Castle's Stana Katic Surveys Kate's D.C. Setback, Weighs In on the Looming [Spoiler] Issue

Castle Preview Beckett FiredWhen Stana Katic visited New York City last week to talk up Castle as well as her punk rockin’ movie CBGB, TVLine didn’t dare miss a chance to seek out her take on the dissolution of Kate Beckett’s sweet D.C. gig and the next issue to face the “Caskett” engagement.

Already in the latest episode of Spoiler Alert! (embedded below), Katic previewed the topic of Kate jumping right back into the NYPD (…or not) and how Alexis might rain on her dad’s parade. Here now is more from that conversation.

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TVLINE | If Kate does wind up back at the NPD, would there be any “adjustment,” since Ryan and Esposito have kind of been “large and in charge” since she left?
It’s called “separation anxiety.” [Laughs] She has had a long period of being a valuable member of that team, so I’m sure that that group would benefit from having her back, because nobody in that group really functions as well as they do when everyone is together. I don’t know if the boys necessarily realize that, or think that, right away, but we’ll see.

TVLINE | That’s funny, because when I spoke to Jon [Huertas] and Seamus [Dever] at the start of the season, they both made a point of saying that the boys would be “doing fine” without Beckett.
They get more lines! [Laughs] That’s what it is.

TVLINE | Is Kate deflated at all, having been fired by McCord? Does she feel like this D.C. thing was ultimately a failure? That she was a failure?
Being fired from [the federal task force] is tough, because it was a dream job. And now I think the biggest deal for her — because she’s kind of defined herself by always fighting for the weak, fighting for the victim, fighting for justice — is that she’s left out in Nowhereland. She has nothing to attach herself to [and] she’s kind of not sure where she stands with things because she’s defined herself so much by [her job].

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TVLINE | What are she and Rick going to do about living arrangements? They don’t get to enjoy that shiny new D.C. apartment….
I know. And I thought that was a really sweet moment, for the two of them.

TVLINE | …and as you have previously noted, Rick’s place these days is “like Union Station.”
Yeah, there’s a lot of traffic going through it. They’ll be dealing with the living situation, mingling their space, later on down the road, but this next episode has to do with Castle getting into a bit of trouble and Kate having to kind of get back into the good graces of the people that she’s worked with in the past.

TVLINE | Alexis is “acting out” some in the wake of the engagement, with this whole Pi thing. Would you want a scene where Kate and Alexis talked it through?
I think that this is a matter for a father and daughter, and a daughter knows that no matter what the father is, he’s going to be the same, in spite of the fact that he’s entering into a new relationship. When we were playing those scenes [where Kate and Rick grow more serious], I was always aware of what would it mean for a person who’s coming into a relationship where there are children already involved. And Alexis is not even a child anymore, she’s a woman, you know? So how do you kind of navigate that? I think that the way that they built the story, Kate is really respectful of that adjustment and aware of what needs to happen in order to make everybody feel safe in the end.

TVLINE | Lastly, a lot of people enjoy the Kate and Lanie scenes, as two girlfriends. Yet we haven’t seen them together since the engagement. Do they have any scenes coming up?
Yes. Yes, there are a few coming up, and some of them actually revolve around Alexis and Castle figuring out what the next kind of version of their world will be.

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  1. John says:

    “because it was a dream job” a dream job that came out of the blue… I still don’t understand that one…

    • Mary says:

      The way I see it, it´s a dream job for any cop…even Gates (when she told Kate she gave her the highest recomendation) said she would kill to have had that oportunity at her age.
      And SK only says it was a dream job, not that it was Kate´s dream job…and I agree, when that kind of chance appears, not taking it would only lead to regrets, and those would always take a toll in a relationship.

      • John says:

        I understand your point but, the way the job was presented by the way agent Stack acted in “Human Factor” it is out of the confort zone of beckett valous, is was all there, Stack was portrayed as sort of “24” agent, no real name, gun with silencer, cleaning up the mess for the goverment, politics involved, etc… of course, what is done, is done, just my opinion…

      • terri says:

        i agree! at least now, she knows, that dealing with DC, is more politically. if the higher up feels, they got already what they want, favoring them, even though the case is not solve, they will “pause” (close) it and she can’t do anything about it. Her heart is to solve a case, bring justice, protect the people being harmed, (as she was on the same situation of the family victims) – she understand what they are going thru. Now, no regrets, she knows, she can help the victims way better for being a cop.

    • JJM says:

      The whole plotline AKA “dream job” seems like a cheap ploy to me in order to shake up the audience and to move along the Beckett/Castle relationship.

    • Red says:

      Dream jobs often come out of the blue, especially for people who are happily competent at doing their particular job and aren’t thinking bigger until someone approaches them/recruits them.

      My husband had particular dreams when he graduated from college–particularly about going to start-ups in Silicon Valley and such. But he ended up in a good, stable engineering job in the midwest and moved up the ladder there. He was perfectly happy doing that.

      15 years on, the not-now-quite start-ups in Silicon Valley came to HIM. Not for entry level positions, but for positions far higher up the food chain. It was out of the blue.

    • Castlefan1212 says:

      In life sometimes job opportunity do come out of the blue. Kate never stated it was “her” dream job, just a dream job. I think that makes the possibility of it coming out of the blue valid. Speaking for myself, I can look at many occasions where opportunities have come out of no where in my working career. A better opportunity in my profession that I wasn’t looking for and I’m always willing to explore that possibility. I think that’s just what happened to Kate and she was willing to explore it because she wasn’t sure about her relationship with Rick. She had to try the opportunity and now she’ll have no regrets.
      It was such an obvious contrast between DC and NY, very much evident in all the episodes so far. Kate’s back and the team is all together, I think the story is all the better for the growth. Alexis and Pi will be an interesting story to watch unfold.

    • John says:

      My point it is not about the job per se coming out of the blue but her willingness of wanting a Federal Job, after how they(the gang) see and talk about those agents in the show.

  2. Ellen says:

    Stana Katic is perfection.

  3. Francine says:

    Thanks for giving us more of the interview! I always love hearing Stana discuss the show, she’s always so respectful of the storylines and the fans. I do hope they get into the Alexis issue and we see more of Lanie.

  4. leigh says:

    I can understand exactly what she is saying about it being Beckett’s dream job. To help others on a larger scale is huge and that is ultimately who Beckett is and has always strived for. In Beckett’s mind, though, I don’t think she realized the politics involved in the whole mess. i mean, the government helps people, right? The job gave her a chance to also show to her mom that she was fighting for the little person but on a grand scale. I’m glad they did this because I think Beckett needed more input to define who she is. The character has come a long way but this helps character development on another level.

    • Mary says:

      Totally agree!

    • c22 says:

      Well sorry but then Beckett was really stupid. She has worked with the NYPD long enough and has come across so many agencies, not even mentioning how her mothers case was covered up. That she should have known this from the start.
      I mean come on we all know the CIA, FBI and Homeland exists. Stack said in season 5 that people are not supposed to know about the AG agents. That must have ringed a bell right?

      I don’t even have a problem with her wanting to work somewhere else, bigger and nicer.

      The problem I had with the whole job is that in the past she despised and hated agencies that walked into her precinct. Then I can’t understand how she wanted to become someone like that herself. Then you are a hypocrit in my opinion.

      If she didn’t realized that there were politics involved with the Attorney General? Then she is stupied sorry to say.

      I just didn’t get the whole job storyline. To me it was unneccesary and didn’t add anything.

      Besides now I feel she only comes back to the NYPD as a second choice. She wanted to work with the best of the best in DC, she got fired and now the NYPD is good enough again.

      But that’s my opinion. Don’t attack me on it.

      • Rich Abey says:

        Not an attack mind you, but you do have to consider how the DC opening was presented to her. It wasn’t like “hey we have an opening in the FBI”. Rather it was “the Attorney General has a special task force to deal with matters of national security..and it has an opening”. So its not like what her ex-boyfriend Will was doing…you know the regular run-of-the-mill FBI stuff including stealing investigations from the police.

      • leigh says:

        No attack :D we are all fans in our own way.

      • I agree, She never liked the Feds coming in on some of her cases and then all of a sudden she is on board with the AG (Still a form of the Feds). It did play out that she realized even with the AG they were still the Feds and she still doesn’t like how they do their job.

        • Jay says:

          Angie, your problem is that your hate for Kate/Stana blind your ability to be coherent and understand what She is trying to say,You came with a predisposition because the interview was not with Nathan..A little immature for a woman of your age!

          • Dory says:

            I f you think me immature for the following comment so be it. No matter how much you hate Kate she’s a gorgeous women and a fine actress. OH BTW I don’t think Nathan will be knocking on you door anytime soon.

  5. Kaye says:

    Omg! She cut her hair. That was a big surprise.

  6. Teri says:

    Stana rocks an interview again. Just loves how she loves her character. Keep them coming Matt!

  7. Apples says:

    Damn Canadians keep raving about how good this ep is. Can’t wait!

    • Just one thing says:

      It’s a pretty good episode. One scene in particular was really fun.

      • Apples says:

        I really enjoy Terence Paul Winter-penned episodes, and this looks like a great companion piece to his Season 4 ‘Cops and Robbers’ awesomeness.

        I hope the ratings start ticking up again now the DC arc is ended. I think that might’ve turned some viewers off.

        • Rich Abey says:

          Terence’s episodes are indeed damn good, especially like you mentioned ‘Cops & Robbers’ which was one of my favorites from S4. If ‘Number One Fan fan’ is even close to his previous eps it gonna be amazing.
          “I hope the ratings start ticking up again now the DC arc is ended”. Have we been following at the same ratings? Cause the first 3 episodes of this season have so far out-rated the first 3 episodes of last season. Sure some viewers might have grumbled about the DC arc, but still more people tuned in to watch it than in last season (I personally enjoyed the arc a lot. So did 95% of my friends who follow Castle). After all Castle fans are considered ‘uber fans’ for a reason!

          • Apples says:

            Oh I know the ratings have been better than last season, but I noticed a general downward slide over the last 3 eps. My gut feeling is that a lot of people miss the lovable “a-writer-and-his-muse solve crimes and banter sexily” formula and hence may have turned off till the show goes back to it’s roots.

          • Badpenny says:

            From TV By The Numbers: First 3 episodes of Season 5: 2.1/6, 1.95/5, 2.2/6. First 3 episodes of Season 6: 2.2/6, 2.2/6, 1.95/5. They are, essentially, identical; which is good as it means no loses to The Blacklist. This is especially good as Castle has a weak lead-in. DWtS just isn’t what it used to be.

        • Just one thing says:

          I hope the ratings tick up, too, but I don’t think as many viewers were turned off as it appeared online. Over 10 million viewers for each of the first three episodes (including the arc’s conclusion) opposite newbie juggernaut The Blacklist, and the biggest decline in the demo was on a night when the show was pre-empted in one of the top markets, Atlanta.
          Not really a sure sign the show turned people off enough to stop watching. Glad to see things back to “normal,” though.

          • Erin says:

            What happened to those people that were going to stop watching the show because of Mr. Fillion behavior?

          • Apples says:

            Yeah I’m glad to see the show return to the formula I fell in love with in the first place. If I wanted to watch some high-powered anti-terrorism procedural set in a Federal agency, I’d switch channels to the Blacklist.

          • nicademus11 says:

            And also there is some very interesting data about 48 hour and 7 day DVR/On Demand playback. Castle is one of the top returning shows to show real gains in this category. Encouraging especially given as you said, it’s up against the much loved and publicized Blacklist as well as Monday night Football and the baseball playoffs. Castle continues to perform well and given some of the good stuff in tonight’s episode, I suspect that will continue to hold true this season. A wonderful thing for a show in season 6. I am excited about Stana’s hints for Alexis/Rick relationship navigation.

          • Just one thing says:

            I have no idea, Erin. I suspect the three people involved in that little coalition are happily watching some other Monday show this season.

          • Just one thing says:

            Good point on the delayed viewing, Nicademus. Have you seen that data posted anywhere? Can’t seem to find much about that around the web anymore.

          • Badpenny says:

            So far only the Premier Week +7 figures have been released. Castle went from 2.2 to 3.4, giving it a 55% increase, making it the 13th best increase out of 25 shows tracked.

          • Just one thing says:

            Cool, thanks, Badpenny!

    • Mary says:

      Personally, I loved it so much I´ll watch again today…but don´t get your expectations too high, because every person has its likings and what is great for someone may not be the same for you:)

  8. Ana says:

    From RBA:
    In the finale arc Kate’s main motivation for pursuing the job is her fear that her relationship with Castle will fail because he does not feel the same about her. It is not about what the Modern Woman should do when given the opportunity to do more professionally.
    I believe this reason only came about after the first and only reason used in the finale was rendered mute by the proposal.
    I would understand her making the impulsive decision of taking the job if she wasn’t clear where she stood with Castle because she was ready to run and the DC job provided her with the opportunity to do just that.
    Fortunately once she spoke to Castle and he proposed to her, she no longer needed to run. The reason the finale arc conveyed for her considering the Job in DC was no longer relevant. Castle wanted a future with her, and it was her uncertainty over that question that had caused her to pursue that job.
    Having gotten her answer and getting an okay for Castle to do both, the expediency of choosing the job was no longer there. Sure the job offer had been made, but are we suggesting that she would not have gone (and carefully) reconsider her decision this time around knowing the stakes. Would she not have consider how that choice would impact her relationship going forward. Would she not have asked all those questions she might have originally failed to ask.
    What I gather is that Marlowe and Stana’s recent interviews are trying to justify an after the fact reason for her to pursue a job she had never shown an interest in. The original justification was rendered mute by Castle’s proposal, so a new justification for the job was needed. This justification plays on the “modern woman” and what she should do, but it is foreign to what we seen in the show.
    Kate’s quest has been about Justice and finding a path where she could be more than just a cop. I always though that referred (going back to the scene with Dr. Worf in EotB) “that more” being outside of her professional life. She had devoted 10 years of her life in a quest for justice as a cop foregoing love and personal satisfaction. Thus I saw her need for wanting to be more along the lines of personal rather than professional growth.

    • Shawn says:

      Perhaps Marlowe wanted her to accept the job even after Castle’s proposal to test if the relationship could survive without them working together at the NYPD. Beckett questioned whether she and Castle were both in love with dance, but what would happen if the music stops? We know now what would happen and their relationship grew stronger in spite of the distance and separation of the job.

      Beckett now was presented with the challenge of whether she could have both a personal life and a professional life because like her father asked, why couldn’t she both?

      So much of Beckett is about the job, but we saw during the DC arc that she couldn’t sacrifice her morals for the way things operated in DC AND she was dissatisfied with how they operated. Not to mention at the end of the day she was shown to be a bit down over the distance it kept between her and Castle.

      The DC arc was never going to last more than a few episodes, but from it we saw Caskett’s relationship solidify and grow stronger from the distance and the challenges the DC job presented.

      I still don’t get why so many fans were up in arms over the DC arc, but to each their own.

  9. Astrid says:

    Love Stana’s insights on the show. Thank you for the interview!
    I loved ‘number one fan’ btw!

  10. Lisa says:

    Number one fan was really good. One of the better cases in a while and you really felt for the ‘victim’. I really think this show gets better and better. Plus, well, Nathan Fillion is in it. ;)

  11. Just one thing says:

    I’m a bit bummed that she (expertly) dodged the question of whether Kate and Alexis would talk the issue out together. As important as it is that Castle and Alexis come to an understanding, I’d think it’s almost as imperative that Alexis understands Kate’s POV and vice-versa. Even if it’s just a quick exchange of dialogue and some hope for decent interaction in the future.
    Given that the episode where this supposed to all go down was already filmed by the time this interview took place, I’m going to assume that didn’t happen. If so, oh well, I suppose.

    • Erin says:

      Well, she is right, that it is something for a father-daughter conversation, now that Alexis is in her way to begin a life by her own maybe there won’t be much interaction between the 2 and even though she say that beckett is aware of those things, kate isn’t the more talkative person…

    • Apples says:

      I think the main conversation may well be a Castle/Alexis/Kate one rather than Kate/Alexis or Castle/Alexis. That would be a nice bit of symbolism about how Castle and Beckett are one unit now…

      • Erin says:

        It could be.

      • M3rcNate says:

        I agree. They have basically kept Kate and Alexis totally separate the entire series of Castle, and now with her being a fiancée, I don’t see how its possible that they wouldn’t sit down and talk (all three) or Kate and Alexis bond more. I get that shes older, like 18 or 19 so its not like Kate is going to legally adopt her and be her step mom…but this is a woman that is going to marry her father…you’d think she’d give a crap lol.

        SPOILER FOR THIS MONDAY EP!………………..I am SO over this Jar Jar Binks Pi kid. His scene in this episode was ridiculous and IMO very disrespectful. I get that Castle isn’t me…but he sure seems to SAY that he wants Alexis to stop kissing him in eye view and be in common areas (not her bedroom) when together…yet he doesn’t ENFORNCE those which leads to lack of boundaries which leads to that annoying granola hippy hipster Pi cooking in his kitchen, walking into his bedroom and asking to use his razor….its insane.

        Don’t get me wrong im not some southern guy who has a billion courtesies and is mega ultra polite….but if I find it disrespectful enough I wouldn’t imagine opening up a family friends fridge without asking if I can first…I cant IMAGINE going over to my girlfriends fathers place (who is also famous and rich) and going through his kitchen, butting in on his conversations and butting in on family matters (why was he at the hospital when Castle was recovering from the toxin? Since when does a barely BF (fling) of 1-2 months come to the hospital with the girl to see her almost died father?) and now he walks into his girlfriends fathers bedroom in the morning when he knows castle and kate are in there in bed? WTF. Id rather shoot myself in the thigh then do that. WTF were the writers thinking?

        • terri says:

          I don’t like this scene either – with PI just just walking in – did he even knock? and with Kate in his bedroom? Just feel awkward! it’s NOT funny at all!!

    • Christina says:

      Hopefully we get some throw away dialogue that they’re talking? They’ve got to have some sort of relationship, she’s supposedly there often enough that it’s ridiculous to assume they don’t talk. I’m sure we’ll get one at some point, but at this rate, we could literally get it in the wedding episode (assuming we get one next season, because I have no hopes for one this season and kind of don’t even want one this season…).

      • Just one thing says:

        Hey, Christina! Yeah, any talking will do. Kate and Alexis have barely said five sentences directly to each other onscreen in two years, and most of that dialogue took place during the 100th episode.
        I don’t expect a wedding this season either, if not because it’s too soon, most definitely because Bones is doing their wedding this season.
        From a character perspective, it would be really cool for them to have a moment where the air is cleared, not just because Castle does the reassuring for both women, but because they, as two adults, figure it out for themselves.
        They don’t need to be BFFs (ha! yeah right), but an easygoing relationship where one isn’t threatened and the other doesn’t keep her distance would be great.

        • Christina says:

          Hey! Yea, it’s absolutely ridiculous how little they speak. I know they focus the screen time more on Castle and Beckett, and I have no complaints there, but they literally never speak. Even a little nod to Martha AND Alexis calling Kate in 6×02 would’ve been enough to show that Alexis can at least call Kate.
          Didn’t even think about the Bones wedding. We definitely won’t then, that would just be too much! I think there’s a lot of storytelling to be done before the wedding though, and I’m really excited to watch that unfold.
          I just really want Kate and Alexis to have a conversation. Mary, don’t get my hopes up! I did read something about them using Kate in that episode, but I hadn’t heard about a conversation. That would just be too good. Interesting thought too, since I hadn’t really considered whether or not Alexis would consider Beckett family at all.

          • Just one thing says:

            Haha, yep. Can’t have both weddings in one season, I suspect. My money is on the Season 7 premiere. Depending on how things go, they can start wrapping the series up in epic fashion from there.
            They’ve managed to fit nods to a Martha/Beckett friendship in throughout the last couple seasons, which is great. And to Sullivan’s credit, she seems to really play into that. Not over-the-top, but not awkward.
            Alexis outright shunning Beckett would be way out of character, but I agree she certainly hasn’t given any indication that she’s down for a new family member of any kind. Except Pi. She loves her some Pi.

      • Mary says:

        I think I read some “spoiler” that in the episode named “like father, like daughter” Castle and Alexis would be kind of working together with Beckett´s help and there will be a talk about what being a family means….

        • Just one thing says:

          Hi, Mary! I read that, too, and thought it sounded really promising. It seemed like a great opportunity for Beckett and Alexis to bond, given Alexis’ quest to absolve someone and Beckett’s mom’s history of doing the same thing when she was alive. Just a short conversation, nothing fancy.
          Not getting my hopes up on that one, though. Will be happy to be pleasantly surprised! :-)

  12. John 1138 says:

    Nice one!

  13. terri says:

    I agree with Kate (Stana) that the Alexis issue acting out for his father’s engagement is between the dad & daughter. I truely believed that, Kate shouldn’t be in the middle. It’s the fathers job to talk to his own daughter to assure her – that he is entering into a new life with someone he loves and she (alexis) will be in his heart/life and no one can take away that, The new woman on your father’s life talking to you, doesn’t sit well – just my opinion. I Love Kate (Stana) more!!!! Matt, thank you for a very nice interview! I Stana giving you always her honest take on any issues!

    • Rose Caney says:

      I do agree with Terri about father, daughter talks and reassurances to the daughter. However, Kate and Alexis have known each other and I feel that a woman’s point of view is viable in maintaining a relationship for stepmom to stepdaughter. I know Kate (Stana) will handle herself well as she has shown this in the past. Thank you Stana for giving your honest opinions on many issues. Love Beckett and Castle. Keep it going, Comment by Rose

  14. Carl says:

    This last episode “Number One Fan” gave Caskett fans the direction they have been waiting for since Season 6 began. I thought it was a smooth transition for Castle and Beckett to get involved with the 12th again and also offered insight into their relationship. At the end of the episode, Kate and Castle are welcomed back to NYPD’s 12th as Detective Beckett and Castle as just N.Y. and I think this was the kind of crime solving the fans expect from them. This episode sort of laid the groundwork for the rest of Season 6 and it should be the best yet. It left a lot of speculation out there so the fans interest will increase with every episode. Just what the doctor ordered……

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