The Mentalist Premiere Recap: Wrong Number

The Desert RoseAnd just like that, The Mentalist‘s newly focused search for Red John almost instantly takes a shocking, bloody detour.

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The CBS drama’s Season 6 premiere picked up right where the finale left off, with Jane visibly shaken by the realization that Red John knows all seven of the names on his whittled-down suspect list. Lisbon compels him to walk it off and jump back into work, and as they do, Jane issues one hard-and-fast rule: They are to share the list’s existence with no one, lest others needlessly land in RJ’s crosshairs.

After Jane quickly susses out a baseball player’s murder of his wife, their next stop is a body found buried in the desert — a long-MIA man ultimately determined to be a rich philanderer with a nasty son, indifferent wife and sketchy business partner. But as Jane works that case, he instantly realizes that Lisbon told Van Pelt.

…who told Rigsby.

…who told Cho.

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Jane is not happy with this betrayal (no, not the horrid new drama on the other channel), despite Lisbon laying out her “valid” reasoning. But that night, after cracking the latest case (the comely waitress’ coworkers did it), Jane rings Lisbon to offer an olive branch, but she lets his calls roll to voicemail. Lisbon then gets an anonymous tip pointing her to a house where, according to their tracking gizmo for the seven possi-Johns, Partridge is. Hmm. (Earlier in the episode, Jane got in the forensics tech’s face some, but neither guy showed their hand.)

After arriving on the scene sans any immediate backup, a scream from the run-down house draws Lisbon inside, alone. There, she ultimately discovers Partridge, bound and bloody and justabouttodie, but not before he gurgles, “Tiger, tiger.” Ruh-roh.

Lisbon then starts toward a sound in another room The Desert Rosewhen she is suddenly yanked off-screen by….?!

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Jane’s back at the station when he gets a call from Lisbon’s phone, assuming it’s her. But it very much is not.

“Sorry, Patrick — Teresa can’t come to the phone right now,” the taunting voice on the other end says, as he draws his trademark bloody smiley across a supine, motionless Lisbon’s face. “Can I take a message…?”

What did you think of the first step in The Mentalist‘s Red John-Will-Be-Captured story arc? Assuming Lisbon is not dead, why was she spared, and what is RJ’s purpose in having her? And with Partridge seemingly out of the equation, what are we to make of Bertram’s behavior this week? Reminder: Next week’s episode features four possi-Johns: Bertram, Sheriff McAllister, G-man Reede Smith and CBI agent Raymond Haffner.

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  1. enri says:

    Great episode. 1 down 6 to go. It’ll be interesting to watch the list get whittled down. I hope Lisbon is found unharmed and that Red John didn’t seriously hurt her. I don’t think Jane could handle that.

  2. J says:

    That was hell of a premiere! It could have been a season finale. TM said they would up the suspense and they surely have (and the action and the chill factor.) My guess is that Partridge worked for Red John but was used by him to draw Lisbon closer. I don’t think Lisbon is dead- just drugged. But RJ did it to give Jane a reason to pause and really feel off his game- “I can take anyone you care about, even a cop, at any time. I’m just playing with you until I’m done.” It seems like he is saying. That last image is going to haunt me for a long time! Excellent writing, acting and direction!

    • @J says:

      I think the same. Lisbon is spared but she was lured and knocked out, etc., to teach her a lesson and also to taunt Jane. There’s no one closer to Jane than Lisbon. To know that the man who killed his wife and child has her in his grasp… well, it was a good way to end the episode.

  3. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    Red John is leaving Lisbon alive as a warning to Jane. It’s obvious from not only the show but the producers and writers that Lisbon is the most important person to Jane that is still alive. He truly cares about her (and I would certainly say he loves her).

    So why did RJ let her live?

    To remind Jane that he could have killed her very VERY easily. More than anything he wants Jane to live in fear. Jane said back in season 1 he didn’t give a lick about his own live, but the life of Lisbon? He didn’t hesitate to sacrifice one lead towards Red John in order to save her life. He can’t lose her, he wouldn’t be able to overcome something like that again.

    So that is what this about. Letting Jane know that the one he cares about most is definitely NOT safe.

    • Patrick says:

      I also think RJ likes the game. He assumes, even expects, to win. But RJ likes playing with PJ. He knows that abducting Lisbon will mess with PJ. But that killing Lisbon would wreck PJ and ruin the game.

  4. Gritree says:

    I don’t think Lisbon is dead, I think that RJ would wait till jane is almost sure/ about to capture RJ or vice-versa that RJ would kill Lisbon so that Jane would feel pain

  5. Jay says:

    Well, the last minute of the show felt like a crappy horror movie… That was totally out of character for Lisbon or any real cop… In fact it would be out of character for any human at all with half a brain and half the knowledge that Lisbon has about RJ and his methods…

    Shaggy and Scooby probably would have gone in…

    Huge let-down in the writing quality.

    • @Jay says:

      I don’t know. I think I disagree here. Yeah, RJ is sneaky, but Lisbon is a cop and she has a job to do, to protect and serve. While she was certainly scared and on her guard knowing Partridge was there and that he was a suspect, the call was about a person in distress there. She was obligated to go and check it out. She called for back up. It was running behind, she hears a noise, what if that person is dying in there (which in fact there *was* someone in distress and someone dying in there)? She might be the only one between that person and death, if they needed CPR or something. So she went in. It seems foolish to us knowing Red John but also seeing so many horror films, but as a cop with a job to do and a person reported in distress in the building, she risked herself, as cops and firemen do everyday. Anyway, I see your point I just think if I were in her situation my conscience would have me go in too.

      • prish says:

        The normal thing to do would be for her to call Patrick and the team, gathering them in on it. This shows she is rattled, imho. Interesting.

      • Brad says:

        I disagree. I work with a few cops and none of them would go into a situation like this without at the very least one partner, preferably more. If it were a burning building and someone was inside, yeah they’d run in, but not in this case with zero information, no idea what the threat even is; You can’t help the next hundred if you’re stupid on the next one.

        • Kat says:

          I totally agree. Couldn’t wait to get on line (watched on TiVO) to see if anybody else thought how stupid it was for her to do that.

          • RedHeadsRBest says:

            Actually, it was the writers who got stupid. Given the degree of Lisbon’s experience as a seasoned cop, and her intimate knowledge of RJ’s modus operandi, it indeed was stupid for the writers to pen a situational scene where she would all of a sudden become brain-dead, forget everything she has learned or experienced as a cop, and put herself in a situation where she knew she would definitely be at a grave disadvantage, and nonetheless, place her own life in peril. I could see if she was a rookie street cop, but she’s been there and done that, and is a high-ranking CBI agent. So for her character to assume such reckless behavior was so out of character for that character. Did the writers have a brain-fart, or did they just get lazy? Regardless, I love this show and am looking forward to this coming Sunday to see how this will play out.

    • prish says:

      Well, this is such a huge mess to finally get Red John, we have to give the writers’ some slack. There is always going to be some imperfection. Please, don’t drag it out getting it perfect. Let’s just get the RJ and be done with it. It did boggle our minds that she would run in without backup, but I got to thinking that might show she was rattled by Patrick’s anger. A good friend feeling betrayed, maybe having made a rash mistake, wanting to make it right, these thoughts and emotions get us all, at times.

      • Jose Vega says:

        I think Lisbon should call Patrick before entering the house. No matter how angry they were with each other at the moment, they are very close, in fact, I´m sure they love each other.

        So, she should call Patrick and tell him where she was, or ask him to get there because something strange was going on.

        In that kind of situations, you forget about the fights, and you call the person you trust the most.

        Of course, she was forced to enter in the house, but at least she should text patrick. That´s all.

    • redjane12 says:

      EXACTLY!!! Unless Lisbon was trying to get herself caught as ‘bait’ but it didn’t look like it… I agree it was stupid knowing how dangerous Red John is to go alone & without back up into a dark unknown house.

    • Mary says:

      Lol!! Not even for a Scooby snack! But I have to admit I was scared to death!

    • Laura says:

      I agree she should have known better, you can’t approach or a catch a red john like you would a typical criminal and top it off jane spelled it out for her in all caps and warned her and yet she did not think twice to go to the location of the distressed call even after seeing that one of the 7 suspects was there. It was no brainer, dont go…..specially dont go alone.

      • RedHeadsRBest says:

        Most definitely! You’d think that as experience a cop as Libbon is that she would have smelled a trap if there ever was one. Like I said, sometime writers don’t have to make sense in order for the story and the storyline to work – as in I don’t think that RJ is anyone on that Jane’s list.

  6. rocknrolls says:

    100% sure…brett stiles is Red John

  7. Savannah says:

    That last scene, the one you have capped with the smiley drawn on her face-still freaks me out. I just want her to be okay. Also, Jane’s face after Red John spoke to him through Lisbon’s phone! I wish it were next week already. Thanks for the great recap, Matt.

    • Savannah says:

      Just wanted to add, it really is a good recap. I laughed several times (Who told Rigsby… Who told cho… & no, not the horrible new drama on the other channel).

    • tigereye says:

      The smiley face drawn on Lisbon’s face is not drawn like all the other RJ smiley faces. The eyes on the authentic RJ smileys are horizontally curved, whereas the eyes drawn on Lisbon are vertical. IMO.

  8. prish says:

    Oh, I so wanted Partridge to be Red John! Drat. I’ll hope for Bob Kirkland, now. Having Bertram as Red John would be a joke, and Stiles would be silly. I don’t want Heffner because I enjoy the actor’s characters in other series. Ah, the hard work of pleasing the fans…

    • Dan SUG Taylor says:

      It still might be Partridge! That’s who I think it is. Lets see if they see him dead or his body disappeared. If his body is never found its him! a front to fool the viewers. she was looking the other way from him when she was snatched. So he could of easily got up quick and did it, or have one of his manipulated victims help. Its his voice. If they show next week that his body is still there and he’s dead, then I’m wrong,

      • Evan says:

        Look Bertram, Brett Stiles, and Kirkland are all way too obvious imo, that’s whay i think its the Sheriff!! Or how about in addition to Red John being on the list of seven, what if the other six work for the Red John???

      • mario b says:

        I like this theory the best it makes lots of sense and woukd throw off viewers and the team

  9. DarkDefender says:

    Nice recap, Matt. I liked the episode.. Couple quick solved cases and some RJ Shenanigans. RJ must know of the tracking devices already, since Patridge was the only one who appeared at the location when Lisbon checked her tablet. Bertram’s little coy speech.. Too obvious, so that must be a red herring (no pun intended).
    I’m not sure what good letting the team know (Lisbon should know better).. But it would explain a Van Pelt and Rigsby exit. After all.. grace was kind of a quasi RJ follower when she dated the FBI dude. So one or both either go off married with a kid (to. Protect it) or they die. Overall.. This was a top notch Mentalist episode. Hope they can keep it up.
    I am already missing MCH & JC on Sunday nights.. I hope to see the sexy Simon Baker for some more.. And Ms. Tunney.

  10. rocknrolls says:

    My money is on Brett Stiles..
    Reasons..1) He has great power, position and connections
    2) He works on ‘their’ red head Grace..great luring capacity..
    3) Jane also admires Brett Stiles..He does not admire any other person in the suspect list..
    4) Previously when Jane killed another innocent person, after he was so sure that it was Red John, based on the physical description given by the blind woman. We know for sure that Red John is slightly shorter than Jane, and the suspect list has only 2 people who fits the frame (Brett Stiles and Reede Smith(he’s just a dark horse))..hence Brett Stiles is the perfect guy for Red John.

  11. preager says:

    Great episode! And it was so nice to see Josie Davis again!

  12. Red John’s phone voice sounds a lot like Garret Dillahunt, I’d be fine with him actually being Red John instead of 1 of the 7

    • Betsy says:

      I agree with jayn3z33 that the voice on the phone sounds just like Garret Dillahunt. I recognized the voice but spent a bit of time hunting for the actor’s name, as I’d just remembered his character in a couple of things (Sarah Conor and Burn Notice). It’s VERY distinctive! Others noted that the RJ phone voice from 2012 sounded like him as well. Unless this is a red herring, I think it could be a totally new person, and the 7 suspects are the red herrings.

  13. Partridge does not work for Red John and never did. Partridge never shook Jane’s hand. This, among many other reasons, is why if you looked closely, Partridge was never a true suspect to begin with. I do not think that Bertram is RJ, but I could be wrong. Bertram does not quite match RJ physically, and to me, his overall personality and behavior do not quite fit what I see in RJ. A few things, like his quoting of William Blake that one time a while back and his behavior tonight, keep him on my radar, just not heavily. Kirkland most likely works for RJ. He is a close ally, and a bit of a proxy (stand-in), like Timothy Carter once was. He also killed Jason Lennon, who did not recognize Kirkland, and he would’ve had Kirkland been RJ. Also, he shook hands with Jane long after Lorelei was in prison. Reede Smith might very possibly be the “Friend in the FBI” that RJ mentioned back in the season 4 finale. After all, that “friend” has not been revealed or mentioned since then. But Smith…simply is not very smart, among other things. Bret Stiles is the leader of the Visualize group that RJ is a member of. Ally? Possibly. McAllister is an especially intriguing suspect, as he was a guy that I barely remember from all the way back in the second episode. I ultimately do not see it in him, either, however, as the rock paper scissors match I remember he had with Jane…and…well, his overall interaction with people in the episode…and physique…yep…it’s not there. Ray Haffner is Red John. He matches the presumed physique completely. He is a member of Visualize, and he mentioned (to Lisbon) being a “messed up kid in the past, and taken in by Visualize”. He is one of the few men on the list that actually shook hands with Jane. He also conveniently shows up again in “The Red Barn” episode, when those three men dead men in the barn (along with the red smiley face on the side of the barn) were discovered (and presumed to have died in 1988, proving that RJ killed long before ’98.). And also notice the way he replied to Lisbon at the end of that episode, when she asked him if he was at that farm back when he was a 21 year old “kid”, and Visualize ran the place. (The priest that Jane talked to by the elevator before hand did mention that the face on the barn was supposed to have been drawn by a “kid” between the ages of 16-30.) He said, “Teresa, we’re still friends, right? Why would you ask me that?” Haffner is also a former FBI agent, which would explain why RJ has a few friends and accomplices in the FBI, like O’laughlin and the other man (possibly Smith). Also, accomplices like Lorelei have always told Jane that he is so much like RJ, in that they are both very manipulatively smart. In the barn episode, Haffner tries to coax Lisbon into joining him in his new law firm that he was working establishing, and constantly uses logical reasoning to try and get her to take on a new and “better” job. He also mentions (well, sort of implies) that Jane is the true reason Lisbon wants to stay with the CBI, rather than the job itself. Smart thinking, right? I also remember a time before this where Haffner tried to convince/manipulate Cho to spy on Jane, and listing a number of things that he knows Jane is going to try to do to him and his team. He knows Jane kind of well, doesn’t he? Although he had never really worked with him before that. Oh yes…and three other little things…#1. Jane and RJ hate each other, right? One other small reason for RJ to dislike Jane….he almost lost his job because of him when Jane made his own team turn on each other. #2….go back to when Lorelei was reading off the names in the video…she read it at a fairly steady pace…except for when she got to the third name…if you watch….there is a slight delay before she says Haffner’s name…why? A little bit of disbelief and/or shock that she was actually supposed to read off the real name of her pal? Maybe. And finally….#3….RJ’s favorite alias…Roy Taglieferro. Roy. Ray…Roy…hmmm…I may or may not see a resemblance there. ;D And lastly…as for RJ’s voice…don’t let that fool you. Anybody could really be capable of altering their voice in unlikely ways. Well…I’m done. What do you all think?

    • CJH says:

      All I can say to this is WOW.

    • EFM says:

      He also has some sort of football trophy in his office with a newspaper clipping framed on his wall. Maybe he played for Alabama… Roll Tide.

    • Red John says:


    • KS says:

      This is an interesting analysis and you obviously have followed the show closely so kudos to that, but you’re wrong about one basic point right from the start. The list of seven was created from a larger list of people all of whom Jane has shaken hands with at some point in his life, so even if we never saw Jane shake hands with Bret Partridge we still have to accept that he did at some point. So he was very much a true suspect and I for one agree with an earlier post that until I see the dead body (next episode presumably) he’s still a suspect in my mind. Also he’s the only person on the list whose character was introduced all the way back in the pilot episode, which from a storytelling standpoint would suggest he is Red John.

  14. RedHeadsRBest says:

    I don’t think it’s anyone on that list. I think the list will lead to Red John, but he’s a different person than those on the list, because none of those people on the list would make any sense to be RJ.

    • JJ says:

      But it has been stated several times that RJ is really on that list… it would be stupid to lie like that and I mean that the creator, Bruno Heller, has said that

      • RedHeadsRBest says:

        The voice over the phone is consistent with other calls from RJ in the past; however, it does not sound anything like the people on the list. That’s not to say that RJ might not be using a voice-changer to disguise it; however, usually a voice-changer would sound mechanical, and one would know that that’s being used. If just the pitch were changed, then, it would not hide accents (Stiles), speech pattern or inflection. These would be giveaways. This leads me to think it might not be anyone on that list after all. E.g.: voice has no accent, rules out Stiles; Partridge is dead, so not him; Bertram’s speech pattern is somewhat choppy, which is dissimilar to the voice on the phone; Hefner’s speech pattern is opposite of Bertram’s, but is inconsistent with the voice on the phone; Same with Smith and McAllister; Kirkland is just a gopher for RJ – he takes and follows orders, not the commanding type. So, who’s left? No one. Writers change their story lines and character persona all the time. It’s not lying. It’s keeping the mystery alive until the bitter end. But, I might be wrong, since after all, this is all fictional stuff to begin with, and sometimes, consistency and reconcilement are not as important as the final result.

    • We’ve had conformation that it is >.<

  15. Bonnie Maynes says:

    Excellent start to the season. I don’t think Lisbon is dead. I think Partridge did work for Red John. I think if Lisbon would let Jane think about the case he would figure it out quick. Who did that voice on the phone sound like? I can’t wait for next week.

    • I really hope she’s not dead and if she is I’ll stop watching the show

    • RedHeadsRBest says:

      The voice over the phone is consistent with other calls from RJ in the past; however, it does not sound anything like the people on the list. That’s not to say that RJ might not be using a voice-changer to disguise it; however, usually a voice-changer would sound mechanical, and one would know that that’s being used. If just the pitch were changed, then, it would not hide accents (Stiles), or inflection, which would be a giveaway. This leads me to think it might not be someone on that list after all. E.g.: voice has no accent, rules out Stiles; Partridge is dead, so not him; Bertram’s speech pattern is somewhat choppy, which is dissimilar to the voice on the phone; Hefner’s speech pattern is opposite of Bertram’s, but is inconsistent with the voice on the phone; Same with Smith and McAllister; Kirkland is just a gopher for RJ. He takes and follows orders, not the commanding type. So, who’s left. No one. Writers change their story lines and characters all the time. It’s not lying. It’s keeping the mystery alive.

  16. Kim says:

    Just wanted to say great recap. Had many chuckles while reading. Nicely done.

  17. Emma Johnson says:

    Wow, that was one killer episode! They did tell us the pace would quicken but this stuff is seriously super intense!
    Okay, now let’s see.. It does seem pretty obvious that Partridge is indeed dead, so I guess we can cross him from our list.
    Now, this is just my humble opinion but I personally have aleady cast aside any theories involving Reede Smith and Sheriff Thomas McAllister. I don’t think Mr Heller/the writers would let either of those two be Red John. Both of them have been way too unimportant in the past and have alreay been forgotten or never really acknowledged by the mojority of the audience. Plus, there was never any real clue in that direction at all, was there? That might have been done deliberately to surprise the viewers but I think that they both seem to be far too.. well.. i don’t want to use the word dumb, but they’re not really smart enough to keep a secret identity as a seial killer hidden, right? I mean, it’s true that RJ must be a very good actor and has to be able to fool people easily enough, but I don’t think one of those two is putting on an act. To me, they don’t even look like particularly shady characters, but more like the annoying kind of idiot you find around every corner.
    Now, I have in my mind already crossed Bob Kirkland from the list as well, simply because it would be way too obvious (since he killed Jason Lennon, broke into Jane’s attic, seems to be keeping tabs on what Jane is up to since he joined the CBI and has that general creepy vibe about him). The tone of the show is a lot more subtle than that, the devil is very often hiding in the details.
    I’m about to kick Gale Bertram out of the suspect pool, too, as he seems to be the prime suspect after this premiere episode. And it almost never turns out to be the one who seems to be the most suspicious at first. Additionally, Mr Heller mentioned in an interview that there might be a lot more going on at the CBI than meets the eye, so I think this is about some shady business that Bertram (and probably Kirkland) is involved in. Which means that when he looks like a ‘duplicitous’ character (as he told Lisbon and Jane himself) it might have nothing at all to do with Red John, but with a whole different matter.
    So that leaves us with Ray Haffner and Bret Styles. I’m quite sure that one of them will turn out to be RJ. Now, if only those two remain as viable suspects, I would consider Haffner the one who is less likely, once more simply due to the fact that it might be too obvious – I am visualizing (haha) the scene in Lisbon’s office when she asked him about the barn and his connection to Visualize and he very suspiciously evaded the question (Ep. Red Barn).
    So my best guess would be Styles. I know that a great part of my reasoning is based on the too unimportant/ too obvious scheme and that there are things that indicate that Styles may not be the killer and I apologize for that. But I think that there’s something about every suspect that makes them seem unlikely.. Anyway, that’s part of the reason why the chase for You Know Who and all those theories floating around him are so interesting, isn’t it? No matter who will be revealed as the notorious RJ, there will be a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up and I’m confident the makers of the show won’t disappoint the audience.
    Oh, on the last scene with Lisbon: Nah, she’s not dead, it wouldn’t make any sense. As others on here have already pointed out, her being kidnapped is most likey just a warning sign directed to Jane and par of Red John’s mocking game.
    I’m totally looking forward to next week’s episode, I especially want to see how Lisbon is freed and what she and the others will make of the warning ( like whether they will change their methods and take a step back or not, blabla..). I can’t wait!
    Matt, thanks for the great recap! (To anyone who made it to here, sorry. I didn’t think it
    was going to be this long!)
    What do you think? Feel free to comment!

    • jessie graham says:

      I think it is Kirklands dead or missing twin brother! The scene where he is killing the suspect in hospital is really the twin!!!

  18. Michele says:

    This episode gives me little reason to hope that they will wrap up the Red John question in a believable way. Red John has drawn a line in the sand and is going to start killing again. So Lisbon storms off, doesn’t take Jane’s calls, then, despite Jane’s warnings that Red John will use the GPS against her, goes to a call at an address where the GPS shows one of the seven on the suspects list is located? Then she goes in alone when backup fails to show up? Really? This is either totally unbelievable or we are left to believe that Lisbon is a complete idiot.

    • Tom hazel says:

      I totally agree with you. She knows red john COULD be in there but goes into a dark house anyway without backup? Is she a frickin idiot!!

      I do believe that Red John WILL kill a team memeber before the end of the season and I’m betting it will be Rigsby, Hightower or both.

  19. Nelly says:

    I don’t think any of the suspects on the list of 7 is Red John. If you listen carefully, Lisbon says in the car with Jane about 10 minutes in, “we can at least keep Bertrand and the other SEVEN suspects under surveillance”. Now I’m not suggesting Lisbon is involved, but whether its a script error or an intended subtle detail, I’m saying there is an eighth person that didn’t make it onto the list, as that person is Red John himself.
    Also, if you look at the hand with the glove that RJ paints Lisbon’s face with, its got very long fingers, and an almost feminine grace to the way RJ paints. No, RJ is not a woman, but, long slim fingers surely rules out the likes of Styles and the Sherriff!

  20. jdbasset says:

    “Jane is not happy with this betrayal (no, not the horrid new drama on the other channel)”

    Bwah ha ha ha!

  21. 2M says:

    I think Patrick is running an elaborate hoax. The voice of “Red John” from the season finale, where he says the names on Patrick’s list, sounds just like Patrick speeded up a little to raise the pitch. And it sounds nothing like the voice on the phone on last night’s season opener. Go back & listen. It’s Patrick. I’m not saying he’s Red John, just that Patrick has some kind of trap or con going.

  22. Kathleen says:

    I have a different take altogether. If you’ve noticed, there is an “office worker” guy at the station. He’s had minor parts for several seasons, maybe all. He’s sort of muscular with dark hair and a mustache. I’ve thought about him for some time. This is what got me: near the end, Jane walks into the Station. He and Office Man meet quickly. Jane says “Have you seen Lisbon”? Office Man says “No”, turns and walks off – WITH A CELLPHONE IN HIS HAND. Seconds later Jane gets his call. So, it appears to be Lisbon’s phone, but couldn’t someone as clever as RJ fake the caller ID? I think maybe so.

    Office Man would wait for that timing so he could see in person Jane’s reaction. Or – if he is not Red John, I think he is an accomplice to make that call while RJ would still be at the scene with Lisbon.

  23. JoyAnne says:

    Boy there are some really great comments here this week. Enjoyed reading them all. Thanks to the great fans who keep such incredible details in your minds. It was a great episode. When RJ took Lisbon it reminded me of what he did to Kristen (sp) and made me shudder. I’m sure Lisbon will live and RJ will use her to taunt Patrick. It proved he was right not wanting Grace/Rigsby/Cho knowing about the 7. It puts them all in danger. Looking forward to next week.

  24. david says:

    this is so obvious guys. at the end of season 2 in the finale it was obviously brett partridges voice saying the tiger tiger poem so they had to clear that up somehow so they showed us that it was brett partridge but i think he is just a devoted red john follower/disciple and red john killed him for whatever reason.

  25. John Moshier says:

    what was Lisbon thinking going in that places alone is she taking advice frome that cop on the dome

  26. Praty says:

    This is an arrow int he air but i would still like to mention it, maybe its absurd
    When Lisbon notices that Patridge is at the mentioned address, if you notice the position of other suspects, 3 of them are “in transit” and the other 3 in specific places.
    Can we get something from it?
    The car that passes Lisbon, when she is alone outside the stranded home, she stares at it wierdly. Is that car of some note? Maybe it stopped and someone came in from around when Lisbon went in and while she was going through every room?
    There is some cue in the last scenes of the premiere episode, that has been confirmed.

    • Praty says:

      I may add the positions
      Kirkland– LA
      Styles– San Francisco
      Bertram–Delta Ave, Sacremanto
      Patridge– we all know
      Smith–In Transit
      Haffner–In Transit
      Mccalister–In Transit

  27. arial2 says:

    I guess I’m in a minority here, but all of Lisbon’s actions seemed so contrived. Why would she suddenly decide that she knows more than Patrick after spending all these years acknowledging his abilities as a “closer” and as the expert on Red John? And how stupid is it to walk into that house, knowing someone delayed the local police response? For that matter, what was she thinking going there alone in the first place? I thought the writing for this episode was weak. Very disappointed.

  28. Wow what a season opener – loved it!
    I’m shure Lisbon is unharmed. RJ spares her because I think he wants her to be his “masterpiece” to bring Jane down and therefore she is the last victim on his list…I just hope, that it doesn’t get that far…

  29. Lambsilencer says:

    Personally, I still think RJ might be J.J LaRoche, even though he’s not on that list.

  30. Liz says:

    I don’t think that Lisbon is dead. I would really hate that. Concerning Partridge’s death, Ten little indians keeps coming to my mind…
    All in all, looking forward to next week’s episode.

    • Jeannie says:

      Exactly what I thought about Ten Little Indians! And in that movie one of the people who has been “killed” is actually alive and the killer. And of course Lisbon is not dead (imo).

      I also agree with the person who said what I think was so obvious… the voice at the end was Jane’s. Hmmm

    • Remi says:

      Lisbon IS DEAD! Red John i veryserious about what ad why he does what he does. It is difficult for us to get inside of the mind of a sociopathic genius, but believe this- Red John does not bluff. Lisbon is not a hostage, she is a corpse.

      • shelm says:

        I don’t think he’s a sociopath (unless they specifically said that)

        He fits more the profile of a Psychopath, they’re very similar but basically a sociopath just doesn’t care about anything, they may commit murder because they’re heartless but they aren’t going to be serial killers.

        Psychopaths love nothing more than to inflict pain on other people, life for them is a carnival they see through glass and people are just toys to them. That’s why you see him toy with his victims, and toy with Jane, he loves it.

        Which could mean she is still alive and it was a cruel game of his, I got the feeling throughout the whole episode Jane wasn’t taking RJ seriously and this could have angered him greatly, this could be a way of getting his attention.

        I’m like you though, I think she’s dead, heck I thought she was gonna die the minute the anonymous tip came in and Jane couldn’t get ahold of her.

  31. Ito says:

    If my memory don´t fail, Jane knew that someone next to RJ was going to break his room and see his investigation: in last season, episode 19, he put something in the door that allow him to find out if it was opened. So, i don´t trust in that famous list. In the other hand, Jane should knew that Lisbon was going to tell to the the team about the situation with RJ…

  32. rose white says:

    I know you all think this is crazy but it would be great if none of the people on the list is RJ. I think it should be Walter Mashburn. He is handsome, intelligent and charming enough to get a following of devotees. Non of the others are, excluding Bret Stiles of course. But he is too obvious.

  33. Gail says:

    Since he is leaving the show let Red John be Rigsby. Wouldn’t that be fake out to have someone we see every week be the killer.

  34. Jane says:

    Producers have already promised that RJ will be one of the seven on the list. RJ’s plan is to kill everyone else on the list so the last one will be seen by PJ and CBI as the true RJ. However, one of RJs victims (probably the next one) will be saved by PJ at the last minute, throwing suspicion off him. But that will be RJ! PJ won’t figure it out until the list is down to two, and CBI gas arrested the wrong man. Homeland Security guy is Another RJ disciple–his crew photographed PJs office which is how RJ figured out who is on PJs list.

  35. Craig Kimball says:

    I think Lisbon is NOT dead, but it is probably a way to add other elements of DOUBT in Jane’s mind. Given RJ’s ability to affect and/or control minds, does this not raise the possibility that Jane cannot now entirely trust Lisbon? Talk about messing with Jane’s mind. This possibility would HAVE to be there. In addition is the fact that RJ was able to lure Lisbon into a trap so easily will also give Jane some bad moments….and also the realization that RJ is totally aware of Jane’s feelings, and he demonstrates total control and confidence by leaving her alive. I like Kirkland for this, but I guess it’s mainly because he’s such a creepy little dude and he did have the mock-up of Jane’s board.

  36. Meriam Chomsky says:

    As the season 5 ends. There was a great spur of comments saying Bret Parridge was red john (one went as far as to post a youtube video). And it is commonsense for any director ( and one as great as Bruno Heller) to throw all audience of course in the premiere. Its a story which can change in any which way possible. For all I care Lisbon is going to be in a coma until RED JOHN is caught (killed by Jane). Any thoughts?

  37. anoop says:

    We still cant rule out Patridge as RJ.. Because:
    1. He is still not confirmed dead(other than his acting skills)
    2. If you observe the direction in which Lisbon falls(or is pulled)- this cannot be done from behind her. Rather it seems to be done from her front, like Patridge pulling her leg and making her fall. Hmm..

    Patridge can only be ruled out if in the next episode there is 100% confirmation that he is indeed dead. Otherwise, he is RJ. :)
    What do you guys think?

  38. MildlyHooked Guy says:

    The only other time Lisbon went off like she did when she left Jane to drive north was when she was acting nuts with a lost memory to catch her shrink, who had murdered the child molester. Jane and her had at least 7 hours in a car together going south to concoct a scheme.
    Partridge could’ve been a partner in the scheme. He may still be alive.
    Whether Lisbon is dead or not would then not effect the fact that RJ would immediately retaliate by (trying to) killing someone else on the list, plus someone on the team.
    Alternatively, Jane might be using team members as bait, which he is certainly capable of doing. Previously, he’d gotten a serial killer who posed as a serial killer chaser to diss RJ so that RJ would kill the guy. RJ, Jane has found, is highly territorial about his public image.(as was that bastard bin Ladin). But this scenario, which plays well with the capabilities of the protagonists, runs contrary to Jane’s hard justice character.
    That guy Jane killed in the mall had the same vice as the voice used on the phone.
    I don’t know who RJ is, but am leaning toward Martinelli (because he left the mall just before the action started and because he kept the ball rolling when the team did’t know that translating Taliafero was a way to get a lead on another case. In fact, he was nowhere around when Bosco’s group got zapped, while it would seem that he’d be close by since a new lead had surfaced.

  39. loftywinds says:

    Red John is amatuerish at best. He is getting sloppier now that Jane is onto him, but what intrigues me is why Grace acted very suspicious over the whole seven suspect thing. She is hiding something. One thing I’ve learnt about the scripts on these shows, is never assume anything. What seems obvious is deliberately obvious, even from Season 1. Almost like SVU in a way.

  40. Kris says:

    What about Jane’s father? Haven’t seen him for a few years, I don’t remember if he was dead or alive. He was very upset, no doubt, that the boy wonder left the carny life and got rich without him. His father was very charming also, conning Jane into coming the such girl in season 2 and was very manipulative to Have growing up. In don’t remember him first name, could in be Robert Jane? RJ?

  41. SW says:

    I watched this series for a tons of times, and I think Ray hafner is RJ.
    He tried to lure Lisbon last time before he got out of from the police and he was in Visualize too, and he was in FBI. He is also good at supervising, like monitoring other people. I am 90% sure that Ray is the RJ

  42. Thomas says:

    great episode. Kinda irrelevant, but anybody knows what’s the instrumental on patrick’s phone call to Teresa? At the end, when red john answers the phone?

  43. Jack R. says:

    I think the man on the phone with patrick sounded AlOT like Timothy Carter

  44. mentalistfan says:


  45. David Hart says:

    Notice if you will, when he says “Teresa” he actually says “Terezzzza”—pronouncing it like a z, not a sharp s. Figure out who does that when not in the “Red John” mode, that is your man.

  46. barbara says:

    well bones had a not so great ending with villian pelant so i hooe they do a better job getting rid of red john. not thrilled with a lisbon patrick romance either. i luv cho

  47. the doc says:

    What’s interesting is that in the final scene, Red John was wearing white gloves to clean the knife. By the time he draws a bloody smiley face on Lisbon, he’s wearing a black glove. Where did the white glove go? Perhaps he put it in his pocket, though considering he’s becoming very sloppy, it’s possible the white glove is still in the crime scene. If only the CBI can find that glove, and see if there’s any remnants of DNA involved (i.e dead skin, hair etc)….we could catch Red John from there….


  48. RedTEdT says:

    Yes. It does sound like Garret Dillahunt. I checked his acting credits

    • RedTEdT says:

      The voice does sound like Garret Dillahunt. I don’t remember him being on The Mentalist. Could this “Red John” be a new disciple?
      I checked Garret Dillahunt’s online acting credits and don’t see The Mentalist.
      If it is the voice of Garret Dillahunt who taunted Patrick Jane we could be in in for some fun…

  49. Robb says:

    Why doesn’t anyone mention the dark figure, which appeared to be a person covered in an animal skin, that rushes across the screen just before Lisbon enters the house at the end of episode 1 of season 6. No question about it, I TIVO’s it (in standard def), it’s there, didn’t catch it in hi-def, but a figure did cross the screen.