Glee Recap: Keep Calm and Carrie On [Updated]

Glee Recap Demi Lovato BeatlesI could kick off my recap of Glee‘s second straight Beatles-themed episode by telling you I got choked up during Tina Cohen-Chang’s big prom moment. Or by sharing that Demi Lovato and Naya Rivera’s off-the-charts levels of chemistry make me just a little jealous that I’m not — and never will be — a lesbian.

But that would be burying the headline. Because on tonight’s installment of Fox’s high-school musical, we got the answer to the question that’s been looming for freakin’ ever: What is the name of the neck-brace-wearing Cheerio?

GLEE VIDEO | Get a First Look at Next Week’s Emotional Farewell to Finn Hudson

OK, I kid, I kid. (But, for the record, it’s Jordan Stern!) Actually, “Tina in the Sky With Diamonds” ended with the huge revelation that Rachel Berry has won the part of Fanny Brice in the Broadway revival of Funny Girl. Holy plot developments, Batman, that is HUGE stuff! Let’s recap this business, yes?

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HOW RACHEL GOT HER MOJO BACK | Rachel, convinced she’s out of the running for Funny Girl, gets mopey — and can’t even muster up crazy jealousy when Santana lands a role in a (hilarious) feminine hygiene commercial. Kurt comes to the rescue, and tells her she needs to recharge her mojo battery — which she does, returning to the “I’m Gonna Be a Stahhhh!” Rachel of Yore. And then, as the Lady Berry starts planning her next step (perhaps “Annie Sullivan’s landlady in The Miracle Worker — now casting at the New Jersey Theater for the Deaf), the producer of Funny Girl comes to Rachel’s diner, orders a whole cake, and asks her to top it with the message, “Congratulations, Rachel Berry: You are Fanny Brice.” Let the celebrating commence!

SANTANA’S FRESH FEELING | Santana nails her spot for Yeast-i-Stat, but thanks to her failure to read the fine print, gets paid in product instead of cash. But it doesn’t bring Ms. Lopez down, because she’s in the early stages of love — or something like it — with a cute fellow waitress at her diner (Demi Lovato’s Dani). The twosome stay late on their graveyard shift to watch the sun rise, and the moment ends in a quick — but very sweet — kiss. Looks like Dani might make good on her argument that Santana neds a “100% Sapphic goddess” in her life. Honestly, I’m not sure these two could be any cuter. Don’tcha think?

TINA’S WARDROBE CHANGE | Tina gets a little cray-cray when her name is announced as one of four finalists for Prom Queen — ditching Sam as a date to court the “dejected wallflower vote” and demanding everyone rally behind her campaign. Even her rival nominee Kitty agrees that it’s Tina’s time to shine — despite the fact that her support of a non-Cherrio candidate incurs the wrath of cheerleading she-beast Bree. Tina ends up winning the crown, but Bree — with help from Tina’s traitorous minion Dottie — sabotages the Prom Queen with a Carrie-style slushie dump. The visual proves absoslushly brutal — and Tina flees the scene in shame. But the New Directions kids rally around her, clean her up, put her in Kitty’s dress, and send her back into the party to finish out her night as high-school royalty. I’ve got to be honest: Darren Criss (as the supportive gay BFF) and Jenna Ushkowitz were flawless in this big moment, right down to Tina’s roaring proclamation, “I’m Tina Cohen-Chang, and I accept your crown!” (Oh, and methinks Kitty’s gonna feel Bree’s wrath for standing up for her New Directions sister. Is it just me or is Becca Tobin turning out to be a great addition to the cast? Send her to NYC!)

SAM GETS A SHOT OF VITAMIN LOVE | Sam, ditched by Tina — a girl he wasn’t even into — mourns his romantic fortunes…until the new school nurse (Nurse Penny) reignites his romantic fires. He overcomes his fear of needles, bends over and gets an injection in the keester — saving Penny’s job in the process. Still, while Penny’s a college sophomore, she’s still in a position of authority at McKinley. And give that Glee‘s finally just washed the ick out from the Puck-Shelby coupling, I’m hoping this romance turns out to be a one-episode event. Anyone with me, or are you all Team Sanny?

SUE’S NEW INITIATIVE | Sue rewards Bree for her cruel prank against Tina by naming her Cheerios captain. Then, because she feels New Directions is best when it has an enemy, Sue directs Bree to concoct heinous plans for the show-choir’s downfall. I dunno guys…methinks our tracksuit-wearin’ harpie needs a new hobby.

“I like yeast in my bagel — but not in my muffin!” –Santana, delivering the tagline of the Yeast-I-Stat commercial

“If we’re not careful, I swear to God we’re gonna have a black transsexual named Unique as prom queen before we have a Cheerio as prom queen!” –bitchy Bree, trying to lobby Kitty to pull her support from Tina’s campaign

Sue’s reference to Schue as “Busted Timberfake”

“I hate to interrupt the blatantly homoerotic overtones of whatever the two of you are on the verge of crying about, so I’ll be brief.” –Sue, interrupting Schue and Sam’s conversation

“Why does no one believe me? Oh yeah, the habitual lying.” –Kitty, having an a-ha moment

“Congratulations, New Directions, on accomplishing the impossible: You’ve made me hate the Beatles.” –Sue, following the glee club’s “Sgt. Pepper’s” cover

“I feel like I’m on Smash, Season 1.” –Rachel, describing her happy state of mind

Tina, “Revolution” — Grade: | D OK, so it didn’t sound like a great match of singer to song at the start, but how many of girlfriend’s musical numbers have to get cut off in this lifetime?

Kurt and Rachel, “Get Back” — Grade: | B A fun, piano-heavy arrangement — with the keyboards worked into the choreo, too — but I’d have liked it to rock 25% harder.

Sam, “Something” — Grade: | C+ Was it me, or did Chord Overstreet really overexaggerate the lipsynch on this one? That said, the bit with him getting the Heimlich was pretty hilarious.

“Here Comes the Sun” — Grade: | A+ Oh em gee, the harmonies on this one were as delightful as a flawless sunrise. Need more of this!

Jake, Ryder, Unique and Marley, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” — Grade: | B- Anyone notice Marley has barely had two lines of dialogue in Season 5? Just an observation!

“Hey Jude” — Grade: | A- Admit it: You were moved by the New Directions’ love and support for their humiliated comrade.

Pretty Much Everybody, “Let It Be” — Grade: | A

Anyhow, with that, I turn it over to you! Hit the poll below and tell us which musical number was your favorite, then scroll down to the comments and sound off about your favorite parts of the episode. Ready, set, vote!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sela says:

    What I was really saw was next week’spromo. Just a tear jerker til the end. Not a fan of the Carrie reference in tonigte’s ep. It was OK.

  2. Heather says:

    I can’t stop crying….. Let It Be and then that Promo…. KILLER!!!

    • Angela says:

      “Let it Be” got to me, too, yeah. And that promo…Christ, next week is going to be a doozy.
      “Here Comes the Sun” was great, too. I liked all the Santana/Dani stuff, they were cute and their moments together were really sweet. I also personally liked “Something”, myself, and I get what the review is saying about Penny being in a position of authority and all, but…I dunno, watching Sam fumble about to try and get her attention was kind of adorable. And she seemed interested, too, so…yeah. I like ’em.
      Also, Santana’s commercial amused me greatly, particularly that “muffin” line at the end. Oh, honey…
      I’m also okay with Rachel getting her part because given what’s coming, she should be able to enjoy a moment of happiness. That ending with her celebrating was really bittersweet.

    • Lalalala says:

      Exactly. I was crying because of how happy the episode was, knowing that this was quite possibly the last time we see Rachel Berry happy for a long while

  3. Thea says:

    I don’t know how I’ll be able to get through next week’s episode when I couldn’t get through the promo without tearing. Kurt wearing the jacket did me in. As for this weeks episode; Demi and Santana were adorable, I felt really bad for Tina, and I felt worse for Rachel. Because the good news about Funny Girl is going to be crushed by next week’s bad news. I foresee Rachel getting crazy into the role and then having a breakdown before midseason.

  4. Dan (Haleyloony) says:

    Next week… I hope it’s a good episode.

  5. Molly says:

    Ordinarily I would be annoyed at something as absurd as a college freshman with no prior professional experience and about the same level of talent as her peers getting the lead in a big budget revival of a famous show, but I long ago resigned myself to the fact that Glee takes place in an alternate universe with only the most tenuous connection to our own. The show has it’s own internal logic, and one aspect of it is that Rachel Berry is the second coming of Barbra Streisand. By Glee standards, this development actually makes perfect sense.

    • Jazzy says:

      You mean like the absurdity of Kurt Hummel getting a vogue internship based off a dinky website, Santana the college dropout getting a commercial, and so on? It’s Glee, get over it.

      • Molly says:

        Exactly. Hence the whole bit about how Glee exists in some bizarre alternate dimension.

      • dude says:

        Lots of actors are college/high school dropouts and end up getting film/television roles nevermind commercial spots. Lots of stuff about Glee doesn’t make sense, that’s not one of them.

    • theschnauzers says:

      As I recall, Barbra Streisand does watch Glee, and she is a fan of Lea Michele, who has done other Streisand covers on Glee. If in this universe, there was a Broadway revival of Funny Girl, Lea would be the very logical choice,

    • Taylor says:

      Lea Michele was staring in Spring Awakening by age 20. That’s what, a year or two older than what Rachel’s supposed to be? Lea’s also got a voice that’s pretty much ideal for musical theater, so while it may be a stretch, it’s not necessarily a huge one.

      • annn says:

        that’s hardly the same thing as a newbie with no professional experience landing the lead role in a big budget revival which needs big names or experienced Broadway stars to please investors. That’s what would happen IRL anyway.

    • rowan says:

      Well, in Funny Girl, Fanny was cast as the star in the most popular show on Broadway without any schooling and only working at another theatre for a few months.

  6. Rain says:

    I just get so sick of psycho Sue. I adore Jane Lynch but the show has just made such a mess of her character. She’s kind and has a heart! She’s evil and destroying the Glee Club! She is sad her sister died and thankful the Glee kids helped with the funeral! She punches some lady in the mouth at regionals. It just isn’t fun watching her bounce from emotion to emotion all the time.

    • Alice says:

      I think Jane looks bored and honestly I think SUE is bored which is why she wants Santana 2.0 to stir up trouble like the old days.

    • Stephanie says:

      I agree with you about Sue right now. Her “destroy the glee club” schtick is so been there, done that. I loved Sue in the back end of season 3 when she was actually nice and had a heart

    • I JUST figured it out. Sue is bi-polar, and needs to be put on meds. I’m not kidding, look at her record…

  7. karenb says:

    Slezak-I think of you every time neck-brace girl is in a scene. Glad we finally got her name! Agree-major chemistry with Dantana. “Here Comes the Sun” was amazing. They sounded great together. Oh-I was just thinking lately that it had been such a long time since someone got slushied. Those slushies were such a big part of the show back in the day. Although I will say that the bucket of slushies was just horrible.

    I’ll close by saying that I bawled already seeing the previews for next week. 😢

  8. Nicole says:

    The promo…. On man, next week is going to be hard…

  9. Josh says:

    Why would they have her get a huge part so quick? Couldn’t they show her struggle? Does Glee ever do anything right?

    • Funny Girl says:

      I’m not sure if they had intended for her get FG so soon. But Rachel will lose Finn next week. Losing both FG and Finn with in a week of each other would be a lot for one character to endure so young on a show that i supposed to be a comedy. And well, Lea got her first leading role at 19 in Spring Awaking and much of what they write for Rachel follows Lea’s RL.

    • abz says:

      I think the struggle is about to start. She’s basically going from one of the biggest, happiest moments of her life to one of the biggest heartbreaks. I’m thinking that despite getting the part they might make her struggle a lot with it or maybe even quit it because of losing Finn.I hope they show the aftermath of Finn’s death beyond the tribute next week. I know Glee has issues with consistency, but seriously if Finn’s death is going to be this one and done thing, I’m gonna be really pissed.

  10. Lea is Queen says:

    I loved the NY part of the show. It is so much better then anything they do in Lima! And oh man that promo for next week just hurt so much! I hurt for Lea, you could hear the pain in her voice singing that song.

  11. newinkpop says:

    I’m going to cry next week…

  12. Peeple commenting on Rachel’s getting the part… People have gotten parts when someone has seen them simply waiting tables. She went through a couple auditions, and had the guts to perform a song in front of the two while they ate in a restaraunt. That’s ballsy… when casting an iconic streisand role I’m pretty sure ballsy is important. It doesn’t happen every day, but it does happen.

  13. Lkbryant says:

    I love how the show made fun of itself tonight. Seriously, where is Joe? I like him!!
    On another note, I couldn’t even watch the promo for next week. I caught a glimpse and started crying. Next week, I’ll be a mess. Can’t even imagine what it was like to film.

  14. Sean C. says:

    I have no idea why the show decided it needed to mar an otherwise very successful introduction to a new love interest for Santana with a bunch of biphobic remarks.

    • Lauren says:

      I don’t think it was necessarily biphobic, just accurate for someone in Santana’s situation. She was hurt by Brittany.

      • Lane says:

        Why? She dumped Brittany. Her own damn fault if she hurt herself. Stupid biphobic retcon is offensive. No way around it.

      • Sean C. says:

        No, it was biphobic. The show has given similar sentiments to Kurt in the past (in “Blame it on the Alcohol” by the same writer, Ian Brennan), and never suggested there was anything wrong with what he said. Indeed, the treatment of Brittany’s sexuality in general has always been full of biphobic stereotypes (and suddenly now that Santana is dating a “real lesbian” she gets actual screentime with her love interest and it seems to be taken seriously).

  15. nope says:

    I realize that glee has you paid off because the only comments ever on this show is how ‘great’ it is. Newsflash, it’s NOT. Offensive to brittany and bisexuals everywhere. Totally OOC for santana to talk about her soulmate like that. I failed to see the ‘off the chart’ chemistry between two actresses who yes are pretty but look more like sisters than anything else. Poor writing & mediocre songs all around.

    • Sean C. says:

      How do they “look like sisters”? They’re both Latina, but otherwise they have completely different facial and body types, and hair colours.

      • nope says:

        you’re right, i guess i meant more like a ‘sisterly’ or ‘bff’ vibe off of them more than anything romantic. whatever, glee will force the relationship down our throats for the next 5 eps before demi smartly flees far away

      • Ashes says:

        Just as Sam and Brittany shared no more similarities besides their blonde hair and whiteness. Yet, no one had any problem screaming that they looked like twins.

        I’m glad this incensed Brittana stan logic holds true across the board.

    • k says:

      Well at least Demi can kind of match Naya acting-wise, as opposed to Heather, who’s basically like a brick wall.

    • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

      For someone talking about OPINION, you sure are acting like yours is FACT. Lots of people still enjoy this show, and lots of people don’t feel the need to read into things so deeply to make it “offensive” … because it’s a cheesy show with cheesy writing that’s all about FUN. They make the storylines work for whatever songs they want to do.

      We get that Glee isn’t some deeply written, always consistent continuity masterpiece… what we don’t get is why people who hate the damn show so much that they feel the need to read articles about it and constantly spew vitriol.

      Just move on. It’s really effing pathetic.

    • huh says:

      Wow, a uber britney fan is totally incensed that her fictional idol is being cheated on by her fictional ex-girlfriend

    • Tony says:

      You hate Glee so much that you wasted precious time out of your day to comment on an article about it….makes alot of sense.

  16. Jillian says:

    I thought this was one of the best episodes since the beginning of season 3. I am loving Dantana and Naya seriously has great chemistry with just about everyone who comes on this show. A part of me wanted the episode to end with Kurt and/or Rachel getting a phone call about Finn to set up next week. My only complaint is that they’re going from a pretty cheerful episode to what is going to be the most heart wrenching hour of television that Glee has ever produced. The fact that Lea is singing Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love” just heightens the entire episode (for me personally because that is my favorite Adele song). It’s going to become very real next week that Cory is actually gone. I know I will have my tissues ready because that preview had be balling and it was only 30 seconds.

  17. para says:

    i love the part where rachel says it’s like season 1 of smash.

    well rachel, smash lasted two seasons and no one but some people who accidentally fell asleep and left the tv on.watched smash! Piers Morgan could have more viewers if he is.on NBC…AND THAT IS SAYONG SOMETHING

  18. Basarts says:

    I’m annoyed that they made Sam and Tina into such unlikeable characters. They had so much potential, but now have basically been written off as a serial monogamist and an attention-crazed punchline. Disappointing, Glee.

    • Chris says:

      I thought Sam was adorable last night. I like his chemistry with Phoebe Stroll. Hopefully she gets to sing at some point. She has a great voice.

  19. tw says:

    Rachel wins the part in Funny Girl, and you lead with Tina Cohen-Chang!?! Huh?….I fast forward whenever she’s on screen. Naya and Demi are wonderful together though…

  20. megs says:

    Agree with you, Michael, on Becca Tobin! Kitty’s a great, multi-faceted character, and Becca has a great voice- hoping to hear some killer solos from her this season.
    That “Smash” reference from Rachel had me howling, and her getting Funny Girl was such a sweet, huge moment. For those of us who have watched from the beginning, it’s such an awesome payoff.
    That promo for next week…It’s gonna be ROUGH.

  21. Omar says:

    When Tina was singing Revolution and then rang the bell was hilarious! I love miss Tina Cohen-Chang! I love bitchy Kitty but the new Kitty is better! <3
    I noticed that Marley has barely had two lines of dialogue in Season 5. I like the neck-brace Cheerio. She steals scenes! Santana commercial was so funny!

    "Let it be" and "Hey Jude" were my faves songs.

    The promo for next episode :(

  22. abz says:

    I still think that the Beatles tributes were one of the worst and most boring tributes Glee has done. Of course, a few songs here and there were good (Hey Jude, Let It Be, Here Comes The Sun, Yesterday, Help), but I’d say the tribute as a whole definitely wasn’t great and Glee has done better. At least the second episode was a little better.
    While most of the newbies are boring as hell, I think I’m liking Kitty/Becca more with each episode.
    Felt really bad for Tina, but she’s been such an annoying snob lately. The ‘Hey Jude’ performance/scene was very sweet, though.
    I like Demi. I think so far she’s fitting in well on the NYC side. Hope she has more interactions with Rachel and Kurt.
    Anyone notice the Friends reference, when Santana was talking to her boss Gunther?
    Loved Rachel’s mention of SMASH (still missing it!) and honesty I think she’s fantastic and great for the part! It’s Glee. Experience and qualifications don’t really matter and that’s a lesson us viewers should all have realized by now.
    Can they just get rid of Sam already? He’s become this extremely awful character that is just unbearable to watch. Come to think of it, while most of the newbies are still boring, Sam, Blaine, and Tina have been the ones lately that have been completely destroying the Lima side, especially Sam.
    Next week is gonna be really sad :(

  23. Per usual another boring episode of a series that should have ended after its first season. The actors can’t act and still to this date do not understand you do NOT look at the camera while talking. You are supposed to ignore it’s presence… but what do they know. The lead singers can’t sing. Heck you can find better singers on American Idol, that clearly do not have ‘it’. And of course next week’s episode will do well with the ratings because it is a tribute, that is being monetized big time. Yeah it sucks the kid died so young. Get over it. It happens all the time.

    • Kat says:

      Are they just supposed to pretend it didn’t happen? Finn was one of the show’s central characters. They can’t just ignore his death. It would obviously affect the people in his life deeply.

      • P says:

        I would have prefer for Finn to be written out, this show is a comedy and this is either going to drag the story down or they are going to ignore it from episode 4 on, and on a personal level and the real life side this is just morbid, I do not need to see other people pain and grief to get closure.

    • DES says:

      Marley and Jake are not the leads.

  24. Ringgo says:

    Can they just make the NYC spin-off? I don’t mind even if it’s even only 30 minutes long as long as I don’t need to fast forward scenes that I don’t want yo watch anymore

    • Olivia says:

      Every sane person with taste is wishing for a NYC spin-off. Thank God for web edits.

      Anyway I’ve watched the NYC parts and I agree Michael, Dani and Santana are freakin’ cute together and their moments in Let It Be made me go “awwwww”. Santana freaking out and blurting out a nervous as hell “aaaaaah” when she sees Dani waving at her made me giggle like an idiot lol. Too bad Demi’s only guest starring because it’s refreshing to see Santana moving on and the match seems to be quite a good one.

      I’ve missed funny Rachel so I’m happy that she gets some comedic material, she killed me tonight lol. For some reason, her “I’m so tired” reminded me of Buffy saying “have fun, delivering tea” when Willow was taking care of Kennedy in season 7 haha.
      I like to hear Kurt’s lower voice so bonus points for that too. It’s about damn time we hear something in that register.

      NYC characters have so much potential in this setting, it’s an absolute shame that McKinley still exists. I’m enjoying the NYC parts while I can, because I’m pretty sure that when Blaine and Sam inevitably get their obnoxious, insufferable, talentless selves there, even the web edits won’t be enough.

  25. Karen says:

    Why are you still watching a “boring episode” of a show that should have been cancelled after the first season? Let people that like the show have a discussion, you obviously should have stopped 4 seasons ago!

  26. McGee says:

    They gave Bree some line-for-line dialogue from that psycho sorority letter that was leaked online, but I laughed at that and Santana’s commercial anyway.

  27. DES says:

    The lack of Marley, Jake and Ryder etc is why the first two episode have been somewhat acceptable. If they are going to stick with this split narrative they really need to switch to Lima 25% and Ny 75% or more.

  28. AJ says:

    lol Slezak, Kitty/Becca is amazing, but why would she go to NY?? Lima is here to stay, rightfully, as the show should always be connected to a glee club, and that side needs someone like her. People are graduating soon, she’ll be a key player on that side, with two more years of high school left. Anyways, enjoyed the episode, kinda feel sorry for people who only like one side, because I like both and am able to enjoy everything. Hey Jude and Here Comes The Sun were my favorites. Thank god Heather Morris had a baby, or I might still be stuck with Brittana.

    • k says:

      I honestly haven’t missed or cared about Heather at all since the season started. I wouldn’t mind if she never came back.

    • Christy says:

      I’d actually be more worried about being stuck with Bram since it’s apparently against some kind of law that Sam stay single for one episode. I’m starting to think that they failed Brittany last season just so Sam could have a girlfriend. Ridiculous.

  29. DeeKayTee says:

    Santana’s Yeast-I-stat commercial was the funniest thing ever!

  30. Christy says:

    Thanks to the NY scenes, this is the best Glee episode since the breakup episode last season. I can’t remember the last time I cried with laughter watching Glee but Santana’s commercial had me in stitches. Give Naya more comedy please! Dani and Santana were really cute. I like their chemistry and it’s about time Santana gets a girlfriend she actually talks to and has scenes with. Sucks that we had to wait until the 5th season to see it. No comment on the biphobia. Rachel and Santana were perfect together. I need more of that friendship. It was really nice to see Rachel get the part and the champagne celebration was great. Such natural chemistry between the roommates. The Mckinley stuff was meh. Another prom, another soulmate for Sam, another ” OTT Tina” storyline, another bitchy cheerleader (Bree). Another cheesy ND group number where they dress in elaborate costumes and pretend to do choreography. I’m over it.

  31. Boiler says:

    I liked Heather/Britney but the chemistry between Demi and Naya’s characters was great. Think Demi is great addition. Hopefully Sam gets a happy ending. Agree with other sentiments on this board…if you don’t like the show or haven’t watched get off…especially P H

  32. Ann says:

    The whole storyline with Sam and the Nurse is cringeworthy. It’s one thing for a schoolboy to have a crush on the school nurse…but it’s another for that school nurse to return the affection. TERRIBLE STORYLINE! I understand she’s just a college girl and the guy playing Sam is probably in his mid-30’s, but he’s playing a teenage highschooler….it is completely inappropriate.

    • Ali says:

      The guy who plays Sam is in his early 20s lol, he just looks a little haggard. Reminds me of how Mark Salling started aging so fast.

    • megs says:

      Did the nurse actually say she was 22? I think I remember that. Or maybe she just said she was a sophomore in college, which means she’s closer to 19 or 20, and Sam could easily be 18- not that weird….

  33. JKR says:

    Dani and Santana have way more chemistry than Brittana ever did. I get some people are getting offended by the “biphobic” mentions. I don’t see it that way. Being gay/lesbian and seeing someone you loved with someone of the opposite sex hurts in a different way. Also, I think they made a point in the scene where Santana was freaking out about Dani. She was nervous because she’d only been with “bi girls and college girls experimenting.” Being with a “100% Sapphic Goddess” represents growth for Santana.

    • Ali says:

      Well as someone who is bisexual, thanks for saying that any girl that dated me, “experienced growth” after breaking up with me and dating a lesbian. Apparently bisexuals are inadequate partners. Awesome.

      • JKR says:

        Well, yes. When you break up with anyone you do experience growth. Or at least you should, and that goes for LGBT / straight people. For Santana, I mean growth in the sense of being comfortable enough in herself and her sexuality to openly and honestly be interested in a lesbian who clearly is interested in her. It was clear to me that Santana was very hurt by Brittany moving on with Sam…whether the breakup was her doing or not, she is still entitled to her feelings. Honestly, I was never that invested into Brittany and Santana because I never felt commitment and chemistry between them. Maybe it’s the way it was written… it always seemed to me like Brittany just went along with it. But that’s just a personal opinion.

        For the record, I don’t believe that bisexuals are not inadequate partners…that’s a generalization. I’m talking in this case, for this character.

        • Ali says:

          Perhaps they should have made more of an attempt to delve into Santana’s personal insecurities, but the way it was written, it seemed like a generalization. And really, the fact that you weren’t into Brittany and Santana because Brittany just “went along with it” is just another signifier of how bisexuals are perceived. The show didn’t do a great job with Brittana, they haven’t done a good job with most of the couples, but the facts are that Santana broke up with Brittany and not the other way around. Hell if Brittany ever “strayed” it was when she cheated on Artie (a guy) with Santana (a girl). But that doesn’t count, I guess. It just bothers me how much Glee has attempted to paint bisexual girls as really “straight” with an asterisk. Brittany just “goes along” with Santana, even though Santana is the only person shes dated on the show that she hasn’t dumped – she dumped/cheated on Artie and dumped Sam.

  34. dude says:

    I wouldn’t say it was one of their best episodes but I really enjoyed it. Especially all of Naya’s scenes. “Anyone who’s toxic vagina produces that much yeast should just open up a bakery”

  35. Caro says:

    So thrilled Rachel got the part! Loved the shout out to SMASH (I wish FOX would pick up the option on that show and bring it back – sans world’s worst showrunner, Josh Safran)! Poor Rachel – she has one of her biggest dreams come true and then next week she loses another! Still can’t wait to see her on Broadway! Lots happening at McKinley – who cares? And so tired of seeing Sue being mean! Can’t the writers give the very talented Jane Lynch something else to do?

  36. rowan says:

    Sgt. Pepper is my favorite song on the album apart from “Yesterday”! Loved that little scene, it was such a cute performance.

  37. Ellen says:

    Sam Evans needs a haircut, Stat.

  38. Steve F. says:

    I think I want that Glee Beatles album after hearing Demi and Naya’s rendition of “Here Comes the Sun.”

    The Carrie reference was spot on – the only thing missing would’ve been Tina going bat-spit crazy (though how cool would THAT have been – especially if bratty Bree [who did the impossible by making Kitty *gasp* LIKEABLE] was the first target).

    Naya and Demi – it may have been cross-promotional between Glee and The X Factor… but holy cats, did those two have serious chemistry or what? And man, did Dani make Santana actually sweat. Can we get Demi to stay on the cast?

    I just wish there was a segue into next week’s Finn goodbye (and man, that promo is heartbreaking)… like Rachel calling Finn to tell him the good news, only to find out something had happened to him.

  39. kavyn says:

    I loved Kitty last season and I’m glad they’re making her better this season too. I also love the new HBIC for the Cheerios!

  40. TW says:

    WAY WAY too much Tina in this episode. I’ve passed my quotient for the year on her already, and it is only Ep. 2. Ugh! Hope we’ve seen the last of Tina Cohen-Chang for the season. And, truly, are we supposed to believe she would ever be chosen prom queen? She can’t even get a solo…

  41. Josh says:

    So much better than Episode 1. Genuinely hilarious moments, and that “Here Comes the Sun” was beautiful.

  42. Johnny says:

    Why are all these sophomores at prom?

  43. Jamie says:

    Best LInes of the night:

    “I like yeast in my bagel — but not in my muffin!”
    “I feel like I’m on Smash, Season 1.”

    Darren was terrific on Hey Jude.
    Glad to see they are letting Chris sing more – more please!

    Next week I will be crying for hours. : (

  44. Caro says:

    The only good things about this weeks ep involved the scenes in New York! I hated the prom! It felt campy and it was mostly mean! Plus, who plays Beatles songs at a prom? The Beatles did not play dance music! Sue was mean with a raging case of apathetic ADD – totally unwatchable! Penny is a flake! No school would use an intern as the school nurse and no school would give vaccines without parental consent – idiotic plot! Sam’s hair needs to be cut – he looks like a sheep dog with fish lips! Also, there was way too much McKinley! We have been watching Rachel Berry dream of becoming a star on Broadway for 5 years and in the ep that it finally happens we barely see her! Or hear her! She doesn’t get a solo for finally having her dream come true? We don’t see her call Finn or Schue or Shelby? Instead we get to see New Directions sing – UGH! Horrible! Ryan Murphy said he would have cancelled Glee is Lea Michele had decided she didn’t want to do it anymore because she is the star of the show – was that true or was that PR? If Lea is really the star then we should be seeing a lot more of Rachel!

  45. Jody says:

    Hating Sue and Bree!

  46. mc says:

    The “Smash” reference actually reminded me of the time when, on “Smash,” they don’t know who to cast as the celebrity and Derek was upset when someone pitched Lea Michele for the role. Oh, well. That officially makes me the only guy who watched that show.
    On Topic: How long are they planning to keep Sam’s hair?