Scoop: Castle Creator Developing Philip Marlowe Detective Series for ABC

Philip Marlowe SeriesCastle creator Andrew Marlowe is expanding his detective empire.

Marlowe and wife/Castle writer and consulting producer Terri Edda Miller, along with Michael De Luca (Mob City), are working on an hour-long drama featuring Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe character for ABC.

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Described as “sexy” and “stylish,” the new project follows the wisecracking, private eye in modern-day Los Angeles, “where true love can be more difficult to find than justice.”

The character appears in several of Chandler’s novels, including The Big Sleep and The Long Goodbye, and has previously appeared on the small screen.

The gumshoe was featured in Philip Marlowe, a 1959 ABC half-hour series; Philip Marlowe: Private Eye, an ITV production, starring Nashville‘s Powers Boothe in the title role, that aired on HBO in the 1980s; a 1995 episode of Showtime’s Fallen Angels, in which Danny Glover (Touch) portrayed the character; and Poodle Springs, a 1998 HBO movie featuring James Caan (Back in the Game) as the P.I.

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  1. Apples says:

    Damn, I love Castle and I love anything noir. Hopefully this is awesome!

    • Big Mike says:

      “Described as sexy and stylish”. This doesn’t sound very “noir” to me.

      • Apples says:

        Noir-inspired then. Castle has a very “Thin Man” feel to it, personally.

        • Eurisko says:

          there’s nothing Noir about Castle. It’s a second rate Bones. You might want to look up the definition of Noir.

          • Apples says:

            Bones jumped the shark a long time ago, Castle is by far the superior show. And you should definitely read ‘The Thin Man’ if you can’t see the obvious inspiration there, from one of the masters of noir (Hammett).

          • Mary says:

            I like Bones, but Castle isn´t its second rate…Castle is way better than Bones, starting with the acting!

          • Heat says:

            If you’re calling Castle a second rated Bones then I’m questioning whether you really have seen the show. You might want to look up Castle.

          • Just one thing says:

            Castle is like Bones in that its leads are male and female who are polar opposites and fall in love. Just like about 150 other TV shows and films out there since the 1930s.
            Booth is in the FBI, Brennan is a doctor, and it takes place in DC. Does that mean Bones is a second-rate X-Files? Sheesh.

          • Eurisko says:

            As for Castle being a Bones clone lets look at the facts. Joss whedon leading man. Check. Writer of popular fiction who incorporates their adventures. Check. Miss matched pair who fall in love while solving crimes. Check. One part of the couple having no business being in danger in the field. Check…… No. Castle is nothing like Bones.

          • Andie says:

            Bones fell off its game around season 5, and had been in gradual decline before that. It was best in its first two seasons. Castle has stayed strong since its premiere. I like and watch both shows but Castle has better acting, writing and direction. Now if Bones had Castle’s writers and showrunner it might give Castle a run for its money, but it’s just not as smart a show as it was when it started out and Emily Deschanel’s character has lost all the edge she had in the first two seasons. (Which I suspect is primarily a direction issue.)

          • John says:

            Even after watching 12 episodes, Bones was disappointing to say the least while Castle hooked me in the first episode itself. If anything, Bones could be called as a second-rate Castle.

          • Mary says:

            When I started watching Bones I had just finished watching Crossing Jordan and my 1st tought was: is this a copy of CJ?! Hell, even the fathers of the leading females were called “Max”! Meaning, for me, it´s not because 2 shows have similar plots that makes the younger a 2nd rate of the older…it´s the writting, the acting, etc.
            And between Castle and Bones, Castle gets the better…someone below said if Bones had the same writers and showrunner could give Castle a run; for me, even that wouldn´t be enough because Nathan Fillion is a much better actor than David Boreanaz and Stana Katic is way but way better actress than Emily Deschanel!

          • Eurisko says:

            Bones came first. So it would be hard to copy Castle seeing it wasn’t on the air. As for quality that wasn’t my point. My point is it copied Bones in so many ways. As I listed above. They just tweaked it a tiny bit. Having said that the writing on Castle is awful. Unispired. That’s not coming from a hater. I love the two leads. That’s coming from critics and level headed fans. And don’t get me wrong. Bones should have ended 3 seasons ago. But based on facts of characters and story set up. Castle is a Bone Copy. Deal with it.

          • Mary says:

            My point is that just because Bones came first, doesn´t mean Castle is its second rate..In that case, Bones is a copy of a lot of shows that came before them. Deal with it. And I like both shows, or saying better, I like Bons and love Castle.

          • Eurisko says:

            @Mary. but i put out facts. You just give your feelings.

          • Naomi says:

            Wow. I must be the only person who likes Bones and Castle but still enjoys Bones more. Granted, last season was pretty bad but Seasons 6 and 7 were some of the show’s best and this current season has been pretty good so far too.

            Castle is cool too, much more consistent in it’s quality but it hasn’t really touched the best of Bones.

          • scooby says:

            Bones got schooled on how to get a lead couple together (many long time Bones fans were annoyed about the development of their couple and I felt for them because I’ve been there/done that with ‘ships going on too long without a hookup). Who knows what would’ve happened if Emily hadn’t gotten pregnant. As for dealing with a serial killer storyline, Castle did that better too. I mean when 3XK is on, Castle fans know it’s gonna be a great ep. All I heard about Pelant was hatin.’ Bones and Castle aren’t the same sort of show, not really. And let’s be honest, neither of them is The X-Files which reigns uber alles (at least the part where Duchovny was on the show and they hadn’t botched the Samantha storyline). I adore The Thin Man movies so Castle’s right up my ally tonally. If you can’t appreciate that sort of partnership because there’s some weird either/or going on where you can only like Bones, you’re missing out. They’re on separate networks. The existence of one doesn’t hurt the other. Let the bitterness go.

      • DL says:

        Noir is definitely “sexy” and “stylish,” in my opinion. It’s not the “sexy” of today’s standards, but I think the classic noir image of the femme fatale walking into the detective’s office is totally stylish and sexy.

  2. Caskett says:

    Is anyone else hoping Nathan Fillion voices the P.I?

  3. I have great faith in Andrew and Terri and know that it could be great, however I can’t help but flash Hart Hanson and what his forays into new projects did to Bones (IMO). Castle has gotten better with each season, thanks in large part to Terri and Andrew’s vision, and I’d hate to see it begin a slow decline because they couldn’t be available to the writers and production team. Phew, glad to get that off my chest. Now I can commence cheering them on!

    • Apples says:

      Don’t most people expect Castle to finish after season 7? I do (as a huge fan).

      I think they’re maybe looking at this project as a successor.

      • Kida says:

        Nope – at least 8 full seasons. (Unless you’re wanting it to end prematurely, in which case fan status is revoked) ;)

        • Apples says:

          I don’t see Fillion especially hanging around after his contract is up in S7. I think both he and Katic want to do more film work.

          I love the series, but there is a definite end point there- they get married some time towards the end of this season or early next season, and Beckett finally nabs Bracken and falls pregnant in a two part finale.

        • Just one thing says:

          Seventh season is a lock. Eighth season is a mystery… But ABC may be in dire straits enough to pony up for an eighth season.
          They’ve not had much success developing procedurals since 2009, but maybe they’ll strike gold with all the new procedurals they’re developing now.
          Good for Marlowe, Miller & Co.

          • Apples says:

            Given the rock-steady and loyal fanbase of the show, as well as the fact they make money from the extended media like the Nikki Heat books, I think ABC would easily re-up for season 8 if the cast and the creative team were on board. But I don’t think they would be.

          • Just one thing says:

            I think the crew totally is. Bowman obscurely joked about it at Paley this year. I think some of the cast would be down.
            But I agree, I don’t think everyone is game to do an eighth season. To be fair, that’s a long freaking commitment. And I suspect everyone is going to want more money.

          • Christina says:

            I think 8th season is a mystery on Fillions part. ABC would for sure go for it.
            Either way, I’m just happy we have 7.

          • Badpenny says:

            Let’s keep in mind that 7 isn’t a lock. The actors all contracted for 7 in the beginning, but every year we wait to see if Castle will get picked up for the next Season. A lot can happen in the next 20ish episodes to guarantee a 7th, or not.

          • Apples says:

            @Badpenny: the show would have to crash catastrophically for a 7th season not to happen. I think we’re all predicting that is very, very unlikely at this point especially given the fact it is already in syndication and doing well there.

          • Just one thing says:

            I agree, Badpenny. There’s no way to know how the other episodes will fare against the Nielsen machine. But as Apples said, it would have to complete crumble.
            It doesn’t get 3s like Scandal and never will, but it’s still doing better than Revenge/OUAT and a few others. And the rest are barely pulling their own weight while being fairly expensive.

      • Mary says:

        I also expect (and hope) Castle gets a 7th season and ends at that…and as a huge fan I´m ok with it! Gives time to wrap the stories and finish in a high note. And, being NF and SK actors able to diversify their skills, it´s only normal they want to do other things beyond a tv show, I think.

        • Just one thing says:

          No shame in seven seasons! I agree that it would be a good opportunity to end it properly.
          Though I can’t remember, did Susan Sullivan predict eight seasons way back in February? I remember scoffing. Haha, maybe she’ll be right.

          • Apples says:

            All of my favourite shows have had runs seven seasons or less, so I wouldn’t be unhappy about going out on top at 7 either.

            But you’re right, Susan Sullivan did predict eight, I think. She was also the only cast member who was confident about the show getting to a 100 eps right from the start, so maybe she does have a midas touch with the predictions.

          • nicademus11 says:

            I think 7 is about as much a lock as you’re going to get, unless as others say it completely implodes. But in the first 4 episodes it appears the new writers and return of Terri have really energized that writing and plotting for the show, which I am excited about. That combined with the fact that ABC hasn’t put out a strong 1 hour long show this season they are going to have to see what is in development and how next seasons outings go. So much will factor into it. And ABC tends to breed success by doing a mid-season insert for an 8-9 episode run. Like they did for Grey’s Anatomy, Castle, Scandal and Nashville.

            At the end of the day this is a business and ABC will do what’s most profitable. The show is already sold into syndication so there isn’t a need to get to a certain point of episodes anymore. Frankly, I am with Fillion on this, he did an interview in advance of season 4 airing talking about how getting to 6 would be amazing and that ultimately going out before you are limping to the end was the chief desire. That said, I think the show has really embraced Castle/Beckett’s relationship in a way they didn’t last year that has brought a fun confidence back to the show that reminds me of season 3. I’d like to see at least season 7 (mainly because I want a musical episode). But from a storytelling standpoint, I don’t see how it goes on beyond that without getting redundant. I also think the amount of money it would cost to keep especially Fillion and Katic would potentially be a price not worth paying for ABC. We shall see. I am curious to see what Marlowe and Miller do beyond Castle as well.

      • James says:

        Castle will get a Season 7 but 8 is up to the ratings and if Nathan wants to continue. He’s going to have a lot of options open for him and it will depend on how much money ABC is willing to throw at him to convince him to stay.

        • Apples says:

          I’m just discounting the possibility of 8 happening altogether so if by some miraculous confluence of events it does, it is a huge happy bonus surprise for me.

  4. Autumn says:

    I love Philip Marlowe but I’m not sure that the Castle writers are the ones to pull this off. The writing (outside the romance) is kind of mediocre in my opinion. But maybe they can pull off the witty and noirish Bogart dialogue and prove me wrong. I really like the idea of this being a series.

    • Templar says:

      They did a great job with the Blue Butterfly episode of Castle. I’ll watch it.

      • Just one thing says:

        Heresy, I know, but I really didn’t like that episode. One if the only episodes I refuse to watch again.

        • Mary says:

          See, for me it´s one of the favourites of the whole series!:)

        • nicademus11 says:

          Just one thing – you are not alone on the Blue Butterfly – it’s an episode I desperately wanted to love and just didn’t. While it was visually beautiful, I thought Stana in particular was just off and not at all believable, in fact that only scene I really enjoyed was Castle trying to get Ryan to speak with an Irish accent.

  5. Eurisko says:

    I love the Big Sleep and Marlowe but Sexy and Stylish? Ugh.
    From the people who brought you the bland and 100% unoriginal Castle. Double Ugh.
    Please no. Please.

    If it was not for Fillion being Awesome Castle would never have made it. He covers for those Mickey Mouse stories. Sexy and Stylish AKA Chick show to fit into ABC’s all chick line up.

  6. Alan says:

    as long as it doesnt stray too far from the noir of the original stories i will watch, there isnt enough noir inspired fiction out there now. i would rather it be set in the time period of the original novels but sherlock did the modern update thing perfectly so im am not totally put off by it.

  7. Peter S. Bernstein says:

    Marlowe was the main character in all of Chandler’s novels and was also the protagonist in most of his short stories for “Black Mask” even when not named. These were mined, combined and legthened into some of the novels. That said, I can only hope that the writers will respect Chandler enough to make this a quality effort. He was not only a great writer of detective fiction but one of the greatest American novelists of the 20th century popular though it might be. The Powers Boothe efforts were underwhelming as were some earlier TV efforts in the 50’s. Cross your fingers Chandler fans.

  8. Rich Abey says:

    Good for Andrew & Terri. If this new show is anything as close to being good as ‘Castle’ I’m all in!

  9. Dana says:

    Happy for Terri and Andrew. Just hope they won’t forget about Castle tho

  10. Erika says:

    I will definitely check this out if it gets to the pilot pickup point. As for casting? Eh… I dunno. For some reason, Richard Madden popped into my head as a good idea… but I might be crazy. A less-recognizable actor wouldn’t necessarily be the worst thing to happen, either.

    • Stormy says:

      Phillip Marlowe is American, not Scottish. And roughly late 30’s or early 40’s in age. Someone along the lines of Victor Webster, Mark Valley or Scott Patterson would work better for me.

      • scooby says:

        Although I loved him on Gilmore GIrls, I never would’ve thought of Patterson, but now that you mention it, it’s growing on me.

  11. bamboodo says:


  12. ChuckMeForever says:

    Since Castle is a GREAT Show I will Definitely watch this one… Only thing is I wish it were set in the 50’s -and early 60’s….

  13. Matt says:

    I love Chandler’s books, but this news lost me the second they mentioned a modern setting. I may still check it out if it airs, but a big part of Chandler’s charm for me is the 1940s setting.

    • Apples says:

      A realistic setting of the 40s would have to deal with a lot of racism, sexism, homophobia etc that would not jibe well with modern audiences, especially in a procedural that would largely aim to be fun and pretty mindless in the Castle mould.

      Much better off updating the setting to the modern day.

  14. kathy says:

    The problem that I have with “updating”, aka PCing it, is that it really changes the characters…their attitudes, how the interact with others. One of my favorite classes in high school was Detective Fiction. From that class I have read every single Agatha Christie, Dashell Hammett, and most of Raymond Chandlers. I own the complete set of The Thin Man movies and I own The Big Sleep. Those characters represent a time and a place, and to relocate them changes them. That’s my opinion anyway.

    • Alan says:

      it doesnt necessarily change the characters. just look at sherlock, it brings the characters into the modern world and they are still the same recognisable characters from the original stories.

  15. Famo88 says:

    Best of luck to Marlowe and Terri! But I can’t help but think who is going to be their next ‘Caskett’? Castle works mainly because of Caskett’s relationship as Marlowe himself has said on a number of occasions that Caskett’s relationship is the bread and butter of the show. It makes me think who will be the ‘bread and butter’ of their show, casting wise because you don’t get a chemistry like the one Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic have, everyday!

    Having said that, I am sure Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller are going to come up with an excellent production. I’ll definitely give it a watch.

    • Apples says:

      Yep, they’ve got to know casting is pretty key. Tbf, they auditioned something like a 120 actresses before settling on Katic because they could see her chemistry with FIllion. So I guess they’ll be exhaustive again.

  16. Fanny says:

    I love “Castle”, but I hate the bad grammar used week after week more. The butchering of the English language is my greatest pet peeve. HELLLOOOO!…. “people” are hanged not hung. Objects are hung. Also “either”, “neither”, “none”, “each”, “one” etc. are singular pronouns….therefore, they all require singular verbs……..”Neither of us IS going out.”,,,,, not, “are going out”. Please go back to school…this is basic grammar..