Once Upon a Time @ NY Comic-Con: Talking Kissing, 'SwanQueen,' Life in Storybrooke & More

Once Upon a Time Season 3 SpoilersOnce Upon a Time creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, along with series star Jennifer Morrison, held court at New York Comic-Con on Saturday afternoon, in a panel discussion moderated by yours truly.

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After screening for the crowd the first act from tonight’s episode (ABC, 8/7c) — during which Hook’s mention of Tinker Bell raises Regina’s eyebrows — the trio answered questions about these topics:

PACKING FOR NEVERLAND | Having spent a chunk of Season 2 in Fairytale Land in the same outfit, Morrison (among others) tried to “smuggle” wardrobe changes onto the Jolly Roger in last May’s finale. “If you watch,” Kitsis said, “every actor gets on the ship with, like, a backpack, because they were trying to outsmart us. So we were like, ‘Well then, we’ll just send a pack of mermaids to destroy them. We’ll see who wins this.” (That said, a black sweater of Emma’s will make a cameo, if only because the Vancouver temps during an upcoming scene were so frigid.)

RETURN TO STORYBROOKE! | As hinted by Emilie de Ravin during our visit to the set last week, in Episode 7, “We will be going back and showing the moment the ship went through the portal… and then [Belle] enacting the curse to protect the town,” Kitsis confirmed. Added Horowitz: “We will fill in all the blanks with what’s been going on with our characters back there” during the five days that will thus far have been spent in Neverland.

PAN-TASTIC | Sizing up teenage Robbie Kay, who’s playing the puckish Peter Pan, “He’s awesome. He’s a really, really smart kid,” Morrison raved. Kitsis meanwhile said that in this week’s episode, we will see why Pan hasn’t just plucked out Henry’s heart and dispatched with the lad, giving a sense of his grander game. “Peter Pan may be one of our nastiest … and most complicated villains,” he avowed. “By the end of [the 11-episode Neverland arc], you will understand why I just made that comment.”

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OH, DEER | I presented the panel with this screen grab Once_Bambifrom last week’s episode, during which a deer rather conspicuously crossed a Snow White flashback scene. Could it be… Bambi?! The boys played along with that theory, then explained that it was just location shooting “magic.” “We cannot afford that shot, to get a trained deer to walk into a scene,” Kitsis laughed. So when the animal broached the set, “The director was like, ‘Shoot it!'” (The moment, not the deer.) On the topic of actually introducing other familiar characters, Horowitz said that during Ariel’s imminent visit, “You will see Ursula and our twist on that,” while Rapunzel and Cruella [DeVille] are on their short list of characters to visit, eventually.

BUSS STOP IN NEVERLAND?! | When asked if she has a favorite Season 3 episode to date, Morrison teased: “Well, it’s always fun when you get to kiss someone….” [Cue hoots and hollers.] I followed up with talk of Hook’s flirtatious ways, and if they’ll ever chink Emma’s armow. “It’s complicated…,” the actress observed. “Hook has definitely been surprising Emma…. She’s really not wanting to be distracted [from the search for Henry], so there’s a lot coming at her that she’s not paying very close attention to.” As for Neal’s eventual arrival in Neverland, Kitsis said it won’t be “as simple as running into each others’ arms” for a lovey-dovey reunion. “There are the things you say to somebody as they’re about to die and fall into a portal, and then there are the things you say when things calm down and you have a chance to talk.” Added Morrison: “It doesn’t eliminate 10 years of her being heartbroken…. She has to sort of re-understand her own history a bit.”

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REGINA’S NEW ROMANCE | In tonight’s episode, Tinker Bell will urge a young Regina to move on from mourning Daniel and ultimately reveal — at least to us, the audience — what other fella “is right for Regina,” Kitsis shared.

SIZING UP ‘SWANQUEEN’ | Discussing Once‘s many romantic ‘ships, actual and potential – Emma/Regina included – Morrison noted, “We’re doing a show about fairy tales, which is about self discovery, it’s about identity. And if you guys are watching the show and seeing yourself in it, then great, that’s awesome. It warms my heart and it makes me so happy.” But will Once ever “go there” with, if not SwanQueen, any other same-sex match-up? “What I can say to you genuinely is: I think you should keep watching,” Morrison teased, “because I think you will see what you want to see.”

BONUS BUZZ FROM BACKSTAGE | Perhaps related to one of the above topics (…or not), I am hearing that a theory held by some fans will (possibly) be proven true by the end of tonight’s episode.

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  1. Drew says:

    Turning Peter Pan into a villain annoys me. Why do that to him? What if little boys love the character as much as little girls love all of the princesses who got favorable makeovers?

    • Templar says:

      The world is full of grown men with Peter Pan complex and as many or more women with a Wendy complex. I doubt this show will change that.

      • Drew says:

        The point is, they took a beloved character and $#!) all over him. They made over all of the princess characters in order to make them all strong and heroic, but but they ripped Peter Pan apart. It is disrespectful to the original intent of the story and character.

        And every woman who insists on a $30,000 wedding has a Disney princess complex. But that is beside the point.

        • Louise says:

          I think their version of Peter Pan is actually more interesting and captivating than the idea of simply retelling the story we’re all familiar with. I was sceptical about it in the beginning too, but they quickly won me over in the season premiere. I’m really enjoying this story.

        • Lysh says:

          If you’ve read the book, Peter is actually an arrogant, disrespectful little jerk. The fact that Once is kind of magnifying that and going deeper (coupled with the actor being ACTUALLY good) is pretty fun to watch. But I get what you mean. My mother adores Peter Pan, so she’s hating this story line. I think it would be cool if they had an evil princess! Not sure Disney would be too happy, but if they could do it, that would be interesting.

          • ej says:

            ^ This. The *real* Pan was a little jerk. People can love Disney, and that’s fine, but the thing that I love most about OUAT is that they take into account the original material, the fairy tales as they were long before Disney sanitized them and removed the “cautionary tale” aspect. I loved that they made Jack (gender regardless) the villain, as in the original Norse version, the giant isn’t actually a bad guy and Jack is something of a reckless little jerk, just like Pan. I’m curious to see how the Little Mermaid story plays out, and I’m hoping that Rumple will be involved and make the story more like the HCA story than the Disney happy ending. Disney is for kids. This is supposed to be fairy tales for adults.

            And Robbie Kay is kicking butt as an evil Pan, IMO. How can anyone not appreciate how scary good that kid is?

          • Drew says:

            He was a child. Selfish, impulsive and all of that. A jerk, perhaps. But while all of the female lead characters from these stories are being made into heroes that twist the original stories while allowing them to remain noble. However, we have how many of the lead male characters on this show? How many of them remained male? And how many remained noble or respectable? I’ve always hated the “Disney Princess” thing, but you’d think that on a show like this, they could at least give the boy viewers something to work with.

            The show(s) have been pretty bad in general, ever since they tore down the wall between the “real” world and the fairy tale world. So it isn’t like the Peter Pan thing is the biggest offense by the writers. It is just something worth noting.

          • April says:

            Although I am not particularly thrilled with the creators interpretation of Peter Pan I do think they are staying true to their genius idea of taking a beloved fairy tale and bringing it to life for a whole new generation with an unpredictable twist that leaves you guessing. Love or hate the new Peter Pan you will keep watching because you have no idea what’s in store for the upcoming episodes and this character, that’s the great part about this show that you think you know these stories and the creators are basically telling you no you don’t. I bet if they had stayed true to every Disney story line the show wouldn’t have made it past season one.

        • mawhi says:

          None of OUAT’s villains are black and white, so I wouldn’t fly to conclusions just yet. Especially since we are being shown this interpretation of Neverland through the perspective of Hook and a band of grown-ups, Pan’s natural enemies. He was always mischievous, arrogant and self-centered, which kids find heroic and adults tend to look down upon. Plus, the emphasis on orphans stays very true to JM Barrie’s original intent, IMHO.

          With Henry, Charming, Bae, Robin Hood and the redemption of Hook and Rumplestiltskin to boot, I’m not sure I see the validity in your point… and what’s wrong with boys having female role models in some adaptations of stories? This show doesn’t erase your favorite movies and books; they’re still there.

    • David4 says:

      Why are little boys watching this grown up show?

      I love Peter Pan and I love what the show is doing with him. While evil he isn’t annoyingly evil like other characters, he seems complex. We barely know him, so let’s what to see where it leads.

    • Stephanie says:

      lmao have you ever read the original peter pan story? He wasn’t a good little boy in fact he killed off all his lost boys because they got too old.

    • Lana says:

      I don’t see the big deal. They did that in the top cow comic as well. Make hook the hero. It’s just a different telling.

  2. Tyler says:


    • Tiph says:

      Yeah, totally not seeing that…. !

    • Alice says:

      Oh they are out there- I don’t get it, personally, but if you look at Adam Horowitz’s Twitter- where he very patiently answers all kinds of nasty, mean tweets that fans send him when he doesn’t write the show the way THEY want to see it written: over half of them are people demanding that he hook up Emma and Regina. They accuse him of being all manner of homophobic for refusing to do so. Or they accuse him of being anti-adoption (I guess they ignore the whole Pinoochio story).

      • Louise says:

        How exactly is Pinocchio an adoption story?

        • Cass says:

          Did Gepetto or his wife give birth to Pinocchio?

          • Dee says:

            Gepetto and the Blue Fairy literally created Pinocchio, brought him into this world. He didn’t go out and find an orphaned kid who needed a loving home. That story’s nothing like adoption.

      • Kat says:

        Please don’t just assume that every Swan Queen shipper goes around spreading hate. It’s an unfortunate reality that the very few who do are the ones people remember. And SQ shippers are not the only ones who send hate, but no one seems to pay attention to that, it’s only Swan Queen they remember.

        As for the adoption thing? Don’t bring it into this because that doesn’t come exclusively from the SQ ship, it comes from all over the fandom.

    • Chris says:

      I almost spit out my drink! I’m all for same sex relationships on the show, but I never once pictured Emma and Regina hooking up. That’s her step-grandmother, for crying out loud!

      • i trully hope they will never do swanQueen, people on twitter are too mean to adam.Come on, regina is emma’s step grand-mother !!!

        • ej says:

          ^ This. It’s the same with CaptainSwan. They ignore that Hook was shagging the mother of Emma’s baby daddy AND threw the poor guy to Pan out of spite. The majority of hate tweets that Adam seems to get are from CaptainSwan and SwanQueen shippers, one SQ in particular, whom I won’t name, but has sent some very horrible tweets to both Adam and Ginny that are on the level of being a deranged stalker (and if I was Lana, I’d be rather afraid of this whack-job). Even JMo was accused of being homophobic after SDCC for commenting on how Emma’s love life has hit a bit of a dry spell, so she wouldn’t mind the attention of two cute *guys*. Considering that it is pretty clear characters like Emma and Regina are heterosexual (there has never even been a hint of bisexuality), I don’t understand these fans who attack the characters, the actors, and the writers. How are they even fans of the show? Maybe some are mentally unstable. Maybe others are struggling with their own sexuality and don’t feel they can come out to family and friends or their community and are trying to use the show as an outlet for that frustration, but it’s horrible to turn that into hate directed at other fans and the creators of the show. I am all for the show having a gay couple, but one that makes sense and isn’t quasi-incestuous.

          • TQ says:

            I think this message is taking things too far. I don’t read Twitter, but I think it’s in no way okay to suggest other people are mentally unstable because you don’t agree with what they’re writing about a tv show on the internet.

          • Joey says:

            @TQ: I don’t think ej was taking things too far. I think that s/he has been saying things that people have been too afraid to say to these people for so long.

          • Trista says:

            Excellent post! I hate when shippers get angry over characters who are obviously heterosexual not “going there” with a same sex relationship. I mean would they expect and obviously gay character to suddenly become heterosexual?

          • A.B. says:

            See I would think that actual gay and lesbians would find that alittle offensive. Just like @Trista said there has been no homosexuality given off those two they are both heterosexual. So are we then to believe that they suddenly become gay. I think most people believe that is something you are born like not become. I don’t know my two cents but I don’t think they will go that way with them. Just saw the episode so obviously they have Regina with Robin Hood. Maybe she will get her family after all.

      • honeylamb says:

        True but they are not related by blood, so technically it is not out of the question. I prefer seeing them grow a platonic love for one another that is totally innocent instead of them constantly fighting over Henry and with each other all the time.

    • Emma says:

      This ship WILL sail!!

      • Trista says:

        I believe “in you dreams” applies here.

        • Kat says:

          I believe that’s the point of the show. To believe. Why shouldn’t people be able to feel represented? Why should this kind of ship be something that should happen just in their dreams? We never have to worry that our ships will only happen in our dreams. Hell if Emma was a man no one would be questioning Swan Queen at all. No one would even bring up the supposed incest, or telling other people it’ll only happen in their dreams.

    • Kat says:

      And as surprised as you are, it’s the biggest OUaT ship online.

  3. Jus says:

    surprise (NOT!): Robin Hood is Regina’s love interest.

  4. Tori says:

    I don’t like them making Peter Pan the villain. But SwanQueen?! I’ll believe it when I see it. And with this cast I’m doubting we’ll see anything.

    • Stephanie says:

      *sigh* Peter Pan wasn’t a good person. He killed off his lost boys when they got too old. Disney just did like they do with most movies make it more romantic . I.e Pocahontas was 12 and a bit on the thick side and never loved John Smith. In fact she married someone else, the movie it shows her older, thin and in love with John Smith. It’s there in the earlier books go find and read them.

  5. Randy says:

    I already said but for me Tinker Bell is younger Maleficient, Regina’s best friend and also a faery.

  6. Dee says:

    I actually like the twist they’re giving Peter Pan, as well as the other charcters on the show. I was never really big on fairty tales as a kid so, this show is giving me a new found love for them. As far as SwanQueen goes, no. No, no, no. It’s semi incestuous. I mean, Snow is Regina’s step daughter, which makes Emma Regina’s step granddaughter…again, which equals borderline incestuous. I’m looking forward to seeing Regina’s connection to Tinkerbelle and her new love interest, because Regina/Lana is way too hot to not have somebody love her.

    • Templar says:

      I’d be open to Regina and Ruby[Red}.

    • Louise says:

      There are a lot of good arguments why Emma/Regina isn’t going to happen as a canon romantic relationship. But this incest one has never convinced me. Snow and Regina stopped being a family years before Snow met Charming and Emma was even born. I just don’t understand how Emma is ever supposed to see Regina as something like a grandmother figure when she never experienced her as any kind of family member at all. They only ever met as two women of roughly the same age and mother of Henry in Storybrooke. If this counts as incestous, we’d then have to apply similar labels to a couple of other dynamics on this show too, given the crazy family tree and how every new character is always somehow connected to one of the main characters.

      • Jus says:

        I agree. I mean, I’m not going to defend the idea of SQ but ‘incest’? Nope, not buying it. Snow, Emma and Regina – one happy family. Come on!

      • A.B. says:

        However if you pay attention to some of the episodes like the one where Snow killed Cora all Snow ever wanted was Regina’s love. I believe that if Regina changed Snow would accept her as her mother.

      • Lulu says:

        I agree with this. There are other reasons why Emma shouldn’t be with Regina or possibly Hook but I’m soo tired of the incest argument. Plus she didn’t know any of these people for 28 years of her life and there is no genetic relationship. It’s disrespectful those who have actually suffered from incest.

    • Name That Tune says:

      And why not a Regina/Tinkerbelle ship? That makes more sense than any of the other connections.

  7. Lol, I think some people got that part with “you will see what you want to see” a bit wrong… Because there will be a same sex couple, but I am more than sure that it won’t be Regina and Emma. By now everyone should understand that they are both solely into men.
    Whatever the couple is, it will presumably be some new characters, or at least less established ones.
    Besides, while I don’t mind slash ships (in canon), I could very well do without them on Once… mostly because it’s now like Ed&Adam feel obligated to bring this in after there’s been so much trouble in the fandom because of the lack of slash.

    • Babybop says:

      I feel the same way!

    • Shiran says:

      It’s Mulan and Aurora, it’s just so obvious!!

      • Alice says:

        I was expecting that- but then why did they revive Phillip only to have him dumped? Poor man has been through a lot. I’m kind of hoping that it’s the Knave on OUAT: Wonderland.

      • Ashbash says:

        I’m not sure about aurora but I can definitely see Mulan being the lesbian….

        • DarkDefender says:

          I totally get a Mulan pining for Phillip vibe. The only character who’s struck me as gay was Jiminy Cricket/Archie Hopper… And maybe Red likes everybody, because she oozes sexuality.

          • Joey says:

            Ditto. There’s been such heavy overtones of Mulan being in love with Phillip that people seem to be completely forgetting about in favor of what seems to be a slightly badly staged reveal scene between Mulan/Aurora.

            Does anybody remember that Mulan was willing to let the Wraith take her instead of Phillip? She also sets out into the dark woods to track him down and save him from the Wraith when Phillip slips away. Mulan did this out of love for Aurora? It makes no sense. Aurora also picks up on the sexual tension between Mulan and Philip and accuses her of being in love with Philip.

            In this last episode, the first thing Mulan asks Aurora is where Philip is at. Why does she care where Philip is if she’s there to profess her love to Aurora? Learning that Phillip is not near, it felt like she was trying to come clean to Aurora but the announcement of the pregnancy thwarted all of that.

        • Sash says:

          This is a brilliant example of people misusing stereotypes. There are pretty, girly gay girls…you just forget about them because they don’t stand out as much as strong women do. Aurora and Mulan have equal chance of being gay.

          I hate that fake “inclusion” gag they tried to throw to the audience. Suddenly Mulan, who was previously in love with Philip is in love with Aurora and we’ll give you 15 seconds of gayness where Mulan almost confesses her love.

      • Trista says:

        It’s Mulan – Aurora is heterosexual.

    • Daisy says:

      The trouble isn’t about slash it’s about seeing LGBT characters represented and with a cast this large there’s no way that some of them aren’t LGBT, which Adam H. confirmed and said it might be characters we know already. Whether its a popular ship or not, it’s condescending to say you ‘don’t mind’ canon gay couples, but not on this show, as if LGBT characters don’t have a right to potentially be on every show!!

      I am a wife and a stay at home mother and a straight woman (ally) who loves watching the fantasy and adventure and romance on this show and I can see how a gay character or couple would fit perfectly. The message that true love does not make a distinction between straight or gay is so very needed and a powerful one to make that seems to me to fit perfectly with the best parts of this show. I don’t particularly ‘ship’ Swan Queen (I don’t see any problem with it though, especially because many other ‘ships’ are problematic too) or any ship really, but I absolutely support a world where an evil queen and a princess or two princes or two princesses can fall in love and get married and raise children if they want to. That contrasted with the traditional horrible example of marriage between Snow’s father and Regina and all of destruction that resulted in forcing someone to be who they are not would be a very strong message indeed. Stay strong LGBT and ally fans:)

      • Jennifer says:

        ^Bless this post.

      • Sash says:

        Thank you Daisy. Gay characters belong on every show, so long as they’re not forced awkwardly into a show to show how “accepting” the creators or network are, or reduced to completely dishonest stereotypes(unless the concept calls for that). They especially belong in a world where fairytales are being exposed for what they truly are. I agree whole-heartedly with your comment regarding Regina’s marriage being an oppression of self. For much of time, and even still, gay people have committed themselves to partners of the opposite sex to hide and suppress who they really are and enter into marriages-either willingly or by force-where they are not truly happy. Everyone deserves to live their life without being condemned as being “less than” other people.

        If a miller’s daughter could marry a prince, a princess marry a shepherd and a beauty love a beast, then there is no reason why a prince couldn’t marry a prince or a Queen’s white night couldn’t be a woman.

    • i feel the same, they should not listen to them IMO.

    • Skye says:

      Your ignorance and backwards attitude is actually physically painful to me. I’m gonna start with a) ‘by now everyone should understand that they are both solely into men’ – I’m sorry but you clearly understand nothing about sexuality. There are people who are in heterosexual relationships – marriages – for twenty, thirty odd years, often even with children – and then they turn around and realise that actually they’re gay. Also, if you’re familiar with things like the Kinsey Scale (which you’re clearly not) you would know that you can be almost entirely straight – but then you meet someone of the same sex and just fall for them – and you may never have considered yourself gay or even bi before, you may never have even looked at people of the same sex like that – but suddenly you are completely in love and that’s just the way it works. So do me (and yourself) a favor – and please never act like sexuality is black and white ever again, ever. Ever.
      And now b) ‘while i don’t mind slash ships (in canon) i could very well do without them on…’ yeah i’m gonna stop right there because that is where you should have stopped and gone ‘whoa that’s a backwards asshole thing to say’. It doesn’t matter in the slightest what the end of that sentence is, which show or book or movie franchise you’re ending it with – because that is not a thing you should be saying. If that’s a thing you’re saying then, whatever you want to tell yourself – on at least a certain level, you are homophobic. Because being gay is no different to being straight, and a gay relationship is no different to a straight one. So by that logic there is no reason why you should not want them on anything you watch. If you think there are places that gay relationships have no place then, frankly, you’re an asshole.
      Oh and here’s the kicker – I’m not actually a fan of any of the slash relationships on Once – but not because they’re slash – because there are other people who I ship those characters with. If one of those slash relationships did become canon (let’s say, Red Beauty) then (as a Rumbelle shipper) I would be disappointed – but I wouldn’t sit there shouting about how there was no space for slash ships on this show – or how it was wrong because up until then they’d both only shown interest in men.
      So please, grow up, do a little research – and maybe keep your mouth shut about things you don’t understand.

      • Amen! finally somebody with a brain posting on here, you are so right. It is so annoying to have people saying that certain characters on the show are straight because we have only seen them with men and they haven’t shown interest toward women but that doesn’t mean anything.

  8. I says:

    So Emma doesn’t love Neal? Don’t like this at all

    • Anna says:

      No, I think she loves him (and he loves her very much, as demonstrated by the season premiere). But they’ve also got a decade’s worth of emotional baggage to deal with. When they thought it was over, of course all that mattered was that they told the other they loved them. Now with the possibility of a future, they’ve got complicated stuff to get out in the open.

      • Jamie says:

        I don’t think she’s in love with him. I do think she loves him but there;s 10 years of baggage and that’s not going away. That “I love you” scene to me was NOT a romantic declaration but a farewell moment. When someone dies you want to make sure they feel loved. That’s it. but yes I don’t think she’s IN love with Neal.

        • Emily says:

          loves neal? yes she does. but IN love with neal? i don’t think so.
          emma was so attached to him when they were together and after he left her and she ended up spending 11 months in jail, it must’ve broken her and left her damaged and we see that every time a guy makes a move towards her and especially since she must’ve thought that he only used her to steal the watches and then ran away so that she would take the blame, all that pain doesn’t just go away and neal re-appearing happily engaged didn’t help at all, especially after he kept teasing emma every time she brought up how tamara is sketchy and he would accuse her of being jealous. So even though i am a hard core CS shipper i have to admit that emma still loves neal and that she has a lot emotions to figure out when they re-unite.

      • ej says:

        I don’t think this is mean to be the end of Emma/Neal. Emma called her parents “Mom” and “Dad” and then did a 180 after they were no longer about to die. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t love them or want them to be her parents, but she’s got 28 years worth of hurt and believing she was abandoned to get over. It’s the same with Neal. She understands in both cases that she was abandoned out of the best intentions by people who genuinely did love her, but a lot of horrible things happened to her as a result of their collective actions. Hook’s little chat with Regina in the premiere sets up Neverland as place where everyone’s going to have to re-evaluate their past choices/mistakes and either forgive/repent and have a chance to find happiness. As Emma’s promo poster says, her story this season is about a lost girl finding her way home. Not in a geographical sense, but as a daughter who is loved as well as moving past her guilt over giving up Henry and her anger at Neal. I wouldn’t despair over an end to Emma/Neal. I just wouldn’t expect a neat and expedient happy ending for them. After all, Snow and Charming cause enough cavities with their sappy true love that the show really can’t take another happy couple in the main cast just yet. Neal will probably have another season or so of work winning Emma back, and I bet her parents throw a wrench in her relationship with them by having another kid (it’s gotta be on Adam and Eddy’s minds with Ginny and Josh getting married) which causes complications with her own romantic prospects as she deals with worries of being replaced and her own pregnancy situation that obviously sucked in comparison. Lots of fodder for angst left to draw out Emma’s story before she finds her way into a ball gown and the arms of her true love.

        • Allen says:

          I also think that there is something to be said about loving someone who’s not necessarily the right person for you to be with. I believe that they both feel love for eachother and probably always will, especially because of Henry. However, just because you share love and a child does not mean that you bring out the best in eachother or that you should be together.

  9. giftofamber says:

    We don’t want just any same sex couple. We want Swan Queen. Swan Queen had the ‘meet cute’ in the pilot designed to get the audience to root for them as a romantic pairing. Swan Queen makes magic together. Emma is the only person Regina can be sure won’t have her heart stolen from her chest. Emma is the only one capable of seeing Regina as ‘Regina’ and not the ‘Evil Queen.’ It literally hurts that they are going to try to sell us on Robin Hood when Emma & Regina make so much sense together. It’s like Mulder & Scully or Han Solo & Princess Leia–Emma & Regina just belong together.

    • Templar says:

      You could scarcely be more mistaken.

    • Lauren says:

      And here come the never happy fans. JMO and the panel talked favorably about Swan Queen and didn’t dismiss it, and they even hinted at getting a queer relationship on the show. But of course it’s “Give me what I want or else!!!”

      • chittychitty says:

        How is this being “never happy”? She’s stating the only pairing that would make any sense and WORK with Henry. I’m not saying it will ever happen but it’s not totally impossible either. You may sit down now.

        • abz says:

          She’s saying what makes sense to HER, but many others don’t feel the same way. In the end, this is A&E’s show, and I hope that through the constant bashing they are receiving from fans, they continue to do what they want and take the show where they want to take it, because they will never please everybody.

    • Ummmm No says:

      If the pilot was designed to make me root for Swan Queen then it didn’t do it’s job at all. They make no sense together. Two straight women so of course they are going to put them each in straight relationships. Regina and Robin Hood will be AMAZING together and so are Captain Swan and Swan Fire. :)

    • Lysh says:

      I understand your Han and Leia comparison, but Mulder and Scully, though they had their obvious differences, didn’t hate each other. I wouldn’t call Regina threatening Emma and telling her to leave town as “cute.” I hope they can be maybe friends someday, but they have a heavy past.

      The question at the panel was about seeing representation, being able to see yourself in the show. I wouldn’t want that to be something forced; I would want it to be real and beautiful and not start in a place of hate.

    • Sheila says:

      Yuck. The hero and the main villain together? Yuck, I says!

    • commentingcarlie says:

      The sad truth is that it isn’t your show. It’s theirs. So the ship is gonna remain fanon. Really good, hot, well-supported fanon.

    • Name That Tune says:

      See this is a bit of narcissism on your part. Swan-Queen doesn’t do anything for many of us. It’s a selfish wish. Emma has some deep wounds and there’s a son. He has a wish to see his parents reunited.

      The show is about Happy Endings. It’s not about sex or passion. It’s about true love. In the most innocent way. I don’t ever get a sense of sexual passion between Snow and Charming. But there is true love. The only thing that Regina and Emma share is the true love a parent feels for a child. And it is directed at Henry, not each other. They would not be in each other’s lives without Henry.

      • ej says:

        Totally. This is not a show about shagging. Why do so many fans not get that? And then they get crazy mean at other fans over it. You want to read SwanQueen into the show, good for you, but don’t try to promote it as canon. Personally, when I read Harry Potter, I totally thought Harry and Hermione had more “feels” than Ron and Hermione or Harry and Ginny (and Ron and Luna would have been a good pairing and I wasn’t against the Remus and Sirius shippers), but the author didn’t take the ships that way. I was disappointed, but I accepted it. And I also didn’t spend the 7 books ranting online about how Harry/Hermione was TOTALLY what JKR was building toward and anyone who said different could suck it. We don’t really know where Adam and Eddy headed, just what they’re giving us now, which could be red herrings or the foundation for something else entirely by the time the show ends. But it’s unlikely that Emma and/or Regina are going to go gay and having a rather sappy, cliche “Henry has two mommies” ending. Willow did it on Buffy, but that’s not an easy transformation to pull off for a character, and given the family dynamics in play here, I’d say the odds of Emma ending up with her step granny who tried to murderer her as a baby and poisoned her son in an attempt to murder her as an adult are slim, so prepare yourself to be disappointed. Most of my fanon ships have never become canon, so I have learned not to get fanatical about them.

    • arianeb says:

      Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell an Internet Toll (like the bridge in season 1).

    • Emily says:

      not to get in a same-sex ship fight or anything.. but how exactly does emma see regina as regina and not the evil queen???! emma does see a part of regina’s kind heart when it comes to loving henry because it’s the only good thing regina has really been fighting for and it’s the only thing emma can trust regina with but other than that, how exactly does emma see regina’s true self? because we all know she’s not only about henry.

    • Trista says:

      meet cute – really? What show were you watching? Regina was having an affair with the Sherrif and Emma ended up almost falling for him. There was no “meet cute” for Regina and Emma.

      • Heather says:

        I honestly think that the first episode was to point out that Emma was the Savior, to get us to root for her, and to show us what the situation in Storybrooke was like while introducing us to the other characters. If someone else sees it another way, so be it.

        I think that Emma did fall for the Sheriff. At the very least, her allowing herself to be emotional with him was significant. JM said on twitter during a recent live tweet that Emma still has his boot lace around her wrist.

        I don’t think people are trying to cause a fuss by saying that Regina and Emma will never be together, they are just trying to go off of what they personally know. Yes, people chose to leave straight relationships, but there are fans who do not see evidence that Emma/Regina are not straight, so please respect that some focus on the present issues with characters and or other evidence than you do.

        Personally, I find it sad whenever people decide that they are going to ship say, Charming with the Evil Queen and go to great lengths to tell people that this is the biggest ship, etc. We know that Snow and Charming have true love, so your creating another pairing makes it seem like you don’t think that true love brings happiness, is right for these characters, or is enough in the long run regarding a relationship. Help me see ships like this from your perspective if you would like. You are entitled to your own opinion and can write whatever fan fiction, etc, that you want. I’m not trying to put anyone down, only to resolve an issue I have and hopefully get you to see things how others do.

  10. Gidget says:

    There is a story of Peter Pan being not as nice as you all guys think! How do you think the lost boys were always so young? When the boys got too old Peter Pan would kill them and find younger boys!

  11. Gidget says:

    Oh forgot to mention the story of Peter Pan killing the lost boys when they got too old and for the fun of it! Was the original story of Peter Pan!

  12. Louise says:

    Great job with the panel, Matt. Very enjoyable.
    I was surprised to see more than a brief sneak peek for OUAT proper, but if anything this full first act only made me more excited for tonight’s episode. Lots of good stuff that got hinted at in those first couple of scenes already.
    I’m still not exactly on board with this “Emma torn between Hook and Neal” thing, simply because I feel no real emotional connection to either pairing, but maybe it’ll pull me in over time. Kudos to Jennifer Morrison for her eloquent and inclusive manner of handling the often tricky “ship question”, though. Her answer concerning the Henry birth scene in the season premiere was a highlight of the panel too and the moment when the kiddo will be reunited with of his mothers is possibly what I’m looking forward to most. Maybe even more so after the scoop that Pan’s working on winning Henry over, turning him against his family.
    I’m… a little unsure how I feel about the idea that we’ll know who’s (meant to be) “right” for Regina before the characters do. That puts a lot of pressure on the story before it has even started. I find it surprising that this is the approach they’re taking with Regina because she’s one example for a character that invites you to explore love outside of the rather typical fairytale conventions and ideas of fate since she already had that in her backstory and then closed herself off to love in general after she lost that fated, fairytale true love with Daniel. But I’m still looking forward to the story and how it plays out in tonight’s episode.

  13. Michele says:

    Nice to see them finally address that particular topic. Due to the fan response to the show within the LGBTQ community – it has always seemed the one obvious question not addressed from a show that features ‘modern’ takes on the classic characters.

    In the same way the series updates the ‘rescued’ by a man history of the classic fairytales by making the ladies strong and able to handle themselves, or how they have combo’d characters into one person and changed gender – it seems obvious to offer further diversity.

  14. Ashbash says:

    I guess no one read the most important thing, they are adding cruella de ville! I’m looking forward to that more than I was looking forward to neverland imagine Regina vs Cruella

  15. Mary says:

    Cannot wait for the CS kiss! It’s going to be amazing.

  16. Hilary says:

    FINALLY Emma and Hook are going to give in and kiss? WUH HOO. Can’t wait for that. Their love story is just beginning.

    • ej says:

      I don’t think it was actually said that it was an Emma/Hook kiss. JMo mentioned a kiss with someone, then Matt turned the conversation to Emma and Hook. Even if it is a Emma/Hook kiss, JMo’s comments about her and Hook didn’t exactly make it sound like it would be a completely mutual and romantic moment. What is Emma giving in to? It’s not like she’s in love with Hook. Stop reading your fanon into the show. For all you know, Emma might punch Hook in the face. Neverland is not a love story! It’s about Emma getting right with her past and her parents. Why can’t fans root for Emma to get emotionally well-adjusted before shipping her?

      • kat says:

        It may very well not be Hook/Emma at all, or like you said it’s not totally romantic. I tend towards thinking whether it’s Neal or Hook it’s a spur of the moment thing that leads to more awkwardness than romance. But either way, you seem awfully angry that someone thinks Hook and Emma are going to kiss. There’s really no reason to get so touchy. If it doesn’t happen the way Hilary thinks and wants it to, I’m sure she’ll move on with her life. There’s no reason to jump down her throat.

      • Lulu says:

        You know ej. You are up above complaining about people who ship SQ and CS being mean and yet you are down here being nasty to Hilary. I think your shipper colours are showing. Look up hypocrite and then look in the mirror.

  17. Kim says:

    Swanqueen isn’t happening, as far as i remember Jennifer’s comment was raised in response to a question about Sleeping Warrior, so if anything, look to Mulan as being the LGBT character.

    On the other hand – a kiss for Captain Swan! My dreams have come true at last. Have shipped them for a LONG time.

  18. Jesse says:

    I can’t wait for episode 7!

    I think there will be an uproar tonight after Regina’s love interest is revealed. Everyone hide!

  19. Lorena says:

    Spoilers ahead: Regina’s Love Interest is gonna be none other than the prince of thieves, Robin Hood.

    As of whom is Emma gonna kiss, sounds like none other than Hook.

    • Dan says:

      Oh God, I hope not. What if they ended up together – Robin Hood has a kid, doesn’t he? Why does Regina always get stuck with other people’s children? Like that’s ever worked out well for her… one idiot, one brat-ingrate, God only knows what number three would be. Edward Cullen, probably.

      Run, Regina, RUN.

  20. David4 says:

    So they made a thirdary character a lesbian, now all the lesbian shippers come out? What the hell is going on?

  21. Phil says:

    Are they going to OZ at all this year?

  22. yessikg says:

    WOW the amount of Swan Queen haters here surprises me (maybe it shouldn’t)

    But could you curb your hate and just focus on your ship, please!

    Anyways, glad to see they are mentioning Swan Queen and Sleeping Warrior

  23. CW says:

    Yeah, Regina and Hood. Whatever! Oh look, another relationship she doesn’t have a choice in. A man looking for a mom (read: nanny and concubine) for his motherless child. Sounds sickingly similar to Regina’s other “marriage.” Neither Regina nor Emma have been allowed to make choices in their lives. Someone else was always dictating how their lives should go. While I know A&E don’t have the guts to make Swan Queen happen (though I’m surprised they made Mulan, a Disney princess no less, in love with Aurora, SQ makes sense especially if it comes down to the two of them choosing each other and their family regardless of whatever anyone else claims is the “right” or better choice for them.

    • Trista says:

      Regina has been making choices – bad ones. She has had many chances to change. Aurora is not gay. Mulan will need to find her own “happy ending” with a character that will return her feelings.

  24. Oncefan1 says:

    With all do respect I love this show very much and I have absolutely noting against homosexuals but I don’t think they should put it literally on the screen there is many of that already and that is a stretch I don’t want to see on fairy tales so this is just my opinion but I honestly won’t like to see it on screen not in this particular show I’m ok with the hint on the latest episode but hope that is as far as it goes. Thanks so much and again I have noting against homosexuals

    • loc says:

      You have nothing against homosexuals but you don’t think they deserve a place in a show about true love, ok got it. And “there is many of that already”? Because 3% is LGBT represantation enough, sure! Obviously, you have nothing against homosexuals, no need to say it so many times.

  25. Sid says:

    I love Jen Morrison and her thoughts and i love Emma Swan. I completely understand Emma that yes she does understand her parents and what they did, and she saw it. But it does wipe away what she was for 28 yrs – An orphan, those experiences will always remain. And what Neal did, he broke her. And i dont believe she is IN love with him at all. I certainly dont think its love at its finest, esp as Neal doesnt have faith in much and HER, she bascially has put her down and who she is.

    I am looking forward to Regina-Robin’s journey – awww little Roland.

    Rooting for Emma-Hook. This man believes in her. And he is falling for her. Seeing her lifeless on the deck, the shift of emotions, he just became aware what Emma Swan means to him.

    • Stephanie says:

      Sorry but the Hook Emma love thing makes me a bit sick. I mean he was sleeping with neals mom. I mean EWWWW! I mean so the Dark One’s son is Henrys father now we gotta pair her up with Rumples ex’s boyfriend? Ya that’s just disturbing on a whole entire other level

  26. EvilRegal says:

    I would die happy if Swan Queen ever happened. But I know and understand that it likely won’t. Which is fine because the writers will take the show wherever they see fit and obviously what they are doing has been working since it’s such a succesful show (although I am not sure I am liking Regina and Robin Hood… we’ll see). I think Tinkerbell and Regina would have been a pretty awesome pair since I loved their backstory, and their interactions during the past episode were great – Regina helping Tinkerbell avoid the same mistakes she herself had made in the past. But again that’s just me dreaming ;)

  27. Anonymous says:

    It’s about time people stopped being so unrealistically stupid and accepted the fact that SwanQueen will never happen on the show. Sorry for being so blunt, but some of you are ridiculous. I have absolutely nothing about gays, but SwanQueen simply doesn’t fit into the show! If Regina was a guy with the same, evil personality I would have the same view on the ship – so I am not being homophobic here. Think about what Regina has put Emma through! The curse, torturing her parents, making her feel unwelcome in StoryBrooke, threatening to kill her numerous times! Sure, they might both love Henry, but Regina is even beginning to go against Henry now! Near the end of Season 2 we saw her erase Henry’s memory to make him forget something that she told him about an evil plan. Does that show love? Is that motherly? Does that show a sense of change in her? I don’t think so. Regina is simply not right for Emma as a person, Emma deserves someone who cares a great deal about her and is willing to help her, not kill her. I understand what people are saying about CaptainSwan, as Hook was in a relationship with Emma’s ex (Neal), however, I feel like the reason that there are so many CaptainSwan-shippers (including myself) is because we are constantly given evidence in the show that Hook likes Emma, that he cherishes her and cares for her more than a lot of people, and she brings the good side out in him! She was the reason why he turned his ship around and returned the magic bean in the Season 2 Finale. Besides, if we were going to be SO picky about the relationships in StoryBrooke then we could completely argue against Rumbelle. I mean, come on. Sure, they’re cute, but isn’t Rumple old enough to be Belle’s father? I’m not going against them personally, I’m just saying that if you’re going to make judgements why CaptainSwan shouldn’t be together, there are bigger arguments against Rumbelle that no one seems to acknowledge. SwanQueen isn’t a case of being ‘picky’, it’s a case of being realistic. If the writers don’t include the relationship, it isn’t because they’re homophobic, it’s because they’re trying to keep things realistic. This isn’t a Soap Opera for goodness sake, it’s a family drama about Fairytales! Would you ring up a Disney Channel show and complain that there were no same-sex relationships in it? No. So why do it on this show? That’s like calling the writer’s racist if they include no black actors. If the relationship suited the purpose then I’m sure they would include it, but they clearly think that it doesn’t. As for what Jennifer said about ‘seeing what you want to see’ I’m certain that they was probably just trying to shut up all you crazy-ass SwanQueen shippers, because, without being stereotypical, a lot of you guys are really aggressive. Not all of you, but most. Why do you get so aggressive over this ship? Calling the writers homophobic and offensive and cruel? I know I’ve had a huge rant, but I haven’t been aggressive in any way, shape or form – I’ve simply argued my point FOR CaptainSwan and AGAINST SwanQueen. Anyone willing to disagree with me, feel free, but I’ll still have the same viewpoint that I have now. Even though I strongly ship CaptainSwan, if the writers didn’t include it then I would just accept the fact that it was their decision, and they didn’t think that it fit the show. I wouldn’t blast them with hate mail. If you guys are SO desperate for SwanQueen and how it happens and when it happens then write a FanFiction or something! But YOU are not the writer of the show, and it is up to Eddie and Adam IF, WHEN and HOW they include it, along with many other ships out there.

    Phew. I think I’ve said my peace. Anyone with opposing views feel free to express them to me, I’m a good listener (reader?), and anyone in agreement, feel free to express that to me for support.


    • OuatAlways says:

      ^^Amen. You’re so right! Everyone should be able to ship whoever they want, but people making a fuss because theyre ship doesn’t become canon is just ridiculous. If people don’t like they way the show is written they can quit watching and write they’re own ending, or they can simply accept it and enjoy the damn show.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I meant Emma’s ex (Neal)’s Mother – haha :’)

  29. Angie says:

    I see both sides re: Swan Queen. I hate that anyone gets upset by it either way. I just think they’d make a beautiful couple and seem to have good on-screen chemistry and I think viewers like that whether the characters are straight or gay. Great characters and I think it would be a great story arc.

  30. Vicky says:

    I find it amusing when people say Swan Queen is totally off the wall. Isn’t the largest part of the show about their relationship with each other via Henry? That therefore makes Emma and Regina’s relationship ‘cannon’…it’s just up to the viewer whether they define that relationship as hate, an awkward bond, a possible friendship or pent up passion. I see plenty of stuff posted by one or two crazy SwanQueen shippers and by one or two crazy CaptainSwan shippers and guess what…even by one or two Neil and Emma shippers (even though they would make the most boring couple ever sorry guys). Stop beating on each other people, we all love the same show and we all keep it going!