Ratings: Scandal Hits All-Time Highs, Vampire Diaries Returns Down, Glee Slides

Ratings Scandal Season 3 PremiereDefinitely Gladiators. Not bitches.

ABC’s Scandal on Thursday night opened Season 3 with 10.5 million total viewers and a 3.6 demo rating — up 15 and 13 percent from its May finale to hit all-time highs in both measures.

Versus its sophomore opener, the buzzy drama surged 59 and 71 percent.

Leading into Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy (9.4 mil/3.0) was steady in viewers but down 12 percent in the demo from its two-hour opener.

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THE CW | The Vampire Diaries returned to 2.6 mil/1.2, up in viewers from its May finale but down 19 and 25 percent from its previous premiere. The Originals (in a “special” time slot) led out of that with 2.15 mil/0.9, down 25 percent from Beauty and the Beast‘s year-ago launch but delivering the same retention (75 percent) out of TVD.

FOX | The X Factor (7 mil/2.0) gained viewers but ticked down a tenth week-to-week. Glee (4.5 mil/1.6) was down 12 and 20 percent from its season opener.

CBS | The Big Bang Theory delivered 17.8 mil and a 5.0, dipping 6 and 9 percent from last week’s 8 o’clock showing. The Millers debuted out of that with 13.2 mil/3.3, down two tenths from Two and a Half Men‘s year-ago opener while drawing more viewers. The Crazy Ones followed with 11.8 mil/2.9, down 26 percent in the demo from its launch but leading its time slot in total viewers. Two and a Half Men (9.3 mil/2.4) was down 17 percent from its premiere. Elementary (9.2 mil/2.0) dipped 10 percent and a tenth.

NBC | Parks and Rec was steady with 3.5 mil/1.3, and lead-out Welcome to the Family debuted to a 3.3 mil and a 1.2 (versus Up All Night‘s 3.1 mil/1.3). Sean Saves the World premiered with 4.9 mil/1.6, up in viewers but down in the demo from The Office‘s final season opener (4.3 mil/2.1). The Michael J. Fox Show (5.9 mil/1.9) fell 14 percent in the demo from its debut. Parenthood (4.8 mil/1.7) is up a tick from its opener (pending possible NFL preemption adjustments).

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  1. Elyse says:

    yay for Scandal!!! such a good show! I watched the first 2 seasons over the summer and I was hooked instantly :)

    • ajintexas says:

      Yeah this is a really great show. It definitely needs more episodes as well. And btw, Matt I will give you a dollar if you stop callling shows “buzzy”.

  2. JJM says:

    Any moment now until ABC adds an additional two episodes to Scandal…

  3. Alice says:

    Shocked that both Glee and the Originals bottomed out tbh…..well not that shocked about Glee.

    • Elyse says:

      a 0.9 isn’t bottoming out for a CW show. it was on a special night and time not to mention in Columbus where I live they showed some stupid high school football game and pushed the Originals back to 11pm. I haven’t watched the episode yet but from what I’ve heard they pretty much just replayed the backdoor pilot we all saw last season on TVD. I’ll be curious to see the ratings when it’s on it’s normal night and time!! now Glee… that doesn’t surprise me. I just couldn’t get into this season!

      • Alice says:

        This season is actually much better (so far) than last season tbh as for the originals I just expected better numbers.

        • Elyse says:

          I definitely thought the Originals would do better too! still as long as its enough to get a second season i’m happy! Glee is definitely better than last season but in my opinion that isn’t saying much! last season was awful. i watched last weeks Glee and had to delete the series off my DVR. same with Greys. i can’t get into Greys anymore either!

      • dude says:

        That’s not horrible numbers for a CW show but it’s not great numbers for a premier especially considering Beauty and the Beast premiered better and we know how their ratings turned out. I never really expected The Originals to be a huge success but I thought they’d at least crack 1.0 in the demo for their premier. I guess the real test will be Tuesday.

  4. DK says:

    Glee can expect a huge boost next week, so I don’t think FOX would be too worried at this point.

    • Ed says:

      I agree with this. I haven’t watched Glee since Blaine and Kurt broke up the same day as Finchel. So repetitive. But I will definitely watch Corey’s tribute episode

    • Alice says:

      The worry should come after the tribute episode IF the viewers leave again.

      • Daven says:

        Considering it’s the last (and most meaningful) episode for almost a month (baseball playoffs), I’m pretty sure some viewers won’t come back.

    • Dee says:

      FOX is super worried about Glee, let’s not kid ourselves here. They brought in The Beatles and Demi Lovato/Adam Lambert and this episode turned out to be an all-time low in total viewers and demo.
      Yes, Glee will get a huge boost next week due to the tribute episode, but you’re deluded if believe those ratings will stick.

      • kd83954 says:

        FOX isn’t worried about Glee. They renewed it for two seasons (ending after season 6). The show is still incredibly popular, has a huge internet fanbase, and a devoted following. They’ve been bringing in major actors in guest arcs since season one AND has had monster tribute episodes before (Madonna, Michael Jackson). It’s not going anywhere.

        • Alice says:

          LOL this delusion its not going anywhere because of the renewal but you can bet season 6 will be its last especially at these ratings. internet fanbase, devoted followings mean nothing, your key phrase is “in the past”.

          • dude says:

            They’ve already said season 6 will be its last. They had decided on that before the season premiered. They’re not worried about it, they’ve already planned its end and renewed it for two seasons. Ratings are kind of meaningless at this point.

          • kd83954 says:

            Thanks, “dude.” FOX has already said that season 6 will be it’s last. If anything, they may change the night/time of the show but they’re not going to take it off the air.

          • Kainer says:

            really? can i have a source please?

        • Kainer says:

          LOL “incredibly popular” with whom? People on Mars

          • dude says:

            It may not be a ratings juggernaut but (positive or negative) people can’t stop talking about it online. It has buzz and that’s more valuable than ratings in this day and age. Like it or not, by constantly trashing it online, you’re creating a dialogue and keeping it on the air. It’d be more deadly if no one talked about it at all.

          • kd83954 says:

            I agree with, “dude.” The fact that every single TVLine article on Glee has a ton of comments (mostly negative, btw), just goes to show that people are talking about it. I’m not sure what other sites you guys look at, but Glee is talked about everywhere. The show illicit passionate comments -both good and bad.

          • Kainer says:

            so you’re basically saying Glee is incredibly popular because a lot of people hate it. make sense. justin beiber is popular and a lot of people hate him

          • kd83954 says:

            That’s not what we’re saying. We’re saying that people are TALKING about it –both good and bad. It has almost as many negative passionate people talking about it as it does positive passionate people talking about it. Glee is obviously doing something right to illicit such strong reactions from BOTH sides. THAT is what we’re saying.

          • Lana says:

            For people claiming that glee is still “talked about everywhere” as a way of thinking this show is still bankable are doing two things. One you’re acting as though internet comments equal dollar signs- they don’t. And that any press is good press- it’s not. You’re not factoring in the GENERAL AUDIENCE. Those are people NOT on the internet, not tweeting or tumblring, or whatever. Those are people who have no idea usually about the back stage mess or anything like that .They watch for the show itself, the plot, and the characters they’ve gotten used to. The GA have no weird loyalty to a show. If things go bad they turn the channel. They aren’t the fandom. What you’re looking at is the fandom still caring about this show. The fandom will always care about this show but the GA, who the marketing world pays attention to for commercials, will not if they think it’s gone down the crapper. The current ratings for glee show that much. People are speaking through their remotes. And these ratings have been going down since last season. The horrible season 4. And none of the songs have been charting since mid season 4. Of course people can blame it on Cory’s passing but, real talk, it had been steadily declining since season 4 and season 5 just shows that most of the GA just decided not to return. It’s sad because I loved the show at one time, and having an attachment to certain actors on the show I still pay attention to what is happening, but the GA is not the same. They’re not getting off of a long say of work or school and going to sit through a bad show out of some weird loyalty to it.

        • Lydia says:

          If internet fanbases were worth much Dr. Who, Teen Wolf, and Supernatural would be the highest rated shows on TV.

    • Jen says:

      Next week will definitely get a surge, but it’ll be back to standard numbers the following week. They’ll tout next week’s ratings for sure, but they really won’t be accurate.

      • Stacey says:

        It’s going on a several week hiatus after the “Goodbye Finn” episode due to the tragedy and baseball. I do agree, it will likely get a bump and a bump especially in DVR’s. I am thinking a larger part were Rachel and Finn supporters and were waiting for them to get back together. Cory’s death broke them, and it’s harder to watch for them. I still enjoy the show. But it is not the same in some ways. I assume FOX will try to move to a new night. I can’t see them happy with it’s performance or X Factor’s in that matter on Thursdays… But X Factor looks better right now.

  5. Ram510 says:

    Great for Scandal!!!!

  6. Shaun Ed says:

    I was honestly expecting Scandal to be get at least 4.0 on demo after all the hyped. I’m hyped myself but I haven’t seen the episode yet. I also watch Elementary and since it went right against Scandal, I’m guessing its in a much worse position that it was last week.

  7. JR says:

    The Glee showrunners should have taken better care of their core characters last season. I completely lost interest in Glee (Blee) in Season 4 but continued to tune into to see Cory Monteith (who was always interesting no matter how lame Finn’s storyline). I would still be watching for him and to see how Finn and Rachel’s arc was resolved but of course that can’t happen now. And Rachel’s broadway success is just not that compelling without Finn as they were always the metaphor for the entire show.

  8. TV Gord says:

    I’m glad The Crazy Ones didn’t lose too much of its audience (just the usual second-week drop off). Last night’s episode wasn’t the strongest storywise, but I love the cast. James Wolk is the standout, but I’m a big fan of Sarah and Hamish, and I am enjoying a toned down Robin.

  9. shar says:

    The Crazy Ones was good, Michael J. Fox’s show was a lot better since they didn’t concentrate so much on his parkinsons. Love Parenthood and the new Sean Saves the World.

  10. Ringgo says:

    Sad about glee ratings(considering it used to be such a hit) but not surprised. Ryan Murphy seemed to be over focusing on Blaine and newbies this past seasons while other original characters only get few screen time. It starting to show that people sick of that, including me that stopped watching the whole show since last year and I’m worried any change of direction glee might have in the future will be too late to save the show

  11. KCC says:

    Is this the first time that Scandal beat Elementary in total viewers?

  12. Mikael says:

    I love that Glee only did 0.4 better than a CW show. It’s such a shame that a once great show went so sharply downhill. The first half of season 1 was perfection. I forgot the Originals started and didn’t record it. Wasn’t it just a rehash of the backdoor pilot but told from Elijah’s POV? If so, I don’t think I missed much.

  13. Rod says:

    Glad to see how well Scandal did. And the bump will be big on the DVRs as well. Doesn’t matter how the numbers are for Glee. It’s got 2 more seasons to go and is still popular overseas, so it is a cash cow for the network internationally.

  14. Two and a Half men: They killed off the wrong brother. Pretty much every scene last night was really funny…as long as Alan wasn’t in it. The character has really played itself out. The rest of the cast seemed to really be having fun. As much as I like Jon Cryer, the character of Alan should follow Jake to Japan.

    And what happened to Melanie Lynskey (Rose)? Wasn’t she starting to stalk Waldon last year? Another funny actress that needs to be brought front and center…in MY opinion.

  15. DOT says:

    Can we talk about the awsome thursday nbc lineup!!!!!!! Also loved the millers!

  16. Lana says:

    So happy for Scandal!!! YAY! That show is QUALITY. And it’s always great to see a quality show- that also promotes diversity- winning out in it’s spot for sure.
    Not surprised about glee at all. Ratings were declining since season 4 (what a bad season that was) and I think the general audience just decided not to come back. I know some are saying it’s due to Cory’s passing but I don’t think that’s the case at all. When 8 Simple Rules’ John Ritter passed, the ratings went up due to the general audience wanting to see how the show would work without John and also because the show was still quality. That’s just not the case with glee. It hasn’t been quality for some time now and no amount of gimmicks (Demi, Adam L.) is going to change that. At this point I would hope they’d try to bring more of the originals back into the fold and wrap up their storylines for the last two seasons, but who knows. I think they figured if they brought in some new characters and kept a few of the fan favs like Rachel, Finn, Kurt, and Santana around that would keep things steady. But I think they underestimated the general audience loving the WHOLE original cast.
    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m tired of seeing Amber Riley (Mercedes) come onto the show for an episode just to stand around. That’s not how you treat an original, who has sung plenty of songs that have charted for this show. Will we ever know about Mercedes’ personal life again? Same goes for their treatment of my fav Dianna Agron. That really annoys me how they did Quinn’s storyline. I use those two as an example because out of the cast those two are probably the most talked about outside of the show right now. Amber with the MEGA HIT DWTS (17 million viewers each Monday and she’s one of the favs on that show as well) and Dianna with her movie ‘The Family’. YET glee couldn’t be bothered to ask Di back for the Cory episode, and so far Amber has just been standing around as Mercedes? It’s like, use your resources glee! You have fan favs there that would draw in attention and ratings yet you’re relying on random guest stars and new characters no one identifies with? sigh.

  17. Ally Oop says:

    Originals went against a very good episode of Big Bang and next week it goes against Agents of SHIELD which doesn’t bold well. I really liked yesterday’s Originals episode and the ending shocked me. Hopefully the CW can recognize that The Originals has some tough competition and keeps that in consideration. Perhaps they may if online viewing does well and pvr ratings as well. Tuesday’s and Thursdays are such jam-packed nights for me–I had to forego recording Crazy Ones to my pvr last night as I can only record one show at a time so I missed that, even with time shifting. Once Reign debutes, it’ll be a really tough timeslot for me to choose. I really like the promos for it.

    • Mikael says:

      I think with the CW, a show just has to do as well as or better than the other shows on the network. If the Originals can keep up with Arrow, Supernatural and Vampire Diaries, I’m sure it will be fine. I think it has a better chance of surviving than Tomorrow People.

  18. tvfreakum says:

    Reblogged this on Some Thoughts on TV and commented:
    Great ratings for Scandal

  19. James D says:

    I hope Crazy Ones remains steady. I personally find it Hilarious, and would love for it to continue

  20. jimbo says:

    Wow! Parenthood goes up against Elementary AND Scandal this week as well, yet pulls off to tick up a tenth. So, so happy to see it. Once the hype for TMJF settles Parenthood may actually be the best show on Thursdays for NBC – ratings and qualitywise. Go Bravermans!

  21. Nichole says:

    Am really enjoying The Crazy Ones, loved the line “don’t forgot your complementary muffin while you’re fleeing for your life” or something to that affect, very well delivered!

  22. missvci says:

    I wish more people watched Parenthood, every episode is so amazing, granted it leaves you frustrated and in tears at times, but hey doesn’t any family. And yes I was so nervous after it premiered down last week without a new episode of Scandal or Elementary. But yay from ticking up against that insanely awesome Scandal premier. ( I dvr’ed Scandal and watched Parenthood live because i know parenthood needed the viewership more)

    I love both Parenthood and Scandal so hope Parenthood survives this season, especially after finally getting a full 22 episode order.

  23. Shaun says:

    I think people heard that most of Originals was rerun clips.

  24. David4 says:

    Who would have thought Scandal would even get a second season after the 7 episode season 1 burnoff it got.

    Now it’s the best drama on the network.

    CBS really can’t do two nights of comedy. They should move The Crazy Ones to 8:30 Thursdays and start canceling other things and fill in Mondays.

  25. Brenda says:

    I couldn’t watch tvd or the originals last nite had to work :( 1st season I missed :( can’t believe it but I watched it online this morning I couldn’t wait so I hope they count as me watching it lol love both shows

  26. sarah says:

    Vampire Diaries, Originals and Parenthood were all fantastic!
    Just watch Greys and Crazy Ones.
    Too many good shows on one night. :)

  27. Babygate says:

    Why not wait until the final numbers are out so the article could be accurate. Greys was adjusted up to 3.1 and 9.6 million viewers. And the entire NBC lineup was adjusted at least a tenth down. And, awesome for Scandal. The premiere was phenomenal!

  28. Lala says:

    Scandal season opernerwas awesome, happy all gladiators was out and supporting and if the considered international viewers Scandal would be closer to 21 mil at least. LalaGladiator from Trinidad and Tobago