Exclusive Once Upon a Time First Look: Tinker Bell Knows Exactly What Uptight Regina Needs

Can a sprinkling of pixie dust help Once Upon a Time‘s Regina take the edge off?

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This Sunday on the ABC drama, while Hook suggests that Tinker Bell could help the group locate Peter Pan’s Neverland lair, a flashback to The Fairytale Land That Was reveals how Regina also knows the famous fairy (played by Kiwi actress Rose McIver).

In this exclusive clip from the episode “Quite a Common Fairy,” as Regina (Lana Parrilla) vents her assorted woes to her fairy sparkly new friend, Tink responds with a love-ly solution.

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  1. courts says:

    Aww, Tink is adorable. Poor Regina, trapped in a creepy marriage with rapey undertones. I can’t wait for the inevitable misunderstanding and Robin Hood/Regina reveal.

    • CC says:

      Regina chose to marry Leopold. The only one compelling her was her mother and she pushed her through the mirror. She could have left if she wanted to. Also, there is NO indication that Leopold was anything except a really nice guy, so I don’t see where the assumption of rape comes from.

      • Louise says:

        I always thought it wasn’t exactly clear if the scene in which Regina pushed her mother through the looking glass last season took place immediately before or immediately after the wedding. Regina was wearing her wedding dress and a crown. It could have been for one last fitting, but I understand why some read the crown and Cora happily making plans for what Regina should do next could as signs that the wedding had already taken place. Depends on your point of view. But maybe she’ll talk about her marriage with Tink some more in this episode and we’ll find out for sure.

        • Mary. says:

          I’m fairly certain Lana (or one of the writers, I’m not sure) mentioned in a tweet reply Regina pushed her mother through the portal BEFORE the wedding.

          • Louise says:

            Shouldn’t it be made clear on the show though? That’s what’s canon. I read interviews and comments, but not everyone does.

          • Kent says:

            Yes. But Lana didn’t need to say that, it’s obvious to anyone watching the show.

        • courts says:

          It was before, and she ran away but she was coerced into turning back for nefarious means.

        • Amy says:

          ‘We are both’ where she pushed her mother into the looking glass she is seen leaveing the Kingdom in the early morning of the marriage when Rumple stops her…not sure what made her decide to marry him anyway …perhaps that was what Rumple asked for as a favor for teaching her…

          I’m looking forward to see her scenes with Tink…looks interesting. I wondering if they use they use the dust? Can’t wait until Sunday…

      • courts says:

        Blech. They have flat out said that Regina was forced to marry him. When a teenage girl tries to run away THREE times and is physically stopped, twice by an abusive parent who used physical and emotional abuse as well as murder and once by a man who wanted her broken and unhappy at what point do you think coercion ISN’T involved? Especially considering she said multiple times that she didn’t want to marry him. And even says in this clip that she is horribly unhappy?
        And girl, what are you talking about that there is no indication that he was anything but a nice guy? He married a teenage girl under the pretense of getting her to be a parent to his pre-teen daughter, in what world is that ‘nice’? Also that he canonically stated he didn’t care that she was happy, he doesn’t respect her or her privacy and he reads her diary, and he got overly aggressive at the idea that she might possibly want someone who isn’t him. And considering that royal marriages usually need confirmation of consummation…

      • courts says:

        Oh also, let’s think of this: Charming chose not to marry Abigail and was almost executed and his mother died. And that was in front of a kingdom that believed Charming to be the true heir to the throne. So what do you think would happen when a possessive, much older man finds out his super hot fiancée has run away and hurt his ego?

      • Kerry says:

        It comes from the portion of the fandom that is willing to blame EVERYONE ELSE for Regina’s actions but Regina herself. In their eyes, she’s just a poor, innocent little lamb with no agency of her own. If that were *actually* the case, I wouldn’t love Regina as much as I do.

        • Shawn says:

          In fairness every single character – especially the three villains – has a portion of the fandom like that. Regina is hardly unique. Also, there is a massive difference between trying to understand/explain why Regina did the horrible things she did and justifying it. It’s intentional self-blinding to claim she wasn’t royally screwed (pun intended) and horribly manipulated. Those facts don’t alter her responsibility to her actions one bit but they do add context, and yes I believe they offer her a road back to herself once she makes better choices and accounts.

          • Kerry says:

            I don’t think anyone would say that Regina hasn’t had her fair share of hardships: emotional manipulation, crushing loss, etc…like you said, but there comes a time when people need to take off the blinders. I love Hook. He’s my favorite character…but I can’t excuse his actions anymore than I can excuse Regina’s. I just find that because Regina has such a sympathetic arc (and a great portrayer) she gets more excuses than either of the other two “villains”….in the sense that people just make up canon (like Leopold being an abusive rapist) to absolve her of all wrong-doing. You can still like a character, still root for them, while also acknowledging their flaws.

      • Do you think if Regina said “Leopold i don´t to marry you” there wouldnt be consequences that Leopold would let her go just like that, he was a king. Remember when he say he new Regina was not happy with him to the genie, but regardless of that if she dare have a lover he would kill him. that doesnt sound like a nice guy to me.

      • liz says:

        omg RAPEY. RAPEY. Not rape. They are different. When we use the term ‘rapey’ we mean it makes us feel uncomfortable – whether thats the power dynamics, mirky intentions, or whether or not people are being enthusiastic in what they are consenting to do.

      • icyunv98@gmail.com says:

        didnt she agree to marry him because it basically all fell into her revenge plan against snow, for her running her mouth to her mother? i mean duh with her love gone, she just gonna be evil.

      • You’ve got to be ridiculous to think that Regina had a choice in this. Charming was hunted by the guy who adopted him and his twin brother for refusing to marry Abigail. Cora punished Regina just because she wouldn’t ride her horse in a ladylike manner. Yes, she pushed her mother through the looking glass, but it’s not like she could’ve just ran away.

        Doing so would have shamed the king, and even if you believe that Leopold was 100% nice (obviously not, because he invaded her privacy, read her diary, and actually said that he knew she was unhappy and didn’t want to let her go anyway–all things canon), someone in his court would’ve protested and asked for Regina to be punished. Remember, this is medieval politics, and women would not have had much power unless they were royalty or rich. Why else would Rumple, Cora, and Regina covet power though magic? SERIOUSLY. It doesn’t take away her agency, but just provides people with a way to understand why she did it anyway after not wanting to do magic in the first place.

      • Steph says:

        Regina couldn’t have just left the marriage. In those days, wives couldn’t just get up and say”oh, i want a divorce’ as a matter of fact, I don’t think they could get out of the marriage at all. Not unless the husband died. U can go look it up for further proof. Regina did NOT want to marry Leopold. Her mother forced her because she knew that once she gave Regina over to him, there was no way she was getting out. I’m sure that Regina had to perform “wifely duties”. Duties she didn’t want to do so guess what? It rape. Whether she was married to him or not. So yeah, stop being so naive will ya?

  2. MP says:

    AHHHHHHHH!! ‘Nough said…

  3. Randy says:

    I can imagine Tinker bell as younger Maleficent.

  4. Christina says:

    Absolutely love that they kept Tink’s accent.

    • Jaime says:

      It’s so weird to me. I’ve seen Rose McIver in countless TV shows and movies and even though I know she’s from New Zealand, it’s more weird for me to hear her natural accent than if she were doing an American accent!

  5. Louise says:

    I had some issues with the sound of the clip at first (it was really slow and didn’t match the pictures), but got it to work properly after refreshing the page a couple of times.

    Tinkerbell is sweet, I already like her. It’s sad but fitting that it sounds like Regina made an attempt to kill herself and they met because Tink saved her. What does the king need a wife and mother figure for Snow for if he’s away with her all the time? But it fits what we know of King Leopold. After his first wife’s death he became oblivious to large parts of the world outside of the bubble in which he continued to live with his daughter. Not a bad guy in the villain kind of way by any means, but focused on himself and Snow and their happiness first and foremost.

    A true friend is what Regina needed and Tink may have been it, but it couldn’t last of course. I wonder if the king found out about their friendship or if someone else wanted Tink out of the way because she was interfering with his or her plans…

    It also makes me wonder if Tink will make another attempt at hooking Regina up with some much needed love and happiness later on this season since we know the writers have a special someone in mind for Regina.

  6. Amy says:

    I know they want me to feel bad for Regina, but I just keep thinking of the people she chose to murder and my sympathy dies. Yes bad things happened to her, but most people who suffer don’t choose to inflict even worse and start murdering everyone around them.

    • JustineK says:

      Whenever I even start to feel sorry for her all I see are the faces of the innocent people she killed (especially Graham and her own father).
      Bad things happen to people all the time, really bad things, but no pain can ever be an excuse for doing something so… well, evil.

      • courts says:

        Regina is very specifically supposed to be a character you’re supposed to have mixed feelings about. There’s a reason you don’t see the faces of all the people Charming has killed but you do with Regina’s victims.

    • Kelly says:

      Regina killed Snow’s dad, her own dad, an entire village, cursed and captured all of the enchanted forest, tried to poison Emma/did poison Henry, enslaved/some say raped and killed Graham. I don’t mind redemption but I feel like the writers write more for regina and excuse her actions by saying but this is why they did it but the heroes get to be the butt of the jokes and if they do something it’s a big deal/wrong/dark heart.

    • Mary. says:

      I have very little sympathy for Regina too. I felt sorry for what happened to her with Daniel, her mother, etc but she’s borderline unredeemable. I love her for the snark, but that’s it.

    • courts says:

      That’s true. Just look at how many people everyone else kills for themselves too though.

    • Kent says:

      Same. I hate when her fans excuse every evil thing she’s done because of her tragic backstory. She chose to be the way she is. Snow White didn’t have a good life but she didn’t chose to go around murdering tons of people, including children. Or raping anyone.

      • courts says:

        Didn’t have a good life. LOL. Wasn’t she a spoiled princess for almost her entire life? And then a queen with a perfect charming true love with several castles?

        • Cass says:

          Sure, if you don’t count her parents being murdered, the decade she spent as a bandit being hunted, or the curse that stole her daughter from her.

      • Jennifer says:

        You say she “chose” to be the way she is as if she woke up one morning and just decided to become an evil queen. She was deliberately and systematically broken down bit by bit over a course of YEARS. If anything, she fought tooth and nail against it. Yes, she made many horrible choices- after a lifetime of having her own choices stripped from her and she had been reduced to such a state psychologically that she felt there were no other choices.

        • OJ says:

          This. This to me is the crux of the issue. Regina’s crazy. She’s lost the plot – to me, her evil actions (and they are evil) are the result of a systematic and deliberate breaking of a once decent person until they’re entirely mentally unhinged. Cora, Rumple and Leopold have all had a hand in that. (You cannot convince me that Leopold’s only concern was to provide his daughter with a “mother” only six years older than she was, not when that mother was the hottest teenager in the land.)

          It’s the main difference between Rumple and Regina for me. He’s bad but she’s crazy. Both are evil and should conceivably be locked up for the rest of their days – but Rumple should be locked up in magic dungeon jail, while Regina needs a nice padded cell with a daily bucket of mood stabilisers, art therapy and Archie Hopper on speed dial.

      • Kiane says:

        And you can look at yourselves as being hypocrites that you call others, when you support Rumple, that sadistical, wicked S.O.B. Of course female characters who display this, get crapped on. stereotypical beliefs.

    • Alice says:

      True. I don’t care how pretty Lana Parilla is, every time that character talks about how she’s going to murder an 8 year old that “had my true love killed” like bitty Snow ordered a hit on him rather than got pwned by Cora, I just think- Yeah, nope. You selfish cow, you deserve all the years of unhappiness ahead of you.

      • Nat says:

        Snow White was not eight years old. Doesn’t make your point less valid, but I don’t understand why some of you always think you need to make her younger than she really was to get the message across?

      • Shawn says:

        You really need to understand the psychology of an abuse victim to understand her reaction. Victims almost never blame their tormentor. Abused wives blame the cops who took their husband away not their husband. This is much the same. She was powerless against her mother and still craved her love because it was something and so she blamed the easy target that was TWELVE year old Snow.

        Does that make it right? As has been now said here repeatedly, no. It is, however, understandable and even psychologically accurate for an abuse victim. Regina’s choices are her own and she remains culpable but she didn’t get to where she is without some very ugly help.

        • Jennifer says:

          Regina saying Snow “had her fiance killed” is only evidence of Regina’s fractured state of mind. She knows deep down that she shouldn’t blame Snow so she twists the truth in her mind in order to justify her rage and she probably even manages to convince herself that’s how it happened. Doesn’t make it right but it’s a coping mechanism. Although IMO it’s not even worth trying to discuss this with someone who first tries to make this about Lana’s looks and then resorts to childish name-calling.

    • Steph says:

      How would you know?? Most of the world’s serial killers are people who have had traumatizing things happen to them throughout their lives. I’m not justifying Regina’s actions because seriously, she did A LOT of wrongs. But you can’t just go around saying nothing happened to her to trigger her darkness because that’s one of the most false things I’ve ever heard

  7. Kelly says:

    I’m already tired of peter pan and neverland gang and it’s disappointing that every character seems to be connected to regina or rumple instead of other characters. why isn’t tinkerbell’s back story tied with blue, nova, or neal. I feel like regina and rumple get more included more backstories then all the others.

    • Amy says:

      While I’m loving Neverland, I am also getting a little tired of everything connecting back to Regina and Rumple. I would prefer to see more connections to other characters and not have Regina and Rumple be the focus of every backstory.

    • suzi says:

      Just wait for the eppy! She has ties to at least 1 of the charas in your comment too!

    • Kerry says:

      Agreed! I thought connecting those two characters to other stories was cool….the first twenty times they did it. Now it’s like, enough already. If one of them turns out to be Ursula, I swear….

    • Steph says:

      They’re the most popular characters on the show along with Emma so the writers wanna involve them as much as popular to keep their views and ratings up. Plus, letting Tinker Bell the FAIRY be tied to the Blue FAIRY would have been a little too obvious and much too boring. And sorry to break it to you, but Neal is probably the most boring person on the show.

  8. suzi says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that Regina wanted to kill herself. But it’s still sad. :( I think this eppy will have the first hint that Robin Hood is Regina’s new love interest. But I hope they don’t make it all about fate and soulmates and so on.

  9. Kent says:

    I’m really liking Tink so far. Bored with Regina’s backstory already.

    Regina chose to marry Leopold, which I think many people(well Regina apologists) forget. She shoved Cora through the mirror before the wedding but she still chose to marry him so she could be Queen and be close to Snow so she could get revenge. She knew she was entering into a loveless marriage.

    • courts says:

      I think rape apologists forget a lot of stuff that’s actually BEEN on the show. Like, she didn’t want to get revenge on Snow at all at that point. Or the examples we’ve seen from Midas and George on the show. Or the fact that coercion and abuse have a huge effect on a teenager.

    • Nat says:

      Did someone keep the time? Didn’t take long for the ‘a’ word to be thrown around. Congrats, Kent. Classy.

    • Shawn says:

      Because historically so very many woman have been allowed to embarrass a king on the eve before his wedding without paying some kind of terrible price. You really think she wouldn’t have been hunted and executed? She was trapped by a whole lot of people who needed who for their intentions.

      Does that justify her actions? Absolutely not but who said anything about doing that, anyway? Profilers don’t justify, they explain and understand and knowing what turned and twisted Regina does that. She’s still culpable, however.

    • Carrie says:

      She chose to marry him? No, She was promised to him by her parents which means she was his. If she had left she would have been executed, the same way George tried to kill Charming when he broke his engagement to Abigail. Being betrothed to someone in the “royal” world is just as binding as a marriage contract. Regina could have ran after pushing her mother through the mirror, but her life would have always been in danger. That is no choice. I am not an apologist by any means…a bad life doesn’t excuse bad actions, but lets be real here at this point in time Regina was terrified of her hatred of Snow. The reason she ultimately decided to stay was because she believed magic would help her get Daniel back not revenge. If you somehow missed that I would suggest you go back and watch season two again. No one is saying Regina didn’t do terrible things, but they are saying that in this particular instance a young girl was forced to marry a man three times her age and was most likely expected to do everything that is expected of a good wife. If you don’t think that is rape then I feel sorry for any woman in your life….wife, sister, daughter, whatever. “That was the times” does not excuse what happened to Regina. That fact that she went crazy and did terrible things also doesn’t suddenly make all the abuse that happened to her before suddenly ok either.

  10. Kerry says:

    I wonder if this is the episode that will tease the Regina/Mystery-Man-But-Probably-Robin-Hood romance?

  11. sderkins61 says:

    LOL, the show is escapism and nothing more. Enjoy the ride and accept it as it is with tongue in cheek and a pinch of salt.

    • Jus says:

      I know! This discussion is interesting, but damn, why so serious?
      Can’t imagine this show without Regina, crazy lady, that’s for sure, but so entertaining.

  12. lily says:

    I love Regina and I’m so excited for this episode. Can’t wait to see what happened between Tink and Regina.

  13. ihr says:

    I love Regina and I look forward to this episode. I want to know what happened to Regina and Tink.

  14. Jennifer says:

    It does get very tiring to see people saying that Regina fans are “excusing” her evil deeds. Acknowledging her pain and suffering doesn’t equate to condoning or dismissing her actions. It just means that she is a tragic figure and that is why Iove her.

    • Shawn says:

      Exactly. I find her more fascinating because she has done such awful things and her path back from that is so insanely difficult. That’s a true journey. I’d hate if we could just whitewash away her actions and make her decent. At the very best she’ll ever be, she ‘ll be a gray hat and I’m ok with that but even that will be difficult because 40 years of dark don’t just disappear because of one action.

    • fifitrixiebelle says:

      Amen to that.

  15. Andrew says:

    Regina needs a friend more than anything else. I’m excited to see her and Tinker bell story.

  16. nats says:

    I’m so happy about this ep. I love Regina and seeing young Regina. I don’t excuse her accions but for me it’s heartbreaking to learn what she’s gone through

  17. Aly says:

    I’m so excited about this ep! Love Regina, and I’m really interested in seeing Tink.

  18. Regina fabulous!!love her!!! <3

  19. Lysh says:

    I’m still hoping that Tink is the jealous, rude fairy she is in like, everything, but this made me smile. She’s adorable. I love her little kiwi accent. I feel like trying to get Regina a lover might get her/them in trouble, but her solution is more optimistic than cutting off Snow’s head. The Evil Queen is starting to poke through!

  20. Hannah Wattie says:

    Luck they let keep her Kiwi accent!! I’m from New Zealand. So nice to hear accent.

  21. abz says:

    Can I just say that Lana is so damn gorgeous in this scene. Not that she isn’t gorgeous all the time, but I’m really digging this hairstyle.

  22. TKay Michel says:

    Where’s the sound on this video? I’ve tried 4 times but no sound. Tried going to the ABC website but can’t find the clip there, either. Not having problems with sound on videos anywhere else, so the problem is here on this site. Is there anywhere else I can watch this clip where it has SOUND, too?

  23. LSJ says:

    I just watched this video with zero problems.

  24. Rich Abey says:

    Things are steaming up in Once! I’ve really enjoyed Regina’s character (aside from when she is either torturing or killing people..which leaves very little time to consider) and a match up between her & TinkerBell is a match made in heaven…Regina does need to loosen up!

  25. georgereeves says:

    I like Once Upon a Time as much as the next person, but y’all do realize that this is just an entertaining television program, written by writers with actors., not real people or places or situations? It is all fiction. No murders or rapes or atrocities. So calm yourselves.