Revenge Recap: Die Another Day

Revenge Season 3In this week’s Revenge — titled “Mercy” (the “No” that precedes it must be silent?) — Conrad not only survives his car crash, he finally learns that he doesn’t have Huntington’s disease. In other words — Emily’s words, to be exact — “He thinks he beat God.” (RIP, Father Paul!) But before the blueblood’s celebratory glass of bubbly has time to go flat, the air is again let out of his tires, so to speak, when Aiden informs him that his accident wasn’t an accident at all. And you won’t believe who Aiden fingers as the attempted murderer. (Well, unless you’ve seen the episode already, in which case, try to look surprised when we get there, okay?) Here’s the lead-up and rundown…

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ROMPER RHOMBUS | Early on in the hour, Emily is so grossed out that Daniel is willing to help Conrad cover up his culpability in the lethal fender bender (so as to ward off any embarrassment right before the launch of Voulez, which should be embarrassing enough, no?) that she submits his DUI of years ago as a personal factoid for his publisher bio. Needless to say, this does not go over well with her intended, who immediately moves into the South Fork (Inn, sadly, not Ranch). Later, meddlesome Jack is quicker than Emily at obtaining proof that Connie — who wasn’t supposed to be driving with fake Huntington’s — was behind the wheel the night Father Paul met his maker. “Gimme,” says Emily basically. “Hell to the no,” Jack replies basically. But, before he can use the info to have their mutual nemesis arrested, he discovers that Connie’s brakes were tampered with. “Did you do it?” Emily asks Aiden, who is less hurt by the accusation than the revelation that his true love confessed her secret identity to her true love. Afterwards, it is perhaps not a shock that Aiden prevents Conrad from evicting him from the guest house by asserting that it was Jack who tried to turn the Grayson patriarch into roadkill. (Yeah, right. It was more likely baby Carl. But seriously, my money’s on the new Goth Charlotte. Her enthusiasm for rebranding The Stowaway is a clear indication that she’s gone around the bend, right? Right?)

WORKING-CLASS SNOB | No sooner has Victoria asked Sheila, an art gallery owner, for a job than Patrick has shown up and blackmailed Mom’s frenemy into fencing a painting for him. “I’m a bastard in more ways than one,” he explains. But of course, he’s only doing it to give Victoria the leverage SHE needs to blackmail Sheila and save herself from the drudgery of shilling overpriced sculptures in pretty dresses and (gasp) changing the occasional light bulb. Natch, before the hour’s over, the scrappy former Vicky Harper is the new proprietress of her very own fancy-shmancy gallery.

RECONNECTED | Abandoning, at least temporarily, his moratorium on hacking, Nolan plugs back in the “sweet cord of connectivity” to do some sleuthing on Patrick for Emily himself. A flight to Florida and a visit with the hottie’s embittered ex-wife later, and Nolan is feeling daring enough to move in for a kiss that Patrick calls “a bit presumptuous” – and then reciprocates! (But do we really trust Patrick and his abs for Nolan? I get a vibe from him, if not his abs, that makes me think that, by season’s end, Tyler is going to seem like a stand-up guy by comparison.)

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Do you agree with me that Charlotte’s the one who tried to off Conrad? (Then again, would she be able to even open the trunk of a car without the help of a chauffeur, much less disable the brakes?) And, given the way things are playing out, with both Daniel and Aiden seeing red anytime they see Emily now, which of them – if either – do you think shoots her on her wedding day? (Or is it Victoria, clued in at last to who Emily really is?) Hit the comments with your best guesses – and the wilder the speculation, the better!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Wrstlgirl says:

    I think it’s Charlotte too. And I love Nolan and Patrick, lots. Enjoyed the episode

    • jane hayward says:

      How good is this season? I just parted company with a cup of coffee all over my lap when Nolan and Patrick kissed. Hands up who thinks its for real or is Nolan merely going above and beyond the call of duty! Kudos to the writers, what a fab twist.

  2. Well… Patrick’s even more eye candy then Tyler was at least.

  3. Fernando says:

    Another great episode to a so far good season and improvement from season 3.
    I am shipping Nolan/Patrick so very hard.
    Emily needs to get it together all her plans have failed.
    And I was fine with Aiden until now don’t mess with jack.

    • Lisa says:

      Word!! I can’t choose between Jack and Aiden for Emily, but Aiden def doesn’t need to go the jealous lover route and throw Jack under the bus. UNLESS…Aiden and Em cooked this up together to keep Jack from getting his own revenge on Conrad. Emily can go down this revenge path. But Jack is too good. Too wholesome.

      • A says:

        Emily would never agree to allowing Jack to be blamed for the attempt on Conrad’s life. That is all Aiden and his jealousy.

  4. aa says:

    This show is back to giving me wonderful, campy, sweet revenge satisfaction like it did in season one. I am pleased.

  5. Jimmy says:

    You know, I like it better when Emily us on more control of her revengenda. Aiden was obviously a mistake and Nolan is worse than useless — not to mention just a tad boring these days. This season us certainly better than last season, but I’m still missing season 1 Emily.

    • Agree with you about missing more in control Emily. Also about Aiden. Nolan on the other hand is still my favorite character.

    • aciel says:

      it would be so unrealistic if emily was in control all the time it was fine in season 1 but now its time to move. if emily was still in control it will get old don’t you think especially now that the show is in its third season

      • deme says:

        ICAM! I got a kick out of her being Graysonized in that hospital room by the Grayson men after Victoria made her exit wanting no part of the lie.

      • Quinn Mallory says:

        If Emily was in control all the time, her revenge should be over by now.

        I do like the return to form Revenge in Season 3, but I also kind of want to make sure that they do reach a resolution soon rather than dragging on for too long.

      • xzhu says:

        Agree with you, I miss that in-control Emily, however, I know that Emily should not be in control all the time, it is not realistic even in a story, and might dumb the show’s fun. But I want Emily could control back to his revenge agenda. Emily shall not be in control all the time, neither be out of control all the time.

    • Sina says:

      I kind of agree about Nolan being boring but I blame the writers. Why did they take Nolan’s company and money away from him? That was the dumbest move and I was hoping these new show runners would fix that. Aiden is a huge mistake so I don’t understand why he’s even back! They should have left all the bad stuff last season and started anew

      • Joy says:

        Nolan is FAR from boring! I actually like that he’s not as serious as last season… I had missed watching the carefree Nolan of season 1, because he was much more amusing. And now, in season 3, he’s B-A-C-K and I’m loving it!!!!! So thank you, Revenge writers!

        As for Aiden… although I’m team Jack all the way, I do find Aiden interesting. I’d like to see what happens, and I actually find it delicious that Aiden is now jealous of Jack and throwing him under the bus. Can’t wait to see what happens!

  6. iMember says:

    This season is hot, hot, hot!! And I’m not just talking about the cast.

    Loving this season sooo much, and can’t wait for next week’s episode!! Also, was I the only one who did a fist pump in the air and shouted, “YES!” when Patrick kissed Nolan? I’m all on board with this ship,a me I am not a shipper. But their chemistry is so great,

  7. Kati says:

    Victoria had it done. Unfortunately the closed captioning for the second half of the episode went wacky and then went away, so I couldn’t tell you what any of them actually said. Please, please, please won’t someone get through to the whole bunch of them with the news that mumbling and whispering isn’t acting

  8. iMember says:

    Also, Victoria may be broke, but she’s still got it. QUEEN!

    • Meg says:

      WHen she took over the gallery, I shouted “Revenge!”, which I haven’t done since season 1. Last night particularly made me excited for the show’s return to form.

  9. Miss VCI says:

    I think it’s Patrick who cut the brakes.

    • Carlarosa says:

      Most likely since he is an obvious fraud and he probably blames Conrad for him growing up without his mother and siblings. I think Daniel shoots Emily and her secret will somehow remain unknown by the Graysons.

      • Charlie says:

        If he’s a fraud, he wouldn’t blame Conrad for him growing up without his mother and siblings, because they wouldn’t really be his mother and siblings. :)

  10. linda says:

    As of right now, I don’t care if Patrick is bad (he most definitely probably is) … PATRICK AND NOLAN KISSED! YAY! Later, I’ll care if he hurts Nolan when this is all over and done with.

  11. Anna says:

    Well, seems like we’re moving slowly from a square to a line: Jack+Emily (zzzzzzzzzzz)

    • Julie says:

      Seriously. I hate Jack and Emily. Total snooze fest and completely cliche. They have zero chemistry. I’m rooting for Aiden.

        • Melissa says:

          I love Aiden and Emily! I hope the writers don’t blow their relationship. Jack is such a boring, stupid character. With Aiden n Emily, there’s such chemistry I could feel it through the screen!!!!

          • Nosey says:

            I think Aiden is stupid for not have realized (until Nolan mentioned she was willing to throw her revenge plan for love) that she actually loved Jack. I mean Jack married who he thought was Amanda Clark, and he knew her true identity. She and Aiden must not have been all that close if she never mentioned it to him. Plus she only goes to Aiden after being rejected by Jack. I think Aiden is boring and think he is sad for continuing to pursue her even after knowing she loves Jack more.

      • Lisa London says:

        Me too!

      • Poppy says:

        I couldn’t agree more!!! Jack has bothered me since season 1. When Aiden told Conrad that it was Jack who cut his brakes, I couldn’t love Aiden more in that moment!

        • Nosey says:

          I actually believe Aiden thinks Jack did it. I am not pro Aiden, but I think he believes Jack did tamper w/ the breaks. Although the promos indicate he threw Jack under the bus, that may not be true, he could be helping her protect Jack. Not a fan of Aiden b/c he whines over her even after finding out she actually loves Jack more. Also, I felt like the writers threw him in to add the love triangle. If the writers would had her meet him when she went back to Japan after she realized she lost Jack, then it would have been more interesting, but he is still 2nd choice for her after Jack. I actually would have preferred Aiden truthfully revenging against her and Jack after finding out she actually loved Jack, would have been more interesting.

      • I completely agree! Emily and Jack don’t even look cute together; they are such an awful combination. Actually, I root for Emily and Daniel! Daniel is just so hot, he doesn’t deserve the treachery!!

    • Joy says:

      BLASPHEMY! I’m totally team Jack+Emily, and I don’t care what the haters say! I’ve been rooting for Jemily since the pilot of season 1 and I hope they end up living a perfectly happy “boring” life together someday….

    • Radha says:

      What is so boring about Jack? Seriously. All you Jack haters just whine and moan about him but never have actual reasons why you don’t like the character. Is it because he’s a good, generally moral character? But wait. He thought Amanda had killed someone and tried to cover it up so that doesn’t make him that vanilla.

      And he has plenty of chemistry with Emily. Who she doesn’t have chemistry with is Daniel. Emily has chemistry with Jack, Nolan and Aiden but not Daniel.

      Clearly Jack haters are just that…haters.

      • Nosey says:

        Agree wholeheartedly, I feel like Jack’s character provides visual aspects of what the Grayson’s can do to someone. With Fauxmily, all we see is flashbacks on why she turned dark, with Jack we see live what the Graysons did to him and his immediate reaction which I am seeing her pain through him. Both she and Jack are alike. I thought originally she should have just exonerated her father, but after seeing live what was done to Jack, see why she wants them to suffer. Aiden to me is boring he has not suffered @ the hands of the Grayson. Revenge against the Graysons is more personal for she and Jack, not Aiden. . .Aiden is useless and boring. If she actually needs Aiden’s help, then she is not a true revenger, the Graysons however are, Victoria does not need Conrad to help with her revenge and Conrad does not need Victoria to help with his revenge. Why does she need Aiden in the Grayson manor, if she plans to marry Daniel to take down the Graysons?

  12. Maryam says:

    Jack and Emily working together was the best. Overall it was an OK episode.

  13. N says:

    Close caption for Aidan! I love Nolan

  14. Hmmmm says:

    Why is aiden still on the show? I really do not see any value added by the character.

  15. Macey says:

    Agree Patrick poked a hole innthe brake fluid resevoir, per Victoria’s request of course. Emily getting shot- probably a dream she has.

  16. Juan says:

    Best episode of season I thought it was last week but not, this one was fantastic

  17. maxisatroll123 says:

    the first 2 episodes of this season was okay but now the show has finally upped its game on the third episode and now the fourth episode which was amazing. this is turning out to be a great season so i hope this means we will see in uptick in ratings

  18. Jamie CA says:

    This season is slow….and down right terrible. I hope this is the last season for this tv series. Adding the Nolan and Patrick love affair won’t improve the story. Especially since Nolan knows he’s a crook. It just stinks of desperation.

    Emily hasn’t invoked any revenge. Season 3 is no where on the level of 1.

    • Greg says:

      this season has been anything but slow, perhaps you should go back to watching repeats of matlock.

    • Dani says:

      Do we even know what exactly to think about Patrick? I don’t get the feeling that he has to be all bad or that Nolan is playing him. Could also be that Nolan now knows that Patrick is so in love with his mother for some other reasons…
      And IMO the stories are moving pretty fast this season.

    • HBH says:

      you aren’t the only one. I think its going a bit slow too

    • Joy says:

      I love season 3 and don’t think it’s slow at all. Perhaps you should write your own tv show and see if you can do better???

  19. Alichat says:

    I don’t know if I believe it was Charlotte that sabotaged the brakes on Conrad’s car. While I think she’s vindictive enough, I honestly don’t think she’d know how to sabotage them. And I thought her catty comments in this episode were lame……frankly it’s just getting really old. I’m really curious to hear what Nolan found out about Patrick, and who in the world did Jack call to find out where Conrad’s car was??? The only person I can think of who would help him and be able to get that information would be Nolan, but I think Jack feels as annoyed with Nolan as he does with Emily. After Aiden’s accusation that Jack sabotaged the brakes, I’m thinking he could be a big possibility for shooting Emily. So right now, it’s either Charlotte or Aiden……Charlotte finds out she’s Amanda (maybe from Jack, who told her with good intentions, which backfires)……or Aiden who is upset because she really went through with the wedding, and she really loves Jack, not him.

    • Natalie says:

      I agree that Charlotte is annoying now and not worth the screentime. I’m guessing that what Nolan found out about Patrick from his ex is that he’s gay. If he actually did something bad, Nolan wouldn’t have kissed him.

  20. woodyinho says:

    Please get rid of Jack.

    • Greg says:

      I wanted to throw up when the promo called him her true love… no one is here for that.

      • Dani says:

        Yeah that’s laughable. I hate that the show is trying to throw them at us. Now viewers are forced to root for Emily and Jack!? NEVER! I have her rather run off with Nolan – as a friend – after this is all over and that’s it.
        I once had my money on Emily and Daniel. That he would fall for her so much and see how corrupt his family is that he joins forces with Emily and wants to be a better man. That would have been the story to tell. But they screwed that up with just telling us that Emily/Daniel are NEVER gonna happen. It even seems that VanCamp and Bowman had to slow down their chemistry this season. -.-

        • Radha says:

          What chemistry? Oh, you must be referring to the chemistry between Jack and Emily because I know it’s not between her and Daniel. The reason it’s “slowed down” this season is because it never existed in the first place.

          Whatever you Daniel and Emily people are smoking, I’d like to have some of it.

      • missvci says:

        But it’s obvious Emily has feelings for Jack, it would probably been more accurate to call jack her first love, but more dramatic to call him her true love. And you can still ship whoever you want regardless.

      • Katherine215 says:

        Actually, I’m here for that. I love them. Daniel is no better than his family, and Aiden is a possessive thug.

        • Nickyz says:

          And Emily is no better than Daniel.

          • Jeremy says:

            Lol no. Emily is avenging her dead father who was framed and sent to prison for terrorism while she spent her childhood being abused and institutionalized.

            Daniel is a greedy brat who is motivated by nothing more than making more money and reputation for himself.

      • Radha says:

        Yes, many of us are here for that. And the fact that you wanted to throw up just makes you sound childish.

      • Nosey says:

        Just b/c there are some not for it that doesn’t mean it is not true. She makes a lot of effort to go see Jack. Aiden makes a lot of effort to come see her but the only time she visits Aiden is b/c of her revengenda she does not visit him just b/c she wants to see him. But I think she actually loves Jack, and does not love Aiden, Aiden is just convenient for her, and she only goes to Aiden when she can’t have Jack.

    • Elouise says:

      If only they would. So not here for St Jack of Porter. What a self-righteous hypocrite they’ve turned him into. Zzzzz.

      • Joy says:

        Go ahead and call Jack cute names. The fact is, he and Emily are totally endgame. You mentioned “zzzzzz” well you’re right–they’re absolutely DREAMY!!!!!

    • Jeremy says:

      Most fans are here for that. Sorry but Jack and Emily are endgame. End of. If you don’t like that maybe you should watch another show? :D

  21. Cassandra says:

    I completely agree that Charlotte cut the brakes on Conrad’s car, and I still think she’s the one that shoots Emily on the boat. Can someone please remind me why she’s so pissed off at Emily?

    • Liz says:

      Because Charlotte knows it was Emily who let it slip about Partrick staying at the Grayson Manor. She was the only one she told about Patrick abd then everyone knew. That’s why she is mad at her.

      • Cassandra says:

        Sometimes I completely tune out during Charlotte scenes, and apparently so does my sister who I watch with. Neither one of us could recall what caused the rift between to two. Thanks for reminding me.

      • Joy says:

        I think the argument with Charlotte and Emily is so stupid… forced drama. I’d rather see them team up! I like Charlotte being darker BUT she’s being more bratty than anything else.

    • Bob F. says:

      My guess is Charlotte wants Jack for herself. Get Emily out of the picture & Jack is all hers. Charlotte is already acting like mommy to little Carl. No amount of Grayson money can buy that. In theory, Carl jr. is Clark’s grandaughter, how would Conrad & Victoria feel about that? In her own way, Charlotte has a revenge plan just as devious as the others.

  22. Dani says:

    Yay! Patrick and Nolan kissed. Best part of the episode IMO.
    I get that they want to take Daniel down a dark path but that bribe was a bit much. It’s like he has become his father’s son in no time. Loved that Emily got her little revenge on him.
    Aiden seems pretty pointless. I get that Charlotte has a reason to be mad at Emily but her bitchy comments get on my nerves.
    Don’t know who tried to get rid of Conrad but I doubt it’s Charlotte. I would suspect Patrick or even Victoria more. Victoria had to loose something. Charlotte believed Conrad was dying anyway. Why go through such great links?

  23. Maria says:

    I hate that the writers were teasing viewers with Emily and Aiden last week only to sabotage his character once again. Given everything that happened over the past two years, it seems unrealistic for Jack and Emily to get a happy ending together. It’s time for the writers to move on from this fantasy by salvaging Emily and Aiden’s relationship because he’s the only solid love interest she has at this point.

  24. dee123 says:

    It’s between Patrick and Charlotte for who cut the breaks. I think Charlotte shoots Emily. She might finally find out who she is and blame her for everything she’s lost.

  25. David says:

    I’ve never liked the Aiden character, the actor isn’t bad but the character, useless and gets in the way and the last thing Emily needed was another all time love. I agree with the poster above I saw Daniel and Jack being the possible end games. I hope it was Daniel that tampered with the breaks. And yay for Nolan and Patrick.

  26. sparky says:

    Too many potential live interests for Emily…can we just get rid of Aiden so we know that she is just playing Daniel and loves Jack?

    • Jeremy says:

      Agreed, Aiden is useless and has no place on this show (besides taking screentime away from Emily/Nolan and trying to sabotage all of Emily’s plans). Please kill him off ASAP.

  27. Marc says:

    So Aiden is a bunny boiler? I did get the impression that he was a little obsessed with Emily last season, the minute he found out that Jack knew about Emily, he became so tense, I pictured him applying red lipstick all crazy-like and creating a Jack doll to stick pins into. But then the sociopaths of the Hamptons have a lot more finesse than that.

    Daniel is a real douche, he really is no better than his parents, reminds me of a vulture just lying in wait ready to swoop in and take away what other people worked so hard to create. He did it to Nolan and even his father, and he’s definitely going to try it with Margaux.

    • Andrea says:

      Daniel is not less douche than Aiden or the tedious self-right hypocritical self-right Jack.

      • Radha says:

        Wow, the word is “Self-righteous”–which Jack is NOT.

        • Kiwirevengefan says:

          Jack is self righteous. He is against Emily having her revenge, and yet he was perfectly prepared to shoot Conrad himself. Whereas Emily has never even attempted to kill anyone. Take them down, sure, but she has never intentionally tried to kill anyone. She did consider killing the white haired man who killed her father but in the end she couldn’t do it.

          • Nosey says:

            Jack is not self righteous, just in a lot of pain, she was going to kill the white haired man, she said she would marry Daniel, find the white haired man then kill him, she was mad @ Nolan b/c
            he stopped her, in addition she had a moment w/ Jack after Sammy, died and her revenge changed. Jack wanted to kill the man that killed his brother and was stopped just like she was. You should be calling her self righteous if you using that as an example. Both are just alike b/c they both had to be stopped from killing someone. This is a double standard b/c you are saying it is okay for her to stop him from getting his revenge, and it is not okay for him to stop her from getting her revenge. But yes, she wanted to kill just as bad as Jack did. I don’t see how people can’t see that she and Jack are just alike, both act on emotions and need to be controlled. She is nothing like Aiden b/c nothing will stop him from killing someone (actually like Fauxmanda). But she and Jack are just alike, b/c they lost someone at the hands of the Grayson’s and are only vengeful due to circumstance not character.

  28. Kristina says:

    I can see Charlotte having the motivation, but I seriously doubt her ability to do it herself. Maybe it was her idea and someone else did it? I wouldn’t rule out either Jack or Aiden being involved. Or, maybe Victoria had Patrick do it. Speaking of Aiden, way past time for him to go. It wasn’t so bad when he actually had a reason to be hanging around but now he’s just muddying the waters and getting in the way.

  29. Ava says:

    I think Charlotte tampered with the brakes and I think Daniel shoots Emily for making a fool of him. Both kids being chips off the old block would be very fitting.

  30. allen says:

    1- I really like the Graysons, they are so resilient. They are fighters. They don’t miss opportunities. You know exactly what they think about you: they are not hypocrite. You can either hate them or love them, but they are real (people).
    2- Episode 4 was much better than the previous one, because all characters seem to be awake. They ruled their own life, not everything was made for Emily’s glory or to preserve her status of Queen Revenger.

  31. Kira says:

    I think it was Daniel who tampered with the brakes and I’m kind of hoping he shoots Amily. Not because I want her dead but I think it would make Daniel way more interesting to see his Grayson darkside. He could give Conrad, Vicky, and Amily some trouble. I’m loving Nolan & Patrick!!!! There’s so much potential with them. I may be in the minority but I love Aiden & Amily!!! Their relationship seems a lot more realistic than her supposed true love Jack, who she knew for a summer to two when she was eight. I just hope they don’t keep trashing Aiden to build Jack up. Funny how Jack uses Carl as an excuse whenever he does or doesn’t want to do something. First its “I can’t be a part of this or you for his sake”. Now its “I have to get Conrad back for what he did Carl & Emanda”. Don’t make Amily feel like she’s a horrible person for doing this until its convenient for you to do it too. Make up your mind!!! Either you’re in or you’re out. Preferably out!!!

    • Joy says:

      …Sounds like someone doesn’t like Jack? Well, I love him. And I really like him with Emily! What’s wrong with being with someone that makes you want to be a better person? And theres obvious feelings there, so why not?

  32. Kat says:

    Victoria did say Patrick was the only one who would risk his freedom for her…maybe the brakes were tampered with by Patrick upon Victoria’s orders.

  33. Deion says:

    Certainly seems like tampering with those brakes was a very Charlotte thing to do. An ill-conceived attempt to get vengeance for Declan, whose exit we CHEERED FOR! Without speculating Patrick’s true intentions, I am very glad to see Justin Hartley back on my TV. I’m all in for Patrick/Nolan. I don’t doubt that he is Victoria’s son, but I also believe that like she once was, he’s a grifter. I imagine that if Victoria sent Frank to get rid of him, she knows what he looks like and everything about him. It would be ridiculous to think that Frank of all people didn’t do his homework for Victoria.

  34. LaLa says:

    Finally, I get an episode that makes me think this show is on the way to redemption. Victoria back in her “Begone with you!” prime. Priceless. Nolan with a boy toy. Great. Jack seemingly forgiving Emily and starting to work with her – it’s what I’d hope would happen all along. And the square (nee Triangle) that is all four of them (Jack, Aiden, Daniel, Emily). Fun.
    So, what I don’t understand – is Daniel even trying to go through with this marriage? It’s so OBVIOUS that Emily doesn’t love him (even without the revengenda). Why is he so willing to go through with this? And, what was the dirt that Patrick’s ex gave to Nolan (for $20K)? Was it that he is bi or gay? Or was there something else that we still get to learn about? And is Nolan using Patrick? Patrick using Nolan? Daniel using Emily? Who wants to bet that Jack isn’t the only one who knows Emily’s secret? (I mean, besides Nolan, Aiden and the jailed author)

    • Chelisa says:

      I haven’t seen episode 4 yet, so this is only to the extent of episode 3…in regards to the Daniel question — other than the fact that he probably still holds on to some affection for Emily, money is most likely the reason he stays with her. Isn’t he and his family broke now? And Emily’s loaded. He’s greedy enough.

      • Elouise says:

        It’s really hard to see at this point how these two are even going to make it to the big day, let alone down the aisle, short of a Victoria-style faked pregnancy. Maybe Daniel’s going to do it for the money after all. I hope Ems has got a watertight prenup up her sleeve.

  35. HBH says:

    I think this show needs to focus on some of the other characters a little more and develop those stories. personally, i’d like to see more of charlotte and jack. they claim jack is her true love, so shouldn’t we see more of him and how he’s dealing with finding out who emily truly is?

    on a side note, love that nolan has a love interest, but i’m really curious what that ex-wife told him and what made him pursue patrick.
    I feel bad for Aiden. Yea he’s a jerk for blaming it all on Jack and when emily finds out, god knows what she’ll do, but he’s also hurt that all emily can see is jack.

    i wish the show would pick up a little more. seems like its going slow, but i’m still obsessed.

  36. Anna says:

    Me thinks Aiden did go rogue BUT he’s working with Jack. Remember, in S02, when he convinced Nolan, behind Ems’s back, to hand over the check David Clarke wrote to Nolan for launch Nolcorp? Remember the misleading promo where Aiden’s waiting for Jack at his bar? Jack wants in, Emily doesn’t. I’m sure Aiden has no qualms helping Jack getting what he wants and against Ems’s will.
    Aiden DOES love Emily but he had enough self-respect to back off at the end of S2 when he figured out she may have some lingering feelings for Jack. At the end of last week’s ep, Aiden was the one who put the brakes on Emily’s moves/touches, whatever she was about to do with that hand of hers. Anyway, for the moment, I still have faith in Aiden…and Emily.

    • Elouise says:

      I’m not so sure, I think Aiden’s finally getting fed up of constantly coming second, especially to Jack (and who can blame him?). He looked really hurt when Ems accused him of going rogue. He’s such a complicated character, and I love watching him. He stirs things up and keeps them interesting.

      • Radha says:

        He should come second to Jack because he is Emily’s 2nd LOVE. Not her first. And you’re one of the few who find him compelling. He’s a nuisance

        • Kiwirevengefan says:

          Actually Radha, I think you will find that you are one of the minority who prefer Jack. I have seen two polls now which show far more people want Emily to end up with Aiden than Jack.

  37. Sarah says:

    Why is everyone complaining about the show being slow…it’s supposed to be 22 episodes long surely every episode is not going to be over the top with drama and suspense. Patience people!

  38. Mimmi says:

    I think Aiden isn’t dumb he’ll need some clarity / lay of the land re Emily’s feelings. Sunil Nayar says we will know how she feels about all three guys.
    Re the cliff hanger I think it’s not a clear “Aiden gone rogue” it will either work for Em – tell jack to clear off from Revenging or work for Jack – Aiden may help him – they both hate Conrad so Aiden will hatch a plan.

    I liked this episode – Victoria was supreme. Nolan is using Patrick or vice versa?

  39. Terry says:

    I think Aiden did it so he could frame Jack and get Emily back before she marries Daniel.

  40. Meredith says:

    Aiden is seeming a little unhinged, my bet’s on him for shooting Emily. Plus didn’t she say something about never wanting to hurt her shooter before they unloaded three bullets in her?

  41. LK says:

    I think Aiden shot Emily at the request of Victoria. But of course, aiden told Emily of the plan and the bullets were fake.

  42. Zkrr Ruiz says:

    charlotte shoots emily just because she went crazy when her stylist changed her hair (I seriously don’t get why charlotte is so bitter with almost everyone but jack and mini-jack) and patrick did that thing to the brakes on victoria’s orders (remember when victoria was going to board the plane and connie told her “if you board that plane it will be the last thing you do!” vitoria pretty much said the same thing just changing “board plane” for “something + car” AAAND in the (read it with daniel’s voice please) “previously on revenge” part, they showed victoria saying/yelling that and then the car in flames

    I can’t get a catchy name for patrick+nolan (notrick, noltrick, nolick haha, patlan, patolan, patan) everything sounds…wierd… but hey, THEY KISSED! I kinda danced a little bit when that happened

    I don’t really get this “I love jack, get rid of aiden” … jack is just a hypocrite like “since when is punishing -blah blah- instead of helping the innocent?!?” and he was planning to kill conrad with declan in the hospital!! writers should have killed jack instead of amanda, he is just annoying behaving like he is better than emily when he and his horrible mustache are just boring! (and emily should grow a pair tell him to f— off everytime he b*tches something at her! she just turns her head down like a puppy!) I mean, it’s like everytime he sees emily he thinks she stinks! and emily kinda believes him she stinks!

    now aiden, emily told us (correct me if I’m wrong) in the wedding episode, aiden is the only one who really understands her and knows her (yeah, jack might now she is amanda but clearly he doesn’t understand) and daniel is just… daniel… aiden really loves emily and emily does love him back, that’s why aiden stopped her hand when they were on the beach, besides, using him from inside the manor is kinda useful (just saying)… yes, he felt hurt when he heard about jack knowing she’s the real amanda, but I think he told conrad because he understand how much jack means to emily, so he can get out of the way

  43. SamanthaM says:

    Seriously, a spoiled child like Charlotte probably couldn’t pop the hood of a vehicle much less tamper with the brakes. Who did it? I’m guessing Patrick (at Victoria’s bequest), or Aiden (to muddy the waters which he excels at during this point in the script).

  44. xzhu says:

    Does Aiden really go rogue?

    Aiden took a bold move to frame jack, and surely is not a smart move to either revenge agenda or his relationship to Emily, the episode 4 tells us Emily might not trust Aiden as much as he thought, Aiden clearly feel bad when Emily question him if he tampered with Conrad car’s brake, and figure out actually Emily did not really trust him. Aiden do love Emily, and intend to leave with her after the whole revenging things get done, but when he know Emily told the truth to Jack and Jack became the part of the revenge, Aiden begin upset, and not sure about he could leave with Emily eventually, Aiden feel jealous and upset, thus he took a bold move to frame jack which might get jack killed, but it’s really not a smart move.

    Is there any possibilities that Aiden tampered with the brake, I do not see there is. Why did Aiden do that if he love Emily and want her revenge get done in her ways? Aiden has no reason to set back Emily’s plan if he wants Emily love and leave with him. And his bold move also could kill his little loving dream with Emily, Emily definitely will know who leak the info to the Grayson, and then it would be very hard for Emily to forgive him because Emily cares about Jack’s safe more than anything, and she would slow down the whole plan for Jack which also could put her and Aiden in danger.

    Jack is too good for Emily, and Emily does not deserve such a good guy in the end, Aiden is matched with Emily, however, Emily did not love him very much, she see Aiden as a good partner and backup team player when they are at mission, but when the mission is over, Emily does not feel she really need Aiden to be her family or her home, or lover

  45. Shannon says:

    I just started watching the show and I am liking it. I just had a few questions that maybe people can answer for me. Was the affair with David and Victoria a set up from the beginning? Amanda only knew from what she saw when hiding and David never introduced them and wonder whose idea that was. David seemed to be a devoted dad, but aside from the infinity box and a few happy flashbacks all the flashbacks are between David and Victoria alone and him telling her all this personal stuff seems like it to be a set up and such. David seemed more concerned about Charlotte then Emily. In the tapes, he does not seem to ask for his daughter or ask questions about her. How could Jack be fooled by the faux Amanda? Especially when Sammy nearly attacks the real Emily by licking her and going to her house and when faux Amanda comes he barks and wouldn’t he be curious as to why faux Amanda does not know a lot of the things she should know from her childhood? I am just concerned about the flashbacks and why Victoria wanted the real Amanda to be locked up in the institution and away from her father. As some points it seems like Victoria and Conrad are good people, but looking closely both are extremely evil.

    I hope Nolan is able to help the real Amanda and not lose herself too much and still be worthy of Jack. I do not like the Jack and Faux Amanda story though. Did Nolan know Jack was the one for Amanda is that why he bought the boat, befriended Jack so he could eventually get the two together? Will we know more about Nolan and his company and how AManda’s father helped him and flashbacks of visits between Nolan and David? Why didn’t David task Nolan to find AManda when in foster care and take her out and adopt her or something? I just hope we get more flashbacks to clear up things and also to see more of James Tupper as I loved him in Men in trees.

  46. Shannon says:

    I am watching Revenge on Netflix and I am on season 1 episode 20 and via the flashbacks it seems like the affair with David Clarke was a set up from the get go and Victoria was in on it. The only mistake was people claimed she ended up falling in love with him. Does anyone else see it as him being set up from the get go and having an affair to tarnish his rep or something to use against him? Other than that, he was a pretty stand up guy and other people’s crimes were laid on his doorstep when they betrayed David.

    • Shannon says:

      Is it me or was everything to do with David Clarke a set up from the beginning g even getting him to the Hamptons right next door to the Graysons? Too many things in flashbacks do not make sense unless they set him up or planned on him being a fall guy from the get go?

  47. Natalie says:

    I TOTALLY called Nolan and Patrick!
    Now I’m wondering if Jack really did tamper with the brakes on the car.

    • Nosey says:

      I wondered if Jack did it myself, he took very thorough videos of the car. I thought he probably wanted to help her so he can be in control of what they found, and he has his own revengenda. He is the only one that I know of who actually wants Conrad dead. I question why he would reveal his own tampering though, if his main goal is get back @ Conrad, why not just reveal Conrad was the driver, unless he revealed his own tampering to deter everyone, and maybe frame Victoria. Also, maybe he did not think it would be noticeable. It is possible some of the photos taken by him (particularly the ones that revealed the tampering) were taken prior to the crash. Maybe he did not want her to find it on her own, b/c she could suspect he did it, since she knows he tried to kill Conrad. I guess we’ll soon find out!!!

  48. Natalie says:

    Why did Jack so suddenly change his mindset? So far in this season he’s been telling Emily he doesn’t want to be part of her revenge and what she’s doing is wrong etc. Now he is in to it and wants to help.

  49. Nosey says:

    It is highly possible Jack tampered w/ those break. He could have taken some of those photos prior to the accident. He might have wanted to beat her to the discovery so
    she would not get in his way to take down Conrad, and so she could blame someone else, Aiden may not be throwing Jack under the bus and actually believe he tampered w/ them. Jack could be the shooter as well. I could see him pulling the trigger if there is still the potential Carl is not his and if he believes she is responsible. As much as I want she and Jack together, there is still the possibility that this the way to get them together, if both end up together both will end up getting killed, both are way too emotional which is a weakness when trying to revenge.