Bones Recap: Pelant Returns With a New Mystery -- Did the Baddie Meet His End?

Bones Pelant Dies Season 9 RecapThe following contains major spoilers for Monday’s episode of Bones. If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed…

The moment has finally arrived, Bones fans: After two seasons of playing cat-and-mouse with the Jeffersonian team — and seriously thwarting the happiness of Brennan and Booth (not to mention their ‘shippers) — Pelant met his end during Monday night’s episode.

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However, the road to killing Pelant wasn’t an easy one — and it came with a major reveal before his demise: The emergence of a female serial killer, whom Pelant is convinced Brennan will never catch without his help. According to the tormentor, the woman is behind the death of several bodies in the Jeffersonian lab and, shockingly, Brennan never put it together.

Initially, it seems like Bones is trying to keep the baddie alive to use him to solve the murder mystery. In fact, the new riddle seems to have the doc falling right into Pelant’s arms as he tries to seduce her. According to Sweets, Pelant believes he can change Brennan’s mind about him like she did with Booth, whom he wants to replace in Brennan’s life. When Sweets asks the FBI agent if Pelant’s done anything to keep him and Brennan from being together, Booth’s silence is all the answer he needs.

Bones Pelant DiesBut just when it seems like Brennan has come to Pelant’s lair to keep him alive, she pulls out a gun. In a way, she’s trying to save Booth, who’s “willing to sacrifice his soul by killing Pelant,” Aldo told Brennan earlier. “For you, of course. It’s always going to come down to you.”

When Pelant sets off an explosion, Brennan loses her upper hand, but Booth rushes in with a gun. She begs him to kill Pelant because she’s not willing to risk Booth’s life, and so he does — finally! And all the dirty business is capped off with another moment fans have eagerly been waiting for: Booth proposes to Brennan, to which she cheekily replies, “If I say yes, will we get married?” before accepting.

PHOTO | Bones Wedding First Look: Here Comes the Bride!

Other highlights from the episode:

* The Jeffersonian team attempting to smoke out Pelant by dissecting and staging a body was Hannibal levels of gross. And how disturbing was it when Brennan realized it was really the body of poor, poor Agent Flynn, who it turns out was only unwittingly working with the baddie?

* Brennan: “I know I always sleep best after several orgasms.”

* Brennan showing her growth (and belief in Booth): “It’s not possible that you’re wrong about Flynn so I’m being completely rational.”

Bones fans, are you relieved that Pelant is gone? What do you think of the new Big Bad? And who’s ready for a wedding?! Grade the episode via the poll below, and hit the comments with your thoughts on the deadly turn.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Maria says:

    Is this dead horse finally beaten to death? Is our long nightmare of the neverending escalating ridiculousness over? Please? Pretty please, “Bones”??

    • Kathy Holmes says:

      I’m glad the entire Pelant drama is over! Initially I was disappointed, but then I remembered the guy that led Zack astray and they got rid of him in the same fashion. Glad Sweets is back and
      look forward to the wedding! Hopefully, the next baddie will not take too long to make an exit.
      The Pelant drama went on too long!!!!!

    • Iris M. says:

      I just think that they could have thought of something more epic. His death was just a failure, nothing really special, they made him in the end just a common criminal despite them saying that he was the most dangerous killer in the series, not to mention he was really a genius and so I just think they’ve rushed it so that Booth-Brennan could finally marry or just to end the all Pelant drama, I’m glad it ended but still the way they done it have really disappointed me. I was just expecting something else, more gasps situations that would end with his death, and not just that rather ridiculous ending they gave us… In almost every series they just screw up the villains at the end.

  2. Adrienne says:

    I’m still wondering if the alarm clock will come back to haunt them at some point – they never resolved that with Pelant, right?

    • taran63 says:

      That’s what I wanted to know! I always knew they were going to kill Pelant eventually, but I wanted to know what the deal with the alarm clock was. Did they just forget? Or could they not think of an idea good enough, so they dropped it and hope no one will remember?

      • Bony Bones says:

        Correct!!! I believe that some details like the alarm clock were used as diversions from the episode and then forgotten… but they still inside our head though!

      • jenny says:

        I think they forgot! SUCH A LET DOWN!

        • slundy99 says:

          Actually the numbers on the clock are part of a running theme that was put in by the show runner. In an interview they stated all will be revealed in the final season. If you search the net about it you’ll see a bunch of screen grabs from past and future episodes with those numbers. S

      • Vincent Nigel-Mauray says:

        they didn’t forget it cause a few episodes before that a clock flashed 4:47 at 10:56, and 4:47 was the time on the clock while Pelant was changing it.

    • TrillVilleN1 says:

      I think the meaning behind the alarm clock was to let the audience know that Pelant was watching them.

      • Red says:

        Maybe it wasn’t Pelant who manipulated the alarm clock.

      • jenny says:

        I was hoping Pelant was getting his info about the set up from a bug in the clock. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the clock to be the source. That would make sense that he was in love with Bones, he listened to her in her bedroom. I cannot believe they dropped the ball on this one!

    • Steve says:

      The clock numbers are a ‘plant’ by the show runner i believe. There was a story about it somewhere. Only to be revealed at the end of the series. If you look it up, it’s been on a bunch of episodes since the beginning (I think).

  3. I haven’t watched it yet, but did Hodgins get his money back? That was the one thing Pelant did that pissed me off the most!

  4. 206episodesofBones says:

    Holy Crap that was a fabulous episode!! My heart is still racing, and as for the ending *sigh* Bravo Bones!!!

  5. Alichat says:

    Ding dong the most boring villain on tv… to Red John….is dead. I actually thought Brennan was going to kill him… Booth wouldn’t risk his soul….since he’s the one who believes in a soul and she doesn’t.

    • Tvfanatic says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. I think that would have been a much better ending. I thought tonight’s was a little weak.

      • Anicki says:

        I completely agree. My dad and I were watching and we were like “No way. That’s it? How boring.” I really thought Brennan was gonna do something spectacular or Pelant would’ve had a final play/end game for everyone.

        • c-mo says:

          I totally agree! I was hoping for a great showdown between Booth/Brennan and Pelant and it turned out to be…meh…I just couldn’t give the show an “Awesome” this week.

          • anon says:

            Booth has killed MANY murderers with one fatal shot…what did you expect wild gun fire, explosions, Arnie/Sly/Bruce emerging out of the explosion smoke….? Bones is a tv show not a movie or movie budget AND Booth is a sniper who only needs one shot…wow tough room guys.

        • Mallory says:

          my husband and I initially thought it was kind of anti-climatic to kill Pelant off like that, but then I got to thinking…Pelant probably relishes in the fact that he’s this “big baddie” that has been eluding Bones&co. for so long…I would assume he’d think the only way he’d be taken down was in some kind of blaze of glory…so it’s actually fitting that his death was quick and almost meaningless, for it proves he’s almost like a run-of-the-mill criminal…not special, not more evil than others…simply one that can be taken down by a single shot. Well, that’s my thought on it anyway. :)

        • Bony Bones says:

          Me too I thought so. How boring ending. It could have been ending with something smart done by the all team and not by only Booth. I still can’t believe that Pelant let them killing him so easily. Knowing Pelant skills I was expecting something intriguing!!!

    • Sarah81 says:

      I was kind of hoping Bones was just going to shoot him right in the head to end His rambling!

    • Jackie H says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing!

      I was also thinking the other shoe would drop and pelant would at least have one last explosion go off… or…. something…

    • ella says:

      ding dong is so right – I was wondering if I was going to have to stop watching Bones (which I love btw) like I had to stop watching The Mentalist… snore what a dud.

  6. CJS says:

    I’m gonna say Pelant isn’t really dead because he was wearing a bullet proof vest the entire time ;)

  7. LK says:

    I thought it was anticlimactic,

    • Tvfanatic says:

      You are not alone!

      • Pelant didn’t deserve anything but anticlimactic. He wasn’t special, he died like a dog in an old plant with a bullet to the chest like any other bad guy. I think that would have pissed him off more than anything. No fireworks, no taking anyone with him…just him versus Mr. Beretta.

        I liked the subtlety to it.

    • Nichole says:

      felt the same way, considering some of the things he’s done and got away with, expected a lot more elaborate ending to that character. or at least something more then using him as a tool to set up what will probably be the next ongoing villain

    • Ann says:

      I agree. Pelant is very calculating…yet, he didn’t calculate that Boothe would find another way through the power plant to sneak up behind him? Wouldn’t Pelant have had more than one hidden bomb in the area in case something like that happen? I think the writers just wanted to end this story arc and got lazy with it.

    • ang says:

      I think it was Anti-Climatic, because Pelant is not dead & he will hook up with the Serial Killer Chick , he was talking about

      • Jo says:

        I agree. It was very anti-climatic and I hope your second comment won’t come true. Because I think Pelant has been the main villain long enough. Though he was the most twisted, sick and frustrating villain I’ve watched, I think he was deserving of a greater send off than what the writers came up with. He was intelligent, charismatic and calculating, clearly not the average bad guy. Booth killing him with one single shot seemed too easy and abrupt. It also felt like it was out of character for Pelant to not anticipate the outcome. And though Booth was very much affected in this episode, I think it would have been more fitting if Brennan had killed Pelant herself.

        • daisy says:

          I agree was out of character for Pelant, that’s why I think Pelant is still alive. He better be because if not I’ll only watch the wedding of Booth and Brennan and stop watching Bones and not buy the series. Please come back PELANT!!!!

          • melanie says:

            When Jack choked Pelant, in an earlier season, it came to the surface that Pelant may have *wanted* to be killed by them.

      • daisy says:

        I also agree ang, Pelant is not dead because if you pay attention Booth shots Pelant where Pelant had a bullet proof vest. I hate what Pelant did the the team and all the murders, but when Pelant comes back he should help the team with the next Big Bad.

  8. Dee says:

    Intense, edge of my seat type of episode! I am hoping beyond hope that they triple checked he was dead before they walked out of there. The proposal isn’t exactly what I had hoped for, but as long as it leads to the actual wedding, I’m okay with it! Any girl would be crazy to say no to Booth anyway! :-) c

    • lucy says:

      I think it was played that in Booth’s mind they were always engaged, Brennan’s was the proposal Booth was recomfirming it…LOVED how Booth just shot Pelant the once and he was dead…he give him no glory or a grand death which Pelant craved…Booth just killed him like he would any common criminal LOVED IT

    • daisy says:

      I agree with you Dee the proposal could have been better. I thought the proposal at comic con was better.

    • gloria says:

      I HATE booth for shooting pelant even tho pelant is alive because he was wearing a bullet prof vest.:) i still hate booth tho >:I

  9. myrnama says:

    Bravo, my heart pounded the whole episode!!!

  10. Kim R says:

    I kept waiting at the end for him to either get up, or for an explosion to take place before Booth and Brennan could exit the building. Something Pellant had put in place to take them out in case he was killed. What a relief that it didn’t!

  11. barbara says:

    Awesome lol i was clapping you go booth. I sure hope he is really dead!!!! And just maybe pelant wasn’t lying about female serial killer here we go again

  12. Benington says:

    Outcomes aside. Tonight when Booth kissed Bones outside the office after interviewing the doctor who performed the surgeries on Flynn. I finally and I really mean finally, felt the heat between these two….that has been missing for years. Booth grabbed Bones and kissed her (in front of a group of people) after she rationally explained to him, why she believed his theory based on their mutual belief system in each other. THAT WAS THE FIRST TIME SINCE THEY GOT TOGETHER (EONS AGO) THAT I FELT and SAW REAL HEAT BETWEEN THESE TWO CHARACTERS. What took so…long. I think that is what has been missing for years on the show and has negatively impacted the show. I just did not believe in them as a couple anymore and it was disappointing. That’s what made the show fun and different from other procedurals. Booth and Bones.

    • Morisot says:


    • addie says:

      you’ve got to be kidding…

    • Bridget says:

      I agree – those looks Booth and Brennan shared at the Hoover conveyed something I haven’t seen between them in YEARS, but then at the end after the proposal they were back to kissing each other like brother and sister. *sigh*

    • Boiler says:

      I think the heat has been there since at least season 3. Just because they didn’t act on it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. I think the chemistry between them is the best on TV right now….at least on the shows I watch

  13. Karla says:

    Finally! I’ve been saving episodes in my dvr. I have yet to watch the season ender where Pelant makes Booth say no to the proposal because I hate cliffhangers. Now that it has a resolution, I can watch all 4(or 5) episodes. Thanks for the spoilers. Love ’em.

  14. david says:

    very well done episode from the music to the lines

  15. Ali says:

    I think we are all glad to see the last of Pelant and it was a very well done ep, exciting, twists, edge of the seat drama. I will miss Flynn, he had something about him that was so charming and relevant and I love, love, love the proposal. It was so them, they are not mush and silly words but have such a strong connection. Well done, Bones writers.

  16. Midori4 says:

    Pod episode. The introduction to the new big bad was nice.

    The alarm clock drove me nuts. I wish they realized it wasthere and made some comment.

  17. TV Gord says:

    “I’m a bartender, not a priest!”

    Interesting phraseology on a show called, “Bones”. ;-)

  18. lucy says:

    I LOVED THE EP…it was exciting…edge of my seat…I had no expectations except Pelant to be killed and B&B to get re-engaged…the rest is just yummy gravy !!!

    • bonescrazy says:

      I loved the ep, too.Now let’s just get them married before something else happens. Not wanting to sound negative, but I think they can accomplish a a lot more as man and wife. Besides I can’t wait to hear Booth introduce Bones as his wife!!

  19. TrillVilleN1 says:

    I really don’t feel like he is dead. It all happened too fast. They didn’t build up to it. It was too easy. Plus, there’s ambiguity in how they didn’t show Booth making sure Pelant was dead.

    Also, I was totally expecting for an explosion to happen back in the lab. Pelant said he would kill 5 people if Booth told Bones the reason behind not marrying her. They showed the lab with the other 5 main characters watching Bones and Booth on the screen. I just knew they were going to get hurt somehow.

  20. bonesforever says:

    I was disappointed with the ending. Pelant’s beginning as a villain was scary. However, after a while with the dragged out storyline ( also the same holds true for The Mentalist – Red John I am totally bored with that villain and have turned away from that series- sorry). But back to Bones, shotting him without the fans seeing the actual killshot left it open that he was wearing a vest. If Booth is a sniper the shot should have been a head shot to really end this boring storyline. And what about the bugs especially the alarm clock next to their bed and throughout the house? Will they mention a house sweep of bugs planted? And, will the money lost by Hodgins and Angie be recovered, written as being recovered. To the powers that be on Bones. Plase mention on the next viewing that Pelant is really truly dead with no hope of return. Thank you from a fan of the show who want it to continue and remain as a TOP television series. Love the entire original cast and the guess science doctors in and out to help solve cases with originals.

    • sue says:

      I am really troubled about where Booth shot the evil Pelant and hope this is not a cheap way to keep the arc of Pelant going or for his resurrections! Booth is a trained sniper plus a trained FBI field agent–both of these (sniper and field agent) are trained to make KILL shots which are always at least one shot to the head and a nice little pattern on the chest! Maybe the story minder has been watching too much Mentalist (so bored by the Red arc that I no longer watch that show) or The Living Dead (where we all know that the only way to prevent reanimation or Walkers is to kill the brain)??? Sometimes I think the studio bosses forget that viewers who make the ratings that pay for their salaries actually WATCH FOR DETAILS and enjoy them on TV shows that almost have a cult following. So this rather week episode does not satisfy many of us who are keen observers and keen fans. But then again, I do know how to spell which is more than I can say for most who comment!

  21. Heidi says:

    I thought that dead eye of Pelant’s was going to go back online and he’d sit up like a Terminator. I don’t think he’s dead. Now, if Booth would have capped him in the head, yes. But it just seemed too tidy after the hell he’d put them through.

    • bonesforever says:

      Exactly Heidi. I thought as Booth and Bones were hugging each other happy that it is over, Pelant would sudden sit up, grab the gun Bones dropped when the explosion occurred. Booth quickly pulls his gun from the back of his shirt and this time we see the forehead shot to the head – Pelant drops for good this time. Then it was too easy as they are leisurely walking along out of Pelant,s secret hideout? I would have written since Pelant was a genius throughout with gagets everywhere, upon his death, time sensitive bombs would start going off to destroy his lair. So Bones and Booth must run for their lives as a final assault from Pelant is happening around them. THEN once outside by their cars, Booth asks Bones to marry him as their friends watch with love for them. Fade to black.

      • RS says:

        That sounds like every other generic action episode usually filmed for a younger audience. Pelant is dead, since you could clearly see the splash of blood once the bullet hit. This wasn’t meant to be the world’s most climactic action episode. It was meant to bring closure to a long storyline in a mature way that also incorporated other bits and pieces fans have long been waiting for, such as the office seen. This whole episode was done in a beautiful, understated way that appeals to the loyal fans of the show attached to the characters and the psyche behind it, as opposed to the melodrama many similar shows rely on.

  22. bonesforever says:

    Corrections required due to typos. Spell check where were you? Shotting should have been: shooting. A house sweep for bugs planted? Plase mention should have been: Please mention. The last line correction should have read solve cases with the original cast. Thanks once again

    • TrillVilleN1 says:

      You’re annoying.

      • bonesforever says:

        TrillVilleN1. I’m having tablet problems and wanted to convey my thoughts and comments clearly to all concerned parties kind enough to place their thoughts on today’s Bones episode. We have been waiting for the big moment between Bones and Booth. But I thank you for your BULLY unkind words. What goes around usually comes right back around. :-) Peace

        • TrillVilleN1 says:

          didn’t mean tond like a bully. I didn’t notice that you were correcting your own post. I thought you were a grammar policeman, trying to correct someone else’s grammar errors.

  23. Melody Paris says:

    I have to give this a B because there are still too many unanswered questions surrounding Pelant. What was 447? (I think it has something to do with Cam’s recent problems) What did he do to the clock? Why did he need pictures of Christine’s nursery?

  24. Morisot says:

    I’m afraid that Pelant had a body-double stashed and has already pulled it out and put it in his place (pulling out the proper gun from his waiting bag of tricks to deliver the shot that he knew Booth would make.) NOT!

  25. daniel says:

    Probably all your questions will be revealed after next week’s episode

  26. madbengalsfan85 says:

    As an arc, the Pelant arc was a major disappointment. With that said, tonight’s episode was phenomenal. Intense, with some cute thrown in. Glad that they didn’t stretch out the Pelant/Booth encounter, and even more glad Pelant gave Booth the reason he needed to shoot. And the proposal was the icing on the cake.

  27. John says:

    I for one am a little torn on this episode. It felt rushed to me, like they decided out of no where to kill him, its stuck in the middle of the season and wasnt even a premiere. However, the way they killed him has its good points. First, after all this time, after pelant being one step ahead of everyone, Booth ends up being one step of him. Before he dies, pelant says that booth is probably runing around somewhere far away and then BAM hes right there and has a gun pointed to his head. Second, if it ended in a big explosion, that would have been what pelant wanted, but in the end he was denied that. Overall, i have to say that i am so glad that it is finally over. that is unless…

    • bonesforever says:

      Hi John, However, throughout the Pelant storyline, gagets, high technology at every turn of the way. He was able to see and hear anywhere parks, diners / restaurants, cars, houses able to put bodies anywhere, able to enter the lab through their own security system. We saw his multi television security system in play snd he doesn’t know where Booth is? All other seasons with Bones she’s a kung fu miss, yet as Pelant holds her hand she doesn’t protect herself? She just stands there? Remember she doesn’t like to be touched by the bad guys in other episodes. What happen? Its like the writers ran out words play it by ear make it up as you go. For me John, I expected alittle more in order to tie up the ends neatly. Oh well, it is done next week moving on to a new case to solve plus the new mystery of the female serial killer. Wet already had one and a former friend of Booth, and sniper shot her head completely off. :-)

      • anon says:

        Booth had smashed his phone therefore Pelant couldnt trace him on that….Booth is a trained sniper, he KNOWS how to be sneaky and go off the grid…he could of used underground methods to get to the power plant…people (and fans seemingly?) underestimate just how capable Booth is….PELANT did not deserve any grand exit, he wasnt special, only in movies does the bad guy go down in a hail of bullets and explosions…it just takes one good shot…a snipers shot, to take down and kill a person…ONE. And that is what Booth did….arent you pleased that Pelant is dead? I am. No need to be so picky. IMO

        • Monique says:

          Very well said i totaly agree thank you

        • slundy99 says:

          Nah I disagree. And being a devoted fan from the beginning of the show, I get to be picky :-)

          The ending was WAY to fast and sloppily written. While Pelant has been around for awhile, I did enjoy the ways that he would mess with the team. The ‘computer code’ etched bone? Genius.


          1. Booth can sneak into his fortress THAT easy? NO way. Pelant knew when Tempe was there, but had NO traps or triggers, or anything when Booth arrived? Even he himself said that Booth “was never far behind Bones.”

          2. When Booth shot Pelant, the gun jumped pretty high, and for a trained sniper/FBI agent, that would NOT have happened. They should have shot that part over and over until he got it right.

          3. Pelant is able to sneak in and out of the Jeffersonian at will, so he’s well aware of security measures, etc. so you would EXPECT him to have an impenetrable space to ‘hide’ in.

          4. Why, and I’m sure it was for dramatic effect, did Booth gear up only to leave his rifle behind, then also leave his vest behind? When he arrived at the power plant, he put his rucksack and other stuff through a gap on the other side, yet when he’s moving through the pipes, he takes his vest off, and instead of slipping it through the space before, or after himself, just leaves it there?

          4a. It was VERY hard to believe that Pelant didn’t have the fence monitored. When Booth put the pad over the barbed wire to climb over, I thought for sure Pelant would have some notification that the fence was being messed with. he was able to open/close it when Bones went through.

          5. Why didn’t Booth get on one knee when he proposed? (Just my own little annoyance).

          6. Bones HATES being touched by bad guys, she’s knocked a few around in past episodes, yet when Pelant grabs her, she just stands there, like the “damsel in distress” that her character shuns so well on a regular basis.

          7. Pelant, a clear genius, had the camera system “hacked” so easily by Angie? That seemed like Pelant almost WANTED her to be able to get in to look around (the exterior at least).

          8. I also found it rather convenient that while Pelant had the time to make the 32 cuts opening Flynn’s chest cavity, that he ‘mysteriously’ didn’t have time to check or remove the stomach? Or “sanitize” it as they said in the show.

          While I’m glad they put the “nail” in the Pelant Story coffin, I really was disappointed by how they did it. I almost knew when Flynn was going to do the body dump, that something was going to happen to him. And that kiss in the FBI office? Whew…I hadn’t seen that between those two in a LONG LONG time (as a previous poster stated).

          On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this episode a 3.5. And I LOVE this show. I was good with what was going on, and even felt pain when it was revealed that Flynn was the dead guy. But right after that, it spiraled….downward. I’m glad the Pelant story arc has finished. But it really did not finish well. I’m not saying that it should’ve been a grandiose exit, but it could have, no SHOULD have been much tighter, cleaner, and more consistent.

          • slundy99 says:

            On point #2, I meant to say that the gun almost jumped out of his hands. If you DVR’d it, go back and watch that part, he almost let go completely when the gun went off. I understand that David is an actor, but still, for a show that prides itself on accuracy when it comes to the ‘bloody bits’ it was rather lax at that part.

          • daisy says:

            slundy99, I also am a devoted fan sense the beginning of the show too. I also agree with your 1,2,3,4,4a,5,6,7,8.
            On your 4a Pelant is a hacker. on your 5 Booth could have gotten on his knee like in comic com. On your 7,8 like you said it was sloppily written. I hate it when the RP’s mess up an episode, but I think that the Pelant story isn’t over yet. I think that Pelant is still alive. 1.When Booth shots Pelant Booth shots him where Pelant could have had a bullet proof west on.(remember Pelant isn’t dumb)
            2.Also when Booth shot Pelant, Pelant made a noise, because something observed the bullet. 4.When Pelant falls down after he’s been shot he flips over.If Booth shot Pelant in the throat Pelant would have died fast without moving. 3. And It was also to easy, So I agree with you about everything but not about Pelant being dead he is still alive.
            I give this episode a 2.0 rating. I also think Pelant comes back later in the season. Hopefully that episode is better than this episode.

  28. James says:

    I think Pelant is probably still alive. His exit was far too easy. One shot to the chest? Come on. Pelant knew both were coming he would have been prepared with a vest of some sort. If the really wanted someone like Pelant dead he would have been shot in the head.

    • bonesforever says:

      So true James. Thank you. Pelant even states to Bones when the explosion occurred and she fell and he helped her up, ” I always anticipate your next moves…” So IN agree with you, the way they ended this episode, leaves the door open for Pelant’s return. UNLESS in next week’s episode it is mentioned that he is dead, maybe the body isn’t shown lifeless on the table :-) :-) For IT am not interested in seeing his returned storyline. Peace.

    • Huma T says:

      People coming back from the dead…that does happen in TV shows and movies. But when a man like Booth (with his Afghanistan stint and sniping days) says that a man is dead, I tend to believe him…not to mention Bones, who also deals in the dead. I’m just glad Pelant’s arc is done with.

      • daisy says:

        Yeah that’s true but remember nobody is perfect not even Booth nor Brennan. And if you really pay attention when Booth shots Pelant,Pelant saids uugg which means that something absorbed the bullet. So Pelant really isn’t coming back to life if he didn’t die. that means he is still alive

  29. para says:

    I don’t know, with all those built up it’s somewhat anti-cimatic, think about the episode where the British intern died; and the one where the women who buried children and Bones and Hudgens get her head shot off….

    IDK but still excited to see the wedding in future episodes!

  30. Andie says:

    I hope the female serial killer arc is more interesting. Wish this one had a more dramatic ending…or at least an earlier one. Probably their weakest “big bad” story line so far, although I wasn’t real pleased with the ending of the Broadsky one either.

  31. bonesforever says:

    Hi Para yes the british lab tech was shot by Booth’s former sniper friend as a message to Booth. The undertaker (female serial killer) also buried Booth and the team had to work fast to location him before his time ran out. Again Booth’s former friend and sniper killed her too. He was paid two million by the twins father as revenge for their deaths.

    • David says:

      Actually, Booth was supposed to pick up the phone, Broadsky was using a thermal on his sniper and planned to shoot Booth who he thought would pick up the phone. However, Vincent picked it up instead and well, we know the rest.

  32. sg says:

    I think the Pelant storyline in this episode felt rush because it was. It’s like they finally realized they blew it last season and over played their hand with the fans. Right after the finale aired the writers/producers were all cocky and full of themselves saying things like “if the fans aren’t upset we haven’t done our job” blah blah blah. But I don’t think they were prepared or excepting the backlash they got.

    I have never seen that many people on websites saying their weren’t coming back.
    While fans threat that type of stuff all the time, there was something different this time, you could tell. The comments weren’t the normal venting and outrage. This time they were indifferent, which is the kiss of death to a show. I know I would not have come back if I hadn’t seen there was going to be an early wedding which indicated they would finally wrap up this stupid storyline. And since the first few episodes were filmed last year before the season finale had aired this was probably the earliest they could resolve the Pelant issue.

  33. Jerri says:

    yawner of an episode. i was expecting more considering how much hype and focus the Pelant storyline has gotten.

  34. Alex says:

    Another disappointing episode, but I’m just glad the whole Petulant storyline is over. It was too quick and easy after all this buildup about what a super villain this guy was to just have Booth noisily pry his way into the Super Villain lair with a K-Bar undetected? Dumb.
    And Petulant is such a super villain that he’s cracked systems that the Chinese, the Russians, and the CIA (not to mention terrorist groups and criminal organizations) would either like to gain access to or would like to protect, yet only Booth and the Jeffersonian group are looking for him? Every government in the world would want this guy to learn how he cracked so many secure systems, but nobody is really trying to find him but this small group of people? The show’s writers really went over the top with this character and I’m glad he’s gone.

    • Jerri says:

      Who’s Petulant? I don’t think you’re watching the same show everyone else is.

      • Damon says:

        Haaaaaaaaaaaa. This.

      • Alex says:

        The word petulant is defined as “having or showing the attitude of people who become angry and annoyed when they do not get what they want”, kind of like a child, Which is how the character Pelant acted, not like some fearsome villain. It’s a sarcastic play on words. Apologies to those with limited vocabularies.

  35. cas says:

    I was kind of sad they killed the cute Flynn guy. He was cute for being older, well older than me. It was not a crazy showdown, but I think after all the crap with Pelant, it was okay not to have a showdown. I am just glad we can move on now.

  36. SK says:

    I’m so glad Pelant is gone. At least, I hope he truly is gone. I kept on saying that they should have shot him again in the head just to make sure, maybe Bones could have done it. Booth shooting him in the chest instead of his head is kind of a head scratcher.
    In answer to those who were saying that Pelant would have had back up plans to be sure in case he dies, I’m thinking that he is so sure that Bones will save him and therefore, did not plan for his own death. He always thought he was ahead of them and therefore would need no back up plan for his demise. Just my thought. On the other hand, maybe the producers are thinking of bringing him back again some time. I sure do hope not. Because if they do, I definitely will stop watching.

  37. Tony says:

    I cried.

  38. Lisa-Anne says:

    I personally think it is not over that when they actually go to get married on the mid season break episode that the alarm clock will come into play because they will have to have something to disrupt the wedding!!

  39. barbara says:

    Too tidy no police came, booth didn’t check pulse. If shot in head more convincing. Guess will have to wait and see. We need another killer not to bring pelant back!!! That would be just plain annoying. As bad as redjohn on mentalist they drag it on and just plain boring

    • daisy says:

      That’s true, Booth didn’t even check Pelant’s pulse and no cops. So there is a chance that Pelant is still alive which will be cool! BUT, i disagree I like Pelant and I think he should come back because Booth was to careless to even check Pelant’s pulse. PELANT SOULD COME BACK!!!!He is not old to me still the best killer on Bones. But if he were to come back make help the team solve the next big bad cases, he is the only one that can solve it any ways. Sorry Barbara but I disagree with you.

      • barbara says:

        Hi Daisy in a way you are right. Pelant was evil but truly a genius. If he’s not dead at least wait til after wedding. Then the female killer can start her havoc boom pelant shows up he can either help her or be of use and help booth and bones.

        • daisy says:

          Barbara, !!!!I TOTALLY AGREE!!!! I would LOVE Bones more if that happens. I hope the EP’s think about doing that whole Pelant comeback. In my opinion I think that the ratings would get higher, as long as Booth and Brennan stay together married the ratings will go up. That was a good idea!!WOW!!I am still thinking weather to get Bones seasons 4,5,6,7,8 on my birthday, but if that Pelant comeback happens I will go to the store the moment the episode is over and by all those seasons. Lets wait and see what happens.!!!!PELANT’S COMEBACK!!!!That would be awesome. :)

        • dj says:

          If he wasn’t dead don’t you someone would have mentioned the lack of a body?
          It’s TV don’t over think it.

  40. Jean Carlson says:

    I thought Pelant was going to suddenly spring back to life or something and that ruined the proposal scene for me.

  41. Eh, it should have been way more exciting to get rid of Pelant.

  42. Naomi says:

    I think Pelant is dead HOWEVER the story may not be. Remember waaaaay back in the S8 Premiere when Hodgins came close to killing Pelant and he realised that Pelant /wanted/ to die? I think Pelant was setting things up for Booth to kill him.

    I also think he might have plans to be enacted after he’s gone. Maybe the alarm clock factors in, maybe the female serial killer factors in but I think now that Pelant seems to be down, he’s going to take the Jeffersonian down with him from beyond the grave.

    • Amanda says:

      That’s what I’m thinking too. All the things you mention will be brought up again when the new serial killer finally shows herself remember Pelant consider this all to be a game he was playing with the team. Pelant is no longer alive to play but the female serial killer that he knew about is, that’s why the writers didn’t bring it up in Pelant’s finale episode. At less that’s what I believe.

  43. lisa says:

    How lousy is security at the Jeffersonian? Pelant had time to break in, rummage around and re-package several boxes of remains, then later come back in to confront Bones — no telling what else he did.

    • Bridget says:

      And considering that was the same room where Brennan was shot last season, you’d think Booth would’ve insisted upon increased security for bone storage. Even if Pelant steals someone else’s key access to get in, any security guard would know it was Pelant on sight with his mangled face.

  44. addie says:

    I think this (Pelant’s dead) was nicely realistic, he wasn’t the kind of a bad guy that would end with big fight, shooting etc. he was a good serial killer because of his mind, he was the big badass guy, so the way he died, I think it was great. Loved the whole episode. Can’t believe the show is better then ever in its ninth season! Way to go!

  45. myos says:

    At the end there, I was REALLY hoping Booth would wait until they got out to propose.

    Twenty years down the line, when Christine goes ‘so, how did you and mom get engaged?’, Booth will have to open by ‘well, we were in an abandoned power plant…there was the cooling body of this serial killer in the background…whom I’d just killed…it was all very romantic.’

    • Bridget says:

      Yeah, that’s the part I found anticlimactic. Booth explains why he had to renege on Brennan’s initial proposal, Brennan is all, oh yeah, I pretty much figured, (yet it took her THREE MONTHS and talking to from Cam and Aldo to figure that out), and then the reproposal sounded like they were negotiating a business deal. That Booth – what a romantic!

  46. David4 says:

    I enjoyed it and the tease for the new bad guy (or gal) that is coming next. Glad that storyline is closed.

    However where is the baby?

  47. Rich Abey says:

    Best comment of the entire season so far came from Brennan: “I know I always sleep best after several orgasms.” Almost choked on my lemonade on hearing that!

  48. Pat says:

    Well I watched it on my DVR today and I expected just a little more action to the killing of Pelant. With this character hanging around for the past couple of seasons and all the crazy devastation that he inflicted, I expected his demise would have been more exciting then what I saw.

  49. Is Pelant truly dead?????? Too many unanswered questions left dangling.

  50. jj says:

    Is Pelant really dead? Please say it is true. Then I can start watching the show again. I hate this nonsense character.

    • daisy says:

      Sorry jj, I COMPLETLY DISAGREE with you. The only reason I watch Bones is for the Booth and Brennan wedding and Pelant. Pelant better not be dead because if he is dead I’d only watch the wedding episode and THAT’S IT,NO MORE BONES. So I hope Pelant isn’t dead yet. I don’t mind if he does die, but not like that and not yet. It was to boring and still to many questions unanswered.