Castle: Stana Katic Surveys Kate and Rick's New Hurdles, Their Destiny and... Wedding Plans?

Castle Season 6 Preview Stana KaticABC’s Castle is (ostensibly!) heading for a wedding.

The ABC drama (Mondays at 10/9c) opened Season 6 with Kate joyfully accepting Rick’s marriage proposal — the second major decision she had made, after choosing to trade her NYPD detective’s badge for a sweet gig on a federal task force based out of D.C.

During TVLine’s visit to the Castle set, Stana Katic shared her thoughts on Beckett’s doubly exciting new future, the complications “Caskett” must now contend with and the possibility of elopement. Also: Do Rick and Kate = Romeo and Juliet?

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TVLINE | Did you have any concerns when you first learned this marriage proposal/job choice storyline was coming up at the end of last season?
No. I thought that this was the appropriate trajectory for the character. And I think it’s also a current topic, something that’s relatable for a lot of women today. Women are in the work force and are balancing a career and a home in ways that 30, 40 years ago people wouldn’t have tried — and they’re successful at it.

TVLINE | But you definitely didn’t want to see Beckett consider forgoing the job in the name of the relationship. You had a quote out there, that’d it make her a “loser.”
[Laughs] That was the extreme version of it, yes. But real relationships are not compromised because one person is having success in their career. Real relationships are compromised because of other things that are exclusive to problems that the individuals have. And if you can’t cross over the hurdle of “How are we going to make this work, while you’re having success in your career,” there are going to be SO many other hurdles that are more potent, more powerful and more important, that it doesn’t really make sense to continue that relationship. If I had a partner who had a level of success and needed to transfer to China or Paris in order to fulfill a personal dream, I would support that wholeheartedly. The wonderful thing about the characters we’re playing is that one is a writer, and that’s not exactly a one-city job. You can transit.

TVLINE | That’s what I said last spring — what, he can’t work out of a Georgetown loft?
Yeah. And it’s not like D.C. and New York are Dubai and London.Castle Season 5 Preview Finale

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TVLINE | Did you feel like Season 5’s last run of episodes was completely organic? Rick basically stepped on a bomb for Kate and then she’s nearly kissing Ioan Gruffudd, and not being 100-percent open about the job…. Did that track for you as an actress?
I don’t feel like she kissed Ioan; I feel like he kissed her. And I was hoping that what would come across was that she was dedicated to the relationship with Castle, but at that point maybe the real question of that story was that Castle wasn’t necessarily aware of the great thing that he had and was distracted. And the distractions kind of became a priority.

TVLINE | He was choosing videogames over vo-dee-oh-doh-doh.
[Laughs] Yes, he was choosing videogames over the girl in his shirt.

TVLINE | Andrew Marlowe told me this will be a season of complications.
Which is exciting, actually, because I think they’re willing to take storytelling risks this season — and I think we’ve got to. We’ve got to shake it up. It was really nice Castle Season 6 Spoilerslast season when the two characters were in a relationship, but as a consequence of the move they’re having a hard time navigating those waters. But, what’s really great is that they both want to work it out. I think Castle comes from a wonderful viewpoint on it. He understands that he’s the writer, and I feel like his character is really supporting of his partner’s career progression and dreams. People are supposed to help each other grow; that’s MY version of hopefully what a relationship does in the end, and I think that these two characters do that. It’s not always easy but they’re in it together. And when you’re in it together and you say, “OK, I want you to grow, and we’ll get through all the obstacles,” that shows a certain amount of strength and a wonderful future for those two people.

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TVLINE | Meanwhile, in D.C., on the new job…. Is Beckett completely in her element, or is there a learning curve?

There’s a bit of a learning curve. She’s making some rookie mistakes, and she wants to prove herself to her new partner and mentor, played by Lisa Edelstein. Lisa is awesome. We’ve really clicked, and I’ve quite enjoyed playing opposite her. She asks interesting questions, and she’s always pushing the story to create the best possible version of the story.

TVLINE | How would you describe the Beckett/McCord dynamic?
The initial dynamic is that McCord is the tough, high expectations STANA KATIC, LISA EDELSTEINmentor, and Beckett on paper is great but she’s going to have to prove it. These two people have to protect each other out in the field, and the consequences are death. McCord needs to know that Beckett can fulfill that role, because it’s that high of stakes. McCord’s not her bestie right away, but they grow into an interesting kind of partnership throughout the second episode [of Edelstein’s three-episode arc]. Again, the stakes are global at this point. It’s not concentrated exclusively to New York City, and that’s challenging for Beckett in a different way. Some of this is stuff we’ve seen her do for five seasons. She know show to interrogate people, she knows how to go for the truth….

TVLINE | …but her skill set thus far has been a bit localized.
Yeah, and this is different. Yeah, this is a bigger scope, the macrocosm.

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TVLINE | Have you heard anything about Senator Bracken (played by Jack Coleman) coming back?
Yes, he will come back – but I don’t know when, and I don’t know how.

TVLINE | I ask because some fans had the theory that he could figure into this D.C. storyline….
Yeah, there’s an interesting kind of mythology in that respect. For me, the main element [of Castle] is their love story, these two characters and what they mean to each other and how they come together and how they’ve grown. And then there’s the world around them with friends and relatives and all of that. But that’s all set against this backdrop of mythologies that we have left out there, and this is a great season for us to either resolve of further delve into some of those. One of them is the Bracken story, and another is Castle’s father — both high-stakes scenarios. And you wonder sometimes, why did these two people come together? Sometimes when we meet someone, it feels like we’re together because there’s a bigger cosmic purpose, and I wonder if there isn’t an even bigger thing than just the two of them really enjoying each other. Do you know what I mean? Like with Romeo and Juliet, they got together, they’re crazy about each other, but in the end their story changed everything for everyone around them.

TVLINE | So, maybe Kate and Rick being together was somehow a necessary piece for her to ever get closure on her mother’s murder? Like a “sliding doors” thing — if Castle had chosen a different muse, maybe you never find Bracken.
Possibly. And maybe Castle never finds his father? Maybe these two people are together not just because they fulfill each other, which I think they do, but also because the two of them were destined to be together. I don’t know if I believe in destiny, but maybe in this story it is there, because [their coming together] righted a lot of wrongs. That’d be interesting. It’d be exciting to explore.

TVLINE | Lastly, we of course have to talk about the presumably eventual wedding. TVLine reader Susan wanted to ask: “Would you like to see Kate and Rick elope?”
[Smiles] I think I’d like to see the lead-up to [the wedding]. I’d like to see the complications of putting two families and all of their opinions together in one event. I think weddings are fabulous fodder for comedy, so I’d very much like to see that!

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  1. Guesto says:

    “I was hoping that what would come across was that she was dedicated to the relationship with Castle,”

    Yeah, that might have been what Marlowe was trying to portray, but it sure as hell didn’t come across it like that…

    • Ana says:

      When you have to say what people should have seen in an episode, then you didn’t do a good job portraying things…

      • Jess says:

        Not the problem is the amount of hate that exists in this fandom..and the constant war.

      • Just one thing says:

        Kind of like when NF had to explain why Rick looked so grim during the proposal. And then they added that explanation to the proposal dialogue during the premiere for the audience’s sake.
        I think it’s safe to say that there were a few missteps throughout last season. But to expect Fillion, Katic or Marlowe to outright acknowledge them this soon is a bit of a stretch.

        • Ana says:

          “Kind of like when NF had to explain why Rick looked so grim during the proposal.” Yes, exactly like that one too.

        • Ana says:

          “I think it’s safe to say that there were a few missteps throughout last season.” So what is the problem if I bring those missteps out? I don’t know why people think that this is a war, or hating on somebody…

          • Just one thing says:

            I don’t think there’s a problem with bringing them up. Many of spent the hiatus discussing them here. :-)
            My point is just that what the three of them tried to accomplish — as a showrunner and two leads — didn’t always work 100%. Wouldn’t be the first time it happened on a popular show where the people involved give a damn about their audience.
            The great thing is, I think they were receptive to the criticism, or at least made plans to work it out. That was made abundantly clear throughout 6×01.

          • beckstle says:

            That’s problem with two-parters, it’s hard to get the split right. Had they taken the proposal to the point where Kate says, “There’s something I have to tell you.” everyone would have gotten Nathan’s seriousness and Stana’s reaction would have been even funnier. It’s less about the ideas than the logistics of writing a show a week and fitting into 43 minutes. It’s not like cable where they have weeks – sometimes months – to figure things out. If a broadcast show can stay on the path the missteps are minor. I can think of a bunch of broadcast shows that take major unnecessary detours that completely screw with the story integrity. Relatively speaking, Castle’s brilliant.

        • Christina says:

          Kind of tacking on to your post after this…I also think it’s great that they react to the criticism and find ways to address it. Yea, they may not outright acknowledge it, but when they put something out there that they don’t think was interpreted right, they do their best to clarify. 6×01 was a great reaction to the finale, and I loved 6×02 nearly as much.

          • Just one thing says:

            Yeah, I found 6×02 to be a bit talky. And they didn’t quite hit the mark I’d hoped in the emotions department. (I think you and I posted about that last week.) But it was definitely a good continuation of the premiere as far as Castle and Beckett are concerned.

          • Christina says:

            Yea, agreed on the emotions thing. I would’ve enjoyed more than just a “Kate..” when he was clearly dying. We definitely discussed this last week. They didn’t quite nail the conversations, but I don’t want to complain too much. I still liked the episode, and they did a good job conveying how concerned she was.

    • eridapo says:


      Thanks for finally asking the question about the kiss, and I feel Stana deflected the answer and shifted the blame to Castle. Her answer is similar to what Terri’s on the kiss which leaves me feeling that what they see and what some of us see is quite different. Case in point with Lisa E’s character. Having seen 6.02 already I do not see the wonderful relationship McCord and Beckett have. Once again McCord is nothing more than a glorified bystander that has to have Castle and Beckett figure everything out.

      • Lauren says:

        The thing is that she is only one person and she can please everyone with one answer

      • Cuffed says:

        She didn’t deflect the question when she said that she didn’t feel like Beckett kissed Vaughn but that he kissed her instead, which it’s exactly what we saw happening in the episode.

        • galadriel says:

          yaa..but she allowed it in the first place

          • jon says:

            um she pushed him away

          • S. says:

            Yeah she totally pushed him away when HE tried to kiss HER. She at no point leaned in which would indicate choosing Vaughn. He tried to seduce her, he failed, then he happened to almost get shot right after. Had that not happened, she would’ve made it clear verbally that he was crossing a line. Her biggest mistake was allowing him to talk her into drinking on the job. If she screwed up anywhere, it was that because he was testing the waters and read something into her boundaries when she was only trying to avoid being rude. He clearly took it as a sign he could get more personal, if only by his clear M.O. with women he’s attracted to, nudging her and nudging her until she’s gone farther than she realizes. Beckett haters can keep on hatin’. There’s no way she did the attempted kissing. There was no smooch, she pulled back. I’m sure in some takes they took it slightly closer than others, so when Stana says kissed, she may be thinking of a different take than they used.

      • galadriel says:

        u r right…if KB really loved castle none of that would have happened…i bet u cant even imagine something like this being done by castle..hell he felt committed to her since 3×13..

        • Cuffed says:

          Kristina Coterra?

          • eridapo says:

            Coterra.. Castle was shown throughout the scene trying to get away from her which made for some great comedic moments whereas in the Vaughn-Beckett scene Kate is seen as opening herself to the kiss (she turns head and is ready to reciprocate) until the last moment when she barely pushes him away.

          • John says:

            You think tha’s comparable? funny episode, and angt episode?

          • galadriel says:

            that episode was meant to be fun…and she had case breaking info…ok if the above things doesnt convince u then..wat about continuous i am sorry’s he told her…if C makes mistakes B is there to correct them…but if she makes a mistake.. it is not a is justified or defended or blamed on others or castle himself

          • Cuffed says:

            I didn’t see Becket being ready to reciprocate the kiss, the moment he touched her lips she pushed him away and said no.

          • Cuffed says:

            I didn’t think it was funny seeing a grown up man running away from a bikini clad woman trying to seduce him, he should have said no.

          • eridapo says:

            Watch the scene again.. When Vaughn goes in for the kiss, Beckett tilts he head as most people often do when they are about to kiss. She closed her eyes as most people often do when they are just about to kiss, and she begins to open her mouth as though she expected to be kissed…..

          • galadriel says:

            u still dont understand what we are trying to say do u?he makes mistakes i m not defending him but also he knows when to apologize but beckett comes off as a person who never make mistakes…just tell me this when was the last time we heard a heart felt apology from her..

          • Cuffed says:

            I watched the scene again and she didn’t make a move.

            The last time we heard a heartfelt apology from Beckett was at the swings in Watershed.

          • John says:

            People see what they want to see… and that goes both ways….

          • galadriel says:

            wow u r indeed a hardcore beckett defender i would give u that…but the thing is…look back at 4yrs…she snapped, he smiled…she hid,he sought….she yelled,he loved…just sum it up…and even u ll start to wonder was she worth it?

        • Jay says:

          Maybe you should start watching a different show because they will not change Beckett because you dislike her..keep playing firefly in your DVD

          • galadriel says:

            i didnt want her to change…i wanted her to act like she was in love..all her character progression upto 521 seemed to go in vain in 522…

          • Lucy says:

            Why you don’t ask the same for Castle..he didn’t show any love or affection the entire season..But suddenly he stays with the person he loves in Still and he is a hero..NOT for me, the last season suck because of the lack of love that his character showed the past season.

          • galadriel says:

            he just didnt offer her a ring at that point..that was the only thing he didnt do..he even didnt say ILY in s5 inorder not to pressure her…so ur point being?

          • Lucy says:

            Hahahaha dude, he didn’t show any kind of affection towards her the entire season!

        • Just one thing says:

          I think Kate showed she was quite dedicated to the relationship throughout last season. Despite her fears, doubts and flaws, she still seemed in it for the long haul.
          Going with the original episode order, I got the impression that after coming down from the adrenaline high of yet another near-death experience in Still, Castle became complacent during The Squab. And I think one of Beckett’s biggest fears has always been that he would revert to old form and their incompatibility on paper would be their ultimate downfall.
          Do I think that justifies her letting Vaughan get close enough to kiss her? Nope. That was just dumb and pretty inexcusable. Also, lazy writing. But it’s in the past, and the show has moved on to better territory.

          • Mary says:

            Couldn´t have said it better, agree 100%! It´s true Beckett was kissed, didn´t kiss back, but let the guy get close enough to do it and that bothered me, yes. But, after willing to stay with her on that bomb to die, the truth is that Castle kind of just let the relation roll, not making any move or saying anything to change or establish things, so I understand Beckett´s insecurities, I mean after dating for 1 year it looked like he was already like that?
            But like you said, that is in the past, and things are looking very different now…now they clearly know where they stand towards each other:)

          • John says:

            Yes, WAY within her personal space and from her expression she knew it.

      • LSC says:


        I wanted to thank you as well for asking about the kiss and “organic” story telling. The question needed to be asked and I’m someone finally did ask. I was not impressed with Stana’s answer. She blamed Castle and the subtext indicated the fans were to blame too since we really didn’t understand what happened.

    • galadriel says:

      well said..and also she is worse when it comes to apologising..see 502 or 510 she almost bit castle’s head off

    • Mari says:

      I have to agree with you–that is not what came across. The season-at least to me-came across like someone who chose him out of desperation, and then is standing back, checking tick-boxes to make sure he’s all in and worth it before actually committing herself.

      One night of video games is a ridiculous reason to doubt a relationship when he’s overall been pretty dedicated to someone who spent seasons pushing him away.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      100%. You can see bad directing or bad choice of editing a scene or bad acting when the actor/showrunner/director has to come out and EXPLAIN what happened in the episode, something that should be obvious. (Like The Walking Dead Lori wanting Rick to kill Shane then he does and she backs away and looks disgusted…then they say “No she was just in shock, she didnt feel anything negative towards Rick”…ya well you didnt choose the right scene to air then).

      Same with that Kiss and that whole episode. I think its BS that one time hes playing video games and wants to keep playing rather than have sex, and the few other small things, lead her to being receptive and open to being kissed until the last milla-second which she pushes him away, when he is ready to die with her with a bomb or get shot saving her or be standing infront of a nuke with her or the thousand other times hes proven his loyalty and love. I call BS. Just admit that you (showrunner, writers) couldnt think of something better, more realistic and organic and more in line with the characters and something that respects their past (like Castle risking his life for Beckett a thousand times) when you want to add some drama or issues in the relationship.

      Also i would like to say Beckett is not this ultra amazing catch Stana tries to play her off as in interviews and twitter. She is pretty much a average girlfriend, if anything subpar. The lies? The almost kiss? The lack of maturity? the lack of interpersonal relationship skills? the lack of communication skills? and many many more things. Not that Castle is a great BF either per-say, but i think in actions he has proven himself. SHE is lucky to have HIM, not the other way around.

      • DarkDefender says:

        Yeah.. All true… But she is hot.

      • Lucy says:

        With that body that girl could have a better man..that’s for sure!

      • Just one thing says:

        Hotness and body aside, I don’t see what makes her an average or subpar girlfriend.
        She thinks on his wavelength, has the same passion, dedication and drive for answers, shares some of the same interests, challenges him and is challenged in return.
        Prior to them deciding to date, she let him make millions of dollars off of her freaking life story, the very intimate details of which, led her to become the tight-lipped, closed-off individual she was when she met him.
        Yet still she evolved, despite the insecurities she had about dating a famous and formerly notorious player. She spent a season changing her habits, taking strides in the direction toward a life with this guy.
        There are a number of instances in multiple episodes where you can hold up current Beckett and contrast her to the Beckett Castle met five years ago, and while the core is the same, there is something vastly different about the two women. Sure, she changed for her own well-being, but there is no doubt in my mind that she willingly changed because of him. Just as he willingly changed in many respects because of her.
        You can say Beckett is annoying, and that she does stupid things sometimes. I won’t fault you for that, because her flaw are what make her likable. But I don’t buy that she’s not a good life partner for Castle, because there’s too much evidence to prove otherwise.

        • DarkDefender says:

          This too… And she’s hot.

        • Sunnykimmy says:

          This is perfect. That is all.

        • Maela says:

          I have to absolutely agree with you! Why do people expect Beckett to be perfect? She has grown through the seasons but life makes people who they are – and the events they live through also impact them emotionally….Many people are cautious of being hurt. I think Stana does a great job portraying the complexities of her character.

      • LSC says:

        Amen to all you said. Regarding the time of her strip tease, wasn’t Castle playing a regularly scheduled game. And wasn’t his a opponent a kid? If anyone was wrong in that scenario, it was Beckett.

    • KDM says:

      I got it exactly as they wanted me to on the first watch. No explaining necessary.

  2. Cuffed says:

    And here you can clearly see why Stana is the person to go when you want some answers about the show, the characters and the backstory. It’s much appreciated.

    • Just one thing says:

      She has certainly put a consider amount of thought into her character, Castle, and the show as a whole. It provides a lot of topics for discussion here, for better or worse.

    • Christina says:

      She just genuinely seems to enjoy playing Beckett and discussing her character. It’s refreshing to still see that, and it honestly makes the viewing experience that much better, since she’s so invested.

  3. Lauren says:

    I’m looking forward to that wedding. Thanks for the interview with Stana :)

  4. KMC says:

    Every time I read an interview with her, I can’t help but think “Stana Katic is really smart.” How many actresses use the word “macrocosm” correctly? She is awesome, as is Kate Beckett.

  5. sabrina says:

    Great interview. I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season plays out.

  6. John says:

    “but at that point maybe the real question of that story was that Castle wasn’t necessarily aware of the great thing that he had” lol

  7. Sofa says:

    Thank you for the interview! I always love hearing Stana talking about the show. She just gets it

  8. kay says:

    ugh, i found the end of last season so manufactored. Castle gets distracted once and suddenly he doesn’t know the good thing he has? Besides the fact that literally the episode before (or after, which made more sense) he was willing to die for her, has he not proven how much he loves her multiple times? I hate when tv shows like castle decide that oh, she doesn’t feel sure in their relationship because Castle hasn’t proposed yet. Ridiculous, and it was the moment i stopped watching. You can’t have a show depict how much Castle is devoted to Beckett for four years and then randomly be like, he doesn’t appreciate her.

    • John says:

      Yep, well said.

    • Amelia says:

      Good bye then My dear LOL

    • Barb says:

      The bomb episode with the extra episode that was added in before the last three episodes. Because of where it was situated, the last three episodes seemed to go the other way (bigger doubts about the relationship) and I’ve yet to really watch those episodes either in syndication or on the DVD set.

      I understand there needs to be angst but how about showing a real conversion between the two especially regarding Meredith’s comments from early last season.

      • Just one thing says:

        “Still” was one of the best things about the second half of the season, and it also highlighted how WTF the last three episodes were. The required broadcast change-up didn’t help matters at all. But it’s an interesting thing: Had “Still” never come to be, people wouldn’t have had the sweet, fun clip show to re-watch during all the (poorly developed) angst.
        I hoped they would revisit Meredith’s manipulative observations in some way, as I think there is some truth to what she told Beckett. But now I’m just not sure it’ll happen…

        • galadriel says:

          the fact that the 5+ year relationship was discussed with a stranger even after knowing his intentions still haunts me in my dreams

          • Lucy says:

            Maybe you need therapy..See for me is disturbing that someone can’t sleep because a fictional character..that says a lot about the person you are.

          • Katherine215 says:

            One, that’s a little disturbing – this is a tv show, after all. Two, it’s very often easier to talk about things honestly with someone you barely know. Your friends and family have their own expectations of you, and in this case, Castle, so it’s hard to say the deep truths you’re feeling to them.

          • galadriel says:

            it was a figure of speech for how disappointed i was..meh

    • Iris says:

      I’ m sorry that you stopped watching. It’s your right but I think that it’s sad. Beckett doubt Castle because when she’s trying to speak with him to know where they are going, Castle never answer. So beckett doesn’t know what to think. She doesn’t think that he doesn’t love her, she doesn’t know where he want to go : is he really engaged in their relationship? He never open his thoughts to Beckett and she thinks about what Meredith said in 5×10. So she wants to know if it is serious or not.
      I’m sorry for the spelling mistakes. I’m not english. I hope that you will understand what i was trying to say.

      • Katherine215 says:

        I understand you perfectly and agree 100%! Also, your English is better than some Americans’ English. :)

      • eridapo says:

        Just a week before the guy is ready to die next to her.. Honestly ask yourself this question… if you were facing a life and death situation, and your Significant Other at that moment chose to be with you and stand with you in that moment would you then question how he felt about you make a passing comment about the future of the relationship. This is the case where actions speak louder than words ever could. At the crucial moment, Castle chose to be with her even forsaking his mother and daughter,. That to me shows commitment.

        • Mary says:

          Yes, I would…because after facing that kind of situation I would like to know if what we had was going to be just that or if we would move forward, like, Idk, moving in together?

        • Katherine215 says:

          Some people need the words. Actions are easy to misinterpret. Saying what you mean and where we’re going? A lot harder to end up on different pages.

        • Iris says:

          Thank you Katherine 215.
          I agree with you eridapo but i remember that the order of the episodes were moved.
          I don’t know if we have to take it into account but I think that’s important because we already know before the change that there will be a character that will interfere with Beckett’s feelings. So logically, when Beckett almost let Vaughn kissed her, she didn’t even know that one week later Castle would stay by her side next to a bomb. And I think that the show runners were set up because they couldn’t really changed the story. And again she didn’t doubt castle’s love for her but the direction of her relationship. Castle saved her life a lot of time (and so did she) but he never engaged himself because he didn’t take the risk to open to her and say how he feels. That why, I think, she doubt their relationship and until where it would last. That what she said to her father in the last episode when she said she doesn’t know how it will end. And she said to Lanie that when she would take her job in DC, she would have to speak about their relationship. I think that this last episode is important.
          I’m sorry, I love too much Beckett to criticize her because, even if she is fictional, love feelings are really complicated and doubt is really fast to come when there is a relationship, and it is bigger as love is deeper.

          • Rick says:

            If you switched Castle and Beckett in the Vaughn episode and Castle walked in on Beckett doing some thing and wanted to jump in to bed with her with no notice. Women would be complaining about male pigs. And further if Castle was drinking with a women and allowed her to get close and start to kiss (don’t bring up the comedy female rape episode that was done for laughs) him and it was only stopped by a shot through a window. The responses would all be different and more critical of Castle. The last 3 episodes of S5 and the first two of S6 have been poorly written.
            The Castle Beckett relationship makes the show, so yes I liked Kate’s answer and hoped they would build on it. The made up AG tasks force of no personality people who would not make even good Men in Black agents with magic computers is a loser. I am waiting for Lisa to show something besides following Beckett around and giving advice like “I got drunk, slept with a guy I picked up and talked about classified in my sleep. Therefore relationships are no good. What!

      • kay says:

        well, i respectfully disagree. Castle talks about his feelings all the time- one instance i can think of is at his Hamptons house. And what Meredith said directly contradicted Castle, who i’m pretty sure says they broke up because she’s freaking crazy. I don’t like it when shows sacrifice characterisation purely for ‘shock’ value, or the fear that a normal relationship makes boring tv

  9. Ana says:

    She tries really hard

  10. Ana Rubio says:

    She is so great in interviews!!! Thank you Stana

  11. Emma says:

    Stana just seems like such a well rounded person. Not only beautiful on the outside, but very intelligent and lovely on the inside. She answers your questions without giving you the run around. I get the feeling that anything she’s involved with, she gives 100%. She really enjoys playing Kate Beckett and it shows in her conversations and actions!

  12. Christina says:

    Stana kind of makes the show for me. She really gives it her all, and her acting really sells it. What she can convey with just her eyes, or a two-second stare, is fantastic. She’s amazing in the episode tonight, and she honestly made the episode.

  13. Jenna says:

    She puts so much thought into her character and the whole show, it’s so refreshing. She can talk for hours about Beckett and actually offer new informations unlike other actors.

    Tthank you Matt for this interview because I doubt we’ll hear anything this interesting at Paley panel.

  14. Maria says:

    Matt, thanks for a great interview with well-thought-out questions. And, as I’d expect from such a smart, talented actor, Stana has given us well-thought-out answers. I love how she loves and understands the character of Kate Beckett.

  15. I love the idea of people finding each other not just because they are destined to be together but their coupling is for a greater purpose. Whether it be for righting a wrong, like was stated in the article, or the product of their being together creates something great. I think it would be nice to play around with the idea of a child of Castle and Beckett’s being this amazing blending of them both and that was one of the reasons they found each other – because so many things had to align for them to find love.

  16. Jerry says:

    Am I the only one who is not a fan of this season so far? Granted I haven’t even finished the first episode, but that’s the problem right there: I got bored. So did my wife. The interesting part of the series is the relationship of all the leads, not just Castle and Kate. Also when Castle found the serial number and started investigating on his own I just groaned. I mean, how many times can we do the “Castle is doing something he shouldn’t and might get in trouble!” story?

    Granted, I haven’t finished the episode. Maybe I’ll feel better. I will try tonight.

    • Just one thing says:

      I can understand why some people don’t care for the formula diversion. But I think they did a good job keeping things in character for Castle and Beckett during the premiere, versus how things went down last season.
      Beckett is still serious and driven, but she appreciates Castle’s insight and ability to see things differently. Castle is supportive of Beckett’s career, but he will always be drawn toward the puzzle pieces, against her wishes and his own better judgment. And now, five years in, Beckett has a completely different reaction to his behavior, because she knows how effective he can be.
      And, really, Castle’s involvement in the case is ultimately what leads them toward solving it. Had he not meddled and made his way to the golf course, the ex-military dude wouldn’t have abducted him, and they wouldn’t have found their lead in the Dreamworld base. That little nugget would’ve died with him.
      All that to say, yes, this is different than the show we’ve come to enjoy. But even if there wasn’t a clear “Use By” date on this storyline, the clues are pretty obvious that the DC gig isn’t gonna last long.

    • Rain says:

      You will not feel better after finishing it. How you described the problems with it are my feelings a week after watching the whole thing. I love Nathan so I’ll keep watching for a bit but it’s def. going to be a show that sits on my DVR for a while before watching now.

    • Mary says:

      Sorry, but saying you´re not a fan of the season without even watching a full episode?! IMO, a bit early, no? But, well, I LOVED the premiere, so…:)

  17. leigh says:

    This is a great interview. I remember seeing her in a season 2 interview and she seemed so shy. Here she sounds so sure of herself. Its great hearing Stana and Nathan speaking about the relationship relationship these first two episodes. Thanks for all the great Castle stuff Matt!

  18. James D says:

    always nice to hear from Stana. I have to say though I’ve never understood the whole he kissed me thing. what you can’t take a step back or put your hand in his face, and say sorry pal I’m taken? it seems like a weak argument to me. You do have to hand it to Marlowe though he does often hear the concerns of fans and tries to remedy it best as he can. i think the premiere last week had more Caskett moments then all of the second half of last season. Also I hope they don’t elope, Stana is right putting these two families in the same room will no doubt lead to hilarity

    • galadriel says:

      actually at that point of “still” the fans already had a mindset that these two are in till death do us apart phase but what aired was they might still break up and get over each other phase..if i have to put in simple words then for once castle came off as a normal tv show…

    • Just one thing says:

      I agree on both accounts. There’s really no defending what happened between Beckett and Vaughan, no matter how silly Castle was being. With that move, the show teetered dangerously close to Shondaland territory (with all due respect to those series, which I mostly enjoy).
      But I agree that this is a show run by people who seem to care about their core audience and don’t deliberately seek to piss people off. There are so many examples that they listen to the fans, within reason.

      • DarkDefender says:

        Also, Stana’s mindset in TS&TQ may have been different if they shot the scenes for Still after it.. Since Still was a last minute add-on episode.. Meaning she (and Beckett) didn’t experience Rick willing to die for her at the time she was questioning if he was done with her and Vaugh tried to kiss her..
        And for all of Castle not wanting to discuss how serious he was/is about Beckett because he didn’t want to scare her off (took her a year to deal with his “I Love You”) .. She was looking at it all through his past relationships and interpreting it as if they had an expiration date and maybe they hit it when he had to think (even though for less than a minute) about whether to stop a video game to “get his shirt off her”..
        Not played out perfectly.. But definitely true to Marlowe’s “it’s all in the subtext” way of writing.

        • Just one thing says:

          I agree with you on all accounts. But that’s because I’m willing to interpret it that way. I argued this all summer, I know, but I think the show needs to abandon some of its love for subtext moving forward.
          There’s just too much room for error and misconceptions, given the somewhat non-serialized nature of the show and the fact that the crime of the week is always going to be the A story, taking up otherwise valuable time from really diving into the relationship context they’re trying to convey/portray.

          • DarkDefender says:

            Because viewers can get lost on the subtext, and misinterpret a fleeting moment of doubt and an almost kiss and poor choices people make “in the moment” and forget that Beckett thinks she is “just this cop” and Castle is “a huge best selling, famous author”.. And neither one of them thinks the other loves them as much as they do.. And all we really want them to do is have a huge conversation (minus any subtext), move on as a fun, loving couple who can occasionally disagree and fight about stuff, but ALWAYS come together at the end of an episode (or arc) and keep up the light hearted, funny crime solving with Ryan, Espo and Lanie.

    • Katherine215 says:

      She did step back and say, sorry pall, I’m taken! Jeez, some people forget that this is a tv show and they need to create some drama at times. They keep it as realistic as they can, but come on – they have to pay the ratings piper once in awhile.

  19. eridapo says:

    As to the job per se… I have no problems with Beckett going out and finding a “dream job” that would move her away from Castle. My problem with this Federal Job is that the character has not shown an interest in working with the Feds or how they operate. Beckett is all about seeking justice for the victims, and her experience with the Feds (prior to this DC arc) has shown them to be more about doing what is politically expedient and not justice. Thus I question when did this job become “her dream job”….. I believe that when she answers this question she believes that fans are questioning her need to fulfill herself professionally. She doesn’t see that the criticism that some of us have had is with a job with a group of people that she knows have no interest in seeking justice for the victims and more often than not place justice in the back burner over political expediency.

    • Just one thing says:

      I have no idea how much SK reads of fan responses, or if it is simply relayed to all of them by someone who keeps track of it. But I will argue that most of the comments posted on sites like this and on social media didn’t articulate the character contradiction of Beckett going G-Woman, and mostly seemed to stem from a fear of change and a concern for the Castle/Beckett romance.
      I totally understood where people were coming from with their criticism of the fed job, and I actually anticipated some resistance or objections from Espo and Ryan. I thought they would see her career move as consorting with the enemy, and would at least give her a hard time about it. Maybe that’ll happen in 6×03, who knows?

    • Erin says:

      I don’t think this has a root or there was a hint about Beckett’s dream job at all in the series, so this coming out of the blue doesn’t look good in the writers…

    • Katherine215 says:

      I don’t think she’s ONLY about seeking justice for the victims. And even if she was, there’s nothing wrong with having ambition and wanting to take a job that’s a great opportunity. What is there for her career-path-wise if she’s only going to take jobs that allow her to seek justice for victims? Even a Lieutenant job will take her out of the field. She’s a talented investigator who is still very young with a bright future. Besides, she won’t know for sure she doesn’t like the Fed job until she tries it. I personally think that will be what ends the DC arc and brings her back to the NYPD though.

    • RBA says:

      In the finale arc Kate’s main motivation for pursuing the job is her fear that her relationship with Castle will fail because he does not feel the same about her. It is not about what the Modern Woman should do when given the opportunity to do more professionally.

      I believe this reason only came about after the first and only reason used in the finale was rendered mute by the proposal.

      I would understand her making the impulsive decision of taking the job if she wasn’t clear where she stood with Castle because she was ready to run and the DC job provided her with the opportunity to do just that.

      Fortunately once she spoke to Castle and he proposed to her, she no longer needed to run. The reason the finale arc conveyed for her considering the Job in DC was no longer relevant. Castle wanted a future with her, and it was her uncertainty over that question that had caused her to pursue that job.

      Having gotten her answer and getting an okay for Castle to do both, the expediency of choosing the job was no longer there. Sure the job offer had been made, but are we suggesting that she would not have gone (and carefully) reconsider her decision this time around knowing the stakes. Would she not have consider how that choice would impact her relationship going forward. Would she not have asked all those questions she might have originally failed to ask.

      What I gather is that Marlowe and Stana’s recent interviews are trying to justify an after the fact reason for her to pursue a job she had never shown an interest in. The original justification was rendered mute by Castle’s proposal, so a new justification for the job was needed. This justification plays on the “modern woman” and what she should do, but it is foreign to what we seen in the show.

      Kate’s quest has been about Justice and finding a path where she could be more than just a cop. I always though that referred (going back to the scene with Dr. Worf in EotB) “that more” being outside of her professional life. She had devoted 10 years of her life in a quest for justice as a cop foregoing love and personal satisfaction. Thus I saw her need for wanting to be more along the lines of personal rather than professional growth.

  20. i don´t agree at all with Stana´s commenbts about Beckett and her interaction with felt strange,very strange,to see her so open to Vaughn´s advances and comments about a 5 year relationship with a tottal strange.she needed to talk to someone?then she should had talked to Martha.
    about the job and how Castle´s job means he can do it anywhere…..very nice but a writer always likes to have his private place,his hideout where he can peacefully write his pieces,and just because he has that kind of a job doesn´t mean it has to serve as an excuse for him to follow her.imagine Castle had an offer that would require him to be in another country for a period of time,would Beckett “support that wholeheartedly” by going with him also?
    anyway i enjoyed very much the rest of her insight about the Caskett relationship and the “they´re destined to be together” thing and the other things around that she mentioned.

    • galadriel says:

      yeah…it was forced..510 was believable given she interacted with meredith who actually knows castle but 522 was like seriously? The fact that this ep was aired in same season among other eps like 505,509,515,516,519,521 was a stake to the heart

    • Jay says:

      Maybe was because he brought her the security that she needed at that moment..and Martha like always was to busy with her life.

    • LL624 says:

      Martha didn’t ask her those questions like Vaughn did.

    • Pon says:

      I agree that that scene with Eric Vaughn and Beckett was out of line compared to the rest of the story line, but I can see why Beckett reacted in that way. This is really the only first serious relationship that Beckett has had in her entire life, so she’s pretty new to relationships (well serious ones) and might have had a feeling like she wasn’t being appreciated enough. (<– that's in her mind of course. Since she's new to all of this, I think she still wanted a lot of attention. Plus in the episode where they're solving the Mandy Moore (idk if i spelt that correctly) the killer tells them that at first its all exciting but later the bubble bursts. And I know that in this context, the killer meant everyone finding out and all, but the concept still applies in which Castle may appreciate her in the beginning of their relationship in season 5, but then later on, doesn't express it as greatly as before. (Again debatable)) I'm not trying to defend Beckett more than I defend Castle, but I see why Beckett would have reacted that way in this episode. She was confused and doubted Castle, even if it were for a short moment, and she was literally stuck with Eric Vaughn when she didn't want to be. She did notice that he was advancing, but she was feeling pretty vulnerable at that time. There are times when some people just have lingering doubts about the person their with. I mean they've really only dated for about a year. And yes, you may argue that they've known each other for 5 years but for the past four years, in the first season both of them just joked around with each other. In the second season, Beckett breaks up with Demming to tell Castle how she feels, and he's with Gina, which is understandable because Castle knew she was with Demming for the last 3 episodes of season 2. Then during season 3, Beckett's with Josh, and Castle's with Gina for a short period of time. It's not her fault that she decided to be with Josh because at that time, Castle was still going on dates with other people. At the end of season 3 when Beckett is shot, and Castle tells her he loves her, Beckett ends up breaking up with Josh in the beginning of season 4 for Castle. She even tells him on the swings that first episode of season 4 that she liked him a lot but that's not what she wanted. She actually wanted someone who could be with her and stay by her side, and that was Castle. But she indirectly states she can't be with Castle until she finally finishes dealing with her mother's case, and at the end she's matured and realized that she should move on and not put anything off. Cue the sex scene, and at the beginning of the 5th season, she finally is settled with her mom's case. During this whole time period, she doesn't actually have a real relationship with Castle until season 5 because during season 4 she's still preoccupied by her mother's case. (As i stated earlier she said she couldn't have the relationship she wanted until she fully dealt with the case. Actually, she only really deals with it in the beginning of season 5, so she actually got with Castle even before she dealt with it fully) So really, she doesn't know really if Castle is committed to relationships because the entire time she's known him, he's been with other girls, except of course in season 4, but she still wouldn't know if he's changed in terms of treatment of girlfriends.
      So that's my hypothesis as to why she'd doubt him and his always being invested in the relationship.
      WOW…I just summarize the plot.
      Anyways remember in the beginning of season 5 when Castle went on the date with the reporter to please Beckett? Well he tried really hard to fend off her advances but she still ended up tackling him and kissing him. It's the same thing with Beckett, except she did push him away after he kissed her. We saw the whole scene with Beckett and Vaughn, but we didn't get to see what happened between the time Castle fell over the couch and when Beckett ran into the loft.
      Anyways, everything aside, a story line can never be written perfectly, and the writers are on a time crunch in terms of how long an episode can be (goes for all episodes) and the deadline they're given. I applaud this show. I don't just like this show for it's cast and crew, but also for the story line and how the relationship is carried out. (A lot better than other story lines for many shows) Obviously i don't agree with the writer's choice of having him actually kiss her (agreeing in terms of how much i like that scene) but i feel it's definitely understandable how she pushed him away after he kissed her. I feel most of the interpretations of this scene are based on how the scene was carried out. If Vaughn were a crazy chick like that reporter, then there wouldn't be so much hate on the actions of Beckett. Obviously the episode couldn't be written like that because Beckett was vulnerable and that's how her character is. I don't however doubt her or Castle's faithfulness to each other even with the episode, the Squab and the Quail. It was perfectlly understandable for me.

      • after doing what he done over 4 years,still having doubts about what were his feelings for her is kind of strange,the least,to me…..but nothing that an honest conversation between the two wouldn´t work,but that would be too simple for this couple.:)
        anyway personally i consider the last episode of season 2 and the first of season 3 the worst of all,because Beckett waited too long and Castle naturally,feeling hurt,moved along and without no reason got a cold reception when he returned.

        • Pon says:

          Yes, Beckett probably had an inkling that Castle did like her, but she couldn’t be too sure. Same vice versa. Do you remember in the episode of Rose forever after (2X12) halfway through season 2? Beckett could totally tell he still had those lingering feelings for his previous girlfriend (played by Alyssa Milano), so honestly, she didn’t wait too long at all. It was more like Castle didn’t have enough patience in this specific scenario. Another example in episode 14 of the same season, Castle decided to go out with numero three, and then Beckett was like “OH I NEED A BOYFRIEND NOW TOO” …YET another example is in the same season, episode 20: The Late Shaft, when Castle goes on the date with the actress and ends up having sex multiple times with her….must I go on? Anyways those are just a few examples disproving that Beckett waited too long…in fact it’s really the other way around because it’s more like castle is constantly hurting Beckett. It’s just that Beckett doesn’t show it as much as Castle. I mean seriously…he can hang out with 3 different girls, while beckett hangs out with demming at the end for 3 episodes? (in the 2nd episode with demming, Castle also goes out on a “date” with Madison…so that count goes up to 4.) It’s unfair to say Beckett waited too long…we can also say that Castle waited too long to tell her how he felt if he really did feel that way. Evidently not when he hooks up with his ex-wife at the end of the season. (plus he genuinely looks happy at the very end of the episode) (I wanted to hurl a rock at him …jk I like Castle’s character a lot too)
          I’m just saying…we shouldn’t put the blame all on Kate. She’s been dealing with her mom’s death for 13 years of her life. It’s not easy for her to express herself.

  21. Cynthia C. says:

    I like that show and it’s characters aren’t always so easy to understand in the execution of their words and actions. When it comes to living and loving anything we care about in our lives, we humans all fumble, have miscues, misunderstand, assume, take for granted, I think you recongnize love and commitment when you see the investment of time, patience, and the willingness to challenge oneself to grow in understanding..

  22. Erin says:

    I ship McCord and Beckett so badly. Too bad my ship won´t have a chance :(

  23. John says:

    Dead people are buried in ‘Casketts”.

    Odd fan choice, IMHO.

  24. Sunnykimmy says:

    I think it’s very interesting that fans seem to be fighting over who is more guilty of cheating, Castle or Kate, when the actual characters saw the situation for what it was, let it go and moved on.

    Which I think is very mature of them, especially because Kate has always been afraid Castle would cheat on her/ leave her/ get bored with her and that’s one of the reasons she was afraid to get into a relationship with him.

    And castle has actually been cheated on before. Yet these two let it go.

    The truth is neither of these instances, the Coterra or Vaughn one, were funny. One might have been played for comedy but looking at it from the relationship standpoint, it wasn’t funny. Walking in on your boyfriend being kissed by someone else is never funny. Just like hearing that some guy moved in on your girlfriend, even though he knew you were together, isn’t funny.

    I think in a lot of ways these two scenes paralleled each other. Both Castle and Kate were highly uncomfortable during their respective scenes and didn’t know how to handle it.

    Castle tried warding Coterra off by backing away, but completely failed.

    Kate tried warding Vaughn off by telling him she was in a relationship, but failed as well.

    Both of these people should have tried harder, but they didn’t. Because nothing is ever that black and white. They were both in a tough spot.

    Castle didn’t know how to handle the situation. He could have been rougher on Coterra but I think he didn’t really want to manhandle her. He could have told her he was in a relationship, but Coterra would have asked him with whom and him refusing to tell her might have made her believe he was lying and made her come after him stronger. He needed to protect his relationship with Kate. Keep that secret.

    Kate also didn’t know how to handle the situation. She was in a place where she really didn’t want to be, with someone she didn’t want to be with (this goes for Castle as well), a situation she couldn’t leave because she was ordered to be there. Castle having just rejected her might have been normal, but I’m sure it had never happened before and she took it hard. She was in a vulnerable state, unsure about her relationship with Castle, a state that was made worse by her conversation with Vaughn. And she was there with a guy who obviously wanted her when she felt her boyfrend didn’t.

    Both of these people should have handled their respective situations better, in theory, but they didn’t. And their partners were able to not blow it out of proportions as so many fans have done.

    It’s interesting because we saw Castle trying to back away from Coterra, we saw Kate tell Vaughn she was in a serious relationship and push him away the moment their lips started to touch, yet we judge both of them both more harshly then their partner did.
    Interesting indeed.

    • Just one thing says:

      Good points all around. Just because the earlier episode was played for comedy doesn’t make it “better.” In both cases, Castle and Beckett screwed up. The difference is, Beckett screwed up later in the relationship’s development.
      But yeah, they’ve definitely moved on from both instances.

  25. Sterling says:

    The thing that seems so forced about this long distance thing is that in reality as rich as he is Castle could go with her to D.C. He is a writer he isn’t required to be in NYC for a job. He could easily travel between the two. There really isn’t a good reason for them to be long distance.

    • yes,but would be a situation where Beckett would be the one to follow Castle to another city/country?just because he has a “flexible” job doesn´t mean he´s the one who has to make the move.

    • Sunnykimmy says:

      Yes, there is. Just because Castle can move with Beckett, doesn’t automatically mean he should. Alexis decided to go to Columbia University so she could be close to her dad. So she could see him on a regular basis. She made that choice with her dad in mind and he’s happy that it’s possible.

      Then there’s Martha, she lives with him I think not just because she has to, but because she likes the company as well. So does Castle. Even if she does end up moving out, when Castle and Beckett get married, I don’t think she’ll move that far.

      And what will he spend his time doing in D.C. when Beckett’s working, which I’m sure is what she’s doing most of the time?

      In N.Y. he has Martha, ocassionally Alexis and he has his friends Ryan and Espo and his writer and other poker buddies. Plus, he might be able to join in on a case every once in a while. In D.C. he’ll pretty much be alone. I don’t think Castle does alone well. He’ll be unhappy.

      • S. says:

        Alexis didn’t go to Columbia to be near her dad. She didn’t NOT go to Columbia because it was too close to home. She was concerned about having boundaries and decided Columbia would work if he agreed to allow her to have some. It has the benefit of still allowing her family time and laundry doing but it wasn’t why she went.

      • DarkDefender says:

        Except this is as much a relationship story as it is a police procedural where the best of each of the lead actors, comes out as they work a case together.. Which is why the fed job can’t last if the show is to continue as originally designed.

      • that´s why i said what i said.the all “Castle is rich,he can move to DC,he can write anywhere” is kind of a one way street,because if it was the other way,meaning Beckett having to move/follow,it would be impossible due to the nature of her work… some way it comes as an unfair situation to Castle,but deep love has its big misterious ways.

  26. Lupe says:

    All I have to say is that Stana is great!:)

  27. Lori says:

    Don’t know what it is about Stana Katic that makes her fans – including me – so over the top loyal. I know she is intriguing, intelligent and yeah ridiculously good looking, but still, I think maybe she’s cast a spell over us? or something. But damn, she is good.

  28. sandra says:

    My husband and I love watching Castle. We are like so many that have watched from the beginning. We find it thoroughly entertaining and look forward to it weekly.
    We started watching b/c we were aware of Nathan’s other work, we have continued watching b/c of the story and the rest of the cast.
    The beckett and castle relationship throughout the years has been great to watch as well as the other relationships that have taken place in the show.
    I’m a huge fan of the way Stana presents herself in interviews. She is a smart and funny woman and her responses are always so well thought out and articulate whether she is discussing castle, ATP or other projects. I’m a fan of her work and think praise should be given where it is due, both on and off the screen.
    Just like I started watching castle b/c of Nathan, I will watch all of stana’s other work, b/c of her role in castle.

  29. Daniela says:

    Sandra, you are so right. I enjoy Castle and always look forward to Monday nights. Stana is definitely a super actress and I think she does so many different things that other actress’s don’t do. She is so natural in front of the camera and I also love how she interacts with Nathan who I have also been a fan off. They work well together. I hope Castle keeps going on for a while because I would really miss it.

  30. Lois says:

    Stana is totally a Caskett shipper and I’m pretty sure that she’ll be very happy in this season.I agree with the natural development of Castle and if this season continue so great as the premiere,I already see a season 7.

  31. Paloma says:

    The problem with Romeo & Juliet is that they both died in the end and never got to have that happily ever after. So I’m not loving that analogy.

  32. Grandpa Joe says:

    I have never read any article or seen any interview where Ms. Katic hasn’t displayed intelligence and a thoughtfulness to her answers. And she’s never in the news for bad behavior or the other embarrassing stuff you see from many celebrities these days.
    Good to her fans, kind to her family (by all accounts I’ve read), nice to coworkers and guest stars. Trying to do something good for the environment. Can’t seem to find anything not to like.
    Her parents should be very proud. They raised a nice young lady.

  33. Rich Abey says:

    I honestly don’t know what this deal about a ‘fan war’ is all about? Yes the writers kind of messed up the latter third of last season, but in the end it kind of helped to make the proposal seem more real…I mean afterall nobody’s life is perfect, most of the time its all messed up and remember this is Caskett we are talking about, for whom nothing is simple or served on a platter! So lets move on and cherish the wonderful mature engagement they are having now!

    P.S. Even though I was furious when Mr. Fantastic almost kissed Kate, after much introspection I realised how Kate had handled it: She didn’t kiss him back nor did she reject him outright, which is fair considering the many vulnerable tones of Kate that Vaughn hit! Plus Castle was behaving like an ass at that time ( I mean who savors a video game more than a horny Kate Beckett??), which could have all been avoided had the writers not made asses of themselves in the first place by making Castle an idiot!

    P.S. Can our love and admiration for Stana increase anymore? I know that my meter pretty much tanked out a long time ago! She is so lovely, caring, hot, sexy, a fantastic actress, intelligent…better keep it to this now or next I’ll be writing an essay on ‘The infinite positive attributes of Stana Katic’ ;)

  34. anu says:

    great article thanks for sharing.

  35. Robert says:

    “And I was hoping that what would come across was that she was dedicated to the relationship with Castle, but at that point maybe the real question of that story was that Castle wasn’t necessarily aware of the great thing that he had and was distracted. And the distractions kind of became a priority.”
    A really simplistic answer, taking in consideration they have build “complicated and flawed characters” It would be more interesting to heard from her the thoughts of beckett during that time through the glass of Kate life experiences…

  36. UKNo1Stanafan says:

    This is a very poor interview, IMO. The interviewer let Stana off the hook. The kiss scene with the Slimeball was simply appalling, Beckett closed her eyes, giving the Slimeball the green light, no dedication to Castle at all, and she knows it. As for the lying and deceit,she did not answer at all, what the hell was the interviewer doing? Certainly, not his job!

    • Erin says:

      As much as I think the vast majority of the fans know what happened in that episode, I just don’t see Stana getting to criticizing her character (because I think the character deserve some), and she just said what her fans (her owns and kate’s) want to hear 1) “she is dedicated to the relationship” 2) Castle is the responsible of the situation…

  37. sandra says:

    Not sure but do people forget that stana is an actor and she is following a script and is playing the role of beckett. Eyes open eyes closed…really… maybe these are questions for who is directing the episode

  38. Andrea Aynsley says:

    I think that this “gaming addiction” is a big problem in a lot of males nowadays. Hours spent LAN gaming on computers or consoles..not being able to talk to their partners while their FULL ATTENTION is on the game. I for one hate men with this addiction. I love video games as such but compulsive gaming is bad and I have experienced this with my housemates which only allowed his GF to talk to him at certain times of day when he was not gaming and outings had to be planned around his gaming times which was at all hours of day. When you’re that “IN THE ZONE” you probably forget how your partner feels..then when your partner is busy you come and want things from you should get the same treatment.

    I can see how “realistic” this part of what Castle writers were trying to portray…Poor KB…But that being said I wasn’t a huge fan of the S5 ending arc either and it has caused me a lot of angst in the past months about their relationship slide / regression leading up to the proposal and if they would breakup. I’m still on the fence about the script in SQUAB and so on..but despite all that I loved the show and the actors. I think that despite the ‘crappy’ script they still did a fabulous job in terms of acting and so far S6 seems to ‘redeem’ the strange S5 arc ending.

    Hopefully Pi and Molly ‘grow up’ and stop being such pesky TEENAGERS which they certainly aren’t. Molly’s written interviews seem to always stir up trouble but it almost totally contradicts what she said in the OTRC interview at Paley. I’m just re-assured now after SK & AM’s numerous interviews and their open-ness about the stability and security of Caskett’s relationship in S6. That is enough for me the “HOW WILL THEY no more of this WILL THEY WONT THEY” nonsense…I am all long as Caskett is together as it is the be all and end of all of the show for me. Dry cases, different places I can live with..but if there are no caskett scenes and breakup…that’s it!!! So far..AM & co. have shown that they are listening

  39. Dory says:

    Have a ? I don,t care about the sexual orientation of anyone. But where did this lesbian talk come from. I missed something. ANYONE

    • Rick says:

      Dory I believe she made a movie playing a lesbian role. Don’t really care about actors lives outside of TV/movies. It’s what they do in their roles.
      In Squab the writers changed her from a smart professional female detective with hangups to a clueless woman who behaved in a way that would get a real detective suspended or demoted. She acting as a body guide for a rich man. She takes off her gun to get comfortable, leaves the shades up so her client is visible to a killer, has some champagne, tells him she does love Castle, but allows him to get real close while feeding her a high school line about understanding her better than the guy she has spent 5 years with who has risked his life for her numerous times. Then allows him to invade her personal space and moves into a kiss. Half heartily pushes him away and is saved from falling into bed by a shot through the window. Beckett then gets angry at Castle after she is caught in a lie. Except for the lying to Castle this is not the Beckett of the first 4.5 seasons.
      In season 6 except for the Castle Beckett interactions which are fun the show is boring. The Men in Black have no personality and add nothing to the show. Bring back Espo, Ryan, and Lanie and dump the irrational addition of PI.

      • Dory says:

        Rick OMG a sensible answer. I also do not care about personal lives However II,ve seen a few really snide refernces. Without repeating I agree with every part of your comment. Still a bit of a newbie but getting there. THX Dory

      • Dory says:

        Rick, one more ? Who played the older Vera in Blue Butterfly? Didn,t recognize her.

  40. carol says:

    Castle had his kissing moment in episode 2 and lied to her when they were walking thru the news studio later about how he tried to hide under the piano to get away from Kristina I didn’t see that ,also at the end when she couldn’t kiss him because all she could see was him with Kristina’s chest in his face he thought it was funny he had a smirk on his face and you wonder why she still doubted him even though he stayed with her when she was standing on the bomb she worried that he was getting bored with her after he had finally slept with her and she was one of his conquests like she said in the very first episode when they first met ,she loves and wanted to make sure he wasn’t still the old Castle which is something she wasn’t sure of .ALSO I THINK STANA IS GREAT!

  41. JLynn says:

    I think that Stana’s comments about Beckett’s commitment to Castle are true. However, I do not think that TS&TQ accurately conveyed that commitment. My complaint was not because of Stana or Nathan’s acting: it was the script. Season 5 had way too much subtext for me. Beckett and Castle’s feelings toward each other were too deeply expressed in subtext that I may or may not catch or understand. What I did see, clearly, was the interaction between Beckett and Vaughn. What I did not see as clearly was the conflict within Beckett about her commitment to Castle and her belief about his commitment to her. I saw Castle act like a jerk with some of the comments he made to her (although I felt he was in character as his jealously turned into desperate anger at the one he loved most – Beckett) and she was justifiably hurt and confused. But the hotel scene? Over the top and very contrived for me. I hope that season 6 will get back to more down to earth story telling. Subtext is fun up to a point but when fans and the show’s cast have to constantly explain the story then the message to the writers should be that sometimes a direct conversation is far more enjoyable than subliminal messages. I found the opening to Valkyrie to be interesting for a couple of reasons beyond just the story. At the very beginning during the “previously on Castle” part I noticed that the fed who interviewed Beckett said “opportunities like this come along once in a lifetime”. However, in Watershed he actually said “opportunities like this come along once, maybe twice, in a lifetime”. Also, when they showed the Watershed scene at the swings the music was different than the original; more positive, lighthearted and upbeat. Why the changes? Maybe I am stuck in the subtext discovery mode but I would like to think that the writers heard some of the fan comments and made these changes as a slight reset for the season 6 presentation of the show. And one more comment: the music used on Castle has always been excellent to set and sometimes convey a mood (a form of very direct subtext). Strangely, one brief moment of Valkyrie that stands out for me was the transition from the proposal to DC. The abrupt flyover of DC and the loud, forceful, somewhat angry music that went with it as we suddenly see Beckett running was outstanding. It immediately told me that DC will be the loser.

    • Ana says:

      Really interesting post. I agree with some points.

      Subtext it is good when you are building a relationship, from friendship to something more but when you already make the step to more, you sould try to make the conversation more direct unless the couple are not in a position to talk directly…

      About Becket & Vaughn, I see her somehow interested in him, see how she look at him, was this because she feels really insecure with Castle? she let him get that close because of her vulnerability (can be understandable at some degree but didn’t like it to be honest) or because she feel good about having him talk nicely to her? that to me, didn’t came out clearly…and the hotel scene well, not only for the Kiss but how bad the writers make look beckett in there, as a detective on duty, alcohol, the window, etc, etc, etc…

      About the opening of Valkyrie Vs. Watershed well, maybe they already has decided that she won’t see another FED job in her future, maybe she will stay in the NYPD or go to Law school…

  42. Rick says:

    AG task forces are put together for a political reason and a time frame not as super Men In Black FBI. Beckett background as a homicide cop who stands for the dead just doesn’t fit the job description. And why does Espo turn to Ryan in the 2nd episode and say it’s going to be a long four months?

  43. Red says:

    I feel this show will drop in the ratings quick. Everyone like to see romance strung out until it finally ends in marriage. You have done a great job doing this, now you split them up after they finally get together. You don’t need to split the crew up just make a stronger story in New York. Put bet Beckett on a task force there to give her more in charge with cases. Long story short let her and Castle get married and then later children. I among so many people watch this show to see a family workout. Let that D.C. show be a spinoff or an occasional case for Beckett. I am pretty sure this show will drop in ratings because storyline is boring already. Everyone knows that when couples have jobs in two different areas it doesn’t work. You should have stopped the romance way before now if they aren’t going to be together. This show is extremely great to die now.

  44. LaToria says:

    I like castle & kate