Will You Revisit ABC Family’s Ravenswood?

ravenswood-series-premiereTake Pretty Little Liars’ mysterious dreamboat Caleb Rivers, add a creepy town with lots of skeletons in its closet and a handful of sarcastic one-liners, and you’ve got Ravenswood, the PLL spin-off that made its debut Tuesday on ABC Family.

Although Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) is only coming to Ravenswood to help girlfriend Hanna and her friends solve a mystery, he is joined on a bus ride to the eerie town by Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson, Beauty and the Beast), who is heading to the same destination to meet her uncle, her only known relative — who also happens to be the guy who abandoned her when she was just a child, forcing her into the not-so-loving arms of foster families.

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It’s not long before the two arrive in Ravenswood and realize they’re connected somehow. Their only evidence? Matching headstones in the Ravenswood cemetery, engraved with their names and featuring old photos that look just like them.

But Caleb and Miranda aren’t the only entangled in Ravenswood’s spooky history. Three more are also entangled in the ominous curse plaguing the town:

Olivia and Luke, siblings whose father was recently killed — with their mother as the town’s No. 1 suspect.
Remy, girlfriend of Luke and daughter to the editor of the Ravenswood Gazette. If there were ever a character to sympathize with, it’s this quirky gal. Not only has her father forbidden her to see Luke, but her mother (who recently returned as the sole survivor of an ambush in Afghanistan) is just barely keeping her head above water as she struggles with nightmares and guilt.

Slowly — very slowly — the five teenagers begin to connect the dots and realize they are part of something much larger than themselves. And they’re living on borrowed time before Ravenswood’s resident ghost exacts her revenge.

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As many pilots do, Ravenswood’s premiere included lot of exposition to wade through. And while the pace picked up in the last 10 minutes, several questions remained unanswered: How and why are these five strangers connected? Is there more than just one ghost haunting the town? And why is Miranda’s uncle so creepy?

Ultimately, Ravenswood is a sufficiently spooky tale — and you don’t have to be a Pretty Little Liars fan to enjoy the hair-raising series. Or that’s what we think, anyway!  What’s your take? Grade Ravenswood via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

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  1. Tori says:

    I am in love with the Mysteries of this show. The whole curse concept has me hooked. I do have the fear,that all of the Caleb/Hannah fans will try to sink the spinoff in order to have Caleb back in Rosewood.

  2. Julie says:

    Aside from the repulsive Tyler Blackburn, it was a very promising pilot.

  3. Emgee says:

    B- is the grade I give it. I’m usually not a fan of supernatural type shows, but it has me intrigued enough to return next week for another viewing. It moved a little bit slow at times and the hour didn’t fly by the way most episodes of PLL do. It has me interested enough to tune in again, but I’m not sold yet on it being “must see” viewing.

  4. Tran 2.0 says:

    I give it a B. Hope Ravenswood is destined to be ABC Family’s next breakout hit.

  5. Drew says:

    Question: If a person has only seen whatever episode of PLL are on Netflix (I’m assuming it’s a year behind) would it be a bad idea to watch this show?

    • jfritz says:

      No, Ravenswood is a completely separate show. You don’t need to have watched PPL to watch it, the only thing the same is the character of Caleb. PPL just introduced the town a little with a couple episodes this season, but the Show of Ravenswood is irrelevant. :-)

      • Drew says:

        Cool. I was worried that I’d turn it on and Caleb would be delivering a monologue about everything that happened on PLL. :)

  6. jour4790 says:

    It worries me that they’re killing one of the characters this early.

  7. alistaircrane says:

    I love that Caleb has his own show and is away from that shrew Hanna! He can do better. Tyler Blackburn is awesome and I am glad he is the star of Ravenswood. I liked this pilot better than The Tomorrow People and Reign, so I will be back for me.

  8. John Robinson says:

    Same old silly spooky town plot. I do like the “nod” to Dark Shadows (via the Collins name) and the dialogue is a bit better than the normal stuff out there today. My BIGGEST criticism involves not the show itself, but the fact that both the website and the almost all the promotion completely ignores the fact that the classic actress MEG FOSTER is in the cast. While I understand that she is a “recurring” character, as opposed to regular cast, she probably has more talent than most of the children being pretty faces for the camera. And of course they really gave her typical crappy dialogue; at least she gave a two dimensional character a bit of “fullness’.

    • Sara says:

      Unfortunately, as the show is marketed towards a specific age group, most people are unaware of just how amazing Meg Foster is. I think she’s been a big hit with the audience though, so perhaps that means more screen time.

  9. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on thehiltonburnellfiles and commented:
    I would give it an A. It was a good show. I love the spin-off with Caleb. Ravenswood is my new addiction.

  10. Kristen says:

    I see someone else picked up on the nod to Dark Shadows with the ‘Collin’s’ name. I like that. And I like the show so far. Upset my DVR cut out the first few minutes, but I’m surviving w/out it.

    One question I’m not sure they answered or will answer soon – the fact that her uncle has the Collins last name, I assumed he was her dad’s brother, but he’s her mom’s brother. Why does she have the Collins’ last name then? Did they say anything about this?

  11. Amanda says:

    I’m probably gonna get crucified for saying this, but I didn’t care for it at all….The premise of the show was promising and even the plot, what I can’t wrap my head around is the fact that they are using high school seniors instead of college-aged adults, I think it would have made more sense. I also don’t like that it’s Caleb there when he still has unopened business with “A” in Rosewood and Hanna and what about school?….I still stand by that it should have been Toby that went to this spinoff because given his background (mom killing herself, etc) his being there would have made me appreciate this story more. They could have tied his mystery with this mystery, plus he hasn’t played a big role in PLL since Season 2, so his absence can be better explained. I don’t know, I’ll try one more episode (because sometimes the 2nd episode is a lot better than the first) and see…..HOWEVER! THAT MIRANDA BETTER KEEP HER HANDS OFF OF HANNA’S CALEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Stormy says:

    I have a problem with them saying it’s in Pa. when it’s clearly Louisiana. Longmire and Suits suffer from the same location identity problem. Putting that aside, I think it’s a good show for the targeted demographic.

  13. Dani says:

    It was a promising pilot. I only hope that they don’t tease too much and then we get as many plot holes like we do on PLL. Otherwise it made a good first impression.
    I only wish they would have gone on location on the PLL Halloween special to make it look more authentic to what we got on Ravenswood.

  14. cool says:

    I love the pilot, Also Tyler Blackburn is awesome!!!

  15. Jj says:

    My DVR is packed as it is. Not in a rush to watch this one. It was ok….

  16. Jonny says:

    I just finished watching the pilot. Wasn’t bad, but don’t think I’ll be that interested. I’ll mainly be watching because I kinda like Nicole Anderson, and for possible PLL connections/references.

    Also, I hate the supernatural aspect and hope it doesn’t effect PLL. Because of that alone, I already have mixed feelings. It probably won’t have that many connections/references, so for the most part, they’ll likely be able to be considered two separate shows, but they were better off just sending Caleb to Ravenswood without having anything to do with Ali and the liars.

  17. Sunny says:

    I liked it. They are definitely going to have to fill in some blanks sooner rather than later…like how are the 5 kids connected, why didn’t Miranda’s uncle keep her and why are all the adults creepy!
    I like supernatural shows (Supernatural itself is my FAV) and this was good…but not as good as Sleepy Hollow, which I really love!

  18. Jules says:

    I really enjoyed it! The ghost at the end creeped me out for sure. Love Caleb, and I think I like the other 4 main characters as well!

  19. Britt says:

    I liked the show. It was a little slow starting off, but hopefully it will get better in the next couple of episodes. I think they introduced way too many characters in this first episode. I can barely remember the 5 teens names let alone random people they meet in the coffee house.

  20. fafner says:

    Ravenswood promises to be as nonsensical as The Secret Circle was in its premises, while trying to twist itself like Twisted. Unfortunately, as for now Ravenswood lacks a confessed criminal twink as main character, which actually is groundbreaking, but resemblance between Caleb and Danny didn’t pass unnoticed.

  21. Mel says:

    Just watched Ravenswood. Is it just me, or does that girl Remy remind anyone else of Side Show Bob?

  22. Bob says:

    When you kill off the main character in the 2nd ep. which kills the luv triangle. You can’t have a luv triangle with a dead person in the mix! It’s hard to like. I came to this show because I liked Miranda’s character and now she’s dead. I hope she returns to BATB. You lost this viewer due to bad script decisions!

  23. Dude. says:

    Caleb better not go back on PLL and say a damn word about what happened while he was gone. Its bad enough they used the Haloween PLL to boost the show. If it was a seperate story like everyone is claiming, IT WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN STARTED IN THE PLL TIMELINE. period. If he even mentions anything in PLL, it would change the show completely making it supernatural, thats not what it is at all. And on previews it already showed Hanah getting pissed at him for “not telling her what happened there”. Seems like a clue that PLL is essentially already ruined.

  24. Sara says:

    Don’t want to be mean but they try to be scary in this serie but it’s really not. I think even the concept is not interesting I mean come on ghost is something reaaaally old…

  25. Tina Thomas says:

    I have never watched PLL, am 50 years old and am totally intrigued by this show. Other than the craziness of having almost-30-year-old actors play teens, I love the premise and hope ABCFam renews it. All the actors are good, and I haven’t seen Meg Foster in years!

  26. MissJ says:

    I didn’t mind ABC Family giving Caleb his own show, but the premises of this show is odd. How will Caleb be able to have a romantic encounter with a ghost, a ghost who will have to wear the same outfit the entire run of the show ? I don’t mind supernatural but the tie in to PPL wasn’t believable. I’m not the demographic this network is shooting for, but have faithfully watched or DVR’ ed most of the shows for years. I always appreciated the release dates ABC Family has for shows, usually when regular network shows are in hiatus. This gives us new things to watch.

    Unless I’m desperate I won’t return for the second season . It’s a shame this was the best vehicle they could find for Caleb.

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