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Arrow Mystery Solved: Laurel's Season 2 Storyline Is to [Spoiler] the Vigilante!

Arrow Season 2 Spoilers LaurelShe’s MIA from Season 2’s first episodic pics. She landed in the back row of the new cast photo. And glammish geek girl Felicity and someone else playing Black Canary have commanded the female-centric buzz.

But make no mistake, The CW’s Arrow most certainly has a plan for Katie Cassidy and the character of Laurel Lance.

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As the superhero drama’s sophomore run opens up, months after the Undertaking that literally rattled Starling City, “Laurel’s joined the district attorney’s office … now that CNRI has been destroyed,” showrunner Andrew Kreisberg shared Tuesday on the set. “Her mission at the top of the season is to bring down the Arrow.”

(As for how Black Canary’s introduction in the form of a character played by Caity Lotz impacts the show’s first most likely candidate, Kreisberg previously maintained to TVLine: “[That] really is all Laurel’s story… another step in Laurel’s journey. [It] does not preclude Laurel from one day becoming the Black Canary.”)

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Working alongside Laurel as she embraces her anti-vigilante cause is a new character, ADA Adam Donner (played by Dylan Bruce aka Orphan Black’s Hot Paul). “He’s a good guy, we hope,” Kreisberg said. “But he’s there as another foil for Laurel.”

Adam is also there as a callback to some “super” DNA, named as he is after 1978 Superman movie director Richard Donner. “We had a sign everywhere on the set that said, ‘Verisimilitude'” — as in Donner’s famous on-set mantra during that shoot. Meaning authenticity/plausibility, “That was the launch word for that movie,” Kreisberg said, “and that’s the word that we have adopted as well.” (With reporting from Vancouver by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. alistaircrane says:

    Seriously, Katie Cassidy is the worst part of Arrow. Just let her go already.

    • rachelle says:

      LOL, I thought I was the only person who hated her. I’m sorry. I’ve always disliked Cassidy as an actress. I never wanted to watch anything with her in it and it’s unfortunate that she’s a regular on a show that I enjoy so much.

    • dude says:

      She’s a fantastic actress saddled with some questionable material. Don’t let your distaste for the character/writing be channeled into hatred for a very talented actress. Why even bother reading just so you can continue to whine about Laurel?

    • Amanda says:

      Agree. Not sure if it’s Cassidy or how they write her character. Or both. But she is the weak link.

      • Marc says:

        I think it’s both. I don’t dislike KC, but the material that she’s working with plus her limitations as an actress is making it terribly difficult to like her character. She lacks chemistry with the male lead and she does not give any nuances to her character, she comes across as a sanctimonious, hypocritcal bore, even when the scene calls for the opposite.

    • Liza says:

      Could not agree more. And such a terrible needy portrayal of whats a strong character. Ugh

  2. sladewilson says:

    Uh huh – first misstep. Arrow saved her how many times and now she’s not only the DA but her mission is to bring him down. Riiiiight. I hope Ollie looks at her like she lost her ever loving mind and moves on with Felicity…

  3. Arrow Fan says:

    Finally some news on Laurel’s character. I like KC and Im sorry that she is being shoved aside with all this Olicity happening. Its a pity. I loved her with Tommy. And now he is no more…

  4. I like how now she’s physically begun to resemble the character from the comic more. I can understand why that wasn’t the case in season one. It’s like Kate’s short hair in season one of Castle. Until the show is a hit, not every cast member will alter their physical looks to embody the character in case the show doesn’t make it.

  5. What happens to Kate Spencer?

  6. Helvetica says:

    How is what she will do a spoiler, if the first promotional video of Arrow has her character saying that she will catch the Hood?

  7. Jenna says:

    Laurel and her father are the worst thing of this show. They are annoying characters and I wish they would just leave. At least it seems like Ollie and her are done, because seriously, Oliver and Laurel, ZERO chemistry.

    • Amanda says:

      It’s true, they have no chemistry whatsoever. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so.

    • Esther says:

      I agree. She even looks physically distrurbing, even her face lacks movement and expression. Is bad enough her character is so unlikable and she has zero chemistry with The make lead; other than being the love interest, there is absolutely NO REASON for her character. I just wish writers would pay attention to the audience feedback. Oliver and felicity sizzle the screen :).

  8. Dominique says:

    I hate to say it case I normally always enjoy Katie’s work, but she was just seriuosly miscast as Laurel, not to mention that I really dislike this version. She’s just unlikable and doesn’t have anything that makes me root for her.

  9. Finally news about Laurel!! I LOVE it … Katie is great, and I really hope she becomes Black Canary and work better the romance between her and Oliver.

  10. hybrid says:

    Can not wait to see her strong KC/Laurel in S2. This character Arrow is what requires more care on the part of producers. So I’m sure Laurel will still surprise us enough .. GO! DINAH! BC

  11. LONE says:

    I love Laurel and love Lauriver. I’m sure she will crush whoever is stupid and think she will be ruled out of the series … Dinah Laurel Lance is destined to be Black Canary and GREAT AND UNIQUE LOVE OF OLIVER QUEEN. Go lauriver!

  12. Kate says:

    Boring character ! Strange cause I used to enjoy the actress in Supernatural but here it feels to me like she can’t act anymore. They should have left her in the background.

  13. liz says:

    So that’s the big secret? She’s after the hood? That’s why she was missing from promo? Is not even a secret, if you are in arrow fandom, you already knew this ‘spoiler’, this is just PR damage control

    And where’s katie? Stephen, emily, willa and colton keep making interaction with arrow fandom about season 2 and the only time I read her talking about arrow is when she’s talking about that blog of her or in interview,
    Well, I just hope she won’t be come out stupid after found out the truth about oliver
    , fix her, don’t make me want black canary dead

    • Vergas says:

      With the actress nonchalant attitude about the show, her costars, her fans and spending so much time pimping her fashion project, I get the feeling she was told she is being written off, if not then she is just a piece and actually deserve to be written out.

  14. Michelle says:

    Laurel’s attitude on the Hood is giving me whiplash! THIS is their way of trying to get me to like her? Or make her relevant? Good lord. They should have just cut their losses with the character, but DC probably won’t let them. Shame.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Exactly…i mean she is an IMPORTANT character…she is Oliver’s first and main love, and not only that but she becomes the Black Canary and in the comics thats Olivers GF or Wife or w/e….so its not like she can be fired or anything…they need to write her WAAAY better. I almost feel bad that SOOO many people love Emily Bett and Felicity, in the ideal world im betting Felicity was supposed to be a small time character with a small purpose and Laurel was supposed to be the character we are in love with and root for Oliver to be with.

  15. amanda says:

    I usually like Katie but this character isn’t a good fit for her its so boring. She’s the worst part of the show even her dad brings more to the table

  16. Stephanie says:

    To the haters ALL a reason to criticize Laurel, without knowing the reasons for the character to hunt Hood are already making a spectacle!! Spare me, Laurel has content and this plot will be very interesting …. the protagonists need CONFLICTS, this is a show!!!!
    I hope they know how to work their stories with Oliver, Sara and her father …. and make it our REAL Black Canary.

  17. Carol says:

    Finally some news about Laurel. I hope they can give her a better storyline this season. And I really don’t get all this hate.

  18. Kristina says:

    No offense to Katie Cassidy but she’s terrible in this role. Definitely the worst part of the show and she drags down every scene she’s in (although she did have some decent ones with Tommy, but now that he’s gone it’s time for her to go too). Really hopeful the writers go in a different direction with her character than turning her into Black Canary.

  19. Anne Lloyd says:

    Brilliant news! Laurel is by far my favorite female on the show and I like that she’s one of the few characters you can tell has a journey of transformation to go on. It makes her unpredictable. Katie Cassidy is looking lovely as usual. Hopefully there will be some excellent tension between her and Ollie as she cares for him but not so much his alter ego, and based on last season I expect there will be some hot sparks between Amell and Cassidy throughout the season. Can’t wait!

  20. Anna says:

    Very interesting, I hope a new dynamic for Laurel …. and that in the future may be next to Oliver as Black Canary!

  21. Carol says:

    You can love, you can hate, but everything about Laurel gets bigger. Something they’re doing right.

  22. Cherry says:

    Dinah Laurel Lance is the major love interest in the comics so I’m glad she’s sticking around. Cassidy is a terrific actress who is a victim of bad writing. She should be on the front of the posters with Amell. I hope they rectify her bad character and make her a likeable one.

    • Colt says:

      She is a victim of not having any acting talent, lack of chemistry and no screen presence. Time to pick a new career, she has been riding on Daddy’s name for work, doesn’t last forever.

  23. TheAppleFour says:

    Matt, thank god someone other than a fan has noticed what the CW publicity team have been doing with the Laurel Lance & Katie Cassidy.

    The amount of Olicity fan pandering that has been going on is now beyond a joke. There is a growing ground swell of fans who are getting sick of it being shoved done our throats. It started in late season one where the writers have been using the character of Felicity as an overly convenient plot tool, and it certainly looks like it has been amped up even more so in season 2, and IMHO at the risk of believe ability. I have been wondering lately if TPTB realize what great characters and cast they have in their writing tool box to utilize or is it just a matter of being lazy and using a quick and easy fix.

    Yeah tease is tease and can lead to good drama, but this just so over the top – I am surprised some at Arrow production aren’t getting embarrassed about it all.

    Oh and apparently the reason that there are no season 2 promotional pictures of Katie or of Dylan Bruce is that they didn’t have a photographer on those days, oh please surely someone isn’t that incompetent to schedule a photo session for the lead actress.

    Laurel / Katie has also barely cracked a showing in any of the promotional videos, including the latest one – and that one is supposed to be about this supposed love triangle. But yet we are led to believe that she has a strong story line in at least the first 3 episodes. Let’s just say, I won’t be holding my breath until I see it for my own eyes. Bring a return to good story telling and leave the fan pandering to other TV shows.

    Unlike some others in this comment section, I do believe Oliver and Laurel have chemistry together, it just isn’t over the top – it is a relationship with many layers to it – and a more subtle acting style is approach is required. And no Katie and Paul are not the worst on the show, in fact Katie is one of the better and more experienced actors. IMHO simply making a few choice foot in mouth blunders doesn’t make you a star or a great actor.

    Just waiting for a back lash of Olicity comments to fly my way… in …1… 2…3.

    Oh and by the way I like the character of Felicity as well as the actress who plays her, but I am over Olicity and pandering to a minority fan group on the internet, when there are millions around the world watching Arrow – who couldn’t give a stuff about Olicity.

    I hope over season 2 you keep an eye out on the goings on at CW Arrow.

    • Carol says:

      They’re that incompetent. Someone did a promo about a “triangle” and selected a scene between Thea and Roy to show “Oliver and Laurel”. I already can’t believe they missed that.

      • TheAppleFour says:

        Yes, i pointed that out to the ignorant journo who made reference to it in their story, oh dear me. They really are that incompetent it would seem at CW publicity Arrow.

        • morrigan says:

          I really don’t think that was the purpose of the promo, so the CW promo department didn’t mess up. I’m pretty sure the ‘shipper article title was all TVGuide trying to get hits.

          • TheAppleFour says:

            Well having in worked in marketing, most of the content is provided to the news and media outlets in neat little packages, It includes video, photography and media releases. Yes media outlets can go off topic or read the content they have been provided, as often it is given to a web manager/coordinator to post. However, this was written by a journalist and i believe other outlets have picked up on the same mistake – conclusion – the PR department at Arrow stuffed up. It’s as simple as that.

    • Spoiler Junkie says:

      I love Felicity but the pandering is now bordering on the annoying. Also IMHO, they should reduce the foot in mouth blunders – make them count and not seem like they have been inserted for fan service.

    • Jack says:

      There’s a pretty good reason why Laurel is barely in any of the promo stuff. It’s because barely anyone outside of obsessive fans of her actress like her character.

      • Corinne says:

        Completely agree with you Jack. And the thing is I used to like Katie too, but the way she has come off recently has bothered me. Laurel had so much potential character wise, and she just isn’t working. Let’s let Felicity, Moira, and Thea be the focus.

      • Marc says:

        I don’t understand why people who are not impressed by KC’s portrayal of LL and the way the character is written is accused of being an Olicity shipper. I intensely dislike this version of LL because frankly, she is an extremely unlikeable character and the actress has shown very limited range in her acting. I am fully prepared to like LL when there is reason for it, but so far, I’m merely resigned to the fact that she is destined to be Black Canary and I’ll just have to either suffer through it or FF her scenes. I have watched KC in Supernatural and liked her, on Arrow, she is not only miscast, but does not possess the acting chops to work with whatever she’s given, she is one-note – annoyingly so in this role. This has nothing to do with Oliver and Felicity because by now, everyone knows the LL is going to end up with Oliver and become the BC, that doesn’t mean an automatic enjoyment of her scenes. Bottom line, the character is terrible and in serious need to attention.

    • Maria says:

      I’m also glad that someone outside the social media has finally noticed the blatant “Olicity” pandering and Felicity hype that the “Arrow” TPTB have been indulging in for the past few months.

      The “Arrow” TPTB have let themselves become far too influenced by online fandom buzz, especially when you consider that the fans they pander to are just a tiny subset of the general viewership, at the most a few hundred thousand out of an audience of some 30 millions worldwide. Out of these few hundred thousand only a few percent are actually active on social media. In fact, statistical studies show that the most frequent bloggers, tweeters and FB posters comprise about 10% of the online fandom-the remaining 90% are passive lurkers who never let their voices be heard. If you take into account that many online fans are not into “shipping” at all, it seems even more absurd that.CW should devote 80% of their “Arrow” promotional campaign on “Olicity” ship tease.

      The “Arrow” showrunners have to realize that some viewers are beginning to find it annoying to have Felicity constantly shoved in their faces, no matter how likeable she is. The same goes for the pseudo-erotic “Ollie falls half-nekkid on top of Felicity” scenes-implausible as it may seem, there are actually folks who donät go gaga over such “Olicity moments”….

      Katie Cassidy is a competent actress and she is certainly as good as much-hyped Emily, who is also a competent actress, but by no means the sensational thespian that she is made out to be by her fans. As for the Oliver/Felicity chemistry, I have really tried, but I just can’t perceive the INSANE, OFF THE CHARTS and ELECTRIFYING chemistry that the “oliciters” rave about…which isn’t that strange given that chemistry is very much in the eyes of the beholder. Chemistry may be important, but it can’t be used as an argument for demoting one character/actress/ship and promoting another, because it’s very hard to find any consensus when it comes to who has the most chemistry with whom.

    • io says:

      LMAO, you’re everywhere with your fanpandering rambling, GTFO. Butthurt because people love Felicity and root for her instead of boring Laurel, get over it and get a life, stop bllaming the fandom and start blaming the writers and catie for their wacky job with Laurel. You’re nothing but a Laurel and Oliver stan trying to make a case for them with a lot of false truths you claim over and over. And baiting much? Stop taking jabs at Emily and her fans. You’re so butthurt over Felicity’s success that it’s not even funny. There are millions around the world who couldn’t give a s**** about Laurel, that’s what goes down. And you need to get over it or get some decent arguments because this s**** ain’t flying.

  24. Renan Alves says:

    Love laurel so much she’s my favorit character in this show … She is a strong woman and she take care of people who needs help … “if u dont know the CNRI was a communit center” … but what can i say ? HATERS GONNA HATE just get over it LAUREL IS MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN FELICITY …

  25. Spoiler Junkie says:

    Wow! Cant believe all the Laurel and by extension the Katie Cassidy hate. I for one, like her character and hope that the writers just don’t push her to the background (as they have done in the posters etc in the lead up to S2) as a knee jerk reaction to the rabid haters.

    Having said that, I hope the writers make her story line matter – Laurel took the Hood’s help in S1, now she is going after him – Why? The context of why she is doing this is important. Watch the plot unfold before jumping on the irrational hate train.

    I am also excited about her eventual story line with Black Canary (played by Caity Lotz). That should be interesting.

  26. John says:

    Like the actress, like the character and like her interaction with Oliver. The writing on the show is decent so I’m interested to see how this plays out for her.

  27. Stane says:

    Lmao, like someone pointed out this is clearly nothing but PR damage control, its not even news. Each time these people behind the show pretends like they actually care about this actress/character, yet each time they leave her out of the promos, trailers, articles and pretend like, it was a mistake, or they forgot. They got a new actress to play the black canary and made Emily the leading lady, and always cut most of her few scenes anyway. If you want someone off the show so bad, then why don’t you just pull the plug, let the actress walk free. I can understand trying to hide the actress, as if she doesn’t exist in your show, miscast, bad actor and not really of good character person, but at least be straight with her instead of promising her the sky that doesn’t exist. Its cruel to continue to humiliate her like this.

    This storyline is really just as ridiculous, going after someone who have been saving you for a toyboy that you didnt even love, way to make a hated character even be more hated.

  28. HYD says:

    Good news finally!!
    Laurel needs a transformation, get her own space on the show, from the promos we can see she has a new attitude, strength. The big problem in the season one were the writers, they left Laurel aside stuck with tommy…
    New season, new dynamic for Laurel and maybe a new suit(Black Canary). I like that

  29. Katelin says:

    You guys need to have patience and quit complaining. Laurel is a big part of the show and her story line
    will eventually get where it needs to be.

  30. liz says:

    THIS, seriously someone save her from this show, for stephen and emily this show is a gold mine
    For her, not so much, I really wish she won’t come out stupid, but just imagine this, if she found the truth and she still want to be with oliver she have to eat her own words, if she decide to leave him, as long as this show called arrow, she will always crawling back to him, the guy who keep lying to her, it’s a death trap

  31. Ralph says:

    Yes, love Laurel she will kick some ass this season

  32. Jack says:

    Just write her character off already. She’s this show’s Lana Lang.

    • Joanna says:

      no, she is not Lana Lang … she is DINAH LAUREL LANCE, this is not Smallville … is ARROW!

      • Jack says:

        Nah, you think?

        “She’s this show’s Lana Lang” means she’s a terrible character almost no one likes who will have a tedious, time consuming on and off relationship with the hero for a billion seasons until the writers finally realize she’s terrible and writes a better heroine in her place.

        I want to save the writers’ time and my time. Just get rid of her now.

  33. Henry G. says:

    The hate and vitriol towards Laurel Lance and her actress only prove that the writers have succeed in writing a feminist character in a show with a predominately male audience. Katie Cassidy’s acting becomes a scapegoat for their actual list of reasons to hate the character. You can tell that these are the types of people that wouldn’t know good acting if it hit them on the head because they all act in extremely immature manners. Just go around on the message boards and tell me if you see an ounce of maturity in her haters.

    The same thing happened with Anna Gunn and her character Skyler White on Breaking Bad. There is an excessive amount of immaturity and hatred towards her character to the point where the showrunner even had to call them out. Despite all their desperate attempts to make Anna Gunn out to be the worst actress ever, she was the one who won the Emmy this year. While I don’t think CW shows will be winning Emmys anytime soon, it goes to show that fan opinions can be downright wrong no matter how vocal.

    • liz says:

      You do realize that emily bett rickards is the one who receive nomination for best newcomer this year right?

      • Henry G. says:

        Emily Bett Rickards has been credited in as many projects as I can count on one hand. Hell, her first year of actual acting work was the same year she was cast on Arrow. She isn’t a good actress by any stretch of the means and nobody with any clue of what good acting is would even dare suggest such a thing. The difference between me and Laurel haters is that I don’t actually hate her, I don’t constantly immaturely attack her on comment sections, nor do I spam the writers on Twitter about how much I hate her. I like Emily a lot but I am realistic about her talents.

      • Kate says:

        You’re joking right? She got nominated as best newcomer… Katie is by no means a newcomer and has received enough nominations. What nomination was best newcomer even for? Teen choice awards? Because if it was, Katie has a ton of those nominations already. It’s a CW show, I doubt her best newcomer nomination came from the Emmys.

  34. I love Laurel, she is the best character!

  35. Corinne says:

    I hate to hear about all this fan pandering. It’s not, they are reworking the show with things that worked last season (i.e. Felicity and/or Olicity). And they are reworking Laurel’s character. I hope she improves from last season. I want to like her because I liked Katie.

    • Neron says:

      It is fan pandering, and it doesnt even pay off at all. Giving fans excessive amount of unrealistic Felicit/Oliver isnt going to make the show better. Yes it has become that bad, their scenes are becoming so unrealistic even in this fiction show, its just going to cheapen the show. Arrow needs to work on the quality of its storytelling and writing and of all characters, writers think they can take a short gun approach and a pseudo fix by pleasing a minority of internet fans and fool themselves into thinking this will elevate their material and the whole show. They are overusing Felicity and her popularity as a device to cover up and make up for their lousy writing for the others, than actually solving the issues.

      Many casual fans, and I’m talking millions watch shows for good writing and plots, good action, good acting, not to overanaylse and obsess anything to give them shipper feels. Only shippers think that the survival of a show depends on their little ships.

      • Maria says:

        I totally agree. Setting up “pseudo-erotic” situations such as “Felicity steps on a landmine and shirtless Oliver falls on top of her to save her” is not teasing with the intent of building a (sexual) relationship, it’s just a cheap plot twist to induce tumblr “feels” among the shippers. This season may prove me wrong, but I think that Felicity and Oliver are unlikely to ever have a real sexual/sensual relationship, which make scenes like the ones in the promo pointless and cynical. The Felicity/Oliver relationship is supposed to be a “friendship with a little tension”, like the Chloe/Clark relationship in “Smallville”. The problem is that the “Arrow” showrunners are promoting/hyping this “non-ship” in a way that goes far beyond its importance for the show and which actually annoys many non-shipper viewers because it totally overshadows the other characters and plotlines.

        And even IF the writers are planning for a bona fide Oliver/Felicity romance and endgame, they are doing it the wrong way. If they want to convince the non-“Olicity” shippers that this relationship is SO important that it’s worth retconning the whole GA mythology as well as the show’s own established romance arc, they have to give us more than the “ship tease” that we’ve seen so far. This may be hard to believe for the “Olicity” fangirls, but are viewers out there who don’t sense the immensively intensive chemistry whenever Oliver and Felicity are in the vicinity of each other, and who may not think that they are a match made in heaven. These folks are going to need good writing and good acting to be able to believe that Oliver and Felicity share a deep emotional bond and a sexual attraction that will carry their romance through several seasons.

        The problem is that “Arrow” writers do not seem that concerned with organic storytelling, whether it concerns romance or not. As Neron.observes they seem more pre-occupied with thinking up and promoting contrived “Olicity” moments than writing a good story for the mass of viewers who don’t GAF about either “Lauriver” or “Olicity”. If the writers don’t improve their storytelling, these viewers are going to leave the show in droves, no matter how many improbable storylines Felicity/Olicity get this season and no matter how many Felicity promo pics are shoved down our throats.

  36. Maria says:

    I’m also glad that someone outside the social media has finally noticed the blatant “Olicity” pandering and Felicity hype that the “Arrow” TPTB have been indulging in for the past few months.

    The “Arrow” TPTB have let themselves become far too influenced by online fandom buzz, especially when you consider that the fans they pander to are just a tiny subset of the general viewership, at the most a few hundred thousand out of an audience of some 30 millions worldwide. Out of these few hundred thousand only a few percent are actually active on social media. In fact, statistical studies show that the most frequent bloggers, tweeters and FB posters comprise about 10% of the online fandom-the remaining 90% are passive lurkers who never let their voices be heard. If you take into account that many online fans are not into “shipping” at all, it seems even more absurd that.CW should devote 80% of their “Arrow” promotional campaign on “Olicity” ship tease.

    The “Arrow” showrunners have to realize that some viewers are beginning to find it annoying to have Felicity constantly shoved in their faces, no matter how likeable she is. The same goes for the pseudo-erotic “Ollie falls half-nekkid on top of Felicity” scenes-implausible as it may seem, there are actually folks who donät go gaga over such “Olicity moments”….

    Katie Cassidy is a competent actress and she is certainly as good as much-hyped Emily, who is also a competent actress, but by no means the sensational thespian that she is made out to be by her fans. As for the Oliver/Felicity chemistry, I have really tried, but I just can’t perceive the INSANE, OFF THE CHARTS and ELECTRIFYING chemistry that the “oliciters” rave about…which isn’t that strange given that chemistry is very much in the eyes of the beholder. Chemistry may be important, but it can’t be used as an argument for demoting one character/actress/ship and promoting another, because it’s very hard to find any consensus when it comes to who has the most chemistry with whom.

    • liz says:

      It’s not just the chemistry, people like their story, friendship, partnership, It’s a good beginning for any couple, do you honestly like the story between oliver and laurel? There’s nothing healthy about them

      • Victoria says:

        Laurel and Oliver does not have anything healthy? then you never loved the TRUTH! They love each other in spite of everything, all the mistakes, all conflict, even with everything against! Their love overcomes all … And remember, we have not seen the beginning of their story … how they met, fell in love, and love was born … so calm down, just because you do not like, does not mean they do not have anything good or that others do not like too.

        • liz says:

          Their love over come all? He cheated on her with her sister, his best friend sacrifice himself to save her and his last memories about laurel and oliver together is them having sex, he keep saying he love her but he still sleeping with other girls (just watch stephen’s new interview, he said ‘he can’t be with someone he really care, but that doesn’t mean with others…you know)

          Oliver is a new men, laurel doesn’t even know this men and she keep saying she love him, how can you love someone you didn’t know? It’s not love sweetie, it’s an obsession

          • Kate says:

            It’s not even Laurel or Oliver’s fault that Tommy’s apparently last memories of them together is them having sex. Tommy broke up with Laurel because he couldn’t get over the fact that Oliver was still in love with Laurel. Laurel even tried her hardest to get Tommy back but all he did was ignore her. By the time that Oliver and Laurel slept together, Laurel was completely single and she is allowed to do whomever she wants considering she is single. You’re mistaking love and sex here sweetheart and the fact that they aren’t even a couple so Oliver is allowed to have sex with anyone he wants and those girls he had sex with THEY WERE HIS GIRLFRIENDS. The only on screen implications of him having had sex with someone was with McKenna and Helena. Both of whom he had a relationship with. Oliver and Laurel tried to stay away from each other because there was too much history and hurt between them and they both knew that it wasn’t right for them to be together because they barely knew each other now. By the time that they slept with each other, they were somewhat already familiar with the people they’ve become now. They didn’t jump each other’s bones right on the first episode, it took them 22 episodes (which in CW standards is a long time for two leading actors) and before that, they remained friends.

      • John says:

        “like their story”, agreed: that’s where a good bit of the light humor comes from, Felicity especially, and that’s very welcome in a show that’s overall as dark as this one is.

  37. dude says:

    The haters can relax. Katie is a fantastic actress and anyone willing to let this talent go would be an idiot. She doesn’t need to go anywhere, the writers need to give her better material. I really hope the writers don’t cave into pressure from the fans and alter their direction just to please a vocal fanbase. I respect True Blood a lot more for sticking to their guns and telling the story they want to tell instead of making it the Eric/Sookie show just because that fanbase screamed for it.

    • liz says:

      Oh you mean the fact that they keep pushing her with a guy who mentally and physically abuse her. Yeah kudos on that!

      • Kate says:

        That’s like almost every male character on the CW though. If you’re going to make that excuse, especially as an Olicity shipper, it isn’t going to work. You say that Oliver and Laurel are in an unhealthy relationship because he cheated on her with her sister, what makes you think he deserves Felicity? What makes you think he wouldn’t do it to Felicity? Eric and Bill both mentally and physically abused Sookie. Oliver, had cheated on Laurel but he’s changed now. He’s become different and more open because of Laurel. Laurel often urged Oliver to be more open if not to her but at least to someone and he has because of that. He’s even reached out to Laurel and talked about how he “didn’t want to be on an island anymore” and asked Laurel to hangout with him. What makes him more deserving of Felicity and not Laurel? Sure, Felicity “understands” him more, because she knows her secret and Laurel’s kept in the dark because it would be dangerous for her to know. It’s already proven considering how many times Laurel was put in danger because of The Hood. But Laurel’s the one that helped change him for the better. Felicity only knows Oliver is The Hood by necessity and because she was useful to him. If she wouldn’t she wouldn’t even make it past her first appearance. Laurel knowing would have complicated things for her and considering how law abiding she was in season one, it would have put Oliver at risk too.

        The difference between Laurel knowing and Felicity knowing is the fact that Oliver didn’t want Laurel’s view of him change. He values what Laurel thinks of him and let’s be real here, Laurel has seen more than Felicity as with Oliver being the hood. She had seen him almost kill a man for her and sure she should be grateful but she was raised to abide the law and seek justice using the law, so to her, The Hood almost killing a man for Laurel doesn’t make him any better than man trying to kill Laurel. Watch episode 4 and you’d see how ingrained her father’s teaching was. Between Laurel and Felicity, since you love to compare them both so much, Laurel had more character growth this season than Felicity who basically remained stagnant. Laurel at the beginning was all about the law, but then seeing how corrupt Starling City was, she started to seek other means outside the law like The Hood. I’m not saying that Laurel doesn’t have her flaws, because she does. The whole hot and cold about The Hood was always an issue to me but she is far more interesting than Felicity who was only supposed to exist as a secondary character. The fact that they shoved her into the latter episodes because of popularity didn’t give the writers enough time to really focus on Felicity. She isn’t as perfect as Olicity fans like making her to be. She’s completely one dimensional whereas Laurel has more depth and history that people can actually say they don’t like her (and I’m not talking about people who don’t like her solely because they feel threatened about Laurel getting in the way of their precious Olicity).

    • geegirl says:

      i think felicity is a grt character.however, if they actualy want us t beleive in olicity, d writers shd do a better job of developing the relationship between them, ryt now? i just dont see it

  38. mary says:

    I Matt sorry, but that isn’t a spoiler in the fandom we knew that, and the same Katie said that in…cant remember where. The truth is whatever be the problem(bad storyline, not enough screentime and im not agree with that because she had more time than the others characters in my point of view) im not gonna say she is a bad actress is to early for say that cause im gonna give her an other chance. The problem is that I love #olicity and im not going to treathness with stop to watch the show , thats my choice if the way of the show dont like to me or it isnt that i want, thats my choice and the horrible truth is that a show lives for the viewers and by the viewrs…so, yes they have a problem a big problem and bealive me its not about hate the character or the actress because im not. I choose #olicity and I wont change that, whatever happens and I think the #olicity fans think same. A BIG PROBLEM.

  39. Ugh, how does she go from helping Arrow, to wanting to take him down? it makes no sense to me :(

  40. Amanda says:

    It’s good news that they might be taking Laurel a step closer to Black Canary. The character of Laurel is, by far, the weakest on the show. I don’t know it it is Cassidy’s acting, the writing or that white eye makeup they cake in the corner of her eye (STOP THAT PLEASE) but I’ve never enjoyed any of her scenes. I also don’t think she has any chemistry with Arrow, so it makes it hard to root for them as a couple, since they really have no spark whatsoever. Arrow has more chemistry with the actress who plays his sister and Felicity than with Laurel. And I don’t ship any couple on this show whatsoever – this is just an observation. Also, Laurel was a hugh vigilante supporter, and now she’s doing a 180 and hates him? I guess I don’t understand what is happening with her wishy washy character. But if she becomes a tough superhero in her own right, maybe the character will be worth watching, but I have my doubts. Cassidy seems horribly miscast in this role.

    • Bella C. says:

      Well, I think Laurel should have their reasons … for example, Arrow have left the city abandoned when they needed it, after a total disaster! He was a hero to her, and this act makes him a coward …. Laurel is very fair, your change should stick to it, and I believe this should be one of the impulses that Oliver needs to actually become a hero! But these are only my speculations. As Katie Cassidy, for me she is doing a great job, although the texts do not help much, but it is not her fault but the writers!! I hope to improve on season 2. What about the couple, I believe it is a matter of taste … because I see a great chemistry between the characters, but that may be difficult is little interaction, maybe if they have more scenes together the chicken starts seeing other people too!

  41. Summer says:

    Dinah Laurel Lance shouldn’t even have been part of this show. Yes, the character is a love interest of Oliver Queen’s in the comics. Yes, there’s a history there. But the Canary is her own character outside of the Green Arrow world. She’s not like Lana Lang, where she’s an essential character that needed to be there from the beginning. She should’ve gotten the Lois Lane treatment, but instead, she ended up becoming Lana Lang with a law degree.

    Which is so unfortunate.

  42. M3rc Nate says:

    I have watched the first season multiple times….i dont understand why she would all of a sudden want to take the Arrow down. I mean last we saw she was a fan of him and had her crush on him, and i dont see how in any world she could connect the Merlin quake attack on the Arrow. The only thing that makes sense is the writers needed her to flip on the Arrow because she is now with Oliver (romantically) and they cant have her both be in love with Oliver and into the Arrow…not enough drama for them.

    I really loved the first season but im a bit worried about this second season. Im starting to hear, and see in teaser trailers, some things that i have seen MANY times before on Smallville and other such shows. The “We only have so many things we can have two people do when one has a big secret” book that all writers seem to write from is getting old, stale and played out.

    I realize its a CW show and in the first season they did a pretty decent job at keeping it high quality…not Vampire Diaries but DC with a Vigilante. But if they start to get too crazy with Laurel flip flopping and love triangles and more breaking up/getting together and all that..i will be disappointed. This show has SOOOO much potential. Writers: Dont get caught up in pleasing the fans, have your set ideas and go with those. Yes Felicity is GREAT and adorable and cute and sexy and a geek and her crush is cute and funny…but dont try to make it REAL…dont over play your hand and have every single line she says to Oliver be one of her innuendo-bumbles or flirts. AND START WRITING LAUREL BETTER PLEASE lol. Time to plant her feet firmly on the ground (in reality). She feels too much like a character there FOR Oliver’s character…she doesn’t have to be just a catalyst for Oliver, she can be a unique entity all on her own like Roy is.

    • Kate says:

      I’m not even holding my breath on this show anymore to be honest. They focus too much on ships (typical CW move) and less on the plot or the characters. For the most part, the only thing that have ever really stuck out to me was how much the show focused on a non-existent romantic relationship between Felicity and Oliver (even though it’s so one sided with Felicity having a crush on Oliver and Oliver either chasing bad guys or chasing after Laurel) than the plot. They have given us more of Felicity swooning over Oliver and her role as Oliver’s fangirl than Summer Glau’s character or what Roy Harper has been up to since The Hood’s apparent disappearance and it’s just annoying now. This show has become like all CW shows, too focused on romantic relationships.

  43. Jon says:

    While I can see how it’s seems a little strange for Laurel to do a 180 regarding the vigilante after he’s saved her multiple times last season I don’t think she’s in a good place this year, and burying herself in work/lashing out at the vigilante is a reaction to Tommy’s death. Like father like daughter I guess, they both ran to their work after Sarah.

    It’s a pretty decent starting point for her eventually finding out that the Hood and Oliver Queen are one and the same however, I’m guessing around May finale time, maybe even Winter finale depending on what momentum they keep. If we add the stuff being said about the identity of the Black Canary she’ll go through a crucible this year but hopefully come out much better and stronger for it.

    I just hope the producers and writers have integrity enough to tell the story they planned from the start and don’t start pandering to shipper factions and the online/social media fans too much. Love triangles are a tired cliche and vitriolic shipper wars only hurt shows. Just reading from the comments here the Arrow fandom already seems just as toxic and full of vitriol and hate after only one season as Buffy, Smallville or True Blood ever was.

  44. cas says:

    I am guessing she is upset that Tommy was killed and somehow thinks it was the vigilante’s fault. However, I can already predict the outcome I feel like. I love Laurel, I don’t care what anyone says about her I still think Oliver and her fit. I remember thinking in the first episode how much chemistry I thought they had. All it really shows is that everyone has a different opinion on chemistry and acting. I think she deserves better material and I would love to see her as Black Canary.

  45. Marc says:

    Bringing down the Arrow? That would be the height of hypocrisy wouldn’t it? Since Laurel didn’t have any qualms about calling up the good ol’ vigilante to exact justice on the baddies when court proceedings didn’t go her way, so now she’s going after the guy who has saved her arse numerous times and who she has used in the past? This news can only make me detest her even more. Ugh!!!!

  46. John 1138 says:

    Why shouldn’t she work to bring down Arrow? Heck Oliver is seemingly doing the same, getting rid of the vigilante Arrow and going for a more positive path.

    So they’re actually in agreement: Arrow must go!

    • John 1138 says:

      More to the point: “The Hood” must go, obviously being the title character dumping “Arrow” would be awkward…

  47. JC says:

    Whether or not Katie Cassidy is a decent actress or not, I have no idea. The only other thing I’ve seen her in was a couple of episodes of SPN (before I stopped watching it) and I thought she was fine in that. But for whatever reason she’s just not working here, and it’s a huge huge problem for the show since her character is supposed to be so important in Oliver’s life. It has nothing to do with Felicity or “Olicity”. If Laurel had clicked with the audience like she was supposed to, Olicity wouldn’t even be a thing. Can you imagine the Castle audience for example rejecting Kate to the extent that they latched onto the next cute girl in Castle’s vicinity and made them the main fandom ship? No. However much Laurel/KC fans may want to blame Felicity and “fan pandering”, the popularity of that character and that ship can be directly traced to the failure of Laurel as a character, not the other way around. If Felicity didn’t exist, it would have been some other cute girl in Oliver’s vicinity. Whether the writers can fix the character in S2 remains to be seen. But I don’t think this particular storyline is going to end up doing her any favors. She’s already disliked. This will just give the fandom more reason to hate her.

    • Marc says:

      Shhhhhhh!!! JC, you’re making too much sense!! I mean, really, saying that the problems with the LL character cannot be blamed on Felicity. I mean, what nerve! IMO, you are being way too logical.

      It’s all Felicity’s fault. Bottom line, the majority of the viewers never warmed to LL like the writers had intended. The character of Felicity succeeded where LL did not, remember that Felicity was a recurring character and through the actress’s protrayal and viewer reaction was promoted to regular. Plus, people had been complaining about Laurel, before Felicity became a series regular.

      • JC says:

        Yes, people were complaining about Laurel, about Katie Cassidy’s acting, and the lack of chemistry between Oliver and Laurel from the very first episode, and Felicity wasn’t even in the picture yet. When she did come along, the frustrated shippers, not getting what they wanted from the Oliver/Laurel relationship, leaped on the possibility. If Oliver/Laurel was working, that would not have happened. From the very beginning, Laurel/KC and the Oliver/Laurel has been consistently singled out as the one element of this show that is just not working, for whatever reason you might think that is. It remains to be seen whether or not it can be fixed.