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The Originals: What's Cami's Point? Romance for Elijah? And 4 Other Burning Qs Answered

The Originals Season 1 SpoilersViewers already got a glimpse of The Originals via The Vampire Diaries, but we still have plenty of questions about The CW’s newest bloodsucking series (premiering Thursday at 9/8c).

To get answers about Cami’s role in the show, Rebekah’s introduction, Elijah’s possible love interest and more, TVLine went to executive producer Michael Narducci.

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I DIDN’T SEE THE PILOT. CAN I STILL WATCH THE SHOW? | You bet. In fact, Thursday’s premiere will retell the story of this past April’s episode from Elijah’s POV, so newbie viewers will be able to follow along. But that doesn’t mean those who did watch the pilot will be bored. “In that unique vantage point, we’re going to reveal a lot of the things the audience was not privy to,” previews Narducci. “You’re going to learn a lot more information. You’re going to see a different story. The ending, in particular, is very shocking and different. It’s going to lead directly into where our series is going for the first several episodes.”

HOW DOES CAMI, A HUMAN, FIT INTO A SHOW ABOUT VAMPIRES AND WITCHES? | “Very early on, we’ll see that she catches the eye of Marcel,” teases Narducci. “So if you’re Klaus, and you want to get to the bottom of Marcel and his power dynamic, it’s very interesting to notice that this girl Cami has caught Marcel’s eye.” Naturally, the Original will cozy up to the psych student, who becomes something of an unexpected friend. “A lot of the fans are assuming, ‘Oh my God, is there going to be a romance?’” says the EP. “I think it’s far more interesting to play just a human connection, ’cause he doesn’t really have a lot of friends. Klaus is someone who either kills you or manipulates you. Cami is someone who is educated enough that he might take a pause and just be curious to get to know her. Her history with New Orleans and her education are going to make her someone very interesting for Klaus to interact with.”

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The Originals Season 1 SpoilersWHAT HAPPENED TO THE DAVINA CHARACTER? | The young witch (played by Danielle Campbell) – who appears in the director’s cut of the pilot, available at CWTV.com – was cut from the aired broadcast. “I was heartbroken when they were not able to include [her] in the episode,” admits Narducci. “But really, it’s more in line with the series, and less in line with what the story was of that Vampire Diaries episode.” As for the reveal that Marcel is using Davina to control the witches, “We will go forward under the assumption that people are aware of that information, but we will do the reset” explaining her relationship to the vampire, adds the EP.

WHEN WILL REBEKAH JOIN HER BROTHERS IN NEW ORLEANS? | “She will get involved, and more importantly, she will have reason to get involved very soon,” hints Narducci. “And not perhaps the reason you might expect. Not the baby reason. Other reasons, one which is deeply personal to her and one that is shocking.”

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IS HAYLEY JUST A PAWN IN THE WITCHES’ WAR WITH MARCEL? | “One of the big complications early on is: If Hayley is carrying this child, where can she be where she’s safe, given everything that’s going on in New Orleans?” says Narducci. “Protecting her and protecting that child is a big part of what both Klaus and Elijah’s drive will be going forward. They want to take over New Orleans [and] take down Marcel. But they also have this girl who has her own will. She doesn’t take to being manipulated. She doesn’t take to being ordered around.”

WILL THERE BE ROMANCE BETWEEN SOPHIE AND ELIJAH?  | “[Sophie] has to hold Hayley and the unborn child hostage to try to manipulate the Original vampires,” explains Narducci. “Elijah sees this and does not like being manipulated. And yet, you have to respect someone with the bravery to try to manipulate the Original vampires… There will be romance for Sophie, and there will be romance for Elijah… We’ve got some cool twists coming up.”

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  1. Cherry says:

    So excited! Leah Pipes as Cami will be amazing. I loved her chemistry with Klaus and it’ll be interesting to see his connection with her as he views humans as inferior, it’ll be nice to see him see that she isn’t like the rest.

  2. huda says:

    Camille can go with Marcel..beacuse of Coures KLAROLINE!

  3. Amanda says:

    i’m really trying to get excited about this show, but it’s not happening. the backdoor pilot was awful…i don’t understand how a “re-telling” of it as episode 1 will help. i just can’t get behind the awful twilight baby storyline that came out of nowhere. still not sure if i’m tuning in tonight or not…

    • dmac says:

      Than by all means don’t watch. I for one thought the pilot was good with the potential to be great and having tonight’s episode from Elijah’s POV is just what it needed. I for one am really glad they are not having Kalus and Cami become romantically involved, it serves the story better to have them remain friends. Not every relationship has to be a romantic one. This is a lesson TVD needs to learn and fast.

    • Cort says:

      They had me with the backdoor pilot and I was excited throughout but then they dropped the magic baby bomb and poof went all of my excitement. I really loved the Originals…they were my favorite part of TVD (along with Caroline and Stefan). I’m going to watch it and just see where it goes. Hoping Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah remain the characters I loved before. Also Marcel is gorgeous and I’m intrigued with the witchy powerblock SL. The rest I’ll just deal with. Hopefully my excitement will come back tonight.

    • Naazneen says:

      I am quite over the complaints about the “twilight-esq” hybrid baby. At least the reasons for the conception make more sense here than it ever did in Twilight. Also, this isnt the first show to do vampire pregnancy, Joss Whedon did it on Angel. And that was done very well. (Until Connor grew up and became a prick. But thats another story). Get over the baby gripes. Hayley isnt my fave either, but she was a hell of a lot more tolerable in the first ep than any on TVD. I might even be able to stand the actress. But its early days yet. TO was fantastic. Daniel Gillies did an AH-MAY-ZING job! Love Elijah! Plus, total sparks with Sophie!

  4. Brandy says:

    I wondrer if CW isn’t concerned about this show as they made two more pilots (one from Elijah’s pov and a directors cut).

  5. Kristen says:

    The first time I saw the Original’s I wasn’t blown away, by any means. It was alright, but nothing I was really excited for. When I watched the Director’s Cut, for some reason I enjoyed it more. I know it was the exact same episode, with the addition of Davina, but perhaps that’s what won me over. Either way, I’m actually very excited for this season. I have to say though, I felt a hint of chemistry between Elijah and Hayley. It was when he gave her his jacket b/c there was a chill, and she commented about chivalry. I have a feeling those two might have a few moments between them. I never really considered Sophie and Elijah, but I can see how they would swing it. I’m not sure who Sophie’s love interest could be other than Elijah I suppose, unless we haven’t met him yet.

  6. mac says:

    WHEN WILL REBEKAH JOIN HER BROTHERS IN NEW ORLEANS? | “She will get involved, and more importantly, she will have reason to get involved very soon,” hints Narducci. “And not perhaps the reason you might expect. Not the baby reason. Other reasons, one which is deeply personal to her and one that is shocking.”

    don’t dare killng Elijah…please don’t

  7. sum says:

    I would be super excited about this if it weren’t for that god damn baby story line. So boring!

  8. Just sayin says:

    Lol. I love VD(there’s a sentence I never thought I’d type) and I’m really excited about The Originals but I’m so tired of the word doppelganger.

  9. representingtheabq says:

    Klaus and Cami, yes! It will start as a friendship but it will grow to something more. The chemistry and sparks are there for a reason! Hoping for Haylijah as well.

  10. Natalia says:

    I love the idea of Klaus/Cami being friends. Cami is already growing on me.
    I like the idea of some kind of Marcel/Cami/Klaus thing.
    I would love to see Elijah/Sophie! I think there is some sexual tension there.
    Davina has me intrigued.
    Hayley won me over in this episode. So Klaus does want her safe.
    I hope Rebeka gets a real storyline. One where she has friends and some moments of happiness.
    I really liked the new scenes and I look forward to seeing what this show has to offer.

  11. kristin says:

    I really want caroline to join show eventually but for now I would be interested in marcel/cami/klaus.

  12. Jet says:

    Please, i just want to get to know the characters more. Why is Davina helping Marcel? Is’nt she a witch like the rest of the others? And why the hell is Markel killing witches? Does’nt make any sense!

  13. Jet says:

    And why is Elijah’s story being dragged? HELL! But i love the original hope i do like in TVD!

  14. lizette says:

    I’m loving this show I could see this show going on foward but most important is that klaus and caroline joint together as a couple I just hope the writers don’t mess this up and keep blowing us with lots of surprise’s but with good news.

  15. Charlene says:

    I love the show the show is awesome I’ve always loved the show the vampire diaries but this is even better I just wish I knew what was going on with Haley’s baby the hybrid

  16. Krystal says:

    Yeah, they say that they aren’t going to get Cami and Klaus together but the more I watch, the more I am starting to hate it. There’s attraction (not friendship) and its kinda gross- what with the goo-goo eyes and then the next episode has them crying together now?! WTF? Gag! Sure, the general story line of the Originals is interesting, great idea, but seriously, after sitting through now 5 seasons of the Vampire Diaries watching probably one of the worst love triangles ever for a hint of something good. We FINALLY get to a couple that shippers are dying for in season 4… Klaus and Caroline… only to pull this crap. Two different shows and some knock-off wanna be Caroline look-alike with a shrink complex… I swear to whoever gives a damn me and everyone I know will drop this show quick if that happens. Prollu be better on all of us.

  17. Hallie says:

    I have to say i find cami boring and i wouldn’t care if they killed her off there is nothing appealing about her and the only use i see is it gives the writters a way to humanize klaus. Caroline aside i don’t see much but the writers are smart enough not to go the romantic route because wether u are a klaroline fan or not it wouldn’t make sense for klaus to go from telling caroline he will be her last love no matter how long it takes. Romance isn’t really a part of this show the way it is on tvd and i think fans (considering how popular klaroline is) would turn away from this show. I think the whole cami thing is more to make klaus an anti hero more then the villian he was on tvd something like damon. There is also the fact the show is pushing crossovers it maybe the originals aren’t doing as well as they hoped and it seems they are pushing klaroline more then they did when jm was on the show which tells me that either candice will switch shows at some point or they intend to make klaroline in some way a part of the show even if she isn’t physically there

  18. Yanet says:

    I don´t like Cami. I want Klaus and Caroline nothing more.