Sons of Anarchy Recap: A Kick in the Stomach - Plus: Walton Goggins on Venus' Major Comeback

Sons of Anarchy Tara PregnantWith her trial date rapidly approaching, Tara finally puts her exit strategy in motion on Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy by attempting to best Gemma in a nasty game of cat and… far more devious cat. The stalwart men of SAMCRO, meanwhile, come to the rescue of an in-need Venus Van Dam (played by the incomparable Walton Goggins).

Tara, along with her trusty (?) cohorts Wendy, Unser and Margaret, draw Gemma to the hospital, where they pull the trigger on Part 1 of Tara’s foolproof plan: to secure a restraining order against the queen.

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Wendy finds Gemma in the parking lot and gives her a faux update on Tara’s latest move, one which finds custody of Abel and Thomas going to none other than hospital bosslady Margaret. Furious, Gemma storms into the very public cafeteria and insists she and Tara sort this situation out — demands that the latter refuses. She, instead, heads to a nearby conference room, places a blood bag beneath her dress (ew) and awaits Gemma’s inevitable arrival.

Having just choked out Margaret (in front of a rather large audience!), Gemma enters the room and the two go at it with the verbal jabs.

After being on the receiving end of Tara’s snide, “They will not know their angry and psychotic grandmother,” Gemma slaps her daughter-in-law — and Tara slaps right back. However, the physical assault unexpectedly stops there, with Gemma sneering, “You’re lucky you’re pregnant.”

Desperate to stick with her plan, Tara lets out a guttural scream and throws herself against the corner of a table, leaving Gemma with her jaw on the floor. The result: Everyone who’s just entered the room (including Margaret, Unser, Wendy and a few nurses) sees Gemma stand watch as Tara lies there bleeding out.

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With Margaret shouting that they all saw Gemma attack Tara, security leads her out of the room and, ultimately, she winds up booked by Charming PD. Tara, meanwhile, informs a heartbroken Jax that she’s lost their baby girl — and, in regard to Gemma, exclaims, “I can’t be around her anymore, Jax. I don’t ever want her near our children again… You promise me!” He, of course, obliges, and signs the restraining order.

Sons of Anarchy Walton GogginsElsewhere in the installment, Justified‘s Walton Goggins enjoys an ample amount of screentime as his scene-stealing transgendered alter ego Venus Van Dam.

As a favor to Nero — who calls Venus his “familia” — the Sons step in to save her “newphew”/son from the clutches of his evil mother. Explains Venus, “when my inclinations began to dominate my gender directions” as a boy, her mother would get her drunk and sleep with her,  trying to quite literally “straighten her out.” Venus, of course, wants to get her son away from suffering a similar fate.

Here, Goggins chats with TVLine about the joys of slipping back into Venus’ boobs shoes, what’s really going on with Tig and whether or not he’ll be returning to Sons any time soon.

VTVLINE | Venus’ story was much more serious this time around. Was the energy on set different than it was last season?
Yeah, it was. First and foremost, it was more than just one day; it took place over the course of three weeks because it was two episodes. Sustaining that and living in that headspace was a little more challenging — for myself as much as it was for my wife! [Laughs] She kept saying, ‘Where are my shoes?’ Both Kurt [Sutter] and I weren’t interested in repeating what we’d done last season and it would have done a disservice to Venus. If we were going to do it again, we wanted to see another side of her and to see the tragedy in her life and the pain that she’s been living with — and also how that can impact the larger story that is Sons of Anarchy. So, I was just over the moon with what Kurt and his writers came up with. I’m a new parent, I have a three-year-old son, and regardless of your sexual orientation, the idea of having to hide who you are or not to participate in the things that I’ve been able to participate in as a parent? It’s heartbreaking. It was very personal to me and very personal to Kurt. We both are in love with her. I don’t stop thinking about Venus, and as soon as I took those high heels off, I wanted to put them right back on. She’s a very courageous, very flawed, very strong woman — or let’s shoot right past that and say [that she’s a strong] person in the world.

TVLINE | Did you know ahead of time that the work would be so much heavier this time around?
I did not know that it was going into Venus’ backstory. I knew that it would be very serious, because the audience had a certain expectation from their experience with Venus… But we hopefully infused it with some humor, because that’s just who Venus is. She’s a very funny woman and a very cool woman. The things that she says and does are also funny, so we tried to have our cake and eat it too, I suppose.

TVLINE | Gemma seemed to feel an immediate connection to Venus. Were there any discussions between you and Katey Sagal about why that might be?
No, but I think it was so cathartic for Katey [as Gemma]. Venus is outside the person that Gemma would normally hang out with or have compassion for, but in that moment she came full circle and surprised herself with how much compassion and love that she really does have. For Katey and her character coming to it the way that she does and really showing this tender side and this compassion for another human being that isn’t in her immediate family? It was a big step in her evolution. As it is for Charlie [Hunnam]’s Jax and for the whole gang. What I was most surprised about and happiest with is that I no longer thought of myself — speaking as Venus as herself — as someone other than a human being; she was accepted for who she was as a person in distress who needed help.

TVLINE | You share such incredible chemistry with Kim Coates. How did the Venus/Tig relationship come to fruition?
First off, I’m such a fan of Kim Coates. Everything he does is grounded in reality and he’s such a good actor that it was a pleasure to have these discussions before [we shot] and to really talk about, ‘What is this? Really, what is this?’ What I was so surprised about was that there was no sexuality in that moment at all. He was putting his arm around a person and comforting that person when they needed to be comforted. It takes a lot to earn that and I thought what Kim did there was amazing. Now, I don’t know what happens when they go home! That’s another episode. [Laughs] But in that moment it was not about Venus Van Dam as a transgender and Tig as a biker; it was about two human beings that are looking at this very difficult situation and one supporting another. It’s beautiful.

TVLINE | Will Venus be back again this season?
I can’t tell you that! [Laughs] I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw her again. I’m in love with her and I miss her as much as I’ll miss [Justified‘s] Boyd Crowder and as much as I already miss [The Shield‘s] Shane Vendrell — and I think Kurt feels the same way. In some ways this is like a second family to me, and I’m such a fan of all the people that work over there; I’ve known them for a long time now… So, I hope I get to put on a dress again! [Laughs]

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  1. Kait says:

    Am I the only person that read Walton’s answers in his Venus voice? (I mean that in the most respectful way possible, as him in the character, portraying a woman.)

    • tripoli says:

      I totally did too! Walton just brings it with Venus.

      • Nany says:

        Loved the Venus story line Walter Goggins did a wonderful job bringing sympathy to his character.The Sons reaction to him was also represented with love and compassion.Really enjoyed these episodes.

  2. michelle says:

    Yasss Tara! Do whatever you gotta do to get out if Charming with those boys!

  3. Pat D. says:

    LOL….Tig & Venus romantic reunion…

    (whispers) Hey Baby…

    On another note, I really dont like how the writers are setting Tara up to be the bad guy with that unlikable setup she dished on Gemma. Seems like the hubby cant bear to have his wife be the heel for too long.

    • Eliza says:

      I don’t like it either. My thought was bleh, Kurt Sutter, just…bleh. I understand Tara is desperate. She thinks she is going to jail for a long, long time…she does’t want her boys to be raised around the violence. I mean, their dad just up & shot some woman…that’s starting be a pretty normal day! I wouldn’t want Gemma solely raising my kids either (you know Jax won’t be a hands on dad). BUT now Tara went down this road and it’s going to be worse than it already was going to be.

      • the girl says:

        How could it be worse? The worse case scenario is that they try to kill her, which I believe is something she’s already considered, and I believe that’s why she refused to become a rat, because that would seal her fate immediately. Tara cannot keep pretending that she exists in a world where people follow the rules. Against people who don’t care about rules, don’t care about boundaries, don’t care about propriety, the person who does care about those things is at a severe disadvantage. Tara cannot afford to lose this round because this isn’t about her safety, it is about Abel and Thomas and they need her to advocate for their lives.

        • Eliza says:

          Worse because now Gemma knows for sure Tara’s game plan. Tara thought should would get Gemma to really fight her to “lose” the baby & when that didn’t happen she had to detour….which is worse than the situation was already going to be.

          • the girl says:

            She doesn’t quite know everything, but she can guess that Tara baited her into coming to the hospital – and she knows now that Wendy helped Tara. Unfortunately for Gemma, like I mentioned in another post below, when you think about her track record, it is very easy to believe she attacked Tara and very easy to ignore her when she says she’s innocent. Jax saw the official hospital paper saying Tara was pregnant, so as far as he’s concerned, the miscarriage was real and it was his mother’s fault. It is going to be very hard for Gemma to prove she was set up, without Wendy or Unser turning on Tara.

          • Eliza says:

            Gemma knows a lot more than Tara wanted her to! Since Tara’s original plan didn’t include throwing herself into a table to “miscarry” all while Gemma watched. If it went to plan Gemma wouldn’t have been wise to Tara’s act (fake pregnancy & miscarriage). She’ll probably get the already fragile Wendy to break. Not sure about Unser.

  4. AshleyRae says:

    I had the biggest KOOL-AID smile when tig and venus reunited hahaha!….Jax to venus ‘No more vincent’. that was funny this ep. was really good it was funny then it got deep then down right INSANE! Is it okay to say tara SLAY THE DRAGON aka gemma?
    That was good and smart i give her that but i have a strong feeling gemma KNOWS she’s been faking her pregancy to seriously hurt her and jax. Did jax sign the divorce papers w/out knowing?…cuz there was alot of paperwork up in front. *just saying.

    Anyhow venus and her crazy sick clan family that was distrubing and i felt real bad for her and she has a son?! I knew jax was going to shoot her mom and his reaction during that speech how his ”son” will hate him for the lies. He’s reflecting on how abel will feel when he gets older and finds out about him and the things he did. Great job kurt sutter 4 another awesome ep!

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      That was a very insightful post, especially that last paragraph. It makes me happy to see smart people posting about this show. Sometimes I read comments about SOA that just make me go, “ugh.” There are some people out there who think Jax can do no wrong and completely miss the point that he’s losing most of his values and morality in his fight to protect his family and his club.

    • the girl says:

      I didn’t think about the boys’ future feelings about Jax. Instead I thought, that speech was a very clear indication of how Jax feels about his father, JT. Hating his father because he stuck him in this life that now he can’t get out of; because he has to deal with the world that his father built around him. Hating his father for not being who he thought he was. Those journals didn’t resolve any sense of resentment or anger, if anything, having them created the resentment (if not created, certainly exacerbated). I figure that’s why Jax killed her. He didn’t like having himself reflected back to him.

    • Italia says:

      Maybe after hearing what Venus’s mom had to say will eventually knock some sense into Jax. Jax is not the best father figure but who were his role models Gemma and Clay!

  5. Pat D. says:


    “What I was so surprised about was that there was no sexuality in that moment at all. He was putting his arm around a person and comforting that person when they needed to be comforted. ”

    Was I the only one who thought Tig’s hand was going for Venus’ rather ample bosom? LOL, I guess I am a sicko.

  6. AshleyRae says:

    Well with tiggy you never know! But i think it was just for comfort i still have that kool-aid smile when it comes to these two.hahaha!

  7. Sarah says:

    Jax needs tp shoot Tara in the head next.

    • Dick Whitman says:

      lol no

    • Italia says:

      Why???? She is the only person who is fighting for those babies.

    • abz says:

      You’re just really messed up. Let’s say that, for example, Tara is in fact wrong in her actions and schemes against Gemma and Jax, she doesn’t deserve to die for that! She’s trying to PROTECT those kids and doesn’t want them growing up in that environment. Grow up!

      • El says:

        I agree. My mind is boggled that some people think Tara deserves to die. What she is doing – coming from a place of trying to give her boys a better, safer life – isn’t kosher, in fact, it is pretty horrible but in no way is it worse than anything Jax & the club have done. And Gemma certainly isn’t above Tara’s actions either.

      • lolridiculous says:

        Are you serious? She KILLED her own baby! WTF are you people thinking by supporting her..seriously gtfo

        • Olivia says:

          Are we watching the same show? Tara didn’t kill her baby. She was never pregnant. That was why she had her blood drawn and put into a pouch. She put that in her underwear, so when she threw herself into the desk corner, the pouch tore and her blood spilled out, making it look like she miscarried. There was never any baby to kill. I think she went too far in getting Gemma arrested because I don’t think Gemma deserves to be in jail. I think the entire thing will backfire and sadly, will be the end of Tara and Jax. But again, Tara did not kill her baby and has done nothing that would equal a death sentence not even in the crazy MC world.

        • abz says:

          Why don’t you GTFO! If you actually pay attention to what you’re watching, you’d realize that like @Olivia said, Tara was never pregnant and her putting the bag of blood in her underwear pretty much proved that. If Tara had really been pregnant, I highly doubt she would have ever endangered her own baby like that when the whole purpose of all this has been to keep her boys safe and get them out of Charming. Sadly, all of this will backfire and once again she will be stuck in Charming. We’ll have to wait and see.

          • Kelci says:

            I agree. I don’t think Tara was ever pregnant, that is why Margaret had to help her with the tests. I do think that what Tara is doing is for her family, and she has the best intentions. I am happy to see her finally push back against Gemma. I think Tara has 2 plans in mine. 1) she has gotten Jax to sign the papers against Gemma, i think now she will give him the ultimatum that if he truly loves her and the boys he will leave the MC and go far away with her to be a family(depending on if she goes to jail). If he somehow pushes back like he has in the past she will then file for divorce and turn in those letters she wrote while in prison. i believe those alone will show Jax is not able to take care of the kids on his own and then they will go to Margaret. I dont think Tara ever planned giving the kids to Wendy, she sees how week she is. I just think she was using Wendy to get to Gemma. All i know is i support Tara, and think this is the strongest she has been. Cant wait to see where things go next.

        • hello says:

          Did you miss the fact that it was a fake pregnancy.

  8. Dick Whitman says:

    I can’t believe there’s people rooting against a mother who just wants her kids to be safe.

    • Dys says:

      I don’t think that the concept of wanting to keep her kids safe is the issue. The fact that she goes about making that happen by using methods that are no better than what Gemma is capable of probably has something to do with it.

    • Sarah says:

      like she cares about the kids saftey when did she ever care before? jax told her to take the kids and leave town before and she said NO now she’s gonna do this to Gemma as a way to get the boys safe? Taras a nutjob

    • Amanda says:

      why doesn’t she turn against jax then and blame the guns on him?
      she won’t go to jail and could be put in protective custody with her boys.
      if she is afraid of the mc coming after her it doesn’t really make sense. obviously unser or wendy will come clean. something will come out about her lying about the baby and everything.
      tara is an idiot.

      • Pat D. says:

        I think its actually the writing thats idiotic in this instance…I mean, come on–Gemma knows she’s been set up, and based on her past actions, does anybody really think it is beyond her abilities to figure out both Unser and Wendy are involved, and find some way to turn them?

        Tara should have realized when Gemma didn’t attack her that the plan was over. At the moment she went through with the plan by hurting herself, it revealed pretty much every element of the setup to Gemma, and now can only fail spectacularly.

      • Faster says:

        I think Tara is planning to give up the MC, or at least Jax, because otherwise her plan to get the kids to go to Margaret (or anyone for that matter) fails because they WILL go to Jax when Tara gets locked up. Unless Jax’s parental rights are terminated or ‘s incarcerated, Tara’s decision to set up a guardian for the kids is null and void because the father is still around and (theoretically) able to care for the kids.

    • Rdiking says:

      Loved when Tara punched Gemma in the gut and said stupid whore that was epic tv love this show

  9. James D says:

    wow first of all i bow my head to you mister Goggins you are a true master of your craft, seriously Venus is like my favorite character now so well done. second people might hate on Tara but you have to give her credit for pulling that off. I mean that was like straight up Sun Tsu stuff right there, well played. I feel bad for Jax he clearly loves his family but he is sort of stuck between two worlds. At the same time i would do the same thing if I were Tera, she’s got to protect her kids any way she can. unfortunately i see this blowing back at her which means she’s probably not long for this world.

  10. Ellenz says:

    Go Tara now u are the mama

  11. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I’m so jealous of Walton Goggin’s pretty hair and his perfect boobs. And is it weird that I hope Venus and Tig will hook up? Did Tara fake the whole pregnancy or just fake the miscarriage? What was the point of Wendy faking the assault and getting the gun from Gemma several episodes back? Was it just to get Gemma’s sympathy and make friends with her? Or are we still going somewhere with that?

    • tripoli says:

      I didn’t initially think she was faking the pregnancy but that seems like the logical thought at this point. I guess she could be pregnant but I have my doubts that Tara would want to bring another child into the chaotic world she is trying desperately to get her boys out of. I also think you are correct in assuming that the fake asault was just Wendy’s way of getting in with Gemma. She’s been on the outs for the most part and has no real reason to be involved with Jax or Gemma. Wendy is still so shifty to me though and it’s clear she’s struggling a bit with her part in Tara’s plan so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is more there than what we’ve seen so far.

      • Pat D. says:

        Theres really no way Tara was pregnant—she would not have risked *really* losing the baby by either Gemma’s hand (planned) or the table (improv). Remember, she had to have hit the table hard to get that deep bruise (although obviously the blood was a setup).

        • tripoli says:

          I realized after I wrote that sentence that it was stupid. She’s just been so good at her cagey activities lately she amost had me convinced :)

          • Pat D. says:

            LOL, I know what you mean, honestly, more intelligent watchers than me had the “fake pregnancy” thing figured out episodes ago.

    • some guy says:

      I thought the whole gun thing was why the assault on Wendy was faked. To get an unmarked gun linked to Gemma and somehow bring her down.

      • Kelci says:

        I have been thinking the same thing… what did Wendy want with the gun? who is she gonna take down?

        • abz says:

          Gemma gave Wendy the gun to protect herself because she thought the attack on Wendy was real, but in fact it was part of Tara’s plan. But I agree, the gun thing could have been part of building the case against Gemma as being a dangerous influence on the children. It could also be that the whole faked assault on Wendy was to get her to re-establish that connection with Gemma and to get her to trust her enough to allow Tara to control the pieces until the whole plan was in motion.

  12. Dan says:

    The chemistry between Tig and Venus was so damn good. I’d watch the hell out of a Venus-Tig spinoff.

  13. V says:

    It’s just not believeable that Tara didn’t know what she got into by having a kid with Jax or that she’d leave her baby with Wendy the ex and ex addict. Maybe Wendy will kill Tara with that gun or Tara kill herself to set up Gemma. There’s also no way the Uncer character would ever have gone totally against Gemma or be trustworthy.

    • the girl says:

      Remember, Tara thought she and Jax had a plan to leave Charming. Jax went back on his word. So now she has to make a plan for herself and her children. I don’t see it as unbelievable that Unser would go against Gemma in this particular instance; if it were something else I would agree with you, but Tara is not trying to hurt/kill Gemma, she’s just trying to get the boys out of harm’s way. Unser used to be a police officer and as much as he loves the MC and cares about Gemma, his sense of right and wrong is going to overcome in this instance and he will do what needs to be done to protect the children – at least, that’s what I hope. If anyone is going to turn on Tara, it will be Wendy, but as long as Tara keeps dangling Abel in front of Wendy, she might be able to keep Wendy’s loyalties in hand.

      • Jenn says:

        Are you kidding? She’s not trying to hurt Gemma? She’s sending her to jail and ruining her relationship with her son. She might as well kill her! I would agree with you about Unser if all Tara was doing was trying to get the boys out of there, but now that she’s trying to set Gemma up for something she didn’t do, I think he’ll turn.

        I really hope Jax finds out the truth and kills Tara. I never really liked her character (boo hoo I don’t want my husband in a motor cycle club – you married into this life) but at least I respected her. Now she’s worse than the people she is trying to protect her sons from.

        • the girl says:

          Her relationship with Jax won’t be ruined. After everything Gemma’s done just over the course of the past six seasons, and Jax forgives her, please. I don’t believe for a second that this will ruin their relationship. All Tara wanted was to establish basis for a restraining order. Mission accomplished. I doubt highly that there will be jail time for Gemma. She’s not worse than Gemma or Jax – ultimately she’s become their equal and that’s exactly what she needs to do in order to win. I am tired of watching shows where people who have good goals and good intentions keep losing to people with foul intentions because the good guys won’t bend the rules. I am so loving that Tara is willing to go there on behalf of her children. There is no worthier reason.

          • stephanie says:

            i completely agree! It sickens me to see all of the hate that Tara is getting for this. If Tara could have gotten her kids out of Charming with out hurting Gemma or Jax, she would have done it 3 season ago! Gemma and Jax are the ones that have continuously undermineded her attempts to get her kids to safety. Now she has no choice but to play by the same set of rules as them. she’s a mother doing whatever is in her power to protect her children and for that i applaud her.

          • Faster says:

            Good post.

        • Faster says:

          Yeah, so it’s better for Jax to just murder his wife and the mother of his children. Um, ok.

          I certainly wouldn’t gamble on Jax’s shaky morality, but I think that I WOULD unequivocally say that he would not kill the mother of his children, even if he did find out about Tara’s plan.

          • Kelci says:

            I dont think he would harm her in any way. He believes that what he has been doing is for his family, and to save SAMCRO. I think that he will be hurt by Tara’s actions but i am hoping it will be a slap in the face almost. Hes got to realize that if he would have just left, and been with his wife & children this wouldnt have happened. The one time he was going to take them away, finish a job and then go with her his step father tried having her killed. I think it will be rough with them for a little while but she is his one true love. he will back her up (I hope)

      • Sandy says:

        I think you may be forgetting the end of season 4. He told her to go take the boys and just leave but she could not handle losing him so she went to the clubhouse and told him I will stay by your side no matter what. So he thought okay I have my club and my Ol’ Lady. But after that she went behind his back with the Wendy thing. I think that really hurt him. Her remark about we lost our baby girl was a foul move.But Unser is not happy about the way she went about it. He has known Gemma since she was a kid. Either Unser or Wendy will break if not both also Lowen did not look very happy with Tara for the matter.

        • AshleyRae says:

          I Agree w/sandy about unser and wendy. Either of them could or would break……i would be surprised if wendy will be the ONE to tell jax everything….despite the two of them HATING each other. As for unser in the next ep. you can see he was kinda pissed @ tara regarding gemma.

  14. knd says:

    Seriously if Walton Goggins doesn’t get an emmy for this I don’t know what it’ll take. Completely amazing performance. I love Tig and Venus together. What amazing chemistry.

    On a separate note, Tara is an idiot and her plan is stupid.

    • some guy says:

      Always found the whole “Venus” character as dreamt up for comedic relief. Now that they’re trying to give it a serious storyline it just seems disingenuous.

  15. Francine says:

    Walton Goggins is unbelievable- he throws himself into every role. Seriously, I worship the guy.

  16. Christine says:

    Does anyone think Tara and jax will get a happy ending. I can’t see him ever forgiving her. I hate this storyline

    • SouthernBelle says:

      I really, really hope that they get a happy ending. I love them together so much.

      • Olivia says:

        I want them to have a happy ending but I had a lot more faith at the end of the last season. I’m beginning to think that (sadly) the only way they’ll make it out together is if they both die. And that totally sucks. They’ve changed so much from the first season. Call me naive, but I had no idea they would each go to such a dark place.

      • AshleyRae LOVES SAMCRO! says:

        Jax is going to KILL tara when he finds out the truth about that pregancy and everything else i don’t see him forgivng her. She (tara) may have jax turn agianst gemma ‘agian’…. but gemma will be the one telling him OR unser.

    • Lana says:

      I actually think something big is coming pertaining to this plan. If you’re a fan, don’t give up just yet.

    • Pat D. says:

      Nope. Although the series has thrown me before, I cant see any way this will end well for Tara. And I agree–Gemma does not deserve to win, but it sure appears like she will with Tara’s silly improvisation on her original plan.

    • Italia says:

      I love Jax and Tara. Sutter you are ruining them.

      • Mary Ann says:

        How can you say Sutter is ruining Jax and Tara?? No way do we know what the outcome of all this will be. We can only speculate. I think Jax and Tara are truly and deeply in love. Sometimes, love is not enough. However, let’s hope that there is an interesting twist to come which will pleasantly surprise us all. Too hopeful?? lol

  17. Lana says:

    Hats off to Maggie Siff. She really put her all into that whole scene. I’m wondering though.. Maggie is pregnant in real life now, will they somehow work that into the storyline again or perhaps it’s just going to be hidden really well.

  18. CH says:

    There’s always been something about Tara that I never quite cared for, but she’s just become unlikable now. I get wanting to get her kids out of there, and I get not wanting them to have anything to do with that life, Gemma included. I’ve never forgiven Gemma for that car crash with the boys.

    But going this route is turning Tara into the sort of person Gemma is. Perhaps that’s what Kurt is going for, to mirror Jax’s struggle with not becoming Clay, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

    I’m having a really hard time seeing a happy ending for anyone, although that’s pretty par for the course in this world.

  19. SouthernBelle says:

    You have to figure Unser is going to unravel Tara’s plan, right? I don’t know why Tara ever trusted Unser, knowing how devoted he’s always been to Gemma. Every time he says to Tara “I need to know what you’re doing” all I can think is why? Why would he need to know every detail of Tara’s plan?

    • Sarah says:

      bc the plan is crazy & can get them all locked up, Tara’s nuts

    • Faster says:

      Well, I think Unser genuinely realizes the danger the boys are in and has become increasingly close to them this season, so Tara knows that his love for them will win over his sensibilities. As for asking her about the details, I think it was to prevent him from being surprised by the situation we saw last night. Unser knows it is wrong, but I think in the end he will do what he can to make sure the boys are safe.

      • tripoli says:

        That’s a great point. As much as he loves Gemma, Unser has become very close to the boys and knows very well the danger that surrounds them by being in Charming. He’s been like a surrogate grandfather to them and I think his intentions are true, although Gemma may still have enough of a hold over him to get him to break and tell her what’s going on.

  20. some guy says:

    pfft, I can see tara getting those closest to her on board with the plan. But just how are you going to convince the doctors attending you to lie to Jax that you lost a baby? That is unless she truly sacrificed a fetus to save the two other boys. I guess we’re expected to believe that people don’t ask the attending doctor how their wife or unborn child is.

    Right now they’re stretching credibility with that plot.

    • Pat D. says:

      The feasibility of faking an unborn fetus isn’t what bothers me (I mean Tara already got one hospital administrator to go along with the plan). But the fact that she thinks this “plan” will still work now that Gemma pretty much easily can figure it all out is a major plot hole, IMHO.

      • Faster says:

        I’m not sure that she really thinks it will all work out now that she had to improvise the end of the plan, but I think she knows she messed up and will have to rethink what she had previously planned. In that split second when she had to make the decision to go through with the fake miscarriage, she made the choice to go along with it on instinct and I’m not sure her split-second decision there can be criticized THAT much.

        • the girl says:

          I agree. She needed leverage for the restraining order so she created it. She tipped her hand to Gemma a bit in the process so she’ll reassess and maybe make tweaks to the plan to accommodate this change. That’s what I would do, anyway. In other news I have spent most of my day commenting on this recap. I love this freaking show.

          • Matthew says:

            To me, with her scheming, they’ve been moving Tara in the direction an antagonist would take this season, while Gemma has become warmer, softer, nicer, and way more of a protagonistic force in Jax’s life. I have a feeling that Tara’s much-needed death bells will FINALLY be ringing this season.

            She is seriously one of the most annoying characters on TV. Right up there with Peggy Hill… tch.

          • the girl says:

            Oh you mean the nice Gemma who assaulted a cop last episode? Or the warm Gemma who loaned Wendy a gun and said that she wished Wendy and Jax had worked out their marriage, as if Wendy can’t remember the messed up things Gemma did to HER a few seasons back? Actually you’re probably referring to the warm Gemma who threw Margaret against a soda machine. I am not even a little bit falling for this whole, Gemma is so nice, warm, and soft all of a sudden. She was nice to Venus, I’ll give her that, and due to her history she has a soft spot for women in tough places like how Wendy presented herself a few episodes ago. But Gemma is STILL Gemma. How she approached Tara and Margaret in the hospital cafeteria is clear that there has been no significant personality shift for her. I am really disappointed with how many people find Tara annoying just because she wants to protect her children and doesn’t want to put the club first.

        • Pat D. says:

          Yeah, she probably didnt have enough time to consider the action before Unser, Wendy burst in, because even a moment’s pause would have revealed the zero chance of that fake attack working. Agreed.

  21. Italia says:

    Gemma won’ be able to do nothing about what Tara did. Remember Tara knows that Gemma was invovled with John’s death, she might use it against her.I still hate what they are doing to both Tara and Gemma and to the relationship they once had. I hope there is more to this story.

    • the girl says:

      Good point about Tara knowing the truth of JT’s demise. And even if Gemma says to the cops or to Jax or to anyone, I never hit her and she was never pregnant, think about Gemma’s track record. She was just in the police station yesterday (in SOA time) beating up on a cop because they wouldn’t let her see Nero. This isn’t even the first time she’s attacked or assaulted Tara. It is incredibly easy to believe that no one would believe that Gemma is innocent.

      • Italia says:

        What if the twist is that Gemma and Tara are working together!

        • Pat D. says:

          Haha, mind=blown!

          Seriously, it would be more plausible for Wendy betraying Tara than Gemma and Tara working together, but stranger things have happened in the past.

        • Faster says:

          Hmm, I can only handle one secretly-working-together-plot this week. Thanks, Homeland!

        • Kelci says:

          I could almost see something like this due to the fact that Nero talked about him & Gemma leaving together.. but i dont think she would ever leave her boys or the MC. but who knows with Sutter’s mind behind it all.

  22. Lady K says:

    I am breathlessly waiting to see where the Tara storyline goes. I have not been thrilled with Tara or Jax this season, but I understand Sutter’s motivations for what he has done — it is all a drive for the final act. That being said, I think this “falling apart” of Tara’s plan can actually be accounted for by the need to move the story in the direction Sutter wants and, possibly, the fact it was written by a man. Come on. Any woman as intelligent as Tara, with full knowledge of all that Gemma has done (including colluding in, if not actually originating the plan, to kill JT; supporting Clay’s plan to kill Tara; trying to kill Wendy with an overdose; bashing in Cherry’s face with a skateboard; killing the Hispanic woman caring for her dad; do I need to go on?) would leave ANY part of her plan to chance. There is no way Tara would have revealed anything to Gemma. No way would she have risked it.

    By laying in wait with Margaret for Gemma, Tara could have faked a fall, trying to pull Gemma off Margaret, then ran for her office, leading Gemma, planted the blood bag, then, arranged to have the door “hit” her as Gemma stormed in, thus having one public fall and one Gemma-believed induced fall, and claimed she lost the baby that way, especially if Margaret arranged for people to “rescue” Tara, finding Gemma standing over a bleeding Tara. Much more believable, Gemma would not be the wiser, and she would still get the same response from Jax. THAT is how a desperate, intelligent, deliberate, planning woman thinks. There is no way Tara would leave ANYTHING to chance to save Abel and Thomas, especially not by showing her hand to Gemma.

    So, I think the decision for Tara to allow Gemma to see her actions is either a plot device for Sutter (anyone else think that this has something to do with Tara’s case and not just securing the boys? And why pick Wendy over Margaret?) and a male lack of understanding of exactly how calculating a woman can be if pushed to it. Just my thoughts…

  23. Jax Tara fan says:

    I felt bad for JAX last night thinking she lost the baby. Maybe she is still pregnant but she needed everyone to think she lost it to get to Gemma and the restraining order. I don’t see how she could have got hospital nurses and doctors all in on her plan. I also think that was alot of paperwork for jax to be signing. Maybe he agreed to the custody paperwork if something was to happen if she did go to jail knowing he couldn’t have his mother do it considering he thinks she just killed his unborn child. I am hoping there is a plan jax and tara has that we all do not know about.

    • Pat D. says:

      One thing I dont think has been pointed out—-wouldnt Jax think it odd that Tara had those restraining order papers all ready to go so quickly for him to sign?

      • Faster says:

        I think the implication was that Tara was so upset that she called the lawyer and the lawyer quickly drew them up. That lawyer seems to be available 24/7 for the club’s needs. And I think it seemed like a lot of paperwork because he was signing the documents which would not allow Gemma to be considered as a guardian if something happened to both of them (and which probably appointed Margaret as the guardian). It was probably a pretty hefty document.

        • Pat D. says:

          Maybe, (and I know nothing about the law), but didn’t she have to have Unser have one of his buddies in the clerk’s office draw up the restraining order, earlier in the episode?

          Perhaps we’re supposed to think that Jax doesn’t know how these things work either?

          • Faster says:

            Yeah, she had him get the documents, but Jax wouldn’t have been signing a restraining order between Tara and Gemma, that would only be between the involved parties. I’m thinking he had to be signing the documents she was talking about earlier with the lawyer which would preclude Gemma from getting and grandparents’ rights.

          • Faster says:

            Any, not and.

  24. Faster says:

    Something no one has mentioned yet: I wonder how the club doing the favor for Venus for Nero and the whole Tara/Gemma incident will affect the bigger story line of the club’s gun troubles? I thought leaving the body of Venus’s mom for the dirty ex-cop to clean up could cause some issues over and above the fact that the entire mission was a huge liability for the club to begin with, and I’m wondering if Tara’s plan will urge Nero to flip on the club after all. Thoughts?

  25. Olivia says:

    Did anyone notice this at the end of the episode: Jax is hugging/comforting Tara in the hospital bed, Lowen (the lawyer) walks in to the room. Tara moves her head slightly away from Jax to look at her. In a very subtle way, Lowen shakes her head “no”. I missed what that was about or maybe we’ll find out next week.

    • Melissa says:

      Good point Olviia. I wondered about that “no” headshake myself.

    • Faster says:

      Interesting! I initially took that to just be disappointment at what Tara had done but I’ll have to rewatch that part now.

      • Mary Ann says:

        It seemed to me that the Lawyer seemed genuinely confused by what had happened. Tara may have been playing several people here. Can’t wait to see how this all unfolds.

  26. Jax Tara fan says:

    Ready to get back to club business and tara betting the hell out of the whore. Lol. Tara / jax storyline is nerve racking because I want them to have the happily ever after.

  27. Lisa says:

    Where was Clay? The show isn’t the same without him. He should have been in at least one scene. His character made the show and Kurt shouldn’t just leave him by the wayside. I love Clay, Ron is such a good actor.

  28. Aleksa says:

    PLEASE make Venus a regular.

  29. Mary Ann says:

    So some of you think that it’s impossible for Gemma to suddenly have a softer side? It’s really not that sudden. I have noticed a softer side to Gemma ever since she hooked up with Nero. Clay is in jail and can’t touch her. He can no longer be any kind of influence in Gemma’s life. And as for giving Wendy a gun?… Well, I suppose Gemma didn’t want Wendy to go thru the same type of beating she endured from Clay. At that time, Gemma did not know she was being set up. I think Tara completely used Unser as he seemed genuinely shocked at the turn of events. Tara’s scheming will come out. About the signing of the papers?… I find it very interesting that Jax just signed without looking thru it. For all we know, he could have been signing divorce papers stipulating that Tara retain full custody of the boys. He could have been signing away all of his parental rights just as Wendy did with Abel. He could have been signing a false confession of sorts. He could have been signing papers allowing Tara the freedom to leave the group without any interference from any club member at anytime. Or maybe he really did sign nothing more than a restraining order against Gemma. Or, maybe all of the above. lol. So many scenarios. So many possibilities. Tara is no saint and she should think back to all the illegal things she has done, including murder. If those boys grow up without a Father and they find out why later in life, then it stands to reason they would find out about Tara’s involvements as well. I just think Tara is going about this the wrong way and it will undoubtedly come back and bite her in the arse!

  30. Dee says:

    I think Tara faked the pregnancy, she left for hours that day in that episode and has the hospital administrator helping her. After all, why would she tell Gemma she was pregnant before Jax? Then she leaves the lab results on the kitchen table for him to find out about the pregnancy vs. telling him personally. Who does that? That’s when I said she is faking it but I thought it was to protect her if she testifies against the club in exchange for a plea deal in order to escape the club with her boys. If Jax thought she was pregnant doubt he would have anyone harm her in retaliation. I think her fake miscarriage will unravel. I am sure she got her hands on someone else’s miscarriage lab results. Wendy will cave, and Unser has always loved Gemma, and knows she loves those boys. If Margaret gets them he’ll never see them again. Can’t stand Tara she is too stupid,who would have faked medical records to keep seeing Otto. In one episode she sat there and smoked weed as the baby monitor was on showing the baby was crying and she just ignored the baby to keep smoking. She is not a good mom she just wants Jax to herself and total control of him and the boys, she would have to share them with Gemma in the picture.
    Has anyone else thought that Jax might be clay’s son, maybe Gemma was pregnant by clay when she married John teller? What a bombshell that would be.

  31. Ebony says:

    Something tells me this is gonna blow up in Tara face and will actually do more bad then good. She’s not realizing she’s becoming the women she despised becoming…..Gemma! Jax gave her the opportunity to leave and she made a CHOICE to stay!! And the MC problems are the same as before. Guns & Violence! But Jax is trying to make things change. She is just making things difficult for herself. Cause when Jax finds out. He’ll never look at her the same!