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Supernatural's Misha Collins Talks Castiel's New Challenges: Sleep, Sex, Evading [Spoiler]

Supernatural Season 9 SpoilersLeviathans and the apocalypse are about to seem easy compared to Castiel’s newest tribulations in Supernatural‘s Season 9, which premieres tonight at 9/8c on The CW.

For the first time, the angel-turned-lowly human finds himself battling everyday tasks like brushing one’s teeth and managing one’s bladder. But there’s one aspect of life he may not be able to control (hint: it takes place in the bedroom).

Then there are all the fallen angels out for Cas’ head, which means he and the Winchesters may be keeping their distance, star Misha Collins reveals in the chat below.

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TVLINE | Set the stage for us: Where do we first find Castiel when Season 9 starts? What state is he in?
Castiel is a bit delirious, shell-shocked and finding himself alone in the woods. We find ourselves right where we ended the last season, where Castiel has just fallen from Heaven and is now graceless, which means that he is now essentially a human. He doesn’t realize this at first, so he is piecing things together. He tries to smite someone and fails, and [he] realizes that he can’t teleport. Then as we progress, he goes from seeing that he doesn’t have the powers that he used to have to seeing that all of the minutiae of surviving as a human are quite complex. He has to figure out how to live as a human, how to brush his teeth, how to aim into the toilet bowl.

TVLINE | Which aspect of human life is most difficult to adapt to for him?
Every single aspect. It’s kind of great – if you were thrust into adult humanhood all of a sudden, without having the training wheels of infancy, childhood and adolescence, you would have a really difficult time with even the simplest things that we take for granted. So even eating and drinking and realizing what hunger pains and thirst pains are and figuring out when and how to go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, all of those things are actually quite complex. Sleeping is hardest for Cas. It’s all hard.

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TVLINE | There’s also a bigger threat looming with the angel warfare on Earth. How is he dealing with that?
Cas is something of a magnet for the angels. A lot of the angels who fell to Earth fell with their grace, so they still have powers and they’re formidable foes. Cas is just an ordinary guy, a schmo now. So there are all these powerful angels who are out to get Cas, and he has to find ways to run and hide. He is also spending some time away from Sam and Dean, because he doesn’t want to draw the wrath of angels to the boys. He’s grappling with trying to figure out what his role should be in this whole thing. He’s trying to figure out whether he should live his life as a human being and have that be his experience and give up on the bigger fight or whether he has a debt that he needs to repay to the angels.

TVLINE | Does he find any allies? Or do they all just completely hate his guts?
Yeah, Cas will find allies along the way.

TVLINE | Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have talked about how Castiel was a useful tool. Does the loss of power affect his sense of self-worth?
Yeah, he’s useless to the boys. In fact, because the angels are out to get him, he’s a liability at the beginning of the season. As the season progresses, that will change.

TVLINE | Is he searching for a purpose?
Yes, Cas is definitely searching for purpose. And he’s finding purpose in the mundane aspects of ordinary human life, which is kind of poignant.

TVLINE | What can we expect in terms of Cas’ exploration of the opposite sex?
Cas definitely dabbles in that realm. It doesn’t go as well as it could for him, but it doesn’t go as badly as it could either. I don’t know – it does kind of go pretty badly. That’s yet another aspect of the human condition that’s new to him that he has to figure out how to do.

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  1. Joy says:

    I could scream. Why does it have to be “the opposite sex.” This guy was a freaking angel for Christ’s sake, why is he heterosexual by default? Because he’s in a male vessel? GOD, everything about this storyline and everyone interviewing him are just so heteronormative, it’s pissing me off. Someone explain to me why a previously sexless, genderless angel is now straight? Anyone??

    • Drew says:

      Why wouldn’t he be straight?

      • Alex says:

        Why wouldn’t he be gay?

        • Drew says:

          Why would he be?

          If someone has a complaint of the story that is actually happening, they should have a reason why. We could go back and forth all day. For that matter we could go back and forth on why he would or wouldn’t be a football fan. But it is what it is. If there is a particular reason why it shouldn’t be done that way, I’m all ears.

          • Meagan says:

            I think Joy was trying to say that it’s presumptuous for the interviewer to assume that Castiel is straight. I wouldn’t have an issue with Cas’s sexuality either way, but the interviewer makes it seem like “straight” is the only option. Actually, the comments make it seem like “straight” and “gay” are the only options. Personally, I’d love to see one of the lesser-known sexualities portrayed well on such a popular show – like bi, pan, or ace. Or maybe a difference between his romantic and sexual orientation?

          • Dean says:

            I’m not religious but can I ask what the bible says about homosexuality if anything? I personally have no issue with anyone’s choices but there’s a lot of debate about what certain passages in the bible actually mean. (I should point out at this stage that I’m actually agnostic) One of which is – after a little research; “Make no mistake: no fornicator or idolator, none who are guilty either of adultery or of homosexual perversion, no thieves or grabbers of drunkards of slanderers or swindlers, will possess the kingdom of God.” Thus, making Castiel straight is surely a more logical choice, isn’t it? Heterosexuality isn’t in debate when it comes to the bible and God, is it? So surely it makes more sense for the writers or the person conducting this interview to assume that due to the lacking debate in heterosexuality in the bible as opposed to homosexuality that him being hetero makes more sense. If homosexuality was a much clearer issue in terms of a biblical storyline, I’m sure that would of been an option but I’m afraid that in religion, homosexuality is an often debated topic between anti and pro homosexual believers.

          • Mikael says:

            Could people just STOP referring to homosexuality as a choice?? It’s NOT.

          • wow201102 says:

            @Dean Castiel said, back in S7, that he was indifferent to sexual orientation and actively smote a bible thumper who was espousing otherwise. In S8, a cupid (established as one of the cherubim in SPN mythology) was seen making a love match between two guys. Supernatural has already established that, in Castiel’s eyes and the show universe’s version of angels and Heaven, homosexuality is *not* a sin. Therefore, it would not be any more or less controversial to have Castiel–or any of the angel characters, for that matter–hook up with someone of either sex.

        • Alia says:

          Per canon: Castiel is “utterly indifferent toward sexual orientation.” Doesn’t anyone else remember that line?

          • Brio says:

            Said while he was referring to other people choices. Yes, I remember.

          • oppar says:

            again, for the cheap seats…

            being indifferent toward sexual orientation does NOT mean that castiel may or may not have a personal preference in term of his own orientation. be it any variation of sex, gender, and/or sexuality on the very wide spectrum that contains them.

            it pisses me off to no end that the same people screaming about “why oppisite sex!~” can’t grasp that if castiel is indifferent to orientation then HE doesn’t see having sexual, romantic, and/or emotional experiences as defining him as any orientation.

            he could literally bang 8 women in a row and still not see himself as straight because those labels are not ones he ascribes to. so please stop throwing that around as if that means he wouldn’t possibly go for a woman or whatever the hell it is people use that for.

      • Lou says:

        Because Cas is utterly indifferent to sexual orientation. Angels switch gender of their vessels because it had no meaning. Raphael was both a man and a woman. It could have been a cool exploration of the nature of sexuality. I mean, if Cas doesn’t even instinctually understand sleeping or eating, why wouldn’t human sexuality be confusing too? Why wouldn’t he explore it all and then find out what he likes?

    • Ummmm We’ve seen him being attracted to women before , remember his “pizza guy” kiss with meg?
      Also his vessel is straight so maybe his body reacts to women and not men?

      • Elle says:

        So if there was a body swap episode and Sam was trapped in a straight woman’s body for a while, does that mean he’s automatically turned gay for that period of time and he’s going to start checking out guys? I doubt it. Personally I would have loved it if Cas was portrayed as asexual, bisexual, pansexual or demisexual because it would have made sense for him.

        So yes, I’m also pissed at the level of heteronormativity and the strict way gender is portrayed in this show. Demons and angels are supernatural creatures who shouldn’t be restricted to that sort of thing. The only angel/demon that I can remember that moved from a male to female vessel was Raphael. The rest stick to female or male vessels which is absolutely ridiculous, not to mention they’re all heterosexual so far even though they’re freaking angels who were created without genders and/or sexualities, and demons, who are evil, mass murdering clouds of smoke who strictly conform to gender/sexual norms? How the hell does that make sense?

        • Drew says:

          I am about 90% certain that Crowley isn’t straight.

          I don’t know that I see Cas as being sexual at all. I just don’t see it. Maybe that’s just me though. I don’t really watch the show for all of the sex. :-)

        • wow201102 says:

          Castiel, himself, was briefly in a female body when he possessed Claire. And Meg was temporarily in a male body when she possessed Sam.

        • Emma says:

          You forgot that one time castiel used jimmy norvak`s daughter body as a vessel.

      • Katie says:

        This Meg kiss thing that everyone is claiming as evidence for his heterosexuality? Do you guys NOT remember about how, after the kiss, Cas wanted nothing to do with her, flat out asking Dean why he would even want to be alone with her. If Cas is straight, fine, but using one kiss with a girl he had no interest in is not the best argument.

    • Ramona says:

      90-95% of people are straight. Why wouldn’t Cas be part of that group as a human?

      • aurens66 says:

        where do you get the 90-95% straight thing from, that’s not been true since they started measuring this back in the 50s.

        • brittny says:

          Here’s one of the many sources I found that report the percentages of people that Identify as homosexuals. There’s about a 3.5% chance that he identifies as gay or bi and 8.2% chance that he’ll ever engage in any type of same-sex behavior. So it’s most likely he’s straight, sorry. Now, he’s been permanently put in a “straight” mans body. I think this really has no effect on his sexuality in less Jimmy’s still in their and he’s screaming at him to bang that chick, I don’t know. So don’t give up hope just because he slept with a woman, plenty of gay guys did before they realized and/or accepted they were gay. But the odds point to cas being straight and no one should be accusing the writers for being homophobic if does end up being straight. Um, what about Charlie?

    • Alan says:

      its already known to be his preference, he got hot and heavy with meg remember.

      • Mickey says:

        He got hot and heavy with orgies full of women in The End. And he married Amelia when he was Emmanuel. I’m all for there being gay characters on the show and am thrilled to bits with Charlie, but I don’t think making a character straight is an offense. There are a lot of straight people in the world, so there are a lot of straight people in fiction.

        • Mickey says:

          Oh, I mixed up Amelia (his wife when he was Jimmy Novak) with Daphne (his wife when he was Emmanuel).

        • darcywils says:

          Thank you! Oh my god, the fact is they are writing his character to like women. That is what they have chosen for his character to be, and therefore, that’s what he is. Imagine if they wrote him to like men and all these people came out criticising it – “Oh why did he have to be gay? They just had to make him gay to prove something. Why couldn’t he just like women? They’ve ruined his character.” We would all be disgusted. There is nothing wrong with being gay, straight, or anything else in between or around it.

          • aurens66 says:

            thing is, since Cas is an angel, indifferent to sexuality, he could be anything writers want him (when he becomes human) to be, so the fact they are doing a typical heteronormative characterization is ho-hum.

      • Brio says:

        Yes, and Daphne.

        Which makes me wonder… He spent month with her, as her husband. And they didn’t have any sex? That’s… Quite hard to believe, Carver.

    • James says:

      Reminder: Castiel is technically borrowing some poor guy’s body as a host. Once he becomes human, then that’s when nature calls.

      • aurens66 says:

        and he could have ‘natural’ instincts’ that go in any direction, genderwize. He’s fictional, so writers can make him into anything.

    • EV Emmons says:

      His vessel was straight, you’ll recall he had a wife and a daughter. Perhaps something of the vessel carries over?

      • Allie Stow says:

        Would just like to point out.

        1) Just because someone is married and with kids, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t gay.
        2) Jimmy’s soul most likely went to Purgatury once Cas got rid of the souls and creatures.
        3) I think the main argument here is that people want Cas and Dean to get together.
        4) Is it really that hard to think that Cas is gay, or bi at least? Do you really think Daphne would have taken advantage of Cas when he didn’t even remember who he was? Then again, they got married after barely knowing each other. But my opinion stands. If he really has the hots for Dean (whether he realizes what his feelings are yet), then not remembering who Dean or himself is would have had an affect on the fact that he chose Daphne over a man, and the fact that she took pity on him and helped a naked man with amnesia. I am all for Dean and Cas getting together, I really am, and it would make my life to see them progress their relationship to that level, but I wouldn’t hate Cas, Dean, or the writers if they don’t do it.

    • remember when castle was under the effect of “Famine”? he started having his vessels urges. and “Jimmy” was heterosexual and married with a daughter. while i dont expect them to bring that up again, i still think he will have a “Type” to go after, since the actress thats playing his L.I. and the actress that played “Jimmy’s” wife, kind of look alike.

      • aurens66 says:

        Castiel still had Jimmy inside of him at that point, but Jimmy was killed when Raphael smote Castiel end of season four. So now it’s all Castiel in the meatsuit.

    • Sara says:

      U r messed up man

    • hamlet says:

      because,maybe you are an alien.do you hear your self right now…yeah he is a frigin angel,they kind of used to destroying the cities of the homo.and yes it is because he is in a male vessel.

  2. Drew says:

    I personally don’t need to see Cas grappling with sex. There is so much ground to cover in a human life before that should even be an issue for him. Randomly sleeping around fit Dean in his younger days, but I don’t see Cas walking into a bar and going home with a random waitress.

    All of the other stuff would naturally happen I suppose… though I could do without seeing him in the bathroom too. I hope there is a LOT more to his arc than the bathroom that we keep hearing about.

    • EV Emmons says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. I don’t want to see Castiel sleeping around. There is a certain dignity that comes with being angelic and they’re above sex…for me it adds to his character, it makes him special. I don’t want to see them cheapen Cas’ character by making him some ‘man ho’. I prefer to see Cas figuring out his role among the angels, and how to regain his power and fix things again, and assist the boys.

      • Menage-a-douze says:

        “There is a certain dignity that comes with being angelic and they’re above sex…”

        Umm, what? Have you forgotten Balthazar who had a freakin menage-a-douze (“What’s french for twelve?” he asked Cas once) Please. They may be angels, but honey I don’t think they’re all saints.

      • Josie says:

        If the writers are going to be true to what an angel should be, then I think they should hold true to biblical interpretations. I am so tired of everything on t.v. and the movies and the music industry hailing sex as the only important subject. Sex is great in it’s place when done with dignity, but lately I think society has cheapened and degraded it to the point of being boring. I would rather enjoy sex, than watch others acting like a bunch of dogs in heat. Sasha Cohen is wonderful in this part. I love watching him.

  3. Ramona says:

    Sexuality and lust is one of the most common human emotions/feelings. I don’t understand why it would be weird for someone newly human to experience something like that? It wouldn’t actually be strange if he didn’t, in my opinion.

  4. Nick says:

    Charlie is gay..

  5. Alan says:

    as someone who got sick of castiel around the start of last season because he had devolved into a deus ex machina on legs its great to see the writers actively work to fix that rather than just continuing on. i love the idea of him having to learn about all these feelings and urges which are just considered part of life for us humans.
    for those of you complaining about him having sex as a priority welcome to adult life, it basically revolves around sex in some way or another. for those of you complaining that he likes women we already know he leans that way from how he interacted with meg, would you rather they suddenly change characterization just to fit what you want?

    • aurens66 says:

      I agree with you here, Cas storyline has never been truly allowed to develop, it’s just a shame that it seems Cas introduction to sex (as with the brothel scene) will be played for laughs (if Misha says it goes badly) but perhaps that is for the best, Misha’s also said that being attached to Cas in season nine is risky with the angels hunting him, so woe to the one-episode ‘love interest’

  6. Kay says:

    Too bad the question couldn’t be “exploration of sex”, without the safe “opposite” thrown in, TVLine.

  7. Anastasia says:

    Why would eating be difficult for Cas? Why would any human functions be difficult? He’s been observing humans for millenia. Why do they have to make him the dumbest angel in the garrison? NONE of the other angels ever had issues with pop culture references or dealing with humans – they all spoke LIKE humans. Hell, Lucifer was in the cage for how long and he still knew how to talk to and act around humans. IDGI. Is this stupid “portray Cas as an infant thrust into adulthood” supposed to be cute? Stil?!?!? It was barely cute in s4, God knows he should have picked up on SOME things in the last 5 yrs.

    • Mickey says:

      The way I see it, just as some humans have great social skills and others have zero social skills, so it is with angels. I personally have always enjoyed the “[quotey fingers] my social skills are rusty” aspect of Cas’s personality. It has given me many laughs.

      And just because an angel is able to pick up the lingo doesn’t mean they would automatically know what to do if they actually were to turn into a human and have to deal with all the quirks of the human body and existence for the first time.

    • oppar says:

      it’s quite simple really they aren’t making him “dumb” they are making him human. which means that just like everyone else he has to learn his place and how he fits and functions in the world.

      i’ve been doing this human thing since i was born and i still struggle with eating (just recently i developed an allergy to broccoli and it seems since i left college i can no longer handle greasy food after 8pm *cries*).

      this is literally the first time that castiel has to eat to survive. scarfing burgers cause of famine is not the same as the gut turning hunger that comes from 3 days of not eating with the added anxiety of not knowing if you’ll eat on the 4th.

      sleeping may sound like an easy thing but where is he going to sleep? before he slept only once and that was in the back of the impala. now he is homeless, hungry, and on the run.

      he has all this theoretical knowledge that means jack poop in the real world minutia of human life. sure he may be able to break down complex equations but he has been shown to have no idea how to navigate simple human interactions. it’s going to take him a while because he simply never had to do it before.

      but just because they show him bumbling doesn’t make him “dumb”. he bumbled before but what has always been shown is that he is eager to learn and is willing to try and adapt. he is always going to be awkward but that seems to be a part of not only his personality but also the fact that he has spent the majority of his existence as a multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent.

      • wow201102 says:

        Yes!!This! Okay, so Cas has been on the planet for 5 years. I’ve been on this planet for 25 years, and I still don’t have everything figured out, especially where social skills are concerned. In the meantime, I have genius level I.Q. But by this person’s standards, I am stupid. I really wonder if people understand what intelligence is when they start equating it to people’s ability to interact with others “normally”.

    • Lou says:

      I agree. I don’t really have any interest in Cas’s experience with biological necessities. He started to feel all of those things (I itch, Im thirsty) when he was falling in season 5 and it didnt seem to phase him much. I was hoping for a deeper more emotional, psychological exploration of his new condition. I mean, that’s not his true face or form. He may have always liked hanging out with humans, especially Dean, but he still identified himself as an angel. To feel like an angel trapped in a human body would have to screw with your head. If he just merrily goes on his way learning to burp and fart it is such a weak way to choose to tell the story.

  8. Mickey says:

    “Cas is just an ordinary guy, a schmo now. So there are all these powerful angels who are out to get Cas, and he has to find ways to run and hide.”

    What’s really interesting is now Cas will know what it’s like to be a Winchester, how you have to fight powerful supernatural creatures without supernatural powers of your own, using your wits and your courage and your hunter tricks of the trade.

    “if you were thrust into adult humanhood all of a sudden, without having the training wheels of infancy, childhood and adolescence, you would have a really difficult time with even the simplest things that we take for granted.”

    That’s a really good way of explaining how difficult it will be for him, not just an angel learning how to be human, but learning how to be an adult human without all the necessary experience, and parents to teach you how to do everything, like tie your shoes and go potty. This should be really interesting! Especially since Cas wasn’t the most adaptable of angels to begin with. I’m glad they put Cas in this situation.

  9. E says:

    Opposite sex exploration? No Cas with Dean and Sam? No great Cas & Dean moments to look forward to? That’s basically all I’m getting from these interviews and spoilers. And I’ve never been less excited for Season 9 than I am now.

    I did enjoy the interview though, so thank you for that. I love, love, love, love Misha so much and I am excited about seeing more of him and seeing Cas, Dean, and Sam again…I just wish they were going to be together.

  10. Jim says:

    As someone who got sick of Castiel long ago, I’m more than pleased that he will be separated from Sam an Dean. There can be some snack breaks in the episodes before getting back to the story of the Winchesters.

    • aurens66 says:

      Sorry, he’s only going to be away for a few episodes, then he’s going to be living in the bunker with Sam and Dean.

  11. Flare says:

    I’m a horrible person for being glad that the relationship thing goes badly, but come ON. I’m tired of throw away female love interests :p If they wanted to do that they should have kept Meg or something…

    • EV Emmons says:

      I would personally rather not see any love interests for any of them. The plot of this programme is bigger and better than that. So many programmes have sexual situations in them and dating issues…if I wanted to see soap opera-like drek, I’d watch The Originals. I hope the CW doesn’t think it would be great to drag SPN down to that level.

    • aurens66 says:

      Yeah, I agree with you, Meg a demon and Cas an angel had some promise as an interesting storyline.

  12. Des says:

    I’m disappointed in all these Cas has sex interviews. I just saw something so special between him and Dean that made me believe their genders wouldn’t be a barrier for them to end up together :( For me, Dean and Cas have something that’s so unique, I wanted them to end up together, as much as I want Patrick and Teresa to end up together in ‘The Mentalist’ for example. There are way too many male-male friendships and ‘bromances’ on TV already, I wanted to see the Dean/Cas male-male romance for a change, something beautiful that people of LGBT group could identify with and feel counted for. I am not LGBT, but I do feel bad that people seem to think that since apparently the majority is straight, every single character should be thought of as straight and everything else is like an offense. Wouldn’t it hurt you? If you were a member of a minority and therefore people would simply flat out say that you don’t matter just because of the way you were born? That if you believe a character shares your sexuality but the rest think said character is straight you get basically attacked for it and told you’re ‘ruining’ the character? I don’t know, but think about it and what you say. I’m sorry for this mini rant thing, but seriously, I just felt I needed to say it, because there are some pretty mean comments I’ve read in these articles, attacking people only because they want to see Cas and Dean together or are disappointed that Cas turns out to be straight (apparently, since we don’t know if he will end up being straight or not just yet, we are only assuming here.).

    • Madeline says:

      Cas & Dean have a friendship. You see more, but the VAST majority of the general viewing audience (myself included) see nothing more & would be blindsided by a Cas-Dean relationship.

      I keep seeing people throw around the whole LGBT rights argument, but if Cas were gay and not with Dean, you same fans would be throwing a fit. Simply because Cas isn’t with Dean. SPN provides representation for the LGBT in Charlie. Who is a fantastic character who will be developed more this season.

      SPN is not the vehicle for romance, much less male-male romance. It is a show about two brothers fighting the supernatural. Putting Cas and Dean in a relationship, would COMPLETELY change SPN. It would not be a side-story or whatever. It would change the very core of SPN and go against 8 years of Dean characterization.

      Sometimes ‘ships just need to stay in fandom.

    • darcywilson says:

      Why is it always straight people pushing these male-male ships so hard? I’m a gay man, and you know what I couldn’t care less. I watch this show, and first of all Dean has very very very clearly be established as a straight man. And secondly, if the producers and writers think it’s best for Cas to be straight as well, I don’t care. He is their character. We are watching their show, we don’t write it.
      A Dean-Cas relationship on the show would be dumb, no other way to look at it.

      • aurens66 says:

        I think it can be that people want the characters (in this case Dean and Castiel) to have a relationship with another character that matters, that has resonance, (because of all that Dean and Cas have been through) as opposed to say, a character like Daphne (the wife who blipped in and out) and Amelia (for Sam) who was merely constructed as an obstacle for the plot and never had a personality or ultimate purpose. For me, I get that Dean and Cas love each other, and I don’t need to have them have sex for the relationship to have a profound meaning.

    • Emily says:

      THANK YOU! I love you, by the way. You have left one of the only sensible comments on this subject for this whole article.
      (P.S. I think it would be a real win if Dean and Cas DID end up together, because on tv, generally, whenever there’s a gay character, that’s their whole purpose. Being gay. If dean and Cas went for eachother, they already have such great storylines that that wouldn’t be a problem.)
      (P.P.S. Did anyone else notice that in the scene where Dean’s praying to Cas that there’s romantic violin/guitar music in the background? The people on the show have specifically said that they don’t put music in unless it’s absolutely necessary, because it’s so expensive. Just saying.)
      (P.P.P.S. Will you marry me?)

    • Kayla says:

      I don’t think the fact that Destiel is a gay ship is the main reason why so many people are against it. A lot of people wholeheartedly believe that both Dean and Castiel are straight…for them, it would be a shock and seem out of character.
      Which is why I think they should LESSEN the shock value and have more Destiel moments (: That way the other fans could expect it! I ship Destiel something fierce…but I completely understand why the producers haven’t made it canon YET.

      And you ship Jisbon!! I give you the highest of fives.

  13. Really excited to see Castiel’s character explored in more depth (the sex seems to be just one item on a long list of things he’s dealing with). This character has really been through the wringer over 5 + seasons and while there’ve been some mis-steps, I think he’s one of the most dynamic and interesting characters on genre tv and I’m happy we’re getting more of his journey. Also it sounds like he won’t be away from Sam and Dean for too long, he’s working his way back to them. Also hoping the Dean and Castiel relationship will continue to develop, and for more Sam and Cas scenes, and Team Free Will working together as a unit, I love the rag-tag family they’ve formed and they all need each other.

  14. tia88 says:

    Umm guys, does anyone actually didn’t read until the end?

    “TVLINE | What can we expect in terms of Cas’ exploration of the opposite sex?
    Cas definitely dabbles in that realm. It doesn’t go as well as it could for him, but it doesn’t go as badly as it could either. I don’t know – it does kind of go pretty badly. That’s yet another aspect of the human condition that’s new to him that he has to figure out how to do.”

    It says it kinda go pretty badly. And there’s a bad thing and a good thing to be learned it. There’s something there…

    • tia88 says:

      On the other hand, I’m actually quite excited to see how Mr. Collins will tackle this human-Cas since he’s supposed to be all human now unlike in season 5. Looking forward to the premiere!

  15. Yanez says:

    I for one would love to see Cas in an inter-racial relationship. I love the addition of Kevin Tran, don’t get me wrong but adding a black or latina woman to the mix would be great.

  16. deanisatleast20percentgay says:

    It always makes me laugh when people claim that Dean has been made out to be “very very very canon straight” – given that tons of characters the bros’ve met have been mistaking him for gay since the very first season. Then the syren appeared to him as a dude, then there was his full-on crush on the *very male* Dr. Sexy – and several other things I won’t even bother to point out. You don’t see the ship, fine. But don’t act like there have never been any moments that suggested he was less than 100% hetero because there were many – and they were outright TEXT not subtext. Subtext is subjective, sure, but text is objective and there are plenty of texts suggestions for less-than-fully-straight.

  17. Susan Ladigo says:

    You have got to be kidding me!!!! After all that information and this is what gets the attention! You must all remember that he is like a child right now and how do they learn? By example so he has only been around Sam and Dean and familiar with their relationships so it would more or likely be his direction to follow but at this point does it really even matter. That is so not the big picture here, with so much more at stake. That piece of the pie will only take seconds out of all the minutes of real issues to face.

  18. Sammy Winchester says:

    Cas.. Is an angel, and why argue if it’s guy or girl that he hooks up with?

    That is who he probably is, and I agree with Susan, he’s young, and he needs other experiences to decide which sexuality that he “prefers” and finds himself attracted to. As much time as he’s spent with Dean, he hasn’t been able to make any extremely lasting bonds/relationships with any human, emotion-filled females. Saying Dean and him should get together by default is almost unfair to the characters. I support Destiel, but even more so, I support looking at them like TIGHTLY-KNIT family. Three brothers that no the pain, 2 by blood, and one by adoption, in a matter of speaking. It just makes more sense to me this way rather than in the form of a relationship.
    Sorry if this comment isn’t welcome, I’m just trying to express my opinion.

  19. Lina says:

    Cas is utterly indifferent to sexual orientation, so why can’t we be?? Yet another example of omnipresent heterosexism.

  20. Goldberry says:

    I think I´ve read some posts but not all of them.

    In the bible it says that “sons of god” liked human women and had children with them. Their sons were Nephilim that was one of Gods reasons for the Flood. (Remember Noah?) so it´s clear why they chose a girl. Seriously? How should they make up the story with another man?
    AND yes I´d love to see Cas having some action with both genders. Why didn´t they bring up a cuple or something? That would be hilarious…
    I can´t wait for 2014 Cas!