Scandal's Scott Foley: Jake Getting Back With Olivia Is a 'Huge Priority' (See 13 Reunion Photos)

SCOTT FOLEY, KERRY WASHINGTONJake Ballard may be down, but he is not out.

ABC’s Scandal last week plucked Olivia’s ex-lover (played by Scott Foley) out of “the hole” and deposited his beaten, bruised self on her doorstep — just as she was reeling from both dodging the MistressGate bullet and an intense reunion with her father (aka the man who was lording over Jake’s fate).

But in what psychological state is the B613 castoff as he is thrust back into Liv’s life?

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“It’s so interesting, because we know how Huck is now, after being in the hole for so long,” Foley, who is now a series regular, tells TVLine. “We saw him before that, and then he was in there for a long time — he was deprogrammed and forgot his family and all that. But Jake wasn’t in there quite as long. I’m sure it will affect him at some point, but so far not yet.

“His facial hair is a little bit longer!” the actor adds with a laugh.

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One thing that definitely has not changed for Jake are his feelings for Kerry Washington‘s Olivia, with whom he was enjoying a warm romance before his voyeuristic secret got out and then 31 flavors of other hell broke loose. Returned to the outside world, what are his intentions with regard to the beautiful fixer?

Rekindling that flame “is sort of Goal No. 1 for him right now — or Goal No. 2, aside from figuring out B613,” Foley says. “In his eyes, repairing and restoring the relationship with Olivia is a huge priority.”

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Of course, two is company but three still portends to be a crowd when it comes to Olivia’s love life, assuming that she has yet to wash the leader of the free world out of her hair. Further muddying matters may be new intel about Jake’s past with Fitz (Tony Goldwyn), which acquired a dark undertone when B613 boss Rowan (Joe Morton) shared with Cyrus the details on the Navy buddies’ top-secret Operation Remington (which Foley previously teased here).

“We’re going to learn a lot more about the relationship between Fitz and Jake, which is really important in this story,” he says. “They were military buddies and friends prior to Jake being in B613 and obviously prior to Fitz being president, so there’s a lot of good stuff to explore.”

That said, Foley this season won’t be sharing scenes with only Washington, Goldwyn and Morton. “There are still a few people I haven’t been thrown in the sandbox with, but I’d say seven out of 10 of them, I’ve now worked with,” he reveals. “It’s a good thing.”

Also a good thing: A total of 13 photos from Jake’s reunion with Olivia. Also, vote in our poll below!

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  1. Court says:

    Yes! Love Jake/Olivia. Please go there for real.

    • Sara says:

      Scott Foley is the *only* reason I’m still watching. The conspiracies are ridiculous–there will be aliens landing on the WH lawn soon.

      • Anna says:

        ehem Scott Foley is the “main” reason more people tune out .. just saying

        • Sharie says:

          Umm maybe for the 1% of extreme olitz shippers…which let me assure you the audience is not all #olitz. I can already start seeing the backlash on olitz on twitter, tumblr, etc. fitz has jerked around olivia for far far too long.

          • Kyle says:

            61.15% actually… to be exact.

          • princess1020 says:

            Like many other fans, I’m getting sick and tired of this back and forth for Olivia and Fitz…it really is getting annoying and I’m starting to loose respect for the writers. While agree that there other stories to the show the main story is THEIR romance and people can talk and scream all they want but most viewers want to see them together despite all the odds. Jake fans please get real no matter what this man does and doesn’t do for Olivia the majority will never ship that relationship…EVER. Lastly I don’t like how Fitz always needs to be “earning” Olivia, how about she starts earning Fitz for a change!

          • Maria says:

            LOL at the 1% Olitz shippers .. please have a seat .. the show is about Olitz, they bring in viewers, it isn’t an illusion everyone knows that .. even in France all the audience talks about is Olitz .. so please don’t speak when you don’t know anything

          • Lacey says:

            I have joined team Jake partly because of how Fitz treats Olivia. I still have not forgiven him for his whore comment, whether he was hurting or not.

            The back and forth doesn’t bother me that much, because I understand the situation is complicated. Fitz is President, and Presidents don’t leave their wives for their mistresses.

          • Denni says:

            How? Besides him being marrried (Which is something Olivia already knew from the very beginning) What exactly has Fitz done to “Jerk” Olivia around?

        • exactly and the poll seems odd when you vote tem fitz is second option yet when you look at the results fitz is first option.dont know if just because fitz has a larger result. but would feel more secure if results remain in row vote was made. i cant believe jake get even 37%

      • Lindsey Larson says:

        So agree. So team Jake and team case of the week… The Olitz mess is gag worthy at this point.. So repetitive and gag worthy.

        • Sarah says:

          Im with team bored of Olitz. They lost me along the way. Loving the Jake though, he is really keeping me watching this season like mentioned by the people above. I’ve never actually gagged before at a phone call by Fitz to Liv, that changed tonight. Now I can’t even stand them communicating….uh-oh.

      • Lela says:

        personally Scott/jake is keeping me watching every week I find him interesting and of course cute

    • Kiki says:

      The romance ended when he put her in the hospital, and she dumped him and went back to her ex. Who was then treated to the sex tape this ‘charmer’ made and distributed. The writing at this point depends almost entirely on audience stupidity or mass amnesia. I have no objection to Scott Foley, but only a total lack of self respect could make Olivia go back to this man. He’s never done ANYTHING good or kind for her. Turns out he didn’t even save her life, although to be fair he pretty much said so in the finale. He just burgled her, lied to her pinned her down and concussed her, coached her to say she ‘fell’ and made a sex tape of her.
      Judy Smith must be wincing every time she watches this re-imagining. It’s hideous.

      • patricia says:

        girl I like you yes to everything Olake fans operate under a different head space cause after everything he has done to her they still want Jake. At this point they would be ok with him no matter what the man does after all he is a paid assassin working for B-613 for cripes sake.

        • Sara says:

          Fitz really isn’t much better….

        • Shireen says:

          Did we forget that Fitz murdered Verna? Check out your own headspace. Delusion land is over there.

          • Xerox says:

            Did we forget that Verna put a bullet in Fitz’s head when she tried to have him assassinated over Defiance, a crime SHE helped commit behind his back and he had nothing to do with? Then decided that she was going to squeal about it because she was 5 minutes from kicking the bucket and wouldn’t have to suffer any consequences? But maybe Fitz could have just sat back and let Olivia, Mellie, Cyrus, and Hollis get dragged off to federal prison for life.

          • Ashley says:

            Gotta agree with Xerox on this one! I am not saying that it was okay for Fitz to murder Verna but in the land of make believe television (cause murder is never nice) I can understand why he did. As pointed out by Xerox….Fitz had NOTHING to do with Defiance and Verna decides to kill him because he didn’t get elected by the actual people…while she benefited by becoming a Supreme Court Justice. And he need to pay?! And than Verna showed no guilt and/or remorse that she killed that innocent woman?! Yeah…she needed to die….

        • Josh says:

          Fitz killed Verna, slept with Amanda one time-SMH,called Liv a whore, he’s selfish, asked SecretService men to spy on Olivia while she was in bed with Edison, etc.Unfortunately, you are so delusional to know what delusional really means..Is your love life really that boring of which you keep focusing on an affair on a tv show? Lmao! Ps, Fitz don’t exist in real life, so keep on dreaming…

          • neera says:

            1. Verna tried to kill Fitz and killed an innocent 32 year old.
            2. We don’t know if Fitz slept with Amanda Tanner, even Shonda Rhimes changed her mind about that twice in season 1
            3. Fitz has NEVER called Olivia a whore, that’s a straight up lie.
            4.Fitz is fairly spoilt, but where Olivia is concerned he’s not selfish, after all he just sank his career to rescue her one night stand from a hole.
            5. Fitz didn’t order the surveiilance on Edison, he ordered the surveillence CY started in season 1 to STOP. Rewatch the episode if you’re confused.
            PS: If personal abuse is the only way you can win an argument, I suspect you already knew you were wrong.

          • denni says:

            Scott Foley, is that you?

      • Sharie says:

        What good has Fitz done to Olivia. Every single conversation they have, it’s basically Olivia doubting her self worth. She’s like I am your wh**e etc. and Olivia is so much better than that…she deserves a man who isn’t married and doesn’t jerk her around. Fitz has done some nasty stuff to her. And let’s not forget Fitz demanded video surveillance from Jake. It’s convenient for Olitz fans to say Jake is a stalker when FITZ put him up to it. You also see Jake not wanting to continue it by saying she seems harmless and Fitz your hero saying Olivia is not a good person…

        • Denni says:

          “OFAKE” Shippers kill me when they bring up the fact that Fitz is married like it was some big secret to Olivia. Why are we putting all the blame on Fitz and not making Olivia take any responsiblity for her actions? She willingly slept with a married man. No one forced her to do it. They same way Fitz “Jerks” her around is the same way she “Jerks” him around. I love how people take one situation where Fitz made a comment about his dxxk being hard and suddenly that sums up their whole relationship.

    • Lilly says:

      Scott Foley has ZERO chemistry with Kerry. I do not understand why scandal writers keep trying to convince us otherwise. Ray Charles can see Scott F. is just going through the motions. I have seen better acting at a local high school play.
      Scott F. just took a job for the money because his heart nor his acting skills are in this. His love scenes with Kerry are so bad. Boring. Embarrassing. Clumsy. Stale. Novice-like. Just off-putting.
      Can they bring on another sexy male co-star for kerry who HAS chemistry for her!
      If they continue to shove this chemistry-less couple down my throat, I’ll stop watching the show.

      • Jevon says:

        Thank God I am not the only one that sees how awful SF acting is. Has he gotten by on his looks? Yes he is cute but his delivery is stale. No emotions just flat tone. The sex scene with KW was a mess. It didn’t flow and looked like two people fumbling to make a love scene romantic. His line about Liv’s face saving him was so dull. Where was the passion? Shouldn’t he have been looking at her with love in his eyes?

        • Nikki Miller says:

          OMG I was thinking the same thing. He should have been looking at her unless he is actually BADJAKE and does not want to give the facade away. Anyhow if I am to be convinced that he can replace Fitz those lines need to be smoother and he needs to have more passion in his delivery because right now I’m not buying it.

    • Teamscandal says:

      At the moment I enjoy both sides of the argument but I have to go with Team Olivia. Fitz is married and can’t offer Liv a darn thing. I am still not sure what Jakes intentions are. I would prefer SR focus on Olivia and I am always down with Team Vibrator.

    • Mary says:

      Let’s get real…Fitz and Mellie are not getting a divorce – as long as he’s in office. Is it really fair that Liv keep sleeping with this married man? (sure they have great sex and chemistry) but I do not like seeing Liv pining over a situation which looks hopeless! What’s wrong with she and Jake getting together? That’s why I wanted him back! What’s wrong with her in love with them both?
      Liv needs her Mojo back and pining over Fitz isn’t doing it. I know her father is powerful or let’s say corruptable but I don’t like how he always win!

  2. meah says:

    Yaaayy!!love scott foley!!and as much as I am a fitz/olivia fan I love jake/olivia and would want them to be well explored.
    This is one of the few shows where am into both sides of the love triangle
    More papa pope,the man is a beast

  3. Krakinet says:

    it’s almost insulting to ask ! Olitz is everything, love triangles it is for the daytime soap opera !

  4. Ricky says:

    How about I vote for Jake when a better actor with some actual charisma and acting skills is playing the character. Where’s Scott Speedman when you need him?

    • Audrey says:

      Them be fightin’ words.

      • Ricky says:

        Sorry but that’s just how I feel. SF acting esp compared to other amazing actors on this show is very “blah” and forgetable to me. I’ve always felt like that about him since his Felicity days.

        • Clearly you are coming from a place where you reaaaallly didn’t like Noel Crane and were likely a diehard Bencity fan. That being said, your judgement is invalid. Scott Foley is a great actor and is OBVIOUSLY engaging in his role, or else why would there be so many people who once were all about Olitz now all about her being with Jake,

          • Ricky says:

            No, I’m coming from a place that knows what she like and Scott Foley acting isn’t one. You can like him all day but I dont. I think he’s a forgettable actor who plays forgettable roles.

    • Sorry NOT sorry says:

      YES! This. Nothing against Scott but his acting isn’t up to par with the rest of the actors on the show.

  5. Remedy says:

    Cmon now Jake is a nice time filler but it’s all about Fitz and Olivia. Jake is a trained killer who handed over a tape of the two having sex! Fitz Has his share of imperfections- as does Olivia, but he goes over and above to protect Olivia. I think they understand each other.

  6. meah says:

    Jesus christ!!the way olitz fans are mad on twitter is hilarious!!they are writing paragraphs about how jake isn’t needed or how olitz are meant to be together or that shonda is a horrible showrunner etc.its sorta like twilight shippers.kinda expectd scandal fans to be mature/wiser.guess I was wrong.
    Why should olivia be single and waiting for fitz when he is still married?

  7. A. Smith says:

    Is it possible that Jake wants Olivia, but Olivia doesn’t want Jake? She doesn’t exactly look happy to see him in the photos. Maybe she’ll just give him a place to stay until he can clean up from his time in the hole. Maybe he can take Jeannine’s place on the couch….

  8. Natalie says:

    I know there are going to be quite a few people upset with this interview but I totally am not. I love it!!! Even if Olitz is endgame I love Jake and Fitz is way too comfy. I’m glad Jake is back to shake things up. Should make for fun TV.

  9. OlakeFan says:

    Love Olake, Jake & Scott Foley! I am really excited for this season! Really hoping they make Jake a Gladiator too!

  10. Cory says:

    Voted for Team Fitz just because I can’t wait to see someone put Mellie in her place for good!

  11. Kre says:

    Team Edison LOL.

    • Beth says:

      I *almost* selected Team Edison but only because of my enormous love for Norm Lewis! The man is beautiful AND HE CAN SING!!! (He’s my favorite Javert EVER!) But seriously, I picked Team Jake FOR NOW with Team Fitz as end game. What good would the show be without some shake-ups and making us WORK for seeing Olitz in the end?!?

  12. Ashley says:

    Olitz or No Show…..

  13. Wrenn says:

    I’m Team Jake even though I love Fitz too. I will take Olivia and Jake as friends or lovers. I just love their scenes together. Also, can’t wait to see the backstory between Fitz and Jake. I can’t be disappointed when I love all three points of a triangle.

  14. Paul says:

    Let the war begin!!! I don’t understand this whole team jake, obviously like ANY show, this Jake persona is just being used as one of the many ways to STALL the romance between Ms Pope and The President.

    S1 – you hope two of your leads have good chemistry
    S2 – you tease them becoming an item
    S3 – you bring in the third party for lead 1, lead 2 is crushed
    S4 – lead 1 breaks up with third party, because of feelings for lead 1, but lead 2 is still hurt
    S5 – at the end of this season you might have something going but depending on ratings ->S6
    S6 – it will be dragged out for another season! (third party No2 might make an entrance here)
    S7 – AND another!!!! depending on ratings and actor contracts
    S8 – When even the writers and the viewers get tired, your 2 leads will FINALLY do what they were supposed to do 5 seasons ago.


    Be a showrunner, be ORIGINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ricky says:

      You have just summed up every TV show I have watched that has a beloved couple and they decide to throw in a 3rd party that never really last. This season it’s Jake, next season I wouldn’t be surprised if it was somebody of Fitz. Also I think it’s very telling that you have all this talk about a triangle between these 3 characters but where does Mellie fit in? I guess she’ll just be more filler.

    • Apples says:

      Unless you’re a Castle fan in which case your showrunner delivers better than fanfiction and the show’s ratings climb. :D

    • shboogies says:

      False. Perfect example; Dawson’s Creek, Joey picks Pacey

      • Jevon says:

        I just had to respond to this one. Awww…I remember those days on message boards. Soulmates vs. True Lovers. You talk about fan bases being at war of words. It was crazy back then but the reason that happened is because the guy who played Pacey had more chemistry and charisma than Dawson. That’s not the case here. KW and TG are wonderful together on screen.

    • neera says:

      Sadly, Paul, you’re right on the money!

    • allen says:

      Thank you!! 2 love triangles mostly square and Olivia caught in the middle. Unnecessary but good money.

    • allen says:

      Thank you! Cashmachine: romance, threesome, squaresome. Unnecessary but so good money!

    • allen says:

      Thank you! Cashmachine is on: romance, threesome, squaresome. Unnecessary but so good money!

  15. Liam says:

    Yes. Love those two together. Not a big Fitz/Olivia fan. The show is much better when they don’t pair them together

  16. Jennifer says:

    NOOOOOOO Jake.

    Scott Foley has ZERO chemistry for Kerry Washington. Watching those two in love scenes is just uncomfortable. Someone please get Scott Foley some chapstick, tell him to close his eyes when he kisses and for goodness sake tell Scott Foley his love scenes with Kerry are amateur. STOP acting and really get into it.

    Oh, please bring back another “new” flash back of a Tony and Kerry love scene. This sets twitter on FIRE!

    Geesh, watching Scott Foley’s love scenes with Kerry Washington is liking eating broccoli. YUCK! There really is zero chemistry between those two.

    Does anybody know any of the scandal writers. Can they at least read these comments.

    I’m not a crazy Olitz fan. I do want Olivia to move on from Fitz but not with boring, stale, ZERO chemistry Scott Foley! Scott Foley = the white man’s Edison! YUCK!!!

    • Eliza says:

      I love broccoli.

    • Debbie Jones says:

      I love love Scott Foley’s Jake Ballard. My obsession started when it was announced that there would be a 9 ep arc with Scott Foley. I love the chemistry between Foley and Washington. They also look so pretty together.

  17. Shade' says:

    Come on people it’s a SHOW, therefore drama is present. GOD!!!! I love this show, the end game is FITZ AND OLIVIA, we all know that. There will be roadblocks, that’s why I don’t sweat it.

    • meah says:

      Thank u,u said my mind!!why are people so upset about a love triangle that would last only a couple of episode?sending horrible tweets to scott foley,shonda rhimes,scandal writers etc.that’s just being stupid.Everyone with a brain that watches scandal knows olitz is endgame so why so furious?am actually an olitz fan,but I don’t mind olake.its fun,spicy
      Some are saying the season Is boring or they wanna quit cos of olake,well u can quit
      I watch TVD and I am a stelena shipper,but I don’t send mean tweets to the show’s writers or actors just because stelena have broken up,that’s just being foolish.

      • azu says:

        Scott Foley is such a lacklustre actor. I wonder which acting school he attached. It should be razed to the ground. And this so called love triangle is so outdated and makes scandal look like a daytime soap which I stopped watching when I was 15 years old when I discovered the brain deadness of such silly plots / story lines

  18. Ziggy says:

    Never here for Scott Foley and this so called love triangle. This show is starting to get boring.

  19. Karine_1630 says:

    So just because I’m supposed to know that Olitz are endgame I’m supposed to be ok with a stupid love triangle ? I’m sorry but we are NOT in a soap opera ! You can create some freaking amazing things without adding a third person. Please.

  20. Sara says:

    It was just stupid to bring back Scott Foley. They know Olitz is huge, so why not bring on a bigger name or a more charismatic actor? I’m afraid this lame triangle is something the show might not recover from.

    • Di says:

      YES!!! The love triangle is not the problem (at least not the big one). If they could find a better, more charismatic actor to get with Olivia then it might work. Scott Foley just falls flat. His lackluster acting makes me cringe every time he’s on my telly. That, plus his general lack of professionalism and decorum while interacting with the twitter crowd (who can be quite vicious, granted, but still…), just makes him an enormous mistake.

      • Laney says:

        Yes Di, it’s not the triangle I have a issue with but I mean damn if you’re going give TG/Fitz some competition can you get a actor w/ looks, charisma but who can also act? All I know is, I’ll remember Joe Martin (Rowen) performances on Scandal before I remember SF.

    • samjjoy says:

      The only thing I know about Scott Foley; once married to Jennifer Garner. I have always loved Tony Goldwyn; even when he played the bad guy. I love him as Fitz. It’s the only way to go!

  21. Di says:

    Can Olivia just be single until she figures herself out? Coz honey is a downright mess! She’s better off sitting down (ignoring them both, and Edison too) and rethinking her life. Still Team Olitz though!!!!

  22. Karine_1630 says:

    Oh I’m right there with you @Di.

  23. Krakinet says:

    You can write very good things for lovers as Liv and Fitz. But this would require that the showrunner and writers do proof creativity. Foley has no charisma, its history is tasteless when his chemistry with KW is like kissing an octopus.

  24. Sara says:

    Can I be TEAM WE DON’T WANT NONE? Both of those guys are super creepy and Olivia deserves better.

    • murley says:

      I would like to join this team. The “love story” on this show is so fricking creepy I honestly can’t beleive how many people are into it. To each his/her own I guess.

  25. Hope says:

    The biggest draw of the show is Olitz. Kerry and Scott have zero chemistry and the fact that none if his fans or the writers on tv line care that he assaulted her is troubling. Last week was the first time that I skipped the live broadcast and didn’t tweet. As long as she continues with this ridiculous storyline and dumbing down Liv and Fitz to prop up Joke, I will continue to not watch live.

  26. Peach says:


  27. Shari says:

    Scott Foley is a terrible actor and has about 5 facial expressions. Fitz and Olitz all day erry day, #nojake ever.

  28. Leah says:

    Love Jake…so glad he’s back. It’s sad to see that the Scandal fandom is overrun with crazy Olitz fanatics. It really spoils the fun of it when they viciously attack people, especially Scott for no reason at all.

    • Eliza says:

      Seriously. I love the show but reading some of these comments makes me very happy I spend very little time in the fandom.

  29. thorn says:

    I don’t know where some people get that Olitz brings in viewers. This show was almost cancelled twice and almost didn’t a back-order in season 2. All of this was confirmed by multiple sources including Shonda Rhimes herself.

    Fitz and Liv were in it from the start. It’s only when Jake came in the picture that the ratings went up considerably in the coveted 18-49 demo because the writing for the show got better There’s no point in making things up as you go along. Let’s keep it real!

    • mmel says:

      Are you out of your mind? The ratings started to go up when Fitz was shot. To say that Jake brought in the ratings tells me you either are not paying attention or you are deliberately being disingenuous. It wasn’t until the show focused on OLITZ with all the promotions that this show took off. I get so upset when people say things that are obviously lies, I don’t even time have time to be polite anymore. The show succeeded despite of Jake not because of him, the ratings increased because there was hope that OLITZ would get their act together. If you are so sure that the ratings increased because of Jake let’s see, there is a triangle right, let’s all wait and see. I just can’t with people who think the worst character on Scandal brought scandal success.

      • Joe says:

        I guess all those Goodwin Games fans came over to Scandal after it was cancelled. If it wasn’t for all the buzz I kept hearing/seeing about the show esp Olivia/Fitz, I would have never given the show the time of day in season 2. Call me when KW/SF-start getting all the magazines covers & talk about there amazing Chemistry like TG/KW do, then I’ll start to believe in the power of SF and the character of Jake. It’s a reason why even when Olivia/Fitz aren’t together ABC & other press still feels the need to promote it as such.

      • thorn says:

        Oh dear. Fitz got shot in 2.08 and that got a 2.5 rating compared to Jake being introduced by 2.14 to a 2.8 rating while Olitz were done and broken up by that point. So please come with facts. 2.19 ” A Woman Scorned” was an olitz heavy episode and that only got a 2.6 rating.

        And the main reason the show got a good boost was because of Kerry’s role in Django, she did the awards show circuit/ got an Oscar promo for the show, it was Tarantino’s highest grossing film and she was on many magazine covers. It had very little to do with Tony Goldwyn.

        Olitz were the central part of the show in season 1 and the show almost got cancelled, that should tell you something. It was not until Shonda stepped up her writing and focused more on Mellie,Cyrus,Huck and Jake that the show got more interesting.

        • Chris says:

          Please, Scott Foley is not even close to a ratings magnet. Goodwin Games only pulled in around 1.5M total every week. That’s sadder than Antique Roadshow or one of the Judge Judy Shows. And 18-49 was only about .5M – I hear crickets chirping.

          Sorry, if he left tomorrow, maybe a few people would leave, but not statistically significant.

        • mmel says:

          Again you are being disingenuous, before Fitz got shot ABC did not promote Scandal at all. The show stayed afloat thanks to twitter and word of mouth. After the “who shot Fitz” arc the network saw that scandal was the only show that was gaining viewers and not losing them so they promoted OLITZ more. Even the editor of EW said they gave scandal the cover because of the tweets and the love of the fans. By the time Jake’s character came around Scandal was staying between 2.6 and 2.8 in the ratings. Even when Jake came around the promotion was solely OLITZ with no Jake, so to say that that Jake brought the ratings to Scandal is a complete lie that should not go without correction. One last thing, I don’t want to hit below the belt where were all those Scott Foley fans when Goodwyn games was on?, you mean to tell me you will watch a show when he is just a guest star but not when he is the star. I watched the Goodwyn games and I thought it was descent and I don’t have anything against Scott Foley ( it is not about him , it is bout the Jake character) maybe you guys should have done the same.

    • Chris says:

      Yes, you are obviously NOT a Scandal fan. The ratings rose with the “Who Shot Fitz” arc. The ratings actually dipped between 213 the last episode without Foley and 214 when he came.

      And 301 had 10.5M live and 18M total viewers, and 700K tweets and Foley wasn’t on screen at all!!

      Get your facts straight sweetie.

    • denni says:

      You do know you’re watching Scandal right? To think that Scott Foley himself brought the ratings up is by far the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. LOL

  30. Truth says:

    No Jake. NoLake. The only way that Jake should stay is if he gets a mission to North Korea, or to join the Taliban as an American spy. Or even better, for those who’d like to see him more frequently, he could become the ‘love’, perfect match for the other liar/fake, Mellie. Since they clearly both are jealous of Fitz and Olivia, lie & cheat routinely, think that they should have more power, since neither are very bright (he’s doesn’t follow orders & she leaks national security details to civilians (parents of kidnappers thereby endangering missions), cause damage to innocent people (Jake to Olivia, & Mellie to Teddy), and both will have sex so that they could stay relevant (Teddy & so his boss wouldn’t kill him)… Mellie & Jake = #Jellie is the only way that character should be tolerated. Boy, think of all the ‘good’ sex he & Mellie could be having. Those mushy, blubbery lips on prissy Miss Mellie. Mellie could fake/pretend with him & he with her, at least he wouldn’t have to tell her to close her eyes, she’ll be doing that as she pretends he actually has a muscular body and flabby cheeks. And all the while they are pretending together, the OTP = Olitz will live happily in Scandal reality.

  31. Never ever Jake. He is a bad actor (Scott Foley) and looks like a wet fish.

  32. Ashley says:

    Team Fitz/Olitz all the way. Olake is the most desperate and boring thing I’ve ever seen on prime time television. Kerry Washington and Scott Foley have no chemistry together.

  33. Maddie-Q says:

    yay for Jake with his sexy lips

  34. Rickeya says:

    I’m Team Olivia…she needs to get her life together, get her business up and running again (which includes making sure that the gladiators even trust her now), and figure out what she’s going to do about Rowan. Jake is a non-factor…a plot device. Fitz needs to get a divorce.

  35. meah says:

    P.s chemistry between two characters is subjective.just because u don’t see it/feel it does not mean others don’t see it/feel it.

  36. Audrey says:

    How anyone ships Olitz is beyond me, honestly do you have even the slightest grasp of a healthy relationship..and the fact that fans of the show go after Scott Foley because they don’t like Jake though? Tf is wrong with people

    • Mary says:

      Agree, what Olivia/Fitz have is an obssessive and unhealthy thing, not love! With Jake there could be love, but everything started under a bad premise…so, like some people said, just let her be alone and figure herself! But that won´t happen, or there would be no show:)

      • Truth says:

        Yep! Fitz & Olivia are unhealthy because they honestly love each other… I guess caressing a TV monitor is healthy … If that was all he did while watching her through the cameras. Handing over a tape of him having sex with her is ‘healthy’. Just as making that tape without her knowledge screams ‘I LOVE YOU, NOT IN A CREEPY, PREDATORY WAY. MY LOVE FOR YOU IS … HEALTHY!!!’ All the while, pretending to be interested in, then flirting with and then having sex with Olivia because your boss gave you that job means, a real healthy love could be found there. All the lies and deviant behavior just shows that Jake is a great guy, for any woman. Yep, I see what healthy means to Olakers.

        This Jake was a dis-honorable date (to Olivia), friend (to Fitz), AND B6-13 agent, he’s not coming up as the forever love for Olivia. Anyhoo, if a president & a senator aren’t good enough for Olivia, do you think Rowan will let a poor excuse for a minion be with her when its not part of a job? No way! No Jake! No Snake! Rowan may just put him in a Lake!

        • Mac says:

          Are you ok?

          • Josh says:

            I don’t think he/she is ok.These people live in Olitz fantasy land..Love is calling ur mistress a whore and cheating on her with a girlfriend..”She was there one time,” so it was acceptable to sleep with her..yay! ROMANCE AT IT SADDEST PEAK!

    • Kiya says:

      I ship them because I can. Also I didn’t know I was watching a show called Scandal for healthy relationships. There isn’t one relationship on this show that I would classify as healthy wither it be the romantic relationships or friendships and I’m just fine with that because after all the show is called Scandal. Olivia and Fitz are the biggest Scandal on the show (so far) & that’s one of the reasons why SR has them both doing the back and forth 2 step every season and will most liking continue that yr after yr. It’s was Edison last season, it’s Jake this season, it will probably be another dude next season. Hell SR may decide to eventually get a new female for Fitz and do a Olivia/Fitz/? triangle but what I don’t ever expect to see on a show called Scandal is anything that resembles Healthy.

      • Kris says:

        Yeah and the back and forth between Fitz and Olivia is to keep you delusional Olitz shippers hangin on. #nojake

        • mmel says:

          You guys keep saying that Olitz fans are obnoxious, but so far you Olake fans have been the ones calling people names. Projecting much?

    • murley says:

      I know. The relationship is so degrading to Olivia. It totally undermines her as a strong woman

      • mrenee says:

        Olivia undermines herself as a strong woman. No help needed. She cannot make a decision and stick to it; uses and manipulates to keep control of everyone around her and has no ability to stand up for herself. The least of her problems is Fitz and/or Jake. She’s a mess.

    • Rickeya says:

      What relationship in this show is healthy? Olivia helped rig an election and kept it from Fitz, Fitz has her watched, Jake made a sex tape, Mellie and Fitz are a hop, skip and a leap from strangling each other, and Cyrus put a hit out on his husband…after he bribed him a with a baby!

      Also, there are plenty of fans who just don’t like Scott. Whether it’s because of his acting or how he speaks to them on Twitter. He’s pissed some of them off with a few of his interviews.

      • Kris says:

        “how he speaks to them on Twitter” all of you stans need to take a step back and understand that just because you don’t like his character and don’t like his acting does not mean you have the right to attack him ON TWITTER. The Scandal fandom is one of the worst TV fandoms in a long time.

        • denni says:

          I look at it like this, the same way you shouldn’t have to tell grown fans not to “attack” an actor on a show is the same way you shouldn’t have to tell a grown actor to ignore them. He is not the only actor on the show to receieve “Hate” tweets. Hell, go take a scroll through Bellamy’s and you would see the amount of negative tweets she recieves yet NEVER responds to.
          It’s time for Scott and his “Stans” to grow up and move on from playing the victim.

        • neera says:

          I have no interest in what happens on twitter, I’m not been on Twitter.
          My objection is how Jake ad Olivia as a couple were WRITTEN initially. Fitz and Olivia have plenty of problems now, but the flashbacks in season 1 and after he was shot showed a genuinely compatible couple who made one another happy, and would have maintained a good, lasting relationship had they practised some restraint, ended his primary run, and waited till he was divorced to start dating.
          They have a FOUNDATION, which Jake and Olivia lack. It’s a rebound relationship, and a bad one at that. On Jake’s part, there’s infatuation/obsession based on watching a stranger without her knowledge, on Olivia’s part she’s compromising to try and get over Fitz, the man she actually DOES love. Add Jake’s 20+ years as a career assassin, and this is a recipe for disaster.
          Couples counselling works at finding where things went wrong. With Fitz and Olivia it was defiance. With Jake and Olivia, things were never actually RIGHT.
          Those supporting this pairing are actually fighting for a one night stand that ended with Olivia in hospital and a sex tape on the loose. Why would you want any woman to go back to that?

  37. Tina B. says:

    I LOVE OLITZ and I know they are Shonda’s end game but that said I would love Olivia with Jake in the mean time!

  38. Sidney.B says:

    Olitz delusional shippers are back.I DID NOT miss them , they’re the worst.
    I don’t care with whom Olivia will end up,altough i have a slight preference for Jake.

  39. Sharie says:

    I prefer strongly Olake!!!

  40. Kristi N says:

    I have made the switch from Olitz to Olake. Both couples have chemistry but Olake works better. Jake is closer to Olivia’s age, single, and respects her. Fitz already has a family. He should worry about his little son Teddy and his job!

    I know Olivia loves Fitz but I am rooting for Jake to win her heart. Or at least to put some suspense into the story.

    Scott Foley and Kerry Washington look amazing together. Olake is the most beautiful couple on TV.

    • Krissie says:

      You can’t win someones heart, it’s hers to give away! Currenty in the hands of Fitzgerald Grant, protected by Tom!

    • jolly says:

      Jake IS closer to her age. His single status, however is irrelevant because B613 are not allowed family. That may be why Olivia’s father left. and Jake DOES NOT respect her. You don’t distribute sex tapes of people you respect. It wasn’t respect when Tommy Lee did it, it wasn’t respect when Ray J did it, and it’s not respect when Jake does it.
      Respect would have been stopping all surveillance when they had their first date, not continuing and taping her naked without her knowledge. Respect would have been letting her leave when she found out not pining her to the ground. Jake does not respect Olivia, and he’s probably up to no good, again.
      Having her go back to him makes her look foolish.

  41. says:

    Did Kerry Washington sign-up to kiss every man on the show? Must Olivia have sexual be in a relationship? There is nothing special about Scott Foley as an actor. He is simply not Tony Goldwyn.

  42. says:

    You cannot replicate what Tony Goldwynand Kerry Washington has period!

    • Jessie. H says:

      You really can’t. I have liked a lot of TV couples and thought the actors had pretty good chemistry but TG/KW chemistry is so off the charts that if either couple were not married in RL, I could so see them together for real. When they do love scenes, the pervert in me wants to watch of course…….lol but then it’s that other part of me that wants to turn away because I feel like I’m intruding. It’s like they were met to meet and play these characters. It’s crazy………… SF is bland imo. It’s a reason why I rooted for Ben and Felicity.

  43. Juan says:

    Jake!! Lol

  44. Chris says:

    Good bye Jake.

    Scandal was good before he came, it will be better when he’s gone.

    I hate what this has done to the fandom.

    • biance says:

      Umm…he’s a series regular with a contract. Just because some crazies are throwing a tantrum doesn’t mean that he’ll be gone. He’ll be all up in Olivia’s pants in no time while she keeps ordering Fitz around…lmao

      • Sara says:

        So what he has a contract. I’ll still be shocked if he’s still around next season. I can’t see the show sticking with Foley for that long when they have other more popular buzzier name actors out there like Taye Diggs.

      • Emily says:

        Lmao! Shebl orders him around like of course he is a baby! Throw tantrums when things don’t go his way.Ps, Jake will take Olivia from room to

        • neera says:

          ‘Jake will take Olivia from room to room’
          Are all Jake fans this misogynistic, or just the female ones?
          I notice Fitz fans talking of Olivia’s heart, and Jake fans asserting ownership of her body. If the writers persist with this pairing, self respecting women are going to leave in droves.

      • jolly says:

        ‘He’ll be all up in Olivia’s pants in no time ‘
        Proving that Jake fans, like the character, neither like nor respect Olivia. But then I’m beginning to think the writers don’t either.

  45. says:

    The love triangle aside, what does Scott Foley bring to the table as an actor? Joe Morton ‘roared’ in episode 301! Will Scott Foley roar in episode 303? Scott Foley is in the same bucket as Joshua Malina–a filler! What is Scott Foley good at as an actor?

    • Jessie. H says:

      Joe Martin as Rowen nailed those scenes didn’t he? When comparing him and SF in the acting department it’s really no comparing. When Joe is no longer on Scandal and forever how long SF sticks around for the series, I’ll remember Joe was on Scandal before Scott.

  46. Kristi N says:

    The Olitz shippers are really threatened, aren’t they? Maybe because after only being in the mix for 1/3 of the episodes, Jake has already made serious inroads? Let’s see where the fandom is by winter break. I bet the current 60/35 split looks like 50/50 by December.

    • mmel says:

      No I think by December if the show continues and promote Olake you will have a 2.2 and maybe 2.5 ratings and no one will care at that time. you get your triangle and maybe your Olake, but at the end what is it worth?

      • Kristi N says:

        Lol. Olitz shippers are funny to me because I used to be one!

        For the record, I assume we will get a triangle that shows both couples. I think ratings will stay strong. What will change is that the fandom split will be more even. Or maybe not.

        Either way I love the show.It’s so exciting!

        • mmel says:

          Let’s talk again in December and see how much you laugh then. Let’s face it the quality of the show is declining and that has everything to do with the Jake character. You guys get your soap opera and everyone else tunes out . I am saying this not just because I am an OLITZ fan which I am proud to be. I just thought we had a smarter show.

          • Kristi N says:

            Why so angry? I will laugh in December no matter what! Laughter is good for the soul!

            And Scandal is a very smart & clever show with some amazing dialogue!

            In the end, it’s just a show. I switched from rooting from Olitz to Olake. Why can’t I find the fandom thing funny? I am just here to enjoy the show. So far, I have loved all of the episodes.

    • bebe says:

      It has been my observation that Olitz shippers aren’t threatened by Jake, they’re threatened by what he may do to the show’s ratings. And from the response of casual watchers that I’ve observed, they’re right to be. Love triangles of this sort always kill ratings. They just don’t want to see the show cancelled, I expect.

      • Kristi N says:

        This is funny. Shippers care about their couple at the expense of the show. They are the ones who don’t care about ratings.

        Scandal is the top show on ABC. Shonda Rhimes knows what she’s doing.

        • mmel says:

          It’s funny how people think triangles bring ratings , when it is actually the opposite. I stopped watching soaps specifically because of triangles. I found the relationship between Olivia and Fitz fascinating because I thought that these two people love each other but because of the situation they will have to work really hard to be with each other. I just thought there might be a clever way of getting them to the finish line that would be fascinating to watch. It never occurred to me that the writers would take the easy way out by demonizing one of them so they can bring an other love interest.

  47. says:

    I was not excited about Scandal when Tony Goldwyn left to shoot the pilot for his new show, The Divide for We TV. The void was tangible! We all know that Olitz is the bread and butter of the show. Tony Goldwyn is featured prominently on Scandal promo’s for a reason. There is nothing memorable about Scott Foley as a man, or as an actor. He is in the same league as Joshua Malina.

  48. Autumn says:

    The problem is the Jake character is just plain useless. Now will be force to watch them create a love triangle that obviously most people don’t want to see. Scott Foley has zero chemistry with Kerry. If I wanted to watch a soap opera I would tune in to General Hospital. Jake should have never be made a regular.

  49. Heart and soul says:

    Got to love a man that can give you a concussion and knock you out and make you bleed! Jake film/tape/sex and gave the tape to her father. Yes, Fitz told him to watch her but let’s not forget it was also Jake’s job by Rowan to film a sex tape!. Jake is single/young and this is ok for Olivia?. How about a guy who don’t lie from start to finish. How about a guy Olivia barely knows not film her having sex with him and not telling her. How about not putting his hands on her. Jake B6-13 couldn’t stop tiny Olivia with out knocking her out! How about Jake saying he was sorry. He made her lie and told her to lie about how she got hurt!.
    Yea, this is the kind of guy Shonda thinks should be a love interest for Olivia. Shonda gave an interview and said how Olivia is now a hypocrite and the fans are creepy for wanting Olitz! but she wants this guy for Olivia, the film sex/tape and knock her out guy. Please!

    Shonda is using Olitz for ratings and have been for 21yrs, why else would she keep breaking up a couple that never make the ratings? Olitz is what sells people. Not Jake and ABC is aware of it!

  50. Xerox says:

    1st choice: Team Fitz
    2nd choice: Team Solo
    3rd choice: Team Other
    4th choice: Team Edison
    5th choice: Team Death
    Last choice: Team Jake

    Does Jake have any true selling points besides being single while Fitz is married? The number one reason people who like Jake like him seems to be that they hate Fitz and Olitz. There’s a lot of “Olivia should be with Jake because Fitz sucks” but very little of why JAKE is supposedly a good match for her. There’s a reason he needs a whole media machine and the cast members to hype him up.

    • mmel says:

      You are so right, yet the hype is not working, it is actually doing the opposite at least for me.

    • princess1020 says:

      LOL LOL LOL LOL @ Team Death I totally agree anything team is better than Team Jake lol

    • Lacey says:

      I think you’re forgetting about Jake/Scott’s charm.

      • Xerox says:

        Yes, I forgot about that charming sex tape and that charming concussion and that charming beatdown he gave that photographer and the way he used the knowledge of Olivia that he gained by spying on her to charm her into his bed.

    • Artemisgaia says:

      I love the way you think. Jake is/was a friend of Fitz. He’s off limits period. He intentionally had sex with Liv and video taped for her dad. That is creepy and sick. I question the mind set of people who root for Jake. He’s a one night stand and these idiots on Tvline call this a reunion. Jake and Liv weren’t even a couple. How can you have an reunion when there was never an relationship. Scott foley is not sexy. He’s not even cute. Fitz is handsome, sexy, and hot. Jake is out of his league, but hey…let the ratings fall and let OLITZ save the show again when the writers get over this Jake mess. He should be killed off the show. Foley is used to losing the girl and being killed off shows.