Castle's Nathan Fillion Enrolls In Community

Nathan Fillion CommunityCommunity is making Nathan Fillion the king of the Greendale castle — for one week, anyway.

The Castle actor and self-proclaimed Community addict has signed on to guest star on the NBC comedy, TVLine has confirmed.

VIDEO | Community Creator Dan Harmon Talks Donald Glover’s ‘Devastating’ Exit and… an Animated Episode!

Per Deadline, which broke the news, Fillion will play Greendale’s politically savvy head custodian who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty, but is smart enough to wear rubber gloves. He crosses paths with Annie (Alison Brie) and Professor Hickey (Breaking Bad’s Jonathan Banks), who team up to navigate the school’s “corridors of power.”

Fillion’s episode will air midway through Community‘s fifth season, which is expected to premiere in early 2014 (if not sooner).

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  1. Karen says:

    LOL wasn’t he asking for time off from Castle… I would too cuz he looks bored on Castle maybe being on Community even if it’s a cameo will do him good. Good for him.

    • DarkDefender says:

      A fan asked him on Twitter what show he would most want to guest n, he said Community. That was less than a week ago. Now if we could just get him to sign to be a villain on S.H.I.E.L.D. I would be happy.

      • Angela says:

        I like the guy even more now for that answer :D. Glad to see he’s getting his wish-look forward to that episode, then!

      • Hson says:

        I don’t think that Twitter exchange was the start of it lol. They sure had to know already and were just teasing the fans. And yes, S.H.I.E.L.D. would be VERY nice too. I read an interview with Clark Gregg yesterday, and he specifically mentioned Fillion when asked about dream guest stars. They seem like a tight bunch, those Whedon folks, so I’m pretty sure it’s gonna happen sooner or later. Not totally sold on S.H.I.E.L.D. yet tbh, but Fillion’s appearance would sure improve its chances with me ;) .

        • Justin Bohardt says:

          On one of the commentaries on the Community DVDs (can’t remember if it was Season 3 or Season 4), Joel McHale was talking about how badly Nathan Fillion wanted to be on the show. This has been brewing for a while.

  2. Krystan says:

    Is his last name Hammer? First name Captain perhaps?

  3. Roger says:

    Well, that escalated quickly from a twitter interaction between Nathan Fillion and Dan Harmon to this actually happening!

  4. Spinning Maze says:

    I swear just last week Fillion said this was one of the big shows he’d love to appear on.

  5. zombies says:

    So much for the four day work week….

    • Oliver says:

      …or he really, really loves Community and is willing to go out of his way to appear in it.

      Which seems to be the case.

  6. Superhero says:



  7. Christy says:

    OMG OMG OMG!! I just screamed SO loudly. I am so excited about this. One of my favorite actors on one of my favorite shows!

  8. anik says:

    We’re gonna get that show back on the air buddy!

  9. Aleksa says:

    “If not sooner”? Is that a possibility?!

  10. Really says:

    I hope his fans don’t complain much when he takes time to do Community and Castle is “Castle light”

    • Alan says:

      jeez its one episode, main actors on shows do short guest appearances on others all the time, this is no different.

  11. Ms.Georgia says:

    He should worry about getting his Castle ratings up, not Community’s. Oh, forgot, he doesn’t care about Castle any more. Ever since that Canada Con appearance from the summer it’s clear he has little interest in keeping Castle going.

    • Ja;mes says:

      Oh please – Castle’s ratings are fine and he works his rear end off on it. Grow up.

      • Ms.Georgia says:

        He works his rear end off doing his 4-day work weeks when everyone else is doing 5? :)

        • Susan says:

          You have no freakin clue how many days he works, or any of the cast, every week unless you are on the set. So grow up.

        • Ja;mes says:

          FYI – Simon Baker and a lot of other stars from 1-hour dramas get a 4-day workweek in their sixth season. It’s nothing unusual for him to want it. Also, ABC has to approve his appearance on Community and they did – why – because of cross-promotion. Fans of Community who don’t want Castle might tune-in if they like the episode. Fans of Castle who don’t watch Community will tune-in to see Nathan. Win-Win.

        • Alan says:

          yeah and those days are about twice as long as any other job would be.

  12. Marlene Mason says:

    Where is all this negativity coming from??? Geez!!!!

    • Ju says:

      Anymore its on every single article where his name is mentioned… Literally the same comments over and over and over…

    • Superhero says:

      Castle fans are kinda sorta utterly insane.

      • Angela says:

        If the reactions on here are anything to go by, it sounds like you could say that about fans of a LOT of shows nowadays, apparently :p.

      • Kim says:

        I’m not entirely convinced you can call them “fans”. It boggles my mind why people who clearly don’t like Mr. Fillion based on their comments, click on an article concerning him and then proceed to bash him in the comment section. I just don’t understand why people are wasting their time reading and commenting on an article about someone they hate.

    • Ms.Georgia says:

      The negativity is coming from the fact that he was a hold-out at work so that he could get 4-day work weeks, and now he’s doing a guest appearance on a program on an entirely different network. I’m sure that makes his bosses at ABC very happy.

      • Susan says:

        Ever think about the fact that some Community viewers may tune into Castle? And he wouldn’t be doing it unless ABC agreed!

      • Susan says:

        Love how people read one article about a contract negotiation, never knowing how it was resolved, and just assume they know absolutely everything about what’s going on.

      • Laura says:

        an entirely different network, but don’t they film right next to each other? I seem to recall on his twitter he goes and hangs out between takes there. So, it is not like it’s gonna stretch his work time to hang out with friends and let them film him.

      • Alan says:

        you know abc has to approve any contracted actors appearing on a show on another network, in fact any network has to approve one of their stars appearing on another network and they can shoot it down no problem if they wanted, so clearly abc has no issue with him doing this.

  13. Maria says:

    Never watched Community before, but if my Captain is guest-starring, then I’ll definitely watch.

  14. Lucy says:

    Well he can stay in community is not like we need his character in Castle anymore..Lisa is making a great job being Beckett’s partner..the ratings can prove that ;)

    • Dave says:

      Yeah because it makes perfect since to have a show named Castle about a writer named Richard Castle working with the police without Castle himself.

    • Dan says:

      On two episodes of a season that just started where their ratings is lower than normal and they’re losing the time slot to Blacklist. So you’re right about the ratings proving something .

      • Lucy says:

        Are you sure?
        After storm had 2.1 in ratings last year..Valkyrie 2.2
        Cloudy with a chance of murder 1.9 Dreamworld 2.2…Are you blind?

    • Jan says:

      not a big fan of Lisa, or even the WDC scene. get back to NYC and all the great cast and crew from before…

    • Ja;mes says:

      The entire DC storyline is ridiculous and the sooner Lisa is gone the better for the show.

      • Jan says:

        I agree–DC storyline is interesting but not as a new job for Beckett–maybe as an additional bit of information for a case in NYC…. let’s agree that this is not real life, and probably the whole cast is in a time warp–expected promotions may just not be in the cards. new babies and children off to college and their own careers show the passage of time, but the cast needs to just pretend that this is their life and it does not move forward the same way as it does for the rest of us…

        • a worker in the fields says:

          Jan, how do you know? NYCPD hold promotion exams all the time for promotion to various ranks, and other positions within their department. Which means not all officers want to stay just officers for their whole career. Many would like to be promoted to Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, and above provided they have taken and passed the proper promotion tests, and the opening is within a reasonable amount of time within their individual career, and their work record is in good standing. So it would be possible for Javi, Kevin, Lannie, and Captain “Iron” Gates, and even Beckett, to be promoted within the New York City Police Department. This opportunity for Kate to go to Washington is better than a promotion, because it is a route that she has to take for some time to better herself, by learning the ways of the U.S. Attorney General’s Office Investigators, working with them, learning their tricks of their trade, possibly teaching their agents things they didn’t get in their basic training at their own police academies, and it is a chance for her to use her education and training to its fullest extent. You can’t knock her for that! Who knows, she may find that she is not cut out to be a federal agent, gets laid-off, or what ever and goes back to her old job which by law they have to hold for her for I believe 3 months. And she gets to bring that training with her no charge to the city!

          • Jan says:

            Worker: I agree with your premise most heartily. In the real world this is exactly what should happen, although sometimes life doesn’t move that smoothly. But we’re talking about a tv series–which only represents some aspects of real life. I was most encouraged by last night’s episode (10/7) and it ended just as i hoped it would. even better than i had imagined… But–can Beckett just go back to her cleaned up desk? what about the guy who was promoted to her position while she was testing her wings in DC? Doesn’t he need to be considered in his promotion track? I don’t think she wants to be the captain–she would lose her team. It’s a puzzlement, and i’m not a writer so i don’t know how it will be solved. I just did not like Lisa in the mix and I think Castle will be the better show now that Beckett has tested her abilities away from the comfort of her precinct. Her ethics and morals were tested, and she realized that she could not fit into that world. And let’s not forget–this is just a very good tv story.

    • Carl Nesbitt says:

      Castle needs to be in New York or D.C. but not both. It destroys the continuity of the whole premise of “Castle”. You break up the chemistry the cast has had since day 1 and now that Castle and Beckett are a couple I’m sure they can write a slew of episodes that expand the their relationship and let the other cast members ie. Espo, Ryan, Gates, and Lanie expand their’s with different story lines that give Castle and Beckett less exposure in some episodes so they can be doing their own thing away from the precinct. You can bring McCord in on special cases where the Feds are needed as well as bringing back some other guest stars who had Fed affiliation. Remember, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. It has worked well for 5 seasons and it can go on for another 5.

  15. Lyrain says:

    Please! people! give Nathan some credit he will be having a little fun come back rejuiced for Castle again. I really think its going to be a short time in DC and then things will be back to normal the show would not be any good without Nathan.

  16. Sarah says:

    It’s so funny how everyone is suddenly an expert on Nathan Fillion’s contact dispute. Wow we don’t even know the details of it and the media always blows things out of proportion. Do we even know he settled for a four day work week? No. It may have just been something as basic like having a four day work week every once a month or so. And man Nathan has wanted to guest on Community for so long. You guys do realise that Community is a 20 minute long show and he won’t be on screen every minute. So really it isn’t that much of a jump. Also not every actor is schedule for every single day and sometimes the schedule is bent for an actor’s other commitment ( ie Stana going to NY for the CBGB premiere) so it can be done. Sheesh stop going on about Nathan all the time.

    • Angela says:

      Shhhh! We don’t need any of that pesky logic and rational thought here ;)!

    • Ms.Georgia says:

      Stana was at the LA premier in Hollywood, not the NYC premier. There’s only been a dozen articles about it on various movie sites so it’s not hard to know the facts before posting.

      • Kim says:

        And yet you continue to post about Nathan Fillion’s work schedule and contract negotiations when you have no clue about either of those things. It’s a bit hypocritical to call out someone else about fact checking their posts when yours are based on assumptions.

      • Laura says:

        No, it’s hard not to know the SPIN before posting. You don’t know what happened, we don’t know what happened, entertainment gossip sites certainly don’t know what happened, or why. The reality is he’s a nice guy, a good actor, and people will seize on *any* reason to tear down someone who is like that if they perceive he has a “cult” following and they don’t like it. See: Cote de Pablo. I don’t like Amy Acker’s acting overmuch and as much as I love Joss, I am kind of over that she’s in all his stuff, but I don’t seize upon her career or personal decisions to try to paint her as a bad person. People need to get over themselves. Also, do you work for ABC? You sure spend a lot of time protesting on their behalf on this particular story.

        • Hson says:

          “Also, do you work for ABC? You sure spend a lot of time protesting on their behalf on this particular story.”

          lol. Yeah, I am amazed how some folks get so bent out of shape worrying about networks well-being. I don’t really watch Castle anymore but I heard about this story and read the original leak on Deadline. It was so obviously one-sided and incomplete, yet the comments were full of people condemning Fillion for… what exactly? Daring to negotiate with the network? Not one of these commenters knows what happened, motivations, how exactly this “hold-out” came to be, IF it came to be even. Yet suddenly there’s a load of experts on work ethic lol. I wonder if all these people follow this at their own work places – never even trying to negotiate for better, judging everyone who gets raises or schedule changes,always looking out for the bosses, snitching and telling on little people? Because actors are not exactly big wigs, compared to networks. It just looks like such a low-class behavior, in the worst possible way.

      • Sarah says:

        Wow I’m sorry then. Sorry that I’ve read twice about a month ago that Stana was going to the NY CBGB premiere. Oh the irony of you telling me my whole argument is now completely invalid due to a fact being wrong. Your entire hate for Nathan seems to be based on one stupid article and that Nathan must hate Castle due to wanting to tweak his schedule so he can guest star on one of his favourite shows. What a crime. Please grow up.

  17. Tenney says:

    Community and Nathan Fillion…. two of my favorite things on TV. Awesome!

    • Barrier says:

      Hi, moi aussi j’aime beaucoup Nathan Fillion ,Castle ,je regarde la série depuis la première saison,et il faut qu’il continue dans la série Castle ‘avec Beckett) Mais puisqu’il travaille 4 jours,il peut très bien etre aussi sur Communauty en guest star ,j’espère qu’il fera encore beaucoup de saisons de Castle, je ne regarde pas Communauty encore mais si il y est je regarderai aussi.Rien a dire sur les interviews des acteurs de Castle,chacun fait comme il veut,si Nathan n’etait pas là ,ça ne nous regarde pas,il fait beaucoup d’interviews ailleurs..4 Octobre 2013

  18. Ms.Georgia says:

    Here’s how much Nathan loves Castle. Young Hollywood did a video interview with the cast. They even showed sideline clips they took of the 4 doing a scene from an upcoming episode. Stana gave an interview, Seamus gave an interview, Jon gave an interview. Molly even took the reporters on a tour of the various Castle sets. Guess who couldn’t be bothered to do an interview? Yep, Nathan. He was probably busy signing his Community guest contracts.

    • Kim says:

      I think you’ve made your point by now. We get it. You don’t like Nathan Fillion. No one is asking you to. Also, no one is asking you to continue to post comments stating your opinion about his work ethic or professionalism. So maybe you could stop the ranting and let other people participate in discussing the content of the article without you bringing up, yet again, how awful you think Nathan Fillion in? It’s time to move on, Mrs. Georgia. There are other things in life that are more important than a non-story that was privately resolved months ago. Thanks.

    • Sarah says:

      Wow. There could be thousands of reasons why Nathan didn’t do an interview. Most likely due to him being the main actor he could have been busy doing other scenes. They probably filmed that murder scene, did interviews and Molly’s tour at different times. Nathan has other scenes outside the precinct (Martha and Alexis). Also I have no idea which episode they were filming but they could have been filming episode 4 which Nathan spent a lot of time with another guest actress. It amazes me how quick people are to jump to conclusions. Such a shame.

      • Kim says:

        Are you starting to feel like a broken record as much as I am? ;) You would think people would want to spend their time reading articles about actors they like instead of bashing one they don’t over an incident that no one has the full story to. Mind boggling.

    • Alan says:

      or he might have been busy filming a scene as some actors usually are when these set visits happen. they cant shut down production just for a couple of journalists, they do have a schedule to keep to.

    • Erin says:

      You know Ms.Georgia. since season 3 I see like ABC has take the route to do more interviews with the different cast member, together or apart, that means in an interview with jon or seasmus, etc the questions will go to them and not jump to Nathan or Stana and castle and beckett, give more screen and publicity to every one of them. Because if Nathan it is there he is the one who will receive the more questions and the others will be like leftover. See the recent paley event, how they distributed it the cast, to left, the precint family, to the right, castle family and in center, the producers, more flow in the talks like that, and not centring the discussion in just Castle and Beckett.

    • CARBONA says:

      I actually think that Young Hollywood interview was the Friday a few weeks back that he Nathan missed work w/a bad back. Also from what I read he gave them plenty of notice so there were no hold-ups in production that day.

  19. Elocin says:

    Omg! One of my dreams came true! Can he secretly be a long lost brother of Jeff as they do have the same tv dad (James Brolin) Haha!

  20. Hson says:

    This is the best news ever! I was devastated when it became known that Nathan was supposed to guest, but it didn’t work out because of schedule issues and his role went to John Hodgman (even though I love Hodgman). Now this! I can’t contain my geek in! Fillion and Community are 2 things I love best of all on TV!

  21. dreams do come true hehe

  22. mesjarch says:

    Castle fandom is really weird. Every time there is a news about Castle or Castle cast there are some people that always write hate comments about Nathan, Stana, Molly or Andrew. It’s really disappointing because they are so nice to fans and they don’t deserve all this hate.

    • Helen says:

      The problem is that Nathan never has been nice towards the Castle fandom but if you are a firefly fan then that’s another story!

      • Alan says:

        oh jee, did he kick your puppy or something? its a job, he is never not professional when in the public eye, what more do you want from him?

  23. Mik Gab says:

    Working for another station is like cheating wife with her sister

  24. “Castle” is a T.V. programme. A very good, maybe even supreme one, but THAT is what it IS,. By the passion and furore evidenced in these comments above, one would think that the debate should be moved to the U.N. Whether in front or behind the camera the people involved are doing a job.As in every job, even one you love doing there are times when staying in bed for the day seems the better course than hour upon hour of hard slog. The enthusiasm wanes and what you love doing becomes a chore. But, next day or the one following that or whichever day following the enthusiasm is back and even more so. ALL t.v. programmes have a natural life. And when the time comes for it to end and everyone move on,it will happen. And all the angst and bitterness of it’s more rabid fans or detractors won’t stop that happening. I love “Castle” I think it can continue. But that’s just me. The individuals concerned are the ones to make the decision yay or nay. Let everything progress at it’s own pace. Be sad if it ends, Be glad if it continues for many more series. And always be thankful to everyone who has given so much pleasure to viewers globally.

  25. Jay says:

    Is this not the guy who missed a day of filming because he had a chronic pain in the back but he was dancing days later at the Emmys..Oh Ok.

    • John says:

      You said it yourself, days later, after going to a doctor maybe?

    • Advice from a chronic back pain sufferer.Actually I have “Kissing Spine Syndrome” which is not nice, to put it mildly. There are days when simply rising from a chair gives excruciating pain and I’m unable to move without help.Even to sit down again. One day it happened when I was standing in a queue in a shop.I scared the life out of the assistant serving me.Why.? Because I screamed loudly and gouged marks in the counter top with my nails.It happened once sitting at a director’s table during a stage play (amateur) and I almost crushed my leading man’s hand AND gouged the table pretending everything was fine, so as not to disrupt rehearsal.Back pain is a mysterious beast coming and going at a minute’s notice or lasting for weeks. Cough and the back goes out.There isn’t a cure.Just rest and painkillers for as long as it lasts. Maybe a back brace. Could THIS be the reason for Mr. Fillion’s slightly expanded girth. A steel – rod back brace? Leave the man be. If you do suffer from chronic back pain and still are griping at him, be ashamed.There are different levels of pain you know and different pain thresholds.

  26. Steph says:

    Awesome! I was wondering if something was up when Harmon and Fillion kept tweeting each other. And all this negativity? Chill. Enjoy the show(s). I’m a HUGE Castle fan and I love Community. So, I’m pretty excited for his guest appearance!

  27. Erin says:

    I don’t know what to think about the people who come to articles like this one just to bash Nathan Fillion, If you don’t like the guy, you hate him, etc move on!!!! look for something that makes you happy, life it is really short to spend your time here writing negative things about a person who you don’t know. sigh…

  28. karkar says:

    Love to see Nathan and Stana guest star together on any show!!!!

  29. Bob says:

    Firefly vs. Castle for the most number of references in the episode?

  30. act_on_love says:

    Can’t wait to see it… and I’ve never watched Community before.