Chicago Fire Bosses on Benny's Power Play, 'Opportunity' for Casey/Dawson and Shay's Spiral

Chicago Fire Season 2 SpoilersThe following contains spoilers for Tuesday’s episode of Chicago Fire. If you have yet to watch, head to a different TVLine article! Everyone else, you may proceed…

Chicago Fire got a shake-up on Tuesday night when Boden was seemingly pushed out by Severide’s dad Benny, who reaped the benefits of the open position.

Meanwhile, Shay continued to go down a dangerous (and promiscuous!) path and Molly’s saw its rival bar Game Day go down in flames — literally.

Below, executive producers Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead and star Taylor Kinney weigh in on Benny’s intentions, Shay’s future and Molly’s not-so-lucky good fortune. Plus, the EPs share some news that may delight Casey/Dawson ‘shippers.

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THE NEW CHIEF | Now that Benny has accepted McLeod’s offer to replace Boden at Firehouse 51, one has to wonder if he was always after the top job. “He’s a lot shady,” admits Kinney. However, “I don’t think that was his endgame,” notes the actor. Knowing there was turmoil at the station, “he played it pretty smartly,” adds Olmstead. “Did he anticipate this might be a scenario and would he go for it? For sure!” But don’t count out Boden, who has the support of the firefighters and “begins to put up a hell of a fight,” says the EP. Meanwhile, Boden’s troubled relationship with Benny “ain’t going to disappear,” adds Wolf. “It will go into different iterations. But the Boden/McLeod conflict will also continue for a substantial part of the season.”

BABY MAKING | Since Severide’s not having much luck with the ladies outside of the bedroom lately – first, Renée lies about the baby, and now Zoya wants a green card out of him – why not just go back to the initial plan to have a baby with BFF Shay? “It’s tricky. I don’t think he’s in a position to settle down,” explains Kinney. “If the outcome would have been different with Renée, there’s an opportunity. But it ended kind of disastrously. So to resume the storyline with Shay, it’s just too soon.” As for another burning question, Olmstead reveals that the romance between Severide and Renée was always going to end the way it did — even if her portrayer Sarah Shahi hadn’t become a series regular on Person of Interest. “We weren’t going to tie the Severide character down,” says the EP, adding that the plotline “was certainly accelerated by the fact that she had another gig.”

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CRASH AND BURN | Spiraling Shay’s “story gets clearer and significantly more complicated in the second half of the season,” previews Wolf. Adds Kinney: “Dawson’s trying to figure out a way to get in touch with her. Right now, they’re really butting heads. We’re all trying to figure out how best to help her.” Unfortunately, the situation will only get uglier for Shay before someone is able to step in. As “she goes rock bottom,” her pal Severide is left to “pull her up,” teases Olmstead.

Chicago Fire Season 2 SpoilersOPPORTUNITY ABLAZE | The fire at Game Day was “definitely” arson, confirms Olmstead, and it’ll have “ramifications” for Molly’s owners. “They’re suspected of it because they certainly will benefit from Game Day closing. Does it involve the cop character that Dawson is seeing? Absolutely.” That relationship will also get more complicated since her beau is “constantly keeping Dawson destabilized in terms of her interpretation of who this guy is, and we’ll answer that question in the next episode.”

PLAYING HOUSE | To paraphrase a quote from the episode: Why isn’t Gabby your girlfriend, Casey? Turns out the firefighter’s new role as guardian to Heather’s kids is part of the reason. “These circumstances have kept him away from Dawson,” says Olmstead. “They’re constantly these two ships passing in the night.” But the two are about to dock at the same port! “They’re going to have their opportunity. Whether or not he can seize it remains to be seen. That window is going to open up with Dawson. Are they finally going to have luck on their side?” Bonus Casey teaser from the EP: “A big thing is going to happen to him in the course of a fire call.”

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  1. Chablis says:

    I hate the Benny storyline. And why is CF off for three weeks?

    • dysturbed says:

      One reason is that the Voice is 2 hours during those weeks and the other is that math dictates that airing 22 to 24 new episodes airing over a 36-39 week or more period means plenty of weeks off in some form or another.

      • meem says:

        The Voice has been 2 hours on Tuesdays all season, so that’s not it at all.

        And aren’t sweeps the entire month of November? So why is Chicago Fire off for the first Tuesday in November?

  2. HeatherC says:

    Thank you so much for the Chicago Fire teasers! I was wondering if you had forgotten about this show after covering the season premiere. Things have been SO good this year overall and I love that Casey & Dawson might be getting their chance to be together soon. They’re so great together in so many ways and Casey seriously needs something good to happen in his life right now! =)

  3. Cam says:

    Thanks for the bonus teaser. Casey is my favorite so I can’t wait to see what the “big thing” that is going to happen will be.

    • meem says:

      My prediction: He’s going to get hurt. The minute he promised the kids that he’s “not going anywhere,” I knew something would happen to put him, and that promise, in jeopardy.

    • Bill says:

      Mine, too. And it seems like he has been the whipping boy for nearly the entire series. enough, already! And I’m tired of seeing Dawson sleep with just everybody but him. If they don’t get together soon, I’m really not going to care if they ever do.

  4. Tony says:

    Promo for next episode reminds me of Doug Ross’s “Hell or High Water” episode of ER. And it even comes at almost the exact placement in season 2.

  5. Beth says:

    I think Dawson has done the right thing when it comes to Casey, giving him time and making him see what can be. I hope in some way he is there for her when this cop thing crashes and burns and that’s where it starts. This season has been outstanding so far.

  6. Liz says:

    Chicago fire is on fire this season. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for casey & dawson! Love these two characters and they need to get it together already. I thought u guys forgot about chicago fire…can we get more spoilers/ news on them! Thanks :-)

  7. tp says:

    Seems like there’s something wrong with that picture. How is it a retired (ff, chief, Lt…whatever Benny is) is asked to be chief instead of moving someone up?I’m not looking forward to story arc but I know Kelly Severide is pissed so it should make for good firehouse drama.

    The guy that’s a snitch, when he tries to transfer who’s gonna want him when they find out he’s a rat? That can’t be good for the house. No one can trust him. I know I wouldn’t want him watching my back.

  8. Kim says:

    Casey is my favorite character, so I can’t wait to see what new things they have in store for him. Unfortunately Casey seems to have less screen time given to him over the last few episodes, so it’s about time they write something more interesting for him (I do love the two boys, though). I really like the idea of Casey and Dawson getting together, but it still doesn’t seem like it’s the right time (from Dawson’s point of view ). She seems really into Jay and still has some feelings for Mills. How is she just going to turn off those feelings and be with Casey? I guess Casey may need to make the first move in a very assertive way – no more dithering! I wonder what the big thing for Casey could be.. Maybe he gets hurt on a call (probably sounds too much like fan fiction, though ).

  9. Amanda says:

    Nope…sorry, not on board with Dawson and Casey! I don’t care if you spread their will they/won’t they over 6 seasons, I still wouldn’t be on board!!!! I don’t care if they bring in another female for Mills and they get married and have children, I still wouldn’t like Dawson and Casey! WHY? Because of the way she did Mills last year. They TRULY had the spark and had TPTB let that blossom more instead of always pushing her character to follow Casey around like a love sick puppy, I probably wouldn’t feel this way. But they did and I do! Good guys shouldn’t finish last and Mills was a exellent guy to her (not say that Casey would be, but Mills was there first!)….if Casey was the man they are protraying him too be on the show, he would recognize that Mills (his firefighter) still had feelings for her and not disrespect the “Bro Code”! They’re all in the same firehouse for goodness sakes! Plus I think he had a lot more chemistry with Heather! The same with Dawson and Mills, they had a lot more story to tell and they just kept pushing and pushing this Dawson/Casey mess!
    Lastly I think they would get BORING AS HECK because neither has that flaw that keeps relationships going (on TV that is)! Everyone knows that either one has to be funny or messed up and the other the sane one. Can’t have two sane ones together, it don’t make TV sense!

    • RC says:

      I agree 100%. Thought I was the only one not loving the Casey/Dawson hook-up!

    • Lani says:

      Ahh!! I so agree with you! Even before they ever hinted at a Mills/Dawson romance, I never like Casey/Dawson. But when they hinted at Mills/Dawson I was too excited and saw the spark!!

    • Char says:

      It was always about Casey and Dawson. Since the first episode. Gabby made a move and Casey kind of shut her down. She was hurt but that didn’t mean that her feelings for hI’m died. Then she got with Mills. Even though she liked Mills, she still had feelings for Casey. And she was honest with Mills when he asked her. I don’t see where she did anything wrong. That’s just my opinion though. I’m ready for them to get together. They just fit. I never liked Casey with Haley nor did I like Gabby with Mills. Again, my opinion.

      • Amanda says:

        She never came clean to Mills about Casey until he called her out on it…and that’s messed up. And even when he called her out on it, she just froze, though that’s a dead giveaway that still doesn’t make it right! Mills was ready to move in with her, if he was 2nd choice she should’ve said something in the beginning instead of letting him fall in love with her and then her not return the feelings, she could’ve not entered a relationship with him and they could’ve just been FWB (but I don’t think he would’ve went for that). She had so many other possibilities than what she did, and when CAsey and Hailey broke up she was like a hound dog on him, IN FRONT OF MILLS! And I will say it again, Casey is Mills’ supervisor, Mills kinda looks up to Casey, Mills held Casey with Hailey died, you don’t repay the favor by sleeping with the woman he loves! I don’t even think Severide would be that cold….I sorry, I can’t get on this Casey-Dawson train.

    • Meghan says:

      Agree I hope Dawson breaks up with this cop & goes back with Mill’s.ENOUGH with Casey & Dawson …..PLEASE. Casey should end up with Heather & get married. An Bowden should fight to come back.

  10. Joe says:

    How for will they take Shay she going a very dark road.

  11. M3rc Nate says:

    Id love a poll for this Q, but I’ll just ask it on here. CF fans: Do you like Boden? Do you root for him? Do you even want the character on the show?

    I ask because my family and I all cant stand him. They play him off like a ruff gruff and tuff but lovable and respectable. But my family and i dont see that. In reality he seems like a 100% jerk through and through. Hes disrespectful, hes mean, hes shady (his secrets and things hes done to keep them secret) and so on.

    This is the last straw (or should i say new aimless/going-nowhere sex partner) for me wanting Dawson to get Casey. He is a grade A catch, sweet, wanted to marry that other woman and wanted to start a family, took her back, she was murdered, and dealing with his mother (mature and adult of him) and now hes raising two kids of a fallen firefighters wife! And shes what? Pretty and pretty cool…but she keeps banging dudes she barely knows! I dont get how he would want Dawson after finding out while she is coming over and helping with the kids and being so helpful and obviously crushing on him…shes going on ONE DATE with a guy whos lying to her, then he tells her the truth that hes a cop and she instantly beds him? Lol who the heck is writing this crap?

    I hope they add more blood to the show, drop Mills because hes an annoying self righteous egotistical brat and hire a awesome smart funny hardcore crossfit doing female firefighter, and have her “love interest” be a slow burning relationship with Casey. He doesnt need the bicycle everyone’s ridden aka Dawson.

    Oh and…the Russian going for a green card wedding? Really? lol…that wasnt too stereotypical and just easy to write for you guys? (writers).

    • Cam says:

      I disagree about Boden. I’ve been a fan of his since early season one when he backed up Casey in the Voight mess. I loved when he told Casey, “Leaders lead from the front” and I think that’s what Boden tries to do which is why his men respect him so much. Yes, he definitely has faults but he tries to do what he feels is best.

      I agree, however, with everything else you mentioned. I liked Dawson with Casey at the beginning but she seems too willing to jump into bed with the first man that comes along when she thinks Casey isn’t available. He’s such a great guy and deserves someone better than that.

      As for Mills, I am so sick of him being the super firefighter who always saves the day. He’s the newbie and yet there seems to be nothing for him to learn from the older guys. He constantly comes up with the great idea or notices something no one else does. I mean, come on, couldn’t Otis or Mouch have found the mans toes for a change?

    • Stacie says:

      Wow.. Well you may as well just stop watching the show.. Definitely sounds like you just don’t enjoy it!

    • uh huh says:

      Dawson had been on many dates with the guy. There was talk in the rig with Shay about how she’s really starting to like him, etc., clearly indicating that a relationship had been developing offscreen.

  12. M3rc Nate says:

    Question for you guys: Did anyone else think (while the mob guy was throwing chairs at the bar): “Why isnt the testimony of three fire fighters enough for the Police to arrest this guy and put him in prison for the long list of illegal things hes doing that we can see?….i mean needing a plot point for as long as possible much? This undercover cop should have seen MORE than enough to put the guy away 100%…what are they waiting for? Him to kill someone infront of the undercover? All that made NO sense to me. The testimony from three respected firefighters isnt enough? They need video? Really?”

  13. John says:

    Boden’s character is like any military leader…lead from the front. He team respects him which is what he wants vs. liking. If boden is gone so am I because I can’t stand the benny chararcter. Plus how does a retired/non active fire fighter become chief…hell how does a consultant have that type of power in the first place!

    • Big Fan says:

      If Boden is written out and I really really hope he isn’t. It would be disappointing…if they are allowing him time away for “health reasons”, as it appears he has some…then okay. But please, please don’t take Boden away! PLEASE!!!

    • Melody says:

      i agree – boden should stay – and obliterate mcleod…. and i cant stand benny too but i guess he has to stay to add spice to the story. and too, i hope the producers/director should ease down on the graphics of shay’s promiscuity.

  14. Tom says:

    Boden is one of my favorite characters on the show. He must come back!

  15. Mr. Sunshine says:

    I was the late for the party and just watched the whole first season on TVProjectFree… Not the actual name, but all episodes are there. ;-) I was hooked from the first episode. What a great drama! I certainly have shed a few tears during this show. This season has been really good so far. I too would like to see Casey with someone else besides Dawson for a while. Not liking the Shay going downhill plot though. You can tell there will be drama with Kelly and his dad. Kelly walking away was a good indication that he’s not happy with that decision. And, wouldn’t there be some sort of nepotism policy? Could he actually still work for Firehouse 51 if his dad is the Chief? I’ve liked Chief Boden’s character since the beginning. He’s always been there for his team and more than had their back when he was needed! So, the Chief has to stay!! :-) Like someone said, how could the consultant have the power to fire and hire a Chief? Of course, there are obviously more characters like Mills, Mouch, and others to discuss…. :-)

  16. Nepotism isn’t a problem for Blue Bloods, so why not Chicago Fire? My problem is he is retired and the power McLeod has.

    • Big Fan says:

      We are on the exact same page with Bennie being already retired. That angle and that he is a shady character at best. Ditto on the power of McLeod, makes you wonder where this is all headed. But that’s what makes for good t.v, right?

  17. Does not anyone realize that Mills was Dawsons second choice, remember what happened at the party, when Casey asked Dawson to go with him and she thought it was a date, she has always had the hots for Casey, and when Mills asked Dawson if she had a thing for Casey she did not answer him. So I say yes they should let it run it’s course and see what happens.

    • Team JOY says:

      Oh my gosh. I’m not the only one who thinks this . Mills was a rebound, she just her dreams crushed with Casey and she was in need of some comfort and attention. Her and mills relationship was never really deep to me. Mills is young and this was probably his first serious relationship, but Dawson knows what she wants. Team Cabi

  18. Claire says:

    Dawson and Casey have no on-screen chemistry. I barely believe that they could even be good friends. But that would be the extent of their relationship for me. Dawson and Mills had such good chemistry and I loved them together. Even though it didn’t work out with those two, I don’t want Dawson to end up with Casey. They’re just not believable.
    I don’t think I’m the only one who doesn’t like Benny, and especially not Benny becoming the chief! Boden is such a great leader and for Benny to suggest otherwise clearly shows that he doesn’t know much of anything.
    As far as Shay goes, I know no one wants to see her hit rock bottom. It seems like she hasn’t had a happy storyline since beginning of the entire series. I’m definitely rooting for Shay though.
    Bottom line is that I love this show more than I’ve ever loved any show. It’s so easy to become invested in the characters and its all because of the awesome writers. I know I shouldn’t be worried because they all know what they’re doing and how to make good television. Unless they put Casey and Dawson together. That would just be bad lol.

    • Lea says:

      I agree. I think it may be interesting to see Severide and Dawson’s relationship grow. They seem to have more chemistry than Dawsey.

  19. Lucas says:

    If you all paid attention to season 1, benny isn’t retired due to the fact he was working arson cases and thought about a transfer to train at the academy

    So it wouldn’t take much to transfer him to become a cheif as he’s an experienced firefighter, arson detective etc..

    We never know Benny might make an excellent cheif for firehouse 51

    What I want to see out of the whole season is Kelly and Shay, I think personally there is something more than just friendship there, yeah people may argue shay’s a lesbian

    So what…. She obviously likes kelly due to the fact she asked him to be the father of her baby that she so desperately wants, it would be nice to see them get together officially and take things as more than friends

    • Shana says:

      I totally agree with you. It’s something about the way they look at each other that makes me think, yeah they’re definitely going to have a baby and not involving a sperm bank

  20. Big Fan says:

    There was a comment earlier in the posts about Shay’s “scenes” in her downward spiral…I concur. Personally it would be nice if most of the “scenes” no matter who is being showcased would tone down the “heat”. It doesn’t help young impressionable minds with raging hormones, if you catch my drift! After all, it’s PRIME TIME.

    • Melody says:

      AGREE AGREE AGREE! with big fan

    • Team JOY says:

      I agree what can lose her mind without all the dirty hookups. It’s embarrassing to watch at times. My little sister watches it with me as sort of a bonding experience and it gets tiring constantly having to skip forward very five minutes because she’s making out with some girl or Devon is walking around in her underwear. I promise you the first season was more family friendly. PLEASE TONE IT DOWN

  21. steve kell says:

    Stop the overdrama fake fires and make it realistic. Too much Hollywood drama. But I do like the show. The ones on here seem to be civilians who have never been on call they see in CF.

  22. Charlene says:

    Is Chief Boden really leaving the show (based on next weeks promo)? I love and adore him and do not want to see him leave. He is a strong, true leader and loyal to his team always with their best interest in mind…starting with the whole Casey/Voight/Kelly thing.. Yes, he can be gruff around the edges but he commands the respect of his team. The McLeod storyline seems forced, weak and overplayed and racially motivated with white guy undermines and usurps black guy so white guy can gain power…do not like it at all. I cannot stand the shady boots Benny Severide. I never liked his character from before and really do not care to see him on the show. If he really takes over as chief he will fracture and polarize the team, not to mention his dynamic with son Kelly. Please stop this reckless and dark downward spiral with Shay and reestablish her friendship with Dawson on a deepermore real level post shooting. As for Dawson, I still do not trust the cop boyfriend and hold out hope for her and Casey so stop making her sleep with any guy that breathes her way. Sad to see Mouch lose the election. Bring more storylines for Otis. Why is Wills always lurking around this season, he is annoying.

    • Team JOY says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I’m glad that dawson wants Casey but the show makes her seem permisquiuous and its wrong. She beautiful and smart and worth more than that. As for Shay I hope that next episode there will be a scene where dawson comes to the bridge just in time to save her. I hope it ends with them both in tears and hugs as they reunite and become Shawson feels like the writers are trying to make to much happen at one time. They went so far with the drama the new storylines make no sense and leave me wondering too much.but I still heart chicago fire, I can’t give it up

  23. Kevin hammond says:

    I think its a big mistake to kill chief boden first bad decision Chicago fire he adds a raw greet to the show and that’s exactly how all these other old fire chiefs act when they’ve seen one to many fires. Save chief boden he is one off the reasons why the show is so good he couteracts with all the crazy personal issues that go on on the show. Bad decision yeah and we usually promote up in the ranks not take a retired fire chief and put him back on line I think the writers are gonna regret making this decision. I still love the show but when chief boden leaves a piece of that original Chicago fire episodes that debut is gonna leave 2. Ill be watching lots of reruns with the original cast in it. Bad decision writers. My opinion though. FF. Kevin Hammond R.P.F.D.2 thanks

    • Big Fan says:

      Amen Kevin…Amen!!!

      • Melody says:

        triple amen to kevin and big fan. boden is the foundation of that group of firefighters – so stupid of a story to get rid of him….. and replace him with a sleazy benny severide?!?!?!? what ever happened to some positive stories?

        • Big Fan says:

          Thanks Melody…if it weren’t for you guys commenting on TVLine I wouldn’t know what going as I must admit…I’ve already stopped watching the show. Oh well…

          • Melody says:

            well big fan – boden is still on the show! now we got to get rid of mcleod – she is EVIL !

          • Big Fan says:

            Don’t fool me now!!! Boden is still there…then I guess I’ll tune it for the next episode. Thanks a million Melody! You send across a sweet sound.

    • Team JOY says:

      I agree. I want to become a firefighter and paramedic, and I can only hope that I get a chief as great as him. Every call he keeps his men and women grounded, and he is the essence of a great leader. He is not only a chief but a father to this fire family. If he . Leaves I’m not sure I’ll survive. And what’s up with this what going down this dark road. It seems like in a short amount of time she’s gone from to wanting to jump off a bridge. If she dies…

  24. Chris Brown says:

    TV does a very poor job of portraying Black Males in a positive light. It appears that Boden is gone. Just eliminated one of the very few role models. There will always be roles for Black Men as criminals.

  25. Malyka says:

    I hate the Dawson/Casey romance bring back Dawson and Mills they were so cute together, Casey and Dawson bORING

  26. Team JOY says:

    I love Chicago fire. I know some may think that dawson was wrong for what she did to mills but as much as I hate to say it he was a rebound and always will be. He is an amazing guy and I would love to see him happy but Dawson has been waiting a lifetime for Casey. I
    would love to have seen mills and Dawson grow closer and have children but Dawson would always have regrets about Casey and that’s not fair to either one of them

  27. Team JOY says:

    I’ve been team dawson from day one and it saddens me to see that what and Gabi are no longer the strong team they once were. They remind me of my friend and I. They’ve been through alot together and I hate to see them apart. I think that their fallout was not as much of Dawson’s fault as the show portrays. The suicide affected both girls.Shay justs can’t seem to shake it and the last thing she needed was dawson pulling rank. So I’ll continue to watch in the hopes that dawson will unite again and if not I hope what gets the help and support she needs to forgive herself again. I love lesliie

    • Team JOY says:

      I wanted to be a firefighter and paramedic before I watched the show,but I can’t say I didn’t watch it because of my desire. I was flicking through channels wham I saw a commercial for a hot new show about firefighters. The first episode blew me away and I haven’t been disappointed since. I just wish there were shows about firemen or emergency medicine. If I see another new show about cops or agents or detectives I’m going to scream. They seem to all have the same plotline but Chicago fire it’s fresh. I know I shouldn’t think my career is going to be like the show, or think there are going to be hot men waiting to save the day, or because I’m a female then I’m going to always need saving its have to always outdo the guys. This show just gave me a look at the real stuff. The failed rescue attempts, the death of a fellow man, and the fact that just because I save someone that are going to be grateful. It’s not about all of that, it’s an inner feeling for me of not wanting to die not knowing I lived for something. I will go to work one day and be happy that I get to be called a firefighter and know I can I saved someone today. Thank you chicago fire.

  28. Dani says:

    I must have missed it……Why is Shay hitting rock bottom? Is she on drugs or something?

  29. mike11 says:

    When is someone going to smack McLeod upside her head? This story line is BS. Real front line cops and firemen would have found a way to get rid of her—either by hook or by crook. And as big an buttheads Department Chiefs can be, they don’t usually put up with big mouth bean counters like her messing over one of their own. Get rid of that story line!

    • Melody says:

      i agree – this is a stupid storyline – it just like she came out from nowhere and have a personal vendetta against boden for no reason…. running out of stories you think?

  30. Chinablu says:

    Casey and Dawson…their chemistry is definitely there. This is 2 seasons in the making. I honestly would turn the channel when they tried and faked the Dawson and Mills relationship. I have seriously watched the last 2 episodes at least 3 times because finally. Team Dawson/Casey. I hope Mills becomes a cop. He is wimpy. I love Chicago Fire. Season 2 is hot!!!

  31. Ugh. Because of the whole new Casey & Dawson relationship, I don’t even watch ChiFi anymore. DawsonxMills FTW! :D