Pretty Little Liars EP Discusses Alison's Future, a 'Very Guilty' Ezra and More Season 4B Twists

Pretty Little Liars Alison AlivePretty Little Liars bitch is back — well, kinda.

As fans of the ABC Family smash learned in Tuesday’s Halloween special, the long-presumed-dead Alison DiLaurentis is alive and well(ish), and — as far as we can tell — suffering the same, tortuous fate as her group of gal pals… All thanks to the nefarious ‘A.’

But there’s a catch: She has to remain hidden or she might get axed — for real this time.

Here, executive producer Oliver Goldstick discusses the deceased one’s welcome return to the land of Liars, and also reveals what the increasingly creepy Ezr’A’ has in store for the girls. (Sorry, it’s neither pretty or little.)

TVLINE | So, Alison really, truly, officially lives!
Oh, she’s alive! [Laughs] I’m confirming it. The cat is out of the bag. You saw her and she’s alive — I can’t confirm she’ll stay alive, but she’s alive right now.

TVLINE | How involved will Alison be with Season 4B?
She’s not part of the group; she’s in hiding and has reason to be on the run. Whoever tried to hurt her is still out there as well. This is huge, game-changing news for our girls, and the 4B direction changes for them now, obviously. It becomes, ‘Can we save her before her assailant gets to her?’ You will see Ali [out on her own], but it’s not every episode by any means. She will surface when she needs to and when the heat is on.

TVLINE | Is present-day Alison still a bitchy queen bee? Or has this whole ordeal changed her?
That’s a really great question. It’s interesting because the actress [Sasha Pieterse] has grown up, too. We’re looking at old footage right now because the 4B finale hearkens back to the pilot, and Sasha has grown as a person and an actor. But Ali does reveal some other sides in 4B. Does she have some remorse for her previous behavior? Indeed she does.

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TVLINE | Alison reminded Hanna that they all “remember more about that night than you think you do.” Will we actually see them recalling things from the evening of her “death”?
Yes, it certainly will trigger more exploration of that night. And there will be another piece of information, a wonderful clue that surfaces in the season opener, which will provide a template for the girls — it’s our Raiders of the Lost Ark talisman that helps them for at least five or six episodes. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Will the show address whose body was identified as Ali’s and how?
Another good question! [Laughs] Yes, but that is at the end of 4B. I’m not going to be coy about that, because I’m directing that episode now. They’re looking to exhume those bones and Mrs. DiLaurentis is having a fit and sending the girls in a tizzy because questions from that night are still bubbling up. So, that’s explored, but not explored in terms of identity until Season 5.

TVLINE | Does the “Season of Answers” mantra carry on in 4B? Or is there a new arc at hand?
Oh, you think we’re going to give you a 4B finale without a juicy reveal?! [Laughs] C’mon, Meg! Is it going to be Christmas or not? Christmas is coming. We wouldn’t do that to you. Gifts are coming.

TVLINE | Ezra is super creepy in this episode — is that just going to continue as you dig further into his ‘A’-ness?
Are you kidding me?! That very much drives a lot of 4B. With the new clues that the girls have, all breadcrumbs will lead to Mr. Fitz. Our girls will be actively pursuing what they find, so I don’t know how long he can stay in the dark.

TVLINE | And this is definitely not a red herring?
Red herring? No. I’ll just say to you that he is guilty of something — he is very guilty of something. This is not a Toby switcharoo where he’s working on the inside trying to find out who ‘A’ is.

TVLINE | You previously hinted to me that Aria is in serious danger now. Care to elaborate?
Denial’s a very nice country to live in, and in her case Denial has been her zip code for a long time. There were clues that we planted in previous seasons, moments of things that Ezra said to her, and she’s been in denial about him… Just sit still and know that she’s the last one to move out of that country. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Will any other familiar faces return in Season 4B: Lucas? Jason? Jenna?
Tammin [Sursok] just had a baby, so [Jenna’s] not been available to us. We have Jason back, Noel Kahn makes an appearance and Melissa makes an appearance. Jake is back. Lucas is not back right away, but we’ll probably see him in Season 5. Shana and Paige are back.

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  1. Tran 2.0 says:

    I’m wondering if Ezra is going to be turned into the dark side once PLL comes back in January. Also, is there a chance that Noel aka Brant Daugherty is coming back to the show once his stint on DWTS is over?

  2. alistaircrane says:

    How do we know it’s Alison and not her twin? Maybe Alison is dead and the twin took over her life.

    • jour4790 says:

      He said ALI is alive. That thing with the twins last where they turned out not to be twins means there’s no twin

      • alistaircrane says:

        Huh? It was never proven one way or the other that she has a twin, so the twin possibility is still on the table. Also, you can’t trust the producers because they always lie.

  3. alistaircrane says:

    No Lucas til Season 5? That sucks.

  4. rex says:

    Can’t we just have an episode dedicated to what Ali’s been up to?

  5. Elyse says:

    I don’t want Ezra to be bad BUT I also don’t want them to cop out again like they did with Toby. I’m excited to see more Jake, Jason and Noel!!

    • S says:

      thats my stance i dont want another toby situation & they cop out again do it once fine but to do it twice is just lazy writing IMO

  6. Christian says:

    This is the most nonsensical, illogical, absurd show ever to be put on television. But I guess as long as you have trendy fashions and cute guys, the tween girls will continue to tune in in droves.

    • Sunny says:

      So if you feel that way, why read this article and comment on it? I started watching it with my girls, and I continued (even watched last night alone) because I like it…and I’m certainly not a tween! A friend from work watches it too…a good show straddles generational lines :)

      • Samantha says:

        I’m not a tween, but I am 20 years old and I love this show. We all have a guilty pleasure TV show or some kind of guilty pleasure, and this show is mine and I’m proud of it!

    • Erin says:

      I agree 100% with your first sentance. But it’s because I recognize this and watch the show expecting it to be completely bonkers that I enjoy it so so much.

  7. meah says:

    Still decieving us I see?I don’t think the writers knew who they wanted to be A from the beginning,cos if they knew,we won’t have different A’s every season,sorta reminds me of Gossip girl,and how the made Dan gossip girl.
    Am an EZrIA fan but I like ezra and jake,he seems cool.Am not really excited for the season,cos they make the girls seem like serious dummies.
    But I’ll watch cos of Troian and Lucy

  8. Dani says:

    I’m actually glad that Ezra going dark isn’t another red herring. I find it interesting were they are going with this. I know a lot of shippers are pissed about it but we have to have some twists on the show that are sticking. Not all can or should be turned around. That’s were I got frustrated with PLL. When they did it to Toby I was thinking ‘alright, great twist’ and then they made him “good” again and I was disappointed and felt cheated as a viewer.
    I’m very happy when this isn’t happening to Ezra in that way. It’s great to see him acting really creepy. And I have to give applause to Ian Harding for his great performances. Very believable. Awesome actor.

    • S says:

      I would not put much weight into what she says. They adamantly said toby was not a mole working for the girls. So just because she is saying ezra isnt a red herring doesnt mean he wont be

      • DL says:

        But he wasn’t working for the girls. He was working for himself, without their knowledge. So, while misleading, the statement was true.

  9. S says:

    This is not a Toby switcharoo where he’s working on the inside trying to find out who ‘A’ is. Didnt they state toby wasnt a switcharoo I dont believe a thing they say

  10. Mia says:

    I want Ezria!!

    • elliekthompson says:

      can you not tell Ezra is a creep? and if he is board shorts then the reason he is after Ali is because they dated and something went wrong. If you ask me I think he has a thing for young girls, it also relates to the book Lolita that they reference quite a bit, its about a teacher who likes young girls…only one word for that.

      Dont get me wrong I loved Ezria and was so upset to find out he was A, but from last nights episode did he not completely and utterly creep you out? Thinking that Aria was even with him makes me feel sick hes just a predator.

      • Banana says:

        Yes, he definitely is a messed up individual. Not only that, but did you draw the connection between Pretty Dirty Secrets (the conversation where CeCe and Jason talk about Alison “running” away) and the tape Carla played in Grave New World? That was Alison’s voice on the tape. Someone abducted her in the past and in Lolita the man locks the girl away until Quilty saves her. Tippy the Bird was a reference to Tippi Hedron (she acted in Marnie and The Birds). Tippi is linked to Carla and Board Shorts (Ravenswood and Cape May). The Birds was an allusion for Ravenswood and Marnie is an allusion for Ezra and Cape May. Marnie is blackmailed into a relationship in that movie. A man witnesses her blackmail someone he’s a costumer of for a large sum of money and becomes obsessed with her. Byron worked at Hollis while Ezra attended that school and Alison blackmailed Byron for money. This just shows he was stalking Alison before they ever even met. He is a predator and what he did to both Alison and Aria is sick. I’m hoping Noel punches him in the finale at least.

  11. Ajay says:

    I really hope they let ezra really be A, it would be nice for a change to actually see how A works against them and not always have to be wondering who A really is. I’ve never liked ezra, he’s always been creepy to me.

  12. TayMads says:

    At first, I was shocked when Ezra was revealed to be “A” but then when I went back and watched it from the beginning, it all made sense that he would be “A”. Out of all the Liars, Aria is the one that hasn’t really been that affected by what “A” is doing to the Liars. The only time that she was attacked personally was on the Halloween train, and that wasn’t “A” that was Wilden and Melissa. (Is Wilden on the “A” team? I don’t completely remember.) Ezra showed up around the same time they started getting the texts from. I know many fans are upset but I believe that this one might actually stick and when you go back and look at it, it makes sense. Personally I am happy with this because I don’t like Ezra and Aria together. Maybe this means she can move on for good. I always found there relationship to be a little bit too much too soon, and a little bit forced.

    • Marie says:

      I watch it all from the beginning too and also found that Aria was the less threaten by A, the only one that didn’t not have to give up something big.. As her friend’s bf and gf has been under A’s radar, Ezra has always been pretty safe, even if he was the teacher going out with his student. Other thing when I rewatched thinking that Ali was alive, I also told myself that the scene with Hannah at the hospital must have been real, the one with Spencer sleeping on her couch and after with Aria when she was drinking Meredith’s poisonous tea. It turned out that the hospital scene with Hannah was real after all!

  13. B says:

    Ezra was in Italy with Jackie so did he thinkAli was dead or what?! I thinkEzra has a twin not Ali. Don’t diss GossipGirl no Ezria at least Chair got their happy ending

  14. AmyJ says:

    I was on the edge of my seat the whole time watching this! Oh my gods such an incredibly epic and amazing episode. It’s very depressing the show isn’t back on until January but hey.. Who cares about new years resolutions when you get to start the year fresh with new PLL? Can’t wait!

  15. Eric7740 says:

    I can’t wait till January 7th!!! Absolutely, addicted to this show!!! Team Ezria!!

  16. Maria says:

    PLL are over. It was at its best in the 1st season and now it’s only going downhills. It’s boring and repetitive, I literary have fallen asleep while watching it yesterday. Why they just don’t cancel this trash?

    • Dani says:

      Maybe because YOU still watch. -.-
      Seriously. Don’t like a show? Don’t watch it. It’s better than complaining about the “trash”.

    • Greg says:

      Perhaps you should get a grasp on the english language before you try to convince people of anything.

    • Rebecca says:

      Pll is one of the best shows on tv and it is not boring. I am okay with Ezra being a because it would be really cool to see how a plans everything out and who else he’s working with. I also think they should just make an episode just where Ali explains what happened the night she “died” and where she has been all this time and who’s body was uncovered in her backyard. 😄

  17. Tv_Addicts says:

    Nobody said Ezra was A. He might be unwillingly working FOR A. And Maria if you fell asleep yesterday you have a serious problem cause it was the best episode yet and the show keeps going strong season after season.

  18. Molly says:

    I think Ezra is a twin they said that there was twins at one point and it might not be who we think so I think it’s him and another thing when Ezra called aria he wasn’t dressed in that costume but seconds later he’s stepping out in the costume or maybe I thought he wasn’t but I plan to rewatch it all to see for sure. I plan to rewatch all episodes. Can’t wait till jan.

  19. Fernanda says:

    Ok.. Ezra is A but Ali is still the big Pretty Little Liar of the show. We see her as a victim because of all things that she created in the past, but I think she is worst than Ezra or the A Team. Yeah, Ezra is A but the real twist is going to be Ali as the puppet master of the show.

  20. Jules says:

    Great interview! Loved the Halloween episode. Not sure what’ going on with Ezra but he was creepy in that episode-it was great! Not sure how I feel about Alison being alive….

  21. elliekthompson says:

    My theory: Ezra is A, he is after Ali as they dated in the summer of Cape May, she got pregnant etc etc n he threatened to kill her. When she ‘died’ it wasn’t Ezra who ‘killed’ her, it was someone else (which is why she thought she was running from someone else: the person who really attempted to kill her, but actually its Ezra). Once Ezra understood Ali was ‘dead’ he wanted to do something bad as he hadn’t got the chance to kill her, so he met Aria and made her fall in love with him, in order to get information and torture the girls, unfortunately, he fell in love too. Mona was A during the first series and once that all came out Ezra began to become A. He was teamed up with Cece and paid her to do all these things as she was kicked out of college (because of Ali) and had no money to survive. Wilden and Melissa were NOT teamed up with Ezra, they had a completely different issue with the girls, which I am yet to figure out ha! So if you think about it, the only really bad thing that has happened to Aria is that she was put in the box on the train…Melissa and Wilden NOT Ezra. In an A scene, two A’s (Cece & Ezra) spun a bottle of whiskey to choose which Liar to torment next, it landed on Aria, one A changed the bottle and moved it to Spencer. I am yet to figure out who originally tried to kill Ali, who flew the plane and why did Jenna cover it up by getting the Plane man to say it was CeCe, is Jenna on Ali’s side? So many more thing I NEED TO KNOW :( any thoughts??

  22. elliekthompson says:

    ALSO…I think Noel Kahn is gonna be a key person in the finale, if you watch back the first couple of series, Noel finds out about Ezra and Aria. Ezra marks his test and gives him a crappy grade, so Noel acts quite threatening and says to Ezra, I think you should change my grade to this….and marks the letter A in red pen. Is he hinting to Ezra that he knows about Aria or is he hinting to him that he knows he is A.

    I know at this time Mona was A, but idk it just seemed notable.

    • Annemijk says:

      Im absolutely sure Noel Kahn knows a lot! He had the video of Maya being abducted, he dated both Mona, Aria and Jenna for a while, he seems to know everybody and he was picking that fight on the A-train. Not sure if he is guilty of somethig or scared of something but he knows some dirty secrets

  23. Queerbec says:

    I thought it interesting that she called Ezra “Mr. Fitts,” which could imply that the person we think is Ezra is really a twin, with of course the same last name. There is also the possibility that Ezra is suffering from multiple personality disorder and certain events between him and Aria make his alter take over and do some bad things. It seems like a lot happens right AFTER Aria and Ezra spend some time together. I do think there is some connection between Ezra and Ali which is why he came to town. I also think his evil alter will take him over more and more as the season progresses, putting Aria into greater danger than ever before. (Also, perhaps the other characters who dislike Ezra so much, Aria’s father, etc., have had longer glimpses of the alter and really don’t like him). Also Ezra, as played by Harding, can be quite cold and vacant sometimes, so maybe those situations were deliberately written in.

  24. Sarah says:

    Okay, I’m a bit confused about somthing. In the beginning when Aria and Ezra are talking on the phone he’s wearing a black jacket, but not 2 seconds later he’s not wearing it. It might be me, but it seem a little strange that he would be able to take it off that quickly without anybody hearing. Not to mention how bulky the top of his costume was.

  25. rosemont says:

    PLL has become a totally garbage show. I first watched the show because I have girls approaching their age and we live in rosemont, pa. The first two seasons was kind of interesting and the third was already boring and illogical. For the 4th season, I only watched 4a’s finale and I don’t think I missed anything. Did I? Witchcraft? Another rich foster home baby?

  26. b says:

    Ezra has a twin! He wasn’t wearing the army costume when he called Aria. It’s the only way EzrA makes sense. Hoping 4B makes up for the mess season 3 and 4A were.

  27. I do not know if it’s just me or if everyone else experiencing problems with your blog.
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  28. ida marie says:

    can i please know who is envoled with A