and you probably won’t find any character without a connection to someone else. So. in terms of CS, they’re not blood, there is no real familial relation. He was never married to Mila. Bae was never his son. He had a soft spot for him. There was a potential for the situation to become officially familial but that never happened because of Rumple. Sure Neal supporters will bring up how the Mila connection makes it kinda creepy, but in the end the twisted relationships and deep interconnections between all of the characters on this show can be thought of as somewhat weird and creepy or odd.

      Comment by abz – October 25, 2013 10:34 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Thank you for this post! I hate CS (and ST and I ship SQ) but I think the Hook/Milah/Emma/Neal thing is a stupid reason to be against this ship. Hook and Emma are the same age, they’re not related by blood or any other family relationships since they just met each other…. This is as stupid as the “Ew Regina is Emma’s step-grandmother”….. I mean poeple can hate CS or SQ (or ST) for plenty of different things but those two arguments are lame….

        Comment by pauline – October 26, 2013 04:26 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • Aww, i love how you hate a paring but you are also so polite!
          Here have some love from a Cs shiper

          Comment by Oncer – October 28, 2013 04:54 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Emma “The Savior” has so far had to fight to save everyone else’s happy endings. So why would her own be any different? And it just makes sense that Emma will have to fight the hardest she has ever fought in her life, for her own chance at finding “Home”(Like her poster says). And to do that, its going to have to be very, very complicated and multifaceted. Road block after road block, detour after detour and obstacle after obstacle till she is finally able to achieve it!

      Comment by Sarah – October 26, 2013 12:01 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Emma deserves better than Neal or Hook but I do like Hook a lot. It does amuse me how emotionally unattached Colin is to Captain Swan though.

    Comment by courts – October 25, 2013 01:03 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I’m not sure he is emotionally unattached. I just think Colin doesn’t want to let anything slip. His answers always seems so cautious. Its like that’s what he has been told to say. :)

      Comment by Mel – October 25, 2013 01:29 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Colin answers in such a way, that u know there is more. He does it everytime. Its funny and its just very Colin. From the very start he’s been like who knows, maybe… but i have to say he knows what he is talking about in terms of how he plays Hook and how he wants to come across, even Emma-Hook. Though his interviews are always subtle esp concering CaptainSwan

        Comment by Jr1 – October 25, 2013 01:36 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • You say subtle, others might say disinterested in the ship.

          Comment by courts – October 25, 2013 01:44 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • You clearly don’t read all his interviews, you can see he very much supports Captain Swan, just look at comic con.

            Comment by Lorena – October 25, 2013 02:20 PM PDT  
          • Yeah and those “others” are the people whom like to turn a blind eye to canon many times as you have done so. Plus you also don’t like CS so why comment on an article about them. Seems pointless to me.

            Unless you just want to come in here to be a whiny hater.

            Comment by Helga – October 25, 2013 02:24 PM PDT  
          • I don’t know what people are so worked about about, it’s obvious from his comments that Hooks feelings for Emma (if he even has them) are superficial at best. He seems much more interested in his relationship with Bae…and I’m sure that will continue once he finds out he’s alive and he’ll want to repair that instead of pursue anything romantic with Emma. Emma deserves someone better than Neal and someone that is romantically interested in her

            Comment by Becki – October 25, 2013 04:23 PM PDT  
          • Actually Becky that’s wrong. In another article today Colin basically stated that Hook did very much enjoy kissing Emma because he likes her. This is the same guy whom devoted 300 years to a womans memory so for him to like Emma means big things.

            He also pretty much subtely stated Hook does love Emma hence “as you wish” a reference to The Princess Bride where in that movie it means I love you.

            Hook’s feelings for Emma are completely 100% genuine not superficial.

            Comment by Kylie – October 25, 2013 05:37 PM PDT  
        • Exactly anyone whom reads all of Colin’s interviews could tell that he is very subtle when it comes to anything at all and is always vague. However he has made it clear that he does like Hook and Emma. Comic Con as Lorena stated is a great example.

          Comment by Gina – October 25, 2013 02:22 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • Exactly. The cast has been prepared for interviews well in advance by the writers and producers so they know what they can/can’t discuss and what they’re aiming to promote at the given time. They don’t want to just outright spoil things and probably a lot of decisions for the characters are still being made. It’s too early to give straight forward answers about some of it. But having watched interviews with Colin, Jen and Michael, they all seem to find the ships endearing. All of them didn’t even know what they were until recently. It’s always amusing to see them mention it in the interviews. Any time celebs become aware of stuff like that and sort of struggle to understand it, it kills me. Too funny.

            Comment by shandelle – October 25, 2013 03:54 PM PDT  
    • No, he isn’t emotionally unattached at all. It’s called being vague and teasing the fans with information without totally spoiling the episode or the writers’ plans for their characters. If they reveal everything in advance via spoilers and interviews, ratings will drop. Besides, all of the cast, Colin & Jen included, have given much praise to the fans and seem to love their respective ships. Although I’m sure Colin wants his character to be viewed as far more than just a love interest for Emma. But I believe Hook already is. I was wondering why they chose to spoil the kiss so early but now it seems evident they didn’t want that overrunning the more important parts of the episode, detailing Hook’s backstory and paralleling his relationship with his brother to the one with Charming.

      Comment by shandelle – October 25, 2013 03:45 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • He doesn’t have to be emotionally attached. He’s an actor, meaning his job is this thing called “acting.” That said, yeah, he’s obviously not super into it the way GG, JD, EdR, or MRJ are to their characters’ pairings. It seems that he might even want Hook to have a story or a personality beyond just being a love interest.

      Comment by Cass – October 26, 2013 06:38 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Blech! I just can’t stand Captain Swan. It feels so forced. I’m really not looking forward to this episode which sucks because I do like Hook as a character.

    Comment by Amanda – October 25, 2013 01:03 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Agreed. I’m more interested in his back story. Poor Colin, ABC is making it seem like all there is to him and his big episode is a Captain Swan kiss.

      Comment by TAF – October 25, 2013 02:58 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • I disagree. The promo is just totally misleading altogether but I think they allowed the kiss to be spoiled so far in advance so that people will have already had time to process that and focus on the more important and telling parts of the episode focusing on Hook’s past and backstory and how it parallels present day. If no one knew the kiss was coming, they would just focus on that and the actual stuff they want us to see would be overshadowed.

        Comment by shandelle – October 25, 2013 04:14 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • You’re giving WAY more credit to the promo monkeys than they deserve. They are infamous for spoiling plot points in promos.

          Comment by Cass – October 25, 2013 06:25 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • The promo for this week was ridiculous. I was referring more to ABC and producers allowing EW to fully spoil virtually every aspect of this kiss scene. Why didn’t they want it to be somewhat of a surprise? Calling it a ‘shocking hook up’ in the promo given the context of the scene was flat out absurd. They probably predict a lot of the fandom are teenage girls obsessing over only that aspect of the episode, which really isn’t supposed to be the big deal people are making it out to be. The impression I got from all the new interviews today was the actors were kinda downplaying it. I’m far more interested in learning Hook’s backstory than seeing a 30 second kiss that helps the writers get the love triangle off the ground. Just sayin.

            Comment by shandelle – October 25, 2013 10:11 PM PDT  
  • I want to know what finally prompted David to tell Hook that! =)

    Comment by Bree – October 25, 2013 01:04 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • It’s a gratitude kiss. “Thanks for trying to save my David/Dad.” “Anything for you love” “really” KISS.

    Comment by A.B. – October 25, 2013 01:10 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • You dont kiss someone like that for thank you – NO WAY. That kiss is more!


      Comment by Jr1 – October 25, 2013 01:38 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • I love that this epi is entitled Good Form :) Judging by that incredibly hot kiss – good form indeed.

        Comment by Tessa – October 25, 2013 03:43 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • You’re wrong. It’s a challenging kiss. Hook challenged her, she responded. What she felt after the kiss was real. This is not in any way a gratitude kiss. Saying it is just shows that you really just don’t pay attection.

      Comment by Helga – October 25, 2013 02:26 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • I guess we’ll see….

        Comment by A.B. – October 25, 2013 03:36 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • Its their reactions after that are the most telling. Hook could hardly form words and Emma had to physically tear herself away. A kiss like that, is never a one time thing. Never!

          Comment by Mel – October 25, 2013 03:44 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • Just the fact she says ‘it’s a one time thing’ as she staggers away to collect herself makes me suspect it isn’t anywhere near to being a ‘one time thing’ .

            Comment by Sam – October 25, 2013 04:09 PM PDT  
          • You dont kiss like and shake and let it be a one time thing, this is gonna happen again, i dont know when but sharing a kiss like that means there has to be MORE

            As you wish to finish it off!!! thats just so telling

            Comment by Rev – October 25, 2013 08:06 PM PDT  
          • lol we already -know- a love triangle is coming so there’s no use speculating. The writers only had her say that so she could exit the scene in true Emma fashion and attempt to give the impression that it was no big deal. And try to send a message to Hook that he needn’t get his hopes up for more of this. She realized in a moment of weakness, she gave into a ‘distraction’ that could delay saving her son. We know there will be more of this down the road. Both actors have confirmed a love triangle was planned for ages now.

            Comment by shandelle – October 25, 2013 10:39 PM PDT  
      • Yes, Hook tried to imply that she owed him something and Emma was having none of it. Then he dared her and she took him up on it. it’s a fight for domination, not a kiss of twu wuv.

        Comment by Cass – October 26, 2013 07:19 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • It may have started out that way, but they were both affected by it. Their reactions tell the story. Our heads are always a step behind our hearts when it comes to love. That’s because it’s not our hearts where all our insecurities come from. It’s our heads. And as for them being True Loves? We will see. ;)

          Comment by Mel – October 26, 2013 11:27 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I love Hook’s character and I just adore him with Emma, they’re so cute together!!

    Comment by Irene – October 25, 2013 01:10 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Me too. They don’t explore good chemistry enough on this show. I feel like this ep will be a big payoff. Neal is ok as a character, but if they had to off him, I wouldn’t cry too hard. Totally ready for Emma to HOOK (I know bad pun) it up! Haven’t seen her enjoy a kiss that much since Graham.

      Comment by seuss – October 25, 2013 04:20 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I am EXTREMELY excited for this episode. I’ve been waiting for more of Killian Jones’s backstory since the day he appeared on the show.

    And then there’s the Captain Swan kiss… yeah baby.

    Comment by saarele – October 25, 2013 01:12 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Funny I’ve been waiting for more Charming and Emma back story. Charming has had one background story that focused on him and one that was about him helping Abigail while looking for Snow. Emma has had one – Tallahassee and a few minutes in the season premiere about giving up Henry. The moments as a baby don’t really count.

      I wouldn’t mind a bit about her time in the foster system (including the moment she found out about her supposedly being left on the side of the highway). Was she ever in a decent home? How and when did she decide to become a bail bonds person?

      How did Charming get so good with a sword so fast? Did his father teach him when he was younger just in case he might have to fight in another Ogre’s war? And what about his father?

      Comment by Mary – October 25, 2013 03:49 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • So excited for this episode was for ages due to it being Hook’s backstory and what we learn about him and then becoming a pirate.
    Also rooting for Emma-Hook <3

    Comment by Ls1 – October 25, 2013 01:14 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • So excited for the kiss and for more Hook and Emma scenes. I absolutely LOVE these two together! :D

    Comment by Annie – October 25, 2013 01:15 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Can’t wait for this episode!! Love Hook’s character and can not wait to find out more.

    Comment by Japserann – October 25, 2013 01:16 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • You do not kiss someone like that, and have that make out session if it didnt mean more, that meant more!!! It was HOT kiss! Princess Bride feels! CaptainSwan <3

    Really am looking forward to Killian Jones and his story, what is it about him and why become a pirate

    Comment by Sid – October 25, 2013 01:19 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • My favourite character, there is so much more about him then what ppl want to see. He’s complex and it comes from loneliness and loss.
    I really have been waiting to see Killian Jones the man that he was before then becomes a pirate. From this i can only determine that to survive he became a pirate and to let no one walk all over you.

    Rooting for Emma-Hook. That kiss was needed to be a turning point. I like what these two bring to each other.

    Comment by L3nn13 – October 25, 2013 01:25 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I waited this episode long time ago… this week is very slow… I love Captain Swan, and Hook

    Comment by Kega – October 25, 2013 01:25 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Can’t wait to see Hook’s story. He doesn’t have enough screentime dedicated to what is a really entertaining character. Looking forward to seeing more of Killian! Love Captain Swan too. Glad we’ve seen the kiss so it won’t take over from the story completely. Also have to mention how much I love Colin. He is brilliant at what he does!

    Comment by Katie – October 25, 2013 01:25 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I’m so excited for this episode!! I love Hook so much and have been dying to learn more about his past! I love Hook and Emma together too! From the start you could see there was always something between them.

    Comment by Heather H. – October 25, 2013 01:26 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I am all for Charming and Hook bromance – seeing Killan and Liam bromance

    And i am all for Emma/Hook romance!

    Bring it

    Comment by Jr1 – October 25, 2013 01:34 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Great interview! It’s nice to read a longer interview with Colin. I’m really interested in how Hook will be when they find Neal, if he’ll revert back to wanting to be that father figure or if he’ll see Neal is a grown man, and if any of that really matters to him at all over how he truly feels about Emma.
    And his backstory! I’m so excited to see that. Sounds a little like Tangled.

    Comment by Lysh – October 25, 2013 01:42 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • That is gonna be interesting isnt it. I know Hook wanted to be a father figure and you know what that took guts in wanting that having lost Milah and his hand, laying it on the line and to want to give up his revenge, and Bae was a kid, so yeah a father figure, but that just NEVER progressed to label it as more. And however much he cares for Bae, or however the boy was. Neal is different, he isnt the boy that Hook knew, and it is about time Hook saw that, and look past Baelfire. So that will be interesting to see Neal as a grown man and how he is. I do want to see Hook choose Emma well put her first (which he has been doing and believing in her and understanding her here now in saving Henry), because it would tell so much that one man has chosen Emma over everything else. I think that element here needs to be Emma being chosen being put first – but overall i do see conflicts within him which is natural and human emotions.
      Tangled feels i am getting, not only that Princess Bride anyone :)

      Rooting for Hook & Emma :)

      Comment by Len84 – October 25, 2013 02:05 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I’m intrigued to see how he will act towards Neal too. Though Colin’s answer was interesting in the fact that Hook still see’s him as 14 year old Baelfire. But as Neal said to his Father, Baelfire doesn’t exist anymore. And as a lot of people have pointed out, Baelfire and Neal are worlds apart in regards to their personalities and how they act.

      Comment by Mel – October 25, 2013 03:50 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Yes! I am very interested in how this will play out. Hook’s attached to memories and feelings of young Bae which Neal let go of long ago and appears to want no association with anymore. I can’t wait to see how they deal with the Hook/Nealfire relationship completely aside from the love triangle that’s been cooked up. Will Neal react to Hook the same way he reacts to Rumpel now? They haven’t explored any of that yet and I’m dying to know how that will pan out. Tbh, I’d like to see Hook, Neal and Rumpel all together trying to sort out all their complicated problems with each other. Far more interesting than a love triangle with Emma.

        Comment by shandelle – October 25, 2013 10:45 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I wonder how much Hook has lost in his life to become so closed up in bottling things up. I do wonder if his brother died and hence the reason to becoming a pirate to survive, to earn how you live and not to tolerate and stand up to ppl rather then other ppl knowing someone down who has lost someone. I cannot wait to see flashback. I pretty much that Hook sees David like a bro – cue the bromance, these two men do have similarities i think even more due to Liam.
    I dont see dastardly Hook coming out unless having to do with Pan, because something obviously happened and Hook does say he is a demon lol. As for Neal and Hook, i do see Hook caring well he always did, but if the time comes to step up and do something that needs to be done, even if to fight for Emma (if given the reason Hook wants to) then i think Hook will – he is fighter, a man unwilling to fight for what he wants, deserves what he gets.

    Rooting for Killian Jones and Captain Swan

    Comment by Jolly – October 25, 2013 01:48 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Love captain swan and my brotp captain charming!!! Can’t wait for this episode

    Comment by Melly – October 25, 2013 01:50 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I was just thinking that :)

      Comment by Jr1 – October 25, 2013 01:56 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • As much as I love Hook…. And Hook and Emma…..And I like Neal too and his story with Henry and Rumple…… I miss August soooo much! His character was another dynamic of good fighting evil within that was just so interesting to watch, not to mention fun to look at.

    Comment by jlcercone – October 25, 2013 01:52 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I miss August to his character was one of the better characters on the show and I’m sure if he had stayed on as a character he would have been a good allie for Emma and Hook in Neverland. I feel he was in Neverland with the Peter Pan and the Lost Boys at some stage in his life because if he wasn’t how would he know that Neal was Balefire and while I like Emma with Hook I still think that of all the people on the show she was meant to be with August. I’m hopeing we’ll see him again in season 3.

      Comment by AC – November 1, 2013 05:12 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • This episode will be one of the best of s3, if not the entire series. I am stoked to see Hook’s origins and of course THAT KISS. Looks amazing all around.

    Comment by Isabelle – October 25, 2013 01:53 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I love Hook! He’s quickly become one of my favorites so I’ve been looking forward to this episodes since it was announced.

    Comment by Amy – October 25, 2013 01:57 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Me too, i remember reading the episode title like a month back, and all i could think was Hook’s episode FINALLY lol

      BRING IT ON and more. #captainswan

      Comment by Len84 – October 25, 2013 02:06 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • This will probably top my ‘top five’ list of ouat episodes. Feels like we’ve been waiting for Hook’s backstory for so long. Also I love the Hook/Emma dynamic and can’t wait to see more of that in this episode! The connection between these two are impossible to ignore and it’s just a perfect love-story for a show like ouat!

    Comment by Izzy – October 25, 2013 02:32 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • LOVE Captain Swan and can’t wait for their love story!!! (How amazing is it that the writers used ‘As You Wish’, the most famous romantic Princess Bride line, for Hook and Emma. Two love stories/fairy tales about pirates and princesses…not a coincidence) I’m so excited.

    Comment by Ashley – October 25, 2013 02:36 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I feel the same way as Colin, that the kiss came out of nowhere. Nice to hear he still sees Milah in Bae. I hope we get to see him apologize to Neal for tossing him over to Peter Pan as a child. I hope he doesn’t hurt him like that again.

    Comment by TAF – October 25, 2013 02:57 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I didn’t see anything truly romantic about that kiss. What I saw was Emma Swan regretting it two seconds later and realizing that she’s there to find Henry. To call this a love story at this point is way too overreaching. Hook isn’t going to settle down in Storybrooke and play house with Emma and Henry, and Emma certainly wouldn’t abandon her family to go galivanting off with a pirate. The first scenario is boring, the second is completely unrealistic, and both are OOC.

    One kiss does not a love story make, and using her love for her father to ask for more than a simple “thank you” makes it even less so.

    That said, I’m happy to see Colin discussing Hook’s love for Milah and his relationship with Bae. If I care about anything in Hook’s story, it’s that.

    Comment by anon – October 25, 2013 03:08 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I wish people would stop making Emma out to be someone that is so foolish and naive that she could be guilt tripped into kissing anyone. That is not the Emma Swan we know. Look how she reacted to Graham when he kissed her. She kissed Hook because she damn well wanted to. And I don’t think she regretted it. I think she was shocked by what that kiss made her feel. And as for Hook settling down? Colin was asked that exact question at Comic Con back in March. His answer was something like.. “It would be difficult, but I think he could”

      Comment by Mel – October 25, 2013 03:59 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • I never said she was naive. But here’s the thing: Neverland is taking its toll on everyone, including Emma. And whether she regretted it or not, she was putting her walls right back up when it was over because she knows she has a more important mission. As Colin said, that kiss came out of nowhere. Even Jen said something along the same lines – she’s not in Neverland for romance. There is nothing about it that suggests she’s got feelings for him. Sometimes you kiss someone just to kiss them, because of the adrenaline rush and the hormones. It doesn’t always mean you love them. It could be a purely sexual attraction.

        Also, to have Hook go from that dastardly pirate to this tame puppy of a man people seem to want him to be would be dull and boring; he’s already boring me and making me find him even less compelling than I already do. It may work in some stories, but for the purposes of storytelling on this show, there is nothing interesting about that.

        Comment by anon – October 25, 2013 04:28 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • Completely agree with every last word, anon. Nothing is more frustrating than people rejoicing over stuff happening that doesn’t actually make any sense. If there isn’t a believable reason for it, I find it obnoxious fan pandering. The creators say they don’t succumb to this, but I bet the powers that be at ABC do purely for ratings purposes. Remember they wanted to kill of Charming in the pilot and ABC said NO WAY.

          Comment by shandelle – October 25, 2013 10:50 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • I also found it sort of interesting that one of Colin’s first quotes about this kiss was something about “This was something fans have wanted to see for a while now” – wreaks of fan pandering. I don’t know, I’ve seen Adam’s tweets arguing that they don’t do this and the story is written at the beginning of the season, but something about this one quote just kinda made think they were finally just taking advantage of Colin’s sex appeal and the extreme popularity of the Emma/Hook ship. But I’ll give the writers/creators the benefit of the doubt for now..

          Comment by shandelle – October 25, 2013 10:53 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Wow you clearly watch the show with goggles. It’s the only way you can come up with this interpretation from the kiss scene. Emma did NOT regret it, it was not a “thank yu” kiss and Hook has been confirmed in canon wanting to settle down and have a family.

      So all your points are basically invalid.

      Comment by Jena – October 25, 2013 04:20 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Read my above reply to the other person. Otherwise, I’m not arguing about this. Romanticize it all you want, but there is nothing loving or interesting about this pairing.

        Comment by anon – October 25, 2013 04:33 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • LOL at the silly comments, that KISS said it all – challenge was accepted by Emma, and boy did it knock them off their feet, thats if you seen the sneak peek of it, they were both breathless – that kiss was what they felt and had been feeling. Pretty much i think the writer and the actors wanted to get across lol


        I want to see Killian Jones

        Comment by KJ – October 25, 2013 07:49 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I’m so glad we’re getting a backstory episode for Hook. I love the character. Always had a soft spot for the character since Mary Martin’s Pan and Dustin Hoffman’s version. Love O’Donoghue’s Hook too. All very different.

    Comment by liz – October 25, 2013 03:27 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • So excited for this episode, this is a natural progression from Tallahassee and their beanstalk interaction. It’s been a long time coming. Both are gobsmacked afterwards by the intensity. This is going to get so exciting – the continuation of the Captain Swan journey to love. I also love that Hook sees in Charming shades of his brother – a bromance in the making LOVE IT. Can’t wait for the backstory – they should have shown that in s2 – I guess with Colin breaking his leg that wasn’t possible. SO happy about that sizzling kiss – it echoes the romantic tones of the snow/charming kiss after the curse was lifted, she grabs him the same way. And the line ‘as you wish’ happy dance Princess Bride.

    Comment by Sam – October 25, 2013 03:56 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I think we gonna see callbacks to Emma-Hook scenes and interactions back when they first met and the beanstalk… you got the same writer writing this episode.

      Comment by Len84 – October 25, 2013 07:46 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Almost forgot…Thank you Matt for that wonderful interview…much appreciated.

    Comment by Sam – October 25, 2013 04:05 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I never did that before but I’m not sure to watch this episod, I’ll read the recap before.All I want is to see Emma and Neal together or at least let her know that he is alive in Neverland for saving Henri too.

    Comment by Viviane Jost – October 25, 2013 04:20 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Well not many people care for Neal/Emma as opposed to Hook/Emma sorry.

      Comment by Kylie – October 25, 2013 04:23 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Another person who has surveyed the entire viewing audience! It’s awesome that there are so many trained statisticians in the CS fanbase.

        Comment by Cass – October 26, 2013 07:39 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Not gonna lie, this is the one episode I’ve been looking forward to in Season 3. I think the writers did a great disservice to Hook’s character last season by not truly developing him until the finale – his roguish ways didn’t help him win any new fans. I’m hoping that this episode will offer the same sort of of sympathetic insight into him that ‘The Stable Boy’ offered into Regina’s character!

    All that being said, I have to admit that I’ve been surprised by everything I’ve learned about this episode so far…I did NOT call any of this back-story. I’m interested to see his relationship with his brother(?!), and how that informs his relationship with Charming in the present (who I am so glad finally has a male character to interact with). Also, I NEED to know his connection to Pan!

    Comment by Anna – October 25, 2013 04:46 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Charming did have a male character to interact with…Rumple. They have a lot in common too! I am really not interested in this episode. I can’t stand Hook. He will always be a villain to me and a bully. Emma deserves better than selfish Milha’s sloppy seconds! All this talk about being a father figure to Bae is a joke. He broke up Bae’s family and turned him over to Pan just because he wouldn’t help Hook kill his father! He almost killed Belle twice and I have yet to see him apologize. I also think it is premature to say that a majority like CaptainSwan. A lot of people like Graham/Emma and Neal/Emma too.

      Comment by Jennifer Hoey – October 25, 2013 06:18 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • I’m sorry…”a lot in common”? In what ways? I’m not sure I remember Charming murdering people…or locking women in jail cells…or letting a child fall through a portal so he could hold onto power…or killing his wife…etc etc etc

        To each their own, I guess, but I think personally think Rumple is the antithesis of Charming. And if Hook is a villain, he’s a lame one…especially this season where he’s done nothing evil! Step up your game, Hook! As for the family, Rumple and Milah broke up Rumple and Milah’s family, not Hook. Rumple couldn’t think about anyone but himself. Milah was miserable and ran away. Not saying either is better or worse than the other, but such is the way. They both made their choices. Also, last time I checked, Rumple had apologized to no one…about anything. So…

        Comment by Anna – October 26, 2013 12:58 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • Oh the irony of this post. “I’m not sure I remember Charming murdering people…or locking women in jail cells [to die] or letting a child [be taken by a demon]“…or punching women in the face…or shooting them in the back…

          Comment by Cass – October 26, 2013 07:41 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • I feel like you need to look up the definition of irony. The original poster said Hook as a villain is lame and not so much a villain THIS season….where is the irony?

            Comment by Kerry – October 26, 2013 03:56 PM PDT  
        • I meant that pre curse Rumple and David both raised sheep, were both honorable men and both felt they had something to prove. Also the Dark One curse changed Rumple to antitheses of himself, just as Regina’s curse turned Charming to an antitheses of himself. They also both value family above all. That is what I meant and Hook has done a lot of bad things despite not being cursed like Rumple. Remember when he helped Cora? As far as Rumple’s remorse, I felt that he is remorseful about what he did. He regrets it and thinks himself a monster, while I have only seen Hook in this season and last portray himself as the wronged one. If they do redeem Hook and not just for some stupid love story with Emma, but really redeem him and have him feel remorse for what he did when he aided Cora and his awful treatment of Belle, than I will tolerate him. He is just too arrogant for my taste and that is my opinion and if you want to like him, I won’t stop you. I will never like him. I am not fond of Neal either but I like him and Emma. I really liked Emma and Graham. How can you say Rumple was selfish? Milha was the one who neglected her son and ran off with a no good pirate! Milha is a selfish, vain, ungrateful woman who abandoned her husband and son because she was bored with her life. Hook is no better for running off with her either. I am not going to enjoy this episode much because I have no interest in Hook period! I love the show enough that even if I am not interested in seeing a character, or their back story, I will still see the show. I love OUAT overall and even though I shipper wise prefer Rumbelle, I will watch the show for the great stories and the pure entertainment I get from the show! I hope they don’t break up Rumbelle, but I will still continue to watch this show!

          Comment by Jennifer Hoey – October 26, 2013 12:27 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • + I disagree with you on that one. Rumple was a coward long before he became the Dark One (which he chose to do, btw). Let’s not forget that the reason Rumple/Milah/Bae were outcasts was because of his decision to run from battle. Regina and Rumple both made the choice to become who they became, the same way Hook did. I have no excuses ready for any of those characters, I can only try and understand them.

            + As for valuing family ‘above all’ if that were the case with Rumple, would he have dropped Bae through the portal? Would he have tried to kill Henry? He values his family when he loses them (or could lose them), not when he has them. As for Hook on that front, he was loyal to one woman and her memory for 300 years. Had Bae accepted his offer, as per CO, he would have given up everything to be a father (something Rumple couldn’t do), and we are about to find out what his back-story is with his brother. I’m not saying this to paint Hook as some heroic dreamboat, because he’s done plenty wrong. But to paint Rumple is this poor, wronged party is absurd.

            + I have a serious problem with your argument against Milah. A SERIOUS problem. Selfish? Sure. Vain? I don’t know where the evidence is for that. Ungrateful? I don’t understand this. Ungrateful in what way? Should she have been grateful that she had a cowardly husband who, when she BEGGED him to leave town, to start over, he completely dismissed her? Be grateful for being a social outcast and town pariah? Grateful for a husband that wouldn’t lift a finger to get her back?Be grateful for what, exactly? Again, she made her choices and leaving Bae was a selfish one, but I don’t get how you can make her out to be a villain and Rumple a hero. He was NEVER a hero.

            Comment by Anna – October 26, 2013 04:19 PM PDT  
  • We’re headed towards another twist on “sons repeating the mistakes of the fathers.” Because Neal will have to deal with his feelings. The question is: Will he react the same way his father did when he found out about Milah & Hook?

    Comment by Ginger Snap – October 25, 2013 06:24 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I can not stand Hook or Neal with Emma. Neal is a hypocrite and Hook is a suedo step dad to Neal. I miss August, he was the only person who really worked with Emma couple wise.

    Comment by Anne – October 25, 2013 07:38 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Things i am looking forward to

    Hook’s backstory and seeing Killian Jones
    Jones Brothers
    The story parallelling to the present which will say alot
    Charming and Hook – BROmance, like literally if Hook is seeing qualities of his brother in Charming which is cool
    Hook & Pan (what and why)
    Hook-Emma progress
    Hook-Emma banter
    Hook-Emma kiss

    Comment by Rev – October 25, 2013 08:03 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • One day, I dream of reading a Once Upon a Time article where I don’t have to see a million comments on who is better for Emma, Neal or Hook. The best part of reading the articles sometimes is reading comments, but the OUAT I can’t even bother to read most of them anymore, which is sad. I love reading when people give their storyline theories. That’s when I’m so impressed with the insight and thought put into guessing the storylines by fans. But I feel like ever since they introduced Neal and Hook, many fans only care about who is better for Emma. And it seems like it’s mainly from Hook obsessed fans, who try to just dismiss Neal. Personally, I think at the moment they’re equal. Both have messed up but both are trying to change (though Hook’s sudden change feels more forced, but I think the next episode will justify it)

    I really hope the OUAT writers don’t take these comments that serious. Because the season has been very strong despite not much romantic development either way. I like/prefer Neal (and I’m not in the minority, despite what commenters seem to keep saying) with Emma. But I’m excited to see Sunday’s episode to see Hook’s backstory, and how the Hook-Emma kiss develops the story more, because good writing goes above all else for me. I wish more of the fans posting here agreed. Too many claim they’ll stop watching a show if their couple doesn’t end up together. If I stopped watching a show every time a couple I liked broke up, i would have no shows to watch.

    Anyway, I love reading your OUAT articles, Matt. Can’t wait to read the recap on Sunday.

    Comment by jerrired – October 25, 2013 08:22 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I totally agree with you. A lot of my comments probably seem a little hostile at times, but I’m annoyed with every thing OUAT related being a flood of comments from girls gushing over which of those two men should end up with Emma. Giving no thought to what actually makes sense given how these characters have been written and explored thus far. Not considering that good writing is what’s important. Not thinking about how actions actually develop the story and keep int interesting but plausible. I am so damn tired of ship wars and all that crap. I think it does a huge disservice to the creators, the writers and the actors to assume the show should revolve around characters’ romantic pursuits.

      Comment by shandelle – October 25, 2013 10:23 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Yes! It really does. The show is so much more than who’s better for Emma, and I wish the fans would stop flooding the comments arguing over that.

        Comment by jerrired – October 26, 2013 07:51 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Judging from the kiss being so “hot” as so many seem to put it, I read it more as lust than love.

    Comment by Joey – October 25, 2013 09:20 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Swann and Hook kissing? Ugh. Swann and Neal reuniting? I guess you never get over your first love. Personally, I would like to see Emma back with the sheriff, but that is never going to happen. FYI – The actor has just been cast to do Fifty Shades of Gray. And if she cannot be with the sheriff, I would rather see her with someone else entirely.

    Comment by tvdiva – October 26, 2013 05:49 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Yeah, this one sounds super-skippable. I can’t wait to get past it and on to interesting things, like Ariel and FINALLY finding out what’s going on back in Storybrooke.

    Comment by Cass – October 26, 2013 06:34 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • The amount of comments on this is crazy! I like Neil and Hook and am along for the ride. The stories on Once are so entertaining and it is just supposed to be fun. Love the stories, characters, and actors!

    Comment by Luli101 – October 26, 2013 09:29 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • so interesting to read which characters people like :)
    well i just can’t stand Emma, Neil or Hook^^
    for me the show should focus more on Regina, Snow and Charming

    Comment by Parker – October 26, 2013 10:15 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I never said Rumple was a hero. I just pointed out that Milha put her needs ahead of her son and family. She had a husband who worked hard and who did his best by both of them. She turned her back on him because Rumple was a coward? He injured himself because he didn’t want his son to be fatherless! Any woman or man would get down on their knees and thank God if their spouse came home safe! Is it cowardly to chose them over fighting in a senseless war that was basically throwing peasants to their deaths, because the duke was too cowardly to do something against the ogres, even though he had the dark one under control? Milha may not have been a villain, but she was the true coward, not Rumple! Hook was also a coward for challenging a crippled man to a duel he couldn’t fight! Rumple had to consider Bae! If he fought and lost, Bae would have been w/o both parents! All that time, Hook knew Milha left her husband like the selfish coward she is! I know Rumple made mistakes, you don’t have to tell me that! He took on that curse to save his son from fighting in a senseless war! The curse changed him! Before the curse, Bae was what was the most important thing to him! The curse changed him as Regina’s curse did to Charming! Hook would have taken care of Bae only if Bae agreed to tell him how to kill his father! His offer was of benefit to him, not Bae! Why would Bae want to stay with the man his mother abandoned him for? Why would Bae want to tell the brute how to kill his dad? You know what, I am done! This senseless debate is boring me and taking away from my enjoyment of the show. I just wanted to read the article and comment on it. All’s I see is a bunch of people tearing down characters and being rude. CaptainSwaners enjoy your kiss scene, next week, or the week after, Swanthieves will have something to crow about I am sure.

    Comment by Jennifer Hoey – October 26, 2013 05:01 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • This is just a show and while I am enjoying the third season better then the second season I am finding that the whole romantic thing has taken away from the style and content of the show. It is true that some episodes are better then others. I would like to see Emma with someone in the end because I don’t think Snow and Charming should be the only ones to have a happily ever after. I’m liking the character change in Hook everyone deserves a second chance at getting their life back on track and I think that both Hook and Neal have been given that second chance it just how they use it that is important. I do see elements of Rumple’s dark side in Bae but Hook also has a bad side and so does Emma but controlling that dark side is important and some of them are going to be better at it then others. My theory is that Bae is most likely going to be a lot like his father when it comes to dealing with other people. I don’t really trust that character to be as good and forgiving as he is being portrayed at the moment and I think Peter Pan knows what lies beneath Bae and Rumple which I think is what making him and the lost boys protect Henry. Hook has been the surprise of this season and I am looking forward to this week’s episode and Hook backstory.

    Comment by AC – October 26, 2013 06:03 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Emma and Hook both lost their first loves. Rumple killed Mila, and Neal left Emma. I know that now Neal wants Emma back but my hopes for Emma and Neal being together died when he came back to Storybrook with Tamara. Hook and Emma should be able to get over their first loves with each other, it would be perfect and beautiful. We already know that Emma’s love life isn’t going to be perfect but because she is the product of True Love she is naturally going to search for true love. Maybe Neal was Emma’s true love before but she’s not the same girls she was. We know that people have more than one true love from episode 3×03. The heart break of Emma’s first love has left her hardened with layers of walls surrounding her heart, the same goes for Hook. They have both been unlucky in love and I think would be able to relate to each other and open themselves up to one another. Hook has had a bad past, but even Emma hasn’t been an angel her whole life either. While the things Emma has done have not been as bad as some of the things Hook has done, she was still a thief. And the person who made her become a thief was Neal. He has not brought out the good in her, if anything he brought out the bad. Emma has been bringing out the good in Hook though. Just like Belle brings out the good in Rumple. You may not agree with me but I a full supporter of Captain Swan. Feel free to let me know if you feel differently.

    Comment by Dylan – November 3, 2013 10:10 PM PDT  Reply To This Post

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