Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Gets Full-Season Order

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Full Season Order“The Bus” isn’t gonna be stopping anytime soon, seeing as ABC announced on Thursday that Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been granted a full-season (aka 22 episode) pick-up.

A follow-up of sorts to Marvel movies such as The Avengers and Iron Man 3, the freshman series premiered to 12.1 million total viewers and delivered TV’s highest-rated drama debut in nearly four years, with a 4.7 rating in the coveted 18-49 demo.

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At last tally, the adventure-drama did 7.9 mil and a 2.9, edging out NCIS for the No. 2 spot at 8 o’clock.

TVLine readers gave the series premiere an average grade of “B+,” and in a poll this week gave the season-to-date a “B.”

To date, S.H.I.E.L.D. ranks as the No. 1 new show of the 2013-14 TV season among the 18-49 demo (averaging a 4.0 rating that swells to 5.7 with Live+3 DVR playback factored in).

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs Tuesdays at 8/7c.

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  1. K. says:

    YAY! Love this show..

    • exslot says:

      I might love this show too if I could understand what the characters were saying. The background music is way too loud and the accents on the two scientists (I can’t even understand their names) are impossible for me and many of my friends to understand. I gave it three shots (watched premier twice) and have given up. Maybe when DVD comes out with subtitles I’ll try again.

      • Yilip says:

        Scientists talk technobabble, they do in all shows. Understanding it does not mean it makes sense or matters – its just plot momentum, and kind of a weird reason to drop the show?

        • wjrxyz says:

          I remember a Monty Python skit with a line of: “One of the cross beams has gone out askew on the treadle”

        • Daven says:

          No, see the problem with the technobabble from these two is that they speak very fast with very british/scottish accents. When they get going fast, it is almost impossible to differentiate words. It is annoying and sounds like the adults in a Charlie Brown cartoon on crack.
          And exslot – Iain De Caestecker plays Leo Fitz and Elizabeth Henstridge plays Jemma Simmons and the characters have been together as a team for so long (since before they joined SHIELD)that the tandem is simply called FitzSimmons. I hope that explains the name thing.

          • i’m sorry but Simmons speaks with one of THE best dictions and clarity ive ever heard, was very surprised to find she was born in Yorkshire, where the t’s are routinely dropped from words.

            i grant you Fitz’ accent i would expect difficulty, as celtic accents do seem to not travel very well (see the OIrishv accents in US films)

          • No offense, but, if you find the dialog that hard to follow, then turn on the closed captions. It isn’t just for deaf people. My mom uses it and it really helps her follow stuff.

      • Justine says:

        I agree. My sister and I turned the volume up to 70 because we thought maybe it just wasn’t loud enough. We have no hearing problems and we still couldn’t understand a word the characters were saying. The music is way too overpowering, the characters speak gibberish, and the show is way too FX happy. I really wanted to love this show but I think I’m going to stop watching and try again later in the season when it’s hopefully found its footing and dialogue!

        • Mari says:

          I’m sorry, I’m Italian and I can understand Fitz-Simmons just fine.
          Dunno if it was due to me living in the Uk or what, but I’m not having any problems

          • I’m American, and have never been to Europe, and I understand them fine as well.

          • Jules says:

            And I’m German and only learned English in school and can also understand them just fine. Sure, not every word of the technobabble stuff means anything to me and there might be a word here and there that I’m missing, but for the most part I’ve got no problem with it.
            So, I think that normally the people who were raised with the English language should be able to at least understand the parts they need to (excluding the technobabble parts that not even the other characters can understand).

        • RyanC says:

          Sounds like your TV is faulty or something. I’m half deaf, and can hear what is happening absolutely fine. No weird sound levels for me here.

      • PPPG says:

        Don’t bother waiting …. just turn on the closed captions (Digital TV = Cable box, coaxial = TV itself)

      • Alia says:

        I watch it with captions. Most TVs have them, and hulu definitely does.

      • Ky says:

        You’re an idiot

      • Alan says:

        you might want to check the settings on your tv because for me its perfectly fine, it sounds like your audio balance is way off.

      • cmaglaughlin says:

        My thoughts, exactly. I feel like a child on Saturday morning watching an ADULT cartoon. The only reason I gave it a second watch was because of the flying car! Who doesn’t like flying cars!!! Having been in advertising 30 years, I know you have to get peoples’ attention, then keep it simple, short, and ask for the sale. “Agents” appeals to those who simply have way too much time on their hands. Ask them something simple, yet profound, and they go, “huh’!

      • phishstyx says:

        Wondering how you’re watching, yet don’t have closed captioning [subtitles].

        The broadcast, and all have cc options. I’d be very surprised if a cable or satellite provider disabled that option.

        Each manufacturer is probably different, but my TV remote has a CC button and both the TV and DVR have control via “general settings” menu.


      • LeC says:

        I don’t see how it’s that difficult?
        English isn’t even my first language and I understand it just fine.
        They are my two favorite characters – because I like their dynamic and how they talk. It spices the show up! (and how can you NOT love Scottish??)
        But that’s just my opinion :)

    • Natalie says:

      Congrats to A.O.S. – something FRESH & exciting to watch at 8:00 on Tuesdays! They really don’t have major competition at this point, since other 8:00 Tues contenders are pretty much dead and/or on their way out soon (and good thing, too).

      This show has promise, but I do agree they need to a better job about dialogue enunciation. People won’t watch if they can’t plow through the techno garble. Don’t make your Audience “work” to understand what the heck you’re saying; make it enjoyable for them!!

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    No surprise there although for me it’s not that great, watchable but if it got cancelled I wouldn’t care.

    • Elyse says:

      i feel the exact same way!

    • Mugluvin says:

      That’s what these 19 other episodes are for — to make us care!

    • Alan says:

      its in the same place arrow was in this time last year and look how that turned out. i think its ridiculous to write off a show after only 3 episodes, give the crew the time they deserve to get things right.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Who said anything about writing it off? That aside Shield is no way even comparable to Arrow. Arrow is way better and much more entertaining.

        • Alan says:

          go watch the first 3 episodes of arrow again and compare only them to shield, when you compare them on a fair playing field like that i think shield is a little better off.

          • Drew says:

            Disagree. I think Arrow has a strong pilot which made me want to watch the rest of the series (and that’s coming from an original point of view that it was too soon after Smallville, and the idea of adding his mother and sister sounded very Gossip Girl to me… I was not necessarily supportive)
            SHIELD kinda had the opposite effect on me.

            I guess it all comes down to personal taste.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            I think we’re just gonna have to disagree on this one. Arrow had me at the pilot, with Shield I’m still wavering. But with a full season pick up I’m willing to see where it goes. I stuck with S1 of UTD after all. I think I’m the only one of my friends who did :-)

      • Len says:

        If I don’t have things right after three weeks on a job, my boss normslly fires me. He rarely says well lets see I’d you can get it right after a year.

        My point is, it shouldn’t matter if it’s one epsiode or three or a fifteen, it should be professional from day one. Not, “they’ll get it right at some point”. This whole attitude of accepting mediocrity and sloppy work. And giving it time to “grow”, is probably my least favourite trait of the entitlement generation.

        • ben says:

          The entitlement generation – is the one that won’t give things time to grow.

          • Len says:

            I get what you are saying. I think we are both correct though. It is the perspective the situation is approached from.

            Mine was from the point of view that you have to talk positive about everything. Negative talk is frowned upon. ” It’s okay the show isn’t perfect, they are doing great though, they will get better!”. I’m old, I’m just not into only encouragement. Something is good or it sucks and should not have been made.

  3. Anna says:

    Awesome! This is great news! I know this show may not be perfect, but I really do like it. So yay!

  4. John says:

    Awesome news!

  5. Elyse says:

    interesting. i think its been pretty average so far. i have a hard time keeping focused when i watch but i’m hoping it gets better as the season progresses!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I agree, usually after a couple of episodes I start to get into the characters but so far with Shield I haven’t. I just don’t find them all that interesting but they certainly have been predictable.

  6. Drew says:

    Any word on what the winter hiatus for this show will look like?

    • Yilip says:

      I think ABC said they are planning two big halves with little to no braeks

      • Babar says:

        Thats for only a few dramas,

      • Drew says:

        I’m thinking that how they handle any break at all is a delicate thing. The ratings haven’t stabilized yet. I remember that V never recovered from it’s long hiatus. (of course it didn’t help that the show sucked after it came back, but SHIELD isn’t exactly hitting it out of the park either)

  7. Badpenny says:

    I’m glad they didn’t go the Sleepy Hollow route and just renew for Season 2. I’m looking forward to the extra episodes this Season!

  8. Lynn says:

    Well, that’s weird… LOL, two minutes before I got on the computer, I was wondering when we’d hear about a full season pick-up for this show, so I go on here, and lo and behold…

  9. I’m curious to see what will happen on the show when Thor 2 and Captain America 2 come out. I hope the show somehow reflects the events of those movies in the story. The movie shows you what happened over “here”, while the series shows you what happens over “there”.

    • liz says:

      I’m hoping that as well. Tie-ins for the larger themes and complications the movies provide. I think it will though, so far they’ve been heavily referencing the elements of the films, so I’m sure they’ll continue with that

    • Alan says:

      thor 2 probably not since its mostly asgard based but since cap 2 will have such a big shield presence its practically guaranteed.

      • Agreed. Specially with the Redford angle. I’m CERTAIN that (SPOILER SPACE) Redford is playing the Red Skull as a call back to an 80’s comic book story.

        I’m certain that the show will have to mention the events from Thor that take place in London. We might even see Coulson take the team over there to get involved on some sort of tangent story line.

        • Alan says:

          i dont think so. im thinking alex pierce is secretly baron zemo or whoever was behind bucky being brainwashed into the winter soldier in the comics. given how red skull went out in the first cap it seems a little unlikely to me that he is even on earth.

          • Baron Zemo might be too out of nowhere, having not been previously established. Red Skull can work. They can say that the Cube sent him to the future and he was severely burnt or something, hence his new face. And Redford COULD be a clone of Steve Rogers who’s aged normally over the last 30 years.

          • Alan says:

            i just had a thought since you mentioned a clone of steve: what if the american government tried to keep up the facade that their great hero still existed and stuck other people in the costume like they did in the comics? there was a cap replacement from the 50’s who was later turned into a villain, it could be that pierce is that guy whos name i cant remember.

          • I know who you mean, and I can’t remember his name either. It’s possible. Anything is possible. But I for one like to go with what is more likely than what is possible. I don’t think you cast Robert Redford in your movie unless he plays the hero or the villain, and we know he’s not playing the hero. This is not just a celebrity cameo, this is a known actor who has a heavy role in the movie. It’s very likely that he does play a villain, the question is which one. I think it’ll be the Skull because this would be very similar to what happened in the comics in the 80’s, when the Skull took over the White House, except that this time it’s SHIELD.

  10. sabrina says:

    Terrible idea. I’m actually hoping that the show will drop even further although the backorder does not come as a surprise to me.

    I seriously hope that the show considers recasting most of the roles especially the actors that play Ward & Skye. They’re both terrible and one of the main reasons I stopped watching the show after episode 2. The poor writing doesn’t help as well.

  11. JimC says:

    Great production value for a TV show, probably the best on TV today but if they don’t develop a storyline and continue to do a “catastrophe of the week” ….this show will eventually fail.

    • wordsmith says:

      You make a good point, but I’m sure they’re well aware of that fact already over in the writers’ room. It’s a metamorphosis most successful shows of this type go through – just look at Fringe, or Grimm, or Supernatural, or Buffy for that matter: very case/monster of the week for the first dozen episodes, then the long-term storyline kicks in and people get invested.
      On the other hand, look at a show like FlashForward that tried to jump straight into the long-term storyline and fizzled very quickly. Audiences need a little bit of coddling at the beginning to get used to the tone and the characters (as do the writers, who after all are just getting their bearings as well) Think of it as TV training wheels.

    • arianeb says:

      Joss Whedon TV rule: The first 6 episodes of a new series should be like pilot episodes to bring new viewers up to speed. Somewhere around episode 6 or 7, is when the whole dynamic of the show changes. On Buffy it was ep 7 “Angel”, on Dollhouse it was ep 6 “Man On The Street”. I would not be surprised on a rule changing episode just in time for November sweeps.

      • November being the same month that Thor Dark World comes out in the States.

      • Anne says:

        The exception to this ‘Joss Whedon TV rule’ is Firefly. It took only one episode to know how great it was and who each of the nine characters were. But, of course, really fun finding out all the details of the those people in subsequent episodes.

    • The “…of the week” worked well for X-Files, Fringe, Smallville. and other such shows. Why couldn’t it or shouldn’t it work for SHIELD?

      • Mike R. says:

        It could work for SHIELD, but at least in my eyes it isn’t working right now.

      • wordsmith says:

        You bring up Fringe, which I think is a great example of a show that found a way to balance a “case of the week” with an ongoing storyline as the series grew into itself. Once they got into all that “alternate universe” stuff, that’s when I really got hooked. It made the show about something big and tangible.

        • Which didn’t happen until how many episodes into the season? SHIELD’S only had three. Let’s be patient before we condemn it. It may be possible that they are sitting on big episodes that will come out in conjunction to the Phase Two Marvel movies, like Thor and Captain America. The events from those movies may alter the landscape in the SHIELD series and get things roaring.

          • wordsmith says:

            Before you get too defensive, if you look back carefully, you’ll see I’m actually on your side on this one. I fully believe that with a full season, the show will grow past the slightly messy early stages and settle into a more sustainable state.

          • I apologize for the tone. I know you’re on my side. I was generalizing, referring to the people who are doing that. :)

  12. Sam says:

    Yes! Sexism is alive and well…

  13. Mikael says:

    I’m glad it’s getting a full season. I think the show will build momentum and get really good, like most of Joss Whedon’s shows. The weak link is Ward. They should really shift focus away from him. It’s like he’s supposed to be the Vaughn to SHIELD’s Alias, and he just isn’t. All of the other characters are great.

    • Rollorod says:

      That’s the thing. Ward is a massive weak link. Even the Chinese chick is starting to annoy me. Skye and Coulson should have been the focus and everybody else secondary. Tight now it’s just mediocre finding their feet in the dark. Hit and miss basically.

  14. Drew says:

    I’m guessing you don’t actually watch Supernatural? Because if you’re using that as your “bad” show while saying that SHIELD is smartly written and refreshing… yikes.

  15. isee says:

    It’s funny I could have sworn you used the words “smartly written” to describe this show

  16. wrstlgirl says:

    Ohhhhh, did somebody’s whittle feelings get hurt cuz not everyone is in love with yur latest and greatest. That’s okay buddy. You can call us “girls” shallow and stupid all you want if it makes feel big and powerful. Feel better okay!!!

  17. stevie says:

    thank god SHIELD got full season pickup. it’s a really fun, entertaining show.
    i don’t get all the over the top criticism from todays melodramatic hashtag-generation.

  18. Angie says:

    I am another one who “can’t get into” Shield, IMO it is NOT smartly written & Supernatural may be rehashing the same plot over & over but you gotta say, Sam & Dean do it soooo well & actually if you pay close attention there is always something just a little different & it DOES hold your interest unlike SHIELD. SHIELD just keeps me wanting it to be over quickly, so that is why I stopped watching it! I know it does not matter for one person to stop watching this show, I realize it does not matter if I stop watching SHIELD, as I DO CONTINUE to watch SUPERNATURAL, cause it is an awesome show & yes Sam & Dean are DREAMY to say the least.

  19. OM says:

    how can you NOT understand what fitzsimmons are saying? I mean, i’m not even a native english speaker and i understand every word

    • Mimo says:

      I know! Non-native english speaker here and I get pretty much everything they say. The only time I didn’t get what most of the characters where saying was the pilot ’cause of the background music, but it’s definitely gotten better.

    • Alan says:

      i agree. the people complaining must have never heard an accent that isnt their own before because its simple to follow what they say, ive heard harder to follow american accents.

  20. Jax says:

    Get rid of Skye please and bring in Cobie Smulders as soon as How I Met your Mother is over!!!

  21. magreeda says:

    This is disappointing. This show is horrible and considering that its entire cast (outside of Coulson and May) are annoying, I don’t have much faith that it will get better. I just hope that the ratings continue to drop as people realize how bad it really is.

    • Anne says:

      I’m going to repeat my comment from above . . . Why would you hope for a show’s failure when so many others enjoy it? That’s kind of mean. Its success doesn’t impact your life. I don’t understand

      • magreeda says:

        Because I love Marvel and I want a GOOD Marvel show, not something that looks like a throwback to the 90s, that’s why. Rewarding them for giving us a mediocre product is not going to get us a better quality show.

        • Anne says:

          OK. But perhaps, better to hope for a “GOOD Marvel show” than to wish for the demise of something millions of others enjoy watching.

        • WingsStef says:

          I am curious, what are you looking for in a Marvel show? No disrespect intended, just curious. Though, most shows on air seem to be inspired by something else. Not saying that is good or bad. Still, wasn’t much of the people in the “deserved age group” either a kid or teenager during the 90s? Maybe that is exactly what they are looking for in a tv show.

  22. magreeda says:

    What does being a girl have to do with it? This show is bad and I have enough good sense to know it. Nothing about this show is smartly written or refreshing — the opposite, in fact. And I’m actually a huge fan of Marvel comics, so I know exactly how much better a show about SHIELD could be.

    I’m not sure what SPN has to do with anything?

  23. Ryan says:

    I think Skye has been one of best parts. Glad its coming back for more.

  24. John 1138 says:

    I’ve seen good pilots turn into meh shows and vice versa. Glad they’re going to get the time to settle in.

  25. R.O.B. says:

    Agents of M.E.H. This show is losing my interest fast (I am watching episode 3 in fits and starts now). Don’t care about the characters. There are too many shows out there that have done phenomenal jobs getting us to care about the people we are investing our time in. This show is basically about a group of people and their magic plane, magic car and magic devices that solve every problem for them. I don’t care if Ming Na is all hot and angry looking. Give me a freaking woosh sound and show us something in her past that tells us why. Why she’s angry, I mean.

  26. liz says:

    I’m honestly surprised it didn’t START with a full season order.

  27. I don’t get it. The last show was amazing. Or perhaps the people who have a problem with the show don’t understand the last episode. GRAVITON WAS CREATED. How is that not amazing? Graviton could be an entire movie by himself because he is THAT powerful. How could that not excite you? He is gonna be the big bad this year.

    He is a major villain. If that isn’t great for a third episode, I don’t know what is.

  28. Mike R. says:

    Good, now they have 19 episodes to prove that the show can be anything more than watchable, I really want to love this show, but I’m having hard time getting into it.

  29. liz says:

    I am a DEVOIT Joss Whedon follower (and I’ll continue to watch/read anything he does) but SHEILD is a bit slow starting I do have to admit. I love Coulson, Melinda and FitzSimmons. And the unabashed nerd humour is the best thing ever. But there’s something missing. Wade and Skye are not the most compelling leads – and its unusual for Joss to focus the story on two “normal” people.
    But I have complete faith in him and his team, so I know it’s going to find its feet and be totally awesome.

  30. Mike R. says:

    Wow, you had to be sexist just because somebody doesn’t like something you like. As a guy, I also am not crazy about SHIELD, and the first three episodes have been mediocre, an I can follow the plot, but right it just isn’t that good, someone not liking this show has nothing to do with gender or inability to follow its plot, which in a serial sense, besides how Coulson is alive is practically non existent.

  31. Lysh says:

    Wow, you are trolling for women to talk to you with this sexist comment.
    1, being a girl has nothing to do with it. I like comic books as much as the next nerd, but the characters are all too superficial for me to care about them or their quest. I have hope because it’s Joss, but they have to know television has changed since Dollhouse.
    And 2, Supernatural keeps essentially doing the same thing, but even from the pilot it was easy to care about the characters, their relationships, what they’re doing and why. It’s not about looks. It’s because Sam and Dean are compelling and we keep watching because maybe they’ll catch a break someday and be happy.

  32. I was surprised to learn it didn’t already have a full season order, but I’m glad it does now! I’m enjoying the show. I think it started off a little rough, as a lot of series do, with having to establish it’s cast and create an interesting plot that will continue to direct the show. I’m enjoying Skye a lot more after episode 3 than I was before, and Grant’s grown on me as well. Simmons is probably my favorite character, so far. I’m expecting the show to shift a little as it finds its footing, so I’m just going for the ride. :)

  33. MikeyM says:

    Its pretty damn drab. It’s no Fringe or even Torchwood.

  34. Steve F. says:

    Nice! It’s the one show I look forward to watching each week (c’mon, it’s Whedon – he can’t steer us wrong… okay, maybe Dollhouse)!

    • Steve F. says:

      Also, I’m a native English (or in my case, So Cal) speaker, and I can understand FitzSimmons just fine. Maybe because I talk as fast as they do at times…

      There’s room for improvement – though this week’s episode helped, especially in character development for Ward and Skye.

  35. Karen says:

    Glad it made it to full season, liked it although I watch it on demand NCIS is my first love for that time,

  36. JWB says:

    They should rename the show NCIS Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It’s like they took a bunch of scifi shows(alphas,fringe,torchwood) and mixed it with NCIS.

    Ming-Na Wen and Clark Gregg are the only good things about the show. The writing isn’t very good. The acting is mediocre at best. The show just doesn’t work.

    I had my doubts about the show from the beginning. Who really wants to watch a marvel show that doesn’t have super heroes. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    • Alan says:

      i do, ive always found the regular shield agents dealing with all this crazy crap to be one of the most fascinating aspects of the comics and their supporting roles in the movies.

  37. Joey says:

    So happy the show got a full season pickup.

  38. Annie says:

    The Avengers is so stupid. Oh wait, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Real original. This show is stupid.

  39. JC says:

    Glad to hear it. I admit I’ve been disappointed in the show. I was hoping for a show that would click immediately with me like Buffy and Firefly did, but the first two episodes were not great. Especially in the character department. Buffy may have taken a season to find its feet writing-wise, but the characters grabbed me from the first episode. Likewise Firefly. But here, not so much. Wade was bland bland bland and while the others weren’t as bad I couldn’t really care about them either. However, the third episode started to show some definite signs of improvement. It’s still not there yet, but I found myself thinking, ok that’s more like it. Hopefully the ratings won’t keep falling and it will continue to improve.

  40. WingsStef says:

    I am a lady that does love the show. So yeah, we don’t all fit in a neat little box.

  41. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on thehiltonburnellfiles and commented:
    I’m glad that the show is picked up by ABC for a full season.

  42. Olive says:

    Smartly written. LMAO.

  43. Olive says:

    Well, I hope it gets better. It’s not looking too good now.

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  45. QueenB says:

    I loved Buffy The Vampire Slayer so I gave this show a shot and after the second episode I gave up! I expected more from Wheels! :-(

    • Alan says:

      since you clearly have watched whedon shows before then you should know that the early episodes usually arent that good but get much better after that.

    • Have you forgotten how bad season 1 of Buffy was? It started off very slow. Sorry, but, I loved Buffy, as did my mom and even my dad did, but, we all admitted season 1 was just iffy, mummy gf, preying mantis teacher, Willow in the ghost in the shell…

      Not Josh at his best. He even had some pretty bad season 6 episodes. In any new show, you have to give him time to flesh out the characters and get a firm grasp, and that sometimes takes into season 2, as it did with Buffy when the Buffy -Angel affair started.

      In episode 3, you had the creation of a major villain in Gravaton. He’s a major baddie that would give Loki, or the Avengers a run for their money, so, how are a bunch of earthlings gonna deal with him???

      Seriously, why is no one talking about freakin’ GRAVATON?????

  46. darnell says:

    All I hear is all this Bs about dialog did u guys miss the fact that there are no super heros or super villains, Hello this is marvel/ Avenger spin off, its more of a secret agent show been there done that. Wake up people.

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  48. SMSparkler says:

    Seriously bad & overpowering background / incidental music distracts me from taking this show badly. Skye is just a plain annoying Faith clone (there’s only one Faith & she’s amazing – but that was the 90s – this is 2014 and that character is outdated). Similar fault with the imitation weak gags / humour in Thor II – was excruciating and spoiled the film for me big time. Agents of Shield has huge potential, especially with later Season 1 and now new Season 2 cast additions. The writers just need to find their own voice & stride and not try to be Joss Mark II. Please get rid of the music – or get an uber-distinctive soundtrack like the re-imagined Battlestar Gallactica, Firefly or The Walking Dead, that enhances the mythologies of those particular shows.

  49. John 1138 says:

    PS: I don’t seem to experience that problem….