NCIS Boss Spills Secrets Behind Ziva's Exit: What Changed? Was a Kiss Cut? Could She Return?

Past, Present, and FutureWhen all was said and done (and being watched by 20 million viewers), NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg says he was “very pleased” with how longtime cast member Cote de Pablo‘s final episodes unfolded. That said, there were wrinkles to be ironed out as he rejiggered his original Season 11 launch plan to accommodate this important goodbye, sprung on him, as it was, late in the process. Here, Glasberg answers TVLine’s burning questions about Ziva’s exit.

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HOW DID COTE DE PABLO’S EXIT CHANGE THE ORIGINAL SEASON 11 PREMIERE STORYLINE? | Most simply said, “There is no comparison,” Glasberg asserts. “My intention was to pick up where we left off and tell the story of Gibbs and where we left him, with the sniper rifle, and set up some of the Parsa/terrorist storyline that is going to follow through this season.” Once it became clear that the actress and show would be parting ways, Glasberg says, “I realized very quickly that we couldn’t [write Ziva out] in one episode — there was no way — and do it properly, and that’s why it turned into a two-parter. And that’s why the significant second half of the [Season 11 premiere] became about her.”

WAIT, SO ZIVA WASN’T EVEN ‘OFF THE GRID’ IN THE ORIGINAL VERSION…? | “No, not at all,” Glasberg makes clear. As originally laid out, DiNozzo, McGee and Ziva “all went off and were doing their separate things [during the four-month time jump], and I had a sense of something that I wanted her to be doing. But while she was separated from the group, it was not to the extent that you saw.”

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WAS THERE A SECOND TONY/ZIVA KISS THAT DIDN’T MAKE THE CUT? | In the two-part premiere, no. But in an episode from a previous season, Glasberg shares, “There was a kiss that existed at one point that was a last-minute addition to a sequence that never got used. It was something we had toyed with once before. And if there’s an opportunity at some point to dig it up out of the archives, maybe I will.”

DID THE GOODBYE SCENE EVER FEATURE AN OUTRIGHT CASABLANCA REFERENCE FROM FILM BUFF TONY? | Noting the similarities to [spoiler alert] the acclaimed Bogart film’s ending, Glasberg says, “We had been talking about visually what we wanted this to be, and there was a lot of talk about being out on an airfield and putting that plane in the background” — but that’s where the Casablanca similarities ended. “There was some joking about [Tony saying, ‘We’ll always have Paris’], actually. But it was never scripted.”

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WHY WERE COTE DE PABLO’S FINAL EPISODES RATHER, WELL, COTE-LIGHT? | Glasberg says, “I understand that reaction to the first [Season 11] episode,” which did not feature de Pablo at all, “but that was stuff that literally had to be written at a time when there were still issues being figured out. Devices and decisions like having them Instant Messaging each other were put together because I had to.” As for “hiding” Ziva until midway through Episode 2, “We just wanted the story to build and ramp properly,” he explains. “We wanted to feel Tony’s search appropriately, and the only way you feel that is, for a little while, to have him looking for her. To not have him connect with her just yet. The only way we can do that is to have her not be present, and then have her appear when we least expect it.

IS THE PROVERBIAL ‘DOOR OPEN’ FOR ZIVA/COTE’S ONE DAY RETURN? | To that obvious inquiry, Glasberg can only note at this early stage, “”Ziva’s not dead! She’s not dead.”

NEXT WEEK ON TVLINE: Gary Glasberg previews life at NCIS after Ziva, reveals what her successors will bring to the empty desk and weighs in on battling those Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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  1. Patrick says:

    In other words, it was too expensive to get her back given that she wasn’t under contract. So they barely featured her because of the cost, combined with the realities of writing/producing a show.

    Of course they left the door open. If Shield had been a monster hit, CBS would have broken the bank at some point to get her back in the fold. But Shield isn’t a monster (though I really enjoy it), so they won’t.

    This will be like Lilith on Fraiser. She will show up periodically, during sweeps, to goose viewership. It is a good deal for her (500,000 or so for a few weeks of work), and it is a good deal for CBS.

    Now, if the numbers crater in the wake of her leaving, CBS will write her a blank check.

    • Stacey says:

      They still might. The show just lost Ziva. So the haven’t shown us the aftermath. No telling what the ratings will be like. We might not see Ziva again this season, but I could see it next year. If only CBS pays what she’s worth. I do agree contract and actually having to pay her for her time meant not a lot of Ziva time.

      • snappy says:

        Agreed: bringing Ziva back could be ratings driven. As far as episodic television, it was OK. I now enjoy other shows and find their character continuity and content better. I will probably still continue to watch NCIS — it is not in my top 3 must see shows though.

        • Julie McGovern says:

          I have watched NCIS for years so I gave NCIS one episode and it’s confirmed. I will not watch NCIS without Ziva. It’s not the same without all the characters, it’s the interaction that makes the show.

          • Joyce R says:

            I was a faithful fan of NCIS but without Ziva my feelings are changing. The members of the group work so well together – the flow has changed. We had a whole group of us who watched faithfully. This was an unwanted surprise.

          • mil says:

            I totally agree. Chemistry is what has kept viewers coming back each week.

          • Mary Ann says:

            I completely agree with your statement. NCIS is not not my top show to watch. I loved the interaction of the characters and so called personal lives.

          • Dan Gordon says:

            I too agree but I gave it two programs and it is just another cop show to 12 of us

          • Robin says:

            Bring Ziva BACK PLEASE!!!! The NCSI Family is not the same with out Ziva… And the bleach blonde, dark brown eyebrows is a NO GO!!!

          • Judy says:

            This decision was a big mistake! The person taking her place is no match. Will not be as great a show

          • Melody says:

            I agree with you 100% …Ziva is awesome!!! I adore strong woman, with a touch of passion. I will NOT watch NCIS anymore until Ms. Ziva returns ;-(

          • Jessica says:

            I have watched NCIS for a long time when Ziva left the show I was not interested in watching mostly in part of the agent that took Zivas place. No personality compared to the role played by Ziva. I do not watch this show anymore, explained t my husband the blonde just does not cut the role

          • Noelene Mc Dougald says:

            I have always enjoyed NCIS. The interaction between Tony, McGee and Ziva was great! It,s just not the same anymore.

          • Leigh Shafer says:

            Have to agree with y’all – the show isn’t the same without Ziva, and though we’ve tried to like the replacement actress, she’s just not fitting in well. She doesn’t have the chemistry with the others that Ziva had, she does not work well with Gibbs at all – it’s almost as if they really don’t like each other in real life and it comes through on the sound stage. Seriously, I am searching my cable provider for reruns of the older shows – and they are better written too.

          • tejasjulia says:

            Wow. Are we watching the same show? Bishop is wonderful! And her chemistry with the rest of the cast is outstanding. Much better than what we’d been seeing for the past few years. Haven’t seen the cast or the characters this cohesive in many years. 11 has been the best season in a very very long time.

          • I think you jumped in to get everyone worked up or You must have been watching the other NCIS. I am not sure what their plans are for that character. But if it is a daughter figure then put her in a playpen and get another Zova character.

          • Louise says:

            I loved watching NCIS with Ziva in the storyline. The interaction between her, Tony and McGee were so good. I think that if they can get Cote to return to the show, ratings would go through the roof! I love, love, love Mark Harmon so I watch the show, but it’s not the same without the plot that was between Tony and Ziva. The story line with the new agent just isn’t there for me. I don’t enjoy the show as I once did.

          • You are so right! After giving this “new character” (I call her Miss Know-It-All-younger-generation) two shows, I was totally disgusted and have not watched another episode this season.

            And the REAL reason I heard Cote left was all she wanted was for her contract to expire the same year as the other cast members (excluding Mark harmon, of course). It was NOT more money. They refused to honor her request.

            My guess is they will send the new ding dong to L. A. She fits much more perfectly with the ding dongs on there and they will bring Ziva back.

            It’s hard to believe a #1 show can slip so dramatically with the addition of one cast member–this girl is out of her league on this show.

            Bring Ziva back!

          • Ede Kline says:

            I Agree. I never watch it any more. Can’t tolerate the new girl. I’m so impressed with her I can’t remember her name.

          • Vera Jackson says:

            I agree. It’s just not the same. The current characters has no chemistry. I must say it did when Kate and Ziva was part of the team. Now the cohesiveness is missing. I don’t watch it like I use to. I find myself watching the re-runs that includes Ziva and Kate in their episodes. I just don’t like the character Bishop. I’m not impressed.

          • david simons says:

            Bring back Ziva, if possible, her and tony kept you guessing on what’s next for those to.

          • Jack says:

            You do realize the chemistry between the characters doesn’t mean there’s any between the characters? Ziva missed her boyfriend terribly who lives in Europe. That’s the real chemistry.

          • leigh says:

            Whether Ziva returns or not is immaterial at this point. What is important is that the Emily Wickersham character does not work with the rest of the cast. She would probably do quite well in a Hallmark movie, but she doesn’t do episodic TV well at all. The team needs a new member – one who is not a simpering airhead. Phase out this member – let her follow her “husband” as he accepts a career change, and bring in someone of the caliber of a Jeanne Tripplehorn or a Catherine Bell or any other strong, capable, take charge ladies out there. There are hundreds of actresses who can fill this slot so much better than the current occupant.

          • Donna says:

            So true!!! I loved me some Ziva!!! Bishop just don’t have what Ziva brought to the table.

        • Janet Miglioretto says:

          I so agree with you!

          • Adrienne Skoog says:

            I,too, tried to watch Bishop, but she doesn’t hold a candle to Ziva. The show is not the same any more without Ziva. I watch it, but not with the same enthusiasm or interest. Bishop’s role is too blah or is it her acting? Anyway, I am hoping they will bring Ziva back.

          • bob says:

            When they bring Ziva back I will be back watching!

          • babs says:

            I agree too!! Can’t stand the know it all blonde and I am loosing interest in the show.

        • steve patton says:

          I love the show ncis but getting rid of ziva but she is just like ncis on the show and it will very hard to get rid of. bring her back this show is good and she helped making it great.

        • K. Nelson says:

          Without Ziva the show is just so-so!!The blonde chick just isn’t right for the show. it brings the show down. It used to be my favorite show. Now it plays opposite The Voice so, I watch The Voice. Bring Ziva back-Pay her the money. Without her the show is falling down!!!!!!

      • IamVanity says:

        I can not believe they allowed Cote to leave the show. It is insane, after 8 yrs she is as much NCIS as Mark (H) or Michael (W) and even Pauley. I have been unable to watch the new season, although I am recording them incase I get over this hurt of not having Cote on the show as Ziva.

        • manny says:

          Lol… So true.. Im also recording them but havent been able (felt) to see the show again…. Not without Ziva… :-(

        • NCIS4ever says:

          same feeling over here

          • L. Stubbs says:

            I couldn’t agree more. If it is about money, turn over some rocks and find some. NCIS is just another show without her and her interaction with Tony. I have quit watching this year. My husband and I are on Ziva-strike.

        • Believe me, you wil NOT get over it. Bishop is a nightmare.

          And the most effective thing we can do is NOT to watch. This will prove to them that we want Ziva back. If people continue to watch and their numbers stay the same, they will not be convinced to bring her back.

          DON’T WATCH!

          • Lloyd McCown says:

            And if you do not watch and ratings drop they cancel the show and there is nothing for Ziva to come back to. Keep watching the show but pressure the sponsers to bring back Ziva. Boycott the products and the sponsers will have her brought back

          • I think the new character tries to act like Ziva even if the writers said she would be different. She has facial expressions just like Ziva, she can fight and sometimes the script makes her sound like Ziva. I like Ziva much better. Maybe if the writers would change and make this new character different than Ziva it might work. Not the same without Ziva.

          • Betty Kelly says:

            I only watch the re-runs. I don’t like the blonde gal at all, and I am not interested at all in the New Orleans show. Ziva has everything that makes a show good. I do so hope she will consider
            coming back to NCIS.

      • rick hughes says:


        • Jeox says:

          As the ratings now are higher than ever and haven’t dropped at all since she left (spiking up a bit if anything), I really don’t think the show is missing Ziva that much. I suspect it’s actually attracting back people who were alienated during the ZCIS yawn and the endless dreary Tiva years. I know I’m very much looking forward to seeing Bishop and I’m sure other people are too. Cote’s demands were too high for CBS to meet them – I don’t see why they should have to, either. She priced herself out of the market. I’m glad she’s moved on. I actually think it does the show good to have to be more inventive and think on its feet. It’s shaken up the dynamic which was becoming tedious and stale, and given the show a new lease of life. NCIS is and always was about the ‘core four’ in any case: Gibbs, Tony, Abby and Ducky are its heart. Not Ziva.

          • sjk says:

            amen amen amen, Thank you, Thank You, Thank You….so many feel this way. NCIS is Gibbs and Abby and Ducky and TONY. Cote De Pablo was great actor but the Ziva storyline squeezed everyone else to the side and it went on soooo long. And Ziva treated Tony so bad, please let him find a mate that is good to him and for him. Good time for Ziva to move on. Best suggestion… mate for everyone from outside the team. NCIS for as many years as Mark Harmon can handle… then it will be over.

          • Olga says:

            I agree NCIS is not the same without ziva. I gave it a try with the new person but it doesn’t feels the same.

          • Edward says:

            It seems to me that you have insight to demands she made. Could you be a plant to tone down this back lash of her leaving. The Bishop character does not interest me at all. At first I thought she was just out of school. She look’s like a teenager in need of help. She’s a female McGee.

          • I don’t know if you are a plant to keep down the back lash as we all view the show with different eyes and interest. But for me I am not a Bishop character fan. This is second time I heard someone say she was another McGee. Mc Gee has his place and fits in but not two. The show needs another Ziva character. The bickering back and forth with Toney was enjoyable. You had serious,action and humor. The show may pull through but they do need to win some of their old fans back. I would hate to see it end.

          • Myra says:

            Bishop is insipid to say the least. She adds absolutely NOTHING to the show!!!

          • So many agree hope someone is listing

          • They are NOT up–they are way down!!!! Who told you that? They have consistently dropped a little each week since the ding dong Bishop showed up and Ziva left.

          • Toni says:

            You forgot McGee & Palmer..

          • Rebecca says:

            You better read the majority of the comments on how many want Ziva back! Ratings are up? Don’t think so! Shepherd I needs to go!

        • judy says:

          ABSOLUTELY… w/o ZIVA the show is zilch. The new girl – NOT. This NCIS will hit the dirt after this season. It wasn’t broken why in the world did they let ZIVA go?? I think the show will lose or already has lost 90% of their fans.

          • Ratings this season are higher than they were last season. And they didn’t “let her go”, she decided to quit and according to reports from her former coworkers who’ve spoken with her, she’s very happy with her decision.

          • merrie says:

            I cannot tolerate Bishop..she has no personality that I can see….if her scenes were taken out of the episode the episode would not change at all..she adds nothing..i do agree that Ziva kinda took over the episodes she was in but I liked her so much better than Tony…why didn’t they write him out???

          • griff says:

            please,please bring Ziva back. NCIS is the best but not w/o Ziva!!! the chemistry was rare and wonderful.

        • ellen luczka says:

          i agree ….ziva is an important part of NCIS. i watched it tonight, and without Ziva, it was not very good. she is an important part of the show. her replacement, is not even close to being as good as Ziva. get her back.

      • S. Carroll says:

        NCIS was my favorite show until Ziva left. I gave the new season a chance,but it is not the same without Ziva. I do not intend to watch NCIS any more.

      • G J C says:

        I am very sorry to see “NCIS” leave :( as it was one of my favorite “TV” shows on Channel 38. One of my favorite actors was ( Ducky ) and another was ( Abby ). As they were both working together in Abby, in the science Lab and Ducky in the examiners room. But all-in-all it was one of the best show’s on “TV” with Mark Harmon as Gibbs, Sean as Mc Gee and Michael Weatherly as Tony and Cote de Pablo as Ziva.
        I will miss the show very much with the “NCIS” team
        P.S. I hope that they will bring the show back to ( TV ) on channel 38 again :)

      • florian says:

        March 9th…No one can replace Ziva – she had depth and beauty…the interactions/relationships are just not the same without Ziva…I hope she returns – still a great show but Ziva’s absence is always there…an empty space.

        • art reisenauer says:

          pay cote the bucks judge judy gets over 10m , the chemistry is gone you know cbs can afford it I mean were smothered with commericals, look what they paid Seinfeld , look at Disney stock don’t have to be a math major come on boys open your wallet it will be good for business , besides tv doesn’t have much else to offer

      • Robert Kelly says:

        Ziva was a big part to the success of this very good show. I hope they come to there better state of mind and bring her back with a contract.

      • Ron Mahaffey says:

        They need to get her back. To keep with the “nautical theme of the program”, the show is sinking without Viva.
        Ron Mahaffey

    • dude says:

      I’d say it had more to do with the fact they had already planned the episodes and didn’t want to change them entirely.

      • I agree with dude. The conspiracy theories *snore* I love Ziva and Cote seems like a really groovy chick, but NCIS is a crime procedural. It would’ve been ridiculous to just throw out entire story lines to have a Ziva show.

        I hope she does come back to guest star in the future, that would be cool.

        • Marcie says:

          I will like that to.

        • Dan Gordon says:

          I pretty much agree with everyone who commented. I am not sure which road to take but it is just not the same without Ziva. I do know, however that the show is still good. I love all the actors, but without Ziva it doesn’t seem to have that certain zing to it. No longer a must see program

    • Miss Priss says:

      The actress who plays Ziva wanted to spend more time with her dad, who has been in poor health and lives in another country. It was a choice between real world family issues and a TV show. And the producers paved the way for her to return in some capacity in the future.

      • Traci says:

        I was not aware why Ziva was being written out. If in fact Ms. Cote De Pablo’s decision was to spend more time with her father, though I will miss her character, I hope she gets to spend all the time she can, making more memories to cherish letting her dad know how much he is loved and obviously respected by her! The scene allows for her future return and I hope that will eventually take place. As for now, farwell Ziva! You replaced Kate, but I don’t think there will be one that can replace you! Wishing good health to your father and peace to you!

        • nancypuckett says:

          I agree with this, but I really miss Cote De Pablo I hope there is away for her to return. Her an Tony are just to good a couple and things were getting good. I would really like to see her come back with out losing the other girl.

          • Tina R. says:

            I can totally agree with this and I appreciate you saying it, Nancy. It would be great to have both of them being able to work on the show at the same time. But good luck holding your breath for that to happen. I think we all know that if Ziva comes back (which would be full of awesome), Bishop will suddenly have to get married (again)/get pregnant with a litter/fly to India/be abducted/get her head blown off/get lost on her way to work due to sudden-onset Alzheimer’s and be curiously and suddenly written off the show. Sad huh? But I’d bet my ovaries and their fallopian friends it will go down -exactly- like that. Exactly.

            It’s pretty crazy in 2013 the “one token female main character” trope still holds true in most shows. And yeah, there’s Abby and there was Dr. Shepard, but those aren’t field agents (of which I include Ducky), which are the ‘main” characters, or at least, those most in the action. Wouldn’t it be nice for the first time in 12 f*cking years, we actually had, GASP!, *two* main female characters on this show (and not just as temp spots like guest stars, etc)? Yikes, imagine that… I won’t hold my f*cking breath though, but being able to see some female camaraderie for ONCE in a BLUE moon on TV would blow my damn socks off, I think my heart would stop and plunge to a flatline in f*cking shock…. according to TV Land, you would think women hardly have those weird “job” things and almost never work side by side with other women outside of a beauty shop!! As much I enjoy my male characters, I still have to give a huge, enthusiastic F-U to CBS, for being such a G-d damn sausage fest, 96.8364% of the time. Of course, they’re not alone. It’s all the damn networks. OH well, maybe in -another- 100 years we can get fewer assholes in Hollywood that automatically assume having more than one leading female (or non-white) character turns that show into a “women’s”/niche show. That’s sh*t’s being going on since the history of television. Is anyone else as tired of that crap as I am? I get why it was that way for the first 30 or 40 years or so, but you’d think things would start to change by now….it’s only the 2010s. No rush or anything, Hollywood. Yeah, you’re doing great. As we all know, (white) dudes make up at least 98% of the population, both working and general. So I guess its a great thing that TV reflect that, eh? Feh. I like a lot of the shows out there today in and of themselves, but after approx. 20 years of the same old sh*t, well, I’m pretty tired of said sh*t. *sigh*

          • Jacqueline Walker says:

            NCIS has changed. Tony’s role has changed. The dynamics of the show had changed. NCIS fans need Ziva back or should say her character anyway.. It has not been a good change. They meed to heat their fans.

        • NCIS4ever says:

          AMEN to that

      • How do you know has not been revealed…please stop spreading unfounded rumors and just leave it alone.

        • cappy says:

          it was in the newspaper when her exit was announced in INDIANAPOLIS papers. about her spending time with family that live outside of the US.

    • Margo Brumle says:

      I have watched NCIS since it starter and Ziva has been one of the best actors on any show I have watched. I will miss her very much and hope she comes back real soon. She played a major part in helping watchers waiting for the next show. PLEASE BRING HER BACK

    • jovanna says:

      they offered her a lot of money and then even more money. she didn’t want to do it any longer.

    • jimmac says:

      very sad, ziva is a beauty, super star, shes lucky to have escaped the glossy mags, i’m sure we have been lucky to have her and abbey thrill us every week. all say thanks for the memories.,jim

      • I will miss ziva, and hope they bring her back. Bishop is a kind of an odd duck like Abby. I like that.
        But ziva had a strong personality and I think that was good for Tony, admired by Gibbs and Ducky,
        was puzzling and inspiring to Abby and Tim. At times she scared the heck out of all of them and times they all wanted to give her a hug. No doubt she was a big part of the show. But first family’s
        are always more important. I will still watch NCIS and hope she can come back to stay and maybe
        even keep Ms. Bishop.

    • Allison says:

      I am going to stop watching, wait to watch it some other way and hope it does crash so they can write Ziva that blank check, and finally get Tony into a serious relationship that viewers can believe he will stick with!-)

    • Ziva and the team had such chemistry that made the show more popular than ever..There was a magical connection between the whole cast. that made many viewers come back to the show. To many of the general viewers had stopped watching the show because it got boring with the same story line.. It be well worth bring Ziva Back!

      • turqjoisie7 says:

        No offense meant personally E, but why does everyone watch for just one person?? I guess I really don’t get that. There ARE other people in the cast, you know?? I guess I’m only asking this because I’m just a little surprised that at this late date, people are still asking for her to come back right “now”. I really loved Ziva but heck, it’s not called ‘Z’CIS, its NCIS! And NCIS is about TEAM. It’s an ensemble effort. Sure, without her there there isn’t any more of that UST and flirtation between her and Tony, but a show should be good enough to stand on it’s own two legs without that. And I think NCIS is. IMO, “UST” should not have to be integral to a show, but can be used to add to it. A show should have enough substance on it’s own not to absolutely need all that subtext romance and flirting (although there’s nothing wrong with it, I personally usually love it, but IMO an action drama doesn’t need that to be successful.)

        (Also, FWIW, I think she already agreed to come back at some point, I heard something about it online, so if it’s true, then you guys can all relax already.)

        But really.. I missed her at first but it’s been months now, what about everyone else who is still around?? The show is more than any one person, and it should be. Even if Gibbs left, I could keep watching, as long as most of the other characters were still around. (Hell, I could probably keep watching if they switched everyone out, as long as I liked who the replacements were). It’s not as if 8 years isn’t considered an excellent run for any actor. Most TV actors never get a reliable gig that long, ever. So I’m sure she’s quite happy with the opportunity that she had. Anyhow, like I said, i believe she did agree to come back already either this year or next year but it’s not worth it to hate the show in the meantime, unless you never really liked anyone else on it, in which case, I’m not sure how you would have been able to enjoy the show all these years. I think it’s time to take our focus off Ziva for the time being…it’s been a while now, I think we’ve all had time to get used to the news….it’s clear for now she’s not here and not going to be, so let’s just appreciate the same people who have been there for the last 10 years and I think are still worth watching. I guess I just find it prudent not to get over-invested in any one character on any show. I’ve had a lot of heartbreak over the years with my favorite characters leaving/being written off of shows, so now I’ve learned to be more flexible and less crushed if and when it happens, I guess.
        EVERY one on NCIS has something unique to add IMO, and contributes to an interesting and fun overall show. Anyhow, Bishop is there now, she can add her own thing to the group and that may add more interest for those who did feel it was getting dull. But just like in life, people sometimes move on, and we adjust. It’s not like without her, everyone else is worthless and has nothing else to offer. That would be unfair, right? I’ve loved everyone since the beginning, so I’m going to be able to appreciate each cast member until the end. If Ziva does come back as I have heard, than great, I’d be the first to cheer, that would be awesome (and hopefully they’ll keep Bishop if so, the more the merrier for me). But I’m not going to cry in my tostadas every Tuesday in the meantime. I still watch most nights and so far, I think they’re doing really well. No need to be amazing, since these are all just regular, mid-season episodes, but I do think they have been fun, funny, and overall nicely done.

        (again, no offense meant, just my perspective.)

        • I totally agree with everything you say, but in my opinion the show has lost something, to me it has become boring…(but than again, I watched the show for Cote de Pablo) I hope the rumour of her returning for an episode or two are true, but I agree its wrong to stop watching just to spite the other actors on the show.

          • turqjoisie7 says:

            Wow… I wrote a reply to you that was maybe 2/3 as long as the first one, and really nice and friendly, and when I went to post it, I can’t see it here!! Curses!! That’s he first time that’s happened to me here!!! What a waste!! Damn you WordPress, or TVLine, whoever’s damn fault it was!! What a gyp! Well I’m done here, because that’s CRAP! I don’t compose essays that fricking fast anyways, I’m just not a fast writer, and it took me like, 20 mins at least! (*shakes fist at website*) FEH!! Well, a word of warning then to everybody!! Be careful on this site now, always copy your stuff to Notepad or something similar before posting (I should have really done so myself, I can’t count how many times this same damn thing has happened to me elsewhere, or becuz I accidentally press the ‘back’ button on my mouse)… becuz it straight up ATE my damn shizt!! I know because I’ve now refreshed this damn page like five times, and nope…. it ain’t a-there!

            TVLine..I’m very disappointed in you!! I hope you’re proud of yourself!! Well, I’m afraid this means our friendship is off, yep whatashame! (now go sit in the ‘furcking asshole’ corner and think about what you did!)

          • mary myles says:

            Ziva was not the show..She was one character that helped to round the show out without Gibbs and all the others characters we’ll all have this same feeling. We connected with her warrior ways but at the same time her gentleness and sense of loyalty and love for her fellow workers. All the cast have this same repor if not more. You got to admit guys Kate shoes was hard to fill but Ziva filled them with thrills, excitement and wonder from week to week.

        • G J C says:

          Please explain what “FWIW is or what does it mean or what does it stand for. :) ?

        • j.d. tynan says:

          Ziva was never the do-all or die-all for me. And the will=she, won’t-he energy had long played out. As the La Grenouille story got ridiculous. Like the man said well, it is NCIS, the team.

        • Toni M. says:

          I love all the characters, but it seems as though even the writing has changed since Cote left. I just cannot get into it, I even forget that it’s coming on, not toe tigon that I fall asleep when I do remember. Thank god for the reruns on cable or I’d be in withdrawal!! I hope they bring her back and get that chemistry going again.

      • Rebecca says:

        I agree! Watched the show with Ziva’s replacement, BORING! No interactions with Tony & McGhee! Loved how Tony & Ziva interacted with each other, on the comedic side! Miss that! Will probably not watch the new shows, will stick to watching reruns with Ziva & Kate! While I appreciate the fact that Ziva is with her Dad, hopefully when he’s better, she’ll come back! We miss her!

        • Margueritte spears says:

          NCIS has always been my favorite show…. But somehow the loss of Ziva has turned the show into a not to fun show to watch. Do hope you will bring her back, if not on every show at least on several this season. So nice to watch a show with a women with such an attitude to admire. I have watched many shows in my 80 years and this mystery show is the only one that is enjoyable.

    • Rebecca says:

      Love Tony! He makes the show with all his funny comments! It’s good to have a little comedy in the show, not all doom and gloom with murders! But, love Ziva, she was a great partner with Tony (Michael Weatherly), and of course, Mark Harmon, always loved him in anything he was in! Abby, Ducky and McGhee, this is the best cast ever! Bring back Ziva! It’s not the same without her!

    • wild bill says:

      alot of time people grow out of their role and want something more note jessica biels and gabriel union in seventh heaven , note shannon doherty in charmed , note jared padaleckinand gillmore girls

      they all got to a certain point where they felt they needed to expand and get a more focal role

      everyone needs their own thing to be known for in the world of acting ,not everyone can be charlie sheen and just get paid because he is .. welll charlie sheen hahah

      on that note i say it was time for her to go and her replacement emily wickersham as ellie bishop fills her shoe’s with ease , it was time for a new member before ncis got stale

      • carolgrover says:

        Agree with everything you say except that Wickersham fills her shoes. Unforunately the character is so unpleasant, unrealistic and unbelievable that it is impossible to tell whether Wickersham is a good actress or not. This is also why the chemistry on the set seems wrong. Everyone is trying to relate to an unrelateable character. Blame Glasberg. Blame Harmon. Blame the writers. But don’t blame de Pablo as some have been doing. And don’t blame the fans. The ratings are down in the prized age group and no-one at CBS seems willing to acknowledge it.

        • }Fernanda says:

          Well, Ziva could also have been an unpleasant, unreal and unbelievable character. It was no merit of the actress. I think it’s an actor who becomes a believable character or not.
          I do not like what I see on NCIS now. Some episodes abandoned shortly after the half. Weak cases. Characters deleted, no glare, no vibration. I gave credit to all the talk that “the show is used to resist change,” though he did not understand exactly what changes they were referring to. The departure of Sasha Alexander and Lauren Holly? Well, the actresses came out but the line of the show, the dinâminca between characters, were maintained. The show was better because the actresses were replaced by good actors. Then the action of Cote de Pablo and Rock Carrol added much to show.
          The only thing that should probably be replaced with the output of Ziva would be the relationship of cat and mouse between Tony and his female partner work because it would be repeated for the third time within the show factor. Perhaps, perhaps, the principle should not be repeated, because I can not imagine being related to someone Dinozzo skirts as if it were a table or a chair.
          So … I can not understand what the leaders are doing with the show NCIS, but I find regrettable. Unfortunate that have given up Cote de Pablo. As would have been unfortunate that they had given up any of the other actors. Regrettable that have replaced badly. Unfortunate that they have chosen to also stir in the original dynamic that existed between the characters. NCIS was not better for the change, as they said they would. It was bad. Lost its charm. Is like any other TV show. Lost its differential: irreverent characters who related irreverently.
          I’m sorry for us fans. I’m sorry for the other actors, especially MW. A great actor who long ago does not deserve the position of supporting actor in a show and now is almost acting alone.

    • babs lakey says:

      Ziva was and still IS a huge part of NCIS. She was my favorite character or at least I’d say that her being there made the whole thing a ‘fit’! So, not only was she great but she helped make them all greater than they are without her. Please bring her back! For those of us who are faithful fans it was like losing a best friend. No one can replace her!

      • betty balesano says:

        I agree. I love Ziva and the “spice” she brought to the show. I’m not privy to the financial aspects of this controversy, but surely something can be done to bring back Ziva. The chemistry between her and Gibbs, her and Tony, McGee, Abby and Ducky and Jimmy was more than work it was FAMILY. Bishop is smart and sharp in a different way, but she just can’t replace Zibettyva.

        • jean fisher says:

          the new kid is just that – a kid – Ziva is class. she sure helped the show to the top. We sure do miss her a lot. like many of you – she brought family to the show. we’ll say a prayer you’ll be able to return Ziva .

    • Gina says:

      Get Cote. Back Bishop is so bad

    • G Savage says:

      Come on people Its Still a Great Show. As far as money I believe they offered but she turned it down, wanted a break. I will say with Ziva the show had a edge that it has lost now. Ziva was such a complex character, she is hard to replace. I do like the new girl, give her sometime. No she want be Ziva, but who are they going to bring in the girl with the dragon tatoo??

    • Nick Heyward says:

      I thought the show had LONG passed the point of having a believable Tony/Ziva romance so I;m glad they didn’t make that a big feature of the show. I’d hate for her to come back and leave again like Prentiss on “Criminal Minds”. I think they just need to move ahead as they did without Kate. The show dynamic had been in a rut lately anyway, it was paint by numbers with ‘We got a dead Marine!”, a McGee joke, an obligatory Ziva malapropism, Tony movie reference, Abby hyper-scene and a Ducky and Jimmy ramble. Sometimes a new episode came on and it felt like a rerun!

    • Ellen says:

      A strong Latino female character seems like it would have been a good fit to replace Ziva. I loved Cote’s Ziva character, but if there were contract issues and Ziva was not the primary character (as much as I love her, she was only a part of the chemical mix), sometimes its best to move on and find a replacement. I agree bishop is yuck….just another almost-brainy, whistle-blowing, nice-to-look-at-but-not-quite-star-quality kind of character. Ziva was different than the other team characters; that’s what made it special. But there are others. I hope NCIS figures it out before we all lose interest.

    • Martin says:

      They offered her Mark Harmon money to stay, she wanted to be with her family, The same thing happened with Kate she wanted to spend time with her husband. Money isn’t the end all for some people

    • I like all of the characters on NCIS I enjoyed watching Siva coming to the showand slowly becoming AmericanizedI really hope that you bring her back as I don’t enjoy the show as much anymoreit’s like an incomplete deck of cards.

  2. Louise says:

    I do hope that Ziva returns at some point in the future, it would be nice to see her again, I’m going to really miss the interaction between Ziva and Tony.

  3. Jan says:

    The reveal that the terrorist storyline will continue throughout the season pretty much makes it a lock that I’ll not be watching. Stopped NCIS:LA for the same reason. Not sure who decided terrorism is entertaining.

  4. CBWBDK1 says:

    Noone can replace Ziva. I would rather see colin Hanks become a teammember. That would be a fun groupdynamic.

  5. Andrea says:

    Looking forward to next week’s article, Matt. Thanks for talking with Gary Glasberg.

    • Kim R says:

      I second this. I appreciate the interview and I thought the writers did a great job in the first 2 episodes. Stayed true to everyone thus far and it all played out as it should. And the door is still open. I am looking forward to watching and seeing what happens now. :)

      • I LOVE NCIS, no matter what happens i will continue to watch NCIS!!! I think this is the best show on t.v..I thankyou for keeping me on the edge of my seat.. Ziva will be missed sooo much..I would love to see Ziva and Tony get together!! But we shall see, i will be waiting. Thankyou for giving us a magnifisant show to watch, this throws soaps out the box.. Thankyou from Catina Chisolm..

      • Jean says:

        We have watched NCIS for a very long time. I never thought that a show would mean so much to me. I have been a NCIS fan to the point that we watch all the re-runs, record the shows, but after the leaving of Ziva it is not the same and we will not be recording the show no longer. I will just watch the re-runs. Soooo!!!! sad. When, or if she returns I will record again. Hopefully, there will be a consideration of all the comments and we will see Ziva back as a regular. I understand this show dealt with the solving of murders, but Ziva had a charisma about her that will not be matched. She had her own signature and it will not be replaced.

        • Rick M. says:

          I can understand this and it’s always your prerogative to feel this way, but at the same time, I still feel the show has some life left in it, and everyone else is still on the show and they still have something to offer as well. I’ve been a loyal fan of the show since the beginning. It can’t help but change over time because the people in it and those who make it change. Sometimes I find that sad, or at least would prefer otherwise, but it’s just so impossible to prevent (although sometimes I wish I could). I still go back and watch earlier eps from all the seasons, to revisit the old characters and who the current ones used to be. I always miss early seasons from every show I get really into. It’s inevitable for me. And I loathe, LOATHE, when any main character I’ve grown to love leaves/is taken off those shows. But I guess I’m just used to it by now. In almost every long-running series, it’s almost guaranteed at some point.

          I can understand everyone missing a character they really grew attached to, I was a Ziva fan also. But I’m everyone else’s fan too, and I think maybe it’s a little unfair or premature to walk away just yet when everyone else is still here and has stories to offer. I think there’s a lot to each person we haven’t had a chance to see yet. This show is a basic crime procedural at base, so of course that’s what they’re going to give the most screen time to. But I could always live with less of the procedural stuff, that’s never make it or break it to me. It’s the characters the their relationships with each other, and the other people in their lives that has the real value for me, so if they could use this change in the show to allow for some more character development for any or all of the current cast, I’d be very happy with that.

          I’d love for Ziva to still be around, but I also wish Kate was still around, and that’s going way back (and unfortunately was never a possibility). But in those absences there’s an opportunity to get to know the other people that are left in a closer way. At least, that’s where I hope the show goes for the rest of this season. Of course now that Bishop’s here, that might not happen. I guess it remains to be seen how much primacy and fleshing-out of her character they will be doing. Bishop seems OK, I’m not against her character, or strongly for it either, I don’t care much either way for her yet, but I was kind of hoping that they would leave that third spot vacant for a while and have a series of temp/guest stars for a while. I always love seeing Borin and I’ve really enjoyed all the temp “thirds” they’ve had so far, it would have been fun for me to keep going with that. Bishop’s just so demo/TV trope typical, it was rather disappointing, but I can’t say I was surprised. I was 99.99% that’s exactly who they were going to end up going with so, no big shocker there.

          Finally, I could have sworn I read online somewhere that Cote did end up going back and signing a new contract. So if that’s true, then I guess they have plans for incorporating her back into the mix at some point. When and how exactly I haven’t heard anything and have no idea. So maybe the decision to put her back is already made and the storylines are being constructed as we speak.

          • Bernie Hampson says:

            I am in the uk and so Ziva has only just left the NCIS. I have to say After watching every episode (Including all the repeats) how sad a person am I? Anyway I am abandoning the series. I cannot watch this new cast. What made NCIS for me was the interaction between all the personalities, and it gelled magnificently. New person doesn’t gel and I will not be watching NCIS again unless ‘Ziva’ returns. Very disappointed uk viewer

  6. Who else predicts her pulling a Jorja Fox and coming back in a season or two?

    • Amanda says:

      Don’t know who Jora Fox is, but I’d be cool with her coming back.

    • Patrick says:

      This is what I am talking about. If the NCIS numbers hold up, she probably won’t be back unless they lose someone else or she is willing to take a big pay cut. If NCIS’s numbers fall, and I think they will, then they will pay Cote a lot. What she really wants, seemingly, is to be on the same time frame as the rest of the cast. If all the major actors’s contracts come up at the same time, they can negotiate as a group. This will let them drive up their salaries in a way they just can’t achieve right now.

      I could see her having a kid, and coming back next year.

      • The thing being that every credible source says it wasn’t a money thing, and the sources claiming it was about money are from things like the National Enquirer. Cote herself has said that it is personal and she left on her own terms, and it would be astounding for her cast mates not to stand up for her if it was a case of her being pushed out, given previous behaviour. Unless something huge changes, on current information, the logical, non conspiracy conclusion is that she chose to leave and money was not the main issue or not an issue at all.

        • Patrick says:

          If I was her co-worker, and I had just seen the producers axe a popular character, I would keep my trap shut. I would support her privately, but I wouldn’t do it publicly. I might be next. The only one that has the clout to stand up for her is Harmon, and he is a producer that is now to smart to bite the hand that is throwing money at him.

          And I know that money isn’t the problem, according to every thing that everyone is saying. But lots of money tends to solve problems. There is a sum of money that would overcome her concerns.

          • sharon says:

            So you think that COTE is such a low class human being that there is an amount of money that would be more important to her than spending time with her ailing father and boyfriend and family who live in another country. She had no idea when she left them that this show would go on 9 years. You really believe that money,fame and obligation to fans of a TV character are more important to her than her family. I think she is a better and wiser person than that. She stated she didn’t think long about making her decision even though it was hard…..likely because something with her parents health came up and she knew what was really important in life. Everyone shut up and respect her decision. OMG There really are more important things in life than “ZIVA” fans.

          • tejasjulia says:

            de Pablo has lived in the US since she was 8 or 10. And yes, given how she left the show, her character is in question.

          • DavidA says:

            Actually, tejasjulia, the only character in question is yours–judging by your previous hate mongering comments about Cote de Pablo–every remark from you is not only questionable but disgusting. You stalk these boards so much just to bad mouth her, you have become ridiculous in your predictability. Oh, that’s right you are a “professional” writer–uh-huh, nice way of showing that “professionalism”–NOT. I’d say grow up, but that ship has sailed.

          • tejasjulia says:

            Pay attention to her behavior – it is not that of a person who deserves any of the accolades her fans heap upon her. As for your opinion of me, it is immaterial.

        • RNW says:

          Harmon wouldn’t have stood for it if she was forced out.

      • Jeox says:

        This is all just conjecture. The actors who ARE on the same timeframe have never negotiated together so I doubt this is remotely true – I also don’t think it’s something any sane person would quit over unless other factors were also involved. It seems clear she was offered a lot of money but felt she deserved more – maybe as much or more than Weatherly. The show has positioned her as the female lead in the past few years so I can see her ego wanting validation but I also think she overplayed her hand and was surprised when they didn’t cave in to her demands. I don’t personally think she deserves equal pay with Weatherly because he built that show up with PP, DM, and MH in the very beginning and is still its second lead after Harmon. I don’t think the show has treated Weatherly well in terms of how it’s characterized Tony, while at the same time throwing every big dramatic plotline Ziva’s way, and that might well have also inflated her expectations.
        CdP gave interviews about her last pay negotiations in which she said she had to fight hard for what she deserved. I suspect she thought she could use the same tactic this time around with the same result – especially with time running out. However, CBS called her bluff and she had to walk away. Maybe she’s hoping that the ratings will fall and she can walk back in and ‘save’ the show but I think that’s very unlikely to happen. Despite not being very good for the past few years, NCIS’s ratings seem bullet-proof.
        Of course, I’m conjecturing too about all of this. I could be way off base. Pregnancy, a desire for a new acting challenge, or simply wanting some time out for more personal stuff could also be a motivating factor for her. But if it was just that, she’d have told them months ago, instead of 4 days before filming began again for S11, so money must be involved in some way.

    • barbara says:

      i agree writingmy own way these tv stars leave there shows and you never see them again mayb just a guestspot on something. but they will be stupid enough to let her back

    • Superninja89 says:

      I really hope she does!

      I was always hoping for Louise Lombard to come back to CSI as well and then she had one guest appearance in an episode (which aired on my birthday too) and it made me happy too.

      So, it’s the same with Cote: Back as a regular or just as an occasional guest, I’d be happy either way as long as she’s not gone entirely.

  7. mary says:

    People keep bringing up the money issue. Unless you have listening devices stashed somewhere or were actually in the negotations, you have no idea what the “personal reason” is that she left. It could be she wanted more time off to pursue other projects. It has been stated that they only get 2 months off. Not a whole lot of time.

    • Stacey says:

      She has said it’s no other project that called her away. Or that she was planning this. She sounds like she misses NCIS and wishes she hadn’t had to leave… But it happened. We’ll never know if it was money or something else until maybe the show is over, and she may come back one day. One never knows. But I do believe having to pay her extra to come to set to wrap up the character made CBS stingy, and so they had to keep Ziva off screen because of that. Or it might have Cote’s decision. But I would think the producers and writers would have wanted as much time as possible, given how popular and important Ziva was. So I do think there were other reasons why they only had her for several scenes…

    • Andrea says:

      One reason that I think people keep coming back to the money issue is because, in her efforts to be private, Cote has created a mystery. I think there’s a difference between privacy and mystery, and actors can actually get the privacy they want if they’re not so mysterious. I’d say that Mark’s a fairly private man, but the world knows that he’s married to Pam Dawber, he has children, and his sister has bipolar disorder. Even as popular as NCIS is, Mark does not do a ton of publicity, and people mostly leave him alone. I think that is in large part to the fact that he gave the world a bit of himself, and that bit was enough.

      Then take Pauley. She’s very public, even about that horrific stalker situation, but I think in being so public, she has created some privacy about it because there is no mystery there. She is not hounded about it in interviews because people know that she has given what she’s comfortable with and that’s enough.

      With Cote, not only has she left NCIS, she has not even given the most nondescript of “personal” reasons (i.e. I’m pregnant, I want to spend more time with my family. I need some time for myself, etc.) I don’t know what her situation is, but I think there is some general answer for that situation that could give her the privacy that she wants without creating the mystery that she has. She has created a “get” in TV information. I’ve seen Matt ask, TV Guide ask, Extra’s still wondering, and even Michael Wilbon of ESPN’s PTI brought up the departure of Ziva David. Unless Cote decides to leave Hollywood, that’s going to be the first question that she’s asked. She’ll most definitely get it if she ever comes back to NCIS (So, why did you leave the first time?) Big name stars do leave shows. William Petersen and Marg Helgenberger come to mind, but they didn’t create a big mystery as they went out the door. Coupled with the timeline of when Cote left, the “personal” answer does lead to speculation as to whether the situation IS indeed about money and neither side is saying so.

      I’m not a fan of Ziva, so I’m happy the character is gone. However, I do feel for Cote in the sense that she and/or those who advise her drastically underestimated how people are intrigued by a mystery, and this is one that I think could follow her for awhile. I hope she’s comfortable with her “it’s personal” response because I think she’s going to end up saying it until she either no longer grants interviews or amends her response to add more information to it.

      • zamika says:

        Las entrevistas que se le han realizado tanto a Cote (actor), Gary (productor) y Leslie Moonves (Presidenta de CBS) han sido poco creíbles para mi, en las que he podido leer dice
        COTE :
        “En cuanto a mi decisión de irme, es un asunto personal, y prefiero dejarlo así”
        “la idea de marcharme no era algo que yo hubiese estado meditando hace mucho tiempo, ha sido una decisión tremendamente difícil.”
        “Dejar NCIS no estaba planeado, así que no había ningún plan”
        Y lo que me da a pensar esta respuestas “Salí bajo mis condiciones, y eso ha sido maravilloso.”

        Eso de bajo sus condiciones me suena a que ella pudo haber pedido que su personaje Ziva no muriera y tener la posibilidad de alguna forma regresar.

        “Le hemos ofrecido una gran suma económica”
        “Y cuando no la aceptó, le ofrecimos más dinero aún”
        “No queríamos perderla, la adoramos”
        “Tuvimos algunas conversaciones… y, al final, ella decidió que no quería continuar”
        “Fue su decisión”

        Eso de hacer incaipé en el dinero me suena a que trataron de negociar hasta el final

        También se dijo que Mark trato de convencerla sin éxito pero siguen siendo buenos amigos.

        La teoría de que su padre está enfermo o que está gestando me parecen poco probables, pero en fin si fueran verdad no se pueden ocultar.

  8. Katya says:

    People really need to cut Glasberg some slack. If he had known what was coming he could have planned things out, but cdp aparently decided to leave everyone in the dark until the bitter end. If her fans are upset, its obvious who they should take it up with.

    • Maria says:

      Except that “planning things out” would have just been more of the same ol’ same ol’. In 11 seasons, none of the characters have changed very much. We’ve met their dads (most of whom were criminal suspects at one point or another), but that’s not change. We’ve met Abbey’s brother, but again, that’s not change. Palmer got married…and that’s the only real change we’ve seen for anybody. How much “planning out” does that take? Ziva or no Ziva, stagnation does not equal a compelling story.

      • as524 says:

        well blame that on the fans themselves…every time the show tried to mix it up, fans screamed that they missed the team as they were…

  9. NoChance says:

    Thanks for the interview Matt. Only guessing but I suspect the previous season kiss happened in the Season 9 episode “Extreme Prejudice” when the 2 were trapped in the elevator. They got in it when the building was under the emergency “bomb alert” evacuation.
    Looking forward to the next part of this interview.

  10. Sparky says:

    The whole Moosad angle to Ziva was an added bonus that will be hard to replace. She is going to be missed.

  11. Lorena says:

    Yeah, that reminded me something, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED IN PARIS?

    • John 1138 says:

      They gave the old bumping uglies a trial run and, not being impressed, moved on. And thus had to lie about “who got the bed” when asked about it back at the office, complete with meaningful looks shared between them.

      Which was why I was satisfied that “Tiva” was over as they’d been there, done that, and very clearly just moved on with no looking back. It happens.

  12. karlee says:

    Glad GG is pleased, I thought is was a slap in the face to Cote and to her fans. Terrible two-parter, I won’t be back unless Cote is!

    • dmac says:

      Bye, bye don’t let the door… Really, you need to grow up. This was HER decision, she stated it was for personal reasons and it wasn’t about the money. Ziva wasn’t the star of the show and apparently she feels she doesn’t owe you anything, she is the one that dictated her return to the show, she has stated that she is happy with how it ended, ergo if she is okay with it I am not quite understanding your attitude.

      • Jenks says:

        THIS. Honestly, it’s not like these actors don’t have their own lives to live and careers to manage however they see fit. No one forced Cote out, the writers did the best they could to give her a good exit, and the show goes on. It’s only happened about a billion times over the course of television. Many times, the show gets better when there’s a cast change. And, just my opinion, but I never bought into the whole Tony/Ziva thing anyway. Let’s all just follow Cote’s lead and get on with our lives.

  13. Rick says:

    It was pretty apparent from the last shot that Cote is pregnant. They did the standard keep something over the belly ploy for much of the episode, plus her face was more full than before.

    It’s not like any of the actors need an immediate job, so she can take a season off, come back for $10mill a year or so.

    • John 1138 says:

      But then why all the secrecy? It’s not like that sort of thing hasn’t happened before (and is happening now on NCIS:L.A.)…. and that is the sort of “secret” that has a shelf life of, oh, nine months or so.

      • Rick says:

        People are weird about these things.

      • Well for one thing we don’t know if she’s pregnant, and for another thing it’s none of our business unless she decides to make it our business. Maybe she wants to, you know, get a bit of her private life back. Is that really so hard to fathom?

        • John 1138 says:

          Unless she’s changing her line of work the moment she shows up with a kid the whole effort is rendered moot. Hence my questioning the overlying premise that she’d be pregnant at all. Many things can be kept “private”, notsomuch a child, unless, of course, she’s planning on putting he/she/they up for adoption. Remote at best.

          For myself, didn’t see anything to support that condition in her appearance. Not that I looked all that hard….

    • RNW says:

      There was a photo posted on twitter from 9/30 where she most assuredly does not look pregnant. What do you assume happened to this phantom pregnancy?

  14. John 1138 says:

    Was not looking forward to the episode (I anticipated WAY too much “soap” for my taste) and was surprisingly pleased at how well it was executed. Well acted and well shot.

  15. Jean-Charles Tillmann says:

    Was ist das für eine Scheisse. Are all this pages under control from CBS. Execpt some no nothing details, GG told the same old stories, not more, not less. This 2EP has nothing to do with was pronouced. This was a big lie. And I can’t understand why so much agree with this. incredible. For what this guys get her pay check?

  16. Bob Smith says:

    Geez. It wasn’t about the money! de Pablo said it. CBS inferred it. That settles it for me. I enjoyed the two episodes and they were entertaining. Am I looking forward to de Pablo returning as Ziva??? You. Bet. Your. Ass. Hope she will return one day as a regular cast member.

  17. Ana Rubio says:

    WTF?! Another kiss!!! OMG! I want to see it! please bring it in this season!!!

    I still think Ziva David is not replaceable. Hope to see her back some time.

  18. Erin B. says:

    I just hate that they always have Tony chasing after her and her not reciprocating. Do this for him should have been Tony. Best of luck to her though and I hope to see her in the future.

    • John 1138 says:

      It’s constant with her and Gibbs bond of both having been killers, he a sniper and she a Mossad assassin. Especially as it was that killing that she wanted to get free from.

  19. B says:

    I know a lot of people watch NCIS, but it’s been pretty mediocre for 3-4 years. Them not putting Tiva together has hurt the show, even if it meant breaking them up. The constant will they/won’t they and putting the character into stupid situation and horrible relationship let a bad taste in viewers mouths.

    Not to mention, way too much Gibbs. Way too much. We get it, he’s a miserable bastard and apparently everyone elses life has to suck, too.

    • fb says:

      Totally agree with that statement!

    • mary says:

      Except it’s not a soap opera. As far as too much Gibbs-he has always been in the majority of shows. Without him-there would be no more show.

      • Jay says:

        I was sorry to see Kate go, and sorry to see Ziva go, but I’m annoyed that I missed the
        two opening shows, cant find them, and hate that “Family thing” on my USA channel in
        evening instead of Gibbs – Mark Harmon. When Mark Harmon isnt there anymore is when I’ll stop watching. I find the NCIS LA boring – but even watch NCIS with Harmon replays several times.. He IS the show. period. the others are supporting actors, nice but they are not the
        show. So now someone please tell me where I can find the two part opening shows ! ?

  20. Fan says:

    Let’s say in a couple of years ziva comes back, what happens then?
    Does the show just go back to what it was before she left?
    For every step forward in character development, do they take two steps back so they can be who, what and where they were before she quit?
    What about the actress who sits in her desk? Does she just get kicked to the curb?
    New relationships are going to be formed, possibly even romantic. Let’s say Tony finds “the one”, and he gets married and settles down. Do we pretend it never happened because ziva finally found herself?
    If she does come back, chances are it’s going to be to a completely different show. TPTB hopefully won’t fall back into the old and stale writing and plots just so ziva can make a triumphant return.

    I am so over this whole drama. She’s really gone now. It’s time to move forward. I’m so excited for the rest of season 11. October 8th can’t get here soon enough for me.

    • Angie says:

      I absolutely do agree with the above post, Ziva is gone–let her be gone & quit the belly-aching that she has left. People can speculate all you want but Cote herself has stated the reason she has left-family-& she was NOT caring about what the fans thought of her as she was leaving. Now can we please let go of her & remember that there are other characters on NCIS that make this the remarkable show that it is. Stop with the “oh bring Ziva back”, it is sad that she left but not the end of NCIS by any means!!!!! Thanks Matt for the info from this interview, very informative.

  21. NCIS4evr says:

    Thanks for the info Matt. Looking forward to what GG says about the show and the rest of the characters next week.

  22. gatorgal says:

    Let me see, didn’t Cote/Ziva have any scenes in the original script? Oh, wait, let’s give those scenes to someone else so we don’t have to pay her for more than one day of filming. That will be an appropriate goodbye that can built up and advertised as the colossal two part Ziva farewll. Think of the ratings, but don’t think of the fans. Well done.

    • John 1138 says:

      The scenes of her “separated from the group” were rendered rather pointless when the character wasn’t going to be around for any sort of season payoff of them I suspect.

  23. RNW says:

    He hardly sounds like Cote’s biggest fan.

    • tejas says:

      Given how she walked out at the last minute and left them in the lurch, can you blame him? I suspect those looking for guest spots from her down the road will be disappointed. There’s probably a biohazard symbol on her resume now.

      • DavidA says:

        Funny, the only one who should be stamped with a bio hazard symbol is despicable hate filled stalkers like yourself. You are one toxic waste dump, lady……

  24. Debbie Sadler says:

    I was satisfied with the way they ended it. I wanted Tony and Ziva to end up together but not till the end of the series. I feel they resolved it in the only way they could. Although I enjoyed the moment at the end between them, I was more moved by the call to Gibbs, all beat up and obviously hurting, and him saying Hey Ziver. Cote and Ziva will be greatly missed!
    Good job GG! Thanks for leaving it open for her to come back. I’m hoping she will!

  25. tejasjulia says:

    Terrific interview! Thanks!

  26. gatorgal says:

    Ok, you ramp up by having Tony search for Ziva for four months. He finally finds her and leaves in what…three days or less? How does that even make sense? It would have made more sense when you cut away to show Ziva with Tony that he had been there for a while. He literally walked in the door when Gibbs called. Perfect timing. And I thought they were all still in danger? That has totally been dismissed. I guess since Ziva no longer works for NCIS no one is concerned. Wasn’t Tony afraid at one point that she was dead? WTF happened in Israel?

  27. Ziva’s story didn’t make sense she renounced her Israeli ties and citizenship in season eight. I would have rather them had her go off to help one of her friends or made it so she and Tony never got together instead we get Tony in limbo and regressed character Ziva from season four they could have done better. I almost wish they would have had her go off and hunt Bodner and left it there. The actors did great with what they were given but having her suddenly feel guilty for Ari did an injustice to all her changes that she went through and character growth suddenly thrown out the window. It would have been better to just have return to DC but leave NCIS maybe go into intelligence work or something.

  28. greysfan says:

    Personally as a massive fan of the show it was a bittersweet ending. I get it was late but lets face it, it could have been done much better than it was. The ending was great with the kiss don’t get me wrong but i feel kinda robbed. Plus the storyline didn’t add up either. She got rid of her Israeli ties in season 8 and then to do a complete 180? I get her father’s death may have changed things but it could have been done better. They could have had Ziva on the run for the first couple of episodes first then do a big goodbye episode around episode 4 or 5. Why did it have to be the first 2 episodes? In saying all this, this is a common tale of CBS not paying their woman actors enough. Just look at the Criminal Minds debacle. Its ever constant with CBS shows and their actresses.

  29. Cath says:

    I would just like to say that the biggest thing I appreciate out of all this is the fact the Mr Glasberg chose to leave the ending somewhat open and a sense of hope. I have to say, that kiss did not seem like a goodbye (and it was also the best on-screen kiss I’ve ever seen I might add!) – in fact, the word ‘goodbye’ was never even exchanged, and I like to think that the symbolism of Ziva giving Tony her necklace means that one day these two will get their happy ending. I cannot imagine how difficult it must have to re-write this story line and while I too would have liked more Ziva on my screen, I am grateful we had her at all.

    Matt, I have no idea if you read these or are able to pass on some of these comments to Gary Glasberg and the team, but considering that his hands were tied for ep 1 and he managed to be so creative in still including Ziva and the Tony/Ziva interaction, I am thankful. I hope that this means we can see similar exchanges between Tony and Ziva in the future and ultimately, that she can return in some capacity at some stage.

    And yes, my bets are on the elevator in Extreme Prejudice for a kiss…before it is interrupted by Ziva’s father calling ;)

    • Jen L. says:

      Nicely put, I agree with all this. I don’t know about GG having to be “very” creative in re-writing these last eps, or that it was “very” difficult (I think as a show-writer you should be able to accommodate sometimes sudden changes, I think it’s the nature of the beast in that industry), but I do agree that it may have been unexpected for him and he might have felt pressured to neatly wrap up Ziva’s story all the way immediately.

      If it was sprung on him last minute, than maybe he did the best he could given all the variables involved. Then again, perhaps a more skillful writer could have done differently. I guess we’ll never know since it’s his baby these days, not DPB anymore (whom I always preferred). I was pretty disappointed by the eps for various reasons, a lot of it didn’t make sense to me at all and seemed irrational, especially given previous events and characterization, etc etc. I had the same complaints about it that most others on here and other boards have stated. But I do appreciate that we got at least a little Tony/Ziva time and some kind of resolution of their friendship and relationship, for the time being. I’m grateful they left the door open for them and the show in the future. I think even GG knew if he didn’t, that he’d have a very rabid sub-set of fans on his hands, so it’s nice that at least he didn’t do something totally obnoxious and throw the finger at eight years of fans by having her get murdered by flying nun-chucks or some other such nonsense that he seems to like to go with. (I’m still bitter that they killed Kate but that’s old business…) The people who didn’t like her wouldn’t have cared but I’m pretty sure that would have immediately backfired on him from here on out. So at least that didn’t happen.

      I do appreciate the rest of the cast and I watch the show for everyone, so I am looking forward to the rest of the season. The show has been slumping in some ways for a while but I see that as inevitable for all shows of this age. I do think they could better though if they tried, even at this stage of production. I get it that it’s an action/procedural show, I would appreciate some more character development/time and some tightening up of the writing, etc. But the show still has a lot of bright moments in it, for me, so I’m still on for now. And who knows what the future brings? This may really be a stand-out season, despite everything else. So I guess we’ll just have to see.

      And Cath, I totally want to third what you and the other person said about that scene. Silly writers, always losing their nerve on this show. And they seem so proud of it, ironically. They must think it’s so cute to always tease their audience. I think it’s just stupid and shows a lack of ability. The key word, being “always”. Yes, sometimes, I do think it is good to have things implied or alluded to. There are times and places for build-up and expectations and for allowing for a natural progression of things; but then sooner or later there comes a time to just freaking DO IT, for crissakes! That elevator scene was on fire from the outset. I personally felt the tension and chemistry in it from a mile away. Stupid writers and silly directors, eh. Perfect opportunity and they totally limp-wristed it. That’s par for the course on the show, though, in my opinion, and not just for these two. I could be wrong, but I think the actors even wanted to go for it. Good actors are not afraid to take certain risks in their work. I say this was a perfect case where the director should have trusted in his actors and allowed for some improv there to see what happens. Just because they’re tv actors doesn’t mean they don’t know their craft.
      Oh well… I guess that’s just Glasberg’s MO; to have a fanatical commitment to being perfectly safe, timid and cute at ALL costs; to keep everything watered-down to a Gerber baby foods level come hell or high water; even the edgier scenes end up feeling that way to me. Just my opinion, others may not see it that way. It has grated on me for years, though. Even though I still enjoy the show as a whole, I feel it has definitely suffered as a result of all that, and that’s one of the reasons that I greatly preferred when DPB was around.

  30. Rosa says:

    Bye TIVA…the strong chemistry between you two will be greatly missed in this season…
    (rendering Grease … Hopelessly Devoted To You……)

    Agent Dinozzo will have someone to flirt with…as always…

    TIVA will get back together…………….. in the end.
    (rendering Debbie Gibson… Only in my dreams..)

    BYE NCIS!!!!! BYE TONY!!!!!!!

  31. fb says:

    No more Ziva no more Ncis for me! Anyway since GG lead the show all we have is lame plots, ooc characters.

  32. BR says:

    Cote and Michael’s performances were excellent in terms of their scenes. Well done and heartfelt!

    The writing and producing, along with the plot, were so underwhelming and out of touch with who the characters have become over the last several years. The writing always seemed to be a strength of the show in terms of how stories and characters were linked, but this has been lacking for awhile now, and it was absent during these last two shows.

    Disappointing and disinterested unless Ziva (Cote) can return and the writers create a mature “workplace” relationship for her with Tony (Michael) or in some other plausible environment for the two of them…It is the 21st century and “sometimes you’re wrong” in terms of Gibb’s rules. Let the characters grow….everyone will be happier, personally and professionally.

  33. To CBS / NCIS / NCIS FB and all other channels, pages.

    I watch now your trouble shooting of NCIS from beginning in july. Nothing from all you announced, promised, urged fans to look your show, to see the historic episodes 01-02 of serie 11was come true.

    You have shown your surprise of Cote de Pablo decision. You have told on millions of pages on net, all reachable magazin, newspaper to describe what Cote de Pablo is and was. You describe her as terrific, awesome young lady. You had speak from start, promise to give her the way to leave this production on best way and for two episodes. You used the NCIS cast to show an all ways your desinterset in this woman. And final it was up to Cote de Pablo to show interest to come back?

    This serie has lived from this young lady. And instead to do all to bring her back, as you Mr.Moonves, Mr.Glasberg has promised and declare, you have nothing done.

    Nothing from all you observed. From beginning you used Cote d Pablo for your own interest. At no time fans or viewers was in your focus. You have lie and open eyes give wrong information. And at all you have abuse the dedication of Cote de Pablo for your own buisness. You use her portrait for commercial reason, after she leave. Your pictures on comments on multiple pages shown your real thinking.

    The last days you are looking and trying to find description why this two episodes was shown on this poor way. Why your writers are not able to make it better. You Mr. Glasberg has published that your summer was not like you want, and you had a lot of work. And then you don’t find way to delivre a proper job. What are you thinking about NCIS fans? Must have fans pity with, because your not able to do your job.

    Messages on pages who belong to you and give critics, there will be erased. And no time you was not able to give feedback. A CBS feedback page is not a one way ticket. You don’t answer on emails, even receipts of mail are not possible.

    You are a network, beside buisness, it’s your job to satisfy viewers, fans, customers. You do nothing from this. If you don’t believe in this, it’s no problem to send you a minutes of meeting from your own words

    Show that is a way to find confience in your work.

    Jean-Charles Tillmann

  34. guest says:

    Cote never said it wasn’t about money-the network said they offered her a lot of money and at the end she didn’t want to do the show. She said it was for personal reasons. Well, if you don’t feel you are being offered what you are worth, that is personal. She will not badmouth CBS because she has to work in the industry and doesn’t want a bad rep, but I don’t think she wanted to leave. And FYI people, her dad lives in Miami and her boyfriend lives with her in CA. There are no reports that her father is ill.

  35. Jen L. says:

    I’m very sad to see her go, but I enjoy the show for everyone in it, not just her, so I will continue watching it, at least for now. Of course, that depends on how the writing holds up over this coming season. The writing has definitely slumped since at least early last season, if not for some time before, but that’s bound to happen to a show after this many years on the air. They have certainly had a great run so far; ten years a long time for a TV show and a fine accomplishment. I wonder if they ever thought the show would last this long as a spinoff when they first started it. They should be proud of themselves. It has now officially outlasted its predecessor. (JAG for those who don’t know).
    I hope it was ultimately Cote’s decision to leave when and how she did, if not, that would be a bit of a shame. I guess she’s not going into any detail, so I guess we’ll never know, but it appears that’s how she wants it. I don’t mind so much that’s she’s leaving, (although I love Ziva as a character and could gladly watch her as long as the show was on), I just wish she would have been able or chose to stay longer so they could give her a better send-off. When I first read about it, I was under the impression that she had decided that this was going to be her last season, and she was just ready to move on to do other things. But at the time, it had sounded like she would still be in each week’s installment and her leaving would be one of the main story lines worked in as the season progressed. Up until the premiere I thought that was the case, so I kept getting all confused and put-off by all the “Ziva’s big departure episode” hype. I kept thinking “Uhh, she hasn’t gone anywhere -yet- people, so what’s all the fuss about?” Okay, well now I get it. LAST season was her last season…or at least, that’s how it panned out. Yeah, it would have been nice if it was the other way, but guess it just wasn’t in the cards, unfortunately.
    Well, I as well as many others I’m sure, wish Ms. de Pablo the very best in her future and her endeavors. I’ve never seen an interview with her or a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look, but I’m sure she’s a very nice and genuine person. So I wish her only the best, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed they let her come back to make some guest appearances in the future, either one-offs or a limited series. From what I have read, it sounds like she has indicated that she would be very open to this, so here’s hoping!
    Good luck, Cote, we’ll definitely miss you! Here’s hoping this isn’t the last time we ever see you!

  36. Dissapointed viewer says:

    I don’t really understand why so many blame CdP’s “last minute decision” not to return for these (IMO) poorly written episodes. Everyone at CBS, including GG, knew that she had not renewed her contract yet. They may have assumed she would, but the fact is, SHE HAD NOT. He should have never written her into a story until he knew for sure she was going to return. They could have done something similar to the 1st ep & had her either on vacation, sick or in hiding and then taken the time to think & write her exit in a way that made sense. Why the hurry to do it in the 1st two eps anyway? If CBS was willing to bring her back to end the story & she was willing to do it, why would it matter when it was done? She could have remained “on vacation” or wherever until they had time to think about it. It just doesn’t make sense to me that she would suddenly realize that people are left grieving for those she has killed. I think that would be common sense. Is this a dilemma for all law enforcement? It isn’t like she was killing innocent people. How many people were vindicated or saved by those deaths? In addition, she had already made it clear that she had plenty of time to address her past in Somalia & her character had already changed quite a bit after that for that reason. It would have made a lot more sense if she had left to take care of an ill “Schmiel” or had gone off to help Monique or Mossad take care of a problem from a past case she was involved in & felt responsible for in some way. Anyway, I was very disappointed in the ending she was given. Also, MW tweeted a picture of a “melancholy & pensive Tony” in a suit that was supposed to be from this episode. Why were there were no scenes with him in that suit? My thinking is that they likely edited out quite a bit of “Tiva time” between the list burial and the airport (SOMETHING was definitely lacking between those two scenes). Just my opinion & my final NCIS rant.

    • Jen L. says:

      I felt this way too. You stated a lot of the same reactions I was having as I saw these last two episodes. It won’t break the show for me but D_MN; it was bewildering and frustrating to say the least!

  37. Erin says:

    I think Jesse Stern should have written Ziva’s farewell. I do hope she is back soon. I doubt the show will have the same dynamic feel to it each week…

    My Tuesday nights won’t be the same.

  38. marysue says:

    Cote made the decision to leave for personal reasons and one could assume that she wanted to wrap things up ASAP so she could get on with her life. It has been stated that she is a very reserved person and keeps her personal life out of the public eye. As a curious public a simple reason would cool the hype but since she isn’t going to say why we need to respect her and let this whole matter go. I for one, enjoyed her role and wish her the bet in the future.

  39. leonard says:

    I was really in love with Ziva’s character , as i’m sure so many others were . regardless of how things came about with this tremendous loss for the N.C.I.S. show , i’d hope that the movers and shakers of the show understand that this was a ” bad business deal ” on their part . Cote De Pablo / Ziva is well liked and i’m sure that a lot of her follower fill the same way when i say that if nothing positive comes about soon that i will / we will be looking for a alternative program to fill that time slot …..

  40. Kat says:

    I really dislike season long arcs. It’s boring. I much prefer when they had a different story line each week with an occasional mention of something that happened in the past. I was also really disappointed in the 2 episodes. I do hope she returns at some point but was just totally disappointed in the writing on them.

  41. Karen says:

    While I will miss Ziva in the current shows I can alway see her on the reruns. So the best of both worlds – watching NCIS now and watching the re-runs with Ziva. Win – Win.

  42. Tom M says:

    Too bad CBS didn’t pony up with the cash at the beginning rather than the end of the negotiations and we all wouldn’t be pining for Ziva.

  43. has-body-of-proof-ended-?

  44. Jean says:

    Looking at all of this I am not surprise that I have decided to stop watching NCIS nor am I surprised that Cote de Pablo wants to keep her private life private. It is wonderful to be love by so many but in Hollywood she could not go out with out being photographed or filmed and, like most of us, not always at her best. I do not think this is just about money! I would love to see her again on that show but that is up to her and she will miss people she has spent eight years with. If we left a job we would feel the same.

  45. Judy Smith says:

    I was shocked when I learned that “Ziva” would no longer be on the NCIS show. In my opinion, it is THE best show on TV….not only because it was well written, but the acting & chemistry of the NCIS family is incredible. I’ll definitely continue to watch the show with hope that Cote de Pablo will return. It’s just not the same without her.

    • Lorraine Bavaro says:

      cbs made Ziva a Star in this Country. She was offered a lot of money to stay. They did well when Kate left, they will continue to move on. Page Brewster from Criminal Minds. Would fit a perfect match. So would Jennifer ESPOSITO formally, on Blue Bloods. This will give CBS a chance to prove they do not discriminate against the Disabled. As Jennifer has Celiac. The same thing I have. You get very tired. CBS, THESE TWO GIRLS WILL PUT ZIVA TO SHAME!! THEY ARE GREAT, BEAUTIFUL, AND HAVE PLAYED THE SAME PART!! MUCH BETTER!! THEY WON’T LEAVE TO GO BACK TO THEIR COUNTRY RICH. WITHOUT YOU. NO ONE WOULD HAVE KNOWN ZIVA! I LIKED HER,!! WHAT SHE DID WAS WRONG!! WHY OFFER HER MORE MONEY?? WE HAVE AMERICANS THAT NEED JOBS!! USE YOUR CBS!! THINK ABOUT ONE OF THESR LADIES

  46. pushpa patel says:

    no one can replace ziva she was unique and ncis is never going to be the same without her…

  47. Jean says:

    I agree with you pushpa but it is a very popular show in the United States (as you may know) but would love to see her again on the show. There may be a chance to see her again anyway. If anyone is interested check out Cote de Pablo Net.

  48. RWells says:

    They treated her horribly on and off screen. I am disgusted with Glasburg and yes, I will say it Mark Harmon. Its as if she never existed. Shame on CBS, they do this all the time — and shame on Mark Harmon – he was never a fan of TIVA and it showed throughout these episodes. NCIS you want a step too far in the arrogant territory and the disrespect of Cote’s departure just proved it. It’s done. It would of been better if you ‘killed’ her

  49. Jean says:

    Hay R.Wells don’t say that. Fact is a lot of hurt feelings were around because of the way things went down when Cote de Pablo left and she knows that. Now it is up to to her to make a move if she even wants to guest star on that show. I do not know if some of it had to do with the fact that her boyfriend was making a movie in Chile and maybe she need his support at that time. I hope he is worth it chocolate cake and all.

  50. fhc61 says:

    I believe was Miss Priss said was true, although I’m not sure where she got the information. It makes sense that she left to spend time with her family because of bad health. And I also think that all the derogatory comments about her leaving because she thought she was worth more than they wanted to pay are unfair. Both Gary and Cote both said it wasn’t the money, it was personal. Why not believe them? I think the way they ended it that Tony will be visiting her in Israel, or at least it gave me that impression. So if she does decide to come back to NCIS they may have him go for a visit and bring her back with him. Personally, I liked the last episode with the lie detector lady. She would be just crazy enough working with them.

    • Ethel denniston says:

      ncis is not the same without ziva/ she was the glue.

      • Rebecca says:

        I don”t even watch NCIS anymore. Ziva’s replacement is boring! I’ll watch the reruns with Ziva and Kate but the new ones don’t interest me! Bring back Ziva! Kudos to her for leaving to be with her Dad! Hope she returns when he’s better! We miss her!

        • Cr51 says:

          No Ziva- no NCis – watched one with the blond woman- definetly no Ziva!! Tired of loosing great female character s – pay the money !

        • mary myles says:

          I agree I stopped waching the show only the reruns. Replacement seems lost and imature for such a strong role…Bring Ziva back with the suspense of Tony and her having a relationship.Mary

          • Rebecca says:

            I agree totally. Reruns are great with Ziva, I don’t even watch the new shows anymore! Bishop is boring! Bring Ziva back! Loved the relationship between Ziva and Tony!

    • says:

      As much as I struggle to say this, I somewhat agree; she seemed to “fit” in, or would in time, with the group – even or especially Gibbs. She’s quirkey like Abby – I always thought Kate was too straight + Kate’s jabbing at Tony was fun sometimes but, if you’ll go back and notice, it simply never stopped or let up – constant proddding. The chemistry was just no fit and wrong.