Once Upon a Time Recap: Tink Differently

Once Upon a Time Recap Tinker Bell ReginaThis week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, the Storybrooke heroes wished upon a superstar fairy, while in Fairytale Land Neal realized that only The Shadow knows how to help fulfill his mission.

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IN THE FAIRYTALE LAND THAT WAS…. | Queen Regina laments her sad life, which Rumplestiltskin coldly reminds is to be her fate. (“The darkness likes how you taste!”)  Frustrated, she lashes out at her parapet railing ’til it gives way and sends her tumbling — but she is saved from splat! by Tinker Bell. As the ladies bond over tea (or grog, who knows), Regina vents about being the “queen of nothing” and her farce of a marriage. Tink says that she could help her find new love, since pixie dust has never failed her. But after Tink literally points Regina at the lion-tattooed man (Robin Hood, we later discover) who could bring her joy, Regina panics and runs off. Having pinched pixie dust from the already irked Blue Fairy for naught, Tinker Bell has her wings clipped and her magic ripped, setting the stage for quite a lasting grudge.

IN THE FAIRYTALE LAND THAT IS…. | Neal rummages around his dad’s place, looking for anything that might activate a portal to Neverland — “beans, magic mirrors, ruby slippers…” — then has a lightbulb moment upon being introduced to Robin Hood’s young son Roland. The lad later summons The Shadow by saying, “I believe,” at which point Neal grabs hold of the inky imp and hitches a ride to the other realm. The plan works, and Neal is dropped off in Neverland, at Felix’s feet: “Welcome back, Baelfire…. Pan will be so happy to see you!”

Before Neal left, as he fretted about being able to earn back Emma’s love, he shared this with Mulan: “When you love someone, you don’t keep it in. You say it.” Later, Mulan makes a beeline for AuroraIMG_00000272 (“There’s someone I need to talk to before it’s too late,” she tells Robin Hood), but before she can get out her profession, Aurora effuses that she and Philip are expecting a child. Mulan congratulates her gal pal but is privately crushed, shedding tears as she walks away to join Robin Hood’s band of merry men.

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IN NEVERLAND…. | When Pan starts moving his camp, rendering Emma’s map semi-useless, and Regina’s offer of magic is rebuffed (“Have you even been listening?!”), Hook suggests they seek out an “inside source” on the island: Tinker Bell. Regina is bearish, and ultimately — after suggesting that she and Emma pool their magical skills — confides in her frenemy that she and Tink have a “complicated history” that might keep the fairy from helping. Turns out, Tink has been tailing Regina, and KO’s her with poppies and drags her to a cave. Sensing Tinker Bell’s new dark demeanor, Regina plucks out and offers up her own blackened heart. Eventually, Tink appreciates that to crush it into ash would be a point of no return. Tink, though magic-less, agrees to help Emma, Hook (“Lady Bell….”) et al infiltrate Pan’s lair, though they better have a good plan because they’ll only have one shot!

Elsewhere in Neverland: Pan forces Henry to make like William Tell and shoot a poisoned arrow at an apple atop Felix’s head, but Henry gets smart and turns his bow on Pan (though to little effect). Pan later shows Henry the drawing of the Truest Believer, explaining that perhaps Henry, not Emma, is The Savior, and that with his belief and imagination can help save magic everywhere…. Hook detects that Charming has been wounded/poisoned by Dreamshade, but they keep it a secret from the others.

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  1. Lynn says:

    I am so happy (and surprised) they went there with Mulan/Aurora. I need Philip to go away somewhere so they can raise the baby together. Still sad over what happened between them, though, and it’s been an hour. That was a great episode!

    • Ann says:

      That was terrible. When the whole Mulan story began, the writers made it seem like Mulan has a crush on Phillip, but for some reason now she’s gay for Aurora? That doesn’t make sense.

      • Alice says:

        Oh bb Mulan never had a thing for Phillip it was always Aurora for heavens sake she literally held Aurora’s heart in her hand last season that’s subtext.

        • Olivia says:

          I think you just explained why people yell “from nowhere” and “out of the blue” everytime a character in a show is revealed to be LGBT. They don’t spot nor do they get subtext because they never needed to. As a lesbian old enough to remember shows like Xena and Buffy (and I’m not talking about Willow and Tara only, who jumped to maintext quite fast, but Buffy and Faith as well) I spent my teen years with that kind of stuff because that was pretty much all I had on my screen.
          If a character isn’t introduced as gay, or is not suspected to be from the start because of stereotypes (like a flaming gay boy or a butch girl), general audience will be pretty much clueless or flat out ignore it on purpose.
          That is why often LGBT people can spot double reading where others don’t; it’s not just all fantasy and wishful thinking (although sometimes it is, there are delusional people everywhere). It’s just that a lot of us are familiar with subtext and we can see it when it’s on our screens. With the possibility being there, nobody who can read subtext is surprised or shocked when the reveal comes while others think “there wasn’t any build-up, blah etc”.

      • r says:

        I sure didn’t see anything all along that Mulan romantically loved Aurora. Total surprise to me tonight. Now let’s see which viewers will clap their hands if they believe!

        • Leigh says:

          I assure you, MANY lesbian viewers have been seeing this ship for a long, long time. Just Google SleepingWarrior and you’ll find it’s not remotely “outta nowhere”.

          • Liz says:

            Not just lesbian viewers. A family of straights watching in my house and we’ve all been rooting for Mulan/Aurora!

      • Davey Elmer says:

        People aren’t ‘turned gay’; they either are or they aren’t. The only thing that changes is that they stop denying who they really are.

        That’s what happened tonight with Mulan. It’s a bold storytelling decision that I didn’t think they were going to make (despite Adam and Eddy having stated in the past that they wanted to introduce a homosexual character/relationship into the series), and I have to applaud them for having the brass to go there.

      • Dennis says:

        and goodbye OUAT

        • Davey Elmer says:

          What’s that supposed to mean? If you’re abandoning the show just because the writers have introduced an element of ‘real life/social commentary’ into the show, I say ‘good riddance’. This fandom doesn’t need people who can’t accept that gay people exist in the fictional realities of the show just as they do in real life.

          • Dennis says:

            Mulan was in love with Philip it’s easy to see. They wanted to add a gay character in for no other reason than to have one so people would react to it. I have no problem with gay people they have no control over how they were born than someone with Austism or mental retardation or any other genetic defect or disorder. they should be treated with respect and acceptance and live full happy lives

          • Davey Elmer says:

            “They wanted to add a gay character in for no other reason than to have one so people would react to it.”

            Adam and Eddy’s statements say otherwise. This has been something they’ve been wanting to do – and that they’ve gone on record about wanting to do – since the middle of last season at the very least.

          • murley says:

            Wait. So, being gay is a defect?

          • Jerry says:


            Oh no, it was obvious (to me and my wife anyway) that Mulan had the hots for Aurora from the first episode they were in

        • Sidelle says:

          I AGREE! This is on at Family time & a Family Show! Let’s make Mulan a CHRISTIAN! We Don’t BASH U & Christians Pray for YOU but if this Storyline stays you will LOSE alot of VIEWERS! Utterly Despicable & Downright RUDE to throw this B.S. in

          • Mulan. From ancient China. A Christian.


          • abz says:

            The only utterly despicable and downright rude thing here is you. And by the way, since it seems like you and several others haven’t come to this realization and it needs to be reiterated a hundred times…..THIS IS CLEARLY NOT A FAMILY SHOW! GET OVER IT ALREADY! I even recall A&E mentioning in an article I read online that they never set out to create a “family” show. People just expect it to be a family show because it has fairytales and Disney stories as its foundation. No ones is telling you not to watch with you family, but after two seasons you should be mature enough to realize this is not a family show and everything you let your family see, you should EXPECT by now. Grow up! It’s friggin’ 2013!

      • ej says:

        I totally does make sense. Mulan never had a thing for Philip, If anything, she was looking at Belle’s low cut top (like everyone else, gay or straight). Aurora made that assumption, just like she assumed Mulan was a man. The writers have been setting this up since Aurora awoke from the Sleeping Curse, Mulan took off her helmet, and the princess uttered, “You’re a girl?” And Mulan said “Woman.” Same dialogue as the Snow/Charming meeting, people! I am straight, but I saw it coming way back then, and I am all for it. The show needs a little Xena/Gabby vibe to join its butt-kicking straight ladies. Naturally, it’s a bumpy ride for them. Can’t anyone get a break on this show? Of course, then there would be no story!

        • Mike R. says:

          It is possible Mulan did have a thing for Phillip, it is possible to be bisexual. She may have loved Phillip at some point, but since then she has fallen for Aurora(possibly while rescuing Phillip).

        • Luckee87 says:

          I honestly believe Mulan initially was in love with Phillip. Human sexuality is complicated and perhaps the writers wanted to introduce that complication into the world of OUAT. It is entirely possible and believable that Mulan could have started out with feelings for Phillip but has since fallen for Aurora, which I believe to be the case. That would make her neither gay nor straight, but bisexual, and that is perfectly valid

      • Oncer says:

        That is exactly what I think! Im not being judgy or whatever but until writers clarify it, I’m still going with the idea that Mulan loves Phillip!

      • Lili says:

        Yeah, one of the worst storylines ever… Also, did you notice how every “Disney” princesses have their “Disney” Prince, except for the one person of color Princess Mulan of course. Seems she only deserves sadness, loneliness and disappointment. I’m not even mad that she’s bisexual, I’m mad that Li Shang (the love of her life) doesn’t even seem to exist and that she doesn’t have the right to be happy like all the other Disney Princesses on the show!

    • John 1138 says:

      Well Mulan certainly appeared focused on Phillip in previous episodes… Reveal or redirection? I’m going to go with redirection for no other reason than fan pressure seems to be gaining on any number of shows.

      Interested to see where it will lead, if i fact that last wasn’t MIS-direction.

  2. Kelly says:

    I love how smart and resourceful Neal is. So excited for Neal to finally interact with his dad Rumple next week. Finally! Love MRJ and RC. Sean Maguire is great as Robin Hood. I like the bromance between him and Neal. I could get into Hood Queen but I also like Hook’s vibe with Regina and Tink.

  3. OJ says:

    That Blue Fairy is trouble. If she’s going to flit about dressed like a stripper, she should at least have the proverbial heart of gold to go along with it.

    • ej says:

      Blue was totally manipulating everyone starting with Baelfire and ruining happy endings for the greater good of ensuring Henry can save magic. That fairy is shadey!

      • OJ says:

        I think she’s manipulated everyone from the get-go. Rumple only thinks he manipulated Regina into casting the curse, when really Blue set the whole thing up – no wonder she was so annoyed with Tink! If Regina’s happy, she can’t cast the curse, and Emma won’t grow up to have Henry, who won’t be the end of his grandpa Rumple.

        Goodbye Dark One.

        It explains her inexplicable uselessness in many, many situations, her previously dodgy dealings, and her willingness to leave a small girl with her literally heartless and abusive mother.

  4. Lia says:

    Henry used a crossbow instead of a bow.

    Great episode. So much heartache!

  5. girlinmd says:

    Great episode surprised they went there with Milan and aurora she looked crushed when told about the baby excited that Neal is now in never land I hope Regina finds Robin soon that’s a couple u could go for!

  6. Lucy says:

    I feel like the CGI this season has gotten significantly worse, to the point of distracting. This episode seemed to be the worst one yet.
    Otherwise, I’m enjoying evil Peter and damaged Tink… and I’m quite intrigued by Regina and Robin Hood’s having been destined for each other!

    • Jimmy says:

      I agree on the CGI. It’s very noticeably fake. Syfy can do better than that!

    • ej says:

      I feel like the show used up all of its FX budget on that wraith at the beginning of season 2! The pixie dust flying scenes have been terrible!

    • Marie says:

      I thought the same about CGI!!! Glad I’m not alone!

    • abz says:

      Meh, I’ve personally learned to live with it because I still love the show. Just try and focus on the actors and characters. Hopefully they will improve it.

    • Jules says:

      Same here, the CGI has gotten really terrible, and in some scenes, I cannot concentrate on anything other than that. Also some of the props, like one sword they use which looked so fake and plastic, like it had just been taking from a little kid’s pirate costume.. I mean, come on, you can do better than that.

      • Lisa Benwitz says:

        Bad CGI usually bothers me so much, but for some reason it hasn’t in this show–I agree some if it is pretty bad, but it doesn’t take me out of the story either. I used to love Xena and Hercules, and the production values on those shows was laughable at times, but it was part of the fun. Plus, if you think about what we grew up with – well, I shouldn’t say “we” since I have no idea how old anyone else here is, but *I* am 50, so compared to what we grew up with, anything is a bonus. I think we’re just getting spoiled nowadays. I’d imagine because of the large cast on the show, there’s not a lot of money to spend on CGI, so they settle for one or two per season.

    • Cass says:

      No, it was just as bad last year. Do you remember Ruby/werewolf or zombie Maleficent? There’s just unfortunately more of it to hate.

    • Allen says:

      So terrible!!! The scene where Neal caught the shadow in that library whatever room was horrible…can they not afford a real set with some books and bookshelves?

      • Templar says:

        I was more distracted by how poorly acted the scene between Neal and Robin was when they planned using Roland as bait. If you have it DVRd, rewatch it. MRJ was so dull he seemed either drunk or high. No energy or enthusiasm whatsoever.

      • Frank says:

        the house was looted that is the lack of furniture and books

  7. Clara says:

    I though Mulan was in love with Phillip? That’s how it looked like when he got caught by the wraith. I’m still not sure if she wanted to tell aurora she was in love with Phillip or with her

    • Alice says:

      With her, remember she said tonight after Aurora said Phillip isn’t here, Mulan said something like “it doesn’t matter” she wanted to speak to Aurora not Phillip.

      • Clara says:

        It sure is coming out of left field as mulan and Aurora were both finding their “prince”at the end of last season. And I don’t remembering which episode Aurora accused mulan of having fallen in love with Phillip. I just think is very out of the blue.

        • Leigh says:

          Clara, as I just posted upthread, it’s not out of the blue, it’s just been off YOUR radar. Now it isn’t . Google SleepingWarrior and you’ll see this is NOT new or sudden.

        • Davey Elmer says:

          This has already been said, but just because you didn’t ‘key onto’ Mulan/Aurora doesn’t mean this is a sudden development that the writers just pulled out of their butts.

          Also, Adam and Eddy have both gone on record repeatedly with regards to wanting to introduce a homosexual character/relationship into the show, and now they have.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I always felt that Mulan’s past scenes with Philip/Aurora could have been interpreted either way.

      • BelleRumpleFan says:

        I completely agree.

      • Rob says:

        Agreed. So many people assumed that her traveling with Phillip meant that she had to have been in love with him when it’s just as possible that she traveled with him because she felt honor-bound to help him find his true love after Belle freed him, just as she herself had always claimed, and that it was actually completely platonic on both parts. Then, she fell in love with Aurora once she finally met her, and has been harboring those feelings since then, only made complicated by the fact that the woman she’s in love with is in love with *her* friend. I love the gender subversion of the old fairy tale archetype. The prince kisses Sleeping Beauty, she wakes up, and in that moment, another female warrior falls for her. Love it.

      • Amanda says:

        Me too. I actually came online to try and figure out whether she wanted to tell Aurora that she loves Phillip as a semi-honorable “I’m going after your man” sort of thing OR if she wanted to be with Aurora.

      • Amz says:

        Yeah, I kinda saw it the whole Mulan/Aurora way, it’s how you choose to see it I guess.

      • Ju says:

        Thanks Matt, absolutely. I personally saw it going either way, but I’m not surprised people never saw Mulan and Aurora coming.

      • CA says:

        Agreed. I think the writers were purposely ambiguous with where Mulan’s affections lied.

      • Cass says:

        BOTH ways. OT3!

    • Dennis says:

      she was but it’s trendy now to put in gay characters everywhere

  8. Tori says:

    I was blown away (meaning I love it!!) by the Mulan & Aurora twist and I hope that Mulan will find love before the season ends. I was not surprise by Robin Hood being the man with the tattoo, but I think Regina is to far gone with anger, rage and hatred. I know someone like that in real life and its been over six decades and that is all she knows.There are going to be some haters over the Mulan twist and they will say this is a family show but I have to wonder how many of them were outrage when Regina chosen to murder her beloved father in order to give power to her hatred?

  9. Anne says:

    so Mulan is bi. I love the parallels between Regina and Mulan. Mulan seems destined for heartache and yearns for love, while Regina is destined for love and sperns it.

  10. Dominique says:

    Thought they “Mulan’s into Aurora” sorta came out of nowhere. Last seasn, it was heavily implied Mulan was in love with Philip, and now suddenly she’s all about Aurora? Don’t know if there’s still a flashback coming up that shows us how they got Philip back, but it better also shows us something that lead Mulan to this place, cause right now, I’m not buying it. I feel like it was mostly fanservice after all the feedback Aurora/Mulan received last season.

    • NotafanofNeverland says:

      Definitely agree. We need the flashback of Mulan/Aurora trying to find Prince Philip. Maybe something happened along the way? Because if Mulan did love Aurora, why not confess then? Why help your crush go find her true love?

      • Cass says:

        Because true love is unselfish? Or (more likely I guess based on this ep) because she hadn’t accepted it/didn’t think she had a chance?

  11. Hodan says:

    I loved Tink and Regina’s scenes. And, I loved seeing Emma seeing these different sides of her mother. I knew Robin was for Regina, so that was not a surprise at all.
    But, I did not see the Mulan and Aurora thing coming! I honestly thought she was going to confess her feelings for Phillip…what a twist! I never thought this show will go there. This season has been low on the surprises and twists so this was a cool to see.

  12. BelleRumpleFan says:

    I’m so glad that the writers went there with Aurora/Mulan.

    Mulan was so crushed. That look on her face was so sad. I hope she finds her love.

  13. Sharayah' says:

    If they’re gonna start twisting fairy tales into gay tales then I’m done with the show. They already have pedophile Peter Pan…
    I’m not hating on gay people but honestly? Mulan has her prince. Leave political correctness out of a fairy tale show.

    • Jus says:

      say WHAT!?

    • Rob says:

      How about you just be done with it now, stop venting your homophobic nonsense here, and then we can all be done with you?

    • Davey Elmer says:

      This decision had NOTHING to do with ‘political correctness’. As I just said above, this is something Adam and Eddy have been wanting to do since at least the middle of last season.

      • prish says:

        It seemed too low key to be the character they have been planning. Also, there is the Disney movie with Mulan and Li Shang. They could bring back Lancelot. His story is open. I liked the actor.

        • Cass says:

          Wait, it’s okay for Lancelot to be gay even though his *entire story* is about how he ruined his (and everyone’s) lives because of love for a woman, but Mulan can’t be gay because of the Disney movie? There’s obviously a reason that Mulan is the only Disney princess that OUAT has brought on without her prince, and this is the reason. (Actually, if I recall correctly Mulan is also one of the few princesses who didn’t end up married to her prince.)

          • prish says:

            Well, Disney can do whatever it wants, owning ABC and all its movies. I was surprised they went that direction with one of their previous properties, rather than create a new character’s story, if true. I guess Lancelot wouldn’t fit because he is too famous a character, but I liked the actor. I hope they bring him back.

          • will says:

            Well, for one, they married in the not-so-great-but-still-okay sequel that is one of those famous Disney sequels that no one ever likes to talk about.

            And for two, he was a general, not a prince. I don’t think it was ever mentioned anywhere that he was in any way royalty or related to the Emperor.

    • abz says:

      “pedophile Peter Pan”? WTF?!?!?!

    • Lysh says:

      How the heck is Peter a pedophile? He’s a child himself.

    • Betsy says:

      don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  14. I love this ep, every second of it. It played with all my fangirl feelings, however they are making it hard to like Blue. Seriously, I just want to slap her…

    • tp says:

      For a fairy she really is kinda mean.

    • I’ve never liked Blue. But then in general I distrust any character who is supposed to be completely “good” OR completely “bad”.
      Plus really if you think about it a lot of what she’s done has been less than good.
      1. In the season one episode Dreamy she prevented Nova/Dreamy(Grumpy) from living Happily Ever After.
      2. If you really think about the way she turned Pinocchio human you realize that she was setting him up to fail. She made it so he only was able to stay human if he stayed selfless, brave AND true. Failure to do any of those three at any time would see him turning back into wood. Which is stupid, he was a kid for goodness sake. No kid is completely selfless all the time, or acts brave in every situation, or never tells a single lie.
      3. Her stubborn belief that Regina was evil because of Cora’s sins was the exact opposite of good
      And 4. Well, I think we can all agree that what she did to Tinkerbell was reprehensible.

      • Ayannali says:

        I agree with you on Blue, I think there is a bigger picture with her.

        She seems to always have a hand in the background of all the storylines, in some way shape or form….

    • Never did like her.

      Maybe they can utilize that when everyone’s back in Storybrooke, figure out a way for a person who THINKS she’s good to end up being next season’s Big Bad?

  15. tp says:

    I think if the direction they are going in with Mulan is she’s gay…I’m done too. Changing little things about the fairy tales or going back to the original non disney tales is one thing but to completely change it is just too much for me. Pan being evil is almost enough to make me drop it. I’m not really feeling the Neverland arc. I suppose I could always just ff the part I don’t want to see like I do with other shows.

    • prish says:

      FF is the way to go. Everything needs to be represented. Don’t forget without viewer numbers we won’t have a show. In reading all fairy tales, we enjoy what is fun to us, and skip what we cannot relate to. I never remembered all the violence in the original tales. It went over my head. I guess it sounded poetic. Red riding hood and Granny get my fast forwards.

      • tp says:

        As of right now, all things Belle gets ff. Something about her irks me. Plus whenever they show her kiss Rumple it’s like she’s kissing her dad. Skeevy.

        • Dan says:

          Yeah, me too. I just can’t believe she’s all that bright. Surely that library has at least ONE book on creepy abusive partners who’ve killed off a former partner. Lacey and Gold I could buy. Belle? How anyone can wash the blood off ten aprons and still want to snog the torturer is beyond me. Soft in the head.

          • abz says:

            It’s the whole idea of “Beauty” (Belle) and the “Beast” (Rumple) that’s why they’re together. Although, I will admit, the pairing can be annoying sometime. It really ticked me off when she was so accepting of finding out that Rumple was the one who killed Milah and then tried to make Hook out to be worse than Rumple. That was a big WTF moment for me watching it.

      • Ed says:

        For me, Henry gets the FF, I just can’t with him.

    • abz says:

      I never understood this idea of people fast-forwarding through parts they don’t like. It doesn’t make any sense. I mean, what if you miss something? What if there is something really important for the overall story that is in the part you’re FF? Why watch a show if you don’t intend to keep up with the story? Especially, a show like this where everything is intertwined and has a chance of resurfacing.
      And seriously, if you’re looking to watch the original fairy tales, pop in one of the Disney movies. This show is doing something unique here. It’s not just replaying us the stories we’ve grown up with. It’s reinventing them in exciting new ways which is fantastic and creative and not the dullness that it would if we knew and expected every single storyline that were to happen. Also, if Peter Pan being evil is deterring you from watching, I don’t how you’ve been able to watch the first two seasons. They pretty much altered every fairytale significantly. The fact that pretty much every fairytale revolves around or intertwines with the characters of Snow White is proof of that.

    • jonathan says:

      pan was always kinda twisted it was disney that made him kid friendly

      • Addie says:

        This. In the source material, Peter Pan was an asshole. I mean think about it, he’s an eternal teenager, how can he not be?

    • Betsy says:

      you homophobes are coming out in droves today, huh?

  16. neha says:

    I’m not feeling the whole Mulan/Aurora thing, mostly because I can’t stand Aurora. I’m glad that they are finally injecting some LGBT love into the show, but I wish it had been another character. I also really thought that Phillip/Mulan were really pretty together, and was looking forward to that. Having said that, I like how people are willing to put up with rape (yes, Regina did rape Graham), mass murder, torture, infidelity, teenage pregnancy, and violence but the second that a character is gay? It’s totally un-fairytale like, and they’re done with the show.

    • tp says:

      I love how when the LGBT community complains about there not being a gay character on this show, one pops up. Everyone is on board and it’s a wonderful thing. If the black community complains then it said that “it’s not about color it is about the best actor for the role”. The only black characters on this show have been killed off. Of which there have been 3. One of which literally didn’t last 5 minutes into the show. If they can make Mulan gay then they can make one of the chatacters black. I get that people want to see people like them on tv. I would like that too. I wonder how many people would be done with the show if Cinderella was black.

      • Davey Elmer says:

        I’ve already said this twice, but this is something Adam and Eddy have been wanting to do for a good long while (since the middle of last season at least).

        • tp says:

          And like I said, how many people would be done if Cinderella were black? If people can’t make an effort to understand where I’m coming don’t expect me to care how many times you say something.

          • Mike R. says:

            I understand where your coming from completely, and OUAT has sucked with minority representation of all kinds, especially black characters, and I would not mind if a black actor(actress) took a role of a usually white character, or if they included any black character at all for more than one episode. It is ridiculous for “fans” to complain about either of the minorities, especially about race, it should be about the character not their color, but none of this takes away from the fact that people complaining about Mulan being a lesbian(or bi) is also ridiculous.

          • neha says:

            How do you know that they won’t do something similar? There was a black Cinderella in the 1997 film (made by Disney) with Brandy, and it did really well. So, I don’t think that the company (or the writers or the majority of the viewers) are racist. I just think that they have been sticking to what the established look of the characters is (which is probably why Jaffar is being played by an Indian). I also don’t believe in tokenism. I don’t think that there should be a black or gay character just for the sake of having one. Which is partly why I don’t buy the whole Mulan/Aurora storyline.

          • Mike R. says:

            There however won’t be a black cinderella, since they introduced Cinderella back in season 1, but who knows maybe a black Rapunzel…

          • Davey Elmer says:

            When you’re making assertions that can be proven to be blatantly false, I’m going to prove them false.

            I don’t remember exactly when Adam and Eddy first mentioned wanting to bring in a homosexual character/relationship, but, as I said, it was at least as far back as the middle of last season.

            Cinderella being black has nothing to do with anything, so I’m not even sure what your point is in even bringing it up.

            Changing an existing and familiar character’s sexuality is a very brazen thing to do, but I applaud the writers for having the brass to do it.

          • tp says:

            I’m going to stop because I’m not trying to make this about race. Just gonna mosey on over to Google to find that site that recaps Witches of East End. Enjoy the discussion everyone.

          • tp says:

            Davey just to clarify, several comments above stated that people have been shipping Mulan/Aurora for a long time. Since this season is just beginning it would have to had happened last season. Which is right in line with what you’re saying. As for my comment about a character being black, I was drawing a parallel between gay and black chatacters. You don’t see it or don’t agree. That’s cool with me.

          • will says:

            I wouldn’t have any problem with them making any character black and anyone who would is practicing some sort of racism, even if it’s just a matter of “accuracy” it just reeks of “we can’t have our whites darkened” style racist kneejerk territory.

            So the answer is “maybe some would, but I wouldn’t, and I don’t care about the racists who would.” They can make any character they want any race that they want. Except for Snow White.as her whiteness is also the reason for her name. And any defined-as-POC characters should probably stay their original race as well, though that’s up to individual arguments.

          • How many people would be done if Cinderella was black?

            Probably half the white people in the South, and quite a few racists everywhere else.
            Members of the KKK.

            …. Is this the company you want to keep, tp? Because that’s who you just lumped yourself in with. Good job.

      • sarah says:

        brandy already did a black cinderella, and whitney houston a black fairy godmother, i don’t like them veering THAT far from the original story, twists are great, but making a strong woman gay is lazy uncreative writing

        • sarah says:

          by veering i meant mulan being gay not the brandy cinderella movie, that movie was great, i still sing “in my own little corner, in my own little chair”

      • Ani Wong says:

        I know some people saw this Aurora/Mulan thing coming but i sure the hell didnt and im bisexual. As I recalled, Mulan seemed put off and annoyed with Aurora first meeting. All she cared about was finding and saving Philip. Sure, perhaps along the way our warrior developed some sort of felling for the princess. Maybe respect and acceptance that Aurora isnt just a cry baby who needs protection.But LOVE reeaaally =____=?? Not to mention that Mulan is all about honor. How honorable is it for your close comrade (someone you trust and would risk your life for) to say “I love you” to your fiance WHILE you’re away? The honorable thing to do is to not even go there. What did Mulan hope for going to confess her feelings to Aurora? That they would run away together yet still maintain friendship with Philip? Pretty selfish and back stabby if you ask me. And VERY out of character for Mulan.

        Sounds like the writers heard the common gossip from their fans and decided to give them a bone. They’ve been wanting to have a homosexual character for a while apparently. Now they’ve killed two birds with one stone. But they did it with the wrong character in my opinion. So many characters could have been homo/bisexual in which it would fit and make sense like Ruby(Ruby liking Snow), Davids old wife Catherine(whatever happen to her?), Augustine(too late now), Tinkerbell(crushing on Regina?), Jiminy Cricket,even Peter Pan(he makes the most sense…>.>)

        Im asian and my race has only two characters introduced. Mushu, a dragon that was knocked out/killed by a damn taser and Mulan. I loved Mulan. A strong female character who can handle herself and kick ass. Yes Emma Swan is strong. But she’s not confident in herself like Mulan is. She also still needs the support of nearly everyone to get something done. Mulan however is ready to take punches and get things done alone or with an army. And chances are, she wont be asking you for help, you’d be volunteering. She was a good character already and now it seems like “she just MUST be a lesbian for her to be that strong. Because no woman today could handle herself and not be some sort of “dike” is what it reads across to me. How stereotypical that the strongest female cast member is gay.

        So far there have been 3 black characters. Cinderellas god mother who couldnt even last long enough to finish her sentence, Lancelot who’s been dead the entire time (thank you Cora…), and Neals girlfriend who has always been a big b%*##! Im very disappointing that there are no minorities in this. We can complain about there not being any homosexuals but cant about races? “race in characters dont matter” but homosexuality does? Double standard. Which storybook have any of you read that the characters were homosexual? That being said, they defiantly should add in more minorities. Black characters that dont die within the same episode of airing would be nice. Like a black pocahontas. And dont give me that “pocahontas is indian”. Belle is french but has a British accent in OUaT. Most black people in today’s society have indian in them anyway. And id like to see a hispanic or latino Ariel. Since Aurora already has Ariels hair instead of the blonde we all grew up with, it wouldnt hurt to see something different portraying Ariel’s character.

        • Michelle V. says:

          They are already hispanics in the show.They are many hispanic in several shows but because they do not look the stereotype of how a hispanic should look.We are not a race.The hispanic actress(Lana Parrilla) is Regina Mills and I believe Joanna Garcia(another white hispanic) is going to be Ariel.

  17. Mike R. says:

    Wow, some of the comments are ridiculous. I mean by all means stop watching if you don’t like the show, but to stop watching because a side character is gay is kind of weird. ONCE has always diverted from the stories, Mulan isn’t a fairytale character, so they aren’t changing any fairy tale. This isn’t new, it is just ONCE putting their twist on Mulan. She is a side character, no need to freak out. Frankly I like it, but I saw this since the mid season finale on season 2.

    • abz says:

      I agree. I mean, I must have misread the signs last season with Mulan/Phillip because I always thought she had a thing for him, but I was aware of the Sleeping Warrior ship, so I wasn’t too shocked by it. Plus Mulan takes up like two minutes in any episode she’s in so I have no idea why these people are going nuts and threatening to boycott the show. And with Neal in Neverland, we probably won’t be seeing Mulan for a while. Some people need to grow up.

    • CA says:

      Thanks for this posting Mike. I am in complete agreement…especially about the occasional departure from the origination stories. Folks wanting ONCE to be just a regurgitation of the fairy tales would be best served by just getting the animated DVDs. One of the wonderful things about ONCE is how they are willing to change up the storylines and have that degree of creativity and originality.

    • sarah says:

      mulan is a chinese folk tale

  18. Tobi says:

    I was a little surprised by the change for Mulan, but it doesn’t bother me all that much. There were several episodes where she made it clear she was into the Prince. She even said to Mulan a while back, “lets go get our prince”. However, it’s not impossible to believe that after everything her & Aurora have gone through, the bonding they would do…that she’d fall for her.

    I think they do have to tread a line with how far they push it, because it is a “fairy tale” show, so maybe parents are letting their kids watch it…but so far, I have no problem with it. I think people just need to quit making it such a big deal, Mulan is awesome, who cares if she’s gay?!

    • fistuk says:

      So what if parents are letting their kids watch it? What is there that kids shouldn’t see…two women kissing? (assuming this storyline even gets that far). Snow and Charming kiss all the time…there shouldn’t be a difference

  19. Michele says:

    If the series is about finding your path I hope Sleeping Warrior isn’t dropped like other stories have been dropped in the past. It was a little Xena/Gabrielle on the nose for me but if I can’t get Swan Queen than I will happily see this series on ABC/Disney have a same-sex romance between two Disney Princesses.

  20. chris says:

    Did anyone else see Thor’s Hammer when Neal was looking through the cabinet?

    • chipfreak says:

      I did!! That totally made me LOL. I wasn’t sure it was the symbols, but I’m glad someone else saw it!

      • Jules says:

        Same here, I was wondering if it were the correct symbols, but I just decided they were and laughed out loud seeing Thor’s hammer in the Enchanted Forrest.

    • Alex says:

      Yes! I was scrolling through the comments to see if anyone else noticed it. I wonder if that means OUAT is potentially bringing in Marvel and/or Norse lore, or if it was just a little Disney Easter egg.

  21. Kre says:

    Surprised everyone shocked about the Mulan/Aurora potential paring. I kinda of seen this coming back in season 2, the scene where Mulan and Aurora are are outside of Rumple’s cell and Mulan was holding Aurora’s heart. I saw a little spark there or something, but maybe that was just me.

  22. Jacob says:

    Isn’t it a little on-the-nose to have the one “princess” who pretends to be a boy, end up being gay? Of all the “princesses” sure, I’d have guessed Mulan if you told me one of them was, so I don’t find this surprising, or even interesting. But I doubt she’ll ever hook up with Aurora and I doubt much will come of this. Maybe when they bring back Robin Hood to close up that story arc with Regina, then possibly, but this felt like a throwaway; a nice nod to the Sleeping Warrior community and that’s about it. If she were a series regular, I’d see it differently, but with almost zero connection to Storybrooke (except, as I’ve said, for her association with Robin Hood), we won’t see much more of Mulan. Or Aurora. Or Sleeping Warrior.

    • Davey Elmer says:

      Adam and Eddy have said that Mulan and Aurora have a significant amount of story time in the first 11 episodes, so this isn’t something they’re throwing out there simply for the sake of throwing it out there.

      • Mike R. says:

        That is a relief.

      • Kelsey says:

        I would like a legitimate source for this information. Aurora is my favorite character, so I keep tabs on her upcoming appearances. This is the first I’ve heard of her featuring heavily.

        • Davey Elmer says:

          I can’t find the exact source, but I know that it was said, and said recently. With both Jaime and Sarah being committed to other shows, someone asked Adam and Eddy about how present their characters were going to be in this season, and the answer was that the two were going to be around and available for a while.

  23. rachelle says:

    Straight girl here and I totally LOVED the Mulan/Aurora twist. Like a lot of other people, I thought she had a thing for Philip and was caught completely off guard when it was revealed that She was actually in live with Aurora. Looking back at the scenes where I thought Mulan’s feelings were for Philip, I definitely see how it could have been interpreted either way. It’s not crazy for a woman like Mulan to be in love with another woman. I know that all lesbians or all of anyone else are not all stereotypically the same. Lesbians aren’t only rough and tumble chicks, but a woman like Mulan who came into her own among male warriors and has the heart and bravery of a fierce male warrior in a world where a lot [not all] of the women are dainty and weak could very foreseeably be interested in other women. I love the storyline about Mulan being in love with Aurora. My heart broke when Aurora told Mulan that she and Philip were expecting. And when Mulan walked away with tears in her eyes, I was even more sad for her. I hope she finds her happy ending. This doesn’t need to be said, but true love doesn’t care about gender or sex. Hopefully, Aurora can see Mulan’s heart and return her love if they are meant to be.

  24. Kelsey says:

    I’m in the minority. I don’t care about Mulan’s sexuality. The problem is that I ship Aurora and Phillip. Hard. I feel bad for Mulan and all, but I hope her love remains unrequited. Let her find someone else.

    Also: Aurora has always been focused on Phillip. Her overjoyed reaction when he woke her was amazing. She spent ages trying to save him. She called her life a dream come true. She WANTS to be with Phillip. She WANTS to have children with him.

    Then there’s her reaction to Mulan leaving. That wasn’t “OMG, NO!” It was like saying goodbye to a dear friend. If that. “What? You’re leaving us?” Aurora’s side came across as more of “I’ll miss you. BYE!”

    Not trying to be rude. Just calling it as I see it. Yes, my feelings probably cause a bias, but hey. Everyone’s does.

    Nice parallel of Phillip leaving her in “Broken,” though. Tears and walking away and all.

    • Michie M says:

      Aurora and Phillip have shared like 2.5 minutes of screen time total and you ship them that hard? Cool. Ship away little shipper. :D

    • Beanie says:

      I agree 1000% with you. I love Aurora and Phillip together and while I find the development with Mulan interesting it’s also a tad contrived and I’m annoyed they went there. No, not because of the gay aspect but because Mulan has set herself up for disappointment. I feel like people are forgetting that Phillip awoke Aurora with true love’s kiss, the same power and magic that allowed Charming to wake Snow. So if the creators of the show are setting up a scenario where Aurora would forsake true love to go be with Mulan (or anyone else), I’m not buying it. The purity and sacred-ness of true love’s kiss would be a complete sham and I think that the very core of the show revolves around that there is no greater power than true love. So by breaking that cardinal rule they would kind of destroy the fundamental foundation that they have built for the show. In the end I think it would be best if Mulan found love elsewhere in terms of serving the story and characters more faithfully

      • JC says:

        Agreed. There are other characters they can set Mulan up with, but do not break up Phillip and Aurora at this stage, now that they’re apparently getting their happy ending. While we may not have seen much of their story (and I remain disappointed by OAUT’s handling of the whole Sleeping Beauty story from Maleficent on down), they’re still by the rules of this show a “true love” couple, and breaking them up to do Aurora/Mulan would go against the show’s own internal mythology. Mulan can find her true love elsewhere. Perhaps they can take her prince from the movies (was it Shang?) and make the character female. They’ve already done that with one character – Jack. Why not another? Just leave Phillip and Aurora alone.

  25. Kerry says:

    Tonight’s episode was a perfect example of what I love and what I hate about this show. I loved the Regina/Tink stuff. There was a great FINALLY moment in the cave scene between them. FINALLY someone called out Regina. FINALLY Regina admitted the truth. FINALLY Regina will find her happy ending. Those were some truly great character moments for her (among my favorite, in all truth). Rose McIver is a great addition to the cast.

    However, I hated the way the Mulan/Aurora almost-confession was handled. I really just hate the way the writers skip over story and then expect us to just accept the missing plot. How did Phillip come back from the dead? ‘Oh, we *may* show you later’ When did Mulan develop romantic feelings for Aurora? ‘Oh, we *may* show you later’ No, show me now. You want to throw that out there, you throw ALL of it out there…not just the parts that are convenient. I can’t invest in a story if you don’t tell it to me! As it is, I have whip-lash from Mulan’s shift in affections. It’s a shame, because I really would have loved to have seen that relationship develop (I adore both characters).

    Aside from that, I really enjoyed the episode. I like Tinkerbell a lot more than I thought I would, and Lana once again delivered a great performance. Neal’s let’s-guilt-a-dad-into-using-his-four-year-old-son-as-bait did him no favors, but whatever. I’m interested to see how the characters left in FTL meet back up with the characters in Neverland (and I assume they must, given Robin Hood’s new status). Oh, and Hook/Charming’s scene was nice.

    • Michie M says:

      S2 showed us where Cora told Mulan and Aurora how to get Phillip back.

    • jerrired says:

      I agree with everything you said! That’s all the same things I felt about this episode. I have nothing against Mulan being a lesbian, but I wish they went with that angle from the beginning. It feels too forced that she suddenly loves Aurora and not Philip (clearly it was hinted Mulan loved Philip, and her jealous towards Aurora stemmed from that. I’m not saying it couldn’t have changed over time to Aurora, but they needed to show that, more than fans supposedly implying that from scenes that could have meant anything). I feel like the writers this year read way too many fan boards and just decided to give all the intense shippers what they want. It’s kind of killing this season for me. Everything else is really strong, but the shipping pairings is just getting too obvious that the writers are trying to please the shippers. I keep expecting Regina and Emma to kiss out of nowhere at this rate (which I think I would prefer Emma with Regina than Hook if the fans who are really into ships are going to get what they want). I think the writers should realize pleasing fans is too complicated. They can never make everyone happy. However, they do need to make logical choices that show continuity.

      To the Neal thing. I am in the minority apparently. But I like Neal as a character. However, I feel like the writers are not even trying with him this year. That whole wanting to use Robin’s kid made me sigh and feel like the writers are seriously trying to make Neal unlikable, and not in a fun way like Hook, Gold and Regina. Like in a-not that great solo storylines and has him do extra sketchy stuff that’s almost cringy. I’m hoping next week’s Neal and Rumpel stuff can save Neal’s character development.

      • jerrired says:

        maybe I just expect too much from a show that’s main motto is “just believe, and things will happen.” Maybe I should just be happy it has some logic to it and call it a day

      • Kerry says:

        Yeah. I hate to say it because I was actually a fan of the Mulan/Aurora pairing last season, but this does feel like pandering. We haven’t seen them for half a season, and then barely in the premiere, and now we’re getting almost-declarations of love? I know the show tends to move romances fast, but when I’m sitting there confused about what’s happening…there *might* be a problem. That’s honestly why I’m enjoying Hook/Emma, because I’m being allowed to see that relationship develop. On the Neal front – ugh – I’ve defended him all summer and then he does something like this. You’re right, the writers aren’t doing his character any favors. Maybe his scenes next week with Rumple will change that?

        • jerrired says:

          Mulan and Aurora, good idea, bad execution. I’m still not buying the Emma and Hook romance. It doesn’t work for me at all. But I don’t hate it enough to protest it. Maybe if they keep destroying Neal’s character, I’ll have to like the Hook and Emma pairing because it will be the lesser of two evils (which may be the writers plan all along). I’ll just hope some bonding time with the Dark-One will give Neal something!

          • Kerry says:

            Exactly! I hope that if they move forward with the Mulan storyline (is Jamie Chung coming back?), we’ll get to see her love story unfold in real-time. Well, I like that the Hook/Emma stuff is a little less aggressive than last season.They’re working together and supporting each other…instead of him flirting up a storm and her rolling her eyes. The writers are actually convincing me that they could work as a canon couple. In regards to Neal, it’s hard for me to to look past the jail thing when it comes to Emma. The writers will have to REALLY sell it to make me forget that…and they’re not even selling me on Neal as a person right now, let alone Neal as a potential love interest. But little!Bae is back next week and I always like Neal more when I’m reminded of who he was. We shall see.

          • jerrired says:

            Yeah I would like to see Mulan comeback and fall for a woman who can really love her back. Ek we’ll see about Hook and Emma. I’ve been sold on Neal and Emma from the flashbacks. I just think the writers need to let Neal go on a journey to prove himself worthy of Emma’s love. They just haven’t done that yet, which I think they’re trying to do now, but the Robin Hood’s son thing was a huge misfire on the show’s part. But we’ll see. I think OUAT at least has a couple more seasons in it to fully lay out their plans. Right now, I’m less fascinated about the love stuff, and more into the whole take on Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. If the show continues to do smart stuff like that, I won’t care who ends up with whom.

    • Name That Tune says:

      We need to be real here. Mulan was suddenly determined to be a lesbian because the show felt pressured to introduce a GLTB character. For that segment of the audience who this matters to, they have given them what they want. But as an earlier poster has mentioned, the show is woefully lacking inI characters from minorities. We’ve seen 3 and only one of them has played a significant role. And she was killed in episode 1 this season. So if we’re going to go down this road, then we need to see more balance in the casting of all the characters. If we’re going to rewrite these fairy tales to suit modern tastes, let’s go all the way a not just throw a guy character into the mix to pacify one particularly vocal segment of the audience.

      • Davey Elmer says:

        Please stop stating blatantly false assertions like they’re fact.

      • will says:

        Woah woah hey now, we’ve only seen three BLACK characters. Black people are not all minorities. I mean for Pete’s sake, you’re talking about Mulan as if she isn’t very clearly Asian. Is there an issue with the balance of POC on the show? Yes. Are you correct about anything else in this comment? No.

  26. Dan says:

    I’m sure Mulan will find her Shang. Aurora’s having a baby!

  27. Anon says:

    I am all for seeing tv reflect real life diversity (it just doesn’t happen enough in my book), but this Mulan/Aurora ship just rang so false.

    They intro’d the character with a pretty obvious love triangle. I don’t think Mulan having feeling for Phillip could have been “interpreted either way” at all. She was making goo goo eyes at Phillip…and that whole “I love you” by Phillip to which girl was obviously meant to perpetuate a triangle story.

    It would have been great we had maybe seen Mulan fall in love with Aurora during their travels (Xena and Gabrielle style!!! : D), but they didn’t tell that story last year. Just came out of nowhere for me. And they BOTH got googly eyed in the season finale last year at the prospect of bringing Phillip back.

    I feel like this was a decision made this summer, then forced awkwardly into the story.

    And I kind of dislike that the one who dresses as a boy is gay…it’s so cliched. But whatev…that is so minor compared to the “out of nowhere” way it came to the story. Inclusion is inclusion after all.

    Ultimately, I am not shipping Aurora/Phillip or Aurora/Mulan because the way the story has been told so far didn’t make me fall in love with either pair. Last year, Mulan, Phillip, and Aurora felt like they were two dimensional characters in a surface love triangle anyways. But the actress made me feel that Mulan was crushed when she walked away even if I didn’t buy the love story, so I care about what happens to her more than I did before.

    • John 1138 says:

      Yes that expressions was extremely well done. I’m expecting that now that she’s accepted who she is (theme!) Mulan will move on to find her match: not some one involved with another but some one for herself. If that links back to more central characters so much the better as I like the Mulan portrayer so her having more screen time would be fine by me. Paired with Red? The Wolf and the Warrior?

  28. Michie M says:

    I’m just trying to wrap my head around Robin Hood and Regina. Just from what we have seen of Robin Hoods personality, I can kiiiinda see the young Regina with him, before she was hardened. But, the Storybrooke Regina? No way. The worldly, experienced, sharp tongue, witty Regina would eat his lunch!

    She’s wealthy, he would make her give all her money away, and sistah wouldn’t be Sassgina without her Jimmy Choo heals. No way would he want to live in Storybrooke and can you see HER giving up running water, electricity, organic veggies, telephones and blow dryers to follow his butt around The Enchanted Forest? Nope.

    Lastly, and this is the main one I can’t wrap around in my head; Regina has never had a choice in her life. Between Cora and Rumple her destiny was pre-ordained. Even when she enacted the curse, Rumple had that planned already. In 3X03, Tink made her feel bad that she didn’t meet Hood, saying she was selfish and ruined his life. She thought she was exercising a choice not to meet him when I don’t think she was. She was married and really didn’t have much of a choice as I don’t think there were exactly divorces back then. The thing is, Hood wasn’t miserable and his life wasn’t ruined. He had Marion and they had a child together. But now, now Regina has a choice. Free and clear. I don’t think she would choose Hood today. Imo.

    • A says:

      I think Regina did have a choice there; she was the queen, she could have kept Robin Hood on the side. That in turn could have led to many more choices: Run off with Hood? Agree with the King to an open marriage? Murder king sooner than she did?

      Meanwhile, I don’t think Robin Hood had a miserable life without her, but with her it would have been different. Maybe he wouldn’t have become an outlaw. He wouldn’t have loved and lost Marian. Nobody knows what could have happened, because Regina made her choice.

    • Dan says:

      Hey, if you think about it, Regina’s also been about taking from the rich to give to the poor. I mean, if you’re a peasant in fairy tale land, you’re living in a little hovel with a dirt floor and no electricity, no plumbing, no decent medicine or education for your kids, while your lord and master lives in a stonking great castle with food and servants aplenty. Then you’re cursed into Storybrook and suddenly those overlords have to get a job, by God, because your taxes aren’t letting them live in luxury on the back of the working class anymore, and you’re living the same life, materially, that they are in most respects – SB has been a giant step up for the mediaeval peasant class.

  29. Katie says:

    There aren’t even words that can express just how much I loved this week’s episode. This season is moving so fast, something huge happens every week. I mean, we’re three episodes in and Neal has already gotten to his father’s old house, discovered Emma and Henry are in Neverland, crossed over into Neverland, and has been confronted by Felix. Next week he’ll be in Pan’s camp, right? And Emma and all have gotten to Neverland, been found by Pan, gotten a map to Pan’s camp, found Tinkerbell, and have Charming stabbed by poison. Makes it feel like something huge is happening every week. And I loved the reveal about Mulan. I don’t think they necessarily introduced Mulan with the intention of making her gay, but when they decided that they did want to go that way with a character, she was a natural choice. Unlike most of the Disney princess movies, Mulan is very, very much about “girl power,” and so her love interest never gets a lot of focus. Comparatively, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, these are all movies where romantic love was a central theme. Also, Mulan’s feelings for Phillip were kept textually vague enough that it doesn’t feel like they’re changing an established sexuality, though I do think that they were probably keeping that door open, to begin with, for a Mulan-loves-Phillip-who-loves-Aurora triangle, but I assume that’s done. My question is, are we supposed to assume that a Mulan/Aurora pairing is officially off the table, that Aurora has officially been established as straight? I won’t be upset if so, but I did think they were super cute together.

  30. Samantha says:

    I’m so excited for a Philora Baby my heart could burst. While I’m happy they made Mulan the first princess to come out I feel that this was a terrible way to do it. We have already seen Aurora and Phillip’s true love kiss so we knew from the moment she was traveling with them her heart was going to be broken no matter what way the story went. I just hope they don’t kill Phillip just give Mulan a happy ending. We need a character to root for to find a truly deserving happy ending. Let Mulan find her own beautiful ending and let Philora just be happy…. it’s already bad enough Charming is doing everything Prince Phillip did in Walt’s Movie and Snowing somehow got claim over true’s love kiss when in disney’s version is was love’s first kiss for them…..sorry I’m alittle bitter I know.

  31. abz says:

    Couldn’t they have kept Neal out of Neverland just a bit longer? :( I’m really enjoying the dynamic between the five of them without him being there. I just think he is not a good or interesting character and I find myself disliking him a bit more with each episode. Nothing against MRJ (as I did enjoy him True Blood), but they’ve totally miscast the part. He is just not playing this role well. If his attempt, while talking about how he messed up and it was his second chance, was for the audience to feel bad for him, well I didn’t. There was no believable emotion in that scene or in any of his scenes in the episode.
    Anyway, love all the Tinker Bell stuff and loved the scene with her and Regina (Rose McIver is a great addition to the cast). This season is off to a great start. Aside from the present-day Enchanted Forest part with Neal, I haven’t been bored at all. If they work more on the CGI, it would be much better, but I still love the show!

    • Michie M says:

      Completely agree with you about Neal. Like, I seriously can’t muster up two effs to give. I don’t want him with the fab 5 at all. Funny that after just an episode with Tink though I’m all hoping she joins our merry friends. Anywho back to Neal, I can’t figure his character out either. Scruffy, mumbling, and just like…[ I have a fiance that I love, oops she’s bad, oh Emma I love you.] And that’s all in one day. Two days later he is telling Robin Hood and Mulan he has to get his family back. Blah. Pretty sure there is nothing at this point that would make me care for that character. I do agree that it was just bad casting on their part, which has really been rare.

      • Templar says:

        ITA You know how Rumpy magicked Gaston into a rose, and the blue fairy turned Pinocchio into a real boy? Could they somehow have something earth shaking happen that turns MRJ/Neal into Warren Christie? Just a wish. I like MRJ as an actor, but he’s phoning this in.

    • gdv says:

      I don’t think it’s MRJ’s fault. He’s a good actor. I just don’t think the writing has given him enough to do to really root for him. Hopefully he’ll eventually get more scenes with Emma and we can start to see a little more of the dynamic between them.

      I really do wish they hadn’t killed off Graham. I know everyone complains about it, but I just rewatched that episode over the weekend and he and Emma had so much chemistry! So it just feels like a wasted opportunity.

      • Templar says:

        I agree she had chemistry with Graham. She even had chemistry with Jefferson[Hatter] and Booth [Pinoccchio]. But I can’t see any energy at all from Neal, let alone chemistry.

      • abz says:

        To be honest, I saw nothing wrong with the dialogue. The words he’x supposed to say were fine and appropriate. I just think with this particular show IMO, it’s his delivery that is failing the character. Anyway, at this point all we can hope for is improvement.

  32. Pat says:

    I am loving this show. It keeps me wanting to watch to find out what is going to happen next. Neal is becomming boring to me. His character just doesn’t fit in, anymore. I am wondering if he is the one that saves Henry but in the process he dies, accidentally by his father. The scenes for next week with Rumple having war paint on his face makes me think he is going off the deep end.

  33. Meg says:

    I feel like Mulan could have either gone for Phillip or Aurora, and the writers just gave into the fans who were shipping them (regardless of wanting to have an LGBT character or not). At the very least, they should portray Mulan as bi, since it was shown that she was into Phillip last year. Plus there are so few truly bisexual characters on TV.

  34. Seanti says:

    I loved the nods to Oz with the poppy dust and the mention of ruby slippers as being able to open a portal. Bring on the Tin Man!

    • js says:

      I obviously didn’t scroll down enough to see this, as I just posted a comment way below about the same thing.
      I loved the Oz references too!

  35. LaLa says:

    OK, I really DO NOT have a problem with a gay relationship – I just wonder if that is actually holding true to the story of Mulan. Not that I know anything about Mulan’s original story. I know the Disney version. In that version, she eventually falls in love and marries Shang (Sheng). So, is Shang not going to make an appearance at all in OUAT? I’d be much happier if the writer’s would make her bisexual (thereby leaving the door open for Shang’s inclusion), rather than gay. Just my opinion.

    • Kavanaugh says:

      Actually, in Mulan’s legend there is nothing about a love story. Mulan became a General, and after a lot of years she went back home; then, her soldiers discovered she was a woman.

  36. Liam says:

    I find if funny that some have problems with characters being gay but have no issue with characters committing murder. This is not a Disney movie. It is all about turning the tales on their ears. If you are expecting the show being true to the often told fairytales, then you need to go rent a cartoon.

  37. LisaP says:

    This show is really losing me this season. I’m holding on hoping that it will get back to the show I loved but I think the shark is circling.

  38. Addie says:

    I didn’t like it as much as the previous two episodes but Regina (and Rumpel) flashbacks always tend to be hit or miss with me. And I honestly didn’t care that much about what was going on the present day Enchanted Forest- I didn’t care about Aurora or Mulan last year, and I still don’t. Robin Hood’s kid is adorable though. I liked the Snowing scene at the end- you could see exactly when it hit Charming how much it would truly hurt Snow if he died. And the two of them in the background of the Tink/Regina scene at the end was cute too.

  39. js says:

    Did anyone else catch the references to Oz?
    Neal mentioned Ruby Slippers, and Regina figured out that Tink used poppies to knock her out in Neverland. I’m hoping to catch more references to Oz since they have mentioned the possibility of traveling there.

  40. Mulan was in love with Aurora since the first day they met.

  41. Bmass says:

    Pan: “Who doesn’t like apples?”
    Henry: “It’s a family thing.”
    Henry’s got jokes! This was a great episode– you can always count on Jane Espenson to deliver the awesome, be it Buffy or Battlestar or Once. That scene with Tink and Regina at the pub clearly indicates that all Regina needs to cut loose is a gal to go pub-hopping.

  42. Lisa Benwitz says:

    I didn’t have time to read through all the comments, so I apologize if others have already said something similar… I don’t believe for one second Pan wants Henry because he needs to save magic. He is just honing in on what Henry wants most. I’m thinking he needs Henry to replace him as Pan… it seems like Pan was once the Truest Believer and the Dark One somehow turned him into Pan (because we all saw that Rumple can do the cut out his shadow thing), and maybe the only person who can replace him has to be the related to the person who “turned” him… hence, them taking Baelfire and now Henry. I’m thinking that Emma has a part too (maybe even Snow), because what Pan secretly longs for the most is a mother, right? Then again, I could be totally wrong!

  43. Lisa Benwitz says:

    Regarding Mulan loving Aurora, I felt like it was moving in that direction last season and my husband called me crazy… I don’t see why some people are having a problem with it. I thought it was handled beautifully… it kind of broke my heart when Mulan shed that single tear as she turned away. So she was in love with Philip earlier… so what? Why must people be limited, be one thing or the other? Some people are and some aren’t. Some people simply love whom they love, to paraphrase “The Last Unicorn.” I don’t see what was objectionable – it’s not like Mulan was ogling or sexually harassing anyone… she just loved someone based on their personality – their nobility and goodness and spirit. She didn’t judge anyone because of whatever their genitalia happened to look like… she just loved whom she loved.

  44. JC says:

    I don’t have a problem with Mulan being in love with Aurora, as long as that’s where they leave it. But if they have Aurora leave her marriage to Phillip to be with Mulan, I will be furious. You don’t say it’s “true love” one day and the next turn around and say “Oh sorry honey, I’ve fallen in love with someone else.” If they wanted to go the Mulan/Aurora route, then they should have killed Phillip off and/or not brought him back in the first place. And Robin/Regina is even worse. I was so hoping against hope that the rumors about Robin being Regina’s love interest were wrong. I cannot even remotely see that pairing – I’m sorry. And the way they set it up in this episode was so stupid. How exactly was Regina supposed to have a happy ending with Robin while married to the king? He didn’t exactly strike me as the type to overlook his wife, even if in name only, having a lover on the side. Not to mention where this whole setup leaves Marion, Robin’s legendary true love, even though we haven’t actually seen her on the show yet. The idea that Regina is the one that Robin was supposed be with, but since he wasn’t he ended up with Marion instead, really really aggravates me. This season started so well, but I think I just lost all my enthusiasm for it. :(

    • abz says:

      You can’t see the Robin/Regina pairing because they really haven’t showed it to you yet. This was the start of it. You’re acting very impatient and passing judgement on a pairing and storyline that is just beginning. You really want them to give you all the details all at once? Geez! Tinker Bell never told her how the happy ending would turn out. She just told her that Robin was her true love. Also, since this show is about fairytales where the idea of true love and fate and soulmates are a significant aspect of story telling and where all the stories are twisted around, it’s not really that big of a deal that they’d pair Regina with Robin, IMO, especially since any pairing would be happening most likely in present day. Neither Regina nor Robin are romantically attached with anyone currently and his increased presence in the second half of the season that A&E were talking about would be the perfect time to develop the relationship. Regina could have another child to love. One who’s original mother won’t come back into his life and ultimately take him away.

      • JC says:

        Regina. Was. Married. To the king, no less. Happily or not, she was in no position to go looking for true love. And in my opinion, it was a very poor storytelling choice to set it up that way. If they wanted to set up Robin/Regina (though I still think that’s a horrible idea), they should have tried to find a way to do it that made more sense than the idea of the king’s wife looking for love with another man and that somehow being the right thing to do. And as for Marion, the idea that Regina ruined Robin’s life by not meeting him does seem to imply pretty heavily that Marion was not Robin’s true love. Which I have a problem with. You may not. Mileage, as always, may vary.

        • abz says:

          Are you really looking at the situation as the black and white? On this show? Sure, of course she shouldn’t be cheating on her husband, but with this show nothing is black and white and that issue is a side point. Her actions in wanting to find true love and move on from her loveless marriage, loneliness, and vendetta against Snow are completely understandable. Regina was never in love with the King. She wasn’t happy. It was human nature for her to be entertaining the idea of being truly happy. In the end, though you got what you wanted, she chickened out and stayed miserable and began her reign of evil.
          With regards to Marion, she was his true love in the original story, but in this version of Robin Hood, it looks like she won’t be. That is to be expected seeing how OUAT reinvents these tales in new ways rather than have them be the same as the stories we already know.

          • JC says:

            Yes, Regina’s feelings are completely understandable. But the implication that it’s the right or honorable choice or that it would somehow have led to a happy ending for everyone is not. Even David and Mary Margaret’s affair was shown to be a bad and dishonorable thing, even though their feelings for each other were completely understandable (and they were actually married). As for Marion, sure OUAT has reinvented the fairytales, but to this point, it has not gone so far as to break up or diminish one of the traditional couples. Up to this point, all the fairytale or legendary couples we’ve seen are still together, even if there’s some twists in their stories (such as Rumple being Belle’s beast). Having Marion not be Robin’s true love (or breaking up Phillip and Aurora) would a rather significant departure.

    • JC says:

      And you know what, the more I think about it, the more it bothers me about what Mulan was apparently intending. What was she hoping for? That Aurora would abandon Phillip to be with her? That’s not really great of Mulan. Way to stab Phillip in the back after he trusted her so much. Not to mention that she’d seen Phillip awaken Aurora with true love’s kiss – she knows they’re in love. She may love Aurora, but does that give her the right to try to break up what she knows to be a happy marriage? If Aurora was single, it would be completely different, but as it is, this really didn’t set Mulan in a good light at all. The writers really really did not think this through very well.

  45. Babybop says:

    I feel like the LGBT community deserves better representation than the cardboard box that is OUAT’s version of Mulan… Ha ha.

  46. Dot says:

    I love Reginas ,tinker bell and hooks storyline hope we get to see more of that teamregina!

  47. David says:

    I was very disappointed with the Mulan-Aurora twist. This show was nice because it was one the whole family could watch. What gay people do is if no concern to me and I have no fight with gay marriage but this is too much to put in a Sunday night family show. Adult shows, go ahead, but not kid shows. I guess it’s good bye to OUAT. Go ahead call me whatever names you want and say good riddance if you want….careful though, a poll I saw on another entertainment site showed opinion split about 50/50…..demographics on a entertainment site are also more likely to skew younger and more liberal. This could hurt the shows longevity.

    • abz says:

      OUAT, plain and simple, is NOT a family/kids show! Why on earth can’t some people seem to grasp this? The majority of Its storylines and themes are primarily adult ones. If you choose to watch with your family, that’s your choice, but don’t try to twist what this show really is to justify your dislike of this particular storyline.

  48. mewriting says:

    Catching up on episodes. I’m one of the viewers who picked up on the Mulan/Aurora intense connection early on and fully expected love to develop after they were put in so many life and death storylines. The writer’s were leaving the door open for it to such an obvious degree that I’m stunned by people’s shock.

  49. Carol says:

    I’m actually surprised that I haven’t heard anyone mention this, but I was a little bummed that Li Shang never really made it in the show. The current relationships, bi or not don’t really bother me. What bothers me is the fact that in the Disney version Mulan married Li Shang, and there didn’t really seem to be a mention of him (unless I missed it).