NCIS: LA Boss Weighs In on 'Pregnant Kensi' Talk -- Plus: It's a Boy (Meets World Guest Star)!

NCIS LA Pregnant Kensi RumorVery big things are ahead for Deeks and Kensi this season on CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles — but does that include the starting of a family?

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In the wake of Deeks’ torture at the hands of Sidorov (which came on the heels of his and Kensi’s first real kiss), the NCIS partners have grown closer and closer. As such, show boss Shane Brennan tells TVLine, “Their relationship can’t go back to normal, because things have changed.

“We play that out through the first 10 episodes of the season,” he continues, “and then there’s a quite shocking moment in Episode 10 that throws everything awry. And then there’s very much a big, big shock around Episode 18, for both of them, that affects their relationship again.”

Could either of those eventual twists incorporate the real-life pregnancy of cast member Daniela Ruah, who is expecting a child with fiancé David Olsen aka costar Eric Christian Olsen‘s brother/stunt double?

Says Brennan, “I will definitely and utterly and totally rule that out. The pregnancy does not play into their storyline at all. Let’s put that thought/rumor/suggestion to rest.”

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Speaking of (clunky segue alert!) “paternity” issues, William Russ NCIS Los AngelesBrennan also told us that Boy Meets World patriarch William Russ will guest-star in a November sweeps episode as a reformed addict who now runs a resort-like rehab center for the rich and famous. When one of his patients is found dead, Kensi and Deeks go undercover at the facility.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs its 100th episode this coming Tuesday at 9/8c.

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  1. Heather says:

    Thankfully! I ship them, but that would be ridiculous.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Would it really be though? I mean…they could possibly in the next 10+ episodes start sleeping together…and especially considering the first time they do it will most likely be passionate, unplanned, and Kensi has been single so long maybe she isnt on B-Control…it is how babies get made.

      NCIS LA really pushes itself more than NCIS which is what i LOVE about it. Kensi and Deeks are for real, even kissed, not Tony and Kate/Tony and Ziva who are just glances for years and years and years and never anything. BUT I would suspect a pregnancy of Kensi and having a child somewhat on the show would be WAAAAAY to much for this cop procedural to do. At least this soon, maybe like 4 seasons from now.

    • magickster says:

      Yep. A baby is way to much of a leap. I think ep 18 is Kensi’s presumed dead fiance, back from the dead. What about ep 10 being about Seeks completely, finally snapping after his torture? You know, everything seems fine and dandy but then someone explodes out if nowhere. Maybe he tortures someone or beats the hell out if a suspect. Either way, I hope Kensi’s fiance looks nothing like Seeks. I hate the obvious nature of storylines.

    • magickster says:

      The first thing should be job related. The second. I will say is Kensi’s supposedly dead fiance, returning from the dead. I actually prefer Kenai and Seeks as platonic. The relationships should be secondary to the drama.

  2. Sarah says:

    Really glad they are not writing in the pregnancy. Too much too soon. And all that. (See: Bones)

    Densi undercover at a rehab sounds fun.

  3. Midori4 says:

    Since when has Bones had a children? Seems like they stuck her in a closet never to be seen again.

  4. elin says:

    I heard she is going to afghanistan for 8 episodes, is that going to take place between episode 10 and 18?

  5. Jenny says:

    I say the big surprise would be kensi ex fiancé will come back and that would affect kensi and deeks relationship

  6. Kira says:

    I absolutely adore Densi!!! Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen has amazing chemistry. They always nail the comedy and their more serious moments have so much heart. Compared to other tv shows I feel like their relationship has been progressing at a rather normal pace. Can’t wait to see what happens to them this season!!!

    • suzi says:

      I agree. The actors have a wonderful chemistry with each other, and I also agree that the changes in their relationship have been believable. I’m also glad her pregnancy will not be a factor in the show.

  7. hello says:

    Kensi and Deeks as a couple is just so frikkin stupid.

  8. Shaun says:

    Lol,making out with your Brothers wife,awkward!XD

    • cleverinwa says:

      I KNOW! That’s what I think! I can’t get that out of my head now when I watch them. Totally ruined it for me but I am glad that her un-TV life is a happy product of her set life!

    • John 1138 says:

      And as a stunt double odds are he’s the tougher brother so messing with the guy’s wife will definitely have risks associated…..

      Too funny.

  9. Luis says:

    I want to know when William Russ is showing up on “Girl Meets World!”

  10. CBWBDK1 says:

    That must be so awkward! Having to kiss your brothers wife! I bet they have very interesting family dinners!

  11. Cintia says:


  12. Barb says:

    They have the season pretty well planned out which is great and am looking forward to it. Gotta say I am a late bloomer to the show (starting to watch it only last season) and have watched the entire series since (the first season I just couldn’t get into since a certain someone didn’t become a regular until the following season). Anyway, glad to see they aren’t pushing the PTSD under the rug and are going to deal with it (NCIS did a nice job in this area with their two parter last year).

    • Grace says:

      I actually watched the pilot episode on NCIS… but didn’t enjoy it at all. I didn’t watch it again until it was in season 3. I saw so many posts about how great it was, so I decided to start watching it again. It was really boring until Deeks showed up. Then it became awesome and I was hooked.

      • Jamie says:

        So true. The first season was rather boring, and then Deeks showed up, It has been my Fav show since then. Deeks and Kensi make the show, love all the innuendos re the ”Thing” These two have a chemistry that most shows could only dream of. Lets see what this season brings?

      • SuePo says:

        I’m glad I’m not the only one. I did try to watch it when it first aired, but it just didn’t grab me. Then a few years later I saw an episode on USA and went “who the heck is THIS guy??” Been in love with Deeks ever since! He just adds something to the ensemble that was missing at the start.

    • JC says:

      Yeah, I don’t think the show really hit its stride until season three. Season one wasn’t the best definitely – seemed like it took them a bit to figure out what was working and what wasn’t, and bringing Deeks in definitely was a major improvement.

      • Terri says:

        what season did Kenzi have a fiancee that died? Who is Jack? I haven’t watched that long but maybe he died before everyone started watching the show and it will be confusing.

        • JC says:

          It was pre-show. Kensi talked about him on one episode a while back, but I don’t remember which one exactly. I didn’t think he died, though? I remember that he had a really bad case of PTSD, and Kensi tried to help him, but was ultimately unsuccessful. I thought he just disappeared or something, but as I said, it’s been a while, and I don’t remember very well. Her dad died/was murdered….did they ever resolve that? I can’t remember that either. :(

          • TPT says:

            That the story. And yes they found out who murdered her father. It was some body from his team who did it.

  13. Diane says:

    Not surprised they are not writing the pregnancy in the show. Of course Jack is coming back. Who didn’t see that coming a mile away?

  14. Riley says:

    I don’t think any romantic moments with the characters should be that awkward because it’s not Dani and Eric, it’s Kensi and Deeks.Whatever happens on the show is acting and I think the actors and their actual significant others would be able to separate. They might joke about it though.

    I love Densi and I think things will be handled well with them, I’ve always appreciated the character development on this show.

  15. Lange says:

    Kensi and Deeks are my favourite characters in the show, along with Hetty. Their chemistry is unbelievable, and their story was well written. I hope they don’t mess up this great couple by the end of the season, I would so totally lose interest in the show!

  16. Ron says:

    I would think that in episode 10 they will have to write the Kensi character out for safety reasons and how big Dani gets. So an undercover mission for her makes sense, and since Shane just wants to jerk around Densi fans he will put in as many roadblocks and draw out the inevitable coupling for as long as possible. I don’t see why they do this since they only have the actors for a limited time and you see how well it worked out with Cote, they should strike while the iron is hot.
    I would think if the NCIS Red episodes featured Kensi & Deeks they would have got at least a 6 episode commitment and if the actors on King & Maxwell had the chemistry of ECO & DR it would still be on the air and probably, if he would have put them together on the finale last year they wouldn’t have opened this season 12% down from last year’s open. I think the longer they string the fans along the lower the ratings will drop, but since Shane got his syndication money he is laughing all the way to the bank!

  17. Elisabeth says:

    I just caught up on everyone’s comments…I’m so glad I’m not the only one thinking ECO makes the show. I watched maybe the first month of this show and then forgot about it. I couldn’t find anything else on TV about a year later, once they had brought him on, and it’s been my favorite show ever since. He is so funny and so believable as an actor. I’m glad they’re not rushing the densi thing but also hoping they’re not going to string us along for the next several seasons as well. That could really get old. Also, congrats to DR and David Olsen…but I’m glad they’re not writing it into the show. Too much too soon.

  18. wasn’t it a no-brainer that daniela’s pregnancy wouldn’t be incorporated? her pregnancy was already pretty advanced by the time they started filming this season..

  19. barbara says:

    callen and hetty are the best. knowing she having baby with ecolsens brother just a bit creepy kissing deeks or anything else. deeks is also in need of a good haircut and also a good shampoo to go with it!!!!!

  20. I thank you for all your info on NCIS. I record all their episodes, and watch them over and over again. I also love Gibbs. I really enjoy when both teams get together.I find it very hard to choose to a fav. actor, I love them all. The only thing I am getting bored with is Ziva and Tony,s relationship. They act like they are in love, then Ziva is with someone else and so is Tony.

  21. Brenda says:

    oh Come on, Is Kensi leaving? That will ruin everything. I hope not cuz that will be awful. I love Kensi and Deeks!

  22. Neicy Diallo says:

    They have great chemistry!! Good luck and congratulations on your pregnancy Kensi….

  23. Sue Lucas says:

    I hope Kensi isn’t gone for a long period of time! Love the whole cast! so let’s not get reid of anyone!

  24. D Davis says:

    I believe if they permanently break up Kensi & Deeks, that they will lose a lot of the fans of the show..they are the ones that really kept folks on the edge of there chairs and coming back every week to see what was going to take place..I would love to see these two together on the show as a couple, they have great chemistry together. Please.bring Kensi back and let her & Deeks hook up, this separating them could do more harm than good. Keeping fingers crossed that the directors use the right script to keep us on edge and not disappointment!

  25. Habibi says:

    Very superb info can be found on website.

  26. Colou Myers says:

    I read somewhere on another site that one character would be leaving NCIS.LA after this season. Is that correct? And if so, does anyone know who is leaving?

  27. TPT says:

    Is Jack the white ghost and will Deeks have to shoot him as KB will be to emotional to do so?
    How will she go from killing in defense to killing on order?

  28. Fred Bond says:

    The thing that’s bothering me is “Why Kensi?”

    There’s no doubt that she could part your hair from two klicks without moving your hat but…so what? There are a lot of other snipers, US and coalition that can do that. What is there about this mission that makes it essential that it be KB on the trigger?

    The possibility of the ‘White Ghost’ being her ex- would be an iron-clad reason to keep her out of the op, not bring her in.

    Needless to say, it’s going to be a VERY interesting second half of the season.

  29. Connie g says:

    OK, in this REAL world of darkness, at night it is SOOOOOOOOOOOO good to come home and see something that o.k. maybe is far out there. For over 9 year I watched NCIS, hoping for Ziva and Tony something to happen, the writers refused. So now I don’t watch it at all. Bones, how did a baby destroy this show? It did not, it added TO IT. If they don’t allow Kensi and Deeks to further their relationship even with a baby, then I will not watch NCIS LA anymore. Writers give the people what they want to see. What they want to enjoy. Splitting Deeks and Kensi up NOW would be a huge mistake. Just watch the polls and see. I will just watch re runs. But something bad comes up about this, I am done with NCIS LA just like NCIS. And yes this is my opinion but there are more people like me out there than the ones that don’t want something that is romantic.

  30. N.C.I.S. messed up not having Tony and Ziva to live together or marry. When she left a lot of people started watching because the spice was on N.C.I.S.L.A. So why not try it.Fans love it.