NBC Backs Out of Hillary Clinton Miniseries

Hillary Clinton MiniseriesIt’s not 2016 yet, but Hillary Clinton has already chalked up a victory of sorts.

Soon after CNN decided not to pursue its Hillary Clinton documentary, NBC has chosen to drop its own planned miniseries about the former First Lady/Secretary of State and likely presidential hopeful.

“After reviewing and prioritizing our slate of movie/miniseries development, we’ve decided that we will no longer continue developing the Hillary Clinton miniseries,” the network said Monday in a statement.

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NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt first announced the Peacock Net’s Clinton project — with Diane Lane in the lead role — at the Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour in July.

Almost immediately, the biopic (and CNN’s similar endeavor) was condemned by the Republican National Committee, which voted to block both networks from hosting GOP primary debates. Fox TV Studios, which had been attached to produce NBC’s movie, soon left the project.

At the time, Greenblatt stressed that the four-hour event was only in the script stage. “Speculation, demands and declarations pertaining to something that isn’t created or produced yet,” he said, “seem premature.”

CNN Films’ Clinton documentary folded Monday after director Charles Ferguson (Inside Job) left, citing a lack of willing participants thanks to pressure from Clinton’s camp.

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  1. Mike says:

    I guess they decided they would have to include her and Obama training terrorists in Benghazi to send up to Syria, which is High Treason, and is why she got so violent when asked about it, and then quit.

  2. 1peevedbob says:

    To Quote the Hildabeast:
    She will nevery be POTUS…………

  3. Drew says:

    Whoever was responsible for allowing this project to get as far as being announced to the public should be fired.

  4. kate says:

    it’s sad we can’t even have a documentary without someone crybabying about it.

    • Drew says:

      This wasn’t documentary. It was a miniseries which would have conveniently cut around a lot of very relevant parts of this woman’s life, so that they could present the public with a polished, fictionalized version of a person who is still very likely to run for President. It’s completely unethical.

      Of course, a documentary wouldn’t be ethical either, because those are all presented from one point of view as well. It’s one thing to do a special on someone who is firmly in the past. To devote multiple hours of air time to a current political figure and likely candidate… how can you see no problem there? Would it help make the point if I suggested they do a Ted Cruz miniseries instead of a Hillary movie, depicting the man in only the best possible light so as to help out his campaign?

      • kate says:

        thanks for making my point for me. crybabying. BOOHOO! THEY’LL BE TOO NICE!

        • Drew says:

          I’m not a crybaby, I am making the points that any rational adult would understand about this story. If you have a valid reason for disagreeing, by all means state your opinion. But if it is limited to “they’re big dummy stupid heads” I don’t see you changing many minds.

          • kate says:

            LOL. they are big dummy stupid heads. you want to talk rational adults? fine. so far, your points include: “rational adults” don’t recognize that the news and entertainment divisions of NBC are separate things, that “rational adults” are convinced a miniseries is part of a liberal conspiracy to help liberals win elections, and that other “rational adults” will be so swayed by a miniseries that they’ll be persuaded to vote for her based entirely on that miniseries. …and my conclusion is that those “rational adults” are crybaby big dummy stupid heads.

          • Drew says:

            Okay first of all, I never said anything about NBC News. You’re attempting to parrot the official press release which was supposed to make this epic miniseries something other than unethical, but you fail to wait for someone to set up the canned response that you’re trying to use.

            Secondly, are you saying that it would be insane for someone to suggest something along the lines of a vast left-wing conspiracy? So if someone were to suppose that there were something similar to a vast left-wing conspiracy, that person would be completely off their rocker? Is this what we’re concluding?

            Thirdly, you suggest that the public isn’t easily swayed by entertainment media. The fact that so many people seem to think that Sarah Palin actually said “I can see Russia from my house” (a line which originated in a Saturday Night Live skit) seems to suggest otherwise. See, some people take things at face value. If enough people say that Hillary Clinton is a saint, they will believe it. They won’t recognize that things like domestic violence, mysterious deaths and scandals like Benghazi are magically written around (which seems to be the case, considering the timeline which this miniseries was supposed to focus on). News and entertainment media can create a savior from thin air. They can destroy people simply by willing it to happen. They’ve done it before, and if you think that this isn’t the case, you haven’t really been paying attention to the world around you.

            And finally, to counter your claim about crybabies… I am rubber. You are glue. Whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you. So you see, I win this debate whether we’re discussing actual issues or talking on your terms. Nah nah nah nah nah.

          • Eurisko says:

            Jesus. Are both adults?

          • Drew says:

            Just to be clear, I wasn’t being serious. I was simply making fun of her childish comments.

          • Chuck Finley says:

            Kate is an imbecile. All you need to do is read many of her other posts defending Hillary. Anyone with an IQ of 100 (yes Kate, 100 means average IQ although that is falling in the US to about 95 thanks to people like you) knows NBC has a huge left lean. This is no “victory” for Hillary Clinton either as the article suggests. They were all for it until the Republicans told them they would no longer participate in debates on channels making miniseries infomercials for voters about the other candidates. In the case of NBC, the people of this country allow them to use the airwaves for free (look it up if you think not) and they have no right to take them and use them to advocate for one political party. As Drew said it’s unethical. It’s bad enough that journalism has devolved to the point that they no longer report real news without White House approval, but making mini-series to influence voters is a whole new level of BS. If NBC wants to go that way, they need to get off taxpayer owned airwaves. They can go to cable and do as they wish just like CNN. The same CNN that figured out ratings would plummet weithout the debates.

          • kate says:

            rubber and glue and Sarah Palin, who really didn’t need help from SNL? I know I’ve won, then. NBC news and NBC entertainment are separate things, therefore as long as the news division doesn’t work on it, no ethical breach. as for Chuck, since I’ve never defended Hillary Clinton here, let alone many times, and am not defending her now either (rather lamenting NBC caving to political pressure), I can only assume you’re a hallucinating lunatic with poor reading comprehension skills and are unaeare there are multiple people named “kate” out there. you’re definitely in the “liberal media conspiracy theory” crowd. you pretend to be rational, but gave yourself away with the “news needs white house approval” schtick. take off the tinfoil hat.

          • Drew says:

            Kate, it isn’t fun for me to mock your childish insults if you don’t realize that I am mocking your childish insults. Please catch up so that I can enjoy making fun of you again.

            As I said before, I don’t care about NBC News. It is still unethical for a broadcast network, which licenses public airwaves to be airing a miniseries that revolves around a potential Presidential candidate. There is a thing called equal time, which is supposed to be followed. And it doesn’t matter whether this was a fluffy Pro-Hillary movie or a complete slam piece. The fact that it would be unethical stands either way. I know that wasn’t covered in the NBC News press release where you seem to be drawing every opinion in your head from, but try to think about it a little and you will eventually see what I’m saying here.

            I think it is a shame that you didn’t get my joke about vast left-wing conspiracies. It was really funny. I can’t believe I wasted that here.

          • Chuck Finley says:

            Kate is too worried about calling people names like a 5 year old to read other news sites that say why this was cancelled. NBC News was worried they would feel the backlash for this if it painted Hillary in anything but an honest light. While Kate is so busy making sure we know they are all different divisions, of the SAME corporation (just like Fox), she overlooks the fact that even internally the anchors were complaining about how completely unethical this was. She should head over to her liberal gathering spot, the HuffPo, to read all about it. And yes Kate, every time this has come up on this site you start calling anyone that disagrees with it a “crybaby.” You are the ONLY person posting as Kate on here. How do I know that? You come off as the same hormonal 18 year old in every post. You are easy to spot. Anyway, when even the Obama cheerleaders at NBC news realize how wrong this is there is really no other argument to be made or any argument that could defend it. I’m appalled another American can be such a blithering idiot that they are ok with the media attempting to influence something that is a keystone of a democratic society. As long as you get all your “free stuff” in return for your vote it’s all good right?

          • ajintexas says:

            Let’s be honest here. NBC’s ratings are bad enough without pulling a stunt like this. I think at some point they have to realize the quality of the programming isn’t why people don’t watch their channel. It’s crap like this and their constant touting of Obama. No one takes them seriously anymore, news division or otherwise.

          • Eurisko says:

            @Drew, Kate, Chuck. You are everything that’s wrong with this country. All three of you should be embarrassed. I’m guessing you 3 are adults(by age)so try to act like it.

          • Drew says:

            Eurisko, don’t include me with Kate. When I wasn’t making fun of her childish insults, I was making valid points (which are obviously valid since the project was scrapped). Kate has done nothing but throw mud pies and stomp her feet.

            If you’d like to argue with what I said, by all means do so. However, do not lump me in with her. There’s no need to hit below the belt.

          • kate says:

            LOL! so glad Drew and Chuck know me better than I do. No, Chuck, I haven’t commented about this before, except on this post, so like I said, you’re apparently delusional/hallucinating. Those meds they gave you? You should take them.

            And yes, Drew, yes. You are a model of intellect and manhood with your mocking “points.” Can’t imagine why Jon Stewart hasn’t hired you yet. Keep at it. Sounds like someone didn’t like their “points” dismissed as “crybabying.” Points, crybabying, tomato, tomahto… Oh, and Eurisko’s right. 100%. I’m at least aware of the fact that I’m not helping. But I am amused.

  5. B says:

    Oh my god. This is a true shame.

  6. joenky says:

    How is this a victory for Hillary Clinton? Spin much?

    • Drew says:

      I think they’re trying to suggest that this would have gone into all of the scandals and dirt surrounding Hillary. Everything we’ve heard about the movie suggests otherwise, but like you said, it’s all about the spin.

  7. Jovi says:

    IMO the most ridiculous part was casting Diane lane as HC. Say what?