Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on The Good Wife, The Mentalist, Glee, H50, Arrow, Bates Motel and More

Good Wife Spoilers Alicia Leaves FirmWhat’s hitting the fan on The Good Wife? What fresh drama awaits Glee‘s Rachel? Did a Criminal mind cheat? Will Bates Motel open its door to brotherly love? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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What scoop can you give on the October 27th episode of The Good Wife? –Liz
Um, that it’s amazing. And breakneck-paced. And will basically cause 42 minutes of anxiety. And may lead you to cease breathing for long stretches of time. Aptly titled “Hitting The Fan,” it’s everything you fear it is — which makes it ridiculously compelling. Words are exchanged. Hardball is played. Sex is (quickly) had. Alliances flip-flop. There is dizzying double-crossing. And by hour’s end, Alicia is reborn in an exciting way. In other words: WATCH THIS ONE LIVE and STEER CLEAR OF THE TWITTER.

Could someone please dig up some Good Wife scoop pertaining to Kalinda? –Tage
This quite possibly qualifies. Episode 100 will introduce the recurring character of Jenna, a tough, funny police detective who’s comfortable in her own skin (and, in fact, is comfortable in a lot of people’s skin. Which sounds sexy if you block out Silence of the Lambs imagery). Also, Jenna’s not averse to mixing the personal with the professional, so….

Do you have any Mentalist scoop? –Shena
I just screened this Sunday’s episode, and it moves along the Red John hunt in some verrrrrry interesting ways. For one, there’s an edge-of-your-seat tete-a-tete between Homeland’s Bob Kirkland and FBI agent Reede Smith. You’ll also learn that two people from Jane’s past have recently died. And you’ll hear, “Tiger, Tiger” uttered several times.

We’re shocked by the title of The Mentalist episode 6.09, “My Blue Heaven.” Any idea what’s going on in this episode? And why no RED in the title? –Mila
I’m just spitballing, but I’d take the change in colors to suggest that Red John will not be an issue by then…? P.S. Lest you think Jane’s soon entering his “blue” period, Episode 10 – in which we meet a gung-ho new tech analyst named Jason — is titled “Green Thumb.” Maybe they’re saving periwinkle for February sweeps? P.P.S. Shouldn’t the first episode after RJ is nabbed be titled “Orange You Glad We Caught Him”?

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What can you tell me about what’s going to happen when Glee comes back? –Audri
It’ll be time for Ms. Rachel Berry, in the wake of personal devastation, to be put to the professional test, in her Broadway debut. “I always thought Rachel was going to be a big star — that was sort of planted, even in the pilot,” show boss Ryan Murphy tells us. “So the story’s about that. Does [Funny Girl] get good reviews? Does it get bad reviews? We’re trying to add some complications in there.”

Any chance you have Criminal Minds scoop? I’d love to hear it! –Rachel
Around midseason, we will meet Blake’s police detective brother and retired police captain dad, who summon her when their hometown is rocked my multiple murders.

Please tell me that Criminal Minds‘ JJ didn’t have an affair with the new chief (played by Esia Morales). That’d break my Jareau-loving heart. –Amanda
I know that’s the easy conclusion to jump to, but his mentioning of a “case still being open” steered me away from it. For now. But frankly, we’re meant to be puzzled. Coming out of this week’s episode, “People are going to be a little confused as to what exactly their relationship is — and the great thing about it is we really don’t answer any questions,” says A.J. Cook. “We just let it hang there, for a while. But I hope people stick with it, because it’s a beautiful thing.”

I’ll take anything you have on Chicago Fire‘s Shay. Please and thank you! –Saadia
Having witnessed a suicide, the guilt-slash-blame drives a wedge between Shay and Dawson, forcing one to consider moving out of Firehouse 51.

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Your tweet was totally right, Arrow‘s second episode was better than the premiere. Reward my flattery with a spoiler? –Erin
Put on your tin foil hat and speculate about this one: Around midseason, we’ll catch glimpse of Anna, a Hispanic woman in her 60s who is confined to a mental hospitalTruth And Consequences while muttering something over and over and harboring a “deadly secret.”

I really like Hostages! The promo for next week says that somebody won’t survive. Do you have any info as to who it might be? –Jenny
I’m not saying that this has to do with the death you speak of, but… Duncan’s crew will be down a man by episode’s end. Also: Toni Collette busts out the Emmy-winning chops when a dark secret from Ellen’s past is brought to light.

When will Melanie Griffith arrive on Hawaii Five-0? Anything on the story surrounding her? –Sarah
Filmdom’s erstwhile Working Girl will debut as Danny’s mother in the second half of this season, for at least three episodes. “Danny gets a knock on the door one day and there’s Melanie Griffith with a couple of bags,” showrunner Peter M. Lenkov told me. “She left the husband, who’s acting like a 25-year-old and going through a midlife crisis. She says she just can’t take it anymore, so she moves in with him and it’s a little like The Odd Couple. Youre going to earn a lot about Danny in those episodes.”

Do you have any Hawaii Five-0 spoilers? –Sheila
Will Danny not be playing (with the) doctor much longer?  In Episode 12, the CBS drama will introduce the recurring character of Amber, a comely New York City transplant whom Danny “meets cute” at a gas station… and by episode’s end must rescue from danger.

As I was watching Marcel decide he wants to kill an original, I got wondering: Will The Originals keep with the mythology set up by The Vampire Diaries, that killing an original also kills all the vampires he/she sired? –Lia
That hard-and-fast rule absolutely holds true in the spin-off.

VIDEO | Freddie Highmore Offers Up Bates Motel Season 2 ‘Revelations,’ Teases Arrival of [Spoiler]

I’d love some info on Bates Motel, like when it’s coming back and any juicy scoops. –Donald
While the Season 2 premiere date stands as a general “2014,” we for certain got some juicy scoop from The Shield alum Kenny Johnson, who’s joined the A&E drama as… well, we’ll let him tell it. “I come on as Norma’s brother, Caleb, who used to have sex with her through their childhood. Which is kind of weird, yeah. So that’s really a comfortable thing to get into!” And yet it explains so, so much.

Modern Family is doing location filming at a park close to my house, involving carnival rides. Any fun scoops you can give me? –Mary
What you laid eyes on was the ABC hit shooting an episode set at a school fair, where Jay is begrudgingly signed up to play “fair cop” – and, worse, partnered with someone he cannot stand.

I know that it’s probably tough to get some spoilers for upcoming episodes of this show but is there a tiny chance that you may have some juicy stuff on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? –Andy
EP Jeph Loeb told me that when Titus Welliver reprises his role as Agent Blake, there “absolutely” will be a nod to his storyline from the Marvel short film Item 47. After all, “He lived in a world in which Mr. Coulson was dead,” Loeb notes. “And that will certainly play a part in his visit.”

I need some Once Upon a Time scoop! Please tell me Charming is gonna be OK?! –Taylor
Would that I could. But…. “He is going to have to be fighting with the reality that he’s poisoned and there really is no cure,” EP Eddy Kitsis shared last weekend at the New York Comic-Con panel I moderated. “It’s a true test of his strength, and we’re really going to see how strong he is as a human.” Added EP Adam Horowitz: “It’s going to be a big burden, not just physically but mentally.”

I read that Mike & Molly is coming back Nov. 4. I am worried though that the show was held back until now. Will they have a full 22-episode season? –Steve
Yes, as CBS boss Nina Tassler assured back in May, when it was revealed that M&M would ride the pine until needed to come off the bench, it will be back with a full season.

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  1. the girl says:

    Sounds like Glee is going to have the same superhuman timeline as Smash, and somehow the polished production will end up on Broadway in like, two weeks.

  2. Sarah says:

    I don’t like the Charming spoiler. I don’t want him to die.

    • Andy says:

      Charming is not going to die.

      • Christina says:

        There would be too big of a revolt if they killed him off. Honestly, I love the show, but if they killed him off, even I’d be tempted to jump ship and just read the recaps. I love the whole Charming Family dynamic they’re developing, and it just wouldn’t be the same show without it.

    • Name That Tune says:

      I’m guessing there going to pull a Phillip. He will “die” & return. There’s any number of ways that could happen. Like he gets booted back to Storybrook or FTL.

  3. Mary says:

    So disappointed to know there will be another love interest for Danny… why can’t they focus again on the Steve/Danny relationship and on the team dynamics? Catherine, now this Amber… boring and unneeded characters and storylines… it’s not what this show is about. I hope the writers will give us back the show that made many of us fall in love with the show in the first place.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      it totally agree with you…..WHY can we get some really GOOD “MCDANNO” stuff….though, we may….considering danny’s mom moves in with him….lol…..we get rid of gabby….and now, we get another….the BEST ROMANCE on the show is STEVE AND DANNY…..even ALEX knows that……what is tptb so afraid of?…..CBS can’t say, they’ve NEVER had GAY storylines in their shows….look at 2 daytime soaps they had….they DON’T even have to fresh with each other…..but, LAY OFF CATHERINE and other females except for danno’s “monkey” for awhile and GIVE UP WHAT WE WANT.

      • Taty says:

        They have a couple with such a chemistry that it shows up everywhere anytime they are together on screen but are too afraid to use such a powerful relationship…
        They are SO afraid of the very idea of looking ‘gay’ (being that such an incredibly bad thing ;P) they end up not using Steve and Danny relationship at best at least as brother/friends pushing in boring and forced storylines instead of telling us interesting cop stories with this two buddies as main characters together with the rest of the 5-0 team, as many classic cop shows did in the past….
        I miss so much H50 season 1…

      • miracle says:

        Please don’t cross up Alex’s comments about the Steve/Danny relationship.

        In the recent Q&A he said “the relationship” between those two is the glue of the whole show – which is perfectly right and noone disagrees -, but without any value judgement about gay or not or romance or not.

        What he also said a few years ago: “We’ll be the bromance of the decade.” “Bromance” means a close but non-sexual relationship.

        And during the live twitter event of the premiere of H50 S4 he said, answering this question: “why does Steve love Danno so much?” Alex: “They’re partners. They’re the brothers that neither of them ever had”.

        This is as Alex sees it.

        I for one am glad that Danny will finally get some kind of new storyline, not only an episode here or there. Those undoubtedly were great, and I loved them and Scotts really great performances in those episodes, but he never had a real storyline except of Rachel and the custody case now and than. So hopefully this will turn out to be a good thing.

    • konnie kim says:

      I agree there is too much Catherine in the show with all her emotions. Sticking to the basic characters with their interactions and solving a good case was best for me.

  4. Trenton says:

    What if charming became the dark one? Somehow rumples finds a loop hole where he doesn’t have to die and bam… Would switch stuff up

  5. Renee says:

    Please don’t let the GW sex include Peter and his ethics counselor. Plleeeeaaaasssseeeee.

    • Tav says:

      Here’s hoping it’s Kalinda and Cary. I’ll take what I can get between them, even a quickie, as long as it’s ON SCREEN.

  6. Jamie04 says:

    I am really looking forward to Rachel being on Broadway. This is where the show has been heading and it will be interesting to see. I’m sure it’s not going to be as easy as she thought. Perhaps the reviews come in and she gets dose of reality (or not). Can’t wait!!!

  7. Ryan says:

    How long is the Laurel trying to catch Oliver story arc going to last? It seems repetitive to last year when her dad was looking for Oliver.

    • Sheila says:

      I didn’t make the connection until I saw them in print, but are the characters’ names some kind of Laurel & Hardy joke?

  8. sarah says:

    H50: I thought Gabby worked for museums or something. Chin’s love interest is a doctor.
    Chicago Fire: if it came down to Shay or Dawson I would choose to lose Dawson, however I am sure neither will leave!

  9. shiloh. says:

    Thanks so much for the spoilers on AoS. Last week’s episode was the best one to date and I love Coulson. I also am interested to see what this reveals about him being dead.
    Also, thanks very much for “The Good Wife” spoilers. I am so stoked for the episode you described so eloquently. Is this the one where Will pushes all the stuff off of the Alicia’s desk? If not, so stoked for that one too.
    “Orange you glad we found him?” LOL! You are definitely one of my most favorite entertainment reporters. You do great post-eps, you’re funny and fair. Thanks, Matt!

  10. article says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on thesis about teaching the english
    language. Regards

  11. david says:

    I am confused Why cant klaus use the sire bond on Marcel ?

    • eileen says:

      For vampires to be affected by the sire bond, they had to have feelings for the vampire that sired them when they were turned. It only happens automatically with the hybrids.

      • Carla Krae says:

        Right. And even if Marcel had a bond to Klaus when he was turned, it’d be gone and faded away by now after so much time.

  12. Zack B says:

    Suspicion re Charming’s fate:

    Neverland is fueled by belief. Henry is the ‘truest believer’. Henry can therefore unlock the true power of Neverland (ultimately imo Pan’s true goal). Henry can believes his grandfather can be cured (he’s the doe-eyed optimist of the story after all). Neverland makes it happen in response to the power of the heart of the truest believer.

    I’ll be shocked if this isn’t the path it takes. Mainly because it fits with the notion and plot resolution of ever major conflict in the series. Things are pushed to a head, a new magical force is revealed, it fixes the problems but causes others.

    As to the problem caused by saving Charming? No clue.

  13. Babybop says:

    While I don’t want Charming to die, I do think they should kill off a character. There are waaaay too many to keep up with. Ha ha.

  14. Julie says:

    Any chance the case JJ and Cruz worked on together is linked to Emily and Doyle? With Paget Brewster coming back for #200 could it all be related? Or has the Doyle ship sailed? I’m hoping she’s back in real time and not just in flashbacks.

    • Angela says:

      I’ve been wondering that, too. I think it was that episode that I’d read would focus a lot on JJ, so…yeah. I could easily see the two things being connected.
      If that’s the case, that will be VERY interesting, and I look forward to seeing how they deal with all of that.

    • J says:

      I agree it’s possible. Watch the episode again and pause when Rossi is reading Cruz’s bio. It states around 2003, Cruz was involved with Counter Terrorism and the JTF which is what Emily was involved with. And that was the approximate time, Emily was ending her stuff with Doyle. Also, Emily came up with the German connection is this weeks episode. I think it can be all related. And my far out theory of JJ and Cruz is that they are related. Brings the sibling rivalry storyline together – but as AJ said, in a beautiful way. We shall see!

  15. J says:

    Oh love The Mentalist scoop! Really interesting about the change with color and I think you hit the nail on the head concerning why. Ep 4 sounds eerie and awesome.

  16. Lia says:

    Thank you for answering my question!!

  17. Saadia says:

    Thanks for the scoop!

  18. Leo says:

    Looks like I’ll be the only person saying thanks for the Hostages scoop.
    Thanks Matt.
    I adore Toni Collette so much and looks forward to Ellen’s past you mentioned.
    Hope more people watch this!

  19. Daniel says:

    Thanks again Matt, for putting Hostages in the spotlights. I really like the show and wish there were more people tuning in.
    I think Archer will die next week, although Sandrine is a likely candidate too.

  20. Yesterday on Twitter Ryan O’Neal said it’s the last season of Bones and Hart Hanson responded that only Fox knows if this is the last season for Bones. Today on Ryan O’Neal’s news site I can see he deleted yesterday’s quote…. Well, can you please find out if there is any truth behind it?

  21. RS says:

    No longer can watch Good Wife due to Noth’s racist comments.

    • Tim says:

      You need to get a grip. Mr. Noth called the Tea Party out for its racism. No matter how the far right attempts to redefine racism, they cannot.

      If you choose not to watch the good wife for its political slant, well… one wonders how you survived this long, as it most definitely leans liberal.

      Good bye and good riddance to you.

  22. Ruth says:

    How many CSI episodes do I have to watch without my favorite character Nick Stokes (George Eads)? Hope he has settled the feud and will return soon.