Exclusive: Mythbusters Reveals Zombie Episode Air Date, Confirms Walking Dead Guests

Michonne, you got an extra katana or two for Jamie and Adam?

The MythBusters hosts might want to put some kind of undead-defense system in place, and quickly — because the Discovery Channel series’ zombie-themed episode will air Thursday, Oct. 17 at 10 pm ET/PT, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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Even better, the hour will feature appearances by The Walking Dead executive producer Greg Nicotero and former castmember Michael Rooker. (Scroll down to see an exclusive pic of Rooker — RIP Merle — and the guys, along with some walkers.)

Much like MythBustersBreaking Bad special, which tested the AMC series’ science and featured a visit from Aaron Paul and Vince Gilligan, the Oct. 17 installment will take on the kind of zombie-apocalyptic queries Rick’s gang often encounters. These include: “Are axes or guns more effective at dispatching the undead?” and “How do those shuffling corpses always seem to catch up to their living prey?”

Scroll down to scrutinize the photo, then hit the comments: What zombie-related question would you like Adam and Jamie to answer?

Mythbusters Zombie Episode The Walking Dead

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  1. Ahay says:

    If they’re dead, why are they hungry? Is this braiiiinnnnzzz eating thing a compulsion or actually required for sustenance? Can you starve a zombie?

    • Deadpool says:

      Yes, they can starve, it just takes more time for them

    • Eric says:

      In Return of the living dead the dead woman said it takes away the pain of death. Maybe the dead can’t produce endorphins? Maybe brains are like ecstasy for them?

    • Zeronyx says:

      Well, most of the lore behind zombies these days is that a viral infection extends the life of one’s cells and shuts down all intelligence, slowly compromises one’s motor functions, and amplifies one’s basic primal urge to feed on living tissue, or cannibalize and grow until nothing is left.

  2. Cheeky says:

    Oh Merle, how we miss you

  3. Originally, zombies were lethargic, and easy to get around (Night of The Living Dead), but many newer Zombie flicks have made them move more like the living (fast and skilled) Example “World War Z”. Originally, they ate brains, BUT also ate flesh. Then only brains, then back to all flesh, even some have been seen eating animals. Can someone explain why they needed the living flesh rather than dead? Why do some make them slow and lethargic, and others make them seem almost super human? Why the lack of consistency? And lastly, is there ANY scientific basis to the zombie phenomena?

  4. Joey says:

    Excited to watch this episode. The Breaking Bad one was good.

  5. Paully says:

    Is the whole ” I only need to make it till winter a possibility? Will the zombies in cold climates freeze, and ” die ” ?

  6. ed says:

    What happens to the flesh/brains that are eaten? No digestive system that we know of, so is the “food” just pushed out of the first intestinal opening (hole in the stomach region or a full pass through the colon)?

  7. Meow says:

    If the zombies are dead and they are/should br decomposing why havent their legs or ankles just pop im just going to break and stop working ( same with arms and sholders an knee and fingers)

  8. Joseph Morris says:

    2 questions…

    1) Will zombies be able to swim or travel underwater without killing themselves off?

    2) What would a frozen temperature do to a zombie outside freezing the skin…if they thaw, do they come back to life?

  9. Braedon says:

    Another site was trying to debunk the walking dead’s idea of using cars by saying that gas in a tank will only last for 6 months before it’s unsafe to use. Is this true, and the show is just using artistic license? and second, could a round with a target head on it (like daryl uses) actually penetrate a skull?

    • ZT says:

      A target head on an arrow would have no trouble penetrating, the reason they don’t use them to hunt is because they only make a hole the same diameter as the head itself (>.5″) therefore lacking the killing power of a broadhead which usually have a 1.5-2″ cutting diameter.

  10. Michael says:

    How many Walkers would it take to topple a fence like the one at the Prison? And what kind of zombie “body armor” can they make out of common household items?

  11. Bryan says:

    Zombies don’t seem to like fire or chainsaws, but what if the virus was blood-borne? Would a flamethrower or chainsaw actually be more deadly to you then to the zombie you’re attempting to kill?

  12. ben says:

    Ok so, zombie talk. In the fight against zombies, I have never seen anyone wearing armor..only weapons. We need to address this! Why only weapons? Is it possible that you can make armor to protect yourself from zombies attacks? Is it better to wear armor plus weapons or is it better to only have weapons?

    • M.J.O. says:

      follow the lead of sport combatants everywhere, ABS barrels 1/8″ ABS would be fantastic protection against zombies, i personally would combine the legs and arms of a German white harness with a roman lorica segmentada ( think typical roman centurian). or lacking rivets, fabricate and equivalent of some of the Japanese laced armours

      • Plates laced togeather is called lammelar, It protects better than chainmail against bashing dammage. and if made correctly still alowes for mobility. Pardon my poor spelling, the spelling aid is bugged.

  13. I to am interested to know what freezing temperatures would do to a horde of zombies. My survival plan for the zombie apocalypse involves relocating to Alaska, so this myth could make or break my plans. Also, if you encountered a zombie that no longer had it’s teeth could there bit still be fatal or have enough force to rip your flesh like a toothed zombie. If they cant I’m moving to Florida to live among the retired folks.

  14. 1) How come a skinny girl chop big bad zombies like cabbage? Flesh may be rotten but bones…
    2) In some episode of W.D. a girl after a short term shooting practice managed to hit a number of moving targets in a way Clint Eastwood would envy. Will a trained IPSC shooter be able to repeat her score?

  15. Morten Sandø says:

    1. To defeat the zombies you need to make a cure, or a vaccine ? Right? but how would you do that? they are dead? what’s left to extract from them that would be usefull in research?
    2. In the need of zombie specimens for lab research. How would you go about trapping one and how do you keep it “fresh”?
    3. If a zombie outbreak actually happened, would the infrastructures really fail to the level that society fell to anarchy?
    4. If a zombie was “fresh”, could you cook it safely. Given that the situation would be THAT desperate.

  16. gulskare says:

    OH oh!
    If a pregnant woman was infested, err bitten by a zombie. Say, just before birth. Would the baby become a zombie too?
    Can zombies make babies? I mean they are dead, but their lungs still work for making grunt noises, and they bite chew and swallow.

  17. TheLameName says:

    It is said that if you get shot in the head you die, and that it is effective on zombies, but in this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNTCRBArJ38) it explains that you could survive a headshot as long as its not in an vital points of the brain. That being said, would it still be effective on Zombies even if it wasn’t a fatal blow? In other words would a headshot really kill a zombie

  18. TinTin Kalaw says:

    I’ve read in Max Brook’s “Zombie Survival Guide” and it says that the crow bar is the most efficient weapon. Can you put that to the test? Actually, can you put that whole book to the test? :>

  19. Nikola says:

    Will zombies decompose if left for long enough? That will make earth zombie free if you leave them for a few months.

  20. Yes!!!! We can finally talk about this. I can’t wait to see this. You will see Dr Brassy and Professor Aether in all their Zombie gory.

  21. Coff Grounds says:

    If everyone is infected, why does the bite kill? Wouldn’t normal antibiotics work? The bite is not any more lethal than a heart attack.

  22. Why don’t zombies just eat each other? If they are so hungry all the time, why don’t they just turn on each other? It would help stop the zombie population.

  23. Sam says:

    Would a zombie left half submerged in water, like the one down the well, really bloat up?

  24. Wayne Lavold says:

    If zombies are rotting, how would their jaw muscles retain enough force to rip through skin and flesh?

  25. Yaddar says:

    Can Zombies REALLY crack skulls in order to get to the brains?

  26. Jacob Kudahl says:

    3 things that wouldnt make this posible in real life.

    1. The dead dont have any blood flow, therfore they shouldnt be able to move since the mussles need blood and oxigen to work.

    2. They would be in a constant state of decay, and thereby get weaker as time passes.

    3. insects and other scavangers would cause massive damage to them.

  27. bandit says:

    big guns or 22lr? whats best for zombies

  28. kentkb says:

    I know there are many hours of video taken to make this special, a lot of funny out takes, and even a Zombie flash mob dance? I hope you are able to share some of this fun.

  29. Kriss Erickson says:

    So they say the best way to kill a Zombie it to take its head off, but if you started cutting off other limbs wouldn’t it still bleed to death?

  30. BetterDeadThan Zed says:

    Forget the zombies…what about the living? Why don’t they ever head for the nearest armory, load up on weapons, tanks, etc, and have a blast? LIke the saying goes, “The hardest part about a zombie apocalypse will be to act like I’m not excited!”