Rodeo Girls: Check Out the Eye-Popping Key Art for A&E's Barrel-Racing Docu-Series

All in favor of A&E‘s newest reality series, say “Neigh!”

Rodeo Girls, from The Weinstein Company and Left/Right Productions, takes an inside look at the women of the professional rodeo circuit, and we’ve got your exclusive look at the show’s striking key art.

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The six-episode series follows a group of veterans and rookies who travel the country with their horses, compete for cash prizes and lasso a few cowboys along the way. Rodeo Girls premieres Sunday, Dec. 15 at 10/9c.

Will you tune in for Rodeo Girls? Digging the poster below? Sound off in the comments!


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  1. Jo says:

    Neigh, indeed.

    • Kelly Lind says:

      Shocked that a barrel racer who wants to represent the sport in a positive light would portray herself like that! I mean, really?! I won’t be tuning in…. No way.

    • Connlee says:

      Cowgirls DON’T portray their selves like that! I rodeo every weekend from May to September so I think I am credible to say that I have been around the rodeo block and I know personally what we wear to rodeos! This is ridiculous that they would advertise them like this! Cowgirls are modest and DO NOT DRESS LIKE HOOKERS!

      • Laura says:

        Agreed!! What the HE** is A&E thinking? These girls are looking for their 15 minutes of fame…. What a shame. I think I understood them to try the same thing w the Robertson’s on Duck Dynasty but wasn’t happening. This is just real sad !!

    • Diana says:

      Hey A&E, let’s get a couple of things straight. You want to make some money telling the story of the barrel racing and rodeo cowgirl community with your new show called, “RODEO GIRLS” airing in December. Fine. You’ll probably draw a lot of viewers, particularly having rolled out your promo campaign featuring a half-dressed young woman (with a whip in her mouth) racing through the night. Sort of the “Hooters” approach to things. The problem is – real “Rodeo Girls” don’t ride horses dressed in short cut-offs and tank-tops. What you’ve done is corrupted possibly THE most wholesome, most AMERICAN sport there is and sexualized possibly THE most decent women who participate in any sport. You’ve wrongly depicted the very women you claim to be featuring in your television show in an outrageous way. A&E, for a long time you’ve been regarded as a decent cable station and your programming has been both engaging and family oriented. Has the cable TV business gotten so tough you have to pimp barrel racers to make a buck? Barrel racers, for your information, are typically pretty innocent women, many from small towns – most ranch-raised; moms, daughters even grandmothers. Women who love and care for their families, horses and above all FOR THE DIGNITY OF THE AMERICAN RODEO LEGACY. Barrel Racing is not a big money sport like golf or NASCAR. Part of the few reward Barrel Racers get is the feeling that comes from doing something “Western” – and to cheapen that is to attack our very LIFESTYLE. Mile Hi Barrel Horse Association is a major barrel racing association and considered the leading barrel racing association in the Rocky Mountain region. And we’re INSULTED by your outrageous image. Your promo is bogus and that’s all there is to it. Please don’t try to make the barrel racing community look cheap in order to attract viewers. Fair enough? Seems an easy request to honor.

      • Well said Diana, couldn’t agree with you more!

      • Karmen murphy says:

        this is a tv reality show you idiot…………….get real

        • Canyon says:

          yes we KNOW it’s a TV Reality show – but it could have been a GOOD TV Reality show about an inside look at the sport of women’s barrel racing….NOT eyelashes, bikini’s, drama childish chit chat that has nothing to do with the sport itself.

          • Roy O says:

            Agree with canyon started watching hoping it was going to a more realistic look into the sport and stopped watching after a couple of episodes when it looked more like a rodeo version of the jersey shore, bummed out!

      • Monkey says:

        hear hear!

        DOES EVERYTHING HAVING TO DO WITH YOUNG WOMEN HAVE TO BE TOTALLY DISTORTED AND SEXUAL? Can’t young women be themselves? Beautiful, strong, accomplished? Do they have to look as if they just finished streetwalking?

        SHAME ON YOU!

      • Fready says:

        The same thing happened with tractor pulls. It began with old Farmalls and John Deeres, and now it’s Giant Diesel Engines and Semi trailers as big as nascar with $$$$ Millions of dollars pouring into some of these pullers and their engines.

      • k says:

        AMEN, Very well said. I was excited to hear of the show at first; but after seeing some of the advertising ….I WILL NOT BE WATCHING. It does not even come close to the rodeo life I know.

    • Laura says:

      They should find real professional cowgirls not some never heard of wantabees. I too know of not one true cowgirl that would portray herself like this. Rigging a barrel race to make it seem like your girls have won is not a way to go.. find someone that can win and not get beat by a 12 year old. Maybe you should be following the 12 year old she is probably on a real path and not a fake one.

    • Ike Clanton says:

      the first amendment to our Bill of Rights, …freedom of speech, the press, etc. trumps everything. If you don’t like, don’t look at it.

      • Holly says:

        Don’t start quoting history here, this sport, rodeo and every event within it is a part of this nations history. It’s a life for so many men and women. I can’t be mad at the ignorance that came up with the story line but no self respecting real life cowgirl that carries the same love for this sport as My fellow barrel racers and I do would have ever agreed to cheapen this industry like they are. The WPRA was founded 65 years ago by a small group of women that wanted to give the future generations equal rights against men in the arena. This industry has grown by leaps and bounds because of what they started and because of the integrity of the women in the sport today. The women that work so hard for this industry, the horses, and eachother do not desreve to be associated woth a group of Barbies on barrel horses that tarnish the very reputation they spend their entire life preserving. It’s degrading, and it’s crap. I pray this show doesn’t survive to season 2.

    • Lee Fregeau says:

      What a stupid show…. This show does not even get close to what a professional barrel racer has to do to be a competitor.

      If you want to see what a real professional barrel racer does, go to the Women s Professional Barrel Racing Association (WPRCA), or go to the the National Finales Rodeo in Las Vegas.

      I should know, I am married to a professional barrel racer.


  2. Carter says:

    No one knows Rodeo like the Weinstein brothers!

  3. Ashley says:

    This is going to be an embarrassment to our sport.

    • stef says:

      I agree! What a joke…

    • Brittany Rae says:

      amen! this is so embarssing to all!! REAL country girls!

      • Katie says:

        True Rodeo/Cowgirls are full of class and don’t show their ass. Sorry a&e you have totally disgraced the name Cowgirl with this poster, we true cowgirls know how to have fun without running half naked around a set of drums. get a clue and watch the WNFR Barrel Racing and you’d have a better perspective how to market your “show” without misleading the wanna be’s that being a real cowgirl doesnt take hard work! Maybe you should follow some true cowgirls like Sherry Cervi, Fallon Taylor, Mary Walker, Martha Josey, Kristie Peterson, Jordan Peterson, Janea Ward, etc I don’t see any family members of Duck Dynasty running around half naked, and your ratings are thru the roof. Your choice of marketing for this ridiculous show is DISRESPECTFUL AND DISGRACEFUL.

        • Gary Winstead says:

          well put, and I am a man. agree with everything you have said.

        • Ike Clanton says:

          …’don’t show their a$$…’ ? Be consistent please, what about all the the tighter than tight jeans??? They look great !

        • Ash says:

          Katie, I bet they couldn’t get any real cowgirls/barrel racers for this show! All they could get were the washed up and the babies! Lol So sad. And this could have been such a good way to promote our sport. They don’t even show ANY of the work it takes every day to barrel race! What are their slave boys cleaning stalls, wrapping legs, haying, feeding, watering, legging up, and checking on everything???!!!!!! Not once did I see ANY type of bonding with horses or any love for them at all. Its just sad.

  4. meem says:

    Disgusting. These women are professional athletes, not pinup girls.

  5. Mikaela says:

    That’s a really bad picture.

  6. Leslie Worthey says:

    thinking real pros do not run at rodeos in bikinis…Im all for a little fun bikini barrel race for charity or something ,,,,,might get lots of support, BUT as far as pros they are not a bunch of Barbie dolls on horses. They are hard working ladies who haul their horses and comptete for big bucks and big titles….Why not represent them as the professional athletes they are. Why not talk about Mary Walkers inspirational story…..or Carlee Pierce and how she chose to stay closer to home for her family. Why not illustrate the true cowgirl spirit instead of some pinup barbie barrel racer!!!!!!

  7. B says:

    Why is she in a bikini top? what?

  8. MamaLis says:

    My favorite is the pink socks on the horse. Clearly the photo editor just haaaad to do one more thing….

  9. The One says:


  10. barbie says:

    Ashamed of my sport for the first time. This is not what I have worked for years to be good at. Not what I gave up my spare time for, worked over time to afford and sat for hours at clinics to be good at. I have worked for years to gain the respect of my friends and family who knew nothing about what I loved. Wiped out with one stupid joke of a show.

    • Anthony Lucia says:

      You really are basing your whole barrel racing choice on a picture about a show that’s obviously about entertaining and bringing light to a otherwise unpublished sport.? And your screen name is “Barbie” ? Seriously.?

      • Cathy says:

        Anthony, you are at many of the rodeos so I think it’s great to hear your input but to pick one of the biggest druggies in the WPRA to represent us isn’t a great representation of our sport. There were classier women that could have been picked for this show.

        • megan etcheberry says:

          She isn’t trying to represent you or the sport in general. She is representing herself. If that’s who she is then that’s what the show wanted.

        • Anthony Lucia says:

          Hi Cathy, I understand your point but just try to remember that it’s for entertainment and yes all those ladies you mentioned are amazing but this show is not representing anyone just each person that is in it.
          Just like if a cowboy goes to jail and it’s on the news paper, he isnt representing all cowboys, just his idiocy. I’m going to quit reading this stuff but it’s funny.. Everyone smile and have an amazing day ! And don’t lose sleep over a picture. If the show sucks don’t watch it, if it’s great and tells the cool stories about the cast.. Super.. Smile, it’s fun.;-)

          • Melissa says:

            “Of course when everyone is chasing the same goal, there is plenty of backstabbing to go around… not to mention plenty of cowboys!”
            really? this is part of the description? for OUR sport? you want to make a show PURELY for “entertainment” then go work for the most scripted television station out there – MTV! barrel racing has no backstabbing and us barrel racers could care less about cowboys! any “backstabbers” that participate in this are NOT true barrel racers, meaning they’re in it to win money and not for the love of the sport or their horses! here’s an idea for an entertaining show: film yourselves to see how you guys come up with these stupid “reality” shows! oh, and if you got a real education, you would’ve learned that SEX DOESN’T SELL ANYMORE. was it really so hard to put some clothes on the girl in the picture?! and the whip in her mouth is out-dated, but you wouldn’t know that since the “genius” developers of the show clearly put no research into the sport whatsoever, you just wanted to sexualize the picture. how about you get a job that actually educates and/or helps people, the entertainment industry has no place for you!

        • Karmen murphy says:

          get your facts straight Cathy before you run your big mouith!!!!

      • Jenna says:

        This is not “bringing light” to barrel racing. It is disgracing it and it is extremely insulting.

      • Gerry says:

        Hey Anthony
        You were shocked that Darcy was married three times! She left out #1 and # 5

  11. Cathy says:

    Did everyone not learn after the disasters on Texas Women? The WPRA & it’s members (myself a member for over 10 years) have struggled enough with issues over the last few years & now we have people like Marvel Murphy representing us? I think the idea is fabulous but if you’re going to do a show about professional barrel racers then let’s have some of our members who are more successful in it! If Sherry Cervi, Mary Walker, Lindsay Sears, Fallon Taylor, Tammy Fisher, etc in it then it would be worth watching.

    • megan etcheberry says:

      Rodeo Girls is entertainment not a documentary. They do not profess to be the best barrel racers in the country or represent all barrel racers in general. Relax and enjoy the entertainment people.

      • Cathy says:

        I won’t waste an hour of my life watch watching this crap!

        • brin says:

          Where are the guys roping calves and team roping and bull dogging in speedo’s?

        • Karmen murphy says:

          Cathy…your life is a waste………..take a look….you are a wannabe.,,,jealousy by ranking others out will get you nowhere………………

          • Alex says:

            The woman that is downgrading Marvel Murphy really does sound jealous & childish!! Dont know Marvel at all but love the show, its very entertaining!! Marvel is a smoking hot cowgirl! Whoever is the man in her life is 1 very lucky guy for sure!! Let the haters hate!

          • Alex says:

            Cathy jealousy is crazy to have in ur life- just relax and enjoy the show! It is after all just Entertainment!

      • qheventer1 says:

        Even for entertainment purposes only it needs to be based in reality and believable in order to be of value. The number one thing literary agents and publishers will say about fiction is that it has to be believable or no one will buy it. While the people may be real, the rub is that its not true to life, ie believeable for those of us that live it.

    • Melissa says:

      I would so what that one Cathy! To have true barrel racers and the stuff that they go through to get to the NFR

    • Karmen murphy says:

      I dont see your name in the standings miss Cathy Pro Rodeo…..This is a TV Reality show….REALITY!!!!!! do you get it????

      • Melissa says:

        i guess it’s safe to assume you’re related to marvel murphy… am i correct? now if you’re done going through all the comments and insulting everyone who has an opinion here, let me just tell you first of all, yes this IS a “reality” show… “reality” means “real” or “things that actually exist,” and everyone knows that “reality shows” are completely scripted. i researched this show. one of the episode’s is called “backstabbers and barn fights.” i would like to bet that the backstabbing and the barn fight were completely made up to make the show dramatic.
        second, how about not going around calling people idiots? everyone is entitled to their own opinion here, and here you are trying to degrade them for having feelings. a lot of us are VERY insulted by the picture. yes, we are all fully aware that there are bikini races, but the rest of the world isn’t. why do they have to use a bikini race photo as the main advertisement? oh yeah, because “sex sells.” we barrel racers don’t sexualize ourselves to get attention, fame, etc. we are classy ladies and we barrel race for the love of the sport and our horses.
        finally, who are you to directly attack cathy and claim she doesn’t know what she’s talking about? just because her name doesn’t show up in whatever “standings” you APPARENTLY looked at, doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.
        i suggest you stay off of these comments from now on unless you stop attacking everyone and have a useful point to make like everyone else. if you are in fact related to marvel murphy, it really makes me wonder what kind of family she comes from and how she’ll be portrayed on the show. i’ve heard she’s a very talented rider among other amazing things, but after all the comments i’ve read from you, i’m starting to question that. i hope to god she wasn’t raised by such a rude person as yourself.

        • Karmen murphy says:

          Well Melissa…………you should also get YOUR facts STRAIGHT before you spout off like Cathy does…I also have a right to MY opinion…..When you name someone & label them…you lose all your integrity & thats what I think of YOU and Cathy C…We have heard many many degradations re Marvel from Cathy in the 40 yrs that that we have been around rodeo..

          • Melissa says:

            there’s a difference between having an opinion and just being an ass. learn the difference and act your age, not your shoe size.

    • Karmen murphy says:

      I wouldnt be throwing names around Cathy…………You are liable…This is NOT a show about Professional Barrel Racers………….Please keep your jealous thoughts to yourself….You have always had a problem with competitors….You have not seen the end of your negativity….

      • Holly says:

        Reality is the fact that a year from now these girls will be an afterthought to everyone except for the women they enter up with at the rodeos. The women that love this industry that were represented so poorly. 15 minutes of fame for nothing. It’s sad

  12. sarah says:

    I’m surprised nobody has mentioned how the rodeo is cruelty to animals yet. No need to glorify an outdated and cruel “sport” that should have been stopped years ago.

    • qheventer1 says:

      Sarah, its just as cruel as those leather purses and shoes you have. You obviously haven’t lived with anything larger than a poodle and don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Why don’t you run and get your nails done or something and stay on topics you know about.

    • Heidi says:

      You really don’t have a clue about rodeo… Before you accuse Rodeo of cruelty get informed the stock contractors take better care of their stock than most people take care of their personal pets. As far as the show… The poster is a joke..

    • Amy says:

      Sarah, my barrel horse has a vet, farrier, dentist, chiropractor, gets massages, water therapy, a winter blanket that looks like a sleeping bag, and a diet that makes him an amazing athlete, fit, and happy. My horse runs to the trailer to go to a race. He trots to me from the field. This is not abnormal horse or horse owner behavior when it comes to rodeo and barrel racing. These animals are our partners, part of our team. Put your efforts else where as you know of nothing in this field. Cattle graze on green grass and alfalfa when not being roped, better than death at age 3. Bucking stock are treated like royalty, bred to buck, love to buck. Cowboys, cowgirls, and rodeo will never be outdated. There is still only one way to grow beef and it requires us horseback with ropes. Thank you ranchers, buckaroos, cowboys, and cowgirls for all you do yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

      • Jen says:

        Thank you, Amy. My barrel horses are treated as part of my family…because they are. I take offense to an ignorant individual telling me I abuse anyone in my family. Come spend a week with me and your opinion would change. Perhaps the perception is that rodeo animals are mistreated, but anyone involved knows these animals are loved AND the source of livelihood for so many cowboys and cowgirls. Why would we abuse an animal that provides for our wellbeing?

      • AmberDawn says:

        Amen Amy! And so true!!!

    • Nona says:

      Sarah for your information the rodeo community has taken great part in making sure the animals are taken care and respected they are treated better then the Humans are don’t get me wrong there are people out there that due abuse animals but any animal involved in any pro rodeo jr rodeo or highschool rodeo are treated with respect and if anything were to happen they are sure to be taken care of .. Just like pro athletes pro animal athletes get hurt as well but are cared for more then anything I’m agents animal abuse 100% but rodeo is not abusive go to the people who fight dogs or chickens or over breed there cats and dogs that’s abuse!!! They don’t get the love our rodeo animal athletes get !!! Before you judge check what your saying because you see what’s on you tube or tv doesn’t mean it’s all true !!!!

    • Allison says:

      Rodeo isn’t cruel. If you don’t like it then don’t watch it.

    • Kacie Lynn says:

      Excuse me? No. We don’t beat these horses…some people o (depending on the trainer, rider) but most of us don’t. Barrel racing, and roping isn’t cruel. If it was, these 1,200 lb beasts would have told you by now. They could crush anyone with one strike. That is the reason this is a sport. Have you ever even ridden a horse? Not to mention gone 40 miles on one, or even TRAINED one. Shut your mouth, and stop talking about something you don’t know jack about, okay. Thanks.

      • Kate says:

        Thank you Kacie Lynn for pointing out that beating horses isn’t part of barrel racing. My barrel horse loves to run barrels–and it would be an insult to beat her as she will run her heart out on her own desire. People who have to beat their horse to make it run should get a horse that likes to run. All I have to do is give my mare her head—-

    • Liz says:

      This is about the sport called barrel racing. It’s not harmful at all.

      • silverchex says:

        Uh Liz when exactly was the last time you rode, trained and cared for a barrel racing horse? From your comment, NEVER! You should know that rodeo women take excellent care of their barrel racing steed. They get the best of food, supplements, vet care, baths. Hell we work hard to pay for their every need. They are what gets us to the pay window as well as being a trusted companion. So don’t make comments of animal abuse when you don’t have a clue. Bucking horses and bulls get the same kind of treatment.

    • mary says:

      Sarah really ??? YOU my friend are clueless our horses have better care than we do You just need to keep your comments to what you may actually have some knowledge of because you just sound stupid

    • Jenna says:

      Barrel racing has no cruelty what so ever. Our horses truly love what they do. If you spent much time around rodeos and barrel racers, you would know that we treat our horses better than we treat ourselves

    • Janie says:

      Wow… just wow. Rodeo is not cruelty to animals. ‘Nuff said on that.

      A & E’s poster for the show is insulting to those of us mothers who race… period.

  13. joe madd says:

    as long as the chicks look better then the horses im all in.

  14. Anthony Lucia says:


  15. Rachel says:

    sarah, with all due respect you’re an idiot…

    Rodeo animals are athletes that get better care than most people’s children.

  16. qheventer1 says:

    As a writer and barrel racer, horse show judge and part time trainer I’m sorely disappointed already due to the lack of authenticity in the shows initial portayal to get viewers. If A&E wants to pull in viewers and gain credability among viewers with some intelligence they need to portray what the lifestyle is really like. Things like getting up at 4am to feed and do stall, or driving all night to get to a race, hitting dirt in a turn because the ground gives away, or putting up a thousand bales of hay in 90 degrees and high humidity before a storm hits, or spending all night in the stall with your horse because he’s coliced. That is the barrel racing life. Not this bikini clad diva commercialized life A&E is attempting to portay. Go interview the likes of Brenda Mays, rancher and racer Sheri Cervi,or LeeAnn Rust. Then you’ll know what true barrel racing is all about.

    • brin says:

      I agree gheventer1. And it would actually be interesting.

    • ali says:

      AMEN!!! Very well said!!

    • BabaJingo says:

      Obviously none of you know anything about reality TV. Watching someone get up at 4 am to “feed and do stall” then “driving all night to get to a race” or “putting up a thousand barrels of hay in 90 degrees” sounds like a total yawn-fest and is NOT good TV. Sitting up all night with your horse sounds pretty darn boring to watch, too. I’ll give you this, though- “hitting dirt” is the only thing you mentioned that would make it into the final cut on any reality TV show.

      • Dee says:

        Driving all night and shoveling hay and taking care of your horse sounds like something I would want to watch. This is the real stuff and people DO want to see the real stuff because that’s what most people can relate to. The producers of most reality shows don’t have a clue thinking cheap entertainment is still where it’s at. Please get with it already it’s almost 2014 and most women use their brain these days. Sex selling alienates so much of the female viewing population and only dumbs down to an already dumbed down entertainment unreality. We need better tv producers and real reality-shows now. Not fear based low minded cowards.

      • qheventer1 says:

        The reality show about the three ranches was a good show and did well. It was a whole lot less glamorized and realistic than this appears to be. That was a good show. If it’s going to be on barrel racing, we’d rather see something along the lines of the ranching show.

      • Wren says:

        It would be interesting to those of us who understand it, not to the general public. But, if that is the case, A&E shouldn’t do the show at all. Don’t force something to be what it is not just to make it interesting. GAC should have made the show instead of A&E, then it would probably be more reality than hype.

  17. vkw says:

    NO – i won’t be watching. This is NOT a true portrayal of us. We don’t lasso cowboys either. Really???? Who writes this crap…

  18. Kelsey says:

    Well and you can’t argue yes it’ll make barrel racers look dramatic and over the top, but look who’s cast. And the ppl defending it are the ppl that are on it, so of course they’re going to be positive it’s them being recorded.

  19. Anthony Lucia says:

    For all of you saying this bikini clad barrel racer is wrong and all.. Ever been to the red bluff roundup.? Ever experienced the bikini barrel race at that legendary rodeo.? And for all calling it trashy, maybe ask Fallon Taylor, oh she won the bikini barrelrace last yr, or maybe ask some of the other top barrel racers that participated in the bikini barrel race… But all of you know so much about this and how this, a poster, portrays “your sport” In a bad light.. Watch the show, don’t watch the show, but please quit showing yor ignorance and jealousy through these comments.. Oh and btw, smile.. Today is a great day.

    • F.J. Thomas says:

      Sorry, but your example of Fallon Taylor is not a very good one. She was one of the first to jump on the general TV marketing band wagon years ago with Cowboy U. While she has her fans, most of them younger and impressionable, from the many comments I have heard through the years she does not have a good reputation in the barrel industry of being a good honest horsewoman.

  20. Susan says:

    Isn’t this the norm for these stupid reality shows? Never watch them.

  21. Nona says:

    The sad thing is I met these women at Cody nights rodeo in Wyoming and there very much wrapped up in the fame of TV coming from Hollywood area and my self being apart of rodeo most my life I know the difference of a spot light and how if changes people most of them were dolled up way to much already toasted from to much booze and I was sad to see they way they acted like buckle bunnies asking good looking cowboys to come have a drink at the bar and would get paid 100.00 to hang out with them this is why TV has no idea what they are doing !!!!

  22. kayla says:

    Its a disgrace to the barrel racing world. They are putting the wrong image out there of the sport and those of us involved in it. Why would you want to portray yourself like that?

  23. Jess says:

    A bikini is NOT how we race! Honestly if you want to portray the real way can chasers perform and go about their routine GO TO THE PROS!! Because they could teach you a thing or two!! And coming from experience we wouldn’t race dressed like that because the boulders would fall out, I have been involved in competitions were if your breasts were out of control you got docked points!! Disrespectful but then again it is Hollywood they don’t know any better! Do a series on Buck Brannaman atleast it’d be appropriate!

  24. Pam says:

    I don’t recall ever barrel racing in a bikini not matter how many beers I have had before my run. :)
    The show sounds intersting but the picture is VERY degrading toward the women and the sport. Put that girl in some clothes

  25. Kay says:

    WTH??? This IS NOT Professional barrel racing! We DO NOT run barrels in bikinis, except maybe for a cause. As usual your “reality” is fake

  26. qheventer1 says:

    I think this is a good example of Jerry Springer journalism vs Barbara Walters journalism. Obviously the writers are only looking for sensationalism, not a good example.

  27. Lynn Marcus says:

    I ride english (dressage)so my thoughts here may be a little off but…many, heck all at this point, at our barn are incensed at this. Reading through things I realize now the introductory art isn’t the same as what was actually filmed, the riders are in proper riding gear, however, I haven’t seen pro women riders in any phase of riding sports where they have pink on their horses, unless, as indicated previously, it is a charity or benefit. It is stereotypical to “girls” for pink to always be a marker. Personally, no one will EVER see my horse wearing anything pink. If I have a benefit somewhere where pink is the color of representation, I might work something out that is very unobtrusive.

  28. Kelsey says:

    No offense Anthony, but your just trying to shed the best light to it because its your girl on here, no matter how you try, still no oody is behind this show

    • Anthony Lucia says:

      None taken Kelsey, if you knew how little I cared that “nobody” was behind the show, we all did it, had fun, did what we do, got paid, life goes on. I’m an entertainer, that’s how I make my living, the show is going to be entertaining. Watch or don’t watch, I want everyone to smile, that’s why I entertain and that what I want to see y’all do. Not defending anything to you all because what makes me laugh is all y’all have seen is a pic ! How bored y’all must be to let a pic et you all so riled up. I love life and hope y’all have an epic day.!

      • polite but right says:

        Anthony, I don’t think it’s boredom. I think it’s more trying to defend a sport that is now being made to look (if only from this poster, then that’s enough) trashy and trivial. You (being a guy) probably doesn’t really know how belittled we sometimes are from the general public. They really think we are chasing barrels and racing them. You are young. YOU don’t remember the crap we had to face to get equal added money or electric timers or to even be an actual EVENT in a rodeo. I do, and it came at a high price. We were called names, looked down upon and we fought our way back up to being one of the most watched and respected events in rodeo. Now this. You can’t blame us for being a little ticked off. You go ahead and giggle and snicker about how silly we are to think it’s all about a poster, but sometimes that’s all it takes.

      • Jenna says:

        Anthony, I realize that you are an entertainer. But you just proved that you will do anything for an extra buck. Which means you will make all rodeo girls look like trash by doing this. Maybe take a minute to put yourself in our shoes. Society already judges us and calls us names. We have spent years working at gettin us a good name and making people see what we are really like. Then you make this show. Giving people reason to call us trashy. I can assure you that this is not what rodeo life is like. It is all about hauling to a race, making our best run, and packing up and getting on our way to the next race. There is no asking cowboys out for drinks. It’s all about caring for our horses. I would be happy if you decided to make a show about what rodeo life is really like. But this is a disgrace. Take a look through the comments. People aren’t happy about this. You are sexualizing some of the most decent women out there. It is humiliating. Kind of an asshole love on your part to make us look like hussies for yor own personal benefit.

  29. This is just insane. Real cowgirls do not dress like this or wan to portray themselves in this way. They have a name for girls like this. Its all about Money…Not Rodeo!

  30. Cherri says:

    The rodeo circuit around here and horse show circuits don’t even allow sleeveless shirts when running so I seriously doubt this particular outfit would be accepted….this is ridiculous!!!

  31. Margo says:

    Do you realize how dangeous it would be to race in skimpy clothing like that. Riding in shorts is a recipe for disaster. This outfit us just silly.

  32. Laura says:

    All true cowgirls are beautiful because of their humility, honesty, hard work, dedication and love of life, animals and the western way of life. To portray them as “eye candy” in this way is completely off base and sets a bad sense of what the real cowgirl and rodeo athlete is. The desire to create a show that depicts the lifestyle of a cowgirl and barrel racer is great, just do it right….not this way. Everything good does not have to be demoralized in order to get ratings and feed the “Hollywood” false ideal. Get it right or don’t air it please. There are plenty of real cowgirls you could follow with truth to the story lines and get people to watch for the right reasons. Be honorable A & E… the true western heritage.

  33. Nicole says:

    Apparently they arent good enough at running barrels to win money so they have to have a show to make their money… I agree everyone is entitled to their opinions. It’s a disgrace in my opinion. I work my butt off to keep my horse in shape and myself even. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna run barrels In a bikini top and some cut off shorts. It’s a disgrace to the sport of rodeo and even more so the event of barrel racing. I’m sure good bull riders don’t want some gusels running around on a tv show falling off bulls left and right. I’m sure team ropers that are 8s 9s and 10s don’t want some show about a number 4 header who thinks he’s great. JS. I know some people aren’t as good as others that’s not what it’s about. But don’t portray a professional sport in an unprofessional way.

  34. Erica says:

    I’m 13 years old and I’m a barrel racer. is is a disgrace to rodeo we do not dress like this we are happy in our wrangler jeans button up shirts and that’s how we like to keep it.I was grossed out as a individual to see this imitating our beloved rodeo world. I’m also a trick rider and we don’t even dress like that!!! there is no way no how we are like this you put on your ad NEW REAL LIFE SERIES that’s lode of bull no one could pay us to dress like that we are not buckle bunny’s! if you air this series there will be lots of unhappy people. duck Dynasty was a success for you but this wont be!

  35. Allison says:

    When I first saw that they were making a show about women that rodeo I was excited. The sport doesn’t get enough recognition, but this isn’t how I want people to be interested in the sport of barrel racing. As a barrel racer I would probably tell that girl to go out some clothes on or don’t bother coming back. I would like to think that we try to be a classy bunch if ladies that enjoy working with our horses and doing something we love, but someone always has to ruin a good thing. That’s my opinion on it

    • Melissa says:

      i second that. at an actual competition, this girl in the picture wouldn’t be allowed to run, probably wouldn’t even be allowed to ride on the property for that matter without covering herself.

  36. Melissa says:

    wtf A&E? not only is this picture insulting to barrel racers, but it shows how little the producers know about the sport. first of all, barrel racers have to be COVERED – meaning LONG pants and LONG SLEEVED shirts! they show AS LITTLE skin as possible to protect themselves if they were to fall. second, who the hell puts a whip in their mouth?! if their horse needs one (which is VERY rare since barrel racing horses are trained to run anyway) why the HELL would they picture it in their mouths if not to solely sexualize this picture?! what barrel racer has time to stick a whip in their mouth going around a barrel? REALLY? us barrel racers have this thing called DIGNITY and we don’t need to sex ourselves up to feel good about ourselves OR OUR SPORT THANK YOU VERY MUCH. absolutely will NOT be watching this show. such a shame too, it would’ve been great to watch my sport every week on a show, but as usual, reality tv takes the reality out of it.

    • silverchex says:

      Back in the day we used to carry our whips in our mouths before over and unders were thought of. And we were quite proficient with them.

      • Melissa says:

        well that was before my time then… i’ve never seen it done myself. i’ve been barrel racing since i was 12 and i’m 22 now. my point is they show the whip in her mouth just to sexualize this picture and that pisses me off! if they want this to be accurate, put an over-and-under on the saddle or no whip at all! barrel racers do this sport because they love it, not to look sexy

        • Steph says:

          Im only 28 and I remember putting the whip in your mouth so you can put your hand on the horn, now days they hang on your horn or around your wrist. Which i nice. :)

          • Melissa says:

            it is! now hearing that from you, it makes me feel more strongly that they only show the whip in her mouth to sexualize this… obviously that whip is out-dated and completely unnecessary in the promo photo. ugh!

        • Shelly says:

          Strange – my daughter is 22 and grew up on the back of horses competing since age 3. She has only used any kind of whip a couple of times 1 was an over and under and the other a whip in the mouth to keep her hands free to guide her horse into position . A couple of these girls are beautiful and one of them can ride as she also ropes both breakaway and team. Sad that no one is taking into consideration they didn’t chose the poster and I’m sure some of what we’ll see was producer generated for tv. It’s just a show and most if the people watching it don’t have a clue about rodeo anyways. I think it’s great the girls are pretty because I believe country and cowgirls are beautiful.

        • silverchex says:

          I’ve been barrel racing since I was 12 and I’m 52 now ;) So I’ve seen all kinds of things and changes. We used to use a bat or crop and we either held it in our hands while holding the horn or in our mouths. Whichever was easier for the rider. Nowadays its an over and under which to me is harder to use. As for the girls I know for positive one of them is the real deal. My daughter did high school rodeo with Marvel Murphy. Marvel is a Nevada cowgirl who was a tough competitor. She also has done her share of pro rodeo. You can all check out the girls bios at A&E here:

  37. lynn says:

    I’m going to watch and hopefully be thoroughly entertained! I also still plan to go to all the local barrel races & rodeos and watch my friends compete. I will still respect them for their commitment to their sport and their love for speed and the equine athlete. This show will have no bearing on that.

    • done says:

      All this is great press for A & E. I’m sure they are doing the dance of joy that there are so many people willing to pop off about their ‘show’. It’s just like all the other reality show….unreal. It might have a few watch the first couple episodes but I doubt it has enough depth or substance to go on much longer. You can’t fake everything and expect people to tune in for very long. Even Duck Dynasty has a inner core of reality, and it shows. This shows ‘inner core’ is contrived, made up, created. A great idea, but poorly administered. I venture to guess that the ‘stars’ would agree. Eventually the entire premise turns into a ‘yawn’. Might watch a couple episodes but there better be something more substantial than someone in a bikini running across an arena on a photoshopped horse to hold my attention for longer than that.

  38. Sharon says:

    Total BS! Show the real women of rodeo some respect..this picture is a joke

  39. Keri Aros says:

    first off I love AandE !! But I have to say guys your new show is way off!!I am a barrel racer myself and the wife of a NFR team roper.Rodeo is our life and this show is a slap in the face to our way of life!!

  40. herb walker says:

    i am a big rodeo fan. i will not be watching because of your ad. no real barrel racer dresses like that

  41. an outraged rider says:

    pretty sad that a&e is trying so desperately to get ratings that they feel they need to lie about a western sport.
    i know alot of barrel racers and gamers and they ALL WEAR CLOTHES!

    A&E must stand for ass and entertainment now..
    because it sure as hell isnt arts!

    i wont be watching this joke series!

  42. Quiet Prairie says:

    I don’t believe A&E is appealing to the rodeo market; it’s too small for advertiser interest. Sorry but they don’t think authenticity sells, titillation does……

  43. even smaller shows that have dress codes that at the least say no halter/ tube tops. Many specify long sleeve collared shirts.

  44. Rebecca says:

    This is a DISGRACE!!!!! Not a single one of these women are true barrel racers! I have been in this competition for over 20 years, not once did anyone I know dress like that! We have more pride in ourselves than this poster portrays!!! BAD form A&E!! I know sex sells, but this is disgusting! You have now taken a GREAT sport and a GREAT athlete and made them look like common bimbos!! I will not be turning into watch this disgrace of a program!!!!!!

    • Karmen murphy says:

      Rebecca, you better update yourself “not a single one of these women are true barrel racers”….I know of one who has been a WPRA member since 1996…and was an All Around State HS Champion 3 years in a row…..won the Sharon Camarillo Classic….qualified for Nationals all 4 years of high school in 4 events….If you have been involved for 20 years….you must have been hiding in a pothole………..Get your facts straight lady!!

  45. Reese Sifford says:

    This is a complet insult to my sport! I can’t believe that they would put a half naked girl on there; what she should be wearing is jeans and a button shirt. This show is probably gonna be about some sissy girls who don’t know what barrle racin is. What a joke!

  46. A&E even Phil and Si would call bulls#!t on this show and they are who are paying your salaries at this point! My 14 year old is a barrel racer and we take this business very seriously. Either do it right or not at all.

  47. Melissa says:

    Um pretty much barrel raced my whole life and never ran in a Bikini and cut off’s (Just saying)

  48. Kacie Lynn says:

    To be honest, I agree with some of these comments, but will be tuning in. I have been riding for ten years, and I definitely know the ropes…barrel racers DO NOT portray themselves like this…then again, maybe they do. They do have a “Biki-barrel race” that I’ve seen before, put on by “Twisted Tack”. I don’t think this should be the cover photo, but don’t think (I hope) this series will be about sex, drinking, ect. during rodeos. I am SO happy that they are finally putting on a show about riding. Other than heartland, and Thoroughbred horse racing, there is nothing on the gritty, hard, work, and sport of horse riding…especially my passion…Barrel Racing. I WILL BE TUNING-IN and I look forward to it.

  49. Chelsea says:

    Really disgusted by this. The only girls dressed like that at rodeos are “bling cowgirls”, the ones who pull their boots out of the closet once a year to go show off how “country” they are. Really, really saddened by the image that we’re going to get from this show.

  50. TurnNBurn says:

    The networks are all fighting to find the next Duck Dynasty but are completely blind on why it is so successful. Viewers tune in by the millions because it is relatable and wholesome, not because it’s “Redneck”. This show is a disgrace to the sport and the only way to make a statement is by not tuning in.

    • Connie says:

      This is the most ridiculous idea of a show EVER! My daughter barrel races, runs poles AND ropes! How dare you depict the sport this way! She works long , hot , tireless hours to perfect her runs! She has been thrown, kicked, bruised.. She has been a winner a loser and a mentor! Not once has she ran barrels , or poles , or roped in a bikini top , shorts and boots , or flaunting her body parts, especially her ass! What a disgrace to the sport A&E! The REAL cowgirls don’t have to distract from their talent , because their talent is real! The hardest working women I know without a doubt!! SHAME ON YOU on behalf of my daughter and all the REAL cowgirls I know!