Supernatural Boss Previews the 'Burden' and Unexpected Aftermath of Dean's Secret

Supernatural Season 9 SpoilersThe Supernatural boys are back and once again keeping a major piece of intel hidden from each other.

Below, executive producer Jeremy Carver explains how the Winchesters’ latest divide differs from the previous challenges to their bond and previews the consequences of Dean’s decision. Plus: The EP gives us scoop on this Tuesday’s Crowley-vs.-Abaddon outing and next week’s angel-heavy feud.

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TELLING LIES | While Dean’s secret about how he saved Sam is hardly the first time the brothers have kept something from each other, it is different in that “this is really two major decisions that Dean has made right from the get-go,” points out Carver. “At the end of last season, in the church, and at the beginning of this season, you have two moments where he’s trying to save Sam’s life… Many times we’ve seen it as Sam withholding a big secret.” This time, the brothers are also coming at the situation from a different place in their lives. “It’s a little bit in the flavor of last year in that our brothers are both maturing and they’re both having very different responses than maybe they have in the past,” says the EP.

THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD | Dean’s decision to allow Ezekiel to heal Sam will not be without its consequences. “It’s a life saved, arguably at the expense of other lives,” says Carver. “It’s a tremendous burden on Dean. The decisions he’s made are really going to drive mythology in ways that he never really expected.” To that end, “The secret is going to affect not just [Dean and Sam], but their world around them,” including “other characters and situations” in ways that are surprising to Dean.

THE CHANGE WITHIN | Now that Ezekiel is taking up residence within Sam, one has to wonder if the younger Winchester will notice that there’s something different about himself. “You’re asking the right question,” hedges Carver. “It’s something I’d rather see play out.”

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DEMON WAR | This Tuesday’s episode brings back Crowley and Abaddon, who’s seeking the King of Hell’s title. With the demon king being held captive by the Winchesters, “The juiciness of that story this year is, how is Crowley going to potentially manage a civil war from his place in the bunker?” previews Carver. “It’s something we delve into rather directly and have a lot of fun with. We find, if I can borrow a fan term, some unexpected feels for a character that maybe we never thought we would feel for. It’s a really interesting portrait we’re painting of Crowley this year that I’m very excited about.”

ANGEL WAR | As if the fight between Crowley and Abaddon isn’t enough, the war on Earth between the fallen winged creatures will also heat up soon. “We always mentioned the angelic factions of Heaven. We’ll be introduced to one of the leaders of these factions in Episode 3, and his name is Bartholomew,” teases Carver. Meanwhile, the same installment will feature a homeless and broken-down Castiel, who’s beginning to grasp “the enormity of what’s happened to him. He’s going to have to adapt. And he’s going to have to get back to the Winchesters. … Neither one of those desires is going to play out exactly the way he was hoping.”

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  1. Michael says:

    I am really hoping that Ezekiel is Lucifer in disguise.

      • Percysowner says:

        I hope not Michael, although the thought did cross my mind. Mostly I don’t want to hear how Sam stole Dean’s storyline again. Although if it is Michael, he will claim Dean as his vessel as the favor Dean owes him.

    • HD says:

      I really hope it’s just Ezekiel. No Michael or Lucifer in disguise. That just doesn’t make sense to me, no matter what the theories say. It’s just far-fetched, in my opinion.

    • scotty says:

      I think that would be too “complex” a storyline for Jeremy Carver to handle.

    • rowan77 says:

      If it’s Lucifer (or Michael) then there is no fight for who is the king of Hell because Lucifer would be back in charge. Abbadon would be screwing herself over by opening the cage. Although, I would love for Mark Pellegrino to play Lucifer again.

      • clovercsy says:

        Abbadon would not be screwed if Lucifer is back, she is handpicked by Lucifer himself, she’s his knight, she serves him. She is trying to be king of hell just becoz Lucifer is not here, and she wouldn’t want to let Crowley who is anti lucifer to rule hell

        • rowan77 says:

          No kidding as to why she wants to be King if Hell. So Ezekiel cannot be Lucifer in disguise. He would never give up his kingdom just because he’s on earth again.

    • Vic says:

      My thought was that Sam’s hellscars might start infecting Ezekiel to the point that he might start believing that he is Lucifer. I doubt that the story would actually go in that direction, but I just feel that there are so many unresolved issues with that. There’s just this whole messy dynamic in Sam’s noggin with the hellscars, the Way Cass magically “shifted” them, alongside the God trials “purifying” him. I would also like to see Leviathan hunting down Angels this season :) “You guys are awfully easy to catch without your wings; chomp”

  2. Madeline says:

    Carver gives the worst interviews. I don’t feel like he knows what to tease & how to properly tease. His interviews just always leave me frustrated & not at all excited for what its coming.

    I do not like Carver’s BS about the brothers both maturing. He has been spewing that word since last season and I’m still not understanding what he means by it. I’m not even sure he does at this point.

    How are the brothers at different points in their life? I thought it was decided at the end of last season that they were finally on the same page again & committed to the hunting life? Which really, isn’t that the brothers only option. Hunting evil together. Wasn’t that the point of the entire season 8 arc to put them at the same point – breaking down their relationship to build it back up stronger?

    Sam and Dean and their relationship is the key to SPN’s success. SPN would not still be on the air 9 years later is the brothers relationship was not the cornerstone of the show. And I just don’t trust Carver with it. Yes, drama makes for good TV, especially between the two lead characters..but I feel like the drama between Sam and Dean has been done so many times before. I’m bored with the lies and distrust.

    Yes, let the brothers fight & disagree & be siblings. But switch it up. Let them disagree (strongly) about how to handle certain situations or relationships with others, but don’t put their entire relationship on very shaky ground…again.

    In my opinion, maturing should equal less lies & more honesty and trust. Not the opposite.

    • Brio says:

      Very well said. I totally agree.

    • keliosi says:

      Yes. I agree very much, Madeline. I think you are spot on. The drama between Sam and Dean over lies and distrust is getting old, especially when we have PLENTY of dramatic tension in other parts of the show. Let Sam and Dean be on the same page for awhile–shake things up a bit by settling them down. I think a lot of fans will approve.

    • scotty says:

      Man, I wish I could give you a standing ovation.

    • victoria says:

      Amen, Amen, AMEN!!!!!! Drama is good, but it doesn’t have to always be between the brothers!! Eveyone knows the story is about Sam & Dean….together!!!! Carver knows it, the writers should know it, heck Jensen just did a damn video that said the same thing when they were hyping the new season!! Stop the maddness of tearing them apart constantly!

    • Jackson says:

      Madeline is right on target…..couldn’t have said it better. Carver needs to just walk away from Supernatural…… just sayin’!

  3. keliosi says:

    I’m looking forward to what’s going on with Abaddon and Crowley, but not really expecting to have any sympathy for him given what he’s done to the world at large and the Winchesters in particular. He’s a char I love to hate and I don’t really see that changing.

    And more fighting between Sam and Dean, and talk of them maturing away from each other…I’d hoped to see the story build on what happened in Sacrifice, not apparently take giant steps backwards. At this point, Sam CAN’T have a normal life. It’s not possible. What he can have, if he’ll accept it, is a life spent saving people, with his brother (the one he loves more than anyone else in the world), in a safe and secure home for the first time in his life. I don’t get why he doesn’t want that, when it kinda seems to sum up what he’s been after for so long.

    Hopefully we’ll get some answers, and I really hope that the issue of consent is addressed this season. It’s going on five years and we’ve never done more than skirt the edges–I’d like to see that change.

  4. Erica says:

    So excited to hear about the brothers maturing and growing. They seemed to be doing it last season, but then the finale just made me go, “huh?” I think both that, and Dean’s choice in the premiere, are going to have some serious consequences, and not in a good way. In other words, I think both us and the boys are going to learn that codependency like that is not good. I’m glad that the boys are going to start understanding this, and growing more as individuals. They’ll always be brothers, but codependency is not cute when you’re thirty five year-old men.

    • Brio says:

      If it happens, I’ll be out. Good luck, Carver

    • scotty says:

      It may not be good for real people, but it’s awesome for fictional ones. While I don’t like that all of Dean’s self-worth is tied up in Sam, I do like seeing the Dean who loves his brother more than anything or anyone back. It’s what makes this show so special.

    • Madeline says:

      Sam and Dean are not regular 35 year old men. There is no way that their relationship with each other could ever or will ever be normal. Both have been to hell for goodness sake. They are both very damaged people. They are not normal people. It is ridiculous that this even needs to be spelled out.

      And who wants to watch normal anyways? Sam and Dean are so fun to watch because their relationship is so messed up/tangled up/codependent. That codependency is very much what makes Sam and Dean who they are. For better or worse.

      When it really comes down to it, Sam & Dean only have each other. Yes, they have friends, like Cas and Charlie and Kevin, but really it is just the two of them & has been for a very long time…each puts a whole lot of worth into the other because it is literally all they have.

      It would be odd if suddenly the brothers “matured” into a normal sibling relationship. It would actually make zero sense.

      • Erica says:

        No, it’s not great for me to watch. Maybe it used to be, but over time, it’s become clear that this is nothing to want, nothing to be happy out. It’s sick. It’s making them both miserable.

    • Lou says:

      Amen Erica. I pity Sam. I think he would have been better off dying than turned into a freak again. That’s the last thing Sam would have wanted.

  5. Mo says:

    I am really intrigued by the way things appear to be set up for this season! Ezekiel may be helpful the way he was initially presented, but that doesn’t mean his presence isn’t going to cause problems. I still feel like he’s got something he’s hiding. I really hope the boys continue on their way to a more healthy, more mature, less codependant, STILL INCREDIBLY STRONG BOND. and I hope Cas is able to find his way as a human without getting into too much trouble.

    • Annie says:

      The boys do nothing but lie to each other and betray each other. They only do what they think is best for the other. They rarely ever consider what the other might actually want. Dean thinks he’s worthless and nothing without Sam. Sam views big brother Dean as treating him like a baby and this bosiness sent him to Ruby.

      Sam left his brother in purgatory and seemed annoyed that Dean came back. Sam chose death over being with Dean, (Carver said this in another interview)

      Since season 4 its seems this “brother bond” has brought neither character nothing but misery. It was the unhealthy co-dependency, I need to mentality that actually started the apocalypse.

      Why exactly is this “bond” supposed to be a good thing, that I’m supposed to gush over?

      • Brio says:

        Because it also saved the world multiple times.

        • sk says:

          The world wouldn’t have needed saving in the first place if the unhealthy codependency didn’t exist. I also have no idea why I should care about this bond.

          • Brio says:

            The angels and demons would have found a way, let’s not forget that Sam wasn’t the only “special child” to get Lucifer released.

          • scotty says:

            Sounds to me like you’re watching the wrong show. Maybe you’d be happier with Touched by an Angel.

        • Hope says:

          And also screwed it. See: season 8 finale.

          • Brio says:

            That was Castiel. The brothers just didn’t close the Gates of Hell.

          • Hope says:

            @Brio: Uh, no. Cas screwed the angels, and like Dean, I don’t really care about them. But they could’ve locked demons away forever, and they didn’t. And now Abaddon’s gathering an army. Just fantastic.

      • Mo says:

        Sam & Dean will always be the most important people in each other’s lives. But that doesn’t mean they have to continue to do it on their own. The unhealthy codependency is like a leftover from when they had nobody else but each other. They have now, slowly but surely, added more people to their family – Cas, Kevin, Charlie – and they need now to realize that while none of these people are suddenly going to be more important than each other, they can have relationships with people outside of each other.

        I think Sam has begun to realize while Dean was in Purgatory that he is able to let go. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love Dean just as much, but that he is finally willing to do what they said & not go to terrible lengths to get his brother back & to honor him by living. And when he chose to go with Death, it wasn’t invalidating those things. I don’t think he -wanted- to die & leave Dean & get out of the life, but if he could be assured that Dean could not sacrifice himself for Sam again then he was willing to let go & follow the natural order.

        Dean hasn’t been able to let go of Sam yet. And I think that’s part of why Sam changed his mind when Dean (or Ezekiel) popped in at the last second with a plan. Kind of like how Cas followed Dean & Benny all over Purgatory even though he already knew he was going to stay, because he could see that Dean absolutely meant it when he said he wasn’t leaving without him. Sam could see that Dean would not let Sam go, no matter what.

        And I’m actually kind of excited that housing an angel in Sam without his consent is such a huge problem that Dean is finally going to be forced to face that. This is a screw up on the level of Sam trusting Ruby over Dean, or Cas swallowing up all the souls in Purgatory, and I think the fact that Dean is so clearly in the wrong here is going to be a great place to build the story. And I think that though this is definitely going to test the brother bond, if Dean learns the lessons he needs to learn they should come out on the other side in a much better place.

  6. Brio says:

    So, the entire Season 8 – not only the Trials, closing the Gated of Hell storyline, but also the rebuild of the brothers relationship, everything. It was all for nothing?

    This is not maturing, Carver. If you think it is, you don’t know the meaning of it. Thanks for nothing.

    • scotty says:

      Yeah, I doubt I’ll watch this season live either, since Carver changes attitudes more than a yo-yo. He needs to remember that the Winchesters and their relationship are why this show has been on the air for nearly a decade. It’d be a shame if he destroyed that in less than two years.

  7. Annie says:

    More guilt. Just want Dean needs.

    Why can’t we see this amazing character built up instead of torn down further.

    • Jack says:

      Turn down further!? Dean gets the heroic character most of the time. Who killed Azazel? Who killed the demonic bitch Sam trusted over Dean on the CRAPPY season 4? Who killed Dick Roman? Who made a deal with a demon to safe Sam’s life? DEAN!!! Sam is the one who deserves a heroic storyline, all he did was jump into a pit. Demon blood, Soulless, Hallucinations, Trials sickness, Sam always gets the crappy storylines…They’ve always treated Sam’s character like CRAP.

      • angel64 says:

        So Sam being told how only he is special, how only he can save the world, how only he is smart, how only he is herocic and honorable, how only he could stop Lucifer and the Apocalypse, and how only he could dot he trials are somehow crappy storylines? They have been the MAJOR storylines! Dean doesn’t get to do a damn thing but exist for Sam! All the while having everybody, John, Bobby, Chuck, Michael, Zach, Death, hell even Sam himself telling Dean that he is holding Sam back, that he is weak, he is insignificant, he is not longer part of the story, his life is unimportant, he should keep going after Sam evern after Sam has nearly beaten him to death in favor of a demon lover, etc, take your pick. No, it’s DEAN’S character that has always been treated like crap, and this new storyline almost destroys him completely.

  8. Jen says:

    I wonder when people will realize that Sam does still want a life of his own, and just let him have that. If you think Sam chose, and is choosing, to live for himself, rather than his brother, you’re wrong. Sam does not want this life, he never has. He’s doing it to make Dean happy, but HE IS NOT HAPPY. Sam was ready to go with death, even after the church scene, don’t you see? He wants OUT. I’m so sad that people keep trying to force unhappiness onto Sam the way that Dean forced Ezekiel inside of him without his consent. I’m so mad about it, I can’t even see straight.

    These brothers are not codependent. Dean is dependent on Sam, but not the other way around. PLEASE let Carver’s comments be true…that they really are growing and maturing. Please let Sam be happy. Please let Dean mature and be unafraid to stand on his own two feet. PLEASE.

    • sk says:

      I agree with you that Sam is unhappy and does not want to be hunting with Dean. However, I don’t understand how that translates into some epic brotherly bond or why we should still care about it or the show since the show’s hero has so much contempt for what the essence of the show is actually about.

      • Hope says:

        “The show’s hero has so much contempt for what the essence of the show is actually about.” Well, it has always been this way? This is the show you fell in love with. Sam has ALWAYS wanted that life, this is nothing new or extraordinary. And Sam has ALWAYS chosen Dean’s happiness over his own. Always! And sure, he enjoys himself for a time, and he lives with it for a time…but he has never, ever, ever let go of that dream, and he never will. That’s Sam. That’s the Sam we’ve always known. The only difference between the earlier seasons and now is that they were more lighthearted. But anyone would grow bitter eventually. Anyone would reach a point where they can’t really take it anymore? Living for someone else is no way to live. It wears you down, tears you apart.

        I love Dean, and I sympathize with him, and there are valid reasons for him to have the dependency issues that he has. But not even Dean is happy anymore, and I think it partially has to do with the knowledge of dragging someone along who is only in it half-heartedly. Both of them are miserable. So, they can either continue in their misery, with Sam near-suicidal for the rest of his life, and Dean living with the guilt of knowing his brother is only doing this for him, or they can actually begin to form a HEALTHY brotherly relationship. They need to develop goals and dreams outside of each other, and actually let each other accomplish those things. These are not people. These are lost souls, roaming the world in chains. And it is honestly horrible to see.

        • Annie says:

          Sam always does what’s best for Sam. If he chose Dean’s happiness over his, Sam wouldn’t have left for school, he wouldn’t have ran around with Ruby, he wouldn’t have chosen Ruby over his brother, he wouldn’t have gone against Dean’s final wish for him to not use his powers, and he would haven chosen searching for Dean instead of playing house with Amelia and eating his organic apples.

          • sk says:

            Exactly. I just do not see this selfless creature that Sam fans describe. Sam could have left at any time and Dean would not have stopped him. In fact, he told Sam to go be happy just last season. Sam is always the one that comes running back when he senses that his hold on Dean is slipping away. It happened in season 5, it happened last season and it even happened in the premiere. It seems that Sam wants to keep his half-wit brother at his beck and call more than he wants to be free of hunting.

          • Hope says:

            Sam left for school when Dean still had his dad. Sam then dropped out of school (and stayed out) for Dean when their dad went missing. Sam started messing with Ruby when Dean was DEAD. He kept it up, sure, but that’s what happens when you gain an addiction. It takes a little while to get off of it, and he eventually did. In other words, Sam made decisions for himself ONLY when Dean was either out of the picture, or had somebody else in his life that Sam thought Dean could lean on. Sam is always giving up his happiness for Dean, and he shouldn’t HAVE TO. No one should be made to feel GUILTY for wanting to GET AN EDUCATION. But Sam does, and that’s why he is always going to be miserable unless Dean learns to let him BE A PERSON.

          • Annie says:


            How about holding Sam responsible for his own decisions. I can’t think of a time Sam didn’t do what Sam wanted regardless of what Dean thought. Dean told Sam to stay or go but make a choice. He chose to stay. If Sam tells himself he did it for Dean,again SAM made that choice. Dean didn’t make him. Sam didn’t drop out of school to go back on the road with Dean to make him happy. He went because he wanted revenge for Jesscia’s death. In season 2 he did it because he felt it was what their dad would want (not Dean.). Season 3 is about the only time he actually stayed for Dean but if only stayed out of obligation rather than truly wanting to help Dean, thats not a good thing. S4 he was more interested in playing with Ruby than supporting Dean. S5 he stayed because he wanted redemption.

            Sam still stayed with Ruby even after Dean came back. If Sam was so concerned for Dean’s happiness why did he leave Dean alone on his first night back from hell. Of course no one should feel guilty about going to school but you missed my point. Sam didn’t put Dean’s happiness over his in that situation and hardly any others.

            Sam needs to stop blaming others for his actions. He’s not this poor wounded baby bird the show tries to make him out to be.

          • Jack says:

            Ruby…demon blood…That’s when Kripke officially destroyed Sam’s character. It pisses me off that Kripke never let Sam prove that being with Ruby over Dean was a big mistake, all he did was let him jump into a black hole.

        • angel64 says:

          Sorry, I’m not seeing where Sam has ever lived his life for Dean. Dean though, has lived his life for Sam.I’m seeing all these comments about how Sam deserves his own life, his own happiness. But what about Dean? Do you not think he deserves the same?
          Sam SHOULD life his life for Dean but neither should Dean live his life for Sam.
          FYI,-I don’t think there was one thing wrong with Sam wanting an education and going to college. The thing I think was wrong is that he completely turned his back on the brother who had taken care of him his entire life to do it. Why does someone going off to college mean they suddenly refuse to have all contact with their loved ones? No letters, no phone calls, no get togethers. There’s no reason Sam had to completely abandon Dean while at college, or for that matter, even if he did leave the hunting life.

      • Jack says:

        There is a bond, because even though Sam wants a life of his own, he still stands next to Dean.

        • Jen says:

          I think Sam’s resigned to this life now. He recommitted to it last season once he began the trials. I think he knows there’s no way out for him now. And yes, he is choosing to be at his brother’s side. Like he reiterated at the end of the first episode “We’ve got work to do.”

    • angel64 says:

      Exactly, Although I believe your comment is coming from a position of disdain for Dean and mine is coming from love for the character, I too wish that this show would stop putting Sam on a pedestal as being so much better than Dean that he can have and does want his own life while Dean is so worthless and desperate that he’ll stop at nothing to hold on to Sam, who he feels is so much more worthyy than he is.
      Sam is heroic, brave, and smart, but so is Dean, and I’m tired of the way SPN refuses to acknowledge that. Dean deserves a life of his own as well, and happiness of his own that doesn’t revolve around Sam.

    • Lou says:

      Yes. Poor Sam. He finally got rid of the demon blood only to be some sort of schizophrenic half human half angel. Dean really messed up.

  9. sk says:

    How is being suicidal maturing? I don;t get it. Just like I didn’t get how running away from your responsibilities was maturing. How is blaming your own failures on someone else maturing? These writers have a strange definition of mature.

  10. I hope that we see Ezekiel back in his original meat suit and just regular Sam as soon as possible, beyond tired of what’s wrong with Sam for the umpteenth season – I’d like to just see human little brother Sam stick around for once, and a healthy version more sick Sam. Also, these spoilers made me feel like all this is supposed to be important for Dean – I hope this comes through, and that we see some consequences for Dean in this – some kind of situation where Dean is the eye of the storm for once, and the others are having to react and worry about him. It’s always Dean worrying about Sam and Cas, it would be nice for it to be the other way around. Oh and finally, please lets see Cas reunited with Dean and Sam and lots of shared screentime for Team Free Will thanks.

    • sk says:

      I suspect all this will translate into is more guilty cheerleader Dean and self-righteous limp Sam. Sorry but after three years of this crap, I have no optimism left as a fan of Dean Winchester.

  11. Hope says:

    AHH thank God they haven’t abandoned the “maturing” storyline! I remembered Carver talking about it in season 8, but then it sort of went away? Like, Sam left Amelia (and was not happy about it), and so to make it MEAN something, he took on these suicidal trials, and nearly died for the world (again), but Dean talked him out of it (really, what was the point of any of it then?). And then, same thing in the premiere, Sam **still** wanted to die, but Dean didn’t let him? It was starting to make me really uncomfortable! Like, Sam really has no control or decisions over his own life as it is, and now Dean’s taking his consent too? No thanks? Please let Dean GROWWWWW.

  12. Drew says:

    Carver has made the show exciting again. I wasn’t sure that it could be redeemed after season 7, but I am back to loving it and I’m eager to see how these plotlines play out.

    It’s weird that some people don’t see the progress made on the show.

    • Annie says:

      How is it progress when its pretty much the exact same storyline we’ve already seen. Instead of making a deal with a demon, Dean made one with an angel. Sam’s been possessed by an angel before, and he’s had powers before. Nothing new.

    • Teresa says:

      I agree. All of this Sam v. Dean crap is old, tired and ridiculous. People who dive into that have completely forgotten or never understood the basic foundation of the show. I am enjoying this season so far very much. Looking forward to the rest of the epis. Sam and Dean Forever!

  13. Thanks for the interview!

    I so love this show and am excited for S9. I love the dilemma they put Dean in and how ambiguous it all is. That’s odd, I know — but I feel like there is so much potential here. I hope we get Dean starting to realize he’s more than a grunt. He DID make a WHOPPER of a decision last year. I’d like him to understand his relative role in the universe.

    • Dean's Mojo says:

      I can’t see how Dean would see himself as anything but a worthless grunt if Eziekiel turns out to be yet another bad guy.

      • Mo says:

        Even if Ezekiel turns out not to be a bad guy (I’m hoping this is true) it doesn’t mean that Dean’s decision isn’t going to have bad consequences. And like SnazzyO, I love the dilemma & the potential for the story going forward.

  14. Don says:

    I can’t believe there are people who were happy with Dean’s decision in the church, and then his decision in 9×01. How could anybody be a Dean fan and LIKE that? Dean is NOT worthless without his brother! He does not exist as a prop for Sam to hold himself up with! But he actually thinks that and it’s the worst thing any fan of Dean could see. How could people see this dependency as a good thing, how?! They’re basically degenerating before our eyes, and it’s because they have no separate identities! Dean is over 30 and he still doesn’t know who HE is, as a man. He doesn’t know how to live without taking care of another person, and I find that SO. SAD. Unbearably so.

    Please, Carver…I hope you’re being serious about this. Please let Dean find himself this season and learn how to love himself!

  15. Kara says:

    I love that after nine seasons Sam and Dean are as complicated and compelling as ever.

    I do have to question Carver’s definition of mature here though. Isn’t it possible for Sam and Dean to be mature by talking it out and telling each other the truth, having each other’s backs while at the same time pursuing their individual goals? I’m sorry but how can I take this talk of maturity seriously when we have yet more lies and hidden agendas piled on top of old unresolved ones?

    Also if Carver were really serious about this character growth, he would not activly isolate Sam from any other character but his brother. It’s great Dean makes and maintains relationships, but it seems a bit one sided when all of Sam’s friends are either dead or written off of the show. Stop isolating Sam!

    We will see how this plays out, but I think as long as the show keeps true to Sam and Dean and their brotherhood, while at the same time exploring them as individuals, it will be a great season. I go into this cautiously optimistic.

  16. L says:

    Character growth and maturing of characters sounds great to me, especially as long as the brother’s relationship stays solid and they stay together. I also really, really, really, really hope that Cas will get back to the Winchesters soon, and stay with them. These three guys together is really what I love most about the show.

  17. kitty says:

    I wonder if Ezekiel is what he says he is because he is the Hero of the Spin Off. He is too much the leading man type to become a regular on SPN it’self and thay have put in a lot of characterisation for such a small role. Sam is going to get injured and realise he’s nolonger human.

  18. Sam, Sam, Sam…always Sam :/ Why???

  19. Sandra says:

    World and other people should be a priority not freaking Sam Winchester, let him die already.

  20. Alicia says:

    You’re all a bunch of whiners. Go watch something else if you hate what the writers do so much. I love the show. Great storyline this season. Can’t wait!

    • Lisa London says:

      Thank you! I’m so tired of people complaining about the show runners and most of all of the divide between ‘Dean fans’ and ‘Sam fans’… AAARGH! Let it go, people. Stop arguing pointlessly, please. Both characters are amazing in their own right, both have done great things and crap things, both have had superb story lines and crappy story lines. BOTH are the core of the show, not one more than the other. You can be a Dean fan (I am) without holding a grudge against Sam’s character – he’s awesome too – and vice-versa.

      • Mo says:

        Yes to loving both brothers, and yes to watching this storyline play out. I love the possibilities the premiere set up for the season.

      • I have to agree, here. I’m so tired of the fussin’. If folks are so disappointed, stop watching. Personally, I’m a Sam-fan, but I think BOTH brothers are awesome in their own rights. Both also have very deep-seated issues. Both have done amazingly good things some pretty bad things… they’ve lied and betrayed one another, but have also managed to put their family blood first and foremost. Blood IS, thicker than water, after all. After all this time, I’m still as excited and amazed to see what happens next as I was from the first episode of Season 1. Jared and Jensen have worked hard to give us an awesome show, along with the entire Cast and Crew. They deserve way more than the whining over every little thing people can find to pick apart. Sheesh, either sit back and watch, or go find something else to do, of the story lines are so distressing for you, but don’t try to ruin it or color the opinions either way for the rest of us that still absolutely love it and are loyal to a fault of the people that make it happen and of the show, itself! :-)

      • timetogo says:

        I totally agree. If you do not enjoy the way the show is going turn it off.
        For me I am totally pcyhed that after 8yrs the new season has come up with such a compelling new turn.

  21. alistaircrane says:

    Enough with the angels. When will the boys go back to huntin’ monsters??

  22. rosa says:

    I’m mostly interested in Castiel’s story. Bring me all the Cas’ parts ;)

  23. L.L says:

    “Many times we’ve seen it as Sam withholding a big secret.” Yeah, but at all the times Sam’s secret was about himself – drinking blood, soulless, hellucinations – not about Dean even once. Unfortunately for Dean his secrets – except about what happened in hell – are always about Sam or about Sam’s destiny.
    The only mytharc that Dean is driven is Sam’s mytharc and there’s nothing to Dean but cheerleader guilty as ever.

  24. dregari says:

    Hey writers and carver

    It’s time for Sam and dean to have thier own storyline

  25. Anggara says:

    come on guys…
    season 9 is predictable………

    you of all people should know that Carver has planed 10th season as the final season,
    which mean season 10 is going to be apocalyptic, like season 5…
    therefore, season 9 resemblance season 4…………

    Carver is tring make this ironic,
    if the event of the seaosn 5 is caused by sam trusting the demon is season 4,
    then the apocalyptic event in season 10 is gonna be caused by Dean for trusting the wrong Angel…………..

    which mean, Ezekiel is plan to release LECIFER AND MICHAEL back to defeat METATRON….

    (sorry for the languange, not my native one)

  26. I dont understand these Dean fans and Sam fans must they always whine who has the best storyline .At least you get to see you’er favourite character in EVERY episode others who favour other characters only get to see their fav Character in a handfull of episodes i feel for all the Bobby Ellen Joe Benny fans their fav characters aer dead.

  27. Brooke says:

    OMG! JUST SHUT UP! it is a GREAT show! i love both Jensen and Jared’s characters! I own Seasons 1-8 on DVD and watch them regularly. This is one of the best shows the CW has on air! But you can’t claim to be a fan and then dis everything about the show, doesn’t that make you a HATER? Simply change the channel and let the TRUE SPN fans enjoy their show and their character favs!